Thursday, 29 April 2010

Busy day...

Nice to sit down.  Morning was taken up with housework,  I also washed the windows,  curtains....  dragged hoover around.    Didn't feel so bad about being stuck in as it had turned chilly,  and then it started raining!   Yep bad weather arrives just in time for weekend,  fantastic - not.

But did manage to make my pinflair card,  it was a bit fiddly,  and painful pushing in the pins,  but it was worth it.  Was wondering whether to use a bigger card,  just think it would look more in proportion.  It did take me all afternoon,  putting on the ribbon was the fiddly part,  pinning them down,  and trying to pick up the seed beads!    Not sure if I'll make another,  but you never know.

I'm a bit fed up of the wall to wall media coverage of the election,  and the way they jump on any mistakes.   I've given up watching Sky cos it is so biased towards the tories,  as for the way they all went on about Brown yesterday,  anyone would have thought he'd murdered someone.  Who hasn't made a mistake?  And what right did they have to broadcast his private comments?   I noticed today that Nick Clegg removed his microphone after dealing with a bothersome student - afraid he might express what he was really feeling? 

Got my pre op tomorrow,  means the hassle of trying to find a car parking space, unless they have by some miracle finished the multi storey car park.   They just never stop building at the hospital.  

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Oh nooooo

Was reading thru the paperwork for my pension, and realised I needed to send my birth certificate -  just had to find it.  Looked everywhere, I'm sure that it is still here,  just damned if I could find it.  So had to nip down to registrars office to get a copy.    And I had been planning to sit and craft all afternoon - rats. 

Tho my trip out was useful, also got some plastic boxes for the gilding flakes,  and a couple for my pro markers.   And the search spurred me into having a clear out of junk paperwork, and stuff that is no longer useful, amazing what we accumulate.  I had the shredder working double time.   Once I had done that I then fixed the plastic trim on car,   large blob of No Nails did it... wonderful stuff.

So photo is of second card made with gilding flakes,  with a lovely black cat peel off, purrfect for a moggy friend of mine.

I did watch a spot of QVC yesterday, but nothing tempted me,  same with CnC today,  not into the CD roms.  Still yet to have a go at the pinflair kit,  that was my plan for today!   Will have to try tomorrow, tho forecast for weekend is rubbish,   but I need the card made by Sunday for mum.

I also need to find a photo booth,  I set the scrap challenge and now need to go get four daft photos of me.  Shoiuldn't be hard.  Actually while looking for the birth certificate I came across two old passport sized photos of me,  one with me complete with a permed hair do! 

Well all for now.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Oops, been a long time!

Been rather remiss in my blog keeping,  this is what happens when you join Facebook and start playing the games!  

I have also done some courses, so I am now a fully qualified reiki practitioner :-)   On the 2nd degree reiki there were four of us,  plus Poppy, the owners dog, who seems to have taken shine to me as she spent most of the time at my side or with her head on my lap wanting her tummy rubbed.  She also made us laugh as we were doing some distant healing,  I was happily lying on a couch,  settling down for a nice snooze and leaving the healing to Jan when,  crash,  Poppy landed on me, started licking me - LOL.  It was hilarious.    So now I can practise reiki,  it is such a lovely healing treatment, very calming and relaxing.

My next goal is to do a fully accredited Aromatherapy course.   I was lucky to snap up a full aromatherapy kit on ebay for just over £30,  couldn't quite believe my luck,  the kit came as described and was brand new.  Got all my base oils,  mixing jars,  essential oils and all in a proper case.   I was well chuffed.    The seller also was prompt in posting,  always a good sign I think.  I do check their records, as I do any buyers if I am selling stuff.    I did sell my robo and Big Shot a while ago, hope the new owners are liking their new toys :-))   I'm quite happy with my Slice,  and now you can emboss with it! 

I've not been very well for last week or so,  have a horrible sore throat, made mistake of looking at it - wish I hadn't!  So have been sucking Tyrozets in the hope they'll cure it,  not so far, but do have appointment with GP tomorrow for something separate,  so will ask him to prescribe something a bit stronger.   Before that my mum wasn't too well, she had a nasty chest infection.    And next week I'm off for another operation, this time just a small one, they're sticking a camera in my knee to see if I knee a full knee replacement.

I've just got all my paper work thru for my retirement,  the news of my lump sum and pension was very welcome, not a fortune,  but the lump sum will help pay for my aromatherapy course and a holiday - which is much needed! 

I have been busy crafting tho,  went to a craft fair at Aintree at the weekend.  Went on Saturday,  grabbed some pro markers,  a fiver a pack, a bargain,  but he had no flesh tones left, luckily got them at another stand for just 50p more.   But my knee was soon complaining,  so thought it best to head home, then I spotted a poster saying that you could get a voucher and get in free the next day, so I grabbed one.   On Sunday I went back to a stand that was selling gilding flakes, always wanted to try them,  seen them on QVC but never managed to place an order for them, this lady was selling 3 tubs for a tenner,  so got them and some black peel offs.  The result can be seen in pic, it was so easy,  I was sure the flakes would be rough, but they're soft, I used a stencil brush to burnish it, it worked very well. 

Well nice to be back, will try to do better.  Thanks Cazzy,  have done as you suggested,  all comments are now moderated.

To the wally who thought it fun to post that rubbish here - do it again and I will report you to blogger and have you banned. You are a warped individual.