Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Me ears are now cold

I couldn't put it off any longer, a hair cut was not only necessary, but vital! So now my ears are exposed and cold... also had the hair wash from hell. They have a new hair wash junior, he is very nice, very funny but his hair washing needs refining, as in - take it easy! I do like a head massage, but don't want my head shaken at the same time.

So I am shorned, and also managed to persuade myself to give it a bit of colour. Well some blonde bits to cover up the grey bits. Used that new one as advertised on telly, very easy to use. And quick.

Amazed myself by actually getting my swap kits out in the post on time... how'd that happen? I seem to have a strange aversion to post boxes, I can make the card but when it comes to parting with it somehow I manage to keep on putting it off. I do blame the loss of our local post office, it was dead easy, just a quick walk thru to corner shop and post office was there, staff were all friendly, never any long queues. But then some bozo in London decided ours should be closed! And with the new postal charges one is no longer sure if you are putting on the right postage, so that means you have to go to the post office. So now I have to schelp thru to the high street, not a problem with two working legs, but not when you've got one that objects to being moved.

Knee was even more weird today, it was number than usual, and yet also very sensitive to having anything near it. The other wire is continuing to try and dig its way out of my knee... interesting seeing its progress, the lump getting slightly bigger. And I swear it ain't all there, the knee cap that is, I'm going ask my surgeon if he put it all back together or left out a few bits.

No crafting, been busy putting together my swap kits, I had sorted out some cardstock, but then couldn't remember where I'd put them. So instead I made up a new batch, and of course having sorted all the kits out, put them in envelopes, addressed them etc, what do I go and find - yep, the original lot of cardstock! Oh well... they'll come in handy for something.

Saturday, 28 March 2009


Maybe, tho I doubt it, I am easily pleased. But today I couldn't stop chuckling after receiving a parcel from a friend containing: a meekat. A stuffed toy to be exact. Sadly he is bereft of a smoking jacket, but hopefully that soon will be rectified. He could have been nicely settled on my desk yesterday, had mum not got angry at the 'person' (who I now know was the postie) who knocked at the door, instead of using the intercom. She can still talk to anyone at the front door, but refuses to unless they use the buzzer. Dumb or what?

Was intending to go explore the craft shop I saw yesterday, but go waylaid after going to sorting office, popped over to PC World in the hope of getting some shrink plastic, but they don't sell it any more. Tho I still managed to find something to buy, Serif and a new ink cartridge. Well my trial on Microsoft publisher is almost up, and I don't fancy shelling out 90 odd quid for it. Why does this stuff have to be so expensive? I mean the real development was done yonks ago, all they do now is a lot of tweaking.

But as I was passing Aintree racecourse remembered that there will be a craft fair there shortly, so will save pennies for that. Got some bargains last year. And it is the National next week, alls I can say is that the last 12 months have passed by incredibly quickly. But given half a chance I'd turn the clock back, just to have the chance to talk to my neighbour, who I still miss.

Enjoy the weekend folks.

Friday, 27 March 2009


Okay here is the question: you go do some shopping for your mum, she has given you her bank card, you also need a few bits so you pay for the lot using her card. When you get home you tot up what you owe her and give her the cash.

So that would be okay? You'd think so... but I did that today, made careful note of what I'd bought, it came to 8.90, so I gave mum a tenner, so she was actually in profit. Was she happy, no. And i have no idea why. She just snapped at me, said she wished I wouldn't do that. Do what? It isn't like me putting my purchases on her card will cause her to go overdrawn (if it did I wouldn't do it). But it really upset me. It takes me an age to get round the supermarket, and the last thing I want to do is to start faffing around paying for two lots of shopping, I hate when people do that. But I am incapacitated, and in a lot of pain at the moment, the wires are really bugging me right now. I just don't go round squealing and screaming like mum does.

Right until I got home it had been a nice morning, I chose to drive back the long way, just for a change. And I found a new craft shop! So I made a mental note of it, and plan to go back tomorrow. It's very local and I am hoping it will deliver the goods so to speak. I'm quite lost these days without my craft central. I loved to mooch round, and I'd got to know the staff, which is always nice, cos then you can have a natter. And I always managed to find what i wanted. Then mum had to go spoil it.

I didn't do any crafting, just didn't feel up to it. Went off and did jigsaws on line, very addictive! The pic is a scrap page, a challenge I did (and set), it was a scrap lift from pencil lines. The theme was spring flowers. I had been hoping to take my own photos of my own crocuses, but couldn't bend down far enough to take a decent shot! So nicked this photo from the internet. I wanted to use bold colours, and those that do not necessarily go together, like purple and green. I made the flowers using a technique from my past, once during a math class our teacher told us to draw a circle then make a flower, drawing petals using a compass. I did that, then used a compass cutter to get an accurate cut. Felt quite chuffed with the result.

Will go look at new craft shop tomorrow, and I'm hoping I won't be disappointed. May ask mum if she wants to come, well she is desperate to get out. Where is my family when I need them?

Thursday, 26 March 2009

spring has sprung a leak...

Typical, last week we were all enjoyint the balmy weather, this week we're all shivering. Far too foul to go or do anything today. Not even watching QVC amused me, tho did like a few of the kits, do get annoyed when they show you what can be done if you spend a fortune! Must have been a kanban hour, think nearly every kit came from kanban.

Did a bit more work on thankyou box, it is coming along nicely, just a couple of finishing touches and it will be done. Had been trying to do some chalking, but in spite of what it said on the box the brushes did bleed a dark colour onto my project! Wasn't happy, it had been going okay till I moved to the lighter colours. Or perhaps I wasn't really in the mood. Had a mini sort out of one of the drawers of my craft store thingy, need to sort out the paper and card drawer. it is full of stuff that could be stored elsewhere.

Feeling umpty, cheesed off, call it what you will. Think it is this blooming weather. Will have to get out and about tomorrow.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Spring has been put on hold....

Brrr, what a turnaround in the weather? Last week it was bootiful, today was positively wintry. But that meant I could stay inside and do some crafting. Just felt in the mood today and hoped my new kit would arrive and it did! I got the flowers and butterflies kit from last week's QVC show. I went for the cream and white option, and it is lovely, I'd forgotten that you also got some glittery paper, nice bonus. But there was loads in the kit, lots of flowers in all shapes, some paper, some ready to stick on, then some glass flowers, and a whole load of other stuff in a nice storage container, plus butterflies.

So I couldn't resist, had to go play. Just made up two quick cards, also used my new stamp set. The one I got by mistake, but I'm now glad I did as it is coming in very handy. It has all sorts of lovely messages, just perfick for quick cards, or as a finishing touch.

Got some good news from a friend, she got on the course she wanted :-)) She was chuffed and I as chuffed for her. Nice to get good news.

Not taken by the TSV, a bit too shiny for me, I love kanban stuff tho, the quality is outstanding. Not seen anything else I like, tho there are still two craft shows to go.

Got stuff back from the old dhss, couldn't believe it, two letters, both asking for the same thing! It makes you wonder if they do know what they're doing. My mum's friend is still waiting for her pension to be sorted out, her husband died just after Christmas. Also had 3 pieces of contradicting advice, been told current sick note will suffice, then got told I would have to self certify, then told no I couldn't do that I'd have to get a new sick note. So what is the point of the SSP 1 form?

Saturday, 21 March 2009

It's Saturday already!

I mean it was Monday only a day or so ago, or that is how it feels... time passes whether you're having fun or not. But this week seems to have gone by exceptionally fast, blink and you may have missed it.

So after a week of lovely sunshine, warm temps what do I wake to this morning? Simples, grey sky and a bitter wind! Typical. Feel sorry for those who have been slaving away all week waiting for the weekend. It did eventually brighten up, at around 5.30 pm! I mean what use is that in spring?

Also woke to a disaster curtain wise, the net curtain in living room had decided to do its kamikaze act... so it was lying ever so elegantly on window ledge. It has taken a year to think about falling down, rest of curtains (touching wood) are still where they should be. Still that meant I had to go get some extra ultra hold sticky pads from somewhere this morning, as well as the bits of shopping. Half way to Homebase I realised I was turning into my mother, who always went shopping on Saturday morning! Stuff that... my Saturday mornings are definitely NOT being spent in a supermarket. The place is way to crowded anyway, so much so I travelled a bit further to find somewhere bigger and a bit quieter. Staff are also friendlier, same shop, but staff are much nicer. So got shopping, got flowers for mother's day, and got super sticky pads for net curtains. And picked up some grout, well grout pen was a bit of a washout, not as good as I thought it would be. And I am still in spring clean mode... it will wear off eventually. I hope!

After lunch did a quick spruce up of grout in kitchen, looked much better, then tackled a bit of the bathroom. Then went off to mess with my flock, nope, nowt to do with sheep, all to do with the kit I got. Love the flock, that is excellent, but dst stickers leave much to be desired. They're not good quality. Flock isn't sticking as it should. But did manage to make the card in picture, used some white card to make pic, then matted and layered it onto a green card. Flocking wasn't brilliant, even tho I did quite a bit of patting down. Will have to get some good quality DST stickers/peel offs and try it with them. And made my swap card, very pleased with how that came out, seem to be getting the hang of this DIY pyramage.

So now just got to complete my scrap book challenge. Got to go find some spring flowers...

Have a lovely Mothering Sunday...

Thursday, 19 March 2009


Had to contact the jobcentreplus lot about my SSP claim, I was instructed to do so via the phone, even tho you can do it online. It took 45 minutes, I am sure the woman was writing it all down, plus I could barely understand her. Then she contradicted what I'd been told last week... do they know what they're doing? She told me to send in my last sick note, can't do that as work have it! I mean work wouldn't have been paying me sick pay would they without a damn sick note!

What confuses me is that she kept on saying I'd have to attend a back to work interview... but I am in work! They never make it simple do they?

But it is done, forms should be here in next day or so.

But that was the only blight on an otherwise lovely day. Sun was shining again, and it was a bit warmer, i put on a T shirt.

Put up an old scrap page, I'd taken a pic of an usual piece of wood on the beach, it just looked like a body. So I used my beach paper, cut out a spyglass, added the flip flops and the text. Kinda looks like an Agatha Christie book cover.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

And still the sun shines :-)

Got no complaints about the weather, it has been positively springlike here. That golden ball in the sky does make you feel better.

Tho I'm also in springclean mode. I got the bulb for the fridge, now you can see what is inside! Good thing I gave it a good clean. Also got some cleaning stuff for grout, and attacked the bathroom tiles, well in stages, 10 minutes attacks. So that eventually looked all spruced up, just need to find something to fix the end of the bath... it is bugging me now. And today gave bedroom a good clean.

So tomorrow I may tackle rest of garden, picked up some heavy duty garden sacks. Roses need pruning, not that I have any idea how to prune a rose bush! But they are looking tatty and in great need of a trim.

Just realised that my family are a tad confused about my circs, mum got stuff confused as usual. I'm sticking with the advice from occy health, to hang fire on any application for redeployment. And in April I'll know if there is a job freeze on. I wish they'd all stop bugging me, my knee is stuffed so I can't go back to my old job, and until all the surgery is finished with I'm unemployable, well for whatever employment is out there which suits me. My options are now limited, a desk job would be okay, but the office would have to be on the ground floor, I would need the desk adapting, a foot rest... not all employers are amenable.

Must get cracking on a few cards, got a swap card to make, a scrapbook challenge to conjure up. Oh and my thankyou box to finish. Ooh just remembered got to post a card tomorrow! Must go find address.

Monday, 16 March 2009

What a bootiful day!

But guess we best make the most of it cos it isn't supposed to last. We had a lovely day, very mild and glorious sunshine. So I decided to hobble off to high street to post a couple parcels. Took me as long as it did last time, well a little longer as I sat down and watched the world go by for a few minutes. Just so nice being out in the sunshine.

This spring thing tho has made me want to clean things! I ended up cleaning the fridge, amazing what you find lurking at the back of shelves!

So after all that sat down to do some crafting, made up a gift for a friend, which has to be kept a surprise and the closer it gets to the reveal the harder it becomes. It's looking rather good. Started another exploding box, a thankyou to my work colleagues for the lovely flowers, and all the support they've given me. I remembered I've got a few photos of the crowd, so I may put some in the box.

Then just as I was tidying up I knocked over my brad box.... which has hundreds of brads in it! Luckily not all fell out, but they are all now in a mess. Will have to sit down and sort them out at some point.

So to do list for tomorrow: get new bulb for fridge (discovered that you can replace them), tidy up brads, smarten up bathroom - sick of waiting for the promise of help to be fulfilled. And watch QVC. That should keep me busy all day.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Spring has sprung!

Well I hope it has and it isn't just here for the week. Mind you the light mornings keep fooling me, I wake up and think that it is quite late and it is only 7 a.m.

Today I wanted to go for a walk along the beach, but leg was sore from yesterday's driving. Plus it is quite a walk from our house to the beach. I'll try to get a walk tomorrow.

So I amused myself by finishing off the engagement exploding box. I picked up a few bits yesterday from Hobbycraft, the lovely hearts as seen in this photo, plus a few glittery bits and a pack of clear stamps. I love the phrases, I'll be able to team them up or use them on their own. Tho I did think they were 4.99, but when i got to the cash desk I found they were 14.99, but they're worth the money. They'll do nicely for the insides of cards.

Also had a go at the medallion kit, didn't realise it came with instructions, it was all numbered, tho you could also do your own thing. Made two cards, very pretty, they'd do as thankyou cards or notelets.

And can't put it off any longer, time to sort out the stash. I'm sure there is stuff in my craft store that I've forgotten I've got. And stuff that can be recycled to work, the girls are desperate for stuff for the kids. They told me the kids had a great time making cards with the last lot i took in. Well nice to know it was all being put to good use. Do have to confess most of it is from LMC, it isn't a mag I buy all the time, just as and when, tho this last year I've enjoyed the sub I got as my prize. But I really don't make many cards, I do more scrapbooking. Couldn't LMC do Let's Scrapbook?

Now got to motivate myself for tomorrow, got stuff to get in the mail for friends... and I will get it done!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Happy birthday to me...

Tho I am at the age when you prefer to forget what age you are. If I add both digits together they make 8, so go figure!

I've had a pleasant day, bit of a lie in, and then a DIY breakfast in bed, just can't get the staff these days. Then enjoyed opening my birthday cards, all made me chuckle. I was touched by the sentiments. As I headed to the bathroom the doorbell rang, and a nice man handed over a lovely bouquet of flowers, so i had a happy cry. They were from my workmates. They've been trying to find the right time to send me some flowers for months, but something has always cropped up, at my end. I felt really humbled and very tearful.

So onto lunch, at a local eaterie.. which I won't bother going to again. The food was excellent, but the place was empty and the menu somewhat limited. We were the only two customers in the dining room, yet we had to wait nearly 30 minutes for our meals. We were unamused. And the waiting on staff kept changing, one minute it was a young chap, next it was a waitress. Very odd. They were nice and they deserved their tip, but nope, not worth a second visit.

So I then decided to attempt to drive to Warrington Hobbycraft, a lot closer than the Chester branch. I'd forgotten about Warrington! But methinks it was a bit too far, knee is now complaining loudly. I hoped that it being a straightforward motorway drive I'd be okay, it is the stopping and starting that I find most painful. But having the knee locked into one position also proved rather painful. And it wasn't a good experience, they are refurbing the store, so there wasn't much on offer. I came away with some goodies, but also disappointed. There wasn't anything like the choice of the Chester branch, I did get a bargain, some ribbon, but really I was hard pushed to find stuff. And there were two kids running around, treating the store like a playground, I feared being knocked over at some point. Have no idea who the two boys belonged to, but why do parents let their children behave in such an irresponsible fashion? I well remember my own mother constantly telling me to behave myself if we were in a shop, nowadays kids just treat them like adventure playgrounds. Sounds harmless, but if a child is running around it is sure to end in disaster for someone. We get such behaviour in the library, the children and parent don't seem to be able to recognise the danger in such irresponsible behaviour.

So that was my '8th' birthday, not a bad one, weather not too bad, nice lot of cards, including one surprise...

Just had a few more glasses of red nose wine.... it sinks down far too easily! Hope your weekend has been pleasant so far, another day to go... and summer is round the corner.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Friday 13th... Red Nose Day!

Well nothing has gone wrong so far, in fact the opposite. Had a good chat at occy health, got a few things sorted out. Then did a bit of shopping, and picked up a copy of Papercraft Inspirations to get the flock kit. Then had a cuppa and chat with workmates, well it did start raining as I headed to the car.

Couldn't wait to get going with the kit, seen them doing the flocking on QVC and C&C, but not wanted to splash out too much cash in case it wasn't for me. I got five pots of flock, and 3 sheets of DS stickers. I made up an Easter Card, only had problems with the lettering, it was a bit too fiddly to use, well the small stuff was. Haven't scanned the card yet, but was pleased with the results, the flock makes it very tactile.

Instead the pic is of the teenage decoupage, I used silicon to stick it all down, so i could bend the pieces. A bit fiddly to cut out, but worth it I think. The kit also came with backing papers. And just got the catalogue from Cardcraft plus... oh why do they have to be so far away? I'd love to go and have a mooch there, but 40 miles is too far for me to drive. Stuff in the catalogue is lovely, have to see if I get any birthday money.

My contribution to Red Nose day is - I'm sampling the red nose wine, and it is going down very nicely.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Not happy with the NHS

Was left feeling really angry on Tuesday. I had my hospital appointment at 9.20, just about made it on time - some twit decided to start roadworks in the most congested part of the city! Got booked in and then sat down, glanced at whiteboard that gives all the info of who is doing which clinic, and saw that my consultant wasn't starting his clinic till 9.50! So I'd been given an appointment technically didn't exist. I half expected to be told to go have an x-ray, as the old knee hasn't been x-rayed for 6 weeks. But nope, no x-ray. So it was all about waiting, and waiting... an hour later I was finally called, to an empty room. I waited another 10 minutes and at last a doctor came in, he introduced himself, didn't know who I was, sat down to read my notes, speed reading them and not doing a good job of it. Next thing I know he is being exceptionally patronising towards me, asking why I am still using a walking stick - er cos I need one! Why I can't bend my leg very far - cos I can't! I'd had enough of this and snapped back at him: have you had a broken kneecap? Of course he said no, so I said well look at my x-rays! Which he then did, and immediately changed his tune, as they all have. See I didn't simply snap my kneecap in half, or even in 3 pieces, oooooh nooooo, I went for the biggie and smashed it into smithereens. So having wiped the smile of his face he took me a little more seriously, I told him that the other wires were starting to protrude and cause pain, he then ummed a bit, and said that my kneecap hadn't yet healed so they couldn't take out the wires! At that point I felt like getting up and waking out. It seemed to be a case of: well you've got complications and we don't like complications... he said that they couldn't do much more for me. So write me off - why not. Then he said that I had to push myself, think I made my feelings on that very clear, I have been pushing myself and with no results. I have no quad muscle in my right leg, left leg is much stronger as a result of the exercises I have been doing, so I have been doing them properly. Then this wally of a doctor said that the lack of a reflex wasn't important! What! It was obvious to me by then that he had no idea what he was talking about. If you weren't a text book case then he had no bloody idea what to do next. I wouldn't wish to be operated on by that man, or have him anywhere near me. He was next to useless, he just wanted straightforward stuff. Pity none of them have bothered yet to read my medical records, if they did they may discover something... as in I am loose limbed, have had problems with my knees and back for years. Oh for some lateral thinking. Funny cos that what we were taught to exercise in the ambulance service, we were taught not to assume anything, but think it thru, these silly doctors see a conclusion and grab it.

I did at least pin him down on whether I could go back to my old job, he told me that it wouldn't be advisable. Doc lingo for saying: no. So I left feeling thoroughly fed up. Six months and I've got nowhere. I am still in pain, still hobbling and have a next to useless right leg. And with a mum who is increasingly getting on my nerves.

I seriously think that the NHS needs to invest in some customer care courses for all their staff, from the top docs down. Patients are treated abysmally by some, not all, some staff are very good, the nurses at the clinic know there stuff and they keep an eye on who is in the clinic and who has been waiting too long. For all that they would still benefit from a customer care course. We patients are customers, and we deserve better. The NHS has come a long way from the dark days, but it has a long way to go.

Monday, 9 March 2009


My team made it thru to the semis of the FA cup - way to go Everton! 14 years since we were last at Wembley, and who did we beat then: Man U! A repeat performance would be nice.

Not a bad Monday, made better by yesterday's result. Quite busy in fact, well in the morning. I do find it exhausting getting around, even in the car. Parking can be a nightmare, have to make sure I can open the door wide so I can get out. I have to push the seat back, then open the door, get crutch out, get me out, lock door then hobble slowly to shops. I was quite a speedy walker, so I find it annoying being passed by everyone. I did park a good walk away from supermarket, my new idea to get some fitness back into the bod.

Also picked up a copy of scrapbook inspirations, a friend of mine had a letter published in this month's issue. Quite exciting to see someone you know in print. Do hope she gets a nice goody bag.

Had a long chat with a friend last night, on skype. Quite getting the hang of it now, and it is nice not having to worry about the cost. She did an Angel reading for me, a few in fact, very interesting.

Pic is decoupage card I did yesterday, which is destined for a cat mad friend. Haven't done any decoupage for a while, just felt the urge yesterday to do some cutting. Very therapuetic, but it took my mind off the footie.

Filled in one form, now got another to fill in, may go to the CAB and ask them for help filling it in. Would prefer to get it right first time. Also want some advice on making my claim.

Got hospital appointment tomorrow, not sure if I want to tell surgeon that the other wire is working its way out, it will mean another operation, and another if the other wire gets any more unstable. But will be demanding the truth from him. Wish me luck! And luck also in getting a car parking space....

Sunday, 8 March 2009

New Year, new you?

A friend of mine, Karen, has just finished putting the finishing touches to the Lindsay Wagner International web site to promote Lindsay's: Quiet the Mind, Open the Heart workshops. I went along to one last November and really enjoyed it. It was very relaxing and I learned about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping as it is sometimes known. We also did some guided visualisation, and Lindsay worked with some of us.

I've been using the EFT technique for a while now, I don't know how it works, other than it uses the acupressure points of the body. But it does work. There are also books you can buy, Gary Craig's EFT manual from Amazon which is a nice compact book, but is written in plain English for us dummies.

Lindsay is holding further workshops in the UK and Eire this year, starting in April with a oneness blessing event. Just check out the website for more details. Who knows I may see you there!

Blowing a gale here... have a good week and thanks for stopping by

Friday, 6 March 2009

And another week is over

Not very happy, at last the mirror glass arrived, it did say Fragile in big letters, obviously my postie can't read as he just shoved it thru letter box. Luckily it survived the drop, but whoever stole the original glass must also have taken the back plate - have stuck the glass on, but I don't think it will be there for long. So off back to ebay to find a new complete wing mirror, found a chap selling a pair, well driver's side can't be adjusted from inside so... clicked the buy now button. I'm still wondering why anyone would nick a mirror glass, it will only fit a certain make of corsa, and it would never fit in properly... they could have spent £6 at Halfords and got an anti dazzle mirror!

Just been warily watching the kids, they were making a racket outside. Then I noticed one of them leap over the fence, knocking over one of the rose bushes... they're playing hide and seek. The boy had come in thru the gate, has left that open and nearly damaged the plants. Why do today's kids think they have a right to just roam over people's property? And why don't their parents, in this case 3 of the parents live in houses opposite, keep an eye on their offspring. I think it is a case of out of mind out of sight. My neighbour once had to tell a boy 3 times to get off my car, he asked nicely, but the boy just lolled on the bonnet, if I'd seen him I'd have walloped him.

Just had one of those twilight zone experiences, with mum. She'd got it into her head that her prescription would be at the chemist, have no idea why I'd told her it wouldn't be ready till next week. Then she has a moan because I don't want take her to the cafe bar, not because I didn't want to, but because I was in pain, I'd just done some shopping and have had a very busy week. Nor is it just a case of driving her to her destination, if it was it would be okay, but she uses her stroller, which I have to try to put in the boot of car, and of course when we arrive I have to get the damn thing out again. She seems to forget that I'm also struggling here, with two dodgy knees and a bad back.

She does seem to be forgetting a lot of stuff, I bought some sausages, the same brand as last week, yet she seemed to think we'd not had them before! And also the pizza I got for dinner, one that she told me to get, but then moaned about! I'm sick of having these silly arguments with her, I used to back down, but not any more. I'm tired of telling to go see her GP and get something for her depression, she admits she is depressed but won't then go get help. And then there is her right hip, which is not going to get better, she has stuck her head in the sand. I know she is afraid of further surgery, I can fully understand, but I also wonder if she has realised she may well end up in a wheelchair, and possibly in a nursing home. I certainly can't be pushing a wheelchair.

Excuse me: arrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Feel better now.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Don't let me have any more daft ideas!

On monday my first daft idea was to wash the car, big mistake, paid for it the rest of the day and Tuesday. And was unamused to find that there was no 2 hour craft slot!

And today with the sun shining I decide to see if I can walk thru to high street, a shortish walk that in normal times takes me about 15 minutes... one hour later i got there. On way back knee started to buckle, so got bus home. That was also nerve-wracking, haven't set foot on public transport since accident. Luckily it was only a couple of stops. But have spent rest of day resting, knee is not happy... it would, I think, prefer me to leave it alone. Then had call from jobcentreplus, you can't make advanced claims for SSP, er why not, so they'll send me forms for me to enter all the details again, so that I can send them back next week... ah, don't you just love the civil service!

I was a point away from working for them, took the civil servant test a few years ago, and missed it by one point. Wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. I mean you walk into these places and just know that you could do the job. But some twerp somewhere needs to know that you can do fractions, why for God's sake! I can do the basics and for all else do what everyone else does, use a calculator.

Anyways, when I do get my claim settled, it is a foregone conclusion, even they said so, I'll be on support... whatever that means. Be interesting given the state of the economy and all the thousands out of work. In meantime I wonder if they need to know i am facing more surgery!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Another parcel, but not the one I wanted!

Been waiting all week for my mirror glass to arrive, they said it would be despatched within 48 hours... Maybe they're on a different time zone in Jersey.

In meantime my second QVC parcel arrived, my pack of mirri card. Couldn't believe it was still in stock, usually it gets snapped up. This is a pic of my new and posh craft mat. It did everything it promised to do. My other A3 mat isn't quite big enough for working on 12x12 card/paper, you just need that bit of extra space for measuring and cutting, which this gives you. And I love the extra half inch measurements which are all the way thru the mat... brilliant idea!

Another nothing day really, just some supermarket shopping, also got myself some photos of me, will need them for app for blue badge. Well if one doesn't try one will never know. I think I am sufficiently incapacitated to warrant one. Supermarket was busier than last week, and also got some Red Nose wine! Can't say I want a nose, but I'm all for supporting charity, especially when they use lateral thinking.

Spent yesterday messing with craft mat, and making up the kits for the next surprise swap. Came up with a novel way to make one of the shapes, but can't say much as one of the swappers may wander this way and that would ruin the surprise.

Monday, 2 March 2009

At the car wash

Today I had the NOT so brillian idea of washing my car. I had thought about taking it to a jet wash, or hand wash, but on Saturday I saw a neighbour of mine, who'd had a stroke and was paralysed down his left side, washing his car... so it was a case of: well if he can, so can I. So I did. Mistake, big mistake. I figured out how to get the buckets of water down stairs, using the stair lift, but trying to balance on one leg on a crutch whilst washing a car wasn't easy. I did the best I could... then I had to rinse car, same drawn out procedure, one bucket of water and watering can full of clean water, on stair lift.... but then had to figure out how to balance on one leg whilst using watering can to get soapy water off car.... I managed it, in a fashion. I guess I was keeping someone amused somewhere... I then took a break, let car dry off before going down to use wash leather on windows.

It was my back more than my knee that was complaining. Knee complained much later. Next on list was to wax car... why had I started this? So lathered on wax, hobbling round car, waxing and polishing. Finally I finished and had a clean car! First time in 5 months. And it had only taken me 90 minutes... plus. At least I felt hungry, so made lunch, and managed to slop coleslaw down me, then upset mug of tea all over table and carpet.... last thing I needed. Had lots of mopping up to do then. Mum was no use and obviously had no intention of being any use, as she just sat there, going on about how long it would take her to get a cloth etc... yeah, but the gesture would have been appreciated.

And at around 3pm realise it is raining... how nice, just spent an age washing and polishing car and it goes and rains! Brilliant.

In meantime mum had decided to go to corner shop, she left at 2pmish, and came back at just before 3 pmish... moaning about bad hip. I can understand why she is so fearful of having an second hip replacement, but that is the only thing that will solve her pain. And it would also help if she relaxed when walking. She's tensing up, so making life hard for herself. I just let her get on with it, well she wants to be independent. I am not being cruel, but she does need to figure stuff out for herself. Like I did today with the car wash, it was a long job, and yep, it hurt, but I got there, and there was a sense of achievement. Last year she was in the same pain, but she was getting on with it, now she is feeling way too sorry for herself.

Just had happy chat with friend, so feeling better. Will try to ignore that my second wire now appears to be trying to make its way out of my knee... I mean how many people are allergic to titanium? Must be miniscule, so why do I have to be one of those who is allergic?

Now got to go dream up a naughtyish card for a friend...

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Pyramage instructions

I am feeling a tad chuffed with meself. This had confounded me on photoshop, tho I am sure it must be possible. But switching to Publisher (or even Word) will work to make your own pyramage. I've put the instructions all on one page, you can right click on the pic and save it to file.

I got the image from clip art, something us cardmakers tend to over look, but there are some very good images, and some of it is copyright free. Also look on Google for copyright free clip art/photos.

Anyone with a robo could use that to cut the images out, but you'd need to do some work first on deleting unncessary cutting lines. So it may just be as easy to use a craft knife. Or if you have a cutting system you can use that and forgo using the boxes etc.

Made rest of cards up for my friend, of course I had to mess up the last one! Went for something fancy and it didn't work, I misaligned something and I'd used DST! Must get more photo glue.

Also used some fantastic plastic, well the stuff I got yonks ago from PC world, to my amazement it worked! So must get another pack and have another play with it.

Hope you all had a good weekend.