Thursday, 29 November 2007

I survived!

The day I'd been dreading had arrived, my craft demo... after a sleepless night, spend worrying about what I'd forgotten, what I'd probably forget, and doom laden thoughts of disaster, woke up at 6.30, well okay, was blasted awake by alarm - which for some reason seemed to be very, very loud. Think it was having sympathy panickings.

Nearly forgot the cutting mat, was only just half way out of road when I remembered it. After a lonely start, thinking that no-one would turn up, a few people drifted in, ended up with 5, which was a nice number to begin with. My boss made us all a cuppa, and produced some biccies, and then we got going. I showed them the 2 view cards, and then helped them make one each, then on to the waterfall card, which I'd only just mastered. At this point found I hadn't packed the template I'd made! So had to rely on memory, and by a miracle I managed to make the mechanism, well five of them. None had ever heat embossed, so thank you to LMC for those fab stamps, as they came in mighty useful for the waterfall cards. Used some Xmas embossing powder, which was really gorgeous, so rich in colour. All oohed and ahhed at the magic -that bit when the powder melts! Had time for one more card, so thought we'd do a quick one, so out came the embossing paste, all were very impressed at how fast you could create a very simple but lovely card.

Relieved was the word when it was all over. But they all promised to return on the 15th of Dec, for my second craft morning. One lady was already a very good crafter, she knows how to make those book cards, which she's promised to show me next time. Nice when you can exchange tips, the other ladies had all done a little crafting, but all produced really good cards. I sent them off with some 2 view card templates to make at home.

Will sleep like a log tonight!

Monday, 26 November 2007

Do not like this

Just tried a bit of editing, naturally it didn't work, just got an error message. May be looking elsewhere for a blog. Been a blah day, again grey and yucky, with that drizzily rain that is really annoying. Had to go to local high street, had to post parcel, get some largish envelopes, and a pressie, achieved the first two items, not the last bit, was out of ideas and couldn't see anything that grabbed my imagination. I'm in one of my 'moods', my 'don't want to be here' moods, but have no idea where I wish to be, just not here, and just not ME! Did tho win a tenner on the lottery.... oh that it had been the jackpot!

Had to have a sort out of craft stuff, need to get myself organised for my craft demo on Thursday. So sorted papers, card, mirri card, decoupage, re-organised craft tote, at present my Xmas craft tote, it contains all my Xmas stuff. Just need to go thru my tool box, hate to think what may be lurking at the bottom of it!

Half watching that doc on the Queen, but please will someone tell me why I should feel sorry for the Royal Family, people banging on about how hard they work! Everything is done for them, do they have to queue up in Heathrow, pack their own bags, make their own meals, do all the stuff that we ordinary folk do? No, they are pampered to within an inch of their lives and are well rewarded.

Best stop, not in the mood, couldn't log on, it didn't recognise me, nor did CB! Even tho I asked to be recognised... not what you need when your going thru PMT!

Sunday, 25 November 2007

I just lurrve computers - not!

Arrgghh. Why do computers choose to chuck tantrums at the most inconvenient times? I've just been exceptionally kind to my PC, offloaded old programs I no longer used, freed up lots of space/memory - and is it grateful! No it ain't! Alls I wish to do is to print to file, so I can convert a file to use with my robo... will it let me, no it won't, only it did do a couple of days ago. Now it just chucks a hissy fit. Well pal I can also chuck a hissy fit and wander up to PC World.... you can be replaced!

Not happy, missing my crafts beautiful blog :-( I mean I like the new forums, tis a pretty colour, it all works very efficiently, but not happy with the miniscule size of file you can upload - takes far to much faffing for my liking. And no blogs!

I'm whiling away time whilst the PC downloads a new version of acrobat reader, which puter says will solve my problem - nope, not taking any bets as it most likely won't.

Had a yucky day, was far to horrible to go for a walk, was not in the mood to be windswept, or cold - the downside of living on the coast is that it is always blooming windy. Upside, won ten quid on lottery (from a week ago, just checked results), also played some instant win games on line and won £20! Only play the games with very short odds.

Made another waterfall card, did some embossing paste stuff, forgot to go gently with the low tac tape on some black card so ripped it! Hate it when that happens, dunno why black card has to be so sensitive. But did managed ten Xmas cards for mum, she is happy with them, only another 20 to go! Plus my own Xmas cards. Still faffing with a swap card I have to make, the theme is: what are you lacking.... yep, exactly, I mean how is one to make a card of that. My first idea was to send a black card, completely blank... felt like I was lacking everything. Don't want to have to buy any stuff to make the card, but equally haven't got any stuff to make such a card! Catch 22.

Am fed up with the media, and its obsession with certain stories, am bemused by the Diana inquest, excuse me but what did her love life have to do with how she died? And why the hell does it all have to be dragged out? We have now had the facts, that is all that is needed, so the inquest should be wound up, she died because her driver was going to fast, lost control of car, ploughed into column in tunnel, she may have survived had she been wearing her seat belt and had the french medicos actually got her to hospital on time.

Oh, download complete! Guess must go and finish off what I wished to start.

Mmmm, suppose this blog gives me more freedom...

SSYS - figure it out!

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Saturated Saturday

Love this card, Rudolph is actually a tag, thank you WH Smiths! Saw him and just laughed, he makes me smile every time I look at him. Have grabbed as many as I can!
But it has been a very soggy day, had to go buy a new Xmas tree and with living in a flat, with limited space that meant getting a new half tree, go figure! They are actually called wall trees, they are literally 'a tree chopped in half', but it's great for those who simply don't have the room for a full tree. But the old half tree was a tad tatty, but since buying the old one I'd not seen anyone selling them, tho I'd seen them being used in shop displays - was considering er, 'stealing' any I saw as they are so darn useful. Luckily this year, and just in time a store advertised that they were selling them, so I hot wheeled over and got one, bonus was that they also had built in lights.
Then I decided to go check to see if my local Craft Central had sorted out its dispute with our utterly stupid council, sadly no, and worse, the shop had now been stripped bare. I doubt it will return... sad as it was a darn good craft shop. The manager knew her stuff, the staff were friendly and eager to help, and the shop was chock full of goodies. By then I'd had enough of Saturday, so went home, made myself some cheese on toast and then settled down to an afternoon of crafting. A half and half day, attempted to make my own waterfall card - yesterday I had made one from a kit, so today decided to go it alone, wasn't a total failure, just didn't like the result. Then recycled a few Xmas cards from last year, found a few that made good toppers.
Must tho get down to some scrapbooking, set myself the task of making one for my neice. I've chosen the photos, and providing my PC decides to at last behave itself (its been acting like a sulky teenager, or maybe it's going thru the menopause!) I'll print them off tomorrow, then try to get the juices flowing.
Also up to my elbows in Xmas cards, making my own, making some for friends at work, some for mum and some for charity... And December is fast approaching. Plus got a card making demo to prepare for.
But while the day started badly, in terms of weather/lack of fave craft shop, I did win 25 quid on the nat lottery site! Would prefer a few noughts to be added to the amount... but hey ho, a win is a win and I ain't complaining.