Saturday, 31 August 2013

I think this should perhaps be entitled 'tales from the boiler'.   Well the engineer arrived on Tuesday,  late afternoon, to fix it. I explained that it had been serviced etc.  So he checked it over, and blew the sockets again!   Next two new parts went in, though he was cagey about what was wrong - methinks last engineer made a mistake. So boiler repaired?  Well sort of cost the ignition switched snapped!   So that meant a return trip for engineer a day later, and what he thought would be a case of push on the switch turned into a half hour job!

So on Tuesday to pass the time I began to doodle.  I came up with this flower shape,  and just spent an hour or so messing with it, seeing how many petals to put on, or take off, and doing some zen tangling.  It was a very nice way to kill time.   I had begun to sort out the address book, or should I say address books, as mum had one, I've got one and then there was a joint one. It seemed daft to have 3, so I began to put the addresses into one book.  But as I went through mum's address book I got really tearful, along with the many names that had been crossed out, I really missed her at that moment.  It was seeing her handwriting, she had lovely handwriting, so unlike my scrawl. 

Then on Wednesday I had a really bad stomach,  one minute I felt fine, the next I felt awful, I'll spare you the gruesome details.  But when I began to feel better I sat in mum's recliner,  it felt so comforting to just sit there,  and again I really missed her.  So it was a bit of a tearful two days.   I told my counsellor, I have to say she was relieved,  she's said she thought I hadn't been grieving fully, or seemed to be stuck in one stage. 

Back to my tangles.  I began this on Thursday,  it was meant to be a flourish, but ended up as a tree.   I was using really soft pencils, and just relaxing when I was drawing the lines so that they were soft.   I picked up a really nice sketch pad in Smiths, it was  half price,  I had looked in Poundland, but theirs were only fit for kids and crayons.  Though they did have my favourite brand of beans, Branston, on offer!  There are somethings you can't compromise on, like tea and beans!

And finally my zentangle circle, this really was lovely to do.  It isn't quite finished as I want to fill in the border, but can't decide which pattern to use. 

I also watched Barbara Gray today on CnC, she revisited the gelli plate with Leonie, the latter was taking a bit too long, but I really liked the picture she made. 

And what a change in the weather?  Yesterday I was just in T shirt and trousers,  today I needed a cardi and some socks on my feet.    And in the supermarket I was left wondering about the logic of some people.  As I came round the corner I encountered a couple who must have bumped into a friend, but did they move to one side and leave room for others to pass, nope.  Instead they had spread themselves across the aisle, the main aisle, so anyone attempting to get past had to ask them to move,  it didn't seem to occur to them to move over even when they had let someone go through!    I kept on bumping into the couple,  they were aisle hogs, him especially. 

I need to turn my attention to making a card tomorrow.   So all for now.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

What a weekend, and I'm lucky to be here!  On Thursday the boiler was serviced,  the engineer said everything was fine.  But on Friday I realised that the water wasn't hot, so I checked the timer switch and noticed that the engineer hadn't switched it back to timed,  so I did.  Then it occurred to me that it had gone awfully quiet,  the TV was off,  but I hadn't switched it off, tested a lamp, that was also lifeless.  So did the trip switch thing, yay, I had  power again.  I went to switch the boiler back to timed and bang, I got an electric shock.  Now I have a dead boiler,  a neighbour who is a fully registered gas engineer reckons the other engineer hasn't put the earth back properly, but I'd done right thing by switching it off at the main electric point.  Not a happy bunny,  luckily I have hot water in the bathroom via the shower, which is right next to the sink. For washing up I'm having to boil water, which is very annoying and not cheap.   I had to laugh at the irony when the gas safety certificate dropped through the letter box yesterday,  plainly my boiler was NOT safe at all.

So to take my mind off the boiler, I used the elastic band technique,  using the purple and pink cosmic shimmer powders.  Once I'd made my background, leaving a space for some stamping,  I inked it using the distress inks.  Then I used one of my Clarity stamps for the main image,  and used a background stamp to add some interest.  I thought it was 'okay', but not quite there,  a good first attempt for what I was trying to attempt, if you get my drift. 

And here is take two!  I created the background in exactly the same way,  but wanted the lower part of the page to be 'blocked' with colour.  I used a different stamp this time, this is actually a Lindsay Mason stamp, it once had a border but I decided to chop it off to make the stamp more versatile.   I did some second generation stampign with the birds, and created the foiliage with a Clarity stamp, by turning it in various ways.   Nothing on the lower bit is stuck down yet, as I'm still thinking about it.  I got the buttons from the craft shop, aren't they fab!  I needed white card,  but had to make the sale up to a tenner to get my point for the rewards card, and these where £1.75.

I'm much happier with the fairies in this one,   not sure I liked the other image being off set.   Not sure what will be happening at my craft table tomorrow.  The forecast is for a sunny day,  so I may make the most of it, as on Tuesday I'll be waiting in for a repair man.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Hot wax

Hello all.  I felt my crafting was a bit stale, so I got out my encaustic art stuff.  It has been quite some time since I did any stuff like this,  in fact I couldn't even remember the setting for the iron.  But as soon as I got going it all came back, and it was such fun.  I know some create amazing pictures,  but for me the beauty of this technique is seeing what magically appears.  I just about even managed the birds, just as well it is a fantasy picture!

I then tried stamping, using Stazon,  I went for my favourite flower stamp (I will really have to put this stamp away for a while!),  and some purple wax, just dragging it across.  It will make a nice topper for something.

I used another silhouette stamp to do this, it is a Clarity stamp from the Birdhouse set.  This time I went for blue and green, again just dragging the iron across until I was happy with the effect.

It was all very relaxing, well I was also following my counsellor's instructions to relax more.   The Zen tangling is also progressing,  in my case it has been mastering the pens, not putting too much pressure on them.

And finally, the elastic band technique.  Take one elastic band, wrap it around a brayer,  use the versamark watermark in, roll it onto card,  sprinkle embossing powder and... you get this, well it was also inked.  It's like a dreamy forest.

I had a bit of a faff remembering to buy some elastic bands.  Amazing really, that when you don't need any elastic bands  you find them everywhere, and when you need them, there are none to be found.  I had to buy some, I did think of perhaps following the postman.

I had to laugh yesterday, was sitting in the waiting room waiting for my counsellor and guess what record was playing on the radio:  Ya Had a Bad Day!  

Well that's all for now, enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

All in Black and White

Think I should call this my Monochrome day. I stuck with using the Indigo Blu black card, white detail powder and stamps. 

This was done with the Clarity Birdhouse stamp set,  and a very fine brush to get rid of the stray specks.  I did use my anti static bag,  though I think I may need a new one. 

Next I stamped this lovely Woodware stamp.   I've just begun to add some Zen tangling to it.    I've realised over the years that it does pay to afford the best stamps you can get.  The better the quality the better the image.  I was looking at the stamps you get with Get Stamping, and they are high quality, not your usual freebie quality. 

And these are two of my new Indigo Blu stamps,  they are called Styilised Flowers.  The detail is lovely, and the powder has picked it all out.

Finally this picture.  I altered the frame quite a while ago,  but couldn't decide what picture to use.  Since I was in my B/W mode, I used the 'Fishing' stamp set from Clarity, on the black card, then layered up,  and the corners punched with my corner snipper. I shall pass on another tip,  before stamping make sure your stamps are free from any dust or particles!   I have seen a few stampers on CnC not bothering to clean their stamps, but I personally always like to give them a wipe.  This stamp had some very fine dust on it, so when I stamped it really looked a mess.  The detail powder does get everywhere, I tend to keep a damp cloth handy.   So this was the second attempt after washing the stamp,  a much crisper finish.    My stamps are not in any fancy folders,  nor have they been catalogued,  I have my own system,  most often used stamps are kept in a box on top of craft desk,  all others are in another box which I keep in my storage chest of drawers.   Even if I did bother with folders and cataloguing it wouldn't last.  It would all start out neat and tidy,  and the ordered state would last for... five minutes! 

I am more organised since getting my desk,  things now do have places to go, and they go back at the end of most craft sessions.  Even the card stock has been sorted out, a minor miracle!  And my new desk tidy has proved to be a very good buy.  I really do think I need to decorate it though. 

Well tomorrow is a card making day, and doing something with rubber bands... if I can remember to buy some!   Have a lovely week, and thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Timing is everything

After my counselling session this week I really was in need of a cheer up, and something to take my mind off things. I've been wanting to make a clock for ages,  I did start one ages ago!   However while I have the mechanism, I have lost the 'hands'!  So wanting to feel happier I paid a trip to the craft shop,  well it was pay day, and I always allow myself a crafty treat.   I spotted a small clock,  just plain wood, and only £5.  Wasn't sure how to decorate it, so while I was mulling over ideas I painted one of the canvas boards,  then it occurred to me that I could put the clock on the canvas board!   I checked and yes, the small clock would fit,  all I needed to do then was to complete the canvas board.   I chose to do some stamping, using a set of Clarity Stamps,  after painting the board with a mix of orange, cream and yellow acrylic.   So happy with that the next thing to do was decorate the clock itself.

It was in two pieces,  the clock face and an outer ring.  I felt that the clock face should be kept simple.  Wasn't sure what to use for the numbers, but then you don't need to use numbers, do you?   So I used the swallow stamps from the set to signify 12,3,6 and nine, and then coloured some white pearls.  For the outer ring I used my promarkers,  then used a stamp and embossing powder.

Of course then I had to cut a hole in the canvas board.  I managed that with a stanley knife and a hammer - don't ask!   And here it is!   It matches the kitchen perfectly.   I offset the clock,  and may stamp a few more birds at the top.  For the foliage I used one of the stamps from the set, and just graduated it, and added a bit more with a permanent marker.

Very happy with this.   Always nice when a piece turns out how you want it to.   I also got some Indigo Blu black card at the craft shop,  it is very black,  can't wait to stamp on it.  And I got two more cheap frames from the pound shop.  I've now put a few of my pictures up round the flat and they look okay.    I also dared to step on the scales,  I've now almost lost a stone,  I put on a T shirt today that had been a bit tight last year and it is now loose.  Nope I'm not dieting, not going to a diet club,  I am eating normal meals, and I have chips,  ice cream, cakes - all in moderation.   What has made all the difference is my little trim bike.  I knew that if I could just get some exercise then the extra weight would disappear,  but I can no longer go for long walks because of my knee and bad back,  so now I just pedal away on the trim bike.  I either watch TV or read, and pedal.   Mind you I was getting carried away on Friday, was watching the athletics and cheering on Mo, then I realised that I was pedalling faster and faster!   I've got just under a stone to go,  hopefully the unwanted flab should have gone by Christmas.   I think someone should just invent the moderation diet,  so many people go on silly diets that are unsustainable,  yep they lose weight, but when they stop the diet they put it all back on again.   So my tips are, look at your diet, if it is full of junk food then junk the junk, next take a look at portion size,  buy smaller dinner plates,  remember the word 'moderation', if your diet is balanced and healthy you won't want snacks between meals,  and do some exercise.  That doesn't mean going to the gym, but going for a walk, which most of us can do.

I'm feeling better today,  also saw my GP about the anti depressants,  I had worked out that they were responsible for my monster hot flushes.  A friend had found the same thing happening to her as she went into the menopause,  her GP gave her HRT and the hot flushes almost stopped.  I never wanted to take HRT,  but I really can't take any more of these monster hot flushes,  so I've given in.  The doc checked me over,  BP is normal,  she checked my wieght and was pleased with my weight loss,  so I got the 'script, and am now on HRT.   Fingers crossed it works.  I was annoyed by the GP,  as I'd read the blurb in the pack of antidepressants and it said it can cause excessive sweating, GP says she'd never heard of it, and she should be aware of the side effects, like you shouldn't take ibuprofen with them either! 

All for now folks,  enjoy the weekend, it is a bit soggy here, hope it is dry where you are.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Going green.

I didn't have the best of starts to the day,  managed to get through the housework, then decided to have a shower and wash my hair.  Switched on shower... cold water,  then hot water,  either hot or cold,  nothing else.  My heart sank,  I can't afford to replace the darn thing.  So my mood sunk.  Managed to wash hair with one of those silly tap shower things, but the water was only dribbling out of it. Which made me wonder if the water pressure was low?

After a bit of lunch I took my mind off things with a bit of crafting.  I started this piece yesterday after finding my Afro comb.  So out came the gelli plate and I mixed two colours to make this lovely back ground.

I painted the back of the board a dark green, then stamped,  came out a lot better than I expected. Tho the photo isn't doing a lot for it.

On the front I just painted round the edges, the bits that would be seen!   Then a bit more stamping, and dab of some black adirondiac.

Used that flower again!   Well actually it is for a series of pictures, but different colours. Got three so far, just need one more.  I cut a piece of canvas paper, then burnt the edges.  Then just added a few bits to finish it all off.

After this I checked the shower, guess what, it is back to normal.  Phew, so it must have been the water pressure.  But you don't really need nasty shocks like that.

I also found some videos on how to make a shambala bracelet.  I had one but it broke, so I just needed to repair it.  I managed to get some suitable cord.

So after a few false starts, and a bit of practice, I tackled the bracelet. Not bad for a first attempt, I had got it wrong the first time, but realised what I'd done, so redid it. And it works!  I may now fix some of my other bracelets.

Well after today I can only hope the week gets better.  Today would also have been my Dad's birthday,  even after all this time it still hurts.  It's been a tough few months,  1st July was their wedding anniversary,  mum's birthday has also been and gone, so only Christmas to get through.

I hope we get some sunshine this week,  have a nice week.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Sleepy Saturday

Yes it is all fairly quiet round here, except for noisy neighbour,  who has just been told to turn the volume down by somebody. 

I managed another afternoon crafting.  I began by prepping one of the canvas boards, always best to give the modelling paste plenty of time to dry.  So with that done I finished off the piece I did yesterday, just needed to glue a few bits, and add some stamping.  And then...   choices, choices.   So I went for one of the orange backgrounds which I did with the gelli plate. This is the finished piece,  but here is how I did it.

I prepped some brazzil card stock,  cut it into a square,  used a corner punch and just inked the edges.  I choice the burnt orange as it matched the next layer.

This is the main background,  used the gelli plate, some orange acrylic,  used the double print technique, just nudging the mask slightly.  This was also trimmed into a square, 1 cm smaller than the above, the corners were rounded with a corner punch.    I used standard white cardstock, 160 GSM.

I chose an Indigo Blu stamp, this is one of my favourites showing a lady on a bicycle,  which has been made to look like a post card.  I embossed it with copper powder.  I used spellbinders curved matting basics to cut two mats.  I stamped the image first then cut it out,  just gave it a light coat of Old Paper ink to soften the white,  used some black card for the other mat.

These are the other embellishments,  more spellbinders, think they were called Fancy Frames, they are the gold dies, and 3 paper roses.

Which when all put together makes this!  I changed my mind halfway through as I was going to use a tag,  and it is a really nice tag!  It is now in the bits and bobs tray. 

Checked on my neighbour who had the fire, she has been really lucky as it is only smoke damage.   It will still take some cleaning up, but everything else is fine,  the furniture is okay as she had the presence of mind to close the doors, I suggested she find someone with a steam cleaner, that should really give everything a deep clean.

Ah, noisy neighbour has switched off his loud music.   I like music, but how can you listen to it when it is hurting your ears?   His immediate neighbours have already put in an official complaint about him,  we think he is already on a warning.  Last week his rubbish wasn't picked up by the binmen, it wasn't his fault he hasn't been given a wheelie bin, just the clear sacks, but instead of complaining nicely he ended up shouting at the customer services assistant, hence the bags are still here!   Stupid man,  if he had explained properly and calmly then the rubbish would have been picked up. 

My canvas board is all ready for tomorrow, the paste has dried, it will need a couple of coats of paint.  I've been using Sheena's tip to add one of the Bindex mediums to the acrylic, it makes it last longer.  I was watching CnC today,  John was on, he is such a talented man,  I do admire his patience as I'm not sure I could do what he does.  He'd Zen tangled one piece,  he said it had taken a few days to do, but the finished piece was stunning.   My Zen tangling is getting better,  I've now cracked the basket weave, and I'm tackling the shading. 

Now it is definitely Wine O'clock, so I'm off for a nice glass of red.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Lightning can strike twice!

We have one fire, followed by another!  This time it was more serious as it was a house fire, luckily no-one was hurt.  Seems a tumble drier had overheated,  my neighbour smelt the burning and managed to switch it off and then call the fire brigade.    She came into my flat for short while, but she went to hospital to get checked as she is asthmatic,  poor love was so shocked.  Think it is smoke damage as she acted so quickly.

I never imagined that all this would happen today, it all started off as usual, boring, dull,cloudy, a bit of sun, but at a nice temperature.   I was wondering what to do so I went to Southport, I just had a need to go get some canvas board. 

It was nice to get out, the last counselling session was a bit intense.  But I have something to do, keep an hourly record of my moods!   Quite scary, just as well I didn't start until today, last night was not good. 

Anyway back to my crafting, well when I managed to get to it after all the drama.  I did some more gelli plate work yesterday,  and made about 3 backgrounds, this one I loved.  I darkened the edges a bit more with black.  I was going for a steam punk feel to it.   Then it needed something to go on.

Lucky then that I'd had a tidy up and found this! Perfect.  I painted the edges red, and again distressed them with black.  I needed to trim the card so you could see the edges. I felt it was going to be one of those pieces that was going to just flow.   And it did.  Once these two were dry, I could start with the decoration.  I stamped the lovely flower, once using a rusty orange,  then another which was embossed with black powder.   I cut two swirls, one was embossed with an orange cosmic shimmer, the other in black.   Used a small piece of lace, the 3 small coins had been unearthed, they got dabbed with some black.  Found the silhouette die...  it really was flowing.

This is the swirl,  and the first stage of the flower, with its clock bit. Behind is my nice and clean glass mat!   Just got to stick a few more bits down and the piece will be all done. 

I picked up a few other bits at the craft shop,a desk set,  in plain card, which I may eventually decorate.  but it has come in so useful already, it had a set of drawers, letter holder, pen holder, stationery tray, and a small note holder.  Well the drawers now have bits and bobs in them, it has a nice deep drawer for the DST and other tapes, smaller drawers have the usuall array of stuff.

Stationary tray has ongoing stuff in it,  notelet hoder has some oft used powders,  pen holder has all the craft knives, pokey tools, scissors, embossing tools, bone folder...  and envelope holder has.... my embossing folders!  Was chuffed at my buy, cos it was also half price.

Here's the other bits I got, all a £1 each, couldn't resist the roses, or the lace.  Though I had got some lovely lace the other week, but for a pound this was hard to resist. 

Just wondering what excitement there will be tomorrow?  Though frankly I think our small street has had quite enough.    We are all agreed on one thing, that the new neighbour is a pain in the butt.  He seemed nice at the start,  but it didn't take him long to show how anti social he could be.   We've had the loud music, banging doors,  the family party that ended up in a fight... needless to say we are not amused and we've complained.   He has a fondness for slamming the front door, so last night I returned the favour (only because my own neighbour is in hospital) by slamming my front door, and making a racket as I went back up the stairs.   We do have a nice neighbourhood, no trouble,  good neighbours,  so if he wishes to stay he'd better improve his behaviour or else.

I've been filling in my mood chart for today,  not too bad,  and I am being honest, no point otherwise.  I hadn't been able to express to my counsellor what I was feeling, so I wrote it all down.  Sat at the computer, had a glass or two of wine and let it all pour out.  I could see the relief on my counsellor's face,  she'd been trying everything.   She has the patience of a saint, and a good sense of humour.   My mood is okayish today, but that is how it can be, tomorrow is a new day and a new mood.  But got things planned craft wise, well ideas at least.  That is another scary part of my treatment, I will have to sit down and make a plan, I've never planned anything in my life!  Even at uni I'd write the essay then write the plan,  so I have no idea about planning, or that I can stick to it.

All for now,  hope you have a peaceful weekend,  one filled with fun and smiles. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Gelli plate fun

Well it's been an exciting, and alarming Sunday. it started off as normal, boring, me ironing and watching Barbara Gray.   Then just after lunch as I was about to start my craft session someone was banging on my door.  I used the intercom but no-one was there, so I thought it was kids.  I then (luckily) took a look through the kitchen window and... yikes, the car next to mine was on fire.  I rang 999,  then moved my car.  Which was just as well as the fire had soon spread to the back of the car and I could see flames getting ominously near the petrol tank.    Then the fire brigade arrived and the panic was over, the fire was soon out.  So it was back to crafting.

Yesterday I watched In The Classroom with Barbara, and she was giving a lesson on the gelli plate.  I've not used mine much,  and when I have it has been a bit hit and miss.  So I did watch very carefully.   With the lesson over I got out my gelli plate, paints and stencils and set to. I just did some simple stuff yesterday, using one colour.   Today I became a bit more adventurous. For this stencil,  I used a plain cream background, then applied orange paint,  and the stencil and took a print,  a positive and a negative.   I was sort of on a roll...

So for this one I used a black paint,  just brayering the paint over the gelli plate and taking a direct print.   Then I used some purple paint,  put the stencil on and took the second print, but the purple didn't show up. So I did it again this time using red and got this print. 

I did a fourth print, again using black, and then white, with two stencils.   Using the 4th Gelli plate print I went on to make a picture.

I first stamped the pen image, using a watermark stamp,  and white detail powder.  Then on the other side I used the writing stamp, again with white detail powder. 

Then came the hard bit, what to put on it!  First I went to check on the burnt car, the fire was well and truly out and the firemen were trying to figure out what caused it.  Finally the owner turned up,  quite a few neighbours had been out trying to find him.  The poor guy looked shell shocked,  all the windows had been smashed, it was pretty much burnt out inside.  The firemen also checked the VIN number,  I heard them say it was procedure.  With everything under control I went back to crafting.

So here is the finished piece.   I stamped the flower twice,  one using just ink, the second I used embossing powder.  the music score was something I'd stamped a couple of weeks ago and not used.  So I cut round it,  then made a tage and used the sentiment.  I mounted it onto some canvas paper, having fixed the flower on with a brad.    I'll finish the other 3 prints tomorrow. 

But I do seem to have at last cracked the Gelli Plate mystery thanks to Barbara.  I know now where I was going wrong, too much paint, and the wrong sort, and not working quickly enough.  You do need to work quickly or else the acrylic dries and you then have to start over.

So my tips, well Barbara's:  gather all your materials.   You will need card,  acrylic paint, copy paper, stencils, a brayer (any brayer will do) and a plan.   It is best to know what you are going to do so you can put things in order.   The first thing to do is apply the paint, you need a large pea sized dollop, more like a marrow fat pea,  spread this over the gelli plate with the brayer, lift the brayer as you spread the paint, and don't faff too much,  place the stencil on,  using a piece of copy paper, place it over the gelli plate, smooth down, remove paper and stencil,  apply card and again smooth it down firmly, then carefully lift up the card and you should have your print.  You can see all this on the C&C site,  go to their site,  click on the button for craft tools,  then go to the highlights box and look for In the Classroom,  click on that,  it will take you to a new page, and look for lesson 19.  It isn't up there yet but will be in the next few days.  Failing that go to the Clarity website and you'll find the video there.   One other essential tip,  keep your gelli plate in its original packing,  only use it on glass or a craft mat, and never leave anything on it for very long, or leave it on top of something.  The gelli plate has a memory and will pick up any pattern.  

I always clean my gelli plate, in fact I keep a spritzer bottle handy and some kitchen towel.   You can wash it with warm soapy water, or a baby wipe.    And if this klutz can do it, then anyone can. 

All for now folks, thanks for stopping by, have a lovely week.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Getting in a Tangle

I've been in a bit of a tangle this week, Zen Tangling!   I went to a workshop on Monday morning, and can say that it was a very good way to start the week.  We learnt how to do the basic shapes,  it was so relaxing.   I picked up 3 pens,  and a stamp (more of that in a minute).   Back at home I got tangling,  just messing with the patterns,  found loads on the internet,  and just doodled all afternoon.   This is one tangle,  I drew round a wooden heart,  and then filled it with a pattern.  Believe it or not the pattern is made up of the letter 'S',  you go horizontal and then vertical,  and you get this lovely pattern. 

Then I used the stamp I'd bought, it is a Woodware stamp and is rather gorgeous just as it is.  But if you add in some tangles then you get a different look.  Liz, who took the workshop had also given us a stamped image to tangle at some point, not sure I'm ready for that challenge!  Of course Mel Heaton is a great fan of Zen Tangle,  it is always fascinating to watch her.

Thursdays are when I have my counselling session, and my counsellor always reminds me to 'do something nice' after the session.  That usually involves a walk round the shopping centre, mostly window shopping. 

But this week I needed a few bits, boring stuff like bleach, so I popped into the Pound Shop, which as you know can also be a great resource for us crafters.  So I was delighted when I saw this quirky frame,  it was plain, but I liked the angle of the aperture and it was only a £1.   It is plastic, so wasn't sure what I could use on it,  but I took a chance with some embossing powdering.    I dabbed some watermark through a mask then sprinkled on the powder,  crossing fingers I had to hope that the frame wouldn't melt....  phew it didn't! 

Of course the brain ache came from wondering what to put inside the frame.  I wanted to stick to the monochrome theme, but get away from a white background.  Next question: did I have any black card?  Yep, luckily I did, so using an Indigo blu stamp and some white detail powder I created the Tell Time clock, or Dandelion clock. 

Here's some Dandelion Folklore I found: +

Folklore says that blowing the seeds off a dandelion is said to carry your thoughts and dreams to your loved one. At least, so they say... Source: "Unusual Vegetables, Something New for this Year's Garden," Rodale Press Emmaus, PA.

"Are you separated from the object of your love? Carefully pluck one of the feathery heads; charge each of the little feathers composing it with a tender thought; turn towards the spot where the loved one dwells; blow, and the seed-ball will convey your message faithfully. Do you wish to know if that dear one is thinking of you? blow again; and if there be left upon the stalk a single aigrette, it is a proof you are not forgotten. Similarly, the dandelion is consulted as to whether the lover lives east, west, north, or south, and whether he is coming or not." Source: "The Child and Childhood in Folk-Thought," by Alexander F. Chamberlain

"The dandelion is called the rustic oracle; its flowers always open about 5 A.M. and shut at 8 P.M., serving the shepherd for a clock." Source: Folkard (448. 309), from "The Child and Childhood in Folk-Thought," by Alexander F. Chamberlain

All rather fascinating!  It's one of those childhood memories,  like holding a buttercup under your chin to see if you like butter!   I'll have to pop back and get two more frames,  they also had them in black, which means of course I can reverse the theme, and use some of my flower stamps.

I'm starting to prep the hall ready for decorating.  It was a tad cooler today so I washed down the walls.   Tomorrow is a lazy day,   maybe a walk if I'm not too stiff from the wall washing exertions. Oh did I say lazy,  just remembered I have a full basket of laundry!   Rats.  And of course some crafting,  saw Sheena use a new technique that I'm eager to try,  it should be cooler over the weekend. Yesterday was almost unbearable. 

Enjoy your weekend,  and thanks for stopping by.