Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Oh Bother...

Feeling confused,  got a letter from work today saying that they had now decided I was eligible for medical retirement!   This is less than 3 weeks after telling me I wasn't eligible....   something to do methinks with them needing to get rid of staff?    If they now think I am going to smile and go quietly they are in for a shock,  unamused by the whole business. 

As I am unamused by trying to post photos on the CB site,   can't...   don't know why.  My settings are the same, using the right format for photos.  Can early in the day, but that is not convenient for me, methinks they are having a server overload.   Possibly the forum needs a bit of a clear out.

And was underwhelmed by the TSV today,  was watching the Olympics,  the curling....  have no idea what it is all about!  The curling that is.   But turned over to see what the TSV was going to be and...   yawn,  just not my thing at all.  Yes fantastic to watch, and great for addicted crafters, and the specialists.   But didn't do anything for me.   What he does are works of art, but what would I do with them?   Folk want basic cards, that is what I've found,  all well and good making clever cards to give to people, but they don't sell.   Still tryin to find something to buy with my tenner from C&C, was going to buy the flippin men kit, but what was being shown on screen, was not on the website,  and wasn't too sure about their returns policy.   Can see me ending up buying photo glue from them,  my favourite craft glue... love the stuff,  easy to use,  you can move stuff around, and if you get it wrong, gently peel it back and rub away the glue. 

Was frustrated that yet again scrapbooking took a back seat,  tired of seeing the same old stuff all the time.  Oh, will explain scrapbook pic on my scrapbook blog.  Just felt like putting on a pic, one that I've been trying to upload to the CB forum!

Wonder if we've got snow yet...  did get a few flakes earlier..    off to find out.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Not again

Now facing my fourth knee operation within the space of 17 months...   this one is to decide what the fifth will be, a full knee replacement or a patella replacement.  Problem is that surgeon confirmed that in a few years time I would have needed a total knee replacement, my knees are shot...    So more surgery...  more pain...    will it ever end?

Tho was alarmed when I first got to the clinic yesterday, they had a sign up saying the clinic was running one and a quarter hours late!   My appointment was for 5pm,  so I had visions of being stuck there all evening.  Luckily things were actually running on time,  even so I still had to have more x rays, so that held me up.  Got home at 6.30pm, which wasn't bad.   Managed to catch all the lights on green on way home. I hate the drive to and from the hospital, it is really horrible route,  all stop and start.   The worse bit is always at the racecourse,  it always seems to be congested. 

Not done any crafting for ages, or it feels like it, not really been in the mood.   Got all the cards I need,   ooh, hang on, need a new house card for niece, she moves into her new abode next week.  May attempt some scrapbooking this weekend,  if I can stop messing with my virtual pets on FB,  it is silly, but you begin to feel responsible!    Tho now I know why I resisted FB for so long...   !

Watched a bit of C&C this morning, saw their rather OTT TSV,  who'd want that much stuff?    It was so big it dwarfed Leonie, who is coming on leaps and bounds as a presenter.  Find C&C a bit hit and miss, some stuff I like,  and others are of no interest, but they do have plenty of variety.   QVC is just all the same thing,  tho guess C&C do have a craft channel, so they can cover a broader spectrum. Even so, QVC make a lot of money out of us crafters, so why not more slots and more variety?   And more presenters, doesn't all have to be lumped onto Dawn. 

Still cold here,  due for some snow this weekend!    Guess winter is going to drag on for a few more weeks yet,  lets just hope that this means we get a glorious summer.  Well we need something to look forward to.  At least we are having 'winter', rather than mild weather, or rainy days.   Just would like a proper summer,  one that runs all the way from May to end of September. 

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Pancake day,  managed two,  with maple syrup and cream...   yummeeeeeeee   

Found it amusing today to see Dawn Bibby on QVC, and on C&C was Leonie!   Wasn't very inspired by either,  not into this CD rom crafting,  doesn't make sense to me,  well not printing wise,  some of those things must drain the ink.  And you also need the proper paper/card,  so is it really any cheaper?    All QVC had was same old, same old....    but it is craft day next week,  hoping for something different.   On Monday I found an A5 sized padded envelope by letter box,   wondered what I had ordered and forgotten all about, so opened it and... inside this large envelope was:  my tiny Create and Craft badge!    Other letter was in brown envelope and marked HM,  ooer, turned out to be my tax number for the year... they sure know how to alarm people. 

Been very engrossed in my aquarium and virtual moggies on facebook, the cats are far too lifelike for my liking, with all the typical cat traits, of sleeping, being fussy over food and not wanting to play!   Fish are far easier,  they just amuse themselves.  Have now got started on a surreal conversation with a friend on a group, told them that I'd had a baby fish,  next thing we're discussing baby showers, wetting the baby's head...   one of us is losing the plot, not sure which tho! LOL.  My two virtual cats are now grown up,  so decided it was time that they 'got it on',  so clicked to have them mate,  they disappeared behind a huge heart... and... aw,  the male moggy looked most upset, he had been spurned - LOL.  I couldn't stop chuckling, it was hilarious.   Tho maybe I need to get out more!

Having fun and games with work,  from being told that they wanted to get my redeployment up and running two weeks ago, nothing, a big fat zero!   Then find out today that there may be redundancies in our department, why am I thinking that the two things are coinciding?     Don't care really,  there are no jobs with the council, or none that I am qualified for or can do. 

Just had a moan to the folk at Facebook, found  friend request from a total stranger, only problem was every time I pressed to ignore it, it came back. So told them,  they said they couldn't do anything...    but just looked on my page now and that request has disappeared!  

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Strange old week

Felt like I ran out of steam by Friday... not sure why,  felt that I was doing fine,  then hit a brick wall.   Did take stuff to Cash Converters, sadly they didn't want the scanner or digital drawing tablet... rats!   But got some dosh for the cameras.  Offloaded the other stuff at a charity shop, who were happy to take it.  

Paid my deposit for my reiki course,  which is at end of month.  Noticed that they have other stuff going on,  hope to to a psychic attunement night this week, depends on my appointment at hospital.  Last time the docs were all delayed by an emergency, so hoping it all goes smoothly this week.   Then I can be in and out, get home, grab a bite to eat and get to the evening class.  

Yesterday was the funeral, Ivy's funeral.  It was held at St Lukes,  this is the pic of the church.  Quite a small church, but it was packed with all her friends and family.   I know she is at peace, she had suffered a devastating stroke,  and since she was so active, loved to be out and about, and hated being stuck in doors,  it was also a relief.    Nevertheless a sad occasion,  as they always are, tho some are sadder than most,   terrible grammar!    Ivy saw her glass as being half full,  she never ceased to enjoy life,   she always wanted more. Like most of her generation she had a basic education, but she was rich in so many ways,  in her compassion for others,  her humour, her love for her family.   She grabbed hold of her life and was determined to make the best of it, she never complained or moaned.  

It was a strange day after that, think that was when I hit the brick wall,  spent the whole week being there for mum, suddenly it was time to be there for me and I didn't have the energy.   Also my knee is not having a good weekend,  been very painful, that always brings me down.  Was going to go out today, but knee was protesting too much.   So went and tended to my fish and animals on facebook!   I find it hilarious that I now have an aquarium of virtual fish, and two virtual kittens (the latter are too spookily like the real thing! Exasperating, as all cats are).    Was trying to get into farmville, but just not my thing, better with the fish and cats.

No crafting this week,  well except for making  a birthday card, that was it.  Wasn't in the mood.  Got stuff to do, well to scrap.   And must do more stuff for my scrap book blog!

Have a good weekend all.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Bootiful day

Yep, woke up to a half blue/grey sky,  sun was peeking thru the clouds.  Took recycling stuff down to check temperature... brrrrr,     reckoned a few layers would be needed to venture outside properly.  Once I'd done mum's dressing I was off to high street.  Funny I think I've speeded up,  walking a bit faster, then someone overtakes me and I watch them disappear into the distance!  Same at the pelican crossing, I've barely set foot on road and my fellow walkers are across the road.    Trying not to put too much weight on the crutch, and let my right leg take more of the strain, problem is that my left knee is complaining a lot,  it does hurt when I go downstairs, a bad sign, means the patella is out of alignment again.   Oh well, a week to go and I see my consultant, see what he has to say,  a new knee is on the cards, just a case of when it happens, this year or next year.

But had a nice walk, nice to get some fresh air,  very fresh.  Went to ATM, meant to press button for £50, but pressed wrong one so got £30!   Have now sorted out stuff for cash converters,   found a few boxes for some of the stuff, the cameras,  made sure I had all the leads and software... hoping to get some good prices for them all.  And half booked myself onto a reiki course, part one,  will do part two in July, then I'll have to save like mad to do the master reiki course later in the year.  Something I've wanted to do for a while, that an aromatherapy, think the two compliment each other nicely.  Had reiki at the carer's centre, and it was bliss.  I know there is no logical explanation, and it may well be down to the placebo theory, but who cares if it does some good?    I do believe in this stuff,  karma,  the aura,  that Angels watch over us.    Found comfort this week also in prayer,   I sort of stumble along in that,  well is there a right way?  

Dinner was: a sausage butty,  couldn't be bothered to cook a meal, well mum meets up with her friends and they  have a proper lunch, so no point in me cooking a dinner.   Followed the butty with a very sticky Hot Cross bun,  lovely.  Also watched Come Dine With me... it is essential viewing.   Just joined a CDWM page on FB!   It is of course all down to Dave Lamb, his sarcastic comments make the show.   I do wonder about the contestants,   most serve the their food on cold plates (heat them up for chrissakes), and take ages over it,  especially the guys...   think it was last week they were still eating at around 2 in the morning!   What!  Tho my BiL is like that, he has no sense of time,  he is a good cook, but just can't get the timings right,  so you end up waiting bloody hours for the meal to appear. 

Oh did watch QVC today,  Dawn was back,  JJ is still in South Africa sorting out a passport problem!  Not  lot that I liked,   Dawn still a bit below par, which is to be expected considering what she and JJ have been thru, hope things pick up for them.  There is a TSV tonight at midnight, craft one,   and some shows tomorrow, will try to catch some of them, but got shopping and need to get rid of my stuff at cash converters, and get up to pay deposit on reiki course!   All in one day... I'll be knackered. 

Monday, 8 February 2010

Another Monday....

And blooming cold again!  Very grey, didn't look very promising at all.  Managed to walk as far as post box,  and that was quite enough.  Didn't have enough layers to venture further. 

But did get my swap card posted,  I am swapping with our only male, and my choice of card - see pic!  Well it had to be a shaped card, and I saw this in a magazine and followed the template, little did I know I'd be swapping with a man. Perhaps a wrench would have been better?

Actually he makes me laugh, our latest recruit, to our little craft group, he has a wicked sense of humour,very dry and keeps us all laughing.  He's just a beginner, but is showing a lot of promise.   I admire his guts,  to embark on cardmaking and to join a group.

It was tho a very lazy day, did have half a hope of having a walk, but as I said it was just too blooming cold.  Tomorrow should be brighter, so I will get out and about.   Did watch C&C this morning, and yesterday,  love what that lady does with her stamps, so creative,  like watching, but not sure I am willing to part with the dosh to get the stuff.   Quite happy sticking to scrapbooking,   I'll make cards for family and friends, but that's it.  My local shop is selling cards for 80p, how can I compete with that?    You just can't, even if they are hand  made, folk want whatever is cheap.   May tho go tout my scrapbooking skills at a local shop, she began last year, I didn't actually hold out much hope as she didn't have much stuff,  but it has improved. 

This is going to be a strange week,  I have a good friend coming to visit on Friday,  but learned today that Friday will be Ivy's funeral,  and I said I'd take my mum, I'd also like to pay my respects.  But the funeral is early, so  hopefully I can still meet up with my friend.  Ivy wouldn't mind, she was all for living life, always seeing the best in everyone, tho she also had a wicked scouse humour, but it was gentle.  I'm glad she is at peace now...  

Well we got QVC tomorrow and on Wednesday, with a TSV...   hoping they have restocked on the Slice design cards. 

Stay warm.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

RIP my good friend

Got the news this morning that Ivy had passed away in the early hours...    not news you ever wish to hear.  And then I had to tell mum,  not that I had to,  like me she had guessed the content of the call.   I stayed with her for a short while, but she wanted to be left alone to do her crying.  

Ivy was a feisty 87 year old woman,  who loved life and who enjoyed being out and about.   I think there are few who don't know her,  her life had been long and hard,  but also rich in what she brought to the lives she touched.   A woman with a sharp and dry sense of humour,  a wisp of a woman who was in danger of being blown away by any sharp gust of wind.   Anyone who met Ivy fell for her charm, her irresistible and infectious character.  She is now at peace...

Yet what makes my blood boil today is when I hear people claiming that John Terry should not have been sacked as Captain of England,   it is time we stood up to these celebrities and let them know that regardless of how much money they have, they cannot continue to get away with things.    It is time they realised they are culpable for their actions,  and time that Terry said sorry, to the public and his wife, along with a promise to be a better person.  As for those MP's who are trying to squirm their way out of facing up to their fraud,  have the guts to stand up and be counted, and to admit that you were caught red handed.   And no MP should receive a golden goodbye,  the ordinary employee doesn't, so why should they?  

I hope you all had a good weekend....

Friday, 5 February 2010

Oh noooooo

What is a girl to do?  Went for hair appointment today and saw an ominous sign, big 'lease for sale' board outside hairdressers...   and yep, my hairdresser has decided to call it quits.  Well mostly cos his landlord won't compromise on a rent rise...  so now I've got 3 months to find a new hairdresser!  Crisis....  took me ages to find him.  Oh, rats and double rats. 

The staff were all very cheery,  guess it will soon dawn on them all what it means, think most will get jobs quite quickly,  they are all damn good hairdressers. 

Well got 3 more  haircuts to go,was joking with Bill that he had timed it just right, he is a footy fan and the salon will close at end of May, and World cup starts in June! 

Pic is of a scrap challenge I set last month, for a day in your life,  it was to pick four photos that would encapsulate one day,  so I chose me porridge,  chatting with friends,  scrapping and my red wine!   I said on my scrap blog that I must be going thru a green phase,  it was pink, before that it was blue,  now green...   Wonder what it will be next?   Haven't done much with purple! 

Got bill for MOT, and yes it was a shocker, but worth it as mechanically the car is sound, it was the usual stuff that needed fixing,  the sills and the car is ten years old.     But wasn't too bothered by bill,  had half of it already saved up, and then there was the cash from my ebay sales,  so will be able to pay off credit card bill next month in full.   Thank goodness for plastic!   Realised the other day that I've had a barclaycard since 1974, the year I joined the army, our salary was paid into Barclays,  and so you automatically got a barclaycard as the bank card.   I was too scared to use it back then!  Scary thought!  Just read my niece's FB page, she doesn't want to be a grown up, know that feeling,  tried to resist for a long time, it sort of works. 

Ah well got the weekend to look forward to,  may go visit a craft shop, found a ten pound note stuffed in a seldom worn jacket pocket, not sure why I stuffed it there,   so may as well put it to good use! 

Have a good weekend all.