Friday, 31 October 2008

Hitting the brick wall...

Well guess the creative juices had to slow down to a trickle at some point, and they did today. Mind you my plans got upset! Plan was: take mum for mini shopping trip at supermarket, leave her and neighbour at cafe bar, me to go back home and craft for a couple of hours, and enjoy some peace and quiet. Sadly by time we came out of supermarket it was very chilly with a bitterly cold wind blowing, mum nor neighbour felt like sitting outside cafe bar! So we all came home, then mum started faffing in kitchen, meaning I couldn't get near table to craft. So was all edgy, and that never bodes well for a productive crafting session. Would love just to have a craft room, somewhere all set up that I could go bury myself in.

So did try, but just ended up with a messy table, kept switching from one thing to another and getting nowhere fast. Think also being on edge last night didn't help, it being Mischief night. We had one kerfuffle, a couple began ranting at gang of kids, have no idea what had gone on, but couple ensured that we all had a peaceful night by scaring off the gang. But you do feel worn out worrying about what could happen, what the yobs will get up to. A couple of years ago a neighbour had their car flipped over, I had a cake mix chucked over mine, sounds harmless but the stuff has sugar in it and if it sticks to the paint work it means a respray. I did catch the culprit, and flipped, really lost my temper with her, verbally that is... That is not mischief, that is vandalism. When we were kids our idea of being naughty was to turn someone's gate round the wrong way, or knock on the door and then leg it. Annoying yes, but not damaging to property or people.

Think the russell/ross debacle has clearly shown the dividing lines between the generations. I found the whole thing disgusting and NOT amusing. Would Ross like someone talking about his daughters the same way - I doubt it? I sometimes listen to Ross at the weekend and he can be amusing, I find Brand utterly unamusing. They say they are 'edgy' more like pathetic, using bad language and crudeness in an attempt to be funny. And I am sick of bad language being used by all on TV, when did it become acceptable? Ramsay has admitted that he would not use foul language in front of his own children, so why does he think it is okay to swear on TV? Was going to watch Jaime trying to convert a town to healthy eating, but after hearing him swear I switched over.

Ooh, feel better now.

Oh pic! My aperture card, made using LMC stuff. Take the gold card, cut a circle near to top, big enough to take the stocking. I cut the white/gold star swatch of paper and cut it into a square, then cut a circle out, same size as on card (size of circle is up to you, mine was 7.5 cm), backed it on to some card, used 3D foam to attach it. Punched hole in stocking, and card, used the silver 'string' to attach it to card.

Hoping to get some scrapbooking done over weekend, fingers crossed printer has enough ink to print photos....

Have a lovely weekend

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Funny old day

Had I been capable of springing out of bed I would have, as I thought radio announcer said it was 9.07 a.m., as it turned out it was 8.27 a.m! But Thursdays round here is a busy day, district nurse comes, Tesco delivers shopping between 10 and 12 (usually 10.45)... all go here.

Knee was still muttering about yesterday, and then sulked when I offered to give mum and neighbour a lift! I was assuming as the swelling went down it would be less painful, in fact it seems to be working the other way. Was all gung ho with exercises last week, now they're too damn painful to do. But thigh muscle seems to be slowly reappearing. It did seem to vanish overnight, which was alarming. I'm no keep fit fanatic, but I do like my walks and keep fittish with pilates.

Did do some exercises and knee felt looser, but other knee is also flaring up, it has had far too much to do lately. Actually used the stairlift to take rubbish down other day, just couldn't face walking down stairs as left knee (the good one) is now so painful. Talk about crocked!

But had my LMC session to look forward to :-)) Wanted NOT to stay with the designs in magazine, as nice as they are. So went for a shaker card. Enjoyed putting this together.

Shaker card: take the red card, and use the red/white square swatch of paper, make it into a square 9cmx9cm, measure 1cm for frame, use DST to stick on acetate, and then add either 3d foam squares, or use 3D foam tape (far easier for shaker cards), I used a double layer. Take the parcel paper, again make it 9x9 cm, to fit behind frame, I used the santa, and then added the green/red/silver/black bling for the 'shaker'. Then used the 'Santa is Coming' tag, tho I tarted it up with glossy accents, and tied the gold ribbon thru it.

Will reveal second card tomorrow!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

No snow.. not even a tiny flake!

Just more rain, and even colder than yesterday.

Was trying to decide what to do - take a risk and see if I could get as far as The Range in Southport, or stay put... then checked QVC to see if there was a craft show, and there was, best of all it was Scrapbooking!

So that decided me, was staying put. Got out my little craft table, got all my bits around me, and settled down to two hours of bliss. It was Basic Grey stuff and Doodlebug stuff on the show, nicely demoed by Debbie.

I decided to make use of some of the stuff I got from LGC, not their kits, but what I got for having my scrap LO in one of the issues. In the stash they sent me was a whole page of Xmas decoupage, all Santa, but all lovely. Made a nice change to get away from kits and exercise the old grey matter. Think I must definitely be progressing craft wise, the peel offs I used on this card I've had for 3 years and never known what the heck to do with them! Was going to do a portrait card, but felt I was just doing the same old, same old, so switched to landscape, but that left a gap... so rummaged thru peel offs and found these, which I stuck onto some off cuts of green mirri card and cut them out. Found some tartan paper (freebie from mag) and layered that onto gold mirri card, then added some gold peel off strips round santa. and added sentiment on hearth.

Made two more cards before getting far too distracted by QVC. Will be trying to venture out tomorrow, just about out of 3D foam and silicon glue, and need some red cardstock.

Thanks for stopping by... will shortly be featuring the tipsy adults range of Xmas cards!

Monday, 27 October 2008

When the north wind doth blow...

We shall have snow, only we, as in this bit of the country, won't - as we rarely do. But deffo colder than yesterday, and chucking all sorts down, rain, hail...

Did not venture far, made it to the wheelie bin! Decided that was quite enough. Knee was complaining about yesterdays activities... gave me jip all night. It is a bit smaller, but seems as the swelling goes down the pain level goes up. Wrist is also a bit of an odd shape... sure it ain't meant to look like it does.

Am back with Papercraft junkies, hopefully this time round nothing will get in the way of taking part. Every other time I've tried some drama has occurred. Hoping now all the dramas are over for this year.

So did a bit more crafting today, hoping that knee will calm down and allow me to go to PC world to get some ink for printer - hadn't realised I was so low on colour. Anyway, to pics. Had a lovely time making these two cards, yep the Kanban kit, but did really want to get away from their suggestions. I split up the decoupage so as to make two cards

First card (left side) chopped the gold off the background and then layered it onto gold, and then green mirri card, then put on now plain background, and then decoupage. Was wondering how to finish off card when spotted a punch I've had for 3 years and hardly used, a holly leaf punch, a tiny one, so made use of that and punched out four holly leaves for the corners, and found some tiny red gems to act as berries.

Second Card: took what had been the base of the decoupage, then cut an inch or so off white card, chopped up background, putting one bit on 'inside' of card, then chopped out gold outline and stuck that on front, then stuck on teddy mat. It still 'needed' something, so punched out more holly leaves from the green mirri card, adding 3 to top and bottom, plus red gems.

Got five more sheets left in kanban kit, which should make me ten cards, or more... got ideas for the tall cards, may get three out of them. At last the old imaginative juices are flowing! Now feel ready for a few challenges.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Did you remember?

To put the clocks back? Funny I woke up at 2 a.m, which is the official time you put your clocks back. Remember when I was working nights we had to put the clocks back, ugh, meant an extra hour at work... tho of course it worked out when it was Spring Forward - used to enjoy putting the clock forward then!

Didn't have a very good nights sleep, knee is very painful and its been keeping me awake. Kept on waking up every few hours.

Least I got out, sister came visiting, so we all went out for sunday lunch. Had a lovely roast beef dinner, for once the portions were not enormous, which left room for pud :-)) So I indulged in an apple and blackberry pie. Then we went to beach, not for a walk, that bit isn't possible yet, which was frustrating, just wanted to get out of car and go for a good long walk.

Pic - more of the kanban kit, but it does show the different looks you can get. It really should just be one card. I split the card in two, then I cut out one of the Father Christmases, and used silicon glue to stick him on, then used a round tag like peel off for the greetings,and added some clear gems. Second card, i just left Santa on the card, sticking it on at an angle, with 3D foam. Matted both onto ordinary white card. May add some glossy accents and a bit more glitter.

Now ready to go freelance again, as in: using my own imagination rather than using the kits. This is really the first time I've used a kit, but I have enjoyed putting them together. Do want to go back and add a few bits and bobs to them, extra glitter, gel pen highlights. No QVC show this week, but have caught a few of the C&C shows, was intrigued by the box card decoupage.

Hope you all had a good weekend - stay warm this week, it is going to get cold... brrrrrrr

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Busy doing nothing....

Working the whole day thru, trying to find lots of things not to do...

And succeeded! Weather was foul, so nothing else for it, back to card making. Think my favourite was the snow dog, closely followed by the polar bears. I split both sheets so as to get two cards out of each sheet. Frugal, who me? But couldn't split the card stock for the doggie card, so had to use a white card, had a rummage and found some xmas paper that I got with papercraft inspirations, just did the job. Then stuck 3 peel offs, two parcels and one greeting, on to some electric blue mirri card and cut them out. For polar bear card, used remaining blue mirri card as a mat, and tho it doesn't show up on pic, used glossy accents on their noses.

Made ten cards today, in fact had to force myself to stop. Didn't want to, but was starting to get tired, and that's when mistakes happen. So far got 18 cards out of 10 sheets, and still got ten sheets left.

Out to lunch tomorrow, so will have to give the card making a rest. And must remember to put clocks back!

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Three is a magic number!

Wow, I've had 3000 visitors! So chuffed, big thanks for stopping by every so often to read my chunterings.

Well it has been a lovely day, sun shiny all day. And mum pushed trolley round supermarket, so she was chuffed. I took shopping home while she went off to lounge in a cafe bar, had to use her stairlift to get shopping up stairs.

So with place to myself for a few hours got out my new kit... :-)) Just had to start with the cat pyramage, he is soooo cute, as is the Westie. Both are destined for friends. It is a kanban kit, so quality is guaranteed. They do make it easy, but at same time they let you use your own imagination. I made ten cards all together, but split the rest of the sheets into two, using the 'card' as a mat, and adding gems, glossy accents, may even use some ribbon on some of them. And when I get my gel pens will go back and accent a few more things. I should get around 40 cards out of the kit, I am seriously tempted to go buy another... But what I need is bling, desperately short of gem stones, and square cards, have got loads of ordinary A5 cardstock - that's what you discover when you have a good rummage.

Forecast for tomorrow is rubbish, so I will be in the kitchen amusing myself - crafting, NOT cooking!

Have a good evening.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

A yuck, yucky day!

Was 'orrible this morning, very grey and overcast. Really didn't want to get up, was soooo comy. Had to finally drag myself from my bed, twas a busyish day, with district nurses, supermarket delivery, then physio... and sorting out recycling stuff!

But at last my parcel arrived - Yippeeeee. Really wanted to get stuck in to it, but couldn't as by time it arrived kitchen was full of shopping, then nurse arrived, next it was lunchtime, and after that I had to go brave the elements to get my hair cut.

So I just had to suffice with a long look at it all. It's much nicer than I thought it would be, and should get about 40 cards out of it. Which is just as well as I mean to do some for my neighbour. Will need some white cardstock. Why did my craft central have to close!! It was just about within my present driving limit. Used to love having a wander round it, staff were also nice, always full of advice and happy to have a natter. There is one craft shop, trouble is there is no where for me to park near to it as it is on a very, very busy road.

So now just awaiting set of gel pens, had e-mail saying they're on their way, no doubt they are hitch-hiking their way to me. Unless that is postie is waiting for lightish day to take parcels around. Do feel sorry for posties, they closed our local sorting office and shifted them all up to a central place, which is not really convenient for us public. And posties are now using their cars to get to their rounds, with all the mail shoved in the boot.

At least I got my hair cut, relief as boy did it need some TLC. Just need to whack on the old hair dye now. Was thinking of going grey gracefully, but not sure I suit it. Hairdresser told me ages ago to go lighter, get an ash blonde dye, so I've been doing that, but with wrist in cast all hair dyeing was out of question.

Now must decide which blogskin i want from the blogskin boutique! Love all this clever craftiness.

stay dry

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Far too much excitement...

...Not! Just another day of the usual. Typical tho, I have booked hair appointment for tomorrow and forecast is for wind and rain!

Anways, got on with some adventurous card making. Was having a sort out and found a Flower Fairy calendar, which had 12 different flower fairies to decoupage. Think it must have been free with a magazine. It was fiddly, certainly not for a beginner. But still satisfying, dunno what it is about decoupage, but I do love it, was tempted by some on QVC but resisted. Instead I ordered the set of gel pens, well who can resist glitter? Wonder how long they'll take to arrive? Still waiting for what I ordered last Tuesday and am very UNamused.

I used silicon glue to decoupage the flower fairy, a lot easier than faffing about cutting 3D foam. Learned a neat trick from the Bibster last week, she used silicon glue then showed you how to spread it down the thin bits with a cocktail stick, tho think she used her poky tool. But it did work. Also started a Waterfall card, but haven't got any white (large) cardstock, the one piece of white card I did have was too thick, so it split down fold. Probably should order some cardstock from somewhere. And got one week to come up with amusing poem for a birthday card! And find some motivation... think it has taken a holiday.

thanks for stopping by....

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Time for a change

For the last few days I've been trying to change my slide show, think the gremlins were against me or didn't like my Xmas slide show as twice it got lost in the ether. So decided to get away from cards and go scrapbooking!

Realised I have 3 albums, two are complete, well unless I manage to squeeze in any more pages. One is sort of ongoing, my scrapchallenge album. Which reminds me, got to take my photos for current challenge.

I like scrapbooking, got bored with card making, well not bored, just wasn't wanting to go down the route of making them to sell. Plus no matter how much people ooh an aah over your hand made cards they always flinch when you say the price. Last year I churned out loads of Xmas cards, but was very bored with it all, making up the same designs for quickness and cheapness (cheap as in price, no skimping on quality of stock or work). Whereas with scrapbooking you cn just please yourself, and create something lovely. I can really get lost in scrapbooking, it can take me up to between a day or even a week to complete one page, I won't be rushed, if I decide I need something, ribbons or buttons, then the page has to wait till I find the right one/colour. I also love the freedom, you're not trying to please anyone, just yourself. I also find that I experiment more with scrapbooking than with card making.

Hope you enjoy the new slide show, a few of the pages I've made over the last couple of years, and all are happy memories.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Busy getting nowhere...

Another Monday, another exciting week to look forward to - NOT. Hobbled over while it wasn't raining to get some milk, and then took car out for short drive, this time round slightly longer route. Was a bit easier getting in and more importantly getting out! Wondering whether to chance a drive to work, just to surprise them all - would be great to see everyone. Did snap at mum, no sooner have I managed to do two very short drives than she is suggesting I go shopping! What! It will be quite a while before I am up to stuff like that. I can tell we are gradually slipping back to the old ways, she just doesn't seem to realise that the more she does her exercises the stronger she will become! I wish I was as mobile as she is, and to have two proper working hands would be fantastic. Injured paw is still very stiff and sore, and swollen... thinking a trip to an acupuncturist maybe on the cards.

Clean forgot the bibster was on QVC! Knew there was something I wanted to watch! Did watch Strictly Come Dancing, can't say I agreed with John Sargent being saved, he was terrible. Thought the two who had to dance off both deserved to be saved. Have got a soft spot for Andrew Castle, just wish he would relax and do himself justice. He was such a fighter on the tennis court. And Andy Murray and Lewis Hamilton did us proud!

Got another couple of Xmas cards made, but still no sign of my QVC parcel... obviously it is takign the roundabout route! Me and some friends are planning a campaign to ask QVC to give us a choice of postage, and also to offer free postage on orders over a certain amount, well other sites do it, so why can't they? Watch this space as there will be a petition very soon.

All for now, Corrie is on!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Tis Autumn

Yup, it is definitely Autumn, grey days, a bit colder, windier and the kids are building bonfires!

Well have paid for my over activity yesterday, knee was sore and strangely so was wrist. Wrist seems to be getting worse since cast was taken off.

Got out the heat pad and plonked it on knee, it was bliss. Then let wrist have a go. Tho felt much better after me bacon buttie. Did keep to exercise plan, in spite of knee objecting, I'm starting to hear cracking noises inside, which I see as a good thing as it means swelling is going down. Not that you can tell, it still looks enormous.

So went back to kitchen for more crafting, finished off two cards I started yesterday, one of them is in pic. I used a clutter card, but used a sheet of mirri foiled card as the actual card, it was just far tooooooooo nice to chop up. Added a few gems to act as baubles, did bend tree using the silicon, did same with the tinsel, and added some green glitter glue. Then found a nice, shiny gold star, which I stuck on top. Photo isn't doing it justice, the mirri card is just gorgeous.

Was making a slide show of all my Xmas cards made so far, but it is refusing to recognise my password! And just spent some money on line, buying a few clothes. Wonder how long you could survive only using the internet for supplies?

Oh, got a surprise yesterday. I'd ordered two ready meals from Tesco's, a cottage pie and a chicken and pasta bake for mum. Cooked them yesterday, bunged both in oven, when I got them out I realised that the chicken and pasta bake had changed into a cauliflower cheese! Wrapper definitely said chicken and pasta bake, but that wasn't what was inside. Wonder what we'll get by way of compensation?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

I darn well did it!

There I was doing my exercises, and mum handed me a letter from hospital, my physio starts on 7th November! Two weeks away! It is ridiculous - how am I supposed to get back to work when I have to wait so long to see a physio? In an ideal world I'd be seeing the physio now, not that I have that much faith in them, those that saw mum in hospital were next to useless, all they did was walk her up and down the ward, didn't give her any exercises to do. Saw them do the same when I was in hospital, they'd just come in and take a patient for walk down corridor, that was it. Years ago when I broke my right wrist they couldn't help me, kept on trying the same thing to get rid of the stiffness, then one physio said my wrist would probably always be stiff! So I went to an acupuncturist, and he cured my wrist after just two sessions. Best physio I ever saw was the one who treated me for my bad back, she was also a trained chiropractor and really helped me.

So faced with the two week wait, I redoubled efforts on exercises, think my doctor might have had a fit had he seen me trying to haul myself up the stairs, with bad leg going first, so bending it - yes it hurt, but it got better. Andn knee felt a bit looser. I'm bending it a bit better, and trying to walk on it properly. Tho it keeps getting stuck in one position, I think it has loosened up nicely, then I have a rest and it is just as stiff as ever. Can't wait for this blasted swelling to go away. Doc said that there was still a lot of bruising inside, and i've heard that knee surgery is brutal.

Was half thinking about trying to get into car again, but at same time didn't want to be disappointed. Anyway, had another go and this time I managed to get in - yippee! Next challenge was to see if I could move right leg between pedals easily, that seemed to be okay, soooooo, took car for very short drive down road, felt very odd. Had to have seat a little further back than I usually do, so was stretching a bit for the clutch (luckily that is the good leg side). But was happy with my mini acheivement, but won't be going much further than own road till I can bend knee a bit more. Funny tho, parked up car and... I couldn't get out! I forgot to push seat right back, once I'd done that I was okay - a neighbour offered to come to my rescue, and we had a good giggle at my predicament.

By then knee was objecting, so decided to give it some rest and settled down to make some cards. Now got loads to scan, so hopefully will be putting new cards up on blog starting tomorrow.

Also got to order mum some clothes from M&S... enjoy what is left of weekend.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Been a busy girl

Well it couldn't be avoided any longer.... net curtains were filthy and needed to be washed. So strapped on brace and got to it... not sure how but got all of them down, and managed to wash windows. Employed mum's trolley for the window washing stuff. Two hours later I was shattered, leg was complaining like crazy, but net curtains and windows were gleaming.

Leg isn't talking to me today, it has the sulks, it wishes to be left alone. Couldn't manage all of my exercises as it was complaining far too much. I had visions of getting around much better than this, knee is very swollen, wrist is still swollen and both are aching like mad. So had a restful afternoon. Made a few cards, some decoupage, really intricate stuff, and used my silicon glue to build them up. I like silicon glue, especially for fiddly decoupage, you get chance to move it around so it is in the right place, the downside is that it takes time to set. And as I can only craft in the kitchen, that means my crafting time is limited, well there does come a point where you have to given in to hunger!

Oh and made another card from kit, still waiting on another kit from QVC, they tell me it is on its way. Hope it arrives tomorrow. It is a concept kit, xmas cards, but decided to make the cards and give them all to our neighbour, she has been so good. But got another six weeks to hang around here, funny, you'd think it would be bliss... but it ain't no fun when you can't do stuff, normal stuff, like going for a walk, driving the car. Had been hoping to surprise some friends at work, by taking in sick note, using my car to get there - no way jose! Maybe in a couple of weeks...

Have a good weekend, thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Oh bother!

My impatience got the better of me, as usual, just had to try... couldn't wait any longer! So hobbled to car, but... oh rats, couldn't bend bad leg enough to get it inside car! On upside, did manage to start car, which wasn't bad considering it has been laying idle for six weeks. Thought of every which way to get my bad leg in car, finally managed it but oh boy did it hurt, and couldn't manage to get it onto pedals. Funny how I managed to drive it when it was freshly busted.

So got on with exercises, nowt else for it, can't see the physio department getting in touch with me anytime soon.

Now meet Tweedy, a robin that has taken up residence in a friend's back garden. He's very cute. Definitely a pic to be scrapbooked.

Now off to exercise. Gotta get the leg moving.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I'm a very smiley happy person!

Funny I set the alarm for 7 a.m., so I could get a shower and wash hair before going to fracture clinic - and blow me I wake up at 6.55 a.m! Was in pessimistic mood, felt sure summat would go wrong somewhere, it has been like that all year - a banana skin year.

So off I goes, and get miserable cab driver as well. Clinic was running late, so what's new? After 30 mins got sent off to have cast taken off arm, and there was no way I was going to allow them to put on another! Seemed funny having my 'arm' back, and had forgotten how stiff limbs get when trapped in plaster for a few weeks. Tis still a bit sore and stiff, but it will soon ease up, if not I'm off for acupuncture, it worked a treat last time. Then has to see consultant, or rather one of his juniors, who first asks me if I've been walking without splint... er no is the answer, cos I was told to keep darn thing on all the time. The junior type glances at my x-rays and says... ooooh, it is 'that' knee. Scuse me, 'that knee'? Seems my knee has become famous! So off I goes for x-rays, junior doc ain't taking any risks with 'that knee'. So back to see proper consultant, and he is happy, glad he was, not sure I wish to have so much metal work in my knee. But we did agree that I could start driving by end of week, and I can take off splint round house and in bed. Still a struggle to lift leg up, in fact doc lifted it up and told me to try and hold it there, I think I managed 2 seconds, which he was chuffed with.

So can start to do some proper crafting at last. Oh by the way it is official, crafting is therapy! Doc was advising physio for stiff wrist, and I mentioned I did a lot of crafts, he said: Excellent, that will get it going. So there you are, next time someone moans about your crafting you can say it is therapuetic!

Right off to stretch things that need to be stretched.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

relaxing weekend anyone?

“Quiet the Mind & Open the Heart Workshops and Retreats” are designed to do just that, quiet the mind and open the heart. When the mind is more quiet, contrary to what one might think, we become more focused and effective, more patient and creative, and we can then far more enjoy whatever we’re doing in the moment, be it the so-called fun stuff or the not-so-fun stuff. Once we become more content and happy within ourselves, we more naturally enjoy being with others.

In the programs, we work on recognizing thoughts and perspectives that we carry within us that cause us more pain than our actual circumstances. Often, we’re not even aware we have them.

Learning a tapping technique that can be used at home or anywhere is also part of the program. This technique works with the acupuncture points (no needles) to release stress, negative emotions and unwanted responses.

This is something I've been wanting to experience for sometime, but never thought I'd get the chance as the workshops are held in the USA. So I was delighted to hear from a friend who had organised for Lindsay to hold a workshop here in the UK. I know most people know Lindsay as the Bionic Woman, but she has studied meditation and other holistic therapies for years, and runs a program (in LA county jail) for people affected by domestic violence, both the abuser and the abused.

The weekend will be held in Sheffield, Tankersley Manor hotel, all who wish to find ways and methods to relax and find relief from the stress of daily life are welcome. The 2 day workshop is £117, they run from 1pm to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday. Check out Lindsay's own website for testimonials from those who have attended the workshops:



Saturday, 11 October 2008

It's Saturday!

Managed to have a min lie in, till 8.30! Once upon a time I would have wallowed in bed till 11 a.m. Didn't even realise it was 8.30, thought it was about 7ish, till I looked at clock. But when you can't snuggle down, what is the point? So I got up and came to in a civilised manner, a couple of cups of tea, ciggie... listening to R4.

Then we had the 'will we/won't we' get out saga. God-daughter was coming over, but using her dad's car, a four door, but her dad checked his policy, and for some reason there was a clause, no under 35s. He didn't even realise he'd agreed to it, and nor did I till I read my policy. Thought GD could come over and then use my car, which has four doors, but nope, I had same clause. Luckily BiL lost rag with insurance company, and threatened to take business elsewhere, suddenly they found a way to update his policy! Only took them 3 bloody hours. So we had an enjoyable lunch out, as usual we caused amusement in pub. And slight chaos in supermarket, would have been more had we allowed mum her wish of wanting to use electric buggie, didn't think that wise, not for a woman who gesticulates all the time, i could forsee a disaster in the aisles! So she got the wheelchair instead. Funny, if someone had told me I'd enjoy walking round a supermarket a few weeks ago I'd have looked at them as tho they were bonkers, but now I'm immobile, such a trip is a luxury.

I did figure out that if I could lay flattish I could drive my car, tho GD didn't think that a good idea. Okay so I might need a periscope... mmmm, maybe not!

Thanks for the lovely comments about yesterdays card, funnily enough it was one I was avoiding making as it seemed so involved. The two today are far more traditional, tho you can't tell I used some glossy accents on the teddy bear, it seemed to give him a bit more life. Hoping to get back to some normal two handed crafting next week.

Enjoy what is left of the weekend.

Friday, 10 October 2008


How did we get to Friday? Seems only like yesterday it was Monday... keep having to look at the calendar to get some sense of time. Have resigned myself to this being a long job, took slightly longer walk round to surgery today, to pick up prescription, but by time I got back leg was really sore and stayed sore all day. Getting horrible pains in knee, can't bear to touch it as is feels 'odd', kind of a sick feeling.

Was also an odd day weather wise, very grey and threatening skies but nothing happened, they kept on moving over us.

So nowt for it but to settle into some crafting, and cursing at cast! Made two cards, one that I will upload tomorrow, and this one, which I decided to make far more involved than it was. And also spent a good five minutes looking for black thread in kit, before reading instructions to learn that you had to use a black pen to draw them! Was going to mat and layer square onto some silver mirri card, but again couldn't be bothered to get up to get it. Should really be photoing the insides as they are also decorated. Liked this one as it was so pretty with the stars.

Mum went to see doc at hospital yesterday, he asked about me, and apparently commented on my injury, but no-one will tell me what he actually said, tho bro said ominously: it will be a long job! Great. Got list of questions to ask next week, replies to them will determine whether I put in a claim.

Well got my god-daughter coming over tomorrow, will twist her arm to get me to a craft shop! Cannot stand this much longer, being reliant on websites, as nice as they are. Need to go have a good look.

Have a good weekend all.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

That's better!

Shook off the fed upedness, and old friend rang me, she must have known I was in need of a bit of a cheer up. So we had a good banter. Then yesterday took myself off out, well via taxi and sat outside cafe bar for the afternoon, nice basking in the sunshine. So felt far more human.

Had busy day today, for some silly reason I arranged for the shopping to be delivered early, so it meant getting up and washed earlyish. Had to sort out rubbish, recycling bin, food bin... I am getting plenty of exercise going up and down the stairs! Then mum was off to hospital, ambulance should have picked her up around 12.30, 3 hours later and she is still waiting! It finally arrives 30 minutes after her appointment, when she gets on she discovers that one poor chap had been sitting on ambulance for over an hour, and had also missed his appointment. She went anyway, but didn't get back till 5.30. Crew did not seem bothered that they were so late getting patients to hospital.

I sneaked onto scales, felt sure I must have put some weight on, luckily I haven't, phew. Tried not to over indulge, and do try to keep moving as much as possible. If I can't get outside then I march round flat a few times a day. Also did some ironing. At end of all that my knee was protesting very loudly.

Well got weekend away to look forward to in November, hotel is booked, being picked up by a friend and chauffered to it! Going to have 3 days of bliss. Well it is a bit of a retreat, some holistic thing, but sounds just like what I need. This is what I'm going to, run by actress Lindsay Wagner, she teaches a type of meditation

Quiet the Mind & Open the Heart
Two Day Workshop

South Yorkshire, England
Nov. 29 - 30, 2008

No crafting for last couple of days, cards are from weekend. Do want to get started using the foilded mirri card, but am a bit nervous of using it. Got birthday card to also sort out, I'm hoping there is one in my stash.

All for now.

Monday, 6 October 2008

blah its Monday...

Woke up with stiff neck, well another bit of me that ain't working properly. Was also in a fed up mood, not helped by a very bad hair day, nor could i be bothered washing the mop. So did battle with hair tongues and at least tamed bit I could see. Whilst in shower was tempted to soak plaster cast - I've had enough of it. Felt sure if mum had indulged in one of her 'self pity' moans I've have seen red. Yep it was 'that' sort of day.

And of course no sign of QVC parcel, how come those down south have got theirs and I'm still waiting? How bloody long does it take to shove pack of mirri card into a box, stick on a label and deliver it 20 odd miles down the road? Course i just want to be able to get into my own car and do my own proper shopping. I mean what is the point of being off sick when you can't do anything?

Oh bother and triple bother... on upside me and a few mates are getting together at end of November, don't care if knee is up to it or not, it is going!

Made 3 cards this afternoon, did choose some easy designs, but one was a bit tricky as it involved a lot of cutting. Pic is of card I made yesterday, loved the rudolph brad, added my own touch by adding a jewel for his eye.

Still not sure about getting the flower soft stuff... may wait till i can drive and take meself off to a decent craft store.

All for now, will go snap myself out of my mood. thanks for stopping by

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Sunshiny day!

Woke up to a lovely blue sky and warmish sunshine. Didn't want to get out of bed as I was soooo snug. Room service would have been just the thing, just fancied a lovely hot buttered piece of toast and a nice cup of tea. Which I got, but only cos I got up and made it, and then stayed up, hardly worth trekking back and forth to bedroom with breakfast. One week to go and plaster cast should come off! That's if i don't yank it off first. Keep on getting an itch in an inaccessible place.

Decided to go get milk from corner shop, thus far trips to shop have been limited to just buying stamps for letters... but was determined to make another breakthru. Still a bit nervous of tackling roads, those by us are so uneven. But sticking to pavements means a longer walk, so more exercise. Felt nice to be out, half wanted to trek down to beach, but didn't think that would be a terribly good idea as it is a half mile walk. But did manage to get milk, corner shop owner was nice, he takes the trouble to get to know his customers, so he asked me about mum and what had happened to me.

So after a bacon butty I settled down to more card making, yep Xmas cards! 12 down, 78 to go! I am at last beginning to think outside the box with this kit, adding gems, and using 3d foam, then thought some mirri card would also look nice on some of them. Tho today couldn't be bothered to get up to go get it. Also mental note to me: order more plain mirri card. Wonder if niece would be up to taking me to a craft shop next weekend... how pitying can I look? Mmmmm

Well last night I did rejig the wires in arial box, and then wished I hadn't. I got my TV working, but to get at the wires I had to get 'down' to them, and that meant using a low stool... fine getting on, not so fine trying to get off! You just don't realise how useful being able to bend your knee is till you can't. So there I was, stuck on stool... contemplating options, launch myself off stool and hope I landed upright, roll off it and head for sofa, stay put till leg heals or someone able bodied rescues me... in the end mum shoved her trolley over, held on to it while I hauled myself up.

One week to go till I see surgeon again, hopefully to get rid of cast off wrist and even better get some sort of brace on leg that allows me to bend it. My little car is looking all forlorn and forgotten... want to get back in her and go for a drive.

More tales from the sick bay soon.

Saturday, 4 October 2008


Ain't it cold... tho we weren't deluged as promised by weather folk, got off lightly. But got showery rain, which seemed to time it perfectly for when I was thinking of going out for walk... so no fresh air today. Just lots of walking round flat.

So there I was, all dressed and waiting for two parcels, hoping my mirri card would arrived and wondering when the TV would turn up. So got all excited when answered intercom to find a woman saying; got a package for you. Goodie, mirri card! Only it wasn't, it was the TV! Oh knickers... see plan had been to ask delivery men to heave old set downstairs, and unpack new TV. But that plan was obviously NOT going to happen. So what to do? Luckily a neighbour and his wife came to our rescue, he lumped old TV downstairs, while his wife tuned in new TV. Phew... thought we'd be lumbered with new TV in packaging and mum fretting that she would miss Strictly Come Dancing!

So we have a shiny new TV, all singing and all dancing, got that many gizmos think it may also toast bread. But picture is great, it being a flat screen and HD. Just got the 20 inch, what bugged me is that the 20 inch and 32 inch TVs were the same price, but the 23 inch were much more expensive - don't make sense. Just got to re-jig wires, as my TV (in bedroom) has no digi service. We have a booster box for the arial, so we can run two TVs off it.

Two more Xmas cards, they are fun to make. Really enjoyed making the Santa coat card, loved the coat hanger, but did back the coat on to some card and used 3d foam behind it. Other one was more tricky, with the bow, I'm normally okay tying them, but it was a tad more involved with one arm sort of out of action. Did take very long time today to get one card made, seem to be slowing down, but having to prop up leg makes my back ache, did manage to cut out another card, will put that together tomorrow.

Friday, 3 October 2008

A remote problem!

TV began playing up yesterday, wasn't switching on from remote control. Well with ours, you have to switch it on then 'turn' it on from remote, only ours wasn't wanting to know. Thought it was batteries in remote, so changed them, then this morning TV refused to switch on. I know this is hardly a crisis for ordinary folk, in fact I had an aunt who flatly refused to have a TV with a remote, as getting up to switch channels was part of her exercise. However, our household has two crocks, one on crutches and knee brace, arm in plaster, other using various walking aids to get around... so a remote is a must. But TV had 5 year guarantee, so we did the obvious, rang them and got the most absurd advice, was told cos TV was cold from being switched off that was why it was playing up, so we should leave it on standby... er, not what the fire service recommends. It was a load of twaddle, then guy says that unless TV had recognisable fault, what ever that is, we'd be charged. So one hour later I'm on tinternet looking for TV's! So new TV is on its way. But it means one less remote, so less confusion for mum.

So that got done. I went out for a breath of very fresh air, sunny but very cold and windy. Fearing for my pansies, wondering how much longer they'll last with this weather. Then home for some crafting. I'm managing 2 and a bit cards per afternoon, two get made, the 'bit' part is cutting out stuff for next day. Been making a few adjustments to TSV cards, I'm backing some stuff onto card to give it more substance, plan to add some glitter at some point to some of them, when I have two hands. Really liked this one (see pic above), tho it is the wrong way round, sorry! It was just a bit different being monochrome with the splash of red, did mat and layer the gift card and red stripe to give extra body.

Hoping to get my foiled mirri card soon, then I can be a bit more imaginative, better still when i get rid of this cast! Feel like plunging into water, see if they then remove it... I should be so lucky, they'd probably replace it.

Try to have a nice weekend, weather forecast is awful. Keep crafting.