Sunday, 24 October 2010

Jack Frost is about!

Brrrrr,  so glad I changed the bedding and got out my duvet, it was freezing this morning,  car was all iced up.  Glad I didn't have to go out.

Aside from the cold it was a lovely day, blue sky, sunshine - gorgeous.   Not so good inside,  mum was moaning,  she was doing the ironing, which I should add she insists on doing as her contribution.  I've said I'll do my own stuff, and in future I will. There was quite a pile, but that was her own fault, she could have done some earlier in week but chose not to.  Then she started moaning cos one T shirt was inside out!   Dunno what it was but I just felt hurt,  I'd gone out yesterday to get her some buttons for a baby jacket she'd made,  came back in a lot of pain but had got some lovely buttons.   Been shopping twice this week, taken her to GP...  and all she can do is moan, she sees the glass as being permanently 'half empty'.   What upset me even more was when my sister skyped, she's currently in Spain enjoying herself on a 6 month holiday, okay for some.  But mum lit up,  all happy...  you can imagine how that made me feel.   Not very charitable towards my sister and mum.   Feel like putting mum on a plane and sending her out to sister... ! 

I got a weekend away planned,  so that is something to look forward to.   Need this break, in fact I need a proper break, so does mum. 

Been making cards all weekend, well was right up to when mum upset me.   Was happily enjoying myself then she put the kybosh on it.   Managed to make my first stepper card,   all thanks to Karen who had sent me one, used that as a template.  Was a bit fiddly till I had worked out the folds.   Will have another go tomorrow, providing someone doesn't upset me, tho I think tomorrow I'll bite back.  Had enough of all her self pity it is sickening.

Oh, saw consultant,  all is normal, whatever that is. Also met up with two ladies who were in the ward with me, one had also had a knee replacement, she was now using a walking stick!    Found that depressing.  I've been doing all my rehab,  even tried on Thursday to walk around B&Q on one crutch, bad idea....  did the same yesterday, even worse idea.   Came back from craft shop in agony,   had to go up to another department to get the buttons for mum.   Did she care....   no.  Sorry in whingeing mode...   just feel hard done by.

Oh well roll on Thursday - I will be escaping to Glastonbury.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Goodness it is October!

Crumbs, time is flying by.  First proper cold day today,  last few weeks haven't quite managed to make use of any really warm clothing,  still using a bit of summer stuff. 
I have tho been crafting,  after I'd located my missing mojo.   Got a nice kit from QVC, black and white Xmas peel offs,  so have been using them in various ways.   The one pictured was done with gilding flakes, then added a verse from a carol - using computer/printer.  Made a few, but not got round to photographing them all yet.

Also half watching QVC craft day, only been tempted by one thing - the enamels.  Not taken by the new sizzix,  got my slice and very happy with it.  Just wish tho that there had been this much choice a few years ago, I may not have bought the craft robo. Not one of my better buys.  Tho did sell it on Ebay and didn't lose too much. 

Then there is the Knee...  I'm alternating between not so bad days and tearing hair out days.   I could have hacked off my leg several times these last few weeks.   Had to fill out of a form yesterday for the physio, a post op form, we all had one to fill in pre op... think I ended up being worse off after the operation.   Haven't been using the stairs,  just mum's stair lift, till yesterday, and oh boy was it a mistake!   Funny a few weeks ago I was using the stairs,  not in normal fashion,  but could get up and down.   I am plugging away at the rehab,  did it all today, which means tomorrow the knee will be screaming with pain.  I've varied the exercises, number I do etc,  nothing seems to make much difference.    I see doc on Thursday, so will see what he says - if he says this is normal I may be tempted to hit him. 

Also need a few autumnal clothes, but can I find owt I like - can I heck.  Went to M&S,  didn't see anything I liked in the women's department, ended up in menswear, found what I wanted,  just jumper with faux shirt, not clingy, not short,  not too baggy...

Well a bit of a catch up...   now off to see Rosemary Merry.

Friday, 1 October 2010

That was quick...

With my last QVC order I waited 8 days for it to be delivered,  with this order it came after 2 days!   In fact haven't even had the e-mail telling me that my order is on its way.   Very happy to get it tho, got the large decoupage kit,  all Xmas cards,  so got stuck in today, didn't much like the backing papers so used some paper from a pm stack I bought ages ago and have hardly used.  Funny how stuff you buy and don't use eventually becomes a must use.

I do enjoy decoupage, but have to say I am missing the cutting out,  it all seems to be laser cut these days.  This is a bit like dufex,  all foiled but very nice,  cards are a lovely size.  I also found a star brad which I used, think it works very well.    I made up two cards,  will get out the Christmas stuff and see what else I've got that may go with it. 

The knee continues to be a problem,  very painful, last night yet again I had to take morphine to get to sleep.  Went back to the trammadol today,  it sort of works,  keeps it all at a dull ache, but did top it up with some solpadol,  had to just to get thru the exercises.    I did far too much yesterday, a really big shop at the supermarket, won't be doing that again,  think I'll turn it into two trips,   did get annoyed with neighbour's DiL who watched me struggle to get bags from car to flat!    I was already in half a bad mood cos someone had parked in my spot, luckily they were just about to leave.   I am fed up of the people in the other road parking outside our houses,  one chap has a large van and car! 

Weather was also depressing,   just a very soggy grey day.   Hope it improves tomorrow.