Saturday, 15 November 2014

It's been how long?

I hadn't realised so much time had elapsed since my last blog!  I have been feeling a bit down, the weather is partly to blame.  And one of Harvey's war wounds became infected, he licked it, and so opened it up and back to the vet's we went!   The wound was actually clean, but the vet decided to leave it open in case there was any infection,  Harvey had to wear a halo. And so the fun began,  halo went on,  and was soon off, tried again,  Harvey 2,  Halo 0,  one more attempt, same result, he got it off again!   Kept on trying for a few more days then gave up, he'd stopped licking the wound, it developed a nice scab, so it was left to heal by itself.

Inbetween visits to the vet, I managed to do some painting.  Decided to try flowers,  roses are one of my favourites,  really liked this one, which I did on the last of my cotton paper.

Another favourite are poppies, which are of course the flower of remembrance.  I was very moved by the poppies at the Tower of London, but I guess whoever was making them is very glad that its all over.

There is only one thing I didn't like in this, and that is the daisy flower, wasn't quite right.   Then for some reason I hit a wall, no not literally, but painting wise, nothing seemed to be going right.   I do like my How To books, but it seemed to me that I was following the insructions a little too closely, and some were also confusing.   Not having all the right colours has been a challenge, but I've learned a lot about mixing paints to get what I want.  So I had a rest,  well that was the plan, destress but...  a telephone assessment for ESA put paid to that, although my ESA was reinstated!  The other assessor had misinterpreted what I'd said big time.

So after a few days, and a trip to Hobbycraft - needed more watercolour paper, and ended up also buying a new book...   no idea how the book jumped into my basket!   This book focuses on landscapes,  as I flicked through it I spotted some mediterranean paintings,  well it was grey outside so why not paint a sunny picture?  This time I just looked at the finished picture, drew it, left out a few things, then painted it as I wanted - this is the result :-).   I'm happy with this, the steps at first foxed me, but then I worked out what I was doing wrong.

And to finish, Harvey, now back in good health.  He's reluctant to go out after dark,  and won't move from the front door if I close it.  At the vet I met a gorgeous silver back kitten. oh boy was he cute,  called Bruce,  and then made friends with two sausage dogs called, Cumberland and Chipolata!   Which showed the owners  had a sense of humour, they were adorable and friendly,  Harvey was unamused,  he kept howling, while little Bruce sat there quietly.  I did get Harvey a few treats to cheer him up,  some catnip drops,  which he loves, along with his other treats.

Well the next painting has been planned, and sketched,  that will be taking up my Sunday afternoon, that will be after the bacon butty!   All for now, will try not to leave it so long... thanks for stopping by :-)