Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Back to normal...

Well the Indian summer is over, back to normal weather wise, windy, cold and raining! We even had hailstones today.

Mini success, managed to strip and change own bed, bit of a balancing act but got there. Just need knee to start talking to me, it is still being stubborn and refusing to budge on its own. Be very glad to get rid of plaster cast - my hair needs doing, dye wise that is! Daren't try it one handed, bad enough doing the blow drying bit. Tho fortunately I have a hot brush that takes a lot of the hard work out of it.

Sat and watched a lot of the QVC craft day, was excited about the TSV, as I knew it would have a scrapbook theme, but once I saw it was disappointed that they only had 8x8 albums. I much prefer the big 12x12 albums. Kept on thinking about buying it, then figured if I needed to think that much about it then I didn't really want it. Did fall in love with the foiled mirri card, gorgeous! Felt certain that would sell out, but it was still there on the final show. Was also umming over the other Xmas card kit, it was really beautiful, but I got the last TSV, the hotp xmas kit, which will give me 80 cards, and got some tipsy adult decoupage from Craftcardplus they're really funny. I doubt if I'll be making any cards to sell this year, won't have enough time. And I was thinking of doing a craft fair!

Also annoyed that cardcraft plus are having a birthday weekend, next week, they've got lots of guests, Stephanie from C&C is one. But I'm stuck here! Just bloody typical. Also got an invite for a weekend away in November, end of november, will have to consult surgeon to see what he says.

Have been making cards, just haven't got round to photoing them yet. Also got a scrapchallenge page to plan, plus a swap card to come up with. And must put finishing touches to bil's birthday card.

So pic is of a pub, on Hollywood Blvd, Pig and Whistle, they serve delicious food, great spot for people watching as well.

Best get off, got e-mails to reply to.

Friday, 26 September 2008

A whole week of sunshine!

Been a bit like summer packed into one week. Amazing what a bit of sunshine does, folk come out, everyone looks happy.

Spent yesterday out doors. Went with mum and a neighbour to sit outside cafe bar. Very pleasant, at least we gave cab driver big laugh. I'd come out of house first, so he saw me, plaster cast on arm, hobbling on crutch, so I says: wait till you see what is following... then mum appears on zimmer! Still it is a conversation starter. Also had some scallops from chippy, funny how chips always taste better when eaten from paper. Then decided to go revisit site of accident, wanted to see if if I'd just been a klutz or the pavement was uneven. Got a shock, as it is very uneven with a few cracked paving blocks. Now torn between making a claim or not bothering. This ain't about making a fortune, but I have now been warned that it could take me up six months or more before i can walk properly, and I may need further surgery. Got to consider that work won't pay me forever. Could do with a fairy godmother to wave her wand, make it all better... life sucks...

Which is why I'm off out tomorrow, only to do same as I did yesterday, but it is nice sitting in sunshine munching on chippy chips.

Have a lovely weekend :-))

Oh, pic, taken in Santa Monica.... honest it is a real car... obviously owned by someone with a sense of humour

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

One handed card making

I'm sure there must be folk out there who are making cards one handed all the time, if so, then you deserve a medal! Here is my effort for a swap, had the daft idea of using embossing powder to create the design for the paralympics. First try was a botch, but managed it on second attempt, tho think it was a tad too big. There are some red letters spelling Beijing, but they haven't shown up on card. Used the embossing pen, the neutral, to draw the design, well drew it with pencil, then used the pen. Then quickly added the powder, you do have to work quick with the pen as it dries faster. Matted it onto some bubble silver card, and then found some black patterened paper, just felt it added more interest.

Realised today that i wasn't walking properly, wasn't put foot flat on ground, so have spent day consciously putting foot of bad leg on ground. And ended up with sore leg. Knee protested loudly at my attempts to walk properly. I'm just hoping I do my usual thing, of healing well, never yet (touching wood) had any complications following injuries, well once, and a couple of sessions of acupuncture sorted it out. Just got this nagging feeling... can't shake it. I'd had a few omnious thoughts that I was going to have a fall, had them before and each time, yep, you've guessed, I have fallen over.

Anyway, sore knee put end to my thoughts of getting out for a while, just rested, but did managed to make second birthday card. Now just got to make yet another.... !

Now must go put leg up.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

wounded knee

This is my poor knee, with NOT so attractive splint, plus fetching dressing. I'm thinking of asking surgeon for print of x-rays so I can make a scrap book page! He'll probably think I'm bonkers.

Well another sunny day, at this rate I could start to get used to sunny weather. Makes all the difference, even if I can only enjoy it from the inside. Had just a mini walk today, don't want to go overdoing things, didn' t also fancy going up the slight incline again, or rather going down it! Luckily there is a fence next to it, so I half guided myself down. But still felt a bit hairy.

Fancied some crafting, but also wanted to watch QVC, can't watch TV from kitchen, and can't use small craft table in current state. So watched the bibster. It's craft day next week! May indulge in a splurge, or a mini one. Like it to be something to do with scrapbooking.

Still no sign of my parcel from cardcraft plus :-( I know the set up of the place so can't see why it always takes so long to get stuff off to people. Got no probs with quality of stuff, or choice, but be nice if they were a bit speedier getting out the orders.

Now got to make a choice, stay in tomorrow, or go out for lunch....

Monday, 22 September 2008

I did it!

Yah I did it, managed to make it to post box! Had to wait till everyone had gone out, as none thought it a good idea, mind you neither did I at one point. I was okay crossing first road, then pavement got more uneven and I had a flashback of my fall... so froze. Banished that awful thought and carried on. Took me an age, but was so chuffed when I got there. But it did remind me of what we take for granted, 3 weeks ago I could just stride out, do what I wanted without any thought... now I'm crocked and everything takes an age and involves pain. Will go for another walk on Wednesday, will just potter tomorrow.

Posted pic of cards from TSV (last QVC TSV), I'm just following the instructions at moment, but who cares as the card designs are so beautiful and well thought out. May go back and add some glossy accents and glitter when cast comes off wrist. The brads in the kit are gorgeous, will have to source some suppliers. Hope cardcraftplus don't make me wait too long for my goodies, they're only based in Preston, about 30 mins away, last time i had to wait over a week.

all for now...

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Another sunny day!

That's two days of sunshine, can' t last - can it? Been another exciting day here, not! Last night settled down to watch the craft slot on QVC, managed the first hour, then sleeping pill kicked in, so missed next hour. Needless to say what I'd wanted to buy had sold out. Good thing I'd had a spend earlier at cardcraftplus, for a few essentials, like glues, but also saw some lovely decoupage and just couldn't resist.

Had pleasant slumber till five, then woke up hungry, so had a very early breakfast. And no-one can say that I'm not getting plenty of exercise, being one handed means making several trips for anything, could do with one of those one handed trays. Have managed to negotiate stairs with rubbish, bit hairy at times!

Did have a go at moving knee, seems it is incommunicado at the moment, just doesn't want to know, toes move, ankle moves, but bit in the middle is having a massive sulk! Bit like 'knee says NO'. Hopefully it will wake up at some point.

At last have been able to upload a new piece of work! Thanks to LGC and Tanya, for all the lovely stuff I got sent, as you can see it the non cut decoupage came in very handy. Kept it simple, just the teddy bear and then stuck on a glittery silver square, papermania, added some of the flowers from the new issue of LMC to finish it off. Have also managed to take pics of some xmas cards I've been making, they will follow soon.

Must go plan my day for tomorrow... walk to post box is on cards...

Saturday, 20 September 2008

An Indian summer - at last!

Couldn't resist the photo! Well the sun is shining, it has shone all day... can it last? Not that I had much opportunity to get out and enjoy it, but it was still nice to look out onto a sunny day for a change.

Had a challenge, to try and make my swap card, my idea was to sketch something then use an embossing pen with embossing powder. I did need to be ultra organised, was a bit fiddly using heat gun but got there after botching first attempt. That was my fault really, nowt to do with handicaps, was going to put second layer of powder on but didn't time it right, so powder went where it wasn't wanted. New cutter made the matting and layering easy. I'm on my 3rd paper cutter, first one was rather cheap, so guess you gets what you pay for, second one wasn't cheap but wasn't that good, finally got the fiskars cutter... which is what I should have got in first place. Also managed another 2 xmas cards :-)) And took some pics, but camera is on other side of room and I can't be bothered to disturb myself - everything is such a faff.

Did manage to get out for dinner, my sister came over to a spot of vacuuming and took pity on us, so we ended up in a local pub. It was nice to stare at a different set of four walls. Mind you should have seen looks on faces of people when mum and I walked in, er, okay hobbled in... it was like a day out from the ortho ward! Tho the drive in the car was a bit painful, which is what put me off going out today, neighbour asked if I wanted to go spend the day with her and a friends, they just sit at a cafe bar, but just the thought of the taxi ride put me off. So just pottered about here, did get outside for a while, bit of dead heading, and mum's grabber came in useful for weeding.

Hope sun is shining where you are!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Had the pleasure today to spend the morning in the fracture clinic. First was a nervous wait to see if ambulance would turn up, it didn't, so got taxi (ambulance finally rolled up at house at 11 a.m., one hour after my appointment!) It all started well, was sent off to x-ray, and then it went down hill. Radiographer commented on broken knee, as in; you did a job on this! Mmmm, that's what they keep telling me, tho it is alarming to see the staff looking alarmed at my x-rays. Then the wait, from 10.30 till noon... I was almost at the point of giving up when finally I got called in. At last got to see what I'd done to knee, and yes, I did do a 'job' on it, surgeon informed me it was the worst he'd seen, and that it has smashed into 20 pieces! Probably explains why I was in surgery for nearly 2 hours. But at last got the staples removed, and can now take a shower... can't wait! But am not allowed to remove splint to sleep.... blast. Met up with other casualties, and of course we all exchanged our tales of woe... felt sorry for one poor girl, she'd been at Chester races and had fallen over a wheelchair, she'd broken her jaw and wrist. Did pass on some useful tips re plaster on wrist, as in get yourself an extra large pair of rubber gloves, the long ones, they come in useful for chopping stuff and for washing. One lady was a bit miffed that I had a coloured plaster, colours are limited to red, blue or pink, I mean why not green, yellow, glitter? God knows what they'll find down my plaster, a few bits of 3d foam, glitter, embossing powder...

Was too sore and tired to do much more than flop in front of TV when I got home, so watched the Bibster, but wasn't tempted by anything. Want more scrapbooking shows! Oh then fell asleep, mum and I like a pair of bookends...

Just hope the weather improves... some blue sky would be nice.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

hobbling along

Think I should temporarily rename this 'tales from the casualty ward'. Another sleepless night, even worse than before as woke up at 1 a.m and didn't drop off till 5 a.m. For some reason bad leg ankle has swollen up, has huge bruise on it and it is really sore. Can't wait for them to remove staples, tho what is wrong with good old suturing? Can't today's modern surgeons use a needle? Wound looks like railway track.

But it was a good thing I woke from my slumber, as there on my wall was a HUGE spider... now normally I'd grab the spider catcher and be kind, but not this time, got crutch and splat.... there was no way me and it were going to share the same room all night.

Couldn't be bothered with any crafting, just lazed all day, partly cos I was so darn tired, and partly cos leg was so sore.

Pic is a papernation decoupage - the workman, a card I made for my brother. Quite chuffed with it as I made the background paper, my first effort (last year) using peel offs and a stamp pad. Also made the ladder. Love papernation, or jolly nation as they now call themselves. Great way for anyone wanting to try decoupage as it is so easy to cut out.

Hopefully these grey clouds will disappear sometime soon... can' t we at least have a good end to September?

Friday, 12 September 2008

not a good day

Still can't sleep, seem to manage to sleep till 3 a.m. and then wake up, as in wide awake! Really cannot cope with this damned splint on leg, almost took it off last night. So just lay there, awake, till 4.30, when I got up and had breakfast, well had to eat something so I could take the anti inflammatories. More fitful sleep till I gave up at 7.30 and got up. Will be taking a sleeping tablet tonight, just can't cope with any more sleepless nights.

Can't get out either, tried doing a bit of walking round flat, mistake as knee complained big time. Can get as far as garden and that's it. Had card from friend who has breast cancer, she's had some really bad luck healthwise since retiring, then the cancer. She's a good person, so who knows why she gets such bad luck, she truly doesn't deserve it. But gave her a call and we had a giggle, both swapping our tales of woe, oh her prognosis is very good, they got it in time. Then another colleague called me, she knew she was to be a grandmother, but now she knows she'll be getting a grandson. So felt cheered up, but it didn't last long, soon felt down in the dumps, just can't craft properly, everything takes ages, plus having to prop up leg makes life difficult. But made a shaker card, quite a feat with one arm in plaster, and cut out another to put together tomorrow.

Brother showed me rest of his La Princess photos, so I told him to send them thru to me, they'll make a fantastic scrapbook. Not that bro got the scrapbook bit, perhaps if I show him one that i've done he may 'get it' ! I did give him the page that is to be put in LGC some time, of his grandson... he was chuffed with it and was going to make a frame for it. Oh, haven't mentioned my 'success' got told a few weeks ago that LGC wanted to use my Beach Boy page. Was chuffed, plus they sent me a goody bag chock full of stuff. Just love scrapbooking.... !

Well feeling better now, 3 days and back to hospital for check up, crossing everything that all is okay, just have this nagging feeling that things aren't going to run smoothly.

Have a good weekend, thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

La Princess

Let me introduce La Princess, a very, very, very large spider that has invaded Liverpool... she has kept scousers entertained all weekend. It has been an amazing piece of street theatre, town has been packed... and i WANTED TO GO!!!!!! And couldn't :-( I may have chanced it with just the broken wrist, but don't think it would have been the best thing to be in town with thousands, on crutches with a busted knee and wrist. Am REALLY annoyed, first I miss all the lambanas... now La Machine. Just hope that there is a huge dollop of good luck at end of all this.

Our neighbour, who has been looking after us, has been rewarded, she went to the bingo and won, then bought a scratchcard and won on that. We also got her a huge bouquet of flowers. she is one in a million.

In meantime mum and I are coping, just. Did washing today, which then had to be draped around flat... so mum put it on her trolley, I followed and between the two of us we spread it out. Managed to make a meal on Friday, donned rubber glove on bad hand to help with chopping, only onion defeated me! Can use busted wrist, but just have to be careful. Even managed to do some crafting, and some decoupage, but it was very slow going.

Hope no-one has been flooded out. Take care all.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

well the cloud was a thunderstorm!

Well on Saturday I had my prat fall, and sat here gingerly typing about it, then I hauled myself off to bed with a painkiller, at midnight the pain was too intense, got up, hobbled to kitchen, made cuppa, and then felt decidedly odd, as in room was spinning.... hobbled to settee and flopped down, woke up and wondered where the hell I was... mmm, time to get to hospital! Even I recognised that I was going into shock... mum came, rang ambulance and off I was carted, convinced that I'd be home in the morning with a few pills and a bandage or two. They checked me into cas, got carted off straight to x-ray, in wheelchair, sore knee in bent position (worth remembering that bit), they x-rayed wrist first, then got me on table and did knee... now I've never heard a radiographer swear before, but mine did... as in: bloody hell! I thougth: now that doesn't sound good.... and it wasn't. Was taken back to cas ward, put on trolley, watched a bored doc look at my x-ray, immediately he woke up and shot over to me... I'd broken my kneecap, he didn't tell me how bad it was at that point, frankly I couldn't have cared, they doped me up, stuck knee in a splint and I went to obs for a couple of hours, and then up to ward mum was on... and yes, staff recongised me, so got first class treatment. Next morning, still dopey on morphine look up to see mum's surgeon, both of us shocked to see the other... he did tell me the truth, kneecap was smashed, wrist was also possibly broken, they'd patch me up in theatre. And they did, not that I remember a lot, one minute I was awake, next minute... off to the land of nod... an hour and a half later I was in recovery... and feeling lovely and woozy. Kept on telling them to leave me alone so I could sleep. Was stuck in bed till Monday, then they hauled me out, boy what a relief, luckily physio's came, armed with crutches, I wanted out of there - pronto! Just can't stand being in hospital. Staff had a laugh when mum came to see me that afternoon, greeting her like a long lost friend...

But can't fault the service I got from start to finish, they were all brilliant, I was well looked after. But it was still nice to get out of there.

Have managed to make a card today, felt very chuffed with myself. Well it ain't easy, right knee has to be kept straight, so has to be propped up, left wrist in in cast... rest of me just aches. Hope to do a bit more tomorrow.

Now off to bed, who knows, maybe I'll be able to sleep!