Monday, 30 November 2009

Hooray it's sunny!

And bloomin cold,  but rather have cold than rain.   Took advantage of dry weather to give car a wash and polish,   I'm sure she enjoyed her pampering.

Was going to complete the last two cards of group Xmas cards, but got rid of all my chores so I can leave tomorrow free for crafting.   Have put up pic of one of the cards,   the scan doesn't show it properly but I used the paper, silver mirri card and purple mirri card, finished off with a tree topper and a sentiment.  Sometimes it is the simple designs that work best.   I watch when those on TV go bonkers making very elaborate cards,  and while they may be nice they cost a fortune to make. Okay for the TV lot, they have all the craft stuff they need, and it comes free.  Us lot have to buy our stash and so cost does come into it. 

Was intrigued by the Xyron creatopia on C&C, it seemed to do everything,  and isn't too costly.   Just looked up how much the extras cost, and they're not too bad.  Mmmm, food for thought.    Well my robo is sitting glaring at me!   I know some take to it like a duck to water, but some of us don't.  Then again I could go on the course....   which would be a lot cheaper than paying out for something else.   Decisions,  decisions. 

Well off to scrapping blog.... which I am enjoying immensely.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Soggy weekend

Yep it was raining...   again!   Will this stuff ever stop coming down?  It has got colder and I am hoping that the cold will bring a dry spell.. please!    I remembered that this time last year I was in Yorkshire, it was freezing cold, well below zero,  and we had heavy frosts all weekend,  culminating in snow on the day we headed home. 

But I have been crafting!   Making my group cards for the card making gang I belong to,  so they best not have visited, cos I've posted a pic of one of my makes.   The rule was to use what our leader had sent us, in the form of designer papers.  This was one of m efforts, using the paper given to me as the background, then some matting and layering, using glitter card, mirri card (all silver) finished off with a topper of a snowman. 

Had one disaster,  was putting together one card, had everything arranged, papers,  Xmas trees, the finishing touch was to be some white glitter glue...  so I got it out, squeezed, and nowt happened, made sure the nozzle was clear, squeezed again and splat..    it all came  out!  Well half the tube did!   Wasn't sure what to do,  scraped some of it off,  then chose to brush the rest across the card to give the impression of a snowy night....   kept on going till I'd saved the card...   phew,  just about did it.  I'd used all the glitter glues, silver, red, gold, green but not the white - and it was the white that chose to dump itself all over the card.  I swore very loudly,  I'd been determined to get all the cards done this afternoon... that mistake cost me two cards.   Cos my back and knee had had enough and were protesting. 

My back has been playing up for last few days,  it has been really sore.     The knee is an on and off thing, some days it doesn't even squeak in protest, but guaranteed that it will the day after.    It cons me into thinking all is well, then next day reminds me sharply that all is definitely NOT well... and that it is knackered. 

So got a couple more cards to make tomorrow, then they can all get off in the post..... well it is finally Decemeber! 

Hope you all had a goodish weekend.... 

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Mr Blue Sky

Hooray!   At last a glimpse of blue and some strange yellow object....   okay so the clouds came back, but the wind kept on blowing them away and not a drop of rain all day!   Hope it is also dry  in Cumbria and other flooded parts of the country.   Tho that wind was a bit chilly, definitely getting to parts not so far chilled this winter. 

Also enjoyed some tennis, tho it was a bit nerve wracking, Andy Murray in the Masters, still not sure if he is thru to the semi's or not, seems like some complicated system!   Bit miffed that the BBC aren't showing all the matches,  but got the semis and final to look forward to at the weekend.

My new blog is going well,  really chuffed with it, still got a lot of work to do on it.  Want to make my own background and other bits for it,  so that will take up the weekend on the PC.   Getting to know Serif quite well, but it isn't as flexible as DTP.... does this mean I will be returning to microsoft?  Probably!  Just wish it wasn't so expensive,  haven't they got enough money, couldn't they possibly reduce their prices? 
No card making, too busy turning my scrapbook pages into layouts,  but I have plenty of cards at the moment.   Think there is enough for Christmas, may need a few more, but only about a dozen.    My focus is firmly on scrapbooking, which is why I want the weather to dry up so I can get into town and take photos of the big wheel, the penguins... and the lights!   Course I wish to play with my new camera,  it has all sorts of apps for different photos, even Christmas lights.    So fingers crossed for next week.   I'm over my fear of using public transport,  sorted that with my two friends by using the bus to get to town a few weeks ago, and the train on the way back,  even managed to negotiate a few escalators.    Mum has ideas about visiting a Christmas market,  I know she wants to get out, but she can't walk far so it will be the usual thing of her giving up after a few yards.   If only she'd do her exercises, that would help!    I have just watched her go backwards this last year, she was doing so well at start of year. 

Have to say I excelled myself tonight with a roast dinner, for once the roasties were perfect, as was the meat and the gravy!    Usually I get something wrong, but not tonight :-))  

All for now and don't forget to visit my new blog  Abscraptistico  

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Can we stop with the wet stuff now?

I've had enough!  I am fed up of getting wet and windblown every time I set foot outside my door.  Today was no different,  woke up to a slate grey sky,  could see the trees being blown hard.... great... another wet and windy day. JOY!  NOT.

Before I go any further  I have to announce a new blog, Abscraptistico... called cos I hit a few more keys than intended!   But it is a proper craft blog about scrapbooking,  I shall keep all my witterings confined to this blog. So if you want to go have a look then go to:
ABSCRAPTISTICO     It is early days for it, and it will be expanded as soon as I get going.   I will be adding favourite scrapbooking blogs and sites soon. 

Meanwhile today I braved the wind, and the rain and headed to the new Tesco.  Well I was there yesterday, briefly, but today was the proper shop.    And boy is it a big place...   I actually got handed a map as I entered.   Mind you all Tesco stores are laid out the same, or just about.   This was tho, humungus!  But the shoppers hadn't changed, oh noooooo,  we had the usual 'I'm the only shopper in the store'  who parks their trolley in the most inconvenient place, usually blocking the aisle completely, the 'daydreamer shopper' who is in a world of his own (yes a 'his' cos he is being dragged round by wife/partner), who get in the way, stand in stupid places and look bored...   the 'moaners'  who moan no matter what... heard two saying: typical,  as usual no space to move.... what!   It was bloody huge,  the aisles were generous,  tho a lot of stuff had been piled high.   Then there are the shelf fillers.... why oh why do they have to start faffing with shelves in the middle of the day, the busiest time!    Of course they block aisles,   and with a new crowd they can't find what it is they are suppolsed to be refilling....    had one assistant singing 'Anyone who had a heart'  pleading with us shoppers to help her find the hearts...   we did, and we all had a laugh.    Only one sour note,  two young lads, in uniform  were coming thru the store,  looked like they were just staring their shift,  now they are probably nice lads, but they were using the F word a tad too liberally as they walked thru.  Not a good image for Tesco.  I let it go, but if it happens again I will have a word with a supervisor, not to get them in to trouble, but for the supervisors to inform staff that when they are in uniform and in the store they must behave in a suitable fashion.

My day didn't stop there,  had to put away the load of shopping,  it was one of those weeks when we seemed to need everything.  Last few weeks have been pretty lean, but today was double what I have been spending.  Thought mum was going to say something, but then she realised that we'd just run out of a lot of stuff all at once.  Then I had to clean the bathroom,  put some new sealant round tiles,  do the recycling bins, post two letters, I finally got to sit down at 3pm.... and watched QVC, whilst having a glance at C&C at same time.  Neither was very inspiring. 

Then had this daft idea to exercise knee,  bad move,   cos now it is hurting like hell.  Alls I can say is that my knee doesn't feel like my knee, or my other knee,   just feels wierd,  like when you try to shove something with your foot,  the foot isn't exactly doing what I want it to do.  And it is half numb,  which makes it even more strange. 

Enough of the wittering...  have a good evening all.

Monday, 23 November 2009


Had a really nice scrappy day yesterday, got two whole pages done,  all in just a couple of hours.  It was just one of those days when it all came together,  and there can be other days when I just stare at the page. 

This pic is of mum take a couple of years ago now.  But she is with two of her grandchildren, so it was ideal to scrap. 

12x12 gemstone cardstock
Dovecraft card stock - cream
Do Crafts scrapbook kit,  dark brown paper
Do Crafts green paper for mat
Dovecraft cream card stock for scalloped mat
Cut leaves from more of the same paper (retro)
Photo glue
Tearing rules

How:  cut a rectangle of the cream cardstock, laid that diagonally across base,  wasn't looking for equal spaces,  to add some depth I cut another rectangle of the brown paper into strips of various sizes and arranged them,  next cut out some leaves and flowers from the Do Crafts kit, stuck one in each corner.  Made a mat out green spotty paper (Do Crafts kit), then a scalloped mat (using tearing ruler) just to define the photo.  Added title using letters from a QVC lettering kit (bought ages ago!)

Here's the template, think this would be a good one for a beginner,  it has clean lines and you could use alternative embellishments in the corners,  flowers, anything. 

Going to go back thru my old scrap pages and make more templates of what I've done so far.  I am thinking of a new blog, one purely for scrapbooking.  Possibly including some card stuff... 

All I've shown here could be used for 8x8 size card/paper.  Just use what you're comfortable with.

I do often scan in old photos and reprint them,  it is up to you whether you use originals or not. Providing you are using proper scrapbooking materials then your pics will be safe. 

Other excitement was visiting our new and humungus Tesco superstore!  Blimey it is big....  think a map would be handy to get around, or perhaps the trolleys have SatNav!    Only went for a new vacuum,  the other had a split in the hose, right near the connection, had tried duck tape but it kept on coming free.  So now have a new Vax....  nearly stuck myself to the carpet as it was on super suck!  Going back tomorrow for proper shop,  wasn't just the shop that was new, so were all the assistants, felt sorry for them,  I'm sure they've had training, but there is nothing like being thrown to the lions to prove your mettle.   First assistant I went to had lost all her courage,  I could she she'd blanked, and the chap meant to be helping her wasn't doing a great job,  we all felt for her and we all had words of encouragement for her,  but I did give up and moved to a new till, only to find that assistant was also having problems, but it was with the security tabs, even the supervisor had probs removing them!   I wished her luck as headed out,  I'm sure they all be okay once they settle down.  First days at work tho are not the worst, the second day is,  cos on the First day you have no idea what you are getting into,  but by Day 2, well you do! 

Well if there is no blog for a few weeks you'll know I've got lost in the new supermarket... wonder if they've set up search parties? 

Hope you all stayed dry and safe this weekend.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

More scrapping

First: the photo on the scrap page was NOT photoshopped,  me and my two friends saw it in Santa Monica in 2004 as we made our way, okay we were lost!  Back to the main street.   We all did a double take when we saw it, couldn't fathom out why,  maybe the owner was a chicken lover... who knows.  But it was one of those photo ops you dream of.

Materials used:
Gemstone cardstock
Papermania cream card stock
Dovecraft Abstract paper kit for photo mat and squares
Remarks (American Crafts) Lettering
Brads and flowers from Crafters Delight kit

The template is on right, just right click on it if you want to keep it.   You don't need to use flowers,  any embellishment will do.  Templates are just a jumping off point,  they don't need to be followed in a slavish way, adapt them and have fun.

Too many people get stressed over scrapbooking, why? It is a very personal thing,  far more so than cardmaking.   I admit that I got put off when I saw the professionals do it, thinking that I could never match them, then I finally realised that isn't the point.  The point is to make treasures out of your pages, and however you wish.   I'd say to anyone getting stressed over scrapbooking, stop,  just chill out,  go with what you want to do and forget all the pages you've seen and have been impressed with.  Just do your own thing.

Having said all that scrapbooking is not for everyone,  just as knitting or sewing isn't everyone's cup of tea.  But what scrapbooking isn't is: a competition, it is for private viewing only.   My first scrapbook was an 8x8, I thought that would be an easier size to tackle, actually it wasn't, well not for me.  I was more daunted by the small page and wondering how to fit my large photos on them... once I moved to 12x12 I was away. I felt free to just do as I wanted, and once I'd figured that not every scrap of the base needed to be covered, well it was liberating.  In fact very often in scrapbooking, less is more.   The focus should be the photo, everything else should serve to enhance it.

I've just done a very busy page and I'm not happy with it,  I was trying something different, but it hasn't worked, so I am going to scrap the page again.

Weather wise: yes it is still soggy here, grey skies,  windy....  just yuck.  Enough, okay,  we're wet, we have plenty of water.... so can we now have winter and some cold, and frost?

Have a good week.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Happy scrapping day

Ooh at last got down to some scrapbooking.  Last page was a bit chaotic,  so went for the simple look this time.  I used:

Gemstones paper
papermania buttons
Silver mirri card
DCWV adhesions
DCWV light purple card
Two ribbons which came with a TSV QVC kit.

It's a pretty easy design to follow.   I've used Serif to make the template,  and used colours just to denote the design only.   I used 12x12 card, but it could be adapted to 8x8.

I used mirri card for the frame around the photo, but frames are optional, not all photos need them,  I just wanted to make it stand out. 

The Gemstone cardstock does not have any other name on it,  it is not papermania or DCWV.   I got my pack from Abakhan which does have an online shop.  You can get some real bargains there, and those who want fabrics will be in seventh heaven. They do cover most crafts, so do take a look.

 From now on if I feature a pic of my own scrap page, and it is my own design I will upload the template.   Think the blog should be more craft orientated!

Twas a funny old day,  dreary,  so what's new!   Drizzly as well,  I hate drizzily rain,   so popped up to Abakhan to get the cardstock, and more wool for mum.  Usually that end of town is quiet on Saturdays, but not for the last two weeks, it has been hard to find a parking space.   I was tempted to buy a lot more, but as i had to head off to PC world I reigned in the spending.  So off to other side of town,  and all the match traffic!  But got there,  all for an ink cartridge, think it is sooo nice of HP to offer a bigger cartridge, but for a huge chunk of money...   I am seriously considering buying the kodak printer,  the ink is far cheaper.  I hope they make an impact on the whole printing scam.

I'm still seriously chuffed with my new camera, mostly cos I saved a bundle on it,  it has been advertised everywhere else at £149,  and I got it for £129, then Argos had it at its true RRP (just to emphasise the saving made in sale) at £195!   Thought they were being cheeky, it wasn't that price when I looked on line a couple of weeks ago. 

Another rainy day forecast for tomorrow, of  course we're not as badly off as those in Cumbria, it must be awful to be flooded out, my heart goes out to them.  There is little anyone could have done,  weather like the other day is a once in a lifetime event. And so sad that the police officer had to lose his life.

All for now,  stay safe and dry.

Friday, 20 November 2009

A dry day! Well dryish...

Was in shock, saw blue sky and... and the sun!   So long since we've seen it that it came as a shock.   It did of course have to rain mid morning, just as I'd decided to go tidy up the front, which was just a mess with leaves, rubbish and a full and unopened can of beer, which I gave to our neighbour.   

Then it was a very uninspiring day,  mostly catching up with stuff.  Had another rummage for those stamps, still no luck, they have to be here somewhere!  Forecast for weekend is more rain, so will get a chance to catch up on some scrapbooking, and need to make eight purple themed Xmas cards. 

Pic is of card for my mum,  saw it last week in craft shop, it is a kanban kit,  and yep, you do just stick it all together, tho going to put a bit more bling on it.  It is also A4 size,  now just need to find a nice verse to go inside.   For last few years I've made her a clutter card,  but sort of got a bit fed up of them.   But I did want a traditional card for her.

Have posted a Children In Need blog,  like to do my bit.  Was disappointed in supermarket, my local Sainsburies normally has collecting buckets out for Pudsey, but not a one in sight today.  Was going to buy a pin badge as I collect them.

Well all for now, have a good weekend... stay dry and safe.

Children in Need

Children in Need - donate

If you want to just click on the above and donate to Children in Need. 


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

ducks.... ! Or Wellies... send urgently

It has not stopped raining all day,   this morning it was still dark at 8 a.m.,  and it was foul outside.  Lashing down, windy and just yuckeeeee.  No chance of stepping outside voluntarily.    And now ITV have the nerve to do a Carpenters tribute...   what a load of rubbish, none can compare with Karen Carpenter.  Just play the old tapes...   let her voice be heard!  No-one can sing the songs like she did, so don't even try.  

Now I got a severe case of craft gremlins...  they keep taking stuff.  I made a card today,  very carefully and with lots of love,  came to tidy up,  found addressed envelope but no sign of card I'd made!   Same with my set of acrylic clear Xmas stamps,  Lord knows where they are...   stored safely somewhere, but damned if I know where.  Looked everywhere for them and still no sign,  I mean how can you lose a whole set of stamps?   Definitely gremlins...  

Disappointed in the mini craft day, didn't see much that I wanted, well save for the tweezer/scissor set,  but that sold out before I had chance to move from armchair to PC.  Contemplated the huge K&Co TSV, but wasn't sure whether I wanted so many papers all in one go.   Bit of a lame TSV really,  a pack of papers is hardly going to whet the appetite craftwise, you want summat to get stuck into.  How about QVC do a scrapbook kit..... ?  Please,  many of my friends would like more of the scrapbook side.

Also having a bad hair week,  last week it was fine, behaved itself, this week it is rubbish,  won't do as it is told, or stay in one place.  Honestly I feel like shaving my head and opting for wigs... think of the money I'd save!   I hate having my hair cut, just want someone to transform my mop into something acceptable,  sadly while I have a hairdresser who can cut brilliantly, he has no sense of adventure...   The mop also needs some dye, a few too many grey hairs are showing thru, I'd be happy for them to show thru if they enhanced my look, but they just drain me and make me look ill. 

Oops, no crafty stuff,  well us crafters also have to do normal human stuff, like cooking, cleaning.   I did both today, in a moment of boredom I cleaned the living room and kitchen,  then later cooked a roast dinner.  Gravy was a bit wonky,  last week it was fine,  this week... well it tasted okay.  Did do a delicious piece of brisket, in pressure cooker,  just under for 30 minutes, it came out perfect, slightly rare but succulent.  Roasties were fandabidosi,  as were the sprouts, hey, I happen to like sprouts... and tomorrow the leftover beef will go into a scouse,  along with the remaining gravy.   Can't wait.

Hope you are dry wherever you are.... think of us soggy lot

Sunday, 15 November 2009

At last some crafting.... !

Oooh, getting hard to get out of my toasty bed these days.    Once up tho I am productive, got two loads of washing done,  sorted out recycling.  Thought about washing hair, then decided not to bother.   Sat down at noon for a bacon butty, and a read of the paper,  did crossword, almost completed it - the general knowledge one... 

So after all that activity  I decided to relax with some scrapbooking.  Just been reading a few message where people said they hated it!   Well no-one is forced to do it,  think too many people think they have to produce works of art,  and that isn't the point, it is about capturing memories and what they meant to you.

It is hard to see what is in the picture, actually it is my cat,  who died in 2003, she is still greatly missed.  I came across this photo whilst trying to sort out my photos.   I'd forgotten I'd taken it, she used to love to hide behind the tree, would often curl up and go to sleep there.  She would ignore her bed,  even if it was placed by the radiator.  Nope, she preferred cuddling up to someone,  she would snuggle down beside you in the chair, making plenty of space for herself, and would like her tummy rubbed.    Her other object of affection was the microwave, purely cos it cooked her fish.  She was always impatient for her fish supper, which had to be served at 7pm,  and you had no choice but to put it down hot,  otherwise she'd just howl.  I would try to cool it down with cold water,  but normally she'd just fling it all over the place, then go round retrieving the now cooled down pieces of fish from around the kitchen.   Her favourite was coley,  put any of the posh stuff down, salmon etc, and she'd turn her nose up.  Weird cat, one with attitude aplenty. 

Still got my two boxes to finish off, but it is now down to me printing stuff,  need to print photos for wedding box, and other stuff for my angel box.   Ooh, that reminds me, was going to look on line for some nice angel bits and bobs.  Off to do so

Hope you survived this soggy and windy weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Fed up of being soggy

Another soggy day!   Woke up and spotted some blue sky,  not that it lasted, by time I'd showered and dressed the grey stuff had returned.   Still I kept to my schedule, popped into to see my friend at work, we had a nice natter, she did the sensible thing and we left the younguns at the desk and went off for a nice relaxing cuppa.  So I'm now caught up on all the gossip.

Then off to craft shop,  yep, again!  Well had to go get some wool and stuff for mum, so any old excuse.  Got some nice wedding charms for the box, plus some lovely little wooden angels, and some peel offs.  Then I spotted a large A4 sized decoupage card,  a Christmas tree, thought it was perfect for mum.   Actually it turned out to be a bargain, I thought it was just one card, but there were five sheets of die cut decoupage, so plenty to make at least five or six cards, maybe two more.    So managed to do some real crafting this afternoon,  well it was chucking it down, it  the heavens decided to open just as I left the shop, so got a soaking on way back to car.

But was also in for a surprise, as I was leaving the shop this nice young man held the door open for me, then he and his girlfriend asked if I needed any help, which I thought was so lovely.  Most people are thoughtful and helpful, but you do get some who are just pig ignorant. 

So more crafting tomorrow,  and couldn't resist a bit of altering on the latest meerkat advert....   Crimbles... methinks! :-))

Friday, 13 November 2009

Friday 13th... unlucky for some?

Well weather wise it certainly is unlucky, or yucky, howling wind, rain lashing down.  Tho the weather lot said it would all start at lunchtime, well it didn't get going here till well after 4pm. 

In meantime I settled down to an afternoon of photo altering...   which means a lot of faffing.  First finding the suitable images, and royalty free clip art,  then altering that to jpegs,  then taking away background, then a lot of cutting and pasting... you can see one result here.  Done 3 so far,   but need to get some nice borders. 

Should get back to crafting tomorrow.  Got to go get some toy stuffing for mum, so may see some nice bits for my boxes.  Forecast for tomorrow is just as bad as today.  Also have to call in to work,  said I'd go have a natter with a friend, she did look very fed up.   Well with me out of action, one who has left for new job, another who has been seconded, they are 3 staff short, and so are rushed off their feet.   I'd not put up with it, sadly some folk think they can't fight management, well they can, cos I have.   There are minimum staffing levels,  I'd start there, and when the place goes below it I'd shut the place down.   

Well got to get back to altering meerkats...

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Think the sky must have sprung a leak....

As it hasn't stopped raining...  and more to come. Much rather have the frosty mornings,  that lovely crisp, clear air and blue sky.   Just think we could be in for a yucky winter. 

Well I am to be medically retired,  should only take a few more weeks to be made official.  So that is curtains down on another career,  if nowt else I've had an interesting life career wise,  the library has been the longest I've spent in any job.  Must say that the last two years have not been happy,  not happy with job, very happy with colleagues and many of the customers, but not the management - aint that always the way? 

Tuned into C&C today to find Leonie!  I wondered where she'd gone,  thought she hadn't had a mention on QVC these last couple of weeks.  I wish her well, I do like her, she seems full of mischief, but is a brilliant crafter.  She also has a new blog   LEONIE  where you can catch up with what she's up to.

I've done no crafting since Monday,  today was spent mucking with photoshop, friend asked me to help her design a badge,  so that meant me doing much altering of a photo in photo shop, but it worked.   Now need to find a santa hat to go on a meerkat....   the things you do!  Will go trawl the clip art sites,  bound to find something there.

Well this is just a quick catch up...  will be craftng tomorrow.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

After the sunshine came the grey...

Yep, back to normal, dull, grey, cold, and raining....  tho seem to recall that this time last year it was really cold.  I also seem to be in hibernation mode,  woke up at 6 a.m., made cuppa, piece of toast and took it back to bed.  Was intending on getting up early, to put on washing, and get to supermarket early...  instead I wake up again at 9.a.m!   Really disgusted with myself, second time in a row I've overslept.  Got to get act together. 

Got appointment tomorrow at occy health, should be interesting, cos if the doc is an disinterested as he was last time he is in for a big shock.   Took me all my time during last appointment NOT to lose my temper with him.  He was pig ignorant.  I know exactly what my surgeon has said in the letter to occy health, he spelled out exactly how bad my injury was.  The dumb occy health nurse kept on telling me I'd be back at work in no time... not what my surgeon was saying.   The occy health nurse felt she was an expert on busted knee caps cos her BiL had one, and he was fine, made a full recovery... yeah well he didn't smash his to pieces.  I kept on telling her that mine was badly fractured, but oh no, she wouldn't taken any notice, wouldn't let me go for redeployment either.  So I complained, hence the doc's frosty attitude,  well if he tries that again he, as I said, is in for a shock.   He also refused to put me forward for redeployment, and I found out after that there were two possible suitable jobs! What is with these people?  I have a friend who is also having to fight bad managers....  I am sick of bad managers, those who end up in jobs of responsibility far beyond their limited capabilities.   And especially those managers who think they can rule by fear, that is not managing, that is being a pillock. 

Supermarket shop was painless,  well almost,  I am still baffled by people who insist on blocking an aisle with their trolley, while they wonder which tin of soup to buy!   Choose one and move on, or don't leave trolley abandoned in middle of aisle.  Also noticed how some supermarkets are determined that us shoppers will do everything,  now Tesco have the scanner ready for us to scan our club card...  nope, refuse to do it,  just as I refuse to use those self service tills.   I only ever see people having problems with them, having to ask for help,  hence the need for one assistant to be permanently stationed at them.   Look supermarket bosses,  I don't wish to serve myself at the checkout,  I want an assistant,  I want communication, a friendly face and a bit of banter...  not some ruddy machine barking orders at me, or telling me to prove I am over 18 so I can buy my wine!

Have done some crafting, just got nothing finished to photograph.  But have been playing with new toy, new camera, ooh it is wonderful!  Allows you to take soft focus portrait photos...   wonderful.  Plus all sorts of other options which I will have to explore.  And best of all I realised I got a bargain,  the camera cost me £129 in John Lewis, same camera in other stores was £150!   I came close to buying another model, with less features in Jessops.   Pic is of crown in Paddy's wigwam. 

Thanks for stopping by

Sunday, 8 November 2009


It hurts when I cough, I seem to have pulled a muscle near my ribs.  I wonder when this body of mine will stay in one piece for longer than a few days? 

Didn't help things yesterday by taking mum out,  she was bored and so I took her to a garden centre.  Didn't think my sore ribs were that sore till I started driving.   It was sort of a pointless excercise taking mum for a day out, as she can't walk very far, and I'm not up to pushing her in a wheelchair.   But I guess it was a change of scenery.   I had looked at the craft stuff,  not that there was a lot of it,  so I had to go to The Range,  cos I did need some stuff to make a wedding box.   So that has been started,  found a card that will do nicely for the swap card,  and eureka, found the papers for the club xmas cards.... phew, thought I'd lost them. 

Course it was also Remembrance Sunday, sadly I got up far too late to make it to our local ceremony.  Well if I had two healthy legs I would have got there, but not in my hobbling state. So watched it on TV.  I would love to know why all the Royals have to dress up in uniforms, only two have a right to be in uniform... and as for the array of medals - it is ridiculous!   I'd rather they stood in civvies than pretend they're high ranking officers.  Edward left the services,  Anne never served,   Andrew did, so did Phillip and the Queen.  As for the hapless Mr Brown, can he not get anything right?  He forgot to bow his head after laying his wreath.  The real dignity came from the veterans, old and young.  Sad that there are still so many to be added to the roll of honour, and even more left with injuries that will affect them for the rest of their lives.   Any young person choosing to sign up deserves our respect,  they know full well they will inevitably serve in a war zone.  Let us ensure that their courage and bravery is appreciated, and that their sacrifice never slips from our memories. 

Lest We Forget....   

Friday, 6 November 2009

Damp squib

Had to laugh yesterday,  watched as the locals spent all day building the bonfire on the  field,   as it chucked down at same time.  Needless to say the bonfire was a bit of a washout, usually it goes on for hours, but not this year, it was all done and dusted by 8pm.  I'm not being a meanie, I love fireworks, I just hate those that just go bang, and do so very loudly.  Give me an organised display any day.  All the kids round here do is let off bangers.  Thought we may get more tonight, but nope,  aside from a few feeble bangs, it has been very quiet.  As was Halloween,  thankfully,  I don't mind anyone having fun, just object when the yobs start vandalising cars and property.  According to the local rag some 40 youths were arrested on Halloween for damaging cars.

Another yucky day weather wise,   a very grim and grey day.  Nowt else to do but stay put,   did a spot of shopping and that was it.  Hoping for better weather tomorrow,  may be tempted to go out and about.   All depends on knee, wasn't too good last night,  very sore in fact.  Not sure if it is the cold weather.  Just remembered that this time last year I was finally allowed to remove the knee brace, boy was that a relief!   Been a very funny year...    and very sad at times.   Yep life is never boring, it always has a surprise in store.

Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Can't believe that last week I was wearing a short sleeved T shirt and today I am shivering.  Is this what makes us Brits so interesting, our nutty weather?   Be nice just to have four seasons and have them in proper order!

Well was miffed today,  saw two items I did want on QVC and by time I'd made it to computer to order both were sold out!  I swear some folk must have QVC on speed dial.    Then just checked on what was being sold during last hour, saw the sakura pens and went to order them, yep they were also sold out.   Got all the Christmas stuff I want.  In fact I'm finished making my Christmas cards,  just need to make a few boxes.

Had a funny old day yesterday,  did supermarket shop with a list and managed to forget to buy potatoes and mushrooms, which are the items I wanted most!   Then there was the QVC saga,  mum had her mind muddled over when her hairdresser was coming...   and I still had tons of washing to do.   By today there was a huge pile of ironing...   not my favourite thing!   But I did get a nice piece of brisket for dinner,  so cooked that with roasties and veg,  and it was deeeeelicious, the beef was so tender.   And cos the weather was so awful managed to get thru some of the ironing.

My mum is worrying me,  today the phone rang and she managed somehow to cut the caller off. So I said to do 1471,  so she did and then stared at the phone, snapped to me that it wasn't telling her the number - she was expecting the number to come up on the display.  So I had to explain to her that she had to call 1471, she still didn't get it,  I had to do it in the end.   Yet when I asked her about how to cook the brisket, she knew...  but when the taxi came for her she couldn't remember which part of the high street she wanted to go to...   She's acknowledged that her memory is bad,  I just think there is something more serious going on. 

And then this morning the TV was all funny, mum's words... we've had our analogue signal switched off, well soem of it, so we had to go thru another retune, but it couldn't be done till today!    I had 3 TVs to retune, what a pain, every menu is different, then I had mum's friends ringing me to ask how to retune their boxes...   nightmare! 

Hoping tomorrow I'll get some crafting done,  not done any for a while,  feel the craving starting. 

Thanks for stopping by

Monday, 2 November 2009

Fandabbidosi weekend!

This last weekend has been long awaited, and nearly got called off a few times,  luckily it did go ahead.  By Friday lunchtime I'd waved off mum,  then just had to wait for my two mates to get here. Sadly both got caught up in traffic on the motorway so were badly delayed.  Tho one, who has no sense of direction, and that is also with a SatNav, spent about 45 minutes circling the neighbourhood, forever missing the road/turning she needed...  she called me every ten minutes to let me know where she was... it was interesting!   But we finally got together, and after a quick cuppa and a hug, we headed off to get some food, managed to grab the last of the curry meals at supermarket,  and a bottle or 3 of wine - hic.   Took us ages to cook the curry using the microwave,  but we made pigs of ourselves and chatted the night away.   Next day it was up and at em to go get a battery charger for friend who had lost hers...   we couldn't get what we needed at retail park, so came home, and hopped on bus and headed for the city.   I did dither over the new camera,  looked in several shops, new Argos had one of the models I wanted,  but then saw a better model for just a few quid more, so got that.  It is a Lumix,  all singing and dancing,  course I had to buy the extra SD card!  It really bugs me that,  can you imagine buying a PC and then being told you need to then buy the hard drive... that is what it is like, and it is a rip off.  They should standardise the SD cards, one size fits all, same with the chargers.  Assistant did try to flog me the most expensive, told her to forget it that the cheapest would do...    so had new camera, off we went to celebrate our purchases with drink at tapas bar,  all very swanky with swanky prices.  It was fun tho, the staff were in fancy dress.  We intended to have one drink, but that turned into two...   and then we stopped,  cos it was far too expensive.  And off home,  we stopped at the chinese restaurant,  food was delicious but the portions were just too big.   Yesterday was all cultural,  we spent it battling the wind at the Pier Head, all 3 of us came close to being blown over, for some strange reason there were very few folk about, and no takers for the open top tourist bus!   After that we went to Paddys Wigwam, or the Catholic Cathedral,   it is a very striking building,  the choir was practising so it made it very magical, and spiritual.   We wrapped it all off with a mini tour round the Pool - weather was far too foul for anything else. 

And all in all a good weekend was had by all.  Mum also enjoyed her weekend,  so everyone was a winner :-)

And picwas taken with new camera  inside Paddy's Wigwam,  it depicts Jacob sacrificing the lamb... it was an amazing sculpture. 

Hope you all had a good weekend