Sunday, 31 January 2010

The weekend...

Well made it thru the weekend,  yesterday was okay, had to go do the supermarket shop - essential as I'd not been able to do any shopping all week.   Must have got round in record time,   went in at 11 a.m., and was back at noon....   !   And that was in spite of the usual slow coaches, familes, kids running everywhere...    The supermarket is NOT a day out,  it is there so we can buy food and do it as quickly as possible. 
My main prob with the new store is finding stuff,  took me ages to find the brillo pads,  they seemed to have been tucked away.  Some of it doesn't make sense, the frozen section certainly doesn't,   bit of a mish mash,  stuff all over the place, instead of veg being all together etc, it seems to be split up. 

Picked up a family history mag,  and started researching the family tree,  got off to good start,  found my grandparents and great grandparents,  both seem to have had huge families.   They also started out in London,  makes me wonder why they came here.  Using the 2 week trial on Ancestry to get as much as I can.  And of course the census page, those credits don't last long do they?  

Today was crafting day,  got some scrapbooking done, and finished off the page above, I'd cut it all out, but it wasn't stuck down.  Wasn't that happy with the title 'short takes' so chose Beach Patrol.   I remembered that I had a whole box of paper,   lots of colours and great for the lettering. 

Woke up this morning to snow, which was a bit of a shock,  we'd had quite a dusting of it overnight, but by lunch time it had all melted. 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.   Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Not a happy week

Nope, not been a good week.  On Monday got news that one of mum's friends had had a massive stroke,  she is poorly but stable.   She is only allowed family visitors.   Next came my car, and its MOT, it failed, badly, needed a lot of work doing, but it had to be done as I need it.  I reasoned that I'd not ever spent much on it, and it has been reliable,   so was without car all week.  Then on Tuesday rang HR to see what was happening, and found out that they'd turned me down for medical retirement,  wasn't happy,  and want to know when that decision was made, cos there is going to be trouble. 

I did amuse myself with my Slice,  tho the second design cartridge I bought proved to be faulty,  I sent it back to QVC and today they sent me an e-mail saying I'd got a refund,  didn't ask for refund, asked for replacement!   Can I be bovvered to ring them up?  Not sure...  Also have mysterious parcel or letter to pick up at sorting office, someone has sent me something but with the incorrect postage.   Can't think who has sent me anything, guess I'll find out tomorrow.   Used slice to do lettering for above scrap page, that was with new cartridge.... been having lots of fun with it.   Wonder how the new owner of my robo is getting on? 

Have now got car back, but not got bill, I am erring on the side of it being horrendous,  mum has said she'll pitch in,  well she needs it as much as I do.  It is the only time she contributes to the car,  and only when I'm strapped for cash, as I am right now. 

Weird day weatherwise,  started out grey,  then we had a lovely blue and sunny sky, next thing it is snowing!  This went on all afternoon,  really strange.   Well got two finals to watch,  want Henin and Murray to win in Australia....  got a date with TV at 8.30 tomorrow morning.    Breakfast in bed I think.

Have a good weekend all.

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Pic was taken in 2008, about a month after I had bust my knee,  now it looks like it will be opened up and replaced!  Great way to start the new decade I guess. 

Was hoping that I wouldn't have to do much waiting at hospital, but as usual I did,  the appointment time came and went, didn't get sent to x-ray till 30 mins later,  came back to be told that docs were held up in theatre...  was thinking of abandoning the appointment, but decided to stick it out.   Found I still have a wire in my knee, they removed all but one bit,  think that is holding it all together.   But registrar agreed that knee may need replacing, but he needs to talk to boss surgeon.  So have to go back in four weeks, or possibly sooner...  

It was another hectic day, well morning,  had washing to do, and had to catch up on housework, my bedroom was a tip.  I can only stand so much mess...  can't imagine how some people live with messy houses, like those you see on that How Clean is your house show.    After that I flopped in chair, enjoying having nowt to do, watched Loose Women, slightly surprised by the lack of hangovers after their success at the NTA awards.   More lounging around till it was time to set off for hospital,  appointment was slap bang at start of rush hour,   so traffic was murder.   Was hoping it would be better on way home, but there'd been a crash outside the hospital, no-one badly injured, more wounded pride... but it was causing chaos as it was at a junction,  looked like someone had taken a chance and not made it. 

But what did get my goat on way home was how many idiotic drivers there are,  I am not talking about silly driving, but the idiots who insist on driving with their lights on full beam, so they blind everyone!   Do they really think it makes them look clever?   I had one guy coming towards me, full beam, fog lights on, so I replied by putting my lights on full beam, he didn't like that... prat.  Where did that stupid fad begin, it is all young drivers...  

Got a late night,  lots of tennis on from Aus Open.  Andy Murray is due on at about 4 a.m.,   ugh...  

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

All wrapped up...

Just,  got everything ready to wrap up the robo and found I had no sellotape!   So off to shops, and horror, H&B don't sell it...  weird.  Using all my crafting skills I fashioned a box for the robo to fit into snugly,  checked and rechecked that I'd included everything, nearly forgot the plotter, not that I ever used it.   Then second trek to post office, decided to play safe and sent it via Parcel Force,  lady said they'd take more care of it!   Big Shot was okay going by usual method, not a lot could destroy it, except a sledge hammer possibly. 

So now have another item on ebay, the shape emboss,  £9 and it is yours, with lots of stencils and extra bits.   Just hope it goes. 

And QVC are now replacing my missing mat.   Just got a phone call from them, lady was very apologetic,  which makes all the difference.   So should get two parcels from them next week.  

All this ebaying stuff means I've not had any time for crafting, and none tomorrow probably,  got to catch up on housework and got hospital appointment in late afternoon.  I shall be settling down on Friday for some serious crafting catch up. 

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

and bye bye robo

24 hours after selling my Big Shot, next to be listed was the robo,  and one hour later it was gone!   So have another parcel to wrap tomorrow.   Took me ages to wrap up the Big Shot,  it was luckily still in a box,  just had to make sure nothing was going to rattle around.  Then lugged it to post office,  forgotten how heavy it was,    I did also insure it, even tho I didn't charge the buyer for insurance, only cost me an extra quid, will do same for robo. 

Now just listed my mini shapeboss,  found that while looking for one of the robo blade adjusters, which had rolled under my desk...  won't get much for it, but it will not be taking up space in my house.    Got one more lot to put on, the box of cardstock,  will have to sort it out tomorrow and find out exactly what is in it!  Had it for so long I've forgotten, it was one of my early impulse buys during my early crafting days.   Tis daft what we buy when we start,   grabbing everything, or wanting to try stuff.      Not sure if I can count the robo as a faux pas,  I could cut with it,  just found it a pain to set up,  it all took far too long to cut anything.  Big Shot, was an impulsivish buy,  just hadn't considered the cost of the dies, or what use I'd get out of them. 

Made me laugh last night when tuned in to QVC and saw that their TSV was:  The Cuttlebug!    And they had The Slice on, this time easy pay,  but I'm quite happy that I got mine from Hobbycraft,  had I also bought the tool kit the price would have been the same as QVC's.   Don't see the need for the took kit,  all crafters have craft knives which you can use to lift off the shape,  did buy the cartridge,  just cos that was on easy pay,  gives me a bit more choice as well. 

Been a busy few days, and more to come!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Bye Bye Big Shot

I was so happy when I bought the Big Shot,  I was new to crafting and in that 'I will by anything phase', and really hadn't thought it thru.  Once I'd got it, only then did it occur to me that it was going to get expensive buying the dies, and that I may not want to use them much.   I did sort of use it, but it was too big and cumbersome,  well it was for someone who doesn't have a dedicated craft room.     I soon fell out of love with it, and then got persuaded to by a robo...   that is heading for ebay soon. 

But my Big Shot is no more,  it will be on its way to a new owner very soon, hope they get a lot out of it.  Quite surprised that it sold so quickly,  was planning to put the robo on ebay next week, looks like it will be going on in the next few days. 

Had a proper play with The  Slice yesterday,   did panic when it didn't cut!  A quick look at the instructions sorted things out, it wasn't fully charged,  once it was it cut card, paper...   all very happily.   Now starting to get the hang of it,  wasn't wasting as much paper.   I'd bought a blank calendar,  papermania,  and decided to use The Slice to add some lettering to it,  first tho I had to make the 'calendar bit',  the months,  which proved easy with Word, just made a table, used an old calendar for a template and it was easy peasy after that. I used photo paper to print it out.    Got the front cover done, and January.  Then today I tidied up my scrapbook stash and found some nice winter paper...    doh!     Should get calendar finished by end of week I think,  need some pva glue really.

Craft day on QVC tomorrow, will tune in to see what they've got.  Still waiting to hear what they are going to do re my magnetic mat... 

Hope you all had a good weekend. 

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Been spending!

Finally decided to go buy myself The Slice,  was doing my usual dithering,  then decided to stop being negative.  I'd got money from sale of two cameras,  hobbycraft vouchers and some cash,  so I just needed to put £30 toward it.  So off I headed, tho I had no idea if Hobbycraft stocked it, they don't on their online store.  I scanned the craft shelves and had almost given up when... yee ah!   There it was, sneakily lurking on the bottom shelf.    She seemed happy to see me and leapt into my basket..  and off we went to checkout.   I ignored voice that said 'its too expensive'!    Besides got my robo to sell on ebay and my Big Shot,  so I shall have space and some cash, may buy another cartridge for the Slice. 

I've never managed to completely master the robo,  and most of the time it lays there gathering dust.  I've found it just too much of a faff to use,  it won't recognise the thickness of the card/paper,  I do a test cut, it cuts but when it goes to cut it either chomps at it or misses the paper completely.  I've followed all instructions,  the software is so weird...  I am sure with effort they could make it easier to use,  like the silhouette!  Same machine, different software, sort of.  Did think of seeing if I could buy the software for the silhouette and convert my robo, but frankly I've had enough of it.  I know others love it,  but I just ain't one of them. 

Will be having a bigger play with my new toy tomorrow,  got some pages to do, so it will be put to good use.  It was a doddle to set up,   managed to get right amount of glue on cutting mat,  and that was that,  I was up and running.   Think it was about 45 mins before I managed to get anything out of the robo. 

I'm a very happy bunny right now.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Half way thru January!

Yikes,  we're now halfway thru the first month of the year, how scary is that? 

At least our snow has disappeared, we had heavy downpours of rain, so that must have helped to wash all the salt and grit away.   Mind you I didn't have to venture far to find snow, just a couple of miles inland and there was plenty of the stuff,  most of it decidedly grey and mushy.    But it was a joy to be able to get out and about without the danger of slipping over.   Big matter when you have a dodgy knee.   I did have some ice grippers, which were a big help.   May invest in more,  spotted some on ebay.  

My new venture tho is in the pic, what me and a friend came up with in a very bored 5 minutes...  to get Aleksandr a star...  go there and read more about it.  More posts will be coming soon.   We're also on facebook, just look up G.R.U.B.S and the above pic...   and join our Cast!  Oh go on, everyone needs a bit of silliness in their life.  We've decided to campaign to get Aleksandr, that most courageous of meerkats,  a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,   it does cost money, but hey,  if enough subscribe the cost will be minimal,  and there'll be one helluva party.    Not sure about the termite toasties tho...  vodka shots,  mmmm...    prefer Gin. But we can overcome these things together and put a smile on all faces...  go on, join in,  you know you want to.  LOL.

Am also feeling a bit virtuous,  at last got rid of unwanted presents,  sorry to be ungrateful, but I take showers, I not wallow in baths... and nephews have been warned,  any more bath stuff and they will be doomed to a yearly supply of very unfashionable underpants and socks!  As I see it, I make effort, so should they.  Nuff said, anyway it they've all gone to a better cause,  and also offloaded the recycling stuff at last.   Now just got to get stuff up on to ebay...    plans are going well but slowly. 

Enjoy the weekend all.

Monday, 11 January 2010

It's all gone slushy

Yuck,  hate it when snow turns to slush,  but the thaw continued. We did have a few flurries of snow, but not much.    Hope the thaw continues then I can get on with stuff this week, take stuff to charity shop,  got to take stuff to recycling centre,  look into some courses.  And all that involves being on foot, well some of the time.

Did do some crafting over the weekend,  got two scrap pages done.  They're on my other blog.  This pic is of my swap card,  which had to include New Years resolutions, which I never make,  so thought I'd just include the serenity prayer, that is something I try to do every day, and usually fail on some part of it.    I used 2 C6 cards (see getting technical now!), and glued them together,  then on one side I stuck some soft blue pearlescent card,  in the middle I chose a deep blue,  then used some glitter paper on top,  I printed out the 'resolutions' on the PC,  then added a few peel offs,  made the square round the sentiment using silver peel off lines.  I drew the box first, then stuck them down!   Kept the front plain,   as you can see, the stamp is from the stamp magazine,  can't remember its proper title.  I overlapped the blue pearlescent, and added a peel off border.  For the stamp, I stamped onto white pearlescent card, then matted and layered it onto some mirri card, and rounded the corners.  Did think about adding ribbon,  but wanted white and I didn't have any.

Looks like I'm not going to get my new craft mat!  Really annoyed,  QVC have said they'll write to me and offer me my money back, tho they do still have the item I want.   Thought this morning that I was going to get it when I spotted the courier with a large, flat parcel... but it was for a neighbour :-(

Didn't spot anything on the outlet show either.  Was intrigued yesterday by the clarity stamps,  watched the whole show.  Am very tempted to have a go, but it is a bit pricey.

Well all for now. 

Saturday, 9 January 2010

How messy can you get?

Yep, this is how I craft,  total jumble,  it starts out all tidy, but gradually it turns into a huge, untidy mess of paper, and who knows what...   !   And amazingly I do somehow make sense of it all..  see my scrap book blog to see what I did with that lot!

Just felt the need to get crafting again, instead of vegging out in front of PC playing silly games, or twittering.   Not done a lot of crafting, was hoping for better results in the wedding photos, but only a few are usable...  think the camera picked up  on my half hearted attitude.   Actually this weather came a week late for me, had it been this bad last week then I could have stayed snug and warm at home,  instead of getting myself all suited and booted.  

Did brave the cold today, and oh boy was it cold...  didn't look that bad,  blue sky, sunshine....  but my breath was taken away once I got beyond the gate.   I had plenty of layers on, even so the cold was still managing to get to places I thought I had protected.    Was nervous, had on the ice gripper things,  but had a slight incline to negotiate, not as bad going up, it is the going down that is decidedly dodgy.   Just took my time, and managed to make it to post box and paper shop,  do need my weekend crosswords, otherwise I am very grumpy.   Daft really, I have one paper delivered all week, but come the weekend I need one other paper, so always go to get it.   I did consider getting into car, but side roads are lethal, in fact my fears were well founded,  it was the road that was worse than the pavement, so glad I didn't take car. I'll keep her on the main roads.    Did once skid on black ice, it was not pleasant,  and it resulted in a badly broken wrist, as I never let go of the steering wheel.   Also went sideways down a street in an ambulance the last time we had this much snow,   think I shut my eyes and prayed....   well at least I didn't hit the brake pedal.  

Found a few pics to scrapbook over the weekend, so will be getting stuck into them.

Hope you are all keeping safe and warm.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Winter time...

Isn't that fantastic!  A snowdalek,   actually I've been seeing all sorts of snow creations on our local BBC channel,  Shrek, igloos, snow dogs, cats....   and all we made as kids were Snowmen. Last one I made was 1981, with my mum,  in fact I have a pic of it somewhere.  Those were the days when I wasn't overly bothered by snow and ice.  Now I am rather tentative, only cos of this dicky knee.    Going to venture out tomorrow, either I'll fall flat on my face or make it to car... 

Can't believe how many schools are shut, one is shut near me,  and we've only had a bit of snow....    they're going on about health and safety for the children, er, are these the same kids that are doing paper rounds, going out sledging...  I am sure they could manage to get to school.   Or let's take off the days lost off the half term and summer holidays...    seems fair to me.

So I had another day of being stuck inside, think I am now getting cabin fever,  need to get out.  Think mum could to if she made an effort, we do have some of those snow things that she could put on her shoes, so she can get good grip.   I've just been noticing how she has gone backwards over the last few months, very rapidly,  wish someone would do a study on the confidence thing regarding walking in the elderly,  I am sure more could be done.   If my mum were ten years younger I think she would be making more of an effort.  It is all in her head,  she can stand up without support, she can walk unaided, but she just lacks the confidence.   I never thought she would settle for sitting in a chair, that just wasn't my mum, she always had to be doing things... now she has willingly allowed me to just take over the running of her life. 

Well expecting more snow at the weekend,   this is going to be a long, cold winter.

take care folks.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow, snow, tread on a lump and down you go

At last we have joined the rest of the UK and have snow...  was beginning to feel a bit guilty, as we'd had a lot of heavy frosts, but only a sprinkling of snow.  But we had a good layer the other day, as you can see from photo, which was taken locally.   Now it has all frozen!

It all started on Tuesday,  I had just left house to go to get shopping,  and it was snowing lightly, but was a bit slippy.   Shoes I had on didn't help matters, so once I got to supermarket I looked at what they had in footwear, they had some boots so I bought a pair, and very cosy they are!   But by time I left supermarket the world had turned white...  and the snow was coming down very heavily.  It stayed like that all day.   It warmed up a bit, so some of the snow melted, but then it stopped melting and started to freeze,  and the buses stopped running...   so now I'm stuck!   Forecasters said we'll get more on Sunday,  so will have to get out at some point to get some essential bits like milk,  and bread.  

Mum hasn't even poked her nose over the door,   she keeps on moaning, but what good does that do?   I also don't feel like cooking meals,   cos of mum who is being very unappreciative!   I'm trying to make things appetising and warming, but does she pay any compliments - no.   Don't think I'll bother tomorrow.  I know she is fed up, so am I,  but she has got a phone, and she could contact her friends and have a natter if she wanted. 

Well it is freezing here already, in fact we never got above freezing today.  May try and get out tomorrow.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

Tis 2010,  a new year... wonder how the politicians will muck it up?

But it wasn't half cold,  was driving home last night, it was a very starry night, and a big blue full moon.  At this point I only had cold feet,   luckily the car heater warmed them up.  Then it was a case of staying awake till midnight,  not sure why,  the clock strikes midnight, and...  that's it.  Watched the fireworks on TV and in the street, then went to bed. Got first good night's sleep in ages. 

No resolutions, well nothing along the lines of give up smoking etc,  there is stuff I want to do,  going to concentrate on my scrapbooking blog,  get back to CAB,   and if possible, sort out knee. 

Hope you all had a lovely night,  and that there weren't too many sore heads this morning.