Monday, 31 August 2009

Typical bank holiday monday

Wet, windy, tho not cold. Yep it must be a bank holiday, wall to wall films on TV, weather awful and I'm forced to stay in.... nuts.

Tho wasn't feeling too well this morning, had sore throat ever since op, trying to put it down to the tube in throat... thought the gargling with salt water had cured it, but it was back today. And felt grotty, still feel grotty, but trying to ignore it.

At last managed to plug in scanner, so can now upload a few new photos. These two are of my simples Xmas card range! I used Anita's stamps, The Christmas set, a clear stamp set, with the stamp it up christmas tinsel embossing powders. They are lovely and twinkly. As you can see they are simple, but I've found the simple stuff does sell. I'm going to make up batches of five, the star, wreath, Santa, Snowman and Tree. Found some slim card stock, so used that up, must have more of a dig in card stock drawer.

With a bit of luck the QVC stuff should arrive tomorrow, very miffed, friend who lives in Essex, and who put in her order very late last Tuesday, got her stuff on Friday! She ordered quite a lot of stuff, and so we had the usual beef, why don't QVC offer cheap postal rates for bulk orders? Everyone else does, in fact why can't they be like Amazon, knock off the postage if you order over a certain amount?

Hope you all had an enjoyable bank holiday.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Had to dig, but I got out eventually!

What an eventful day Friday turned out to be! Had to be at hospital for 7.30 a.m., so was up at crack of dawn, and desperately missing that first cup of tea... but was in taxi for 7 a.m. and at hospital for 7.20. Got in lift and pressed for 1st floor, got out.... saw a chap waiting, so must be at right place... we waited, and waited, pressed bell, nothing. At 7.40 I went off in search of info, found porter, he confirmed that i had been in 'right' place, so got back in lift, well one next to the one I'd used first, pressed 1st floor and arrived at first floor, but it wasn't like first 1st floor I'd got out at! Seems the first lift was playing up and was decanting people out at 2nd floor! So waited to get booked in, only computers were now playing up, secretary eventually thumped hers... went in to office to get booked in and... I was in the wrong place! Not my fault, staff very apologetic, so off I went to ward 16. Had to troop to other side of hospital. Arrived to find another patient waiting, sister was with her, sister then took my details and then it was a waiting game. Staff admitted that they had no beds for us, and wouldn't have till at least 11, and that they kept on telling the surgeons this but they just didn't listen. I was thinking of the cup of tea I could have had at 4 a.m... Eventually I got shown to my room at noon, and hour later I was on my way to theatre, well I would have been had staff nurse had got her act together, she was being unusually dippy... then off we went. Then had to spend 45 minutes in pre op, me and two other people, it wasn't busy, staff admitted that they'd not been busy at all. And then into theatre, and a flurry of action, nurse sticking things to me, doc finding vein for that stuff that Jackson liked so much... got first bit of drug, went all lovely and woozy, then I was told I'd feel some pressure and zonk... out cold... whatever happened to count to ten backwards? Came too an hour or so later, with a crowd around me.... never knew I was so popular, but they were concerned faces, I was way too cold... so got tucked up in warm blankets. Sort of remembered that bit, this nice nurse making sure I was well tucked up. But they weren't happy with me, seems my low BP was even lower... saw the drip going thru, but was still woozy then my knee decided to make its presence known.... jeeez, not felt so much pain since I fell over! Now had new nurse, she pumped in 1mg of morphine, no effect, so gave me another 1mg, still nothing, so she gave me the rest in one go... bliss... I floated off. They kept me in post op for an hour, they couldn't get me warm. Eventually I managed to stay alert for ten minutes, so I could go back to ward. Good, wanted to be home in a couple of hours.

On ward Nurse happily filled my request for tea and a butty, I was starving. That first cuppa was bliss. I was happily dozing, thinking I'd be home at around 8 pm, far later than I thought. Then sister came in with the bad news, I wasn't going anywhere, they weren't happy with my BP, it was low, well it has always been low. But she wasn't budging, did tell her about mum and that I didn't want her left on her own. She understood but wasn't happy with me leaving the ward. So phoned mum, she told me not to worry, she was fine, did I believe her, sort of... cursed myself for not getting in touch with the carers unit! But was in far too much pain and still too drowsy to think straight. Next thing dinner arrived, first offering was pork, I hate pork. Nurse went to see what else they had and came back with: fish, mushy peas and... rice! What a choice, who'd picked that combo? I don't much like fish either, not that there was a lot of it, managed a bit of it, fortunately there was a piece of sticky toffee cake, which went down a treat. Still wasn't happy about being stuck in hospital. But then night staff appeared and they were lovely, they came round and introduced themselves, made sure all us patients were all right. Then they brought round a cup of tea, or whatever drink you wanted, well not a glass of red... joking! At ten they tucked us all up, literally, they went to each patient and made sure we were all comfy in our beds, straightening sheets, pillows, switching off lights, drawing curtains. Nothing was too much trouble for them, I was okayish, aside from the pain, but lady in room opposite to me was having problems going to the loo, they were very patient with her, in the end they catheterised her, for her own sake, she felt much better and was able to get some sleep. It was the lady who'd been waiting with me in the day room, she'd had a full knee replacement. Something I have to look forward to in a year or so. But she was in a lot of pain, it was sad to see her so down, she had been so full of life in the day room. But she was on a morphine pump, not sure she was using it properly, heard the nurse explaining it all to her. Hope she is okay now.

Spent a fitful night, half dozing, but they kept on checking my BP every two hours... finally it was dawn. Was hoping for an early morning cuppa, but nope, none was forthcoming. Not blaming night staff, they'd worked hard during the night, but the new shift could have gone and got the tea trolley! But no, we had to wait till 8.30 for our first cup of tea. I was by then going stir crazy to get out. Had breakfast, and still no sign of promised visit from phsyio, then madness descended, I'd had enough, I wanted out of there. So got coat and started to hobble down ward... got stopped by nurse who asked me where I was going.... for a ciggie I said, I'll come back in ten minutes for discharge stuff. Then sister appeared, she wasn't keen on me going, but perhaps mad 'I need nicotine' look persuaded her. I agreed to wait for ten more minutes in day room while she got paperwork ready, she asked if I'd seen physios.. so I lied, so sue me, all they needed to do was to see if I could manage crutches, since I was upright I figured I could. Sister appeared with paperwork, but then said she was off to speak to physios, oh crumbs I was about to be rumbled.... fortunately she couldn't find any... so I could escape. I was out of there as fast as I could hobble.

No complaints about NHS, just don't like hospitals, they're noisy, you can't get a good night's sleep, and the food is still rubbish. Staff are lovely. But was happy to be home, and to get a goodish nights sleep in own bed.

Have made quite a few cards today, but can't reach plug for scanner! All are Xmas cards, I was using my new Xmas stamp set, just kept it all very simple. Will show results shortly. But even I was pleased.

Hope you all had a good weekend, and some decent weather, unlike here which as been awful.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

My family of choice

If you ever get the chance listen to a song by Jana Stanfield called: My Little Red book. The book is a contacts book, and there is a line that goes: My family of choice... which refers to all of her friends. That's how I view my friends, as my family of choice.

Why am I wittering on about families? Because they are often the cause of so much upset and hurt. Some of it is unthinking, and some deliberate. Those who enjoy a loving family probably find it hard to understand how a family can be so fragmented, or how they can lose touch. Some decide that family life is so unhappy that they choose not to be involved with it any more, others have their decision made for them. And we all know that real life is not like it is depicted on TV or in the movies, issues and arguments are not easily resolved. Modern life has complicated families even further.

I much prefer the company of my family of choice, those who have been kind enough to let me invite them into my life, and vice versa.

So if you are lucky to have a loving family, then treasure them, if you are not, then go find your family of choice, and treasure them.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sun, sea and...

Would ya believe this is Malibu.... ? Nope, didn't think you would, but it is. Honest. A bit of a dump really. Yep this is where the rich and famous hang out, I went there in 2004 and was less than impressed. I've yet to find the heart to scrap this photo, it just don't seem to fit with how Malibu is supposed to be!

There were some interesting shops, and a right dump of a coffee shop, all very way out there, and with prices to match. We did eventually stumble upon a bar, with a very friendly bartender, he agreed with us, it was a dump. Oh we got there by bus! Which was an adventure in itself, we boarded this bus, and well, its driver plainly had ambitions of being a formula one driver, cos she planted her foot on the accelerator and we were off down the pacific highway! Yee ha. Almost, we were thankful to get off in one piece, sadly we got same driver back to Santa Monica. Our nerves were shredded. Did tho notice how much better the bus service was in LA than over here, they did actually wait till you'd sat down, took time to get the disabled on board properly, we stopped at one bus stop and the driver got out and helped a wheelchair user on board, even making sure his wheelchair was securely fastened in. Big difference to this country, you are lucky if you make it to your seat before the driver hits the accelerator.

Been scrapping today, another two pages of mum's birthday album. Didn't go well at first, as usual, but finally I hit upon an idea. Ended up with a two page spread out of it. Now just need to get more photos printed, mum has forgotten that she was actually meant to order some photos from the photographer. Luckily he did get paid on the day for his efforts, and a few of the family have bought some snaps from him.

Feeling a bit more chipper, but wondering how long it will last. Hey ho, 5 days and counting to my next op, kneecap will be still intact this time next week, or.... in pieces!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

I'm still here, just!

Thanks Cazzy, but I am still here, just a bit distracted with other stuff. The family tree stuff is interesting, discovered that my grandparents were true scousers! I'd always thought they'd lived here in Sefton, but nope, they were born and lived in Liverpool. I'm just sticking with census stuff, and I can go twist the arm of our family history librarian if I want. Also got my father's side of the family, all in Ireland.

Today got off to an unsual start, I had someone coming, only to drop off the carer's package, but I wasn't sure when she would call. So had to be up and dressed handy, so made use of my time by... cleaning out several cupboards. I got rid of a lot of stuff way past its sell by date. I'd really like to redecorate the kitchen, but think such things are beyond me at the moment.

As for last night, well there I was just starting to snooze off when I heard mum scream... now I can't exactly leap out of bed, but I did me best. Hobbled to living room and mum stammers that there is a large spider by door, and oh boy was it large! But I was grumpy for having been disturbed, so since large hairy thing was between me and spider catcher, said hairy thing got squashed. I do usually catch em with the spider catcher and fling them back outside, they are told not to come back or else...

And wine I bought isn't very nice, so have to chuck it down throat, hey I ain't wasting the stuff, that would be sacrilige.

Lovely day today, went for a hobble round the high street, was going to get some photos printed off in Boots, but their machine was out of action - again! Rats, and I am out of coloured ink. May pop up to Tescos tomorrow and get the photos done, really need to do some scrapping.

Hope the sun is shining where you are, wherever that may be.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Been remiss...

Not been posting a lot lately, have been digging into the family tree. Have been doing a spot of crafting, not much, haven't got a lot of inspiration at the moment. It will come back. Need to get back into scrapbooking.

Had a pointless meeting with job advisor, wish these people would realise it isn't just the ten minutes they spend with you that is wasted, it is the time spent getting there and then going home. She did tell me that the ESA are being dilatory as usual with my appeal, figured that would be the case. They don't exactly knock themselves out.

Picked up a copy of the latest LMC mag, it was the Beatrix Potter stuff that caught my eye. Decided to use the kit on some baby boxes, the die cuts are beautifully printed. A few ribbons would have been nice, but will be adding my own stuff to it. Must remember to get the next issue, Wallace and Gromit!

Pic is of FF decoupage, coupled with cardstock from the patchwork friends kit, I used some acetate to support the bear.

all for now

Friday, 14 August 2009

Summers gone again

Why can't we get a few weeks of decent weather? This week has been a right mixed bag, rain, wind, some sunny bits.

I'm beginning to think that my patchwork friends kit and my FF kit are bottomless, I've still got loads to make from both. Had a close look at the PF kit this week, as I'm sure my cardstock is on the small side, certainly a lot of the figures won't fit on the card, not being two sided. Tho can use the cardstock with the FF kit, it goes well with it.

Got my appeal sorted out, that went off in post on Monday, so should hear something shortly. And made a claim for carer's allowance, the CAB put me straight on what I could and couldn't claim. May go and see if they'll have me back as an advisor, once I get over my next op. Tho there is some other stuff I want to do, like a reiki course. There is one locally in September, so have decided to put my name down for it. That is at the beginning of September, part two would be in November.

Not been blogging all week, not really felt in the mood, been a bit down. But now back on form, tho have got relatives to endure all weekend!

Well hope weather is a lot better in your part of the world. Have a good weekend all.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

That was the weekend...

Funny how you wait for it all week, then it appears and just as quickly it is gone! I personally think weekends should start on Thursdays and end on Tuesdays. I had a nice weekend, started with a well deserved lie in on Saturday, then decided to peek thru curtain to see what sort of day it was - yay Sunshine and blue sky! So hobbled to high street, and did so with ipod plugged in, funny that I enjoy listening to new albums when walking... but have no patience to sit and listen at home. Really getting into Jana Stanfield, lover her music, very thought provoking. And it took me all the way to my favourite cake shop... was looking forward to buying some scones and some strawberry tarts... humph, some chap had come in and bought all the sultana scones! So had to make do with cherry, but there were some delicious looking strawberry slices, so grabbed two of them. They were delicious.

Tidied up garden in afternoon, rosebush assaulted me, it really needs to be cut down, but is in full bloom. Sadly the clematis isn't looking so good, think I may have to buy a new one next year. But everything else is blooming. Enjoyed tidying it all up.

Today was another lazy day, did manage a spot of crafting. Had to make my swap card, of a cup cake, or cup cake themed. So was very unoriginal and cut out a cup cake. Mind you it was labour intensive, I dabbed the cup cake top with a clear stamp pad and then sprinkled some sea foam powder on, repeated it a few times to get a nice thick layer, then for the bottom, I just cut out a shape, using some peel off lines, I then used my gel pens to colour inbetween, and used a water brush to calm the colours down. Easy peasy! Actually I remembered the Bibster sayin you could use a water brush on the gel pens, and it gave a much smoother finish. Did use my heat gun to dry it.

Am also being very unsympathetic to my mum, her other hip is very painful, her only choice is an operation. Even knowing what she went thru last year, which was the great exception to the rule, else she is looking forward to being wheelchair bound. And I am not in any shape to go pushing a wheelchair.

Have to go for some pre op checks tomorrow, pity, was hoping I'd get a cancellation.. . but looks like it will be 28th of August that I will finally say goodbye to these pesky wires. Just have to hope that knee stays intact!

Hope you all had a good weekend, have a good week... and take good care.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Ooh the sun has come back!

Amazing how a bit of sunshine lifts the mood. Feel a bit better, not as down as I was. The return of summer time has definitely helped. Bit of an icky day yesterday, but have let that go...

Also starting to delve into the family tree. Have been watching that programme, HeirHunters, what a fab job! And then a friend asked me for a bit of help with her family tree, not sure why she asked me cos I've never done a family tree. So appetite has been whetted, and I've begun digging. Found my grandfather was a grocer, he was also a very good cake decorator, and my grandmother was a laundry maid. So no rich relatives so far.

Got the golden wedding box finished, would have taken photos, but it contained photos, so thought it best not to take my own and post them. Posted it yesterday, it was well packed, so it had better arrive intact. Was a bit daft yesterday, did the usual supermarket shop, then went for another walk in the afternoon. Mistake, leg was really sore, had to sit down on a bench, mind you I quite enjoy watching the world go by. The young girls, all of 10, who passed me trying to look oh so grown up saddened me, at that age I was still very much a tomboy and enjoying myself, I wasn't even thinking about make up. But there they were, all toting handbags, with makeup, trying to be grown up... why can't we allow children to be just children? Then there was the teenage clown who almost crashed into me, he was busy trying to show off to a girl, not that she was interested, and then finally the drunk that staggered out of the pub, he flopped down beside me. My cue to leave... how can anyone get drunk mid afternoon?

Being 'disabled' is also illuminating, the unusual suspects are those who get out of your way, hold open doors or offer to help. The others... well last week an OAP just about shoulder charged me out of the way so eager was she to get ahead of me in the post office queue! As it was there was no queue. Then there was the ignoramus on a bike... he was lucky I didn't knock him off with my crutch! And a big thank you to the young lady who saw me but didn't bother to hold open the door for me.

More crafting tomorrow, got a RAK to knock off and a swap card.... cupcake! Memo to self, remember to get robo to cut out that cupcake template!

Thanks for meandering by... muchly appreciated.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Was that really the weekend?

It seemed to fly by so fast. Woke up this morning with a start, was in the middle of a morale boosting meditation when - yikes, my sick note is due? Hadn't noted it on my desk diary, so had to go rooting for my filofax... phew, not due till end of September. But ugh, I'm now awake, need cuppa urgently. Still I got lots done, washing on, tidied up, got myself under shower and washed hair, even defuzzed legs. All was going well then the batteries ran down...

But got some cardmaking done, even managed a bit of chalking. Never really mastered this, not sure whether to use cotton wool or the brushes that came with the kit. One effort, in pic, was okay, but next effort looked a bit dodgy so rubbed it off.

I don't seem to be getting anywhere near the end of the FF kit, I want to keep some back for personal cards and boxes, tho some of the decoupage is too big for exploding boxes.

Plan for tomorrow is to finally finish off Golden Wedding box, at last got the photos thru from my friend, had to resize them, just printed them out and so tomorrow it will all be done. Then will need to pack it carefully.

Then have to think of ways to persuade mum to leave me in peace for a few days. She certainly needs a break from these four walls, I've at least had a few weekends away, while she's been stuck here. If she hadn't been so silly she could have enjoyed a proper holiday with one of her friends.

Oh well must go cut photos out.

Hope you all had a good weeekend.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

What a plonker!

Was wheeling trolley back to trolley park, chap got there just before me and parked his trolley, and got his pound back... then I went to park mine only to find that the wally had also left a basket in his trolley so no-one else could park theit trolley! Had to walk all way back to supermarket. Was not happy.

I did almost headed straight home, then remembered that there was a craft shop in town, only about ten mins away.... so off I went. Got some nice stuff, could have spent loads, but restricted myself to just a few bits, and even got some die cut decoupage Xmas cards! And found a few bits just to finish off the Golden Wedding box, it is now just awaiting photos. The pic is of my FF box, the outside layer, still think it needs summat on the other two sides. FF stuff is everywhere, it is obviously the 'in' thing. Did find some lovely toppers, and gorgeous charms, but didn't have much time to dither as I'd only paid for an hours parking.

Weather was grim, verrrrry grey, and cold. Luckily it warmed up a tad and the sun managed to make an appearance. If I see one more cheery, smiling forecaster I may chuck something at the TV. Is it me, or are they all looking very smug?

So crafted all afternoon, whilst watching the women's golf, not a patch on the men's game... but still enjoyable. Made 6 Xmas decoupage cards, very pleased with myself. I'm determined this week to finish off all my cards and then look round for a fair of some sort. Need to get some dosh together.

Hope your all having an enjoyable weekend and managing to stay dry.