Saturday, 31 July 2010

Yep, life sucks

I've had one of 'those' weeks, somehow managed to end up with two parking tickets,  lost car insurance certificate,  got charged £25 for a replacement and had printer chuck several hissy fits.    Then you hear from a friend who tells you that she is off to a wedding, but it is a happy/sad day,  cos the person getting married hasn't got many more weeks to live...   then she tells you that her mother's dementia is progressing rapidly.   And life is put into perspective. 

It still doesn't take away the irritation of stuff going wrong,  the second parking ticket was almost the last straw,  only the apologetic warden made it bearable.  I'd parked outside the post office so I could tax my car,  I parked where I have parked untroubled for the last 20 years, only some plonker a short time ago decided that this busy thoroughfare should be residents only!    Want to know how many residents park there...  none.    Yeah, exactly.    But warden was really contrite, think it was me on a crutch hobbling over to car what did it.    At least my car insurance certificate had arrived in time.  Good thing cos I am now expected to go pick mum up tomorrow,   yep,  they, the family cannot be bothered to bring her all the way home, so expect me to fork out for two tunnel fares and petrol, and they are the ones with loads stuffed in the bank. 

I have been trying to be very buddhist about all this,  I've succeeded and failed at times,  it is tough this being mindful stuff.     I decided against going anywhere this afternoon, just in case I tempted fate again.  And would you know it the sun came out!  Albeit for a few measly hours, then went away again.    But it was nice to see a blue sky and feel the warmth of the sun.   Dinner was a sausage butty,  shows how bored I was,   there were other options,  could have had scampi, steak... but nope, I settle for a sausage butty.  Followed by strawberries and ice cream.  Well there has to be some indulgence.  Strawberries were so sweet. 

Oh well, tomorrow will be an iffy day,  wanted to stay at home to watch conclusion of golf...   my knackered knee is also not that keen on me driving very far.   Just as well I have a rather tasty Grenache Rose in fridge. 

Friday, 30 July 2010

And yes....

it is raining..   July is officially a washout.  A month best forgotten.    Did at least manage to get out for a walk before the rains came.   Given up on weather forecast, they've got it wrong all week. 

Got a busy month coming up, hospital appointments to prepare me for the knee op.   And before I know it September will be here! 

Got a lovely parcel yesterday,  I'd ordered a meditation course from Amazon,  it had very good reviews.   It's easy to follow and has two CD's of guided meditations,  plus lots of exercises to work thru.  I've realised that I've been putting pressure on myself to have some sort of epiphany moment during my meditations, when in fact I should just let it happen.   So yesterday and today I've just done 5 to 10 minute meditations,  focusing on my breathing.   Also got my ez mount foam, so had fun cutting out stamps and mounting them,  very gooey and sticky.  Popped into Hobbycraft on Wednesday, and got some rockablocs,  much better to work with on the unmounted stamps, also got some other 'foam', this goes on the acrylic block.   Didn't see anything else that tempted me.  I'd popped over to Sandbach to have lunch with a friend.   The forecast was for sunny spells....   not sure what happened to them as it lashed down.  But when I got home it had been sunny all day! 

So yesterday I had fun stamping Edna and her pals, see pic above.  It is a really comic set of stamps and sentiments,  I love it.  Also love my pro markers, did a fine job of colouring in Edna,  you get such a professional finish for not a lot of effort.    Hobbycraft did have the pro markers at half price, but all the colours I wanted had already been snapped up.   But the pro markers are just a dream to work with, no streaks, good shading,  they  blend wonderfully, and the skin tones are very good, tho they do look dark at first.   Now have to have a bash at my Angel stamp, which is very ornate. 

Well hoping for a better day tomorrow. 

Monday, 26 July 2010

Do I hate Mondays?

Not sure any more,  sometimes I worked on a Monday, about once a month,  but mostly I didn't.  Just hate grey days, and we have had far too many of them.   If I hear one more weather reporter saying we need rain I shall scream, we DON'T need any more rain here thank you.  Wouldn't be so bad if they got the bloody forecast right, today they said that the wet stuff would be gone by lunch time, only it wasn't..   It is tho very humid.   Come on High pressure, come get stuck over the UK for a few weeks.

Am looking forward to getting the ez mount stuff from ebay, then I can use my Edna stamps, which are hilarious.   I am  hoping it comes tomorrow,  along with my book from Amazon.  A tad confused by Amazon, if I place an order for books they say the credit card has been refused,  but if I buy any mp3 stuff that just goes thru no problem!    New credit card is same number as old one,  only the date is different.   I did alter it on Amazon when I got the new card,  humph,  so much for technology.  

Very unamused by new coalition lot, they keep announcing stuff that already exists, like today with the police, asking folk to join up as reservists, funny they are still called Specials.  This lot want us all to do public work for nowt,  how about they set the example and work for nothing?    Most of them could damn well afford it.  Did smiled at the reference to Brokeback Mountain,   yep it was a bit of a love fest at the beginning, not so sure now, both are beginning to show true colours. 

Looking forward to some peace and quiet from tomorrow,  hopefully till at least Sunday,   I will be totally disgusted with my sister if our mother returns home in two days.    And if she does then sister will get both barrels. 

Need a cuppa.  Hope you had a good weekend. 

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Zippety doo dah, zippety day...

Yee ha,  I shall be enjoying a mum free week next week....  bliss.  Roll on Tuesday.    She really is in need of a break, and so am I. 

Woke up to more blue skies,  tho by time it got to mid morning the clouds had rolled in, but aside from a light shower it wasn't too bad.    Called in at my old work place to catch up with the gossip,   sadly there ain't many new books!   But managed to get about ten books for mum, they should keep her going for a few weeks.  She is into a reading phase at the moment,  and sometimes the supply can't keep up with the demand. 

Took a walk over to the Strand, and got some shopping,  very nice checkout assistant packed my bag for me.   Also spotted the asian 'homeless' lady who sells the Big Issue, I doubt she is homeless, she is just flogging the magazine.  There is another chap closer to home who has been selling it for over ten years, not sure that was the idea behind it.  I no longer buy it from him,  he ain't homeless for a start, he has a flat and is on benefits. 

Got down to designing my own card box today,  wasn't keen on the other one, also wanted to print onto it, and that meant fading out the lines.  Got it all sorted in Word,   and picked up some heavier card stock from Smiths.  Still baffled as to why Staples didn't have any cardstock.   I do remember going to the one in Chester and being spoilt for choice.   So now it is all systems go, the new boxes will be easier to make up,  they'll also have our logo on them.   And managed to come up with a name for the card set...    So tomorrow will be making up the boxes, and playing with my new stamps. 

The pic: it really should be on the other blog,  it is two pics taken at the Chalice Well, one of the well, and the other of the water feature.  I used a pencil lines sketch and adapted it,  the Slice came in very handy for the flowers and all the lettering. 

All for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Think it might have stopped..

Hooray, the sun has come back,  tho he took a while to get going, but finally by lunchtime the clouds had all gone and replaced by blue sky.   Sooo nice having a sunny day,   everyone looked cheerful.

Popped up to Klara's crafts to pick up my goodies,   two sets of  unmounted stamps,  plus a mounted stamp of a fairy,  far bigger than I imagined,  don't usually go for large stamps.  It was hard to tell what size it was in the catalogue, but it is beautiful.   Always find you need to ink them up a few times, then they stamp nicely.   Klara was busy making medallion decoupage, and using the mica paints to colour them in,  she certainly has a nice time in her shop.   Also picked up some more incense from the Well Barn,  I do like my incense, so calming,  and got a new dibber for my singing bowl, I am tempted to buy a larger bowl... 

Also sporting a shorter hairstyle,  feels much better,   do miss the young lady that used to do the hair washing, as she would also give you a lovely head massage.  Bill was in chatty mode, unusual for him, think he is missing his old salon,  in this new one he is renting space,  tho think he is fast becoming the dominant hairdresser,  his cutting is fantastic,  never left his salon feeling unhappy.   I did once many moons ago go to a very posh salon in Liverpool,  when I got there they told me that my stylist had left,  so they'd rebooked me with the top stylist for no extra charge,  well his idea of cutting and style was crap!   I did go back and luckily found another stylist who repaired the damage, then he left and I found Bill.  Who had trained at that particular salon.   It only took me 15 years to realise that Bill was left handed,  well I'd always looked at him thru the mirror!   I'm quite happy talking to Bill, we talk footy mostly,  which is a breath of fresh air from the usual salon chat.  Or I can be quiet, he doesn't mind,  I like that,  sometimes you get bombarded with chat from the stylist.    Booked my appointment for September,  a few days before my op, well I'll be stuck indoors for a few weeks, and I can't drive for at least six weeks.   Also want to go down to Glasto in October, that means persuading a friend to go along,  cos I won't able to drive that far...  will have to work on her next week, get her saving up.

Not sure how long our 'summer' will last,   just hope that blessed rain has gone for at least a few weeks.

Have a good weekend all.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

It ceased to be funny days ago....

Yesterday we had a deluge of rain, so much so that several roads were flooded, waist high in water.   And what is happening right now... a bloody great thunderstorm and torrential rain!   No more,  please, go chuck it down somewhere else, we've all had enough.

At least when I woke up I did see a lot of blue sky,  and that strange yellow thing, er, oh yeah, the sun.   I was also up early cos I had appointment at hospital, it was D day, or K day,  new knee day,   suppose it is nice that they still think i am too young for a TKR, total knee replacement, but it was either now or next year, and frankly I was not prepared to go thru another 12 months of pain and incapacity.  I want my life back!   Young doc did suggest they try a cortisone injection, had a few of them, they don't last long,  and it was just a put off,  finally we all agreed that I needed a new knee, and so I shall get on in September.  Possibly sooner as I am on the standby list.   The ortho clinic had also decided to do its own ECGs, fine, except nurse doing them wasn't that au fait with things, in ECG dept, it takes all of five minutes,  this time it took nearer 30!     I do tho like confounding them, in spite of the fact that I smoke my BP is normal,  and ECG perfect!   That's what meditation does,  I can slow my heart rate down,   I just focused today and calmed myself, not easy when I was also having a hot flush.   Thought I would be home just after eleven, but nope, cos of elongated ECG got home well after 12. No matter,  only had shopping to do, after lunch that is.    Even managed to motivate myself for hair appointment,  time it all got chopped,  getting on my nerves now,  a tad too long. 

Sorted out logos from Vista print,  they had the cheek to ask if I wanted more...  er why?   Paid for it, so it is mine to do what I wish.   And got to leave feedback on ebay, think I best go to that now, before I forget again. 

Monday, 19 July 2010

Now building an ark

I woke up to a blue and sunny sky, by 9 a.m., it was starting to cloud over, by lunchtime it was chucking it down!   And still the stupid weather lot kept on insisting on telling me what I already knew, that it was raining!   Forecast is crap for rest of week, just as well I ain't go much planned for outdoors. 

I'm on a roll with my inspirational card sets,  now found the perfect box template for them, one that will allow me to print directly onto box.  Saves faffing with labels.  Got logo thru from Vista print at last, supposed to be an instant delivery, it only took them 24  hours.  So that can also go on box, now just need to go up to Staples, get some card supplies,  just have to try to remember where it is in Southport!    On way thru I'll be picking up my order from the craft shop, and hopefully agreeing a deal with the holistic shop to sell the cards, and other stuff,  I have lots of ideas!   Well going out to work is not an option right now, so guess it is working from home and dreaming up lots ideas.  Nice to make use of the creative side of me,  and not just in card making. 

Mixed feelings over the Golf,  well done to the chap who won, he kept his cool,  but I dunno, a bit of emotion wouldn't have gone amiss, it was all a bit of a damp squib in the end.   Not the winner's fault, he just did what he had to, it was the rest who stuffed up. 

Well best get back to the creative stuff.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Another grey old day...

 But tough, cos I woke up in a positive mood, and did a fab meditation, have stayed positive all day.  So yah boo sucks to the doom mongers.  Even managed to print off 4 sets of inspirational cards!  Yup,  PC or printer had to chuck the usual hissy fit,  but a restart sorted it all out.   So four card sets printed,  plus boxes made for them, with lids...   and yes, they do fit! 

Yep was definitely on a roll,  mind you I woke up late,  10.30,  but reckoned that I must have needed a long lie in.  Woke up feeling all the better for it.  And then the golf started at 11,  sadly they did nowt but chat for two hours...  not amused.  Then they said that satellite viewers could start to watch some golf, but not us freeview viewers!   Cheek of it.  I did wonder why they'd advertised the golf starting at 11 when all they were going to do was chat to each other,  can you imagine them doing that at Wimbers, whilst play is going on?   Feel like complaining, don't mind them doing a catch up, but then show the golf, some of us might want to watch the back markers.    They finally got going with the golf at 12.30,  thought it was going to be a really exciting day, with it being so open, but nope, the rest of the pack just folded,  the leader played very sensible and calm golf,  well done to him.   It is one of the things I like about golf, that anyone can win,  in no other sport can some back marker come thru and triumph.  True the guy did get a very lucky break with the weather. 

So just need to hang on to this positive mood for rest of week.   Going to see a friend on Tuesday,  meeting up for lunch, which will be nice.   Wednesday is hospital,  nowt planned for Thursday or Friday, but do have to go have argument with tax lot and put them right about my circumstances. 

Can only hope for better weather for rest of week,  it can't stay like this...   can it?

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Enough already...

Bloody rain,  there is obviously some twit somewhere doing a rain dance, if I find him he is in BIG trouble.  It is July, it is supposed to be hot and sunny, not wet and miserable.

Went in to do battle with Word and tables...  ooh what a faff,  you specify height and width and still it does its own thing.  But do now have a uniform, spell checked,  inspiration card set... phew.    Then had to find all the quotes, not easy when you also have to consider size,  so no very long quotes, and all authors had to be dead, well dead.    Now have to print them out and take to some holistic shops, see if I can drum up some interest.   Also need to make up some boxes,  things I do!   Must be crackers.

At least there is golf,  so watched some of that this morning,  then did some food shopping, was going to pop up to retail park to get heavier card and new ink cartridges, but the heavens opened,  the road turned into a river... so that put paid to that.   So came home, and settled down at computer, while half watching the golf.   Never used to like it, found it very boring, but it sort of grew on me,  nice to see the young chap Rory in the lead,  hope he can keep it up.    Mum wasn't happy with me watching golf in living room, hence my departure to my room!   She was also cooking dinner, scouse, with remains of our roast dinner, which is the only way to make scouse,  as that is how it came about, as a meal of leftovers.   No secret to it, just need meat from roast,  potatoes, some veg and bung it all into a pot with some stock and leave to simmer till spuds and veg are cooked.

Just hoping that the weather picks up, we got a summer fete in our village on Saturday,  being organised by some friends and I just want  it to be a success for them.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Now we have storms...

Okay, enough,  we needed rain, we've had rain, so now can we get back to summer?   Let the dumb water companies figure out better ways of storing water that we need.   They charge us enough. 

Well so far we've had two thunderstorms, both rather pathetic,  just a few rumbles, not even a decent flash of lightning.   It has lashed down with rain, so my potty garden is saturated, but then again it is so humid that it will most likely be dry tomorrow. 

St Swithin's day tomorrow, according to the rhyme if it rains tomorrow then it will rain for 40 days!  

Did cook a mean roast dinner tonight,   lovely beef joint,  melted in the mouth, along with some lovely roasties,  got them fluffy on inside and crispy outside, even the gravy was tasty.   Think I surpassed myself. Can never understand when folk say they can't cook, what is so complicated?   Follow recipe and it all turns out as it should,  just need to get the timings right.   We had brisket, which I cooked in the pressure cooker,  then let it rest for half an hour,  knife just went straight thru it. 

Pic: is of my shrinkles flower fairies, there should be four, but Number Four decided she didn't want to be a key ring and so curled up and wouldn't uncurl.  My first disaster with the shrinkles medium,  everything else has turned out fine.   Now just need to balance the colour,  you need to remember that it is going to shrink, and so the colour will be more concentrated. But don't think they're too bad.

Got the Golf tomorrow, weather is even worse in Scotland than it is here, tho that isn't a surprise.   But at least I have summat to watch on box,  do like the early rounds, more interesting.   Would be nice if a Brit could win it.     Not that any have come really close in the last few years.    Had to laugh at Beckham giving us his judgement on England's performance at World Cup, stating the obvious is the only way to describe it...  he is a man of few words, and probably best he stays away from giving too many opinions.  Not sure what he was there for anyway, aside to just hang on to the teams coat tails.   His time is over,  so can he now let go and retire gracefully? 

Well think I need a cool shower,  all for now.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Phew, it has finally cooled down.

Found it a bit funny that I had to make a card with a beach theme for my swap this month, considering how hot it has been! 

I used a pre-scored A5 card,  turned it into an easel card, then began to decorate it.   Used some yellow card for the 'sand',  and two different blues for the sea and sky,  cut a few 'waves' from some cream card,  then added the boingy stickers.  Lettering was done on The Slice.   Think it took me about an hour, with all the cutting of card, used my tearing rulers to get the wavy shapes.  

I also managed to complete a scrap page, all in one afternoon!    Was far more impressed with the print quality of photos from PSP than Photoshop,  much sharper and more detailed.    Tho as always there is a compromise to be made, in Photoshop I could print multiple photos on one page,  but can't do that in  PSP!   Rats. 

Half watching World Cup final, a bit boring, it needs a goal to liven it up.   Good match last night for the 3rd place spot, at least they both played like they wanted to win.  Take note England...   who were pathetic,  probably just as well most are nearly 30,  at least we can start with a fresh team. 

Got the Open next week, as in Golf,  the BBC nicely kept the fact that they were showing the Scottish Open to themselves,  hiding it away on the red button!   So I missed the first two days of play.

All for now,  enjoy the week ahead.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Gonna be hot hot hot...

Really muggy here,  I'm melting!   I hate this oppressive heat, so uncomfortable.   Wouldn't mind a spectacular thunderstorm. 

Had a quiet day, aside from the heat making me feel uncomfortable, it also brings on the arthritis, so a double whammy.   Mum needed some new reading material, so popped up to library,   just grabbed a few books, did have a natter to one member of staff, felt sorry for her after seeing who she'd been lumbered with.    So came home,  cooled down,  and had lunch, then did a spot of crafting, well colouring in and shrinking stuff.   Got out the flower fairies shrinkle kit,  I'd had a go the other day and to my alarm had had my first failure with the shrinkles, when my flower fairy refused to uncurl...    But made three today and they all turned out well.    Tried a compare and contrast, using pro markers on one  and the proper shrinkles pencils on another,  no difference,  tho the pro markers were a little more subtle.  

Was also getting annoyed with mum, was hoping she would pop up to see some of her friends,  but as usual she made a song and dance out of venturing out.   She was crashing about with that ruddy trolley,  probably just as well that our neighbour downstairs is partly deaf,   then I thought at one point she wasn't going to go out at all...    but finally she did.  I timed her, it had taken her nearly 50 minutes to work up to going out...  checking and rechecking her bag, then distracting herself with other things.    I'd had a busy week, and just wanted an afternoon to myself in the flat,  just to watch a spot of golf and do some crafting.  Will be getting on with swap card tomorrow, have idea, have all elements, time to put it all together.  

Got very useful comments on proposed set of inspirational cards,  a more muted background,  was the consensus, and to check the spelling!  Oops.   So a tad more faffing in PSP,   just too clammy to sit long at PC to do stuff. 

Am also somewhat baffled as to why the police are wasting so much money on forensics for that Moat chap, who topped himself,  he'd dead,  that is what he wanted,   so why are we spending out so much money on further investigations?   Can we have some balance please,  use the money to do other police work,  not waste it on futile investigations. 

Now need to go hit the shower to cool off.  

Friday, 9 July 2010

How did we suddenly get to Friday?

Hang on, what happened to the rest of the week? Seems to have flashed past me without so much as a by your leave...    Oh well, pangs of Wimbledon have died down,  only 49 to go to the next Wimbers. 

The sun seems to have gone into hiding,  tho it is still very warm, in fact very muggy.  We now have a hose pipe ban, wettest place in the UK and we have a drought order!  Typical.    We did have rain last night, kept the plants happy till tonight. 

Popped up to Klara's crafts,  and she was kind enough to show me her new stamps catalogue.... oh noooooo   so many stamps, not enough dosh.  Chose 3 in the end, a lovely fairy stamp,  and two sets of clear stamps both have ten stamps in them.    Got some fimo,  not silver,  not in stock yet,  but bought some to have a play with.   And finally got to grips with making a text box transparent in Word...  used to be able to do it with a short cut, or was that in Desk Top publisher?    Anyway, got there.   So have six inspirational cards,  altered the photo, oh what fun you can have with Paint Shop Pro, especially when you're not sure what you are doing - LOL.   Chose the pencil gizmo, so turned a photo into a pencil sketch,   which worked fine, meant that the quote can be read easily.    Also had a faff with the above photo, the quote is from a poster I had years ago, but it was a lot ruder than that.   But it tickled me. 

To my oriental reader,  I got your translated comments,  however I don't know you, and last time I checked you were linked to stuff I abhor.  I hate anything that demeans women, and I don't give a stuff if anyone claims that the women are willing.     So published comments will remain restricted to those people I know and trust.

Enjoy the weekend all.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Tedious Tuesday

Trying really hard to find some motivation, but it keeps eluding me.   Didn't mean to stay in bed till 9 a.m.,  was wide awake at 5.30,   then tossed and turned, finally falling back to sleep... only to sleep in!  I've been really good lately, getting up at around 8.a.m., well it takes me a while to get going.   I am not a morning person,   I just go round in a haze till my mind decides to wake up. 

So it was a shower, wash hair and get out of house.  Popped up to The Range, just for a mooch,  once again they were moving the craft stuff,  not much of it left now, well not the craft stuff for adults,  lots of stuff for kids.  So picked up a flower fairies shrinkles kit,  water colour pad, and some boingy peel offs.  Not much else took my fancy,  had also forgotten that it was Craft day on QVC,  caught up with that when I got home,  but again nothing was yelling at me to buy it.  All Kanban - again!    Can we have something different please?

I am missing my tennis,  feel like a fish without any water,   well the BBC do spoil us tennis lot  with two weeks of wall to wall coverage, then just cut us off!   Just have to keep mooching this week, and shake off the withdrawal symptoms.   Will have some golf to watch soon,  and the footie is still going,  Holland is 3/1 up against Uruguay,  good,  as the latter blatantly cheated in their last match, and if one more stupid pundit said it was okay to cynically play hand ball I will scream!    It was not alright, it was cheating,  Ghana should have been given a penalty goal.   Footie really needs to clean up its act,  far too much cheating going on, and it is NOT  acceptable and should be frowned on. 

Photo is of the Chalice Well,   located at Chalice Well gardens in Glastonbury.   If you ever need peace and quiet that is the place to head for. 

And Holland are thru to Final!    

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Double whammy...

Two boring finals in two days... was hard to keep awake.   Maybe Nadal's opponents should be given a set at start of play... might even things up.   Pity as it has been a good Wimbers,  some great matches and lots of exciting play, till the finals.   Just don't like the bullying style of play adopted by the Williams pair or Nadal.  We'll have to see how long Nadal can last,  he plays a very physical game,  just like Hewitt used to do till he slowed down, and Nadal will lose that speed.    Didn't really like how Serena bragged about getting one over on Billie Jean King,  methinks in her heyday BJ would have wiped the floor with Serena.  Oh well that is it for another year,   now got the Open to look forward to, that is Golf!   For once Tiger Woods won't be dominating,  I don't feel sorry for the guy, he brought it all on himself,  he believed in the hype and thought he was invincible.  No-one ever is, and sport is cruel,  you have a limited time at the top.    Just hoping that Capello takes a very sharp axe to the England team, and drops all who didn't perform - which pretty much means a fresh team.   Did enjoy watching Germany beat Argentina,  kicked myself later as I could have had a juicy bet on Germany winning!   Maradona wasn't a happy boy was he?   Made my day to see him squirm,  he was undoubtedly a brilliant player, but also a nasty little cheat,  and karma eventually paid him back for his errant ways.  Time cheating was stamped out in football, bring in the use of TV, and crack down on all the cheats,   that is why I like Golf, it is an honest sport, and the rules are strictly applied.  Pity they aren't in other sports, like tennis,  Nadal was taking over 30 seconds between points, he is allowed 20 seconds only.   For a man who runs so fast, why is he so slow between points?  And will someone kick over those water bottles that he places so carefully on the court!   Just hope Beckham stays away from British Grand Prix next week, so far he has put the mockers on England and Murray... 

Popped round to Tescos for a few essesntials, bread, milk... and noticed that they'd allowed the community to stage a community fun day, giving over a substantial chunk of the car park,  providing the stalls etc,  well done Tesco.    They also intentionally employed most of their employees from the long term unemployed, all locally.    Was in Sainsburies on Friday, it took me ages to find a decent sauvignon blanc,  at a decent price, in Tesco's I was spoilt for choice!  Weather has defied the experts, so much for the downpour we were supposed to get,  it has stayed dry,  great for that community fun day,  glad it turned out okay for them,  but meant I had to go water those thirsty plants.   We also have new neighbours, but they aren't doing much to endear themselves to the neighbourhood,  so far they've left a load of rubbish in the street,  have parked in our street - a  no no...   so far we're prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt,  otherwise they'll meet Arthur,  our friendly giant who has a way of persuading people to behave themselves. 

Loving our summer,  first time in years I have not had to bother with a jacket or waterproof!   Had to buy a few more T shirts as well,  from M&S, but from the Men's department, sorry but the chaps do have better T shirts, small size fits perfectly, and they have lovely colours these days.   Assistant asked me if I wanted gift receipts,  I said no as they were for me!   The women's stuff is either clingy,  and rubbish material, or very sloppy, low cut and doesn't do a damn thing for me.  I also like stuff that will last for a few years, stuff that fashion stuff, that is for idiots who have money to burn. 

So have to turn attention back to crafting and studying.    Pity I have no rewind button, think I'd like to do these last 3 weeks again!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Rats and then some cheerful news

Yep Williams won Wimbers, was there any who doubted this?   Just read on FB that someone thinks SW is a gracious loser...  er, I'd advise them to go look at a few of her press conferences!

But then quick flick of the channel and Germany are one nil up against Argentina, and it got better they won 4/0!  A bit more European pride restored,  so much for those who said it was going to be a South American world cup.  It could be Holland v Germany.  Spain is about to play,  like their style, not a fan of all the falling down at the merest puff of wind tho. 

Murray thanked all who have supported him on his FB page,  hope he heads off for a holiday before getting ready for US Open.   Think tomorrow's final could be a whitewash,  and so another boring one, tho guess we have been spoiled with the men's finals in last few years as they've all been nail biters.    Think Fed going out is why Nadal was so desperate to get thru to final, so he'd have an easy ride for once.  Can't see him doing well at US Open,   not sure if Fed will do well either, think he needs some time out.

Oh well, best think about a spot of crafting.  Got swap card to create,  some scrapping to do - note to self, take photos and get them printed tomorrow!

Not got much done today,  a spot of necessary shopping, then a bit of short retail therapy,  very short,  contemplated going out in the afternoon but couldn't be bothered, well it meant going to fill up car and it all felt like too much hassle.    Weather was also a bit dodgy,  got some very ominous clouds at lunchtime, it also went very clammy, felt sure we'd have a thunderstorm, but nope, the sun burst thru.   So much so I had to water the garden, got some very thirsty plants out there.   So all jobs done and it was a fish and chip supper, well had scampi,  had it just been me it would have been a salad, or sandwich.   But have to ensure that mum eats properly.

Off now to twiddle with some photos.  Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Damn and blast...

He lost...  and oddly he lacked belief, Murray that is.  There was no conviction in his play,  as for Nadal, mmm, lets see what happens when the speed goes!  Tennis is more than just whizzing round a court and belting the ball.  Murray is just on the cusp,  he needs to believe... hope he wins the US Open.

So not a happy bunny, not the result I was looking for, was shocked at the way Novak went out, a bit lamely in my opinion.   Plus two Brits in the juniors went out,  Robson should concentrate on senior events and sort out her forehand.   Hope they don't start to build up Golding, leave him be and lets see what happens.   Oh and why was Beckham at Wimbers?  He's like a bad penny, he turns up and whoever he watches then loses the match!   And Brazil out of the World cup!   Go Holland, a brilliant team,   and good on the FA for sticking by Capello,  now they need to listen to what he says needs to change, as in getting footballers who can pass and control a ball, that would be a start. 

Much better day weather wise,  it did start out a bit cloudy, but the sun soon got going.  For once I remembered to switch on the washing machine early so I could get the stuff on the line early.   Wasn't a bad supermarket shop either, well except for the ignorant woman in front of me who never bothered to put the separator thingy behind her shopping!  I hate that, it is ignorance, even the checkout lady noted it, she did chuck out several hints to the dizzy woman but to no avail.   Then the ditz started looking for her coupons, couldn't find her purse...   argggghhhhh...    nowt annoys me more than people who faff at checkouts. 

Well guess I may as well open up my craft box,  nowt on TV this weekend, both finals will be boring, may watch a bit of footie, will be cheering on Germany,  couldn't stand to see that little cheat Maradonna win the world cup.  It would be great if Holland could win it, they deserve it. 

Ho hum, off to drown sorrows, hope Murray takes a holiday.  He did do us proud.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

What's going on?

Our street was invaded this morning by a team of council workers, for the second time in a row, all intent on getting rid of weeks, litter etc..    Well the weeds are supposed to be sorted out by chap on quad bike, but he whizzes round so fast he misses all weeds.    Sadly their remit does not extend to tidying up messy gardens or house fronts, like one next door to me...   I am going to attack it with weed killer. 

But more grey skies and rain today,   at least I didn't need to water plants,  and afternoon was quite pleasant.  Still very warm,  and it was last night, was down to just a sheet on bed.   Don't like sticky nights,  prefer it when it goes cold, makes sleeping so much easier. 

It was also Women's semi finals at Wimbers,  first was very entertaining,  some good tennis, second was, well I lived in hope that Serena's opponent would at least give it a go, and she didn't disappoint.   At least she pushed Serena instead of just rolling over, I do wonder what the outcome would be if they were playing the best of five sets?   It was not as boring as I feared it would be, at least it is not an all Williams final,  tho can't see anyone beating Serena...  but I do think this could be the last year of their dominance, the rest are at last beginning to challenge them. 

Tomorrow it is Murray V Nadal.... can he do it?  I think he can.  He's second on centre court, so hopefully by then the rabble will have been allowed in and will start yelling for him.   Only 3 more days to go...  guess the footie will be back on soon, World cup that is.