Thursday, 27 November 2008

Trying to be positive

Well it is a new day, trying now to banish all negativity, and think positive. I did lose one job thru injury, but ended up going to university, getting a play produced, winning two writing competitions and getting a good degree. That all led to me working for the CAB, which I loved, and then onto my current job. So figure if I can do it once, then I can do it again - can't I? Tho this seems to be a bit more of a moutain... but I will get there.

Now looking forward to weekend. Will be heading off tomorrow teatime to Yorkshire, for 3 days of relaxation. Doing a workshop, Quiet the Mind, with Lindsay Wagner. Got no idea what it entails, tho just had one e-mail thru saying to try to abstain from alcholo, or at least from over indulgence. Same with cigarettes, now hey, I can do one, but not sure I can manage to do both at the same time, stress levels would be thru the roof. Also have to say what I wish to work on, and what I hope to get out of it. Er.... a new life would be nice. I think what I am tired of most is battling, no sooner do you get thru some rubbish then the next banana skin is laying in wait for you. I've has so many banana skin moments this year I've lost count, feel like a weeble, keep on getting knocked about, I only just manage find some stability and off I go again being rocked by something. I know I am not alone, others are also dealing with umpteen battles, more so with this credit crunch.

But will also be catching up with a couple of friends, we haven't met up in absolutely ages, so we're all looking forward to seeing one another again. I am being transported to hotel, one friend is coming to pick me up, even tho it means a big detour for her. Bless her. I've made both of them an exploding box, so hope they like them. Was going to put something inside, still might, depends if I can get out tomorrow. My trips 'out' are limited, just can't walk very far, and that's in spite of all my hard work doing my exercises. Made me laugh on Tuesday, the surgeon, he said: Do you need the crutch? I just looked at him and said: My knee, and it is bloody painful. Honest wish these doctors would see beyond the ruddy injury, there is a person attached to the knee! I am not the type to hang on to walking sticks, crutches or other implements unless absolutely necessary. I'd happily hurl this crutch into the sea, but it is necessary. My confidence has also been knocked with walking outside, get really nervous. I have to force myself to get outside, but I am dreading it when we get a frost.

Uploaded a video I made of my scrapbook. Well felt like messing. Just made a few cards today, put finishing touches to boxes, and of course sorted out clothes for weekend. I hate packing, never know what to take, and usually end up taking far too much.

Well see you all on Monday, have a lovely weekend, stay safe and stay warm.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

A horrible day

I make no apologies, I am in a really black mood. I felt really positive this morning, felt sure that consultant would give me some good news, that I was now well down the road to recovery... The one thing I have learned about my consultant is that he is a cheery chappy, and so when it comes to bad news he leaves it to his flunkies.

So off I went to hospital, nice sunny day. Got nice parking spec, but that left me with a long walk to fracture clinic, guess my knee was letting me know that not all was well and that I should lower my expectations, as it was killing me. Walking got worse and worse as I hobbled along. A few weeks ago I'd have not even thought about it. Off I was sent to X-ray, met by blase radiographer, knee and wrist, she said. Wrist first. So she did that, then asked me to get on bed, and I rolled up trousers and her blaseness went away, in fact it disappeared in a puff of smoke. Blimey, you really have an it operated on, she exclaimed. Suddenly she was gentle and caring, yep, my knee has that effect on people. Back to waiting room, and waited 2 minutes, got called in. Doc was looking at xray of wrist, that was fine, I agreed, wrist is still just a tad stiff but is loosening up nicely. On to knee... and then he got serious... got asked to bend knee, fat chance pal, tho if I let it dangle it does go a bit further, we got 79 per cent, and 89 per cent for straight. I just knew from his face that summat wasn't right, that whatever was coming wasn't good news. And it wasn't, knee is stuffed. He said from looking at xray you'd have thought I'd fallen down a flight of stairs, knee was so badly broken. Wires and screws are now 'prominent' - tho he wouldn't and refused to dwell on that bit, saying that things might just settle down, if not then yes, another operation was on the cards.

I can kiss goodbye to my job... as it involves walking, bending, kneeling... all the things I can't do anymore and won't be able to do. Plus I can say goodbye to all my walks along the beach, which I love, the beach is my sanctuary, like nowt more than to go sit on a rock and watch the water.

Tho I am wondering what acupuncture may be able to do. This weekend I am going also goes into acupressure...

Sorry it is a depressing post, but it is how i feel right now. I also apologise to all the moronic drivers I swore at this morning... tho it was also their fault!

Monday, 24 November 2008

Our crazy weather

We've had a beautiful sunny day today. Not too cold either. Opened bedroom curtains to find a robin sat on tree.

Got list of things to do this week, number one is get a hair cut, a rewind system would be so much easier and cheaper! Got to get 3 angels, for inside Xmas exploding boxes. And twist friend's arm to finish uni earlier so our trip over the pennines will be in daylight. Oh and figure out what clothes to take. Far easier to pack for sunny climes, then it is just T shirts and shorts, but for this country? Well you need a bit of everything. Also must take my sweat pants and some T shirts, so I can be comfy for my classes... we're going on a sort of retreat I guess, well half retreat and half party time. Lindsay Wagner is our instructor, she's got her own form of er, dunno, spirituality, part eastern, part a bit of everything she's learned over the years. She does teach the classes in some prisons in the USA, so it ain't no flaky thing. Be good just to relax and leave all my cares behind.

Got hospital appointment tomorrow, have to tell surgeon about loose screw. Tho he can forget any idea of fixing it till next week, nothing is going to ruin this weekend! Knee is very odd, still doesn't look knee like, still a bit of a blob, with a long scar in the middle, plus it is very achy. Given up all hope of being back at work before Christmas.

Made 3rd Exploding box today, this time I stamped all the decorative bits, it was a sort of challenge. Feel I've really moved on in crafting terms, when I got my set of See D's stamps I invariably made a right hash of them, I'd either press too hard, or not hard enough, get powder all over the place! All the stamping today was a big success, each image nice and crisp, clear and free of spare bits of powder. Tho I do now use an anti static bag, and that has made a big difference, found it also best to use it on back of mirri card (shiny side) when stamping on reverse, stops you picking up any loose bits.

Well got early start tomorrow, have to be at hospital at 9.20 a.m., will have to set alarm.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Okay, own up, who turned the thermostat down?

Stuck a toe out of the duvet this morning, brrrrr... then heard boiler kick into life, so it got all warm and toasty.. and naturally I just didn't want to move. Would probably have stayed put had it not been for an urgent loo call. Looked at clock, 8.30, seemed a bit too decadent to go back to bed, so stayed up.

Tried cooking my bacon in microwave - nope. Not for me, I like crispy bacon and the smell of bacon wafting thru the flat.

Weather was foul, all sorts coming down, rain, sleet, hail... plus a howling wind. Ventured as far as recycling box, and that was my limit. My neighbour dropped in, so made her a bacon butty, we discussed afternoon telly, found a really old B/W film, so she decided to stay at home, rather than go to her daughters for lunch. So she went off home, then phone me, she was off out to lunch, her daughter had insisted. Neighbour wasn't very happy, she'd had her afternoon planned, a nice pot of tea, few biccies, old film, laying on sofa.

I got stuck into my exploding boxes, cut two more out, decorated one, just got one more to complete. Having lots of fun messing with the stamps and embossing powder. And wondering how I coped before I got my anti static bag! Boy does it make a difference. Will post pics of rest of box over the week, both are pretty much the same. Just got to go get the angels to go inside.

Just four days to go and I can kick back and enjoy my first real break of the year. Really looking forward to it. Gonna be good!

Stay warm folks and thanks for stopping by

Saturday, 22 November 2008


Shiver me timbers, it ain't half cold! Don't know where that icy blast is coming from, but wish it would do a U-turn. Poked on toe out of duvet this morning... noooo, did not want to get out of bed, far too warm and toasty. But was in need of loo, and in need of food. Took a very thick slice of hot toast and mug of tea back to bed... very civilised. For once I did NOT mind missing out on work... even if work is nice and warm.

Still got no snow, not that we get a lot anyway, tho they have forecast some for middle of the night. Don't mind watching snow fall, don't mind (providing I am properly dressed) mucking about in snow, but absolutely hate driving in icy and snowy conditions. Just hoping that this icy blast has all gone by next weekend, as I am going away and last thing I want is to be heading over Snake Pass in bad weather.

Mum braved the cold, as did neighbour, they went up to cafe bar, and yes, they sat outside. Think they all had their thermals on. All moaning about smoking ban, as they all smoke and of course are banished to the outside areas. Can't help thinking that the ban has been killing off pubs all over the place. When I visited Ireland a couple of years ago all pubs had a huge tent attached, all heated, no drafts... and everyone was in the tented area... in some far flung pubs they just ignored the ban. Of course the British government noted what the Irish had done and made sure that no pub could do the same in the UK. I used to enjoy going for a pub meal a couple of times a week, with family and friends, but not now, not when I have to go out to have a cigarette. Why couldn't they have left it to the landlords to decide? Now of course they're going on about booze... just knew they'd turn their attention to that once they'd won with the ciggies. I am a responsible drinker, but I do like the offers that supermarkets have on wine, it means I can often get really good wine for half price. I don't go bonkers, don't get drunk, just enjoy a couple of glasses of wine over the weekend. Why can't these killjoys be banished!

As for the crafting... well made an exploding box! Used mirri card for one layer, and went a bit bonkers on the stamping and embossing. One stamp refused to stamp, until I'd had a few practise runs with it. But got there in the end, will post some photos tomorrow. Rather chuffed with it, the mirri card makes it look very posh. Got a few more to make, all for friends. Also planning a gold and black box. Well it is supposed to reek of luxury. Also made use of a few stamps that have been gathering dust ever since I bought them.

Also ordered some bling from QVC, had the confirmation order, so will note when notification of posting is delivered, and when parcel finally arrives. I was desperately short of sticky gems. And it was a bargain, the sheets are normally 1.99 each.

Well wonder if I will wake up to a winter wonderland... ?

Friday, 21 November 2008


Except guess it doesn't apply to us 'at home' types. I mean how can one push off early from home? These are the things I miss, the good old Friday moan, thankful that the weekend is upon us, but knowing that the weather will turn foul and that the day will go slowly. And of course you always get some twerp turning up one minute before closing, tho if our boss isn't around the door gets shut well before official time. We all think we should start shutting down 15 minutes before we offiicially close, so that would mean no hiring of DVDs, or CDs, no paying of fines... and everyone out of building five minutes before we officially shut the doors.

Had giggle with physio, think she is as mad as me, or we are on the same warped wavelength. Mentioned to her my unusual lump, and my weird 'crunch' and she was baffled, not exactly reasssuring, well she is supposed to be the professional. Tho I think she is fresh out of training, so what would she know? We debated whether lump was bit of bone or screw, I went for screw as it was so smooth and round, she agreed. But she'd never come across such a thing before. But I do have to mention it to consultant next week, oh he will love that, his handywork coming undone. I do wonder if my body has begun to reject all the hardware in the knee, I can see quite clearly were the wire is, that which is holding kneecap together... plus this screw. Darn sure I shouldn't be able to see anything. But did get to 72 per cent by myself, physio forced it to 80 per cent, she backed off going any further, think it could have been my fist coming into view!

Tootled over to a different Sainsburies, but you do fnd that they keep the layouts the same. Just grabbed some milk, cheese and a pizza... then ended up behind to pig ignorant women at checkout. One saw me hobbling up with basket and on a crutch, did she bother to move up and let me unload basket, nope! Both kept on nattering, felt like flattening both with crutch. Elderly lady behind me was nice, asked if I was okay, in a loud voice, which woke up two ignoramuses in front. They reminded me of another ignoramus, who saw me approaching bank door other day, went in ahead of me and let door go... nice... me on a crutch! Fortunately a nice gentleman was on his way out so he held door open, and we both made ignoramus feel very guilty. What does it take to just look over your shoulder when going thru a door? A few seconds? What are you so busy you can't afford even a few seconds? Look back, you just may see someone struggling, be it a pensioner, a mum with a pram, someone on a crutch, or crutches, but just someone who would be grateful if you just held that door open. Kindness costs nothing, but is gratefully received. Mind you, crafters are conscientious, tis the nature of the hobby. So I am preaching to the converted.

Our artic blast has arrived, now just waiting for our light sprinkling of snow... which will probably occur in the wee small hours and we'll all miss it.

Stay warm and stay safe, but have fun - go make a snowman!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Hang on, it's Thursday!

How'd did it get to Thursday? Feel as tho I've missed part of the week. Haven't been up to much, took a pootle to get some printer ink, and send of stuff to Golden Hippie, that was on Tuesday. Got accosted in Woolies by nice young girl trying to flog some Beckham stuff, well don't think those two needed any more money so politely refused. Actually that is where the crutch comes in handy, everyone takes pity on you, doors get held open, people let you move in front of queue! Wednesday, what did I do yesterday? Spot of housework, bit of shopping and bit of crafting.

But driving car it felt heavy, noticed when I got home that near side tyre was a bit flat! Darn it, a slow puncture... rats. So that sorted out what I was going to do today, off to tyre place, nice man sorted out tyre, fixed rattley exhaust, and then very kindly offered to check oil, water etc, plus he balanced all my wheels - did consider asking him if he could balance my knee! All for just £26, a bargain. Back home, delivery man arrived, so big shop was sorted, had a houseful as two of mum's friends were there. Then district nurse arrived, she was a cheery type, but also very alert, she was spotting all sorts, neighbours swollen ankles, mum's friend's arthritis... felt like she was touting for business. Final visit was physio, for mum. I am not certain if penny has dropped with mum about her phsyio, that she needs to do it, that she would have been getting same physio even if her operation had all gone to plan... even physio senses mum's resistance. I did mention today how mum flops into chair, she doesn't lower herself in, just flops down, and when she gets up she uses her arms. So physio worked on that, she spent an entire hour with mum, teaching her how to get up from a chair properly. The penny did appear to have dropped, but that all ended an hour ago, after washing up mum came in and yep, flopped down on to chair. Arghhhhhh! I took into consideration that she was tired, so let it go, but we'll see tomorrow.

Did a spot of crafting, more making toppers and stuff, not actually putting much together. Got my physio tomorrow, will have to mention loose screw... actually now I can see the wire... summat went crunch the other night, just as I turned over, there was this crunching sound from knee... and then it felt all lumpy and jagged. I'm not in any more pain, but it is still lumpy and it wasn't before.

Remember to wrap up warm... the North Wind is a blowing in!

Monday, 17 November 2008

Morning... yawn... monday... ugh

Another week looming. Tho it was all go this morning, nurse, hairdresser... all at once! Not for me, for mum. Not the ideal way to start a Monday morning. Then chap came to finish off intercom system, he is seriously creepy! The type that gives you a shiver down your spine.

Made a few more ATCs, but didn't feel very inspired, think it could be the kit, it is vintage, and really not my thing. Vintage that is! Got some nice bits in it, but vintage just does not float my boat.

Knee still has lump in it, everyone is saying: go get it checked. I know I need to, but at same time don't want to. Just don't want my weekend away to be ruined - there is no way I am going to cancel it, I am going! Have to go see consultant next week, so will tell him that his handywork is coming undone. Think he maybe a bit miffed, tho given his track record with our family then he is probably expecting summat to go wrong. He is a darn good surgeon, no doubt about that, but his patient care needs a bit of attention. He's a nice enough chap, no airs or graces as some consultants have. But I just wish doctors would remember that they are there to 'doctor'. And see a person, not just an injured knee, arm, lump etc. They do need to be reminded that that injured part is attached to a person, and that the person also needs reassurance, and some TLC.

Have got list of things to be done tomorrow - get two parcels in post, one to Golden Hippie, and another to a friend. Times like this I wish that our local post office was still open! It means I have to schlep to high street, and there will be a queue! Need also to get to PC world to get some ink for printer.

Don't need to get yoga mat, phew... that was for the weekend. It is a sort of retreat, well spiritual healing. Was told to bring blanket or mat, but friend who is picking me up has volunteered to bring loads of blankets, just hope there is room for me in her car. Also hoping that she is aware that it isn't this weekend, it is the following weekend.... she can be a bit dizzy, very loveable, but ditsy at times.

And as for Strictly... a disgrace! Sorry just don't agree with this argument that the show is about entertainment, yes it is but being entertained by people who are doing their best to master dancing. JS is useless, okay at the ballroom stuff, but when it comes to the fast numbers he is embarrassing. As for I'm a Celebrity... who cares! They know what they're getting into, well the Brits do, not sure that the Yanks do.

Now time for a cuppa.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

It could be official..

I have a screw loose, or that is what it feels like. Was massaging wounded knee, not that I like to as it feels weird, I mean really weird. Anyways was rubbing in cream and thought, mmm, that wasn't there before accident. I felt a hard lump, screw size, round and a bit painful when pressed, it is right were they put all the wires and screws in, I'm thinking one has worked loose! It could only happen to me. Only once had I ever broken anything, that was my right wrist, 20 odd years ago, and that healed up eventually with no problem. Course i had to do it properly this time, go for the operation, the pins, screws, wire... all was going so well, please, pretty, pretty please don't let summat go wrong now. I am going away next weekend, need a break desperately and NOTHING will stop me, not even a loose screw.

More playing today, got out the left over Xmas peel offs, those that have been lingering in the bottom of the stash filed under 'have no idea what to do with you'. But thought all would be great on the ATCs. So got going, used black card and glitter pens, one I'm not that happy with, so may redo it. And got all my Xmas cards finished off, all are stamped, have inserts, and even have envelopes! So this week I can just play. Need to wend my way to PC world to get an ink cartridge, need to print out some photos. Would like to do a scrapbook for a friend, and have 2 weeks to do it! So no pressure ;-))

Hope you all had a good weekend, thanks for stopping by and have a good week.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Been playing today

Have had a fun crafting day, chose to have a mess around and try a few things. First off was a bit of stamping, but on acetate, which I've never done before. Did think I'd melt the acetate, but was chuffed when it worked! Well sort of, got a bit of a smudge, so it will be binned, but second effort was fine. Then tried some puddling, as Bibster calls it, well however she does it, I can't. Did try, but nope, couldn't get the gel pens to puddle. Humph.

So returned to my latest craze, ATCs. Decided to make some to go with my Xmas cards for my craft group, so this is Number One. Chose my 3 Wise Men stamp, used a plain versamark pad, then used silver embossing powder, then framed it with some mirri card, stuck it on to some red card, edged that with silver stamp pad, and then made the folder, used the scrolls from the LGC kit to decorate one side, on other is Peace On Earth.

And that was how i spent a happy two hours! Also got all the cards finished for Golden Hippie, they're now in a jiffy bag and will be posted on Monday.

Had orrible dinner, sweet and sour chicken from sainsburies, yeeugh. Sauce was far too watery, carrots far too hard, and just not enough flavouring. Can do better meself.

Enjoy the weekend all.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Another day gone by....

BORED... BORED... BORED... VERY BORED... Tho, yes of course once I get back to work I'll have a moan about being at work... hard to please aren't we? Of course ideal situation is to have enough money not to have to work... and a fully working body.

Physio attempted to get my knee to bend a bit more, she did take it in stages... but realised that a 'forced' 70 per cent she was on borrowed time... She is pleased with me, I have been doing all my exercises and more, my pilates. Went thru hell earlier in week, knee just complained all the time, but today it had eased off, and for once driving wasn't as painful. Tho buoyed up by that made foolish decision to go shopping, got as far as M&S and that was that, it was just too painful. Had high hopes of doing something meaningful this weekend, but guess not... :-(

On other hand, mum's physio is now near exasperation. I was pleased to hear her issue a warning to mum, that if there is no improvement she will stop coming. It is all down to mum, she has to start making more effort, and realise that she can do a lot more than she thinks. Her physio spent one hour explaining to mum that if she stood up straight it would cause less pressure on her sore hip, which mum nodded in agreement. So an hour later, what do I see? Mum hunched over.... and of course complaining of pain in unoperated hip. Think I need to talk to mum's physio... it is same with supermarket trolley, she leans on it so making it harder to push, the other day I gently told her to stand up, she did and of course she was able to push the trolley better.

But mum's physio is amusing, she loves looking at what I'm making card wise, or just watching me craft. She had a good rummage thru my Xmas cards, I can see me caving in and giving her some. She is very nice, and has been good to me, giving me encouragement on my own injuries, and some exercises, which have helped enormously.

Have been making ATC's today, ever tried explaining the concept of ATCs to a Croat? Mmmmm.... I gave up. But made two Xmas ones, one is a shaker type, the other just plainish, using the LMC and LGC stuff. Had lots of fun. I'm really enjoying it, and it is keeping me out of trouble, and has given me an idea... watch this space!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A lovely sunny day!

Yes it has been a beautiful day - which makes a change from the usual wet and windy stuff. Managed to do a bit of getting out and about, well 3 quarters of me is desperate to be out and about, the leg with the poorly knee ain't so keen. Keep hoping it will get less painful, but it doesn't seem to be happening. Physio did tell me to massage my knee, in particular the scar.... but I hate touching the scar, it is painful for one thing. I'm doing my best tho.

Decided to have another play with the ATC stuff, tho then decided I wanted to make my own, rather than follow the kit. Think I'm really getting into this! Want to get a few under my belt before dipping toe into waters of ATC clubs. Need to sort out robo to get it to cut some stuff for me. And to do that need to get some card, thinnish stuff... wonder if I can make it to papermill?

My cutting seems to have gone to pot since breaking my wrist. The kit came with some templates, for envelopes and other ATC holders, but when I tried cutting one today it was awful. Think I have too many things to exercise and stretch...

Tuesday, 11 November 2008


At lunchtime there was a large crash and... yep my ATC kit had arrived. I'm sure my postie feels obliged to try to stuff every parcel, no matter how big, thru letter box.

I had forgotten all about order from QVC, when I placed my order the kit had just sold out, so I opted to go on the wait list, and then promptly forgot all about it. So it was a nice surprise to get an e-mail from QVC saying it was now on its way to me.

Course I had to get stuck in. Decided to go with the instructions, just for the first couple. It is the Memories ATC kit, frankly I couldn't remember what it was. Not really my thing, but still enjoyable to put together. As I was doing them the juices began flowing, got loads of bits and bobs laying around, card, so can see me getting in to this.

It was more involved than I thought. But I enjoyed it more than I do making cards. Bit like scrapbooking, I do get more enjoyment out of that than anything else. I think it is because I feel cards have to have a purpose, no good sitting there churning them out if you're not going to use them, sell them etc. I'm loath to get into selling them, this is a hobby and so turning it into a mini business would take away the enjoyment. I felt pressurised last year to churn out Xmas cards, didn't really want to.
But with the ATC's i can use my creative juices, same as with the scrapbooking.

Weather wise it was a foul day, soooo windy! Didn't dare venture beyond gate. Also annoyed with neighbour.... he has taken to parking his ruddy great camper van outside our house, he parks the thing at a slant, and so awkardly that nothing can get up the street, like the bin wagon or delivery wagons. I wouldn't mind but he has a parking space outside his own house... !

Monday, 10 November 2008

A strange day...

At 10 a.m a workman arrived, to install intercom... something we'd request 18 months ago! But when we had new windows and front door fitted, we had been told that an intercom system wouldn't be possible. Hey ho... so he sets to work, now to give him his due he was methodical, he was careful... but boy was he sloooooooow. And strange! I made my lunch just after 1pm, was going to offer him another cuppa, then he appeared at kitchen door... i am sure he wanted me to offer to make him a buttie. Fat chance, he had already way overstayed his welcome. He finally departed at 2 pm, it had taken him four hours to fit a length of cable, two phone and plug it in... all of which I'd managed to do earlier this year in about an hour.

If that wasn't bad enough having man drilling, banging etc, mum also got her hair permed, but hairdresser was late and we all know how long it takes to do a perm! It took for blooming ever. Meanwhile I'm getting hungrier and hungrier...

Finally got round to tackling decoupage box kit, took me while to understand instructions, but think I got the gist of them. So have started to put it together, have to leave it overnight for glue to dry. Made a few more cards, at least they were a success, then did daft thing, thought that it would be a good idea to use the glitter gel pens on them, just to highlight a few things... which would be okay except it is a very involved design! But it does look pretty.

Also in a humpty mood,not sure where I want to be, or what I want to be doing. Been having some really strange dreams and unusually i've been remembering them. There was also a very peculiar moon the other night, it was as if the moon had a halo around it... very weird. I thought it was because I was looking at it thru the net curtain, so I pulled it back, nope it still had the halo. Oh well two and a bit weeks and I can enjoy my mini holiday!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

How to make a hash of things!

Dead easy, overload table with stash, slip into slap dash mode, and yep you to can stuff up a card! Realised too late that the paper I'd just stuck on had gone wonky, tried to rescue it but nope, it wasn't going to work... will take it apart tomorrow and start again. Second card... disaster - didn't quite manage to master how to stick on some gold cord, really need a quickie glue pen, so made a right mess of that.

Final two cards were okay. Had far better results yesterday. Or perhaps it is that I am all Christmas carded out! Do want to finish off both of the kits, then I should have enough to cover Christmas for me and mum... with a few spare ones. Decided tomorrow going to make something else, have got a decoupage box kit, so may have a bash at that. Or maybe my ATC kit will arrive? And maybe a pig will grow wings and fly... sorry QVC but your delivery service stinks.

Pic - a challenge card. Took photo in dim light, will have to take another tomorrow. The theme was 'seasons' you could pick any of the four seasons, or do them all. I chose to at last make use of the foam shapes i bought on a whim (and wished I hadn't), so made a large card, divided it into four, then chose four pieces of card to represent the seaons, and then added a few appropriate shapes. It didn't feel finished, so I coloured in a silver peel off with a green pen, and separated the 'seasons'. Oh did the same with the lettering, it was gold, but used a black marker pen on them.

Hope you all had a good weekend, have a good week.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Strictly Saturday

You know how it is, you have all sorts of plans and then you think: Nah... and roll over. Do yearn for some good afternoon films, those you don't have to think about, but just allow you to curl up and just enjoy.

As for Saturday night TV! Whoever puts the schedules together obviously has a warped sense of humour! I could take Merlin, even tho it ain't my thing, but why oh why is Casualty still on! It is way past its sell by date. How many more times can they blow the place up? The X factor passes me by, the enjoyable bit is the first few weeks... only good thing is CSI and that is a repeat. I gave up watching CSI Miami last week, almost lost the will to live... all the CSI shows are quirky, but Miami has gone past the point of ridiculousness... what next, H will discover he has a daughter? I feel sure it must take ages to film, as the cast must crack up at the scripts they're given. It is masquerading as a comedy. Can't wait for the new year and more of CSI, but the last of Grissom! He's not going, going, but won't be a regular any more :-( He makes the show. Not sure if they can replace him.

So didn't get up to a lot today, well yesterday was a busy day, knee was very sore today. Think i did too much driving. Or possibly it was getting stuck in road works... what is it with men and digging up bloody roads? They seem to have conspired here to dig up every major road at the same time, making driving almost an impossibility. They have just resurfaced one major road, now we're all taking bets as to which utility company will come along and dig it all up again!

Made a few more Christmas cards, nearing the end of the kits, got two left from one, and about 8 from the other. The latter is much more involved, lots of cutting out, and I've been backing lots fo the bits onto spare card. At some point I have to go back and stamp Happy Christmas in them all... I could with a finisher off.

Got quite a few pics to take, Mgt_b's stockings and card, my own stuff... thought I'd wait and do one big batch. Must also tackle bedroom tomorrow, dusted it today, so will vacuum it tomorrow.

And Lest we Forget... it is Remembrance Day tomorrow, please spare just two minutes of your time to pay your respect and thanks to those who made the ultimate sacrifice...

Friday, 7 November 2008

That Friday feeling

Another week over. I am fed up with my current life, bored with not being able to do what I want when I want. Fed up of being in pain, and fed up of looking down at a swollen knee! So it did not help my mood when mum several of her bouts of self pity.... excuse me, this is a rant! I had driven mum and a neighbour to supermarket, as mum wanted, moment we get there she starts huffing and puffing, well she'd already had one 'self pity' session which had annoyed me. Now she was at it again. There am I, hobbling on a crutch, knee swollen and damn painful, stiff wrist, and she is going on about wearing a bloody splint on her lower leg! No-one can see the damn thing, she can walk perfectly well. We made it round the supermarket, then she got in a tizz, by which time neighbour had disappeared to chemist for appointment, so now i was wheeling neighbours trolley full of shopping, so tells mum to stay near entrance to supermarket while this mug schleps over to car to dump one lot of shopping, then I comes back, helps mum steer her trolley to car, get her in car, get shopping in car and take second trolley back! Get back to car, mum say's: I want to go home! Oh no you're not, I says. I refuse point blank to take her home, she is going to go meet her friends at the cafe bar.

Well she went, well she had no choice, I just refused to budge. Her other hip is sore, and it is sore because she won't put weight on the repaired hip. She knows what she needs to do, confesses that she knows why her other hip is sore... so mum - do something about it!

I took myself off to my physio appointment. Physio was pleased that I'd already been doing a lot of exercises, but told me to take it steady. She was also impressed by my knee fracture - over 20 pieces. Her best knee fracture patient before me had just bust his into 13 pieces. Piff! Also found out today that I have no longer got a whole knee cap, they sucked a few small bits out.... Physio was also fascinated by my wobbly other kneecap... she squealed: it shouldn't move that much! Well mine do, well they both did, now just one does. I do have a peculiar skeletal set up, ligaments are all loose so stuff moves round far more than it should.

No crafting today, no time. Hoping that ATC kit arrives tomorrow... pretty please!

Now off for a cuppa. Have a good weekend all. And thanks for stopping by

Thursday, 6 November 2008

A thankyou

First a BIG thankyou to Mgt_B for the beautiful Christmas stockings that she made and sent to me, refusing any payment, and the gorgeous Christmas card that was a lovey surprise. The generosity of crafters never ceases to amaze me.

Bit of a nothing day, had to go get my parcels from the sorting office, thought (and was hoping) it might be the stockings, but also hoping that it might be my ATC kit from QVC - but nope, the other was from M&S with my new nighties! Guess the kit will eventually land sometime next week. Dunno about this 5 to seven working day thing they claim, I always now include Sunday as it is a working day, and QVC are a 365 day operation. Yet my stuff seems to take a minimum of ten days... not happy!

So had a play with stuff, mucking around using gel pens on acetate, attempting an exploding box made from black card (harder to cut cleanly), just generally getting messy. Then it took my fancy to use glitter glue on a peel off stuck onto some acetate! Well why not. Think it has worked, but has taken agest to dry.

Dinner was a 'nothing affair', forgot to get chicken out of freezer, so had to rely on whatever was delivered from supermarket, for some reason I'd ordered two steak and kidney pies... can't say I found much meat! But day was a bit like the weather, wishy washy.

Bonfire night wasn't too bad, didn't go on too long. Tho kids are now trying to relight bonfire. Neighbour took hint and swept up the remains of the rubbish he'd left. Well it was him brushing it up or me lobbing it back over his wall. Why are we such a dirty country? It really bugs me! And we have the worlds laziest street sweeper, one of my neighbours told him that he must have had the same brush for the last 3o odd years as he barely uses it. We've lost count of the number of complaints we've put in. But then if people didn't drop litter then we wouldn't need to spend so much on street cleaning.

Got my first physio appointment tomorrow... am going to make it clear that the deal is this: you don't hurt me and I won't hurt you. Well it works with my dentist. My knee is blooming sore, last thing I need is some silly physio trying to get it to bend when it won't. Tell you, she does that and she'll regret it!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Making history

I did want to watch some of the US election, woke up at 3 a.m and Obama was almost there! Then fell fast asleep till 7 a.m., and was all snug and cosy in bed, just didn't want to move. But he'd won! History was made.

Just been thinking about what I have seen during my life:

Moon landing - watched that live.
Munich - when the Israeli athletes were murdered
Britain voting in Mrs Thatcher
The Berlin Wall coming down
Peace in Northern Ireland
Live Aid
New Labours landslide in 1997
Death of Princess of Wales
First black man to be elected President of USA

And of course it is bonfire night, kids round here have been collecting bonfire stuff for weeks, clown who lives opposite dumped load of rubbish outside his back gate, lots of fiddly bits of wood and damp cardboard, of course kids have taken large stuff but left all the bits... he will be getting an ear bashing from me tomorrow. Sick of him, parks his ruddy van outside next door neighbour's house, puts out bin on wrong day - his house is filthy. Grrrrr.

Like to see an end to public sale of fireworks, organised displays only. I'm not being a kill joy, but we have endured yobs setting off fireworks for weeks now. I like pretty fireworks, not the stuff that just gives a loud bang.

Enjoy pic - oh to be a cat... they do know how to live life!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Had a dose of the blues...

Think it was that 'Monday' feeling, started out with good intentions and ended up doing nowt. Went down to beach, well bit I can actually drive to, and was going to go for a hobble. Tide was in, so it was blowing a gale, and wind was freezing, but it wasn't the weather that put me off, nope, it was the slope down to the path.... too steep. Other problem was wondering if I would get back in car, I need to have plenty of space to push door wide open, otherwise I can't get in or out.

Why has no-one thought of temporary blue badges? They do in the US, there you can get one for a couple of months, or for however long you need it.

Made up for things today, shook off the self pity, I mean it is of no use feeling sorry for yourself, just makes you feel worse. Went for a hobble to surgery to put in repeat prescription, then hobbled to shop, shopkeeper is very nice, always remembers people, so he asked how things were going - stuff like that makes all the difference. Then later on went for longer walk, knee was a bit sore, but felt better for being out in fresh air. Another couple of weeks and I'll have my mini holiday! Yippeeeeeeee..... looking forward to catching up with friends and having a relaxing time. Hotel is fab, it has a spa and all sorts of other wonderful stuff...

Photo - well it amused me!

Keep smiling... then people will wonder what you've been up to!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sunday, sunday...

Well was up early, didn't want to be up early, a case of having to in order to get petrol. Our petrol station is very, very busy, so decided that in order not to hold others up I'd get it early this morning. Mind you should have seen face of chap behind me, I clambers out of car and hobbles around on a crutch... I knew what he was thinking: how can she drive? Well I can, and more importantly I have permission from my consultant, which is the important bit, had he said no then I'd be in deep doo doo.

But it reminded me of something funny that happened way back in 1991. Me and some friends were in LA, on a bus, on our way back to our hotel after visiting the cheap shopping place... the bus pulled up at a stop and next thing there is a big bang, we're all jolted forwards, turned out chap in car behind our bus had ploughed into us. While rest of passengers were all picking up compo forms, we got out of bus, then we noticed driver of car - he was getting out of his car, next thing he reaches in, gets out two crutches, hobbles round to pavement to reveal that his right leg is in a full length plaster cast! Dumb or what!

Driving was a bit easier today, tho pain came later. Decided to get on an finish off Xmas cards from TSV. Not got many more to do now. Some tho are a bit confusing with the instructions, one i just can't work out at all.

Put up a pic of my second Golden moments challenge page: this was a page that built itself. Chose a paper from Sarapapers Seasons collection, Autum, which has lots of lovely leaves printed on bottom edge. Used mirri card to lift photo, and back it with some vellum, using brads to attach it, and then stuck some foam leaves round photo to form a frame, then added some gold lettering.

Hope you've had a good weekend, and hope the week isn't too bad.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Scrapbookin' yeah....

When in doubt - go scrapbookin! I had to make a page for a challenge, the theme was Autumn, and the title: Golden Moments.

I think Autumn is one of my favourite times of year, that and early spring. Just for the colours, all those golds, reds and rich browns.

So for this page I chose a cream background, then did some paper weaving with brown and orange, went for 2 mats for the photo, but angling them to give some interest. Added two green and two red buttons, then some leaves along edge.

Really enjoyed the whole afternoon, even if I nearly had another accident. I should explain, I keep all my scrapbook stash behind my desk, but with one wonky knee getting at it was a problem. I figured that if I got onto bed and lowered myself onto floor, then I could shuffle over to desk, then just reverse to get back up. Well the going down bit was okay, but getting up I nearly fell off the bed! I really do have to sort out my room. Too much furniture in it at moment. That will be my aim next year, to sort out room so I can store my stash where it is easily accessible.

Right, off to grab some wine...