Saturday, 30 August 2008

every silver lining has a cloud

Woke up this morning and felt much better, even had a mini lie in. My big mistake was heading outdoors, first bit of food shopping went fine, but had too much to carry, so took stuff to car and went back for extra bits... and that was the mistake. Got stuff, headed back to car and, well you know when you're about to fall... and so I went - a proper prat fall, landed on chin, hurt left wrist, and right knee - which started swelling immediately, Staff looked after me very well, tho they wanted me to go to hospital, I refused, wel on going rightaway, called mum, she called neighbours, who met me on return home, still not sure how I drove back... then after a cuppa went to health centre, who patched me up, but also want me to go for x-rays... which I'll do tomorrow. Now typing one handed, worried i may has have broken wrist, it did take all the weight. or it is abad sprain that just needs some support. Have worked out how to scoot round on computer chair!

Just feel very sorry for myself... but mum now\has me to take her mind off her own troubles. What would we do without neighbours?

Friday, 29 August 2008

feeling neglected

This is what landed on my doorstep today - my TSV! Had been hoping it would make it here before the weekend. Always nice opening up parcels, this one was choc full of lovely stuff, some very pretty brads, stickers... too much to mention really. Can't wait to get started with it. So that's two QVC parcels this week, and just got a catalogue which also has craft stuff in it.

Still got my bug... seems to have got stuck, it is neither one thing or the other, just leaving me feeling yuck. And with strange time keeping, woke up at 4.30 a.m., feeling hungry, so had breakfast, well why not! Then fell back to sleep till sevenish, felt like just turning over and going back to sleep, but nope, had to get up and get going, only I am not a morning person, if you're lucky you may get grunt out of me.. . But today needed to wash hair, it also needs cutting, why can't I just rewind it? Wash breakfast dishes, tidy up, get mum up, wash her hair, get washing on line, okay, whirly thingy... let hairdresser in to dry mum's hair (can only manage my own hair) then off to cleaning job. At least there someone makes ME a cup of coffee, actually lady who I clean for was nice, told her how yuck I was feeling, so got some sympathy. Got home to find empty flat, sis and her hubby had taken mum out, so I get some peace, sort of... place needed dusting and vacuuming, and car was in desperate need of a wash and polish. Had asked mum last night to tell sis that we needed some food for the weekend, so told her to tell them to take her to supermarket. After finishing car wondered whether to go to supermarket myself, just had this feeling... but thought, nah, mum has been nagging to go shopping. So did some tidying up in garden. Was just making myself dinner when mum arrived back, sadly no sign of any supermarket bags.... seems they just 'had' to go visit some bloody caravan place that my Bil wanted to go see... why? I mean he got a new caravan only last year! Was angry at mum, all she needed to say to them was that we needed some shopping and sis would have taken her. Then just to add insult to injury sis asks mum if she'd like a cup of tea, mum says no, she'lll wait for 'me' to make it! I hoped sister would insist, but no, she just lolled in armchair, well they'd had such a busy day... lunching, bit of caravan looking... letting dog go bonkers on beach.... nowt like my 'lazy day'. So I just sits in kitchen, refusing point blank to make a pot of tea... oh no, they didn't get the large hint.

I do actually blame my mum, she hides how things really are, always likes to put on a brave face, so everyone thinks things are hunky bloody dory when they're not. I get to see the reality, face the bad temper etc... and it is slowly pushing me to the edge. Like yesterday, my bro had promised to pick mum up from hospital, then he calls to say he can't cos he has to go to a funeral, er, funerals are not arranged at last minute, so he'd known about it for bloody days. He does have a son and a daughter, both of whom are free at the moment to do stuff.. but no, guess who gets to go pick mum up? Yep, me. I think my mum must have some special glasses on, cos at work everyone has told me how ill I look... yet mum seems oblivious. I mean what other clues do need, someone sneezing, coughing and spluttering, and looking like death warmed up?

Yes I feel neglected, just I guess, as the other millions of carers do... spare a thought for all the carers tonight, doing a thankless job and saving the country millions.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wishy washy Wednesday

Noticed how the mornings are getting darker, not helped by our grey weather... did spot a patch of blue sky this morning, very briefly. Work was relaxed, bossless which always makes the difference. I do wish to emphasise that my boss is lovely, has a heart of gold, and has been looking after me these last few months, but she can be hard work at times. So we all did a bit of chilling... well after a stressful time of watching junior making a banquet of the daily cash... but a cuppa sorted out the tension. Oh as did a packet of rollo's, which one of our customers keeps buying us, he is a lovey chap, has many problems, but never gives us any, so we keep an eye on him.

Still feeling yucky, felt like I had a stye developing, tho the pharmacist didn't think I had, so gave me an eye wash, so I carefully applied some savlon to lower lid, and it now feels much better. Think I'll go to different chemist tomorrow and get some proper stuff.

Neighbour took mum for a walk down street, doesn't sound like much, but was a big relief to me. My neighbour can get away with suggesting stuff like that, while I can't. Not sure what I'd do without her, she has been my rock throughout all of this. I gave her some cards the other day, but think it high time I made something for her... feel an exploding box project coming on.

Got my flowers from QVC yesterday, four packs of very pretty paper flowers, if I had the energy I'd take a pic... since I haven't you'll just have to trust me! One pack will go perfectly with some pretty butterflies, I'm planning a card for a friend who is being treated for breast cancer. She likes cats, so I'll have to incorporate flowers, cat and butterfly somehow.

Also just heard from an old friend, we did fall out, suddenly she is back in touch. Will see how things pan out. Funny old year, horrible health wise for lots of people I know, and yet people I've lost touch with are now getting back in touch.

Pic: from way back, a card swap, theme was oriental. Not my favourite. Luckily had a few oriental peel offs, amazing what you can do with a peel off and some vellum, plus some black card.

Thanks for stopping by... tis much appreciated.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Bank holiday bug

Haven't felt too good since yesterday, and felt decidedly yuck today. Had half promised mum that I'd take her out, but couldn't face going anywhere. Suggested she rang her precious son and ask him if she could go up and sit in his garden, but he has thoughtfully gone away for the weekend! So had a 'should I/shouldn't I' struggle with myself, knowing that if I forced myself then mum would moan about me not being very cheerful, and since she be in a 'mood' if we didn't go anywhere, figured I was in the Catch 22 situation, so stayed put. And yes, she sulked, even tho I do actually look like death warmed up. Not that we can go anywhere so to speak, as she cannot walk very far, well not more than about ten yards. I also hate just driving for the sake of it, have had two driving jobs, once in the army and once in ambulance service, and the novelty wore off a very long time ago. Now driving is a means to get somewhere - quickly. Besides my family appeared to have opted to take the 'wel'll amuse mum' option of the caring, so as far as I am concerned it is up to them to take her out, leaving me with some precious time to myself. Enough of the moaning!

Did feel yuck, so just slobbed out, spent a few hours watch QVC and C&C, and getting more annoyed with C&C - just wish they would not be so PATRONISING! Sorry but I just feel that I am being treated like an imbecile by C&C... at least QVC do treat you like an adult. I eventually succumbed to the TSV, gave it a good few hours, had a feeling I'd end up ordering it. But only did so after checking my Xmas stuff, was a bit short on stuff, and frankly don't feel up to shopping around for things. It was okay last year when I had my Craft Central, but that has gone... :-(( now there no decent craft shop locally. Also have a feeling I've missed the Manchester craft fair that I had every intention of going to. Was also tempted by the stamps... sooo cute, but I've got plenty of Xmas stamps.

To my pic: scrapbook page, wot i made yesterday, when I was in the mood. I had no idea what to scrap, or what to do once I'd started. As I was getting my stuff out I spotted the cover of the scrapbook magazine, it was a circle layout.... it tickled my fancy. Wanted a zany look, so picked opposing papers, and using the compass cutter just cut out various sizes of circles, added a touch of randomness, a few stars, and chose the pic... yes - did it the other way round! Had been wanting to scrap this pic for a while, my friend drinking two margaritas at once, one of them was mine! Twas the last night of our hol in LA... well our gang kept the bar staff busy all night, not sure they'd ever come across such a large group of Brits.

Hope you've all had a lovely bank holiday... and well done Team GB!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

a busy day

Didn't mean to be busy today, but one thing led to another. Started out by putting in some winter pansies, then noticed that everything was messy, and fence was in need of painting... by time I got all that done it was nearly 2.30. Had been intending to sit down, watch closing ceremony and do some crafting. Well still managed to do so - just. Also feel like I've got a cold coming, woke with a horrible sore throat, but it is easing now, think the chilled white wine maybe helping!

Was determined to use my new butterflies that I got yesterday, well had to participate in some retail therapy after an upsetting morning. So ended up at hobbycraft, since there is nowhere decent locally. It was a purely indulgent shop, to buy whatever took my fancy, well within reason! Nearly bought a craft table, only thing that stopped me was lack of space. Spotted some glitterly squares, and glittery butteflies by papercellar, so grabbed those, and a stamp, very boring with a message on it - could have happily bought half a dozen stamps with amusing messages on them. But settled for the practical. And a decoupage kit, not as we know it, but as it used to be, it is a victorian box.... intended to be a present for someone.

So to the butterflies, they are really pretty, wish (as usual) I'd got two sets now... :-( They're acetate on a holographic background. Used 3 glitter squares, but aligned them in the wrong place on card, hadn't realised how stick they were, but once down they were not coming off again! So had to rescue it, chopped up card, matted it on to some yellow pearlescent card, found some pretty yellow patterned paper, cut some flowers from that, added them to the squares, then put the solid glitter squares on card, and the butterflies.

Did have another idea, but needed some much smaller silk flowers to make it work.

Got a craft day tomorrow on QVC... still feel the need to spend...

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Been Tagged

I got tagged the other day by Cazzy the other day so now I have to return the compliment. Not been easy to pick out six blogs as there are so many to choose from. First tho to list six random things about me:

1. I once had a play wot I wrote performed at the Playhouse
2. Got to the bottom of Ben Nevis...
3. Favourite place - Venice Beach, California, closely followed by Santa Monica (someone transport me!)
4. Used to have a HGV licence.
5. Have driven a double decker bus - great fun.
6. Am useless at quilling.

1. Silvercustard
2. Icklepickle
3. Drayton lady
4 Dillydaydreams
5. Max
6. Tiggertastic

All great blogs and full of inspirational work, you all give me something to aim for.

1. Link to the person who ‘tagged’ you!
2. Post the rules on your blog!
3. List 6 random facts about yourself!
4. Tag 6 people at the end of your post!
5. Let each person know they have been tagged by commenting on their blog!
6. Let the tagger know the entry is posted on your blog!

Think that's it, phew, didn't think I'd get there, was so hard to choose.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Been doing some housekeeping!

Felt it was high time I did a bit of a make over on this here blog, not finished yet either! Added a blog list, but not yet decided who to tag, well there are a few but need a couple more. And another gadget, something witty! It kind of appealed to my warped sense of humour.

Thanks for the wise words Cazzy, just what I needed to be told, have let the idiot in question rent far too much space in my brain for this last week. No more, the idiot has been evicted. All a case of a bruised male ego... typical that it should get so out of hand and end up in ludicrous situation. Oddly enough I feel far happier having evicted two people from my life, they dragged me down all the time.

Has been a busy old day tho, went off to cleaning job, and lady who I clean for had just come back off holiday and was in a chatty mood, so didn't get a lot done. Good thing I worked my little socks off last week catching up on stuff I've had to miss due to their refurb of the kitchen, well a whole new kitchen, which is huge! Doubled my workload. Had been hoping to finish early, well I started a bit earlier, but no chance, tho it was nice to sit and have a natter. But had to forgo shopping trip, food shopping, nowt interesting to dash home to make lunch for me and mum, tho got home and she was in middle of trying to make sandwiches. So quick buttie and off out again, to petrol station, for first time in my life I witnessed a drive thru, when they fill up with petrol an drive off without paying, tho manager was quick off the mark, and had was already phoning police. Was goint to put air in tyres, car felt a tad heavy... but stupid air pump was out of action! No choice but to go off to Tesco, to get air in tyres... hey ho, but did get a bargain on some plants. Oh and a tasty bottle of sauvignon blanc... going down verrrrry nicely. Home to put washing out on whirly thing, which cos it was so windy almost took off, but did get the washing dry fast! Mind you trying to get washing off whirly thing was an adventure, it kept on spinning around.

So to my pic: another of my LMC inspired cards. Used some of the very pretty paper and matted it on to some soft pink mirri card, used the white card, but horizontally, and chose a peel off 'Make a Wish', and added the birthday cake die cut. Inside I used my fave stamp:

Birthday Calories don't count!

I got it a while back and it still amuses me. Feel in the need for a spot of scrapbooking this weekend. And I'll also pick my tags... soooo hard, soooo many fab blogs!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

just got tagged

Thanks to Cazzy, from cazzytime for tagging me... I will do my tagging duty tomorrow, tho I also must update my fave blog list first. Been nice to have good news, and nice folk around me this week, boss has been really nice to me... wonder if she knew I was in big need of a 'be nice to me' week? I'll not bore anyone with the gory details, other than a member of my family has well and truly lost the plot, it was hurtful to begin with, then the more I thought about it the more ludicrous it became, and then it was just downright funny. So did my best ya boo suks act and infuriated them even more - and do I care, nope!

Don't care cos the last few months I have found who is a true friend and who isn't. There is one person I will be ever indebted to, not just because she pops in every morning to see mum, but because she has been 'there' for me, and keeps telling me that if I want to have a moan, talk, anything, then to just go see her. Which is why I made some cards for her, for free, tho she kept on wanting to pay me... so I just told her that it was my way of paying forward some kindness. And all my lovely colleagues at work, who have put up with my scattiness, and helped cover up my mistakes then gently let me know when I have stuffed up. Even one ex colleague who has her own serious health problems has been supporting me. So I ain't going to let one mealy mouthed, egotistical twit, spoil my mood. They can go hang.

To my pic: another of my 'cards for neighbour', all from the LMC kit, well aside from the peel offs, and the off white card. I trimmed the front of the pink card, then using the off cut, cut that into two strips, put some pearlescent off white card inbetween, some wavy peel offs, then used the cup cakes as decoration, and the birthday paper, and finished it off with a large Happy Birthday...

Over the weekend I will sort out my tagging... :-)) Thanks Cazzy!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

what the heck is happening?

Last two days at work have been mad, felt like the world and his wife were out and about, plus today we had some daft medical advice thingy, not that those running it were eager to do much, they seemed happy to sit and natter all day.

Came home to catch the last bit of the craft show on QVC, tho not a lot took my fancy. Took a look at the website and the Sara cards intrigued me so I ordered it. It will either go straight back or I'll enjoy playing with it.

Enjoyed making the card opposite, it was from the LMC kit, with a few bits of my own thrown in. Used the blank blue card, used some of the pretty baby boy paper, then cut a circle from some blue mirri card, and then another circle from the paper, using the compass cutter, attached the blue romper suit die cut, then finished off with a bit of ribbon down both edges, plus a ribbon. May give them both to a friend at work whose daughter is expecting. I was chuffed for her, she doesn't have an easy life, so it was nice for her to get some good news.

And Team GB continue to do us proud - 16 gold medals! Well all for tonight. A bit tired...

Sunday, 17 August 2008

a golden weekend!

Appropriate to methaphorically 'pop' a bottle of champers to celebrate the brilliant performance of all the rowers, swimmers and cyclists... they did us proud!

Pity the weather was so miserable, tho again they got it wrong for my bit of the country! Yesterday it should have poured down all day, it didn't! But because of the forecast I didn't bother to do any washing, wish I had cos today it did rain, when they'd said it would be fine. Humph! And cos of the washing machine problems I had a huge pile of laundry to get thru, so it is draped around the flat.

Also felt in a thunderstorm of a mood as I did the housework, cleaning up after my sister's dog, who had left behind muddy paw prints, as if I didn't have enough to do than to also have to clear up after her dog! And amazed at how my family have gone back to their bad old ways regards mum... a few choice words may get said at some point.

To the crafting. Well decided to thank my neighbour for all her help, she has been invaluable to me, by making her a few cards, she has a huge family and she'd been moaning about having to buy so many birthday cards. LMC mag seemed a good place to start. Seemed odd to be making cards again after so much scrapbooking. But think it did me good to have a change. Current pic is a copy of one that is in the mag, tho I used some of my own stars, wanted some smaller ones, will upload the others over the next few days, but I did enjoy myself. Did also add some green mirri card just to lift the paper a bit, it felt a bit flat against the green card.

Now must go and alter my slide show... high time it was updated! Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

how dare he!

That plonker from the right wing think tank, who said all us northerners should up sticks and head south... Thanks very much, but no thanks, did live down south for a while and prefer life up North. Folk are far friendlier and cost of living much cheaper.

Also got a leaky washing machine... man came yesterday to repair it! Obviously he missed something, as tonight when I opened the washing machine door I got drenched... very unamused. Tho probably a good thing that I did find out it was still leaking, not sure our neighbour in flat below would have been happy at springing a leak.

Am hoping to get some crafting in tomorrow and over the weekend, tho may also take a trip to Hobbycraft, well there is nowhere else round here to go to now... so it will mean a schlep to Chester.

Do need to get some scrapbook stuff... one can never have too much! Have a few ideas about entering a competition... but we'll see.

Pic - a jolly nation animal card, guinea pigs. Can't remember why I bought them... but did have fun cutting them all out, made a gatefold card, and then found some bits and bobs from a magazine... and put it all together, luckily the recipient was rather fond of guinea pigs.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

weary wednesday...

Did I say that I hoped the week would get better? Well it did, briefly, yesterday. I am my mum's physio's number one fan... she is really pushing mum to get mobile! She has banned her from using her zimmer, and said she can only use the walking trolley, and told her to start standing up unaided. Mum had asked about going out, and physio told her there was no reason why she shouldn't. Well with help, obviously. So my sister came over today, she was supposed to come early, but arrived after 1pm... what bloody use is that! But she did take mum out for the afternoon, just wish she'd confirmed her plans with me... I was left wondering whether to fix dinner or not! But then sis won't be back over for nearly 3 bloody weeks... great huh?

As for work, we were run off our feet, or should I say I was run off my feet... my two colleagues did a great job of leaving most of the work up to me! Then one decides to take an extra long break... I was feeling really ticked off by the end of my shift. In fact I disappeared deliberately for 15 minutes... Probably just as well that I came home to some peace and quiet, but it would have been nice to have known that I had some time to myself. Just vegged out watching some of the Olympics... but can't see to get very excited about it, not happy that it is being held in China. My LMC mag had arrived, also had some exciting news yesterday, but not sure if I can mention it or not, so I won't for the time being. But it really did make my day. Also still miffed with colleague at work, she asked me to make her an new baby exploding box, which I did... but I did expect to be paid... but she hasn't handed over a penny. It would be different if I'd made it for her, but it was definitely the other way round. She also wanted a scrapbook made, and which I've started, but again, no money has been offered...

Think in future I will stick to amusing myself with my crafting, selling it is plagued with problems, unless you go down the professional route and craft fairs. That is really why I turned to scrapbooking, I can amuse me, and not have to account for the cost of what I'm buying. The whole point of making cards is to give them to someone or to sell them. I am thinking of trying ATCs... I do enjoy the process of crafting...

Pic is an old one... very old, 1991! A mere child... I wish. Funny how much Venice Beach had changed by 2003, nothing that was there in 1991 was still there in 2003! Pity, as there were some great cafes and bars. But me and my friends decided to hire some bikes, it turned out to be hilarious, we Brits rode on the left side of the cycle path, so confusing all the Americans, then as we approached a corner one of my friends yelled: where's the brakes... so we all looked down at the handlebars, no brakes.... so how did we slow down... well one went headlong into the sand, the rest of us managed somehow to negotiate the right angled corner... then we found out, the hard way, that the way to brake was to back pedal... Mind you after several pit stops at bars along the way, we didn't really care... The other photo was taken outside CC Browns, then a very famous ice cream parlour on Hollywood boulevard, the ice cream was to die for. But it wasn't there when I went back in 2003. Finally the dollar bill, I got all my friends to sign it at our last night in LA... Had a devilish thought, I have enough money to head off to LA right now... do I dare... !

Monday, 11 August 2008


Feel better now. Well Monday did not get off to a good start, the chaps who were meant to arrive sometime after 10.30 to fit stair lift arrived at 8.50... and so mum then decides to go and get washed and dressed, while I am left to wait... that is waiting to get to bloody work. I'd planned to go in a bit early to drop in a prescription at the chemist, to save me having to wait for it... so much for my plans. So I arrives home just before 3 pm, knowing stair lift would be in place, but did I expect the bloody thing to be blocking my way? It had been left in the operational position, and for some inane reason my brother thought that I'd be able to squeeze past it... I saw red... my back was sore, I had shopping, did I need to start squeezing past a bloody stairlift? So I yelled at mum, then she yelled at me.... I nearly turned round and walked out. And I will do the next time, I seem to have turned into her whipping post, she is only like this with me, everyone else sees this sweet natured lady... I see the tantrums and bad moods. Well stuff that for a lark.

Next thing, after we'd both calmed down, I'm being told that my brother looks so much better after his holiday, after being under such strain... er... like I wasn't? Like I don't need a break? Even my colleagues at work say I look like I could do with a long holiday.

On the upside, I have my new glasses, and the cheery man who fitted them at least cheered me up, if only for a while. Actually it was nice to be fussed over. Glad I decided to get them thinned down, the new pair are much lighter than the old ones. Tho think the credit card is still wincing... also got a smart pair of sunglasses, very chic! Not like me at all. I hate choosing glasses... for one thing, without glasses I can't see myself... so it makes life a bit difficult. New glasses are similar to old ones, but the shape suits me.

Now to my ad hoc pic... it is of my old cat: Ms Mufti, a true friend, if totally irascible. She was unique. This pic was taken just hours before she died, tho she doesn't look very ill, she was very, very ill. She was in her usual repose, on a bed and close to the radiator, even tho the heating wasn't on. Made up the page from scraps left over from yesterday's page, was trying to be good and use up stuff. Was also pleased with how I set the gromlets, finally I seem to have figured out how to use the BB with gromlets, anyone with one will know what I'm talking about, as you have to work upside down. I measured exactly where each gromlet was going, then used the BB's guide to set the width, then using the BB without the gromlet in, I made a pencil mark where I wanted the gromlet, and just lightly squeezed to leave an impression... and it worked! From that I was able to set them accurately. Tho I guess everyone has worked out their own way, but that way worked for me.

Hope the rest of the week turns out better than today, tho got a sneaky feeling there will be a row at some point.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

a very soggy weekend

So fitting that I chose a 'duck' for the pic! More of that a little later. But it was very soggy yesterday, I got soaked just going from library to shopping centre. Did indulge in some lovely cakes from M&S... two fresh cream and jam scones, plus two summer puddings, oh and a scrummy chocolate cake. Well I hopped on the scales yesterday, I've lost half a stone, and still losing, possibly all due to my new hectic life.

Was also feeling angry, my sister baled out from visiting this weekend... so much for all the promises of practical help. Oh and add resentful to the list. I'm mad because mum asked for a lot of equipment, all supposed to help her be more independent, one thing she asked for was a trolley, one you can walk with, so she could make herself coffee or tea, and then take it back to her bedroom or living room... she has used it once, since then it has stayed stationary! I reminded her of its real use yesterday, she snapped back that it has too much stuff on it, and who put the 'stuff' on it? Yes... she did. So I said, well take it off! Tho the stuff in question is a book, magazine and writing pad... yeah, really heavy stuff that will overload a trolley - NOT. I am going to try to talk to the physio, just to see how much my mother should be doing for herself. I'm sure she could be doing a damn sight more. I think she is still in hospital mode, I had noticed that towards the end of her stay she was snapping orders at the nurses... almost to the point of rudeness.

Was of course at work yesterday morning, and the plan had been to have an afternoon off as my sister was supposed to come over and take care of mum. But since sister baled out, I had to go home. Found mum in bed, where she stayed the entire afternoon... so much for all her exercising. Could not be bothered to do anything, not even go and get my new glasses, well it was still chucking it down, and after one drenching I didn't fancy another. Dallied with the idea of doing some crafting, but instead I just sat and read my scrapbook magazine, and half watching the olympics. Then made dinner, mum offered to wash up, then moaned as I'd not put her stool in the right place... well I couldn't till she'd got into place, there isn't that much space in this here flat. I bit my tongue again, but can't see me doing so for much longer.

So today I had a lazy day, I'd left the kettle filled up, cut two slices of bread for her, and made sure the marmalade was handy, and plenty of milk in jug. Yet still she hoped I'd get up and take her breakfast in bed! I did wake up at 5 a.m., had a cuppa and some cereal then went back to sleep till nine... by which time she'd given up all hope of getting breakfast in bed. I sound mean, but she is capable of doing a lot more for herself, she has just got used to others doing it for her. I also have seen how easy it is for people to end up as 'helpless' when there is no need to be. I remember one nurse saying to her sharply: your arms work perfectly! That was after she'd commanded me to do something...

So to the duck... a bright yellow amphibious vehicle that takes people around the Albert Dock. The page was for my scraplift challenge. I used some papers from one of my new scrapbook kits, from Do Crafts, this one is Retro Flowers.... whatever that means! But just wanted to go for a really funky look, put stuff together that really shouldn't go together, if you know what I mean. Also used my new paper trimmer, the one I got from Hobbycraft gave up the ghost after only a few months, and it was really fiddly to use. The new one, as used by the Bibster, is a breeze... tho I got mine from Amazon. It is much easier to use, and more accurate, and fits nicely into my tool box. The chipboard letters came from the kit, can't believe I got it for less than a tenner.

Oh well, a new week looms... hope you all have a pleasant week. Thanks for stopping by

Friday, 8 August 2008

two chaotic days

If yesterday wasn't bad enough, with ambulance turning up 3 hours early to take mum to hospital, then not coming back till mid afternoon. I then got umpteen panicky phone calls from mum, first she couldn't find her medication, well I did tell her to check her bag! Looked like I might have had to make an emergency dash to hospital, but looked round, no medication here, it was in her bag, where I'd put it. So rang her back to tell her to look again.... she did, and of course it was there. Next call, could I bring her zimmer.... er, no I bloody couldn't. I was fed up, just wanting some much needed peace and quiet, and to get on with a challenge. She took the hint, then hospital rang to say they'd send a taxi to get it... which never arrived. At 9.30 pm I was ironing, well there was a pile of it and it wasn't going away. Crashed into bed around 11 pm... and managed to sleep till 4.30 a.m.

Then today... well I knew I'd have a few hours of peace till mum returned home, so got on with some painting, spent most of the afternoon chipping off old paint, then happily applying new paint. Got disturbed several times by silly marketing calls, then more serious from hospital, ambulance couldn't bring mum home as the crew couldn't carry her upstairs. I flipped. I rang ambulance service, got put on hold, so rang a different number and got a nice helpful chap who sorted it all out for me. I just do not believe it, ambulance crews who can't carry people! It actually became farcical, as eventually an ambulance rolled up, but it was empty, crew member explained that they were waiting for ambulance with mum to arrive, so his crew mate could then help the other crew member carry mum up stairs. Seems two crew had bad backs...

I was also fed up of cooking, so had bought two ready meals... I'm seriously tempted to give that meal delivery firm that keep on advertising on telly a call. Cooking is not one of my favourite pastimes. I like one pot cooking, hence I like my wok, just chuck stuff in it.

But in the middle of all the chaos I managed, somehow to complete a challenge, the order was to use a butterfly theme. Decided to make a mini lantern card, used a butterfly peel off, but used a black peel off marker pen first, then used my H20s to give it a thingy window effect, was going to cut a butterfly shape in the lantern bit of the card, but went for a circle instead, used some flowery vellum behind it, then took some gold striped peel offs, a thick line, and edged the card, but also used some spotty ribbon between it, gave it a luxurious touch - well I thought so. Making it really relaxed me, which is odd, as card making has not been enjoyable of late. I've been doing much more scrapbooking.

have a lovely weekend, and thanks for stopping by...

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

thank goodness work is over for 2 days!

Twas me on my own this morning, when it should have been me and the boss... so muggins here got left to all the work! This is the reason why I never feel guilty if I'm late, as the boss is never on time. But there is a lot to do for one person, so was looking forward to a nice hot cup of tea... boiled kettle, got tea bags out and... looked in fridge - no milk! Charming. In other places I've worked in it was a golden rule, never leave the fridge without any milk.... or else.

Then boss had me and everyone else baffled over some supposed prizes that had arrived and had then been lost. Only there were never any prizes, she'd read an old e-mail. So she had a moan about deleting old e-mails, I was with her on that one, said that I did do my bit and deleted stuff.. . plus I seem to be the only one who knows how to use our in, pending and out, trays, properly. Had to clear them of all the rubbish that had mounted up. Then sent off junior type to do boring job, one that he was intent on avoiding... tough! He gets away with far too much as it is.

Sounds awful, after what the family has been thru, but looking forward to my one night of freedom tomorrow. Mum is back in hospital for one night, just for some treatment, but that means I get some time off from everything. I just wish she'd reveal her bad tempered side to the rest of the family! I'm biting my tongue, but for how much longer I'm not sure.

Pic: from 2003, LA again! This time the Sheraton Universal Hotel... based next to Universal Studios, and away from everything important in LA. It was a nice enough hotel, but took us ages to get anywhere, worse there was a bus strike, so we were stuck with using taxis. Most were fine, didn't rip us off, but there was one who we used to get back from Santa Monica, the ride should have taken no more than 45 minutes, but this guy went sloooooowllllly, till we began moaning at him. Then he tried to say he didn't know where he was going! When we got within sight of the hotel we told him to stop, he asked for over 60 bucks, we told him to get lost and paid him what we'd paid the first cab driver who took us there, then left all his doors open on the cab and threatened to report him. Suddenly it was 'no comprende' - yeah, right!

The hotel was supposed to have themed rooms, of all the universal films, in reality it had one - the Shrek room. The day before we left we persuaded the conceirge to take us up to it, boy was it green.... green bathroom, bar, bed... ugh. It did tho have a fab bar pool... with a crazy female bartender. We couldn't get over the Americans, who would all patiently wait for the universal bus to take them up to city walks, a mere two minute walk away. The bus ride took far longer.

Will be crafting tomorrow, got a swap card to make, and a scrap challenge to contemplate. Oh and final bit of housework, the vacuuming! Shall whizz round as soon as mum has gone...

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

grey and dreary to match my mood

Tho the day didn't start too badly, well aside from a mini crisis, a colleague went to cash point and it wouldn't let her take out any cash! So she panicked, well she'd had her card cloned earlier this year... so she phoned bank and they said her account was in 'migration' whatever that means! We all had visions of her account off to sunnier climes... taking a holiday!

And then it went down hill. Began with me finding that junior staff are still not doing shelf revision properly, with books in peculiar places, anywhere but were they should be. Someone must have their own unique dewey system... us more senior types actually see shelf revision as a chance to have a sit down and a rest, junior see it as boring. Well it will get a lot more boring if they don't start getting their act together. Got worse in the fiction, that was a shambles... Who knows what system some are working to, surname, first name of author or title...

Came home hoping to enjoy a spot of cardmaking, with a bit of QVC watching.... fat chance thanks to our stupid local chemist. They stuffed up mum's prescription, so muggins had to go backwards and forwards getting the bloody thing in dribs and drabs, then pharmacist said the final bit would take 30 minutes! Half an hour to put a box of sleeping pills into a bag... I think not, he was told I'd be there in ten minutes and they'd better be ready. Then had to sort out rest of equipment, medical stuff, all of which mum asked for and now doesn't want! I know she is frustrated, but so am I - she chucked a tantrum last night and I told her to grow up. It did the trick, she calmed down and apologised. But the flat is not huge, so any amount of extra stuff takes up valuable space, so spent my time juggling where this unwanted stuff could go...

Pic is of happier times, hotel I stayed in right next to the Pier in Santa Monica, LA... in fact i took the pic from the pier. We stayed on the 3rd floor, overlooking the main street, a bit noisy for my friends, but not for me as I live on a main road, so felt right at home. It was a great location, handy, very handy for beach and pier, and the Kings Head was only a block away - if you ever visit LA go to the Kings Head, they serve great British grub. It is odd seeing Americans tucking into a Sunday roast tho! Wish I was back there, enjoying a nice meal and a very cold pint of beer... hey ho....

Sunday, 3 August 2008

a happy crafter again

Yes I am once again a happy crafter, decided to get stuck into the LGC challenge, tho it felt weird working on A4 card, I'm used to 12x12 size. Think the page opposite will end up on a 12x12 page, with a few more bits to it. But it was a challenge just to use what was in the magazine, I loved the sunshine frame and was determined to use it, luckily I had a photo of my nephew, who decided that swimming fully clothed was a cool idea. It was a hot day, so who knows why he preferred the full clothed look. Made use of the blue and yellow card, plus some patterned card, cut the yellow card with my compass cutter, just to get some curvy lines, nowt was wasted, used the first cut on the left hand edge of page, then the right hand one, the middle bit that got chopped, was put against patterned paper. Used the stars, but stuck them to the yellow card and then cut round them, then used some of the tiny gems on the pointy bits of the frame, and first curvy line, had to add some peel off letters to finish it all off.

Had a semi relaxing weekend, yesterday I had a mini lie in, till 9.30! Actually if I lay in for any longer I then can't sleep the following night, but I must have needed the extra time in bed. Mum grumbled a bit cos I took so long to wake up, she was waiting for her breakfast. Mmmm, think she could have managed to pour herself some cereal... so last night i cut her two pieces of bread, so she could make toast, then I could have a second lie in. Told her that I was not cooking this weekend, so it was salad yesterday, and today it was our 'get it yourself' day, only it is me who is now doing the getting. I expected her to ask for a sandwich but nope, instead the request is for an omlette! I'm not resenting mum, just resenting my unhelpful family, so much for my nephew promising to call by to see if there was anything mum needed, not seen sight nor sound of him, nor anything of my Sil's sister, who also promised to pop round... Did lose rag with mum, she's been bone idle, not doing any exercises, yet wanting to be able to get down the stairs... go figure! Then she has the bright idea of getting a stair lift fitted, so I says and what happens when you get downstairs? She couldn't get any further, as she cannot manage to walk very far. She's just been plonking herself in the chair, not bothering to familiarise herself with stuff like the remote, phones etc. So today I flipped, told her to stop being so lazy, and start doing her excercises, and to learn how to do all the stuff she could before. I sorted out her knitting, so she got stuck into that, and took the hint on the exercises, and finding out how to use the remote again. I also chucked a newspaper at her and said to start doing the crossword again, something she always did. Well she has a choice, to sit there and vegetate, or get on with her life.

Haven't yet dared to tell her that my back is really sore at the moment, I'm getting the usual cramps and yesterday it was agony to walk.

Was also mightily disappointed in WH Smiths, our new one, they had moved from Church st to the Liverpool One project, previous premises were huge, so I expected they'd move on to bigger and better things. Wrong! It was rubbish, a much, much, smaller shop, hardly room to move, no craft stuff at all, hardly any art stuff.... books were to a minimum... it was pathetic. Just wondered why the heck they moved. Also ended up disappointed at Papermill... went in with high hopes, two minutes into shop... my mood had darkened, there was just nothing. So we now have no decent craft shops. Guess I'lll be shopping online from now on.

So that was the weekend... oh did get a couple of bargains from M&S in the sale, but cheeky sales assistant said that the sale stuff was non returnable... er... she is wrong. I can return it if it is faulty or not fit for purpose, wish sales assistants would learn the law properly.

Well Monday again tomorrow... ugh... work.... double ugh....