Wednesday, 10 March 2010

An umpty day

Woke with very good intentions, and managed to get thru most of them till lunchtime,  then hit a brick wall!     But did get a lot done, washing,  changed the beds,   did the shopping, had a quick vacuum... no wonder I flopped into an armchair.  Tuesday is actually the only day I have guaranteed time to myself,  mum meets two of her friends for lunch, then they while away the afternoon having a natter.

Made sense of my paperwork yesterday,  shredded a lot of stuff,  sorted out a few folders.    But there is still tons more to get thru, were does it all come from?  And if the tax office send me one more reminder of what my tax code is I'll scream.... they've sent me 6 letters in two weeks, all saying the same thing!  

Pic is of the decoupage/pyramage kit I got,  thought the fan shape was a bit different. To my amazement I managed to put the glittery square on straight.    I stamped the sentiment,  used the stamp pad I got with my Anna Griffin stamp set, which I succumbed to on the last QVC craft day, well I'd been looking for a swirly stamp set, and to me it was perfect.   Was also tempted by the bibsters cats and dogs kit,  well got a few friends who are mad on dogs and cats.

Hope this sunny weather lasts

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Been a while

Apologies, not been blogging for a couple of weeks, but have had a busy time of things lately.

First,  I am now qualified as a reiki practitioner,  1st degree,  did the first part of my course last weekend.  It is something I've wanted to do for ages, but all the courses I had seen were held pretty far away,  and were also very expensive.  So was chuffed to find a reiki master locally!    I hope to do part two of the course at the end of March,  then I'll have to wait for a few months before becoming a Master,  but i can give reiki to people.  Well once I've worked my way thru my 21 day clearing,  I have to give myself reiki for 21 days, then I can be let loose!   Already feeling tons better.

Update on work,  hooray, I am to be medically retired, received official notice the other day!  A relief,  they have to give me one weeks notice for every year I've been there, came as a shock to find I'd been there for 11 years!  Good grief, longest job I've ever had,  I usually get fed up after 6 years and move on.   Well work, except for my ambulance work has been a means towards an end, I work for someone and they pay me, that means I can go on holiday, buy stuff etc. 

Health news,  I am having further surgery on knee,  just waiting for them to decide whether it will be a total knee replacement, or an arthroscopy first to see if I need a TKR.  The x rays say I need an TKR,  and surgeon has already said a few times that I would have needed a TKR at some point in the next few years, the arthritis is worse than they thought.   So with a bit of luck I should be all sorted by the summer,  hoping to get to Glastonbury for a week, nooooo, not for the rock festival,  living in a tent ain't my thing.  I like to be civilised and stay in a hotel or B&B, a caravan at a push, but definitely NOT a tent.

Have been busy doing scrapping,  must upload new stuff to scrap blog,  and today I made 4 cards. Was only going to make one, my Mother's day card,  but found I was in the mood.    This card, see pic, was a favourite, it is for a friend,  she is mad about cats,  so this is very appropriate.  It came from a lovely decoupage pad,  Do Crafts stuff,  but couldn't resist him! 

Well all for now.   Hope you've all had a good weekend, and are enjoying this lovely weather.