Friday, 31 May 2013

Up and down

It's been an up and down week craft wise.  Yesterday was a disaster,  for some reason I persisted with a piece even though I knew it would be best to start again. 

Today was a different matter,  it all went smoothly!  I put this piece together,   though it isn't stuck down yet,  as I was a tad distracted by the tennis.

Yep it is that time of year again,  French Open and then Wimbledon!   But good to see that ITV has extended its coverage of the French,  it was on the main channel as well as ITV 4 on Sunday, most impressed.   It is though a distraction from everything else, including the crafting.

This is a close up of the background.  I've had this mask (and a few others) for a while now and haven't done much with them.  Was watching CnC (spellbinders show) and was reminded that you can use masks for embossing.   And that is why I do dip into CnC as you do get a lot of useful tips.

This is my, sorry, one of my new dies, Floral Border, and it is repeatable.  I got this along with two sets of nestabilities, and two packs of small labels,  with quadruple discount.  It cuts beautifully and is so detailed.  Just right for what I wanted. 

I also picked up more bargains from B&M, they still had the hearts, so got more of those, and more frames.  Well I need lots to keep me occupied as the 'good' knee has almost conked out.  It has been so painful today I've only managed to hobble round the flat.   Tomorrow of course it is Barbara Gray on CnC,  so the plan is to be up early and get some shopping, important stuff like milk!   And get back here for 11 so I can sit and watch Ms Gray create her magic.  And best of all it looks like a sunny weekend, just wish the temperature would go up a few notches, and I have tempted fate by getting out the summer wardrobe...

Well wherever you are enjoy the weekend, happy crafting

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

It's all in the Sentiment

I stumbled across the Clarity Stamp Challenge  and wondered what I could enter at such a late stage.   then I remembered the heart I'd decorated a couple of weeks ago using the lovely stamp set I'd been tempted to buy from CnC. 

I loved the sentiment that came with the stamps, as do all my friends, this has been a favourite.   My only problem was how to fit the sentiment on to the heart,  so with some masking I managed to split it.

The heart came from a pound shop,  a good place to shop for crafters!    I used a versamark watermark stamp,  and some cosmic shimmer Coral embossing powder.  I didn't think it needed anything else. 

Well except for a bit of decoration on the back.  Just two flourishes,   dabbed with the versamark and covered in the comsic shimmer powder, they almost look as if they've been enamelled.

I'm chuffed to have found the challenge blog, though it means buying more Clarity Stamps,  which won't exactly be a hardship.  And this weekend it will be in the classroom, can't think of  a better way to spend Saturday morning.

This has nothing to do with the challenge as it hasn't got a sentiment,  I just love the picture.  I've been experimenting a lot with frames lately,  just messing with different effects.  This was a happy accident,  the paint job on the frame was a disaster,  so I attempted to sandpaper it off and then realised I had somehow salvaged it. 

Got a few projects on the go, and trying to come up with an idea for a twinchie,  alls I know is that a twinchie is small....  can I do small?   We'll see. 

Not a bad day today,  achy bones,  not helped by the rainy and cold weather, keep looking at the calendar, it says May but if feels more like February! 

Thanks for stopping by, stay dry and warm.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

New Stamp

What a glorious day it has been.  Woke up to sunshine and blue sky.  I felt better just for seeing the sun, and seeing that the chilly wind had gone.   I packed a lot into the first couple of hours, two loads of washing, spot of hoovering...  I had a nice surprise when I got dressed, decided it was time to get some of the summer gear out, some of my trousers had been a bit snug but, not this time,  it looks my trim bike routine is working!   I keep it in the living room, so when the news is on I 'cycle' for 15-20 minutes,  try to do at least an hour a day, not all at once I should add. It means no strain on the joints, and I'm getting some exercise.

So it was garden centre, which is where the craft shop is,  but I also wanted some bedding plants.  First stop the craft shop,  but it was looking a bit depleted,  the assistant said that they'll be getting loads of new stock next week, phew. 

Was going to settle for stocking up on some basics, but then spotted this cheeky chappie,  he jumped into my basket,  I also picked up an oval wooden plaque, and an alphabet die, along with the glue.  This is the stamp side, it is nicely detailed, and has been well cut, it is from the Urban range by Papermania, he's also a decent size, 3.5 inches, and perfect for decoupaging.

This is the alphabet die I picked up, by X-cut, I liked that it had both upper and lower case letters.  I'd say the capital letters are about an inch high.  This is something I've been wanting for a while, but not seen any I liked, or in my price range, this was £12.99, which I thought was reasonable.   I'm glad to be using the Calibur because it has meant that the TH dies are mostly off limits,  I like the TH stamps but not the prices. 

I cut the alphabet, then looking at the remmnant I realised it would make a good mask. 

I've already started on the plaque, gave it a good sanding first,  then a layer of white acrylic,  glue and pale blue, to get the distressed effect. I kick started the drying process, then left it in the sun.  I'll finish it tomorrow.  

In the meantime I stamped Mr Owl on 3 different pieces of paper/card.    My small round punch is just the right size to punch out the eyes.  I used my versamark pen to highlight his eyelashes and nose with blue embossing powder.   I could have done the same with the spots,  something for next time I think.  This would also make a great picture for children to colour in. 

I also managed to have the wardrobe removed from the flat by one of my neighbours,   just needed it moved outside so the council can pick it up next week, for some reason they won't remove anything from inside a house or flat, it all has to be left outside.  They don't even seem to make any allowances for anyone who is disabled.

The flat is almost 'mine',  I've done a huge amount of decluttering, and that includes my stash. Just the hall to do,  ideally I'd like it to be re-wallpapered,  but I can't find anything I like, so guess it will have to make do with a lick of paint.

I hope the weather is just as good wherever you are.  All for now.

Friday, 24 May 2013


Meet Polly, or rather my gift to my latest great niece.  More on Polly and how she came together in a minute.  A much better day,  popped up to see my brother,  he was okay,  it was nice sitting in his conservatory, out of the chilly wind!  He kindly agreed to mend a head board,  SiL said they'd thrown theirs away, she was in one of her 'I'm right' moods, just went along with it.  She did admit that her arthritis was bad, and that she isn't taking any painkillers, so I wondef if the pain gets her down and so causes her mood swings?

Then if was off to hairdressers,  who knew my mum,  that made things easier,  it was nice to be pampered.  We swapped notes on single living, where to get the best bargains!   I'm just about getting portion size right,  but it can be hard to motivate yourself to cook for one.   Got some strawberries today, they said British, so hope they are sweet.  

Back to Polly.  I needed a frame,  and found one in Tesco, only £3, so I got two.  It's quite a deep frame, more like a box frame.   I already knew what was I was going to do, at least on the inside, but did wonder about decopatching the frame, I may do so on the other frame, but decided to leave this plain.

I chose the butterfly embossing folder, and the lacey frame.  The pattern does repeat on the embossing folder,  been watching CnC to get some tips on how to do it.   The frame I thought was soft enough to frame the owl.  I used Papermania Gingham, and a matching plain pink from their capsule collection, 12x12 papers.

These are the set of Owl stamps, I think they are really cute, and they also decoupage so easily.   The lady owl is the one with the flowers on her tummy.   I stamped her on the gingham, then restamped onto the plain, so I could cut out her tummy, and did the same with the wings.  I used black detail embossing powder.   I've also picked up the tip of inking round the edges of cut outs,  it does finish them off.  It does help if you've got a lot of ink pads or promarkers.

And here she is!   I used the Slice to make the lettering, the letters are from the basics card, no idea if that is still available for the Slice, I got my machine a few years ago when it was purely for papercraft.    The owl and the lettering fitted perfectly on the frame,  and because the frame is quite deep I was able to make her stand out. 

And of course the end result is at the top.  They can hang it up or stand it on a shelf,  I just hope they like it.

I heard today that my other niece is due to have her baby on 17th July,  well that is when she's booked in for a caesarean, she needed one for her first child.  Her mum thinks it will be before that, so we'll see. 

Not sure what to do this weekend,  the weather is set to improve, or at least get warmer.  It's not quite as bad as last year, or at least not as wet.  I really need to get the last of mum's stuff to the charity shop.  I do need some new blades for my papercutter, that means a trip to Southport as the local craft shop doesn't stock them, and I couldn't find them in Hobbycraft.

Just have to see what tomorrow brings.  Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

What a week...

I'm so glad this week is nearly over,  it is one I wouldn't wish to repeat.  My first mistake was in trying to decorate my bedroom,  it went okay in the end, but I'm now paying the price for pushing myself too far.  My poor body is aching all over,  the arthritis is getting worse,  there doesn't seem to be a part of me that isn't aching.  I couldn't manage the roller, so had to find a lighter one, then it was very slow going.  On Sunday my router decided to die,  it is well over 10 years old.  It took four phone calls to my provider before they would agree to sending me a new router,  after being given largely useless advice.  Despite being a highly profitable company they don't do next day delivery, oh no,  so it took 3 days to send me a box from Manchester!   It arrived today,  well obviously it did as I'm here,  the set up was easy, just plugged it in and I was back on line.  Had I missed the internet, yes and no,  but then there is some stuff that you now have to do on line.
With the bedroom done, and now looking very smart,  I turned my attention back to some crafting.  Well once I'd sorted out the new storage for the crafting.  The frame was a bit of an accident.  I wanted a dark blue frame,  but only had dark blue in some acrylic paints, and for some reason couldn't get an even finish.  So I intended to sand it all back... and ended up with this lovely result.   I was delighted, it suits my new room perfectly,  just added the flourish,  and the picture. 

After all the bad news I did get some nice news, that I became a great aunty for the 3rd time on Monday to Polly.  I must admit the name was a bit of a shock, very unusual these days, but has grown on me.   Also saw my GP, well the locum, and so I have to have an xray on what had been my good knee, looks like another knee replacement could be on the cards.   I think I also need new wrists, a spine,  and shoulders, then I'd be okay.

I watched the awful news first on the tornado,  I am amazed at the resilience of the Oklahomans,  they've lost everything but have the resolve to get up and start over.  The sweetest image was seeing the old lady reunited with her dog.  Then of course yesterday there was the horrific and senseless murder of the young soldier by two warped individuals.   Of course news like this puts things into perspective,  I've had a horrible week, but I do have a roof over my head, and my family are safe.

More crafting tomorrow, need to make Polly her welcome gift.   Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Before and after

I've had a nice time altering things, and a not so nice time travelling...  more on my travel nightmare later.  I spotted this heart in B&M,  costing a whole £1!  It was too good a bargain to resist.  I gave it a coat of cream paint, then just stamped using my new Clarity stamp set and the cosmic shimmer powders, and I've already had a few people wanting to buy it!   I masked the main image so I could split the sentiment. 

 Next was the fruit bowl,  I'd already given it a coat of gesso.  This morning I was watching CnC and caugth the decopatch segment.  So whilst at Hobbycraft I picked up some papers, 3 for 2, and the glue.  Got a few other goodies,  two owl dies, birds, and some lovely coloured card. 

I fancied decopatching the bowl,  Haley did make it look easy, and it is.  My pieces were on the large side to start with, so I tore them in half,  it is very gungy crafting,  and sticky.  But also very satisfying as it comes together pretty quickly.

This was the finished result, well almost finished, still had the outside to do.  It did look a bit yucky but once the glue had dried it was fine.  I seem to remember that you could use watered down PVA to do this,  it is rather like original decoupage.  I've got a box that needs covering, and a wooden box as well that is an awful shade of green...   they did have quite a good selection in Hobbycraft, along with all the models, including a rather large giraffe, hate to think how much paper you'd need to cover it. 

And last but not least...

This mirror, another bargain from B&M, £2.99. I thought this would make a nice addition to my niece's newly decorated guest room, which she has painted blue.   So I did the same to the mirror, using emulsion.  Just gave it a couple of coats.  I deliberated whether to wait for my CnC stash to arrive, I got some of the paints and mediums from Sheena's show, I've been after both for a while now.  But then decided to just keep it simple,  choosing some stamps and using the two dove dies. 

The dies are from the Tattered Lace range, the tail feathers are also cut so that you can fan them out,  which is a nice touch.  They cut first time, which is always a sign of a well cut die.   I think I need some wording in the other corner. I just used a flourish stamp in opposite corners.  So a plain and ordinary mirror turned into something a bit special.   I'll show the two Owl dies tomorrow!

I shouldn't be here, I should be in Cardiff.  The plan was to travel down yesterday, and meet up with a friend in Cardiff, then spend some time with my nephews and nieces and generally just chill out.  That was the plan...  Well after a good nights sleep I felt fine,  I'd already done my packing, just needed to put it into the car.  So after making myself look presentable I packed the car, and headed off.  By this time it was pouring with rain,  but I was okay, I had a stash of CDs with me to stave off boredom.  I got onto the M57, that as usual was fairly quiet,  but it was also a taste of what was to come, the spray from the lorries was ridiculous, I thought they had to be fitted with anti spray devices?   I ploughed on to the M62,  which of course was busy,  lorries nose to tail, idiots driving too fast and without any lights,  it was fast becoming a nightmare.  I decided to pull off at a service station I knew, but some plonker had altered the layout, plus the lorries all lined up in the slow lane made it impossible to see the signage - which in my opinion should also be in the central reservation! I kept going, well I had no choice, and made it to the M6,  but I had a massive panic attack,  and came off at the first service station I could find.   I just couldn't face another 4 hours of driving on the motorways,  my nerves were already shredded.   So I had to cancel and head home,  my friend was okay about it, actually she was also relieved as her dad had taken a turn for the worse so she really wanted to stay at home.   I headed home, of course having to use the M6 for a short while,   my hands were literally glued to the steering wheel.   I was relieved leave the M6,  the M62 was by now quieter,  my only problem came when I got off the motorway,  and it was due to a very stupid silver haired woman in a beaten up corsa,  first she was crawling along at a snails pace, then the next thing she was imitating Stirling Moss, jumping lights, cut people up, including me, she was a complete idiot.  I was relieved to be home. 

I think the week must have caught up with me, all the hassle with the HB, which did get sorted out at the One Stop shop on Thursday,  the assistant after looking at my paper work couldn't work how they'd arrived at the ludicrous figure of £224 pw for income,  it dawned on me that some plonker had misread my pension as being paid weekly.  So it was all changed,  and I was assured that I would get HB. I didn't even have to wait long.   But it all must have taken its toll,  and as my friend said to me later, it was also too soon to make such a long journey. 

Little things catch me out, as yesterday when I went to put mum's ashes in the car,  I realised that in taking them to Cardiff she wouldn't be here when I got back, the ashes have been strangely comforting, I never thought they would be, and why so many want to hang on to them.  So  I put some in a small jar.  I still can't bring myself to throw away her toothbrush.  When I am shopping I am only too aware that I am shopping for one, and that everything is geared towards two people or more.   Maybe it is now starting to hit me,  I feel as if I've been walking around in a daze most of the time.  And there are still people who don't know,  like the practice nurse, I had to go for a meds check, and she asked how mum was, which surprised me,  but she'd not been told and then of course felt awful.   Mum touched many people's lives,  she was always knitting, when she couldn't knit jumpers she switched to toys, hence the practice nurse got a set ducks, Mother duck and a little one,  others would get footballers or a Father Christmas. 

I think that is enough for now.  I want to use my new Owl dies tomorrow,  I knew the moment I spotted them they'd be in my basket!   I was actually quite restrained,  the cardstock was an essential as it is the colour core,  and I got a new versamark watermark ink pad, and have taped on it 'Clean',  in the hope that I won't make it mucky.  I did think about a die holder,  the Tattered Lace  had one at just 9.99,  as opposed to the TH folder at £25!   They didn't have much in the way of any spellbinders, or any adirondiacs, and I would have liked a couple more colours.  The other reason for the trip was to get back onto the motorway,  in much the same conditions as yesterday.  I did okay this time, though of course there weren't as many lorries. 

That really is it,  enjoy your weekend,  hope you are all crafting or doing something nice in spite of this nasty weather.  Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

What a day

What a day!   I was up early, so what's new?   But I needed to be at the CAB before they opened in order to ensure I got to see an advisor.  I was there before 9 a.m.,  just 6 people in front of me, but at 9.15 the manager appeared to say that she couldn't guarantee that I and all those behind me would get to see an advisor as they were short staffed, she was trying to contact some volunteers.  I stuck it out and luckily two more advisors came in. After two hours I finally got to see someone, all I wanted was for the advisor to read my HB letter and tell me if they were paying me benefit or not (the letter would not win any awards for the Plain English lot), but she couldn't... she was obviously new, and I exercised some patience, what little I have.  She even agreed that the figures were wrong, but that I'd have to go to the One Stop shop, yes, but which one, Housing association or council?  All the time I was thinking back to my own stint at the CAB when I would have began making phone calls on behalf of the client!
I was tired, emotional and fed up. When it became obvious she wasn't going to provide help with the HB I asked about making a claim for ESA or DLA,  saying I wanted help with filling out the forms...  I got two booklets and told to ring the DWP!   I'm not sure who to be angry at, this ruddy government for cutting back on funding (tho they can find it for overseas aid) or the CAB.   I worked as an advisor for the CAB,  and I never told folk to ring the official help lines,  but rather I helped them fill in the forms. So I went off to the one stop shop, housing association,  and got no help there either, just more confusion and advised to go to One Stop Shop, the council, which I was warned already had a back log.   I was invited,  in a confused manner, to take part in a survey,  ushered into an office, confronted by an elderly gentleman, nice but profoundly deaf, he got my name wrong, my address...  could it get any worse?   I left and frankly couldn't face anymore,   I wanted to scream, cry and rant, all at the same time.   I couldn't face any more bureaucracy,   so I headed for the supermarket,  were I luckily bumped into a friend who gave me a much needed hug.  So tomorrow I start again, meaning I have to delay my weekend in Cardiff!

The other nice thing to happen was the delivery of my Clarity stamps.   I posted a close up (above),  then I had the idea of using them for one of the frames I'd made at the weekend.  After a practice with them, to get the stamps 'going',  I chose some cream linen card.  I stamped the main image, then used the leaves/branch stamp to make a border, but was left with the mini dilemma of how to incorporate the sentiment?    Masking of course!  I used a post it note to cover the main image, then very carefully split the sentiment into two bits, to help frame the main stamp,  was so glad it worked first time!   It is a lovely stamp, rather a lovely set of stamps, very crisp images.  I spent some time playing with them using copy paper, and I do like to get my stamps going, I feel they work better after they've had a few layers of ink on them before you begin the real work.  Just a bit of sticking left to do on this.  It really came together very quickly.

And finally... my Owl bag!  It had been delivered on Saturday when I was out, so I had to go to the sorting office yesterday to get it.  I am so delighted with it,  it is a nice big bag,  and I can get plenty of stuff in it.  Plus it is a very cheerful bag, well it makes me smile.

And that is my lot for tonight.  Now I need a cup of tea and my bed, have to be ready to do battle again tomorrow.

Sweet dreams all.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Getting messy

I spent some time yesterday messing with the Gelli Plate, partly because I'd watched Barbara Gray on CnC.  I think it is important to just play with the plate, get to know how much paint to put on,  what makes a good pattern and what doesn't work.  I was putting too much paint on and wasn't able to get an impression of the stamp or stencil I was using.   I armed myself with all sorts yesterday, a fork, potato masher, some stamps...    and just went for it. I also tried mixing the colours, it was a lot of fun!  If  you have a Gelli plate but haven't used it, then get it out and play.  Just get some paint, and copy paper and have a lovely time!

With this I used one colour and a mask, plus the potato masher.  I also applied the paint using a sponge brush, just to see what effect it would give me, so you don't have to use a brayer.  I'd also say you don't need to use the expensive speedball brayer either.  I'd bought a cheap brayer but found it useless for the soft brayering work that Barbara Gray does,  however it is fine for the Gelli plate.  But you could use a soft brush, cloth, anything to get the paint on, and at the same time produce some lovely effects.   I had a sneak preview of the masks BG is going to bring out,  so I have no doubt I'll buy them. I also treated myself to a Clarity stamp set yesterday.

I also finally put the pieces together of the Owl picture.  I went a bit mad with the background, using a timepiece stamp,  then a flourish, and for good measure used the metallic holely stuff...  a technical name for it!  NOT.  I had a piece of organza ribbon that had been lying around for ages, so made use of that, used a brad to attach the owl tag,  stamped the sentiment, a bit of inking and two brads.  I found the wheatsheaf and took a fancy to it,  then 3 metal leaves caugth my eye so they got stuck on.

This was after a morning of furniture shifting, had this daft idea to have a change in my bedroom.  So putting the desk in a new place meant using a new ASDL cable,  which I thought wasn't working as I had no internet connection after hooking everything up.  So kept trying, then realised I had the cable in the wrong slot!   DOH...

To finish off the afternoon I made a yellow version of the All of a Twitter pic, using the new frame die I got the other week. 

I'm also hoping my new handbag arrives tomorrow.  I have wanted an 'owl' bag for some time,  seen quite a few but they were either not my taste or too expensive, then on Friday I searched again and found what I hope will be 'the' bag on ebay.   Yes I am an Owl fan,  they are such fascinating birds, I've been watching two on a webcam , two Barn Owls, they have mated and I'm hoping the female will soon start laying her eggs.   Far better than normal TV,  they are so amusing, the male was asleep the other day but he was gradually tipping over till finally his head was resting on the side of the nesting box!  And even better news - they now have an egg.

A beautiful day today,  think we got to 23C,  so time to get the T shirts out, well a couple.  I popped up to M&S and picked up a few tops and for once I was spoilt for choice.  Of course the weather is set to change - well it would!  Hopefully the sun won't be away for too long.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Chill out time

I hope that you've all been enjoying this lovely weather,  very mild here and sunny.  I've not done much today,  other than the ironing, my least favourite domestic chore.

I did tune in to CnC to watch Barbara Gray, and was reminded of the Gelli plate.  So I got it out and had a play, this time I used a sponge brush to apply the paint, which gave a lovely texture.  I had armed myself with masks, stamps, a fork, and a potato masher, well anything that would make a pattern!  The effort is a bit crude, but I was just happy to get a result,  the fork was very useful, and even the masher did the job.  I'll keep practising!

I have however improved with the perfect pearls.  I made this today,  using black mirri card, a versamark stamp pad and copper P&P.   I doused the black mirri with the anti static bag, and was very happy when this chappy appeared, then I used a die to get the tag shape.  I think my work with the frames and having to be methodical has paid off,  I'm not rushing stuff,  I really took my time with this piece.  Of course the P&P was all over the calibur plates,  but I was ready with a baby wipe!   I'd already made the background using a time piece stamp,  I did some inking on the card, then added the flourishes.  It now just needs a few finishing touches and to be put together.

Yesterday was a really nice day,  I'd booked on to a Intuitive Art Workshop...  had no idea what it was about,  but knew it would be spent with friends.   I was late in spite of being up early,  I just couldn't get going, and then I almost backed out after I missed the turn off.  But I made it, and was welcomed with lots of hugs.  We were at a hospice, making use of their meeting rooms.  Just before lunch we took a walk down to the small lake and found this delightful scene,  it was bliss, rather like a Monet painting,  and I'd left my camera back in the room!   I could have kicked myself.  But the others were all taking pictures so I knew there'd be plenty posted on FB.   It was a really nice day,  I surprised myself with what I painted,  and found it so relaxing.  Even the drive home was relaxed,  which I didn't expect as it is usually one of the busiest roads in Liverpool.  Maybe the sunshine had just calmed everyone?   Usually after these workshops I'd had to leave promptly to get home to cook dinner, check on mum, but this time there was no rush, it did feel a bit odd, but also nice not to have to hurry away.

Today was a me day, tomorrow will be a busier day.    Hope you are all enjoying the Bank Holiday!  Make the most of this sunshine.   Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

A better day

Yes it has been a much better day.  Aside from the obvious reasons I also managed a fairly decent nights sleep.  Petrol prices were down, so I took advantage, glad I did as when I left the supermarket there was a heck of a queue!

I got the frames finished today, a couple still need a coat of varnish.  After digging around the stamps I found this lovely swirl,  very aptly I used Coral Cloud cosmic embossing powder,  my mum's name was Coral!  It is a very rich colour.  I'm liking the cosmic shimmers,  they give a really glossy finish.  I decided to use one of the smaller Crafty Individual stamps for this one, I cut out the frame then used the embossing powder to make it ping, I had to touch up in places with the embossing pen.  Funny though as the camera has decided to change the background card to purple, when it is brown!

This frame was pretty simple, and it is for a friend.  Just a die cut, Crafty Individuals.  Embossed the card, and put on a silver butterfly. Just gave it a coat of varnish.

Inbetween times I fixed the music box.   We've had this music box for years, it was a present from my aunty to mum and it is from Singapore.  The hinge was broken, or rather the screws were missing,  so got some teeny tiny screws and sorted out the lid, then got the thing to play!   Then it was lunch,  and time to sort out the shopping.  Had to congratulate myself on several bargains, so the freezer is stocked up with chicken and mince.  Had to laugh at the 'meat free' fish fingers...  er!    It was bad enough reading that a firm had had to recall packets of nuts as they hadn't been labelled as containing nuts, though it said nuts on the packet!

I'd painted this frame yesterday, giving it some time between coats.   On Wednesday I'd rushed it and made a mess, that will teach me!   Again a rummage through the stamps proved useful, found this lovely large corner stamp.  I made a mistake,  on the bottom corner I didn't mean to stamp to the other edge, I inadvertently stamped were I didn't want to, thought about starting again, but then left it, came back and liked it, so hey ho, a happy accident.  Which of course us crafters love,  others would call them mistakes. 

I also managed to find some purple mirri card,which matched the Purple Twilight adirondiac ink pad, seemed to finish this piece off nicely.  This will be a birthday present for a friend, hope she likes it.

And to end - this happy chappy.  I do like these owl stamps,  they are so easy to use.   I did wonder about building a picture, but decided not to and to go with the tag. I stuck his wings down so they looked like he was 'all of a twitter'.  Lucky I had the right card to match the paint,   and I do like the gingham side which is on the reverse of the plain blue. So he completed a pleasant day.  As luck would have it he also fitted the bill for the challenge on Make My Monday which is to do with Anything that Flies.   Nice to take part in a challenge again.

Well it would have been pleasant had it not been for a silly letter about the HB,  stupid lot at the council have calculated my weekly income at £224,  I wish!   It is way, way under that,  I informed them of all my income, supplied all the documents and still they get it wrong!    They've stupidly added a pension that stops this month,  which they were told about, proof supplied,  and the carer's allowance which also ends this month.   I expected this to be a hassle from past experience when I worked as a CAB advisor.   Can't do anything till Tuesday of course.    It just makes my blood boil,  I watched the news and they said that the government were planning to buy at least 40 super douper fighter jets at a cost of 100 million a piece,  that does not include costs for maintenance.    Yep squeeze the poor, that is all this bloody lot can do,  it made my day to see UKIP do so well at the council elections and to have the smile wiped off Cameron's face, the man is clueless.  I'll get off the soap box now.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend, and the lovey weather.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

A sad day

Today would have been my mum's 84th birthday.  I got up early, 5 a.m., and by 5.30 was heading for the beach to scatter her ashes.  It was a beautiful morning,  there was even some ice on the car.  I'd not checked the times for the tides,  but luck was on my side as the tide was going out.   I chose to scatter the ashes near to the Iron Man we'd dressed in her dressing gown.  I was listening to John Denver on my Ipod,  his music was apt, Sunshine on my Shoulders

It was a sad and emotional day,  which I chose to spend alone and away from the world.  Life goes on,  that is the natural order,  but I wasn't in the mood to see happiness.  

Goodnight mum.