Thursday, 31 May 2012


Well my Craft Artist Professional software arrived today.   Was chuffed as I wanted to get going with some posters.  So as one does, CD inserted into drawer, click okay to instal and... product key... mmm.  Check cover,  check invoice, no product key!    Look on website, nope, no info there.  Check CnC site, and check reviews...  guess what if you already have Craft Artist compact installed you can't access your product key for professional version!   So had to uninstall Craft Artist Compact, and start again, sure enough this time product key for Pro version appeared.  Now a note on the cover would have been handy!  I did also  email Daisytrail and they did get back to me pretty quickly,  but just an NB on the CD cover and all would have been okay! 

So once installed then had to download a few digi kits,  and then try to fathom out how it all worked!  I am the dive in type.  But I did check out the tutorials which are very helpful.   This is what I've made so far, still got stuff to do on it but at the moment it is about trial and error.   Why get this? Well I wanted something as versatile as Microsoft Publisher, but a lot cheaper,  and this certainly seems to fit the bill.  I've tried some CD crafting and not really enjoyed it much,  and this isn't really for crafting, but poster making and stuff like that.  From what I've seen of the digi kits they are well thought out. 

Other than that it was a boring day,  and we were back to the usual weather - rain!  But the dull day did allow me to give the windows a wash.   Got a call from social services,  they are sending me a list of day care centres,  the social worker suggested that mum visit them and see if she likes any, and if she does then they can make the referral.  I've left aside the respite care, one thing at a time I think is best.

Well we have the torch coming our way tomorrow...   for some reason it is going through the posh part of town only!   

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

It's been a bit warm...!

I've been at melting point all week.  Love the blue sky,  love the sunshine... just a little less heat!    I even risked getting out the summer wardrobe, which usually spells the end of any warm weather - but not this time.  Nope it went on and on,  which has been lovely.   Though hot weather is not great for crafting. One feels guilty for being indoors,  and then it becomes too hot to do any crafting. 

I managed this on Sunday,  not that happy with it, but my patience was starting to run out.  And I don't like straight photos!  So why are my photos straight?  Cos I was doing a scrap lift,  but this needs to be done again.  I like the colours and all the bits, just not how I've used them or put them.  I gave up after this and watched the golf.

Monday and Tuesday were devoted to house stuff.  I also went to the centre to get a new assessment,  been putting it off but had to admit that I needed more help.  I'm not ashamed of asking,  it is the bit where I have to tell mum that is fraught with problems!  Walking on eggshells doesn't come into it, it is more akin to a minefield with eggshells.   When I tell mum there will be an explosion,  then after she's had it explained to her and she has calmed down she will see that I am not about to shunt her off to some remote place.  Rather this is about giving her a better quality of life and me.  Already faced one explosion, when I explained that the Occupational therapy lot would be visiting to see if I can get a walk in shower installed.  This is actually something mum has wanted, but when I told her on Monday that I'd got the ball rolling again she said she didn't need a walk in shower... give me strength!   So wish me luck when I approach the subject of respite care and a day centre! 

Today things had cooled down, and I have a friend with a birthday next week.   Took a trip to the craft shop, any old excuse!   But then spotted this gorgeous Indigo Blu stamp,  perfect for what I wanted.   I made the mistake of buying the kling on mount,  rather than U mount,  NEVER again!   It is rubbish.  Anyway I scored a piece of A4 white card,   then stamped the 3 poppies, coloured them with Aqua markers,  embossed a piece of light green card,  stuck it at a jaunty angle,  place 3 poppies on top using pinflair, stamped the sentiment,  used cut and dry to ink the edges, and put a white border down the edge, and two glittery dragon flies  just needs the happy birthday bit now!  Very happy with the colouring, not used the Aqua markers much,  I did add a few gems to the middle of two of the poppies. 

On Friday we have the Olympic torch coming through,  I just think it would have been more meaningful had the runners been passing one torch,  as it is they are pretty much all flogging them off on ebay.  Yesterday I took at look at the torch webcam,  it was in Wales,  aside from those nominated to run with the torch there were also the coporate types, in this case a few Russian business men - what have they got to do with the London Games?    To me the Olympics has got too big, it is almost out of control.  And why oh why is is shipped round the world?   It costs a fortune to stage it, so why not pick one location, get all the Olympic associations to fund it equally, and stop all this nonsense. 

All for now folks...

Friday, 25 May 2012

Freaky Friday...

Why is it that when you need to wake up early you wake up extra early?    Or I do!    4 a.m.,  that was my wake up time,  a useless time to wake up,  not near enough to a time you could sensibly get up,  nor enough time to get back to sleep - well not when it is warm and sticky.   My fault, left the duvet on,  it has now been abandoned,  back to a cotton sheet and bed cover.

I had to be up for hospital appointment,  been putting it off for last few months, think I knew what was coming.   After the usual delay,  and xrays,   radiographer was an amusing chappie,  he realised I was an old hand...   Short delay before seeing consultant, he is now a friend!   Well he treated mum for over 3 months in hospital, then he got lumbered with me and my busted knee.   Well xrays weren't pretty,  oh the metal knee looks nice,  knee cap is more like the moon surface, and it now has a hole in it!   So my choice was -more surgery or more surgery!  Great...  I've enjoyed the last 18 months,  it has been very nice NOT seeing the inside of an operating theatre!    So more surgery,  I was not a happy bunny.  I needed air con!  Off to retail park,  got lampshade as requested by mum, then decided to buy her two new tops,  she's been moaning about putting on weight and nothing fitting.  So thought I'd take a chance, figured either she would like the tops or hate them...    Actually she liked them!  Success.  I know she would like to do her own shopping, but she can't get around the shop and I can't push her in a wheelchair.    Then I had a bit of 'feeling sorry for myself',  off for more air con in Tesco.   Only one thing to buy - salad!  And I got some Quorn to go with it,  didn't tell mum, she thought I'd given her some barbecued chicken, she was chuffed when I told her it was Quorn,  which is far less in fat. 

Then it was cheer up me time.   So out came the encaustic stuff.   Wanted something quick to do, was not in the mood to faff with papercraft. It was also chance to get in one more practice before the fair tomorrow.  I used the black card and the white wax to get this fabulous effect.   I really loaded up the iron with the wax,  dragged it over the card then with the iron at an angle I 'drew' the spikes.   Honest folks you can't go wrong with this,  and it is so relaxing.   So hopefully I get lots of people wanting to have a go at the fair.   Yes I know we have nice weather, but it can work in our favour, sometimes folk like to get out of the sun!  This will be our 3rd fair, and we have made a few changes,  so hoping they prove to be right. 

Made the tag on Sunday,  everyone seems to like the sentiment on the tag, so thought I'd try to sell a few at the fair.  

I'm melting now,  need a cool shower I think.   Enjoy this lovely weather and have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

A waxing time

A rest from the decorating after a very good nights sleep, slept like the proverbial log!   The first task of the day was to make myself look human again,  my hair was an absolute mess and thought it might be a good idea to defuzz the legs.  Mum assumed I'd finish the decorating, but my knee was just too sore for any more standing.

Wanted to go back to the encaustic art as we have an MBS fair next week and I'm launching our new product - encaustic art.  Think it is safe to say I am getting the hang of things,  mostly it is the pressure you need to apply the wax, the temptation is to press hard, when in fact you only just need to make contact with the paper.  The one thing I was still having problems with was the landscape,  so took myself over to the encaustic art    website to review the videos and instructions and realised what I'd been doing wrong - dragging the iron when I should have been pushing it across the page from right to left - doh! 

 So I was happy with the above result.  Next challenge was to paint a sky!  I'm okay doing this with a brayer,  didn't have the same confidence doing it with wax and a iron.  But yep it worked!  Chuffed, got the mix right, white, bit of pink and some light blue,  then kind of a smear across top of paper,  and then put the landscape in after. 

I'd also paid close attention on Saturday's CnC encaustic slot,  watched carefully how the chap loaded the stylus,  which made me realise that I'd been doing it wrong.  So that is the task over the weekend,  stylus work. 

I also did some abstract work, just using one colour, these are fun to do as you really get to mess with the iron to form the patterns.  Trust me there are never two pictures alike!   This one was black on white,   a whole iron full of black wax,  magical to work with,  a pain to clean off the iron!  Will have to remember that for next week.

It was a nice way to unwind after all the decorating.   And I have an art workshop to look forward to this weekend.  

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Yes, yes, yes...    living room is almost done!  The worst bits have been completed,  ceiling and walls.

I thought after yesterday's efforts that I'd get a good nights slumber.  Wrong,  it was a toss/turn night.  Of course you always fall asleep when it is nearly time to get up!    

I had to first clear out the unit,  mum's prized piece of furniture,  top is a cupboard with glass in the doors, lower bit has drawer and another large cupboard.  Of course it has become a dumping ground.  So cleared out the rubbish,  safely transferred mum's ornaments to kitchen,  shifted unit out of the way and finally started painting!  Why does the very last bit always take so long?     I know why I'd left that bit as it is what I refer to as the awkward corner,  horrible to wall paper and just as horrible to paint!    I just feel I am the 'wrong way round' for the painting.   But it got done - yee ha...  a nice looking living room.   Then mum admitted she'd not realised just how bad it was, which is what she said when I spruced up the kitchen.   Just the hall and two bedrooms to go! 

I half tackled the cloakroom, had to venture in there to find some different curtains,  so a few things got sorted,   a start has been made!   Mum approved of the curtains that had once hung in the living room but had been banished for some reason,   I like them as they give a nice splash of colour.  All that is left to do is the radiator and the doors, just two doors to tackle!   Mum even demanded that we get a new lamp shade!    I do know why mum has adopted a 'disinterest' in her home, it is because she feels she is no longer in control of it.    Nothing is done here without her approval,  we did discuss the colour scheme,  though she is happy to trust me.   But at the same time I want to give us both a nice place to live and enjoy.  

Posted a pic of my 'altar' such as it is.  It shows my growing collection of buddhas,  my Native American talking stick and my lovely wooden Angel,  not shown is my Celtic cross, which I got when I was in Ireland,  it is made from peat and is lovely.   All of my crystals are shown,  each has a purpose,  and all get used.    The cloth underneath is actually a scarf, got that from the RainForest shop in Chester, they do sell some gorgeous things in there.   Ooh that reminds me I had promised to go get a new cloth for our MBS tables!  Must do that asap! 

May get some crafting done tomorrow.  Had my delivery of my coated card stock!  Very fast,  only had the email yesterday - well done CnC!   Got to get practising with the encaustic art. 

I do hope that tonight  I will get a good nights sleep.   

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Now stiff as a board from a day of decorating.  Call it a very large craft project!   Our living room was in dire need of redecoration,   every time I mentioned it mum pulled a face,  finally she agreed that it had to be done.  Yesterday I got the paint and stuff,  new roller,  paintbrush,  and today was THE day.    I do wonder if that show really does decorate all those rooms in 60 minutes!   I find it hard to believe.  I set the alarm,  had to be an early start, well it was but 5 a.m,  not the time to start slapping paint on walls!  Drifted back to the land of nod and of course managed to sleep in.    Mum also decided to be 'needy',  as she had been yesterday...  first her hairdresser rang to say he couldn't come, he is a bit of a hypochondriac...  so now have an angry mum,  panicking about her hair,  more problem solving!  Solve that problem,  next one is the shower, she suddenly needs help, then it is something else... in meantime I am trying to clear the living room so I can start the painting. 

Yesterday a post on my FB page flashed up,  it was from the Carers, and it was carers just sounding off.  It was nice to know that others felt like I did,  put upon and uncared for.  And then you get back to it cos there isn't anyone else, certainly not the family that promised faithfully to support you!  

I finally packed mum off to my hairdresser,  then she was off to lunch with some friends - at last I could get started.    One large roller,  large tin of paint and keep roller well loaded,  soon the ceiling was white again!   Next up the walls,  painting onto an anaglypta,  so had to use brush,  again fully loaded brush,  Dulux One Coat,  it had better do what it says on the tin or...    it did!  Phew.   Brief stop for lunch,  keep going,   manage to get 3 quarters of the room done,  and also hoovered...  now I am knackered,  can't move,  metal knee is nicely swollen and VERY sore.  It would be lovely to have someone make me a nice cup of tea, but there is only me!     Was also ravenous,  and sod cooking,  ready meal went into microwave, pasta, a good filler up.   Living room is looking pretty good, still got stuff to do,  but broken the back of it.  A couple of weeks and it will be the hall, then my bedroom and then mum's room.   Also have to find time to put in bedding plants,  and sort out cloak room,  no idea what could be lurking in there!  

On the crafty side I found a load of rubber stamps that I had stored away,  mmmm....  feel a stamping spree coming on. 

Now think it is time for some supper...   don't normally indulge,  but tummy is still rumbling.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Has normal weather service been resumed?

I ask only cos we've had two sunny days in a row!  I foolishly took the word of the weather forecast and didn't put any washing out,  damn it!  Got curtains to wash, today was a perfect drying day!  Mind you I had a lie in,  woke up at 5.30 a.m.,  not that wasn't the lie in - please!    Had my early wake up call, had tea and toast,  then had a very deep meditation and fell into a deep sleep.  Came to at  9.45 a.m.!   Yikes!   So much for my plan of an early morning walk.  Probably just as well as false knee indulged in a nasty sounding clunk yesterday,  no idea what happened but the result was pain!   It soon cleared after some pilates,  my attitude right now is that either it breaks or survives,  my metal knee that is. 

Anyways,  after coming to with another mug of tea and slice of toast I felt human.  Tackled the washing up,  my chance (my only chance) of cleaning our kitchen properly.  Mum's way of being useful is to wash the dishes throughout the day, but because she can't stand up for very long things aren't as clean as they should be.  So that means me going over stuff when she is out.  Then I hit upon the idea of me doing the sunday breakfast wash up,  mum is happy to let me, and that way I can make sure the place is clean.  I do other sneaky stuff on a Tuesday when she is out, like washing all the pots and pans!   

So after brunch the craft stuff came out.  No idea what I wanted to do, had a drift around various blogs,  saw Julia's,  it was the use of leaves....   liked it very much, tried to leave a comment but Blogger chucked a hissy fit!   So to my own crafting,  got out my lovely Owl stamp from Indigo blu, mixed it with another leaf stamp,  did a bit of colouring,  even found the patience to cut out tiny sycamore leaves...  and this, the pic, is the result so far!   I had to let the pinflair dry,  still a tiny bit of work to do on this, but not much. 

There was still some time to craft left.  Felt more of Julia's inspiration, if not her patience!  So cut another tag,  a piece of white blank card,  then chose some off yellow,  I stamped it first with a background stamp,  then used the grunge folder to emboss it, finished it off with the dots. A rummage through the stash revealed some small butterflies,  new flowers I bought yesterday came in handy,   a few suitable brads and a tag was born!   Just love that quote about friendship as it is so true.   I've made a lot of tags with it, so folk can expect it to make a surprise appearance in their mail.

Even better was the footie result, Man City winning the league!   Nice to have a change.   And Everton won, and finished above Liverpool - result for the blue half of the city. 

Tomorrow is going to be boring,  lots of washing to do, and plan for decorating - 3 rooms in all,  maybe the hall as well. Just has to be done.  Crafting?   I hope some will get done.

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend,  many thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Saturday crafting

Nothing like a spot of craft shopping as a pick me up.   I wanted a new embossing folder, maybe two,  new ink pad and whatever happened to take my fancy.   The shop is a bit daft as it has all the embossing folders behind the cash desk!  Which means you can't really see them.    I spotted one that I just had to have Owl Flourish which is a cuttlebug folder,  then it was a toss up between the tree and the music score... the latter won,  but I was also considering some TH folders. I did get another of his distress inks,  and some silk flowers. There was a lot more I wanted but the pennies weren't going to stretch that far, next month maybe.   Since the weather was so lovely I had a wander round the garden centre,  it is time I got some bedding plants for the garden,  and I want some lavender.  

Once I was home it didn't take long for the crafty stash to come out.  Next month's swap involves ATC's, so I am experimenting at the moment.  Came up with this idea,  inked the card with red and blue inks,  stamped Big Ben,  chopped a taxi in half,  stamped and cut out the TH man with umbrella stamp,  and the guardsman.   CnC were driving me nuts the other week talking about the guardsmen,  they had it all wrong, it isn't just the Grenadier guards,  but all of the guards,  they way to tell apart is from the buttons on their tunics,  they are arranged in sequences.   Anyway that is one consideration.

Next I thought I'd make a card for a friend, I got this indigo blue stamp a few weeks ago and knew it would be perfect for my arty friend.  I also used the Owl Flourish embossing folder,  but I cut out the Owl and distressed him.  I wanted the stamp to be the centre of attention so the card didn't need much.    I finished off the Owl with some gems, and a couple of flowers.  That was all it needed. 

I also took time out to watch the encaustic art slot on CnC,  why can't they give this couple a two hour slot, they have so much to show us.   I loved the new ideas, especially the doilys,  and the technique with the peel offs, will have to try both.   I did order more of the coated card stock,   and I did get a cheaper stylus from Hobbycraft,  works just the same and has all the tips with it. 

May pop back to garden centre to get plants tomorrow,  forgot to take the garden vouchers with me today!  Taken a look at the forecast and it looks like we may have a few dry and sunny days - about time to!   We're not far off June,  so high time summer made an appearance. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Ooooh arrrr me hearties!

The swap challenge for May was Pirates - cue blank brain!  Not any sign of pirate stuff in stash...   only one thing to do - be quirky.   I did have the idea of a sinking ship,  just the masts poking out of the waves,  but from nowhere the eye patch idea came along.  I'd like to thank all the lovely people who post free templates on their blogs,  cos without you I'd be lost.  Found the template,  some black card, voila - eye path,  wavy ruler, some distress card and we have sea,  skull and bones,  bit of lettering and we're done! 

Today was my day for giving reiki,  only once again the clients were a no show,  it is happening to all the therapists and our manager isn't happy.  The centre do ring the client to remind them,  and do ask that if they can't make it for whatever reason they let us know.   I understand that carer's can never plan too far ahead, but it isn't asking much for a quick phone call,  all of us therapists are volunteers,  and also in my case, a carer.  I had taken my course work with me, so managed to get plenty of reading done, and had a lovely meditation.  But I was also thinking that I could be sat at home crafting with my new kit.   I also got the boring shopping out of the way, so tomorrow will be a free day,  may even pop up to the craft shop, feel the need for a new embossing folder,   and whatever else falls into my basket.   

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Goodies are here

Yay!!!   At last my Kanban kit arrived,  nice postie even brought it up the stairs for me.   Couldn't wait to play with it, but first had to get usual chores out of the way,  and a bit concerned about mum, her usual hairdresser (who comes to the flat) hasn't been able to come for the last 3 weeks as he's had some family problems,  so mum hasn't bothered to have her hair washed etc,  even though she knows she can go to my hairdresser (who used to be her  hairdresser).   I'll have to say something tomorrow as her hair now looks a real mess.   Never rains but it pours!

So out came the kit,  it is every bit as lovely as it was on screen.  I needed a card for my cousin, so ideal opportunity to test drive the kit.    I went with a Keep Calm slogan, with the teapot, cut and cup cakes, there is some lovely gingham card in the kit,  which I thought would look like a table cloth, and I found some sticky lace.

So made the base with plain white card, super smooth and from Annemarie designs! Stuck on some of the gingham card, and added the lace down either side.   I've had this lace for years, another QVC purchase many moons ago. 

So next up was arranging all the bits and bobs.   I used pinflair glue, didn't want the teapot entirely flat on the card, but not too high either, I added one of the tiny tags using some twine,  the cup cakes and the cup,  and a card was born! 

I then had to make 5 ATC's for a swap next month, so cut them out,  and have started to work on a layout.   I also decided to make an envelope for the ATC cards,  I have got a template somewhere as I bought Leonie's ATC kit,  but who knows where that is now lurking.  So I made my own, so now I just need to put the ATC's together,  when I've settled on a design.  Sometimes it doesn't pay to have TOO much choice! 

And my wing mirror spider has returned, he was sitting in the middle of his web yesterday,  I banged the window,  shook the door but he would't budge, chose to remain in middle of web, obviously he has memory problems and must have forgotten his journey last week... so it was a repeat performance,  web bouncing round in wind,  spider hanging on for grim death trying to get to safety,   a very groggy spider finally made it by time I parked up in car park!   He tucked himself away and I advised him to stay there.  But did he, did he heck.  Came out of supermarket and spider was back in middle of web - must have a masochistic streak!   So yep, he was bounced along on his web on return journey! 

Well all for now, will post pics of quirky pirate card tomorrow.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday Monday

And it is raining!   Typical Bank Holiday.   Another lazyish day for me,  had a bit of a toss/turn night, no idea why,  then at 4 a.m., I finally went back to sleep.    I woke again at 8.30,  was so snug but also wanted a cup of tea,  no chance of anyone bringing one to me - now that would be bliss, so I had to go make it.  Mum stayed in bed,   I took her a cuppa,  a devilish plan on my part,  cos if I took her a cuppa she may stay in bed and I could get stuff done!   It worked...    Still aching from yesterday, but gave the body some exercise,  I am so unfit!  Need to get this bod in some sort of shape, or at least have things back in the right places.   Everything is a tad saggy at the moment. 

I was crafting today, but can't post pics as someone may then seen what I've made.    I made the swap card, theme this month is Pirates,   but the theme can be stretched...   I chose a quirky interpretation.   I had two ideas, first plan was too complex,   so went with the second idea - and yep it worked!   Was a bit chuffed with end result.   But you'll have to wait to see it,  it will be in the post tomorrow. So be patient BJ!

I've posted a pic of the Sea Odyssey,  which was in Liverpool in April,  an event I wanted to see having missed the last one,  sadly missed this one as it clashed with the wedding.  Those I've spoken to who were there have said how amazing it was, especially the dog,  the puppeteers worked hard to get the expressions just right, plus they let children ride on its back.   But as someone remarked, there wasn't much about it in the national press,  yet over half a million came to see it!  Had that happened in London we'd have known all about it.    The theatre group that does these amazing shows love Liverpool and they've said they will be back, so 3rd time lucky?   I hope so.

No crafting tomorrow, got course work to catch up with! 

BBFN folks

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Ouch... everything aches!

I kept my promise and tidied up what passes for our garden. Lots of cutting off of dead stuff,  gave the mini bushes a trim,  and put in new compost in most of the tubs.   Will have to get more compost,  and 3 new plants, plus bedding plants.  Trimmed all the dead stuff off the clematis,  and sprayed the roses,  already something has been munching on them!   Then I swept up all the rubbish,  so it is now respectable, till some litter lout goes past and dumps whatever.   I don't understand this love of littering,  no-one seems to think it wrong to drop litter!   If you say anything you either get abuse or get told that someone will sweep it up.  Don't they know how much it costs to keep the streets clean of rubbish that can be responsibly disposed of?   It is my bug bear! 

So after all that back breaking work, it was time for a well earned bacon butty, and painkillers - LOL. 

Once refreshed it was back to the craft table.    I needed to make a card for a friend, she likes fairies and Angels, so I chose the Debbi Moore garden fairy collection,  and some decoupage, the real thing, that what needs cutting out!   I do like the pop out stuff, but decoupage is really about cutting,  which I don't mind.  It also helps to have some very sharp scissors,  I have a pair of tweezer scissors which are great for decoupage.   This card didn't take long,  once it was printed and cut, I used my quickie glue pen to add glitter to her wings,  and bangles,  added some glossy accents as well.  I scored a piece of A4 card in half,  then used this lovely dark teal card for the matt,  I was going to use some silver mirri, then remembered I had some nice blue glitter that would match the fairy.  I ripped the blue card,  offset it away from the edge,  and then layered up the decoupage with pinflair.   Just needs the Happy Birthday, and the insert and maybe a ribbon, not sure.

I also decided to make my friend a tag,  turquoise is her favourite colour,  this is the nearest I got.  I used the embossing folder,  and added some bakers twine,  a freebie with a magazine.  I'd been thinking of getting the twine but wasn't sure if it was worth the money,  I've now decided it is.  I went with the butterflys, these are Anita's,  added a few gems to the larger butterfly,  had to use pinflair to stick him down over the twine,  a couple of flowers, and some ribbon, part of the freebie, and that was that, plus the friendship quote.   They'll all be tucked into an envelope tomorrow for posting.

I was going to start a page for my AJ book, I had half and idea,  but in spite of Barbara Gray warning about scorching the card when heat embossing, guess who scorched her card?  Yep, not done that in a while,  I'd been heating it from underneath, then just gave it a blast from on top,  but must have got too close.  So I'll have to start again. 

I did catch some of Barbara's show today,  wanted to watch but knew if I did I'd only want to buy all the stamps - and I did, want to buy them that is,  but I didn't actually buy any.   I wish she had made the London Set the next stamp lesson,  cos that would have been my excuse to buy it!   The sports set is clever, but not up my street.    I still learned a few new tricks from her,  she is such a good teacher, and likes to take the mickey out of herself.   I also learned that the lovely Rosemary Merry is back on CnC next Sunday,  hooray!   Now if CnC could see fit to give Rosemary her own scrapbooking lesson on a Sunday, that would make my perfect weekend.

Bank holiday tomorrow,  so another craft day.   I have found a card that my niece will like, but I am so loathed to part with it!   I can see me putting this card into a frame,  made it ages ago,  used the Wild clarity stamp,  a metal butterfly,  did a lot of ripping and tearing,   just love the end result, but can I bear to be parted with it?   I'll have to tell my niece that she has to promise to frame it! 

Hope you've all had a relaxing weekend.   Take care all

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Lazy day at last!

The day started well as I managed to have a mini lie in.   I'd already decided that today was going to be a lazy day,  not had one in a while.   So after getting the papers I settled down to Barbara Gray's class on CnC,   I can't say her stamp set today caught my imagination, but I do love watching her work.  And she is so tidy!   My craft desk is a mess within minutes.   I am mulling over getting her London set, if there is any left.

So for the afternoon it was time to do some crafting of my own.   Out came the chipboard tags,  printed off some small photos of the wedding.  Assembled the card, other bits and bobs.   I also remembered that I had the Slice Wedding card,  makes a change for me to be this organised.   I embossed some white pearlescent card,
using the folder that came with the machine.  I cut the bird with the heart using the Slice,  and the double heart,  found some deep pink flowers,  they matched the colour of the bridesmaid dresses perfectly.  Found the Love sticker, and managed almost to chop it off!   Let's just say this is the trial run for the wedding tags!   

Decided to matt and layer the photo,  think a darker pink would work better to match the flowers.  Thought about recolouring the white rose,  but it does show up nicely in real life.  Added the Good luck peel off, and that was all I could do. 

Wasn't sure what to do with the back,  decorated it or leave it plain?   I've kind of gone for a compromise.

I covered the back with some paper,  which was from a wedding collection.  Then chose another quote, added one more rose and a mirror finish butterfly.   This is the trial set, for the finished set I'll use the lovely metal butterflies.   I can recreate all the stickers using the clear acetate.

A very satisfying day.   Tomorrow I will be a little more active, got the garden to tidy up and get it ready for the bedding plants, also need a new fuschia,  the other bit the dust during the winter.  Another plant that I thought was as dead as a dodo has come back to life,  need to get rid of the dead stuff on it.   Got some fresh compost, so all the plants can have some new stuff,  I'll give them a nice feed in the next few weeks.   If I can still move after lunch it is back to crafting,   I have two birthday cards to make,  using the Debbi Moore CD to make one,  not sure about the other one yet.  My Kanban kit has been despatched, but doubt I'll see that till Wednesday.     Also got some decorating to plan,  the living room, hall and two bedrooms!   So not much to do.   LOL.

Must go bring the other blog up to date now.   Bye for now.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Itsy bitsy spider

 A nice normal day,  a good nights sleep,  woke at civilised hour,  no rain clouds,   in fact the sun was starting to break through the clouds.   Only had a few chores for the morning,  spot of food shopping,  then coffee with a friend and a natter of course,  after that the day was mine!  

I'd showed someone the tags and they liked the friend's quote/butterfly tag the most. So decided to make a few in different colours,  they can be sold for charity.   So the picture shows the start,  I chose the blue butterfly,  and the barbed wire embossing folder, plus two blue flowers, and blue card.   I didn't want two blue flowers,  so I used the TH inks to recolour them, and some cut and dry.   I'm abandoning the blender tools,  the cut and dry is proving more economical.  I embossed the blue card, well debossed it. 

So then it was a case of putting it all together.   I've altered the size of the tag, was getting fed up of the odd numbers (in inches), so mine now measure 8cm by 15cm.  Of course as far as I am concerned the tags can be any size,   but who needs fiddly sizes?  Life is too short.  The butterfly toppers are lovely,  I may add some glossy accents tomorrow, once the pinflair has dried properly. 

I also enjoyed an inadvertent comedy show this morning.  As I got into my car I noticed a spider making his web from wing mirror to window on the car,  I thought me opening the door would make him head back inside the wing mirror, but he was preoccupied with his web.  So off I went,  just tootled up to the traffic lights,  with spider now bouncing around his web.  I stopped at the lights thinking that surely the spider would now head for safety, nope, he wasn't giving up on his web building. So onto dual carriage way,  40mph and spider now clinging on for dear life to web!   Luckily for the spider I wasn't going very far,  just a couple of miles,   by time I had to to the car park I had one very dizzy and groggy spider staggering down what was left of his web into his home, inside my wing mirror!   Best comedy show I've seen in a while. 

I also succumbed to the 4 day deal on CnC,  been looking at the Kanban kit all week, wondering if I would use it all,  and then decided that I would.    I'd only caught bits of the shows,  but today I watched the presentation, so many nice things in the kit.  Seemed daft to resist any longer. 

No crafting now till Saturday.   Thanks for stopping by