Saturday, 31 January 2015

Shivering on a Saturday.

This is Harry,  it's not a sketch of a real cat,  just one I dreamed up.    Cat's noses are really unusual,  sort of heart shaped, but not...     He's not finished,  he would have been had Harvey not disturbed me!   Yes, he awoke from his snooze,   he was cold,  so he got on my lap for a while.   Hard to sketch with a cat sat on your lap.   Last night he hogged the hottie,  sat right on top of it! 

I rather like sketching fur,  it is so therapuetic, relaxing.  He's got to be a lot darker and with a few more markings yet.   I need to print out one of Harvey's photos, then I can draw him.   I also need to start thinking about getting some frames for some of the pictures.  

And this little cutie,  he was from my How to Draw faces book,   but I thought he looked like my youngest nephew when he was a baby, so I altered the sketch a little. 

I felt better today,  so the sketching was a little easier.  I must stop putting pressure on myself,  I don't do it deliberately or all the time, but from time to time I find myself wanting the sketch to be perfect, which is impossible.  

The day didn't start well,   I woke up as usual around 3 a.m.,  had a cuppa and went back to sleep till 5.30,  then I allowed myself to get into a tizz over which supermarket to go to, and if I should pop up to Hobbycraft.  Dumb of me, as that ensures the anxiety will kick in, and it did,  so some podge (porridge), more tea, plus two painkillers and I calmed down.    Next mistake was to watch some of the women's Aussie open tennis final, to see Sharapova getting thumped by Williams.    Sharapova needs to come up with a new game plan,  she is too predictable.  But nor did I like the gamesmanship from Williams.   Tomorrow it is Andy, so I'll be glued to the box for a few hours.

Short post tonight....   stay warm wherever you are. 

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Here come's winter - again!

 Yes a card!  First for months.  My January swap,  featuring a woodware stamp, glossy black card, perfect pearls and two feathers - freebie from a magazine.   Took an hour to locate all the materials,  and half an hour to put it together.   I have another version as I tried a different sentiment. 

I realised that I really need to sort out the stash,  get it in some sort of order.  The paper and card is all together in one place, but everything else is scattered all over the place.  I seem to be in a decluttering mood,   spent yesterday and today sorting out the mail,  or rather filing what needs to be filed and shredding the rest.   All bills paid, up to date with everything,   but it will soon start again.

And this is my floppy eared bunny drawing.  Yesterday was a complete drawing nightmare, nothing I tried worked.  I'd bought a new book,   drawing animals and could I get anything right, could I heck.   My mood hasn't been good, so think that had something to do with it,  and my back and knee are very painful,  no idea why the wonky knee is playing up.  Today I had to go get more painkilllers,  and oh boy that wind!   It was like an icy knife,  and so strong, I was struggling against it.   I made up my mind to get all I needed as I am not venturing out tomorrow,  it will be just as bad.   Besides I have my new curtains,  my butterfly nets arrived, lovely postie left them with a nieghbour, bless him.   And they are perfect,  the right size at last.   My new cafe curtain is up on the kitchen window,  it looks really nice.

Since the drawing wasn't going well yesterday I did some colouring instead,  still getting used to my spectrum noir pencils.  But they do blend beautifully,  as do the skin tones,  used a mix of the derwent skin tones and spectrum noirs on this.  For Flopsy the bunny,  I stuck to H, F and 3B pencils.  It was very relaxing putting in all his fur,  well it would have been had Harvey left me alone.  Yesterday he was in sleep mode,  today he has been a pain,  he can't go out, rather he won't go out as it is too cold, wet and windy, so he's nagging me every five minutes to take him to the front door and see if the weather has improved!   I chucked him out before, literally,  left him there for five minutes,  it has had the desired effect as he's eaten his food and gone to sleep. 

Final sketch,   which wasn't working at first,  but I peservered with it.   Just couldn't get his eyes right,   semi profiles can be tricky but I used to be good at them.    So you can see why I was so chuffed when the bunny turned out okay.  Think I was just trying too hard yesterday,   my arm felt tight,  which is no good for drawing.

 Best finish off this post!   I was interrupted by a skype call from a friend last nigh, then further interrrupted by Harvey insisting to see if the weather really was as bad as it sounded - it was!   The look on his face last night when I opened the door was a picture,  he was horrified and shot back up the stairs.  

Today, Thursday has been truly horrible.  Started with rain, then sleet, that turned to hail and finally - snow!   Yuck,  plus the icy wind,  quite happy to stay inside, as was Harvey.  So I made myself useful and put up the new net curtains,   they look lovely, so pleased with them.  Then I settled down to watch Murray's  semi final in the Australian Open, he is in ominous form,  looks so confident and comfortable,  a great match to watch.   So I'll be tuned in again on Sunday!  

Sadly no new sketches to post, but have worked on a couple today,  one is coming along nicely, the other, a sketch of an elephant is proving more tricky but I'm sticking at it.   I was talking about a tight arm,   which isn't what you need when you are trying to sketch,  that is due to my silly anxiety stuff.  I feel it at night when I'm trying to get to sleep,  I have to consciously relax my body,  well I try to, I don't always succeed.   It's worse when I can't decide what to do the next day,  my thoughts start racing, and I realise that I'm trying to fit in too much, and fearing I'll be judged on it.    I've got used to waking up in the middle of the night, I try not to let it bother me,  cos if you do then you know that sleep will elude you.    Mind you having a furry dynamo called Harvey doesn't help,  if he can't get out then he uses up his energy in the flat by going nuts, last night he chased all over the flat, up and down the stairs,  around all the rooms and then finally landed on my bed, he flopped down and went to sleep!  

Not sure what tomorrow has in store, all depends on the weather,  have got a pile of ironing glaring at me...    want to go to the art class, but we'll see.   Many thanks for stopping by, stay safe and warm...

Monday, 19 January 2015

Tales from the freezer... brrrrrrrrrrrrr

Cor it ain't half freezing out there, even too cold for Harvey! I've resorted to having a hottie in bed, hot water bottle that is, and Harvey found the warm spot,  so he snuggled down and purred away.   At least today that horrible wind had gone,  but the cold puts you off getting out of bed, but today a lot had to be done,  so I had to get moving early.  And all jobs were done by lunch time,  even got some shopping. 

I am continuing my series of heroes and heroine drawings, the latest is Nelson Mandela, shall have to take a fresh picture as I've tweaked his wonky teeth!  I don't like drawing teeth, or glasses,  hence I set out to do both in two pictures, well three as I've just started a 3rd,  but I'm getting better at the glasses bit.

This is the fisherman,  from my how to draw book,  it was an interesting exercise,   not only glasses but facial hair, and a hat   The glasses weren't too bad,   the guidelines helped a lot.  I had also started a drawing of the Dali Lama, then made the mistake of using the skin tones ...  not a good idea!   I should have used the watercolour pencils and the mixed media pad so I could have done some blending. 

I want to try the exercise which shows you how to enlarge a picture.  Found a lovely pic of my mum in her WAAF uniform,  but it is small, so that could be my challenget this week.


Final pic is a melted candle,  though it it could also be a tree stump I guess.   This was an exercise in shading, which I think I've overdone,  I really needed some H pencils,  an oversight on my part which has now been rectified.  

No sketching tomorrow,  a friend is coming for lunch,  it will be nice to have a catch up.  I've just about located my stash, or the bits I need for a card I have to make,  sadly need some shiny black card!   So I may be a bit late doing this challenge...   I'm just out of practice.  Though I guess if I sorted out the stash properly...   yes and pigs fly!   I did do some sorting out this morning, worked my way through the pile of post - it has been opened but not yet filed,  so that is the next job.  

I also need some new net curtains,  current lot have had it.   I've seen some pretty nets in Dunelm, seems odd buying stuff for the flat,  once mum and I would have had to agree,  though we pretty much shared the same taste.   But in her latter years she was loathe to replace things,  we really needed new pans,  I said I'd buy them but she kept on insisting that the ones we had were okay.   Even getting her to spend money on herself was a battle.

Thats all for now,  next posting will be towards the end of the week.  Thanks for stopping by! 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Heroes and heroines

A few months ago I picked up a pencil again and was determined to draw again.   So far I've worked from tutorials, but for the last three days I've worked from photos.  I'm chuffed at this because it is progress,   this is now MY work, not just me following a tutorial.   I am using the guidelines,  they do make life easier!  

I chose to draw Mother Teresa, who did so much for the poor and needy,  but also because she has such an interesting face.  There is beauty in an older person,  and especially in such a face as this, one that has seen so much tragedy and yet the eyes are still full of compassion. 

A little more recogniseable, or I hope so, is Mr Obama,  he certainly wasn't the first time I drew him!   He has a very symmetrical face,  this was a formal photo,  maybe at some point I will feel like tackling teeth.   I drew him pretty quickly,  most of the others have take me an entire afternoon,  he just took a couple of hours.   Well that is me being pernickety,   wanting to get it right.  I'm trying to consider everything,  shadows,  like round the collar, where it is loose, and round the eyes.  The eyes are the important thing,  get those right and the rest follows.  Still awaiting my oily pencil!   Other two bits arrived from Amazon,   Mitch Albom's new book, he wrote Tuesday's with Morrie, and Five People you Meet in Heaven, both worth reading.  

And the 'hunk' as he has become known on a FB group I belong to,  it is actually Jim Morrison,   he was a very beautiful man.  Not got his hair right,  more patience is needed!   But think I will continue doodling with his hair. 

Weather is foul again,  there was blue sky this morning,  didn't last long.   And that wind!   I had to get out the warm fleece,  and layer up.    The good thing about bad weather is that you get good parking spaces, cos other people stay were it is warm.   The forecast said it could snow here, so I've stocked up on food and other essentials,  me and snow don't get on any more.  I love watching it fall, and how the world looks covered in that white blanket,  but it isn't funny trying to walk in it when you need to use a crutch.   Harvey insisted on going out earlier, so I let him out,  shut the door and... five minutes later he was howling to come back in!     Then he howled at me for a cuddle,   next he was howling for food, or so I thought, so I follows him to the kitchen whereupon he...settles down in front of his food bowl and tucks into what I'd put down earlier!    

Off to art class tomorrow,  providing the snow holds off,  mind you it is unusual for us to get snow here - which could be famous last words!   

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Turning the page

So much grey weather, yesterday was awful, so a nice surprise today to see blue sky and some sunshine.  Not that it lasted long.   Last night Harvey saw off an invader,  I let him go out,  next thing there are two cats howling at each other - went to investigate and there is my boy, bravely defending his territory - from behind the garden gate!  The last couple of nights he's wanted to go out,  so I've let him,  so far he's come back unscathed.   Sadly my mood wasn't matching the nice weather, hit a downer,  it was bound to happen.   So a calm day,  just mooching about and drawing - of course.  First up yesterday was this pic,  it is the princess from Frozen.  Her braids drove me nuts,  took me ages to figure out how to draw them.  Then I moved on to Manga, again...  determined to get it right.

And this is the Manga character, again can't remember his name.   Much more pleased with this effort,  did go wrong with the hair but have covered up the mistake with some shading...    It's all useful in the world of drawing,  never been good with hair, so this type of sketching is useful for me. It's helping with the placement of eyes and ears, plus hair, which I'm not very good at,  but on these it is exaggerated.    Used my new pencils on both drawings,  should have used the blender on this one,  they do blend beautifully by the way.  I love the soft grey tone, 

So that was yesterday.  Today's stuff coming up!   It was hard to get going this morning, I cancelled a visit from a friend.  Wasn't in the mood for company, and was getting stressed for some odd reason.  By the time I got out the sun had disappeared behind the grey clouds, and boy was it cold!

So once I was back at home,  and getting warm...   it was out with the new sketch pad.  I can't believe I've filled a whole sketch pad since Christmas!  Had no idea what I wanted to draw,  then I spotted this chap,  I love buddha's, so this seemed very appropriate.  Must admit I didn't hold out much hope of it being symmetrical, but with the help of some guidelines I managed it.   Tricky part was the hair, which isn't quite right,   but I'll be happy to revisit this chap but on an A3 sized piece of paper.   I will add some more shading,  just wanted to build it up gradually.   Think it would be nice either in watercolours or promarkers.    Then it was time for a cuppa while I wondered what to tackle next,  really fanced another portrait, but who? 

Not very recognisable at the moment,  still needs a lot of work.  I came close to ripping it up at one point,  it just didn't seem to be working,  I was having problems 'capturing' him.  It is actually a very iconic photo.   I'll be getting out the sketching pencils for this tomorrow,  the hair needs tons of work. 

And then it was time for a cuppa, and give Harvey some food, which of course he walked away from!   He walked back later,  that seems to be his habit.  So he demanded some play time,  after that he wanted fussing over,  while covering me with his fur....   cough, splutter... Think it must be the cold weather as he seems to want to sit on my knee in the afternoon.  I'd had the heating on for a little while,  just to take the chill off the place,  well it was 2 degrees!   I'm not a wimp and I'm happy to put on layers, but there is a limit, and today was it.  The flat is so well insulated that the heating only needs to be on for half an hour and the place is like toast.  When mum was alive the heating was on pretty much all the time during the winter, I woud be wearing a T shirt it was so warm. 

Got a cheeky letter from the council to say I'd missed my council tax payment,  well I had but only by a few days.  The letter said I'd missed other due dates, true, but only by a few days.   You'd think I owed them thousands when in fact the debt was: £28,  yep, twenty eight quid!   Felt like withholding it until the street sweeper actually sweeps our road, never seen him use his brush.  

So that's my lot for today,   will finish the portrait tomorrow, have a feeling it will take me all afternoon.   And then need to sort out my big challenge:  to draw a portrait of my mum on her wedding day.  She was so beautiful,  I just hope I can do her justice.

Thanks for stopping by.

So those are my drawings so far this week,  I should think tomorrow will be taken up

Saturday, 10 January 2015


What a day,  weather wise that is.  A howling wind since last night, and why, oh why can't folk shut gates?   Harvey attempted to go out,  opened the door, a huge gust of wind blew and Harvey headed back upstairs!  What a wimp.  Unfortunately I did have to venture out,  out of cat food,  and he's now in fussy mode.   Was glad to get home,  not just windy but blooming cold. 

So the challenge was Manga,  I know about it, saw many Manga books in the library.  So I had a go,  think some bits work, the eyes are rubbish, one is way too big.  I wasn't going to have another go, but I don't like being defeated, so round two tomorrow. 

I am much happier with this, a Masai warrior,  which is a study from my How to Draw Portraits book.   I used the guide lines,  and just my sketching set of pencils, plus the blenders.   Was a bit worried about attempting to draw his arm and hand, but it worked,  there was tons of shading,  thank goodness for the stumpy.  In the photo,  the blanket was patterned, but decided not to try and put it in, but maybe next time.  I definitely want to draw him again using the skin tones,  and my new pencils...    more on them in a mo.  This was spread over two afternoons,  so relaxing to do.   I wasn't in the drawing mood yesterday, I'd tried a few things and none were working,  I was just on the verge of giving up for the day when I decided to draw him, glad I did.

Yes I have more coloured pencils,  yesterday I went to town.  Wasn't intending to, as I needed to wash my hair etc, but instead of lounging around half the morning I got myself going.   So I was on the bus by 10.30,  and just in time for the weather to take a turn for the worse!   Went straight to the art shop,  and managed to dodge most of the wet stuff.  The shop didn't have any oil pastel pencils, or so I thought, then I found them,  or so I thought...   asked if they did sets and the answer was yes.  Well they also had a sale on, and what should have been £40 was now 28 quid, for the faber and castell pencils.  So got them, and a silicon eraser (much better than your bog standard eraser),  and a half price sketch pad, a good one.  Even got some discount!  Sadly the pencils are not oil based,  rats, darn it,  so will have to go via Amazon for my oily pencil.    Never mind, got the pencils at a bargain price, and they are very nice.   After that I went straight home as by then the rain was really coming down.  I was so cold by the time I got home that I put the heating on,  Harvey was grateful and immediately headed for his radiator bed.   I watched the news,  Sky news made me feel very uncomfortable, their reporters were like a bunch of vultures,   the BBC coverage was more respectful and less sensational. I didn't ever think it was going to end well,   seventeen people are dead and for what, because someone had a sense of humour failure?     Makes me so bloody angry,  reminds me of that quote, which goes (roughly) I may not like what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.  That is the basis of a democracy,  we have one, we should treasure it and fight for it every day.   Nor should this scum be regarded as fundamentalists,  they are not,  they are nothing to do with Islam, it is blindingly clear that they have never studied one word of the Koran,  and Christians before you lot get too pious,   remember that the New Testament was a rewrite of the Old,  and written by men of power for men of power.

Right lecture over,   off to skype!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

I am Charlie

The lion sings tonight....   maybe not!  Lovely and sunny today, but rather chilly,    and a bad dose of sciatica.  Which made the quick trip the the supermarket a tad on the slow side,  had no choice out of milk and more importantly - out of cat food!   The amazing thing is that Harvey is eating all his food,  probably just burst the bubble now.  

Anyways back at the sketch pad this handsome chap emerged.   Still have lots to do on his mane,  the lion's mane is very thick,  and his chin has white fur,  still need that white oil pencil!  I'm using my skin tones and sketching pencils only,  they are just the right colours for him.  On the last sketch, via the tutorial you could see his ears, but on the photo's I've looked at the ears seem to disappear into the fur.  Of course he needs whiskers - that white pencil again!   It will have to be the art shop,  checked everywhere else. 

In between sketching the lion, I did this chap, a Barn Owl.  I can see the mistakes, but overall I'm happy with him.   Still building up my confidence,   which takes time. 

Now want to draw a unicorn,  just something fantastical,  which I think would be fun.   But first there is a trip to the art shop,   planning to go tomorrow providing the weather is okay.  

Still no shower,  need to go back to square one I think,  but not till the weekend.   So it is bath time tomorrow,  got a new shower thingy,  old one was useless,  water was dribbling out of it.   This is not helped by the silly taps the repair man put on,  no doubt they were cheap.  

And the terrible events yesterday in Paris.   How can anyone be afraid of a cartoon?    God gave us a sense of humour,  we have a duty to use it.   The cowards who perperated this heinous crime did so in the name of God,  think they are in for a surprise when they get to the pearly gates.   We all have a duty to stand up for democracy, and the right to express our opinon freely,  if you don't like it then go and live under a dictator.   This I feel so strongly about,   it is akin to the Nazis burning books,   and I will not live in fear from these cowardly scum.  

Right I'll hop off the soap box,   Harvey is once again in the land of nod,  he had an hour fresh air earlier this evening,  that's on top of his morning constitutional.   Enough for any cat I think.  We did have a lie in this morning,   he does like it when the heating comes on,  it warms up the radiator shelf so he can sit and keep his tum and bum warm. 

All for now,  could be a unicorn tomorrow gracing the blog...   thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


A horse, a horse, my pencil for a horse!  Cor it wasn't half freezing out there today.  I've had a few inches of hair removed,  feels so much better.   Then when I got back to the car I had a bloody parking ticket!   I had mistakenly parked in a residents bay, the road where my hairdresser's shop is a bit confusing re parking.  There are a few houses dotted here and there,  some have resident parking, some don't.

Oh well.  Tried to get hold of an oil pastel pencil,  I can get them on Amazon, but not in Hobby craft.  Will try the art shop in town.  But did get a nice sketch pad, a posh one, which I probably won't dare to use.   In the meantime I drew the horse,  wasn't sure about him, but he's growing on me.  I suddenly remembered that I always could draw horses, probably because I was nuts about them during my early teens. 

I got Harvey a present, a new catnip toy, and a scratching box, which is also full of catnip.  Well he went bonkers over the toy,  even started drooling,  the box was also a hit,  it has holes in it so you can stuff toys or treats into it.   He spent over an hour playing with it. 

And here's tigger,  no can't call him that, he is far too majestic.    He's not anatomically correct,  and think I got his ears wrong, when I looked at the photo they were more rounded.   

Just found out that my neighbour, another one, is in hospital.  Folk seem to be going down like flies,  my hairdresser told me that two of his customers died over Christmas, and he was asked if he could do the hair of one of them!   Not sure he wants to,  but he feels obliged.    Harvey was on the prowl last night, he seemed eager to go out so I let him, but I was worried,  fortunately he came back safe and sound.

He's having a lazy evening tonight,  he's snoozing, it is possible he's overdosed on catnip!   Well not sure what will be on the sketch pad tomorrow,  will have to wait and see. 

All for now folks,   thanks for stopping by.

Monday, 5 January 2015

More musings...

 I think I should really change the title of the blog,  I'm hardly crafting, indeed I seem to be glued to my sketchbook. 

Yesterday, before I even went near the sketchbook, I attempted to fix the shower...  much gnashing of teeth later, mostly cos the wires had been cut so short that it made it difficult to wire the switch,  I turned it on.... puff, fused.  Damn, blast,  earth wire had slipped out, try again, same result... me,  baffled, consult google, look for diagram,  ah...    wire in wrong place!  But by that time I was stiff and my back was aching, so shall finish the job tomorrow.  I then had a bath,  haven't had a bath for years,  it was really nice.  Helped with the back as well, until that is, it was time to get out, which is why I use a shower!    After that I treated myself to a well earned bacon butty.

Then it was back to Mr Wolf,  which I started on Friday,  but was using a photo this time.  I've added some colour, wolves don't have much colour, except for the eyes, which are like amber.  So beautiful.  Wasn't sure with this attempt, see above,  something didn't feel right about it.   So put it to one side and started a tiger,  which is almost finished - never realised how many stripes a tiger has, and of course on the face one side must mirror the other.  I've also found a lovely colour photo of a tiger, so that is next on the list. 

Back to Mr Wolf,  I realised what was wrong, his face was too wide.   So a bit of erasing, and a bit more shading and here he is, in all his glory.   He's not smiling as much in this sketch,  I really took notice of the detail on the photo,  but having followed the tutorial my placement of the eyes, nose and mouth was much better.  Think I'll be carrying on with the guide lines.  

This morning it was all go,  a bit of tidying up,  put washing away, strip bed,  clean up Harvey's mess.  Then of course he wanted to play, so playtime,  then off to supermarket.   Nice to see all the decs are down,   normality has returned.   As have the road works,  still can't figure out what they are doing!   Not sure they know either.  

Having a hair cut tomorrow,  way too long.  Then I might tackle the switch,  it depends on how my back is,  it has been complaining all day.   I'm also expecting an art book to come,  it was posted on 2nd January,  so really it should have arrived today.   And I have a card to make - yikes, not made a card in months.  

Enough wittering I think...    thanks for dropping by.

Friday, 2 January 2015

What day is it?

What day is it?   I've lost track,  the binmen came today, adding to the confusion.   Normality would be nice!   So it was back to the sketch book, and thought it would be a good idea to tell you which tutorials I'm using.  I found a wonderful artist, Mark Crilley, on Youtube,  he is an illustrator and can be found here:  Mark Crilly Youtube
there are quite a few videos to go through.

Today I decided to have a go at drawing a lion,  and here is the effort.  Not bad I think for a first attempt,  will be revisiting this video.   He breaks the drawing down, and uses guide lines.  Here the nose is too large,  and eyes are too far apart,  need to tone it down, and do more work on the shading.  But not a bad attempt I think. 

I did this yesterday, a wolf.   Want to do this again but using coloured pencils.  The guidelines made it much easier,  I know the concept, but never used it, think I will be from now on.   May get some printable acetate, and make a few guides of my own. 

I used a HB pencil, and a dark wash derwent sketching pencil.   And I definitely need the white pastel pencil!   Not sure whether to do the tiger tomorrow, or the dog...  or an owl!   Decisions, decisions.

First priority is to fix the shower,  got the new fitting today.  I've wired plugs, and other stuff,  problem with this is that some of the wires appear to have been cut short.  I'm annoyed that I can't just replace the cord... grrrr

Well after the rude awakening, finding the bin lorry backing down the street, and having to go put out the bins toot sweet,  it was off to the shops.   No cat litter, and having decided to have curry for dinner I also needed a pepper, and mushroom.   Supermarket was dead,   then it was up to the retail park to get the switch.   It was a beautiful sunny day, spoiled by a howling gale!    Harvey wished to go out this mornng, after our lie in!   So I opened the door and h e then realised how windy it was,  but finally he went out, not for long.  Then he had a play,   him acting like a dog and bringing his little toy back to me to throw,  he found one of the feet off his feeding bowl,  now it is his favourite thing.  It's great,  you chuck it and cos it's made of rubber, and is an odd shape it bounces any old how, so keeps him guessing.   He doesn't like me going out,  I get some real dirty looks, when I return he's there to meet me,  if I move to another room, he follows - and that includes the bathroom.

The decs are down, the flat has been tidied up,  looks much better.  I have plans to blitz the airing cupboard,  it really does need a sort out.   In fact I have a list of stuff that needs to be done, new nets,  decluttering (never ending), sort out craft stuff properly.  My art stuff is in order, which makes a change,  pencils are now in the case I bought,  put in my small sketch book, and other bits that are essential to sketching. 

Well all for now,  time for a cuppa and to feed the cat.