Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Wow, what a shocker!

Well I wouldn't have bet on it, but I did have a feeling that this years Wimbledon was wide open, even so to see The Fed going out was a big surprise.  He looked out of sorts, tho the other chap did play well and took his chance.    Murray also came thru quite neatly against Tsonga, who seemed to be trying to take the covering off every ball,  didn't think he could keep hitting the ball that hard for very long, and I was proved right as he hurt his hand in the end.   So now it is Murray V Nadal...  it is going to be a close match.   Just hope it isn't Henman and Becker commentating, they were both getting on my nerves,  much prefer McEnroe, and Lindsay Davenport is also very good.   Aside from reaching a few semi finals at Wimbledon what has Henman done?   He has no interest in coaching, or in tennis now he has retired, he comes along for a jolly at Wimbers for two weeks. 

I did get some fresh air and exercise this morning,   tho it seemed to take me an age to walk thru to high street,   even longer than it did last week.   But it was nice being out in the sunshine,   tomorrow they've forecast rain!    Dunno why it can't just rain during the night, and stay nice during the day - perfect balance?

Will be thinking about crafting next week,  it has been nice having a break from it all.   Will be messing with fimo next week!  Going to stick with my scrapbooking,  and make some cards,  just want to shift to something new.   

Oh well all for now, too hot to sit here!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Who ordered Rain?

Found it unamusing that we had rain yesterday!   Fortunately I was far too engrossed in the tennis to want to be outdoors.   Thought Murray would be a bit more bothered by the big hitting American, but nope, he had it all under control, he didn't serve well, but he didn't need to. Very satisfying to see a Brit actually being professional in their approach to a tournament...  take note the England lot. 

Today started off cloudy, but made most of it by washing windows and nets,  then popped out to supermarket to get a few supplies.  Noticed that they'd taken down all the Come on England posters!    Just wondering when they'll put the England T shirts at half price.   Made myself a nice lunch of two poached eggs on toast,  and settled down to watch the tennis.   I chose the Cljisters match, thinking that Venus Williams would obliterate her opponent, so got a shock when I flicked over to see Venus was on the verge of being soundly beaten.   At least that means it won't be an all williams final, which are utterly boring.  Just need Serena to be knocked out and we may get an interesting final.   Tis the men's quarters tomorrow, Murray on last on Centre court,  tough opponent in Tsonga, but Nadal also has a tough opponent in Soderling.    Sadly he plays same time as Murray!  Rats.  

Now watching Spain V Portugal, would like Spain to win,  just to shut up Big Head, Ronaldo,who has taken to posing before free kicks, just like Beckham used to.  But what they both show is how poor the England team are at basic ball skills.  Football does not need to be played at the frenetic speed it is in the Premier league,  the sooner we realise that the better.   Keep Capello, put a cap on foreign players and on wages,  cut down number of games, do away with League Cup.  And we may just begin to find some talent.  We just need to find another Ramsey,  a manager who is not star struck,  who does not take passengers (why was Beckham with the team?), and who builds a team.    Oh answer to why Beckham was with team was just in case they won, so he could be photographed holding the trophy. 

Right rant over, and would like to reiterate, only comments received in English will be approved....   This blogs comments are now moderated.   So will the oriental plonker stop being so tiresome?

Monday, 28 June 2010

No-one mention that match...

What a disappointment,   such a huge build up and... they played like a bunch of kids.   Okay the disallowed goal may have made some sort of difference, but would have only delayed the inevitable.   A far more professional approach to sport is being shown by the tennis players,  as in 'don't win, don't get paid'.   England couldn't even manage a few passes before losing the ball.  How much do they get paid?   Not sure that they should get paid anything for this performance, and send them home cattle class, bring them all back to reality.  Or take them on a trip into the townships....

Oh well, but Mr Murray continues to play well,  demolishing his opponents, and not even having to play well, as in tonight.   His serve was rubbish,   but he got thru with some brilliant play.   Can we all dare to dream that the Scot may show the England team up?  I hope so.  Murray gets on with his work,  does what he needs to to make himself better as a tennis player, and without complaining.   Sadly Henin lost out to the other Belgian Kim Cljisters,  like both of them but would have loved Henin to have got thru.  But she ain't quite there yet,  another few months I think.  Chuffed that Soderling got thru,   he should put Nadal to the test... and hopefully out of the tournament. 

Meanwhile we got rain, not complaining  - yet.  It has saved me from watering garden, with watering can, not a HOSE.   But would like the sun to return soon,  as in tomorrow.   I ordered a nice summer, so expect it to be delivered.   Well last two years of my life have been crap, so figure I am due some luck and change in fortune.   Very lazy day today,  did precious little,  except read paper and watch Tennis,  my luxury day,  all change tomorrow when it is housework and shopping.  Plus windows need cleaning...   calm before the storm. 

Knee has been very niggly,  not sure why,  it does this,  protests very strongly, as if reminding me that all is not well.  As if I need reminding, only have to look at scars.   Was going to wear shorts yesterday, but can't abide looking at scarred knee.   Just two weeks to go to final decision on whether I get new knee this year...  hoping that answer will be yes, cos left knee is also on its way out. 

Photo:   of Chalice Well gardens in Glastonbury. 

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Cor what a scorcher

Toddled round to high street today,  mid afternoon and saw that the temp had reached 30C!    And that was with a sea breeze.   Fantastic,  I ain't complaining,  my choice to go for a walk,  yep I was dripping a tad, but still enjoyed being out in the sun.  So far it has been cooling down a lot during the night... but tonight there is a lunar eclipse,  which is only visible nearer the south pole, so don't sit up waiting to see it. 

I'm being more positive, or trying to be.  Got myself up and out today, popped up to see my old workmates in the morning. Nice to catch up with them over a cuppa,  but sad to see not a lot has changed for the better.   The 'cuts' mean that none of us staff who have left are being replaced,  so more work for those who are left.   Really pisses me off that a few bosses left with a nice pension pot and a redundancy package,  but as for those at the coal face, well they can go hang as far as the top lot are concerned.    But we just indulged in some gossip,   which I miss, all harmless.    Was going to have a look round a few shops, but it was just too damn hot inside the shopping mall,   so just grabbed what I wanted and headed home.   Then for the afternoon it was a choice of staying in and watching several hours of tennis,  going to Mind Body and Spirit fair, or... just go for a walk.    Wasn't really in mood for either of first two,   so just headed out for some exercise, even if my right knee doesn't like it - the rest of me needs fresh air and exercise.    Timed myself and it still takes me over twice as long to walk there and back to high street as it used to with two good legs.   But I enjoyed the sunshine,  came back and after a much needed cuppa, gave the plants a good drowning with water,  with a watering can I should add.     Think it was much appreciated as they all perked up once they'd been well and truly saturated. 

After that it was time for a spot of tennis, fortunately Serena was off court,  can't stand her grunting or bullying behaviour.  It was Senor Nadal, who wasn't having it all his own way,  in fact he came damn close to losing,  but his tendonitis is back,  hardly surprising give the way he plays.     Then Mr Murray, who breezed thru in 3 sets, showing them all how it should be done!    He has a damn good chance this year. 

As for food, too hot for large meals,   made do with a sandwich, and a bowl of strawberries and ice cream.   Now out of ice cream, so that means a trip to supermarket tomorrow, may get a few cans of beer, to see me thru the match...   it could be a very long afternoon.

Thanks for stopping by.  Just wish to say that no comments will be allowed on this blog any more unless I know the identity of the person, and what they are saying, so all comments must be in English. 

Friday, 25 June 2010

Yippeeeee - a summer at last!

Yah boo to the doomongers going on about droughts,  so bring in  the hose pipe ban now, and stop faffing around.  And while we're at it,  can the water companies STOP losing so much water thru leaks?

This is our first decent summer in years, and I think we deserve it.  Especially after that budget, didn't Georgie boy do well...  and how neat of Cameron to hide behind him, leaving the two lib dem dummies to take the heat. I find the entire lot unconvincing,  while Nick Clegg has only proved how desperate he was to get into power, even as someone's puppet. 

But this lovely weather means that Wimbers has been on schedule,  did watch some of that marathon match, tho I found it boring,  a good antidote to insomnia methinks.   A great match from Murray in front of the Queen,  can sympathise with him over his frustration with the press, he never said he wouldn't bow to the Queen!   Anyone could see how honoured he was to meet her.    Got a feeling that this is a wide open championship this year.  

Still thinking about my holiday last week,  tho this time last week I was watching the England match,  and that was excruciating!   Wish I was still there...  sigh.   Well with the weather being so good just be nice to be anywhere but a city.  Uploaded one of my photos, along with a quote,  photos like that do lend themselves to inspirational quotes.    Will be scrapping a few as well,   once I find my crafting mood.  Think it may still be on holiday - LOL.   Not that I am bothered, got lots to occupy me,  my life is more settled,  just have to go have a row with the Inland Revenue, who have me down as receiving ESA,  stupid lot!    I am saving that for next week, have been in a happy mood all week and didn't want to ruin it.  Nor do I want to phone them, not on that bloody 0845 number, what a racket that is,  how to fleece people!    Saving it for next week. 

Of course there is the big match on Sunday...  more nervous tension.  We did at least play well the other night,  I think we should play in red all the time,  at least that way Gerrard thinks he is playing for Liverpool and comes to life.   But we will improve against the Germans.   Will be wearing my new England T shirt,  no, not anything official,  just one I picked up last week from the outlet park,  stuff paying £40 for an official shirt.... 

Hope you are all enjoying this gorgeous weather... long may it last.

Monday, 21 June 2010

All al dente

Yep I am now horizontally challenged,  just spent 4 days in Glastonbury, a stress free zone.   The weather was glorious,  wall to wall sunshine and blue sky for first two days, just a few wispy clouds thereafter.    Only disappointment was the match,  my friend and I decided to go watch it in a pub,  the match was excruciating to watch...   luckily there was a free barbecue,  even so the football was diabolical.

Also went to Cheddar Gorge,  I'm sure I've been there before, but never stopped to look at it properly.  A fantastic place,  we went into the caves,  sadly there was only one ticket on offer at £17, which let you have access to all the caves and open top bus,  but we didn't really fancy doing all that.   Even so the caves were amazing,  and very cold!    I was going to buy some proper cheddar cheese, then saw the price and thought otherwise.    Did get a few goodies, and we had indulged in some retail therapy the day before at Street, which has a retail outlet park, lots of bargains on offer,  I got some nice T shirts,  all different brands and all at bargain basement prices.  I was after some sandals, but didn't like any I saw, and one pair at the Nike shop were darned uncomfortable, had a really odd insole.   Of course Glastonbury High Street was choc full of all things mystical and magickal,  got a few crystals, and another buddha statue!  Was also hankering after a singing bowl,  but not at £68, then they had to nerve to sell the wooden stick you play it with separately - a bit cheeky. 

On our final day we went to the Tor,  sadly it was very cloudy in the morning,  it took me ages but I managed to get to the top, not sure how,  did stop a lot,  there were a couple  of benches I took advantage of.  I had a long rest at top, then we headed back down, which was far worse than going up, I wondered at one stage if the mountain rescue people could have done with a training exercise just to get me to the bottom.  We went round corner and spent a couple of hours at the Chalice Well, which is so peaceful and tranquil.   Then off for lunch at the Blue Note in Glastonbury, great food, but service needs working on.  Too many dirty tables I'm afraid,  and service was a bit slap dash, tho far better than we'd had in the oldest pub there, which left much to be desired. 

Have posted my pic of the Tor,  I did regret the climb after,  but at same time glad I managed it.  Only one blot on the whole thing, the journey home,  it was all plain sailing until I got to Birmingham, then I hit one traffic jam, roadworks, of course with no-one doing any work.  Then was happily trucking along and then spotted that the M6 was shut between J16/17,  by a serious accident, but too late to get off motorway.  Was stuck there for a good half hour, then we all noticed a rolling road block coming up led by a police car,  so I assumed that they were going to open the motorway.... and did they?  NO!   They just made it ten times worse.  I had to come off at J16 and do a detour which took forever, or so it felt.    I really do object to the police closing the motorway for hours on end,   the accident had been cleared, all casualties removed, but of course they can treat it as a crime scene so can close the motorway for as long as they like.  Ridiculous.  I'd left Glasto at 10.20,  got home at 5.30... very unamused. 

So back to reality....  hey ho, but Wimbers is on! 

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Back to wet and soggy

Well that didn't last long,  the blue sky and sunshine!  Just one day..  humph.   Weather lot say it will get better during week, I hope so, high time we had a proper summer...  well we had a proper winter with the snow, so come on Mother Nature, play fair, give us a lovely summer.
Been playing with the silver clay again,  made another 2 key rings,  they're drying out, they'll be ready for firing tomorrow.  I could have used the heat gun to dry them, it works beautifully, only take a few minutes.  Also found a further use for my large embossing tool,  it makes a fab burnisher.  So the Angel keyring is now all shiny.   Lovely stuff.

Still a bit disappointed at last nights result,  the goalie did make a terrible mistake, but the team should have scored at least two more goals.   Still a draw is better than losing.   Was getting annoyed at Sky this morning, I was beginning to think that nothing else was happening in the world except for the World Cup.  What on earth made them think that football should be the lead story?   There are far more important things going on.   The BBC was being more sensible.   As for the rest of the media, anyone would think we'd been knocked out of the competition.   France weren't much better.   
Well got all my stuff sorted for the holiday,  just got the last few bits to get. 

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Come on England!

Decided to banish the blues,  and for once the weather also seemed determined to cheer me up,  blue sky and sunshine!   So first trip was to library,  mum is in reading mode, so that means keeping her supplied with lots of books.   It also gives me a chance to catch up with my old colleagues,   so had a nice natter and a lovely cuppa.     Found out that those at the dinner the other evening were all badly hungover the next day, a few went back to someone's house and continued partying!  Not a good idea when you have a ten hour shift the next day. 

Decided mum also needed a cheer up, so got her some nice flowers from M&S.  Then home,  bit of lunch, and back out, to Klara's crafts, needed to get some jewellry bits,   ended up having a healing session at the Well Barn, Elaine needed a guinea pig and volunteered me for her course...  anything to oblige.   So then had a lovely mooch round both shops,  if you are ever up in this neck of the woods, do go to Little Crosby and call in at the Well Barn and Klara's crafts, you'll get a warm welcome and they have lots of goodies.

I was keen to get home to finish off my angel keyring,  the stuff I ordered arrived today, so had more clay to play with :-))   When watching the videos on youtube,  I noticed they were using some sort of oil to keep everything moist, so not having the right stuff I used olive oil and it seemed to work fine!  Just smeared a tiny bit on the roller and table.   Just needed to make a disc,  this time I've got cutters,  so that made life much easier, also began to remember my old clay making skills,  using a few drops of water.   And here she is in all her glory!   I'm chuffed with it,  yes there are a few flaws, but i don't care, cos it is really my first proper effort.  I'm getting the hang of it now,   so I can see me making a lot more stuff.    The keyring needs a bit more buffing to get it fully polished.  But it is a proper keyring!

Now it is footie time...   

Friday, 11 June 2010

Numpty week

Yep, bit of an up and down week,  think it may have been the dinner, chinese banquets are not my favourite thing.  Rather have a good curry or Italian meal.   Made up for it on Wednesday by making a good beef stir fry,  with melt in the mouth steak...  Better than the rubbery stuff we'd had the previous night.

On Wednesday my Silver Clay kit arrived,  wasn't prepared for the miniscule amount of silver clay,  really tiny.  Guess there is enough for two charms. .   Made one,  not entirely happy with it, but it worked,  so I was chuffed.   It is probably better than I think it is.  Was nervous about the firing,  tho the instructions were very clear,  I expected the piece to turn to silver, but it didn't, just stayed white,  that wasn't in the instructions...   what you need to do is burnish it to bring up the silver.   So I am hooked and have ordered more silver clay and some cutters.   One needs to speculate to accumulate, but I do have an outlet in mind...  My flexi putty arrived, so made mould of an Angel,  and used rest of silver clay... yippeeeeeee, it worked!   Just letting it dry, will fire it tomorrow.     Been watching a few youtube videos on the subject, they've been very useful,   what did we do before youtube? 

Really looking forward to next week,  a few days away, it will be bliss.  Still waiting for family to get in touch to see if they will come look after mum.  They know I am going on holiday, but can they be bovvered... nope.   Got neighbours sorted,  mum's friends will look in, so she will be okay, but it would be nice if the family actually were concerned.

Tonight I tried one of Tesco's meal deals,  chose steak au poivre, chips and for dessert, strawberry cheesecake, got bottle of sauvignon blanc,  as mum isn't keen on red wine. Very tasty,  will try it again.

Just got a few more bits to get for my hols,  ear plugs are top of the list.   And keeping fingers crossed that the weather is good.

Monday, 7 June 2010

The weekend

Well my weekend got off to a good start with sale of my cards,  enjoyed the Women's final at the French, best woman won,  tho I did think the Aussie would triumph.   Sadly Soderling capitulated yesterday and Nadal strolled off with the title,  though the Swede would have put up more of a fight. 

I was also crafting yesterday, making stuff for the next charity coffee morning.   So made a pathetic start with four cards!  Well one was a birthday card for a friend, and it was a kinetic card,  the rest I stuck to the simple stuff, well save for one.  Now got to make a thankyou card.  Also played a bit more with the pro markers,  got this gorgeous stamp set the other week, and couldn't wait to use the pro markers,  not a bad first effort, well I thought.  Still not sure which type of stamp pad to use with them.   I love that you can get the shading right, and use the blender to make things more subtle.   Trouble is that you always want more of them.

Now I've just gone and bought a silver clay kit,  saw it being demoed on CnC a couple of weeks ago and was very intrigued, but the price was a bit too rich for me, even with the flexi pay offer.  Just found a similar kit for half the price on Amazon,  not often that you find something cheaper elsewhere than QVC or CnC, but this time I did.    Not sure how I'll do with it, but on CnC they were using a mould, think I know where I can get some moulding clay...   then got big ideas! 

Now getting stuck into my crystal therapy course,  high time, but I had to want to start it.  The first bit it the boring bit,  all theory,  it is now getting more interesting. 

All for now, off out tomorrow evening for a celebratory meal with my colleagues.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

All smilels...

Yep, took my cards up to the charity coffee morning,  all 60 of them, and they all sold :-))    I'd made twice what I did last year,  so was doubly chuffed that they all went.   They sold them for a £1 each.   Yep we all know that hand made cards should sell for more, but the fact is they don't,  too many of us crafters out there making the things, plus the cheap cards in shops. 

I saw something last week on CnC that intrigued me,  jewelry making, but a bit different, using a silver clay.  Still musing over whether to have a go or not.   Got a few ideas for new age stuff. 

Rest of the day was lazyish,  did some gardening,  a few bushes all needed a hair cut,  and the pots needed some deweeding, and a general tidy up, so did that,  pruned something,  well it has red flowers...   but it was getting out of control.    Noticed that the bees seem to like purple plants,  a couple were happily collecting pollen from one purple plant.  All the roses are now blooming,  mum thought last year I'd probably killed the lot cos I pruned them so hard, but they all came back, and are much better for the hard pruning.  All seem healthier too,   not as many dead leaves.   So with all that done I settled down to watch the French Open final, it was a refreshing change to have two new faces in the final and not just the usual culprits, plus these two gave us a thrilling final, so many in past years have been very one sided. 

Still warm here, but the sun seems to be taking a break,  gone a bit cloudy. Thought yesterday we'd have a thunderstorm as it went so black, but after a  few splashes of rain, the sun returned.    Prefer the temp to be just under 25C, I can cope with that,  up above that is not so good.   Seems to set off the hot flushes, so they end up merging into one,  and me just dripping.  Not a good look.   Luckily we do usually get a sea breeze which just takes the edge off the heat. 

Got some new shoes yesterday,    a type of Fair Trade shoe,   suede but very soft leather,  and soooo comfy,  just perfick for summer.   Also got a pair of shorts,  not sure if I shall wear them out in public,  right knee is now a mess of scar tissue.    The shorts are soft linen and very comfy,  and show up my white legs!  Well they never get to see daylight, have got some of that tanning stuff, so may dollop some on my legs.   I don't do 'tanning',  too much of a faff,  and who can be bothered to lie in the sun?   I don't go brown anyway, got vilitigo,  not as bad as some get it as I am quite pale, but if I attempt to tan then the white patches come into view.    My sister tho is addicted to having a tan,  and has er, suffered for it, her skin is not looking as good as it used to,  but she has always tanned easily, a bit like our mum, but mum also developed vilitigo and so had to give up sunbathing,  so her skin never got that leathery look. 

Just got a bit more holiday shopping to do,  the important stuff like toothpaste, shower gel etc.  And need to make a list!    And must remember to get ear plugs!   I am sharing a room with a snoring person... lovely tho she is, she does snore for England.

Oh well, wonder if we'll get the thunderstorm tomorrow?  

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Way hey the sun is back!

After a grotty weekend, then yesterday being so grey and grim I was beginning to wonder if we'd had our summer.  The forecast for today looked good, but when I woke up it was grey again!     But by 10 a.m. the blue sky was poking thru, the sun doing its damndest to burn off the cloud.

So I decided to go out,  I wanted to get some more pro markers and hoped that the Range had finally decided to stock them.   Oh no they hadn't :-(  Fooey, but did buy the X cut set of shape cutters, squares, circles etc,   and another stamp set,  Hawthorn and Bramble, the hedgehog, they are adorable.   Wondered about making my way to the other craft shop in Southport, but needed to find a car parking space near it, and could I find one, could I heck.  So decided to just drive home,  was hungry anyway, and I hoped the tennis would be on,  not been sure as the weather in France has been awful.  Luckily they also had good weather so I was able to watch Serena losing...  and cheer on the Aussie. 

Did take a look at what they'd offered on QVC, but nothing grabbed my attention,  wonder if I am getting fussy or am I just bored at seeing the same old stuff?    I appreciate that new crafters are coming along all the time,  so they must be catered for, but it is just more of the same, and kanban seems to have taken over while CnC are obsessed with CD roms,  alls I want is some decent scrapbooking stuff,  is that too much to ask?

Oh to the plonker from the Orient,  comments are now moderated, so give up...   comprende?