Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Things that go bump in the night....

Ooooh, nearly there,  nearly the spookiest night of the year!   Having my own nightmare in form of uncooperative family.  Having planned a weekend with friends for months I can now thank my family for turning a four day friend fest into 2, if I'm lucky.   I'd like to switch places with me for a week, then they'd realise that being a carer isn't fun,  and nor is our mother as independent as they choose to believe. Or for that matter, cheerful!   In fact my mum has turned into a moaning minny,   it all gets rather tiresome, especially when she is busy blaming others for her own problems.   Namely her lack of mobility, she's not kept up with the physio so of course she isn't as mobile as she was at start of year, yet she can't seem to make that equation.  There will also be fireworks tomorrow,  she ordered her repeat prescription, and I am certain that there is one lot of tablets that won't be on the list,  in fact when I asked her about it she snapped at me.  This particular lot of tablets isn't part of her regular medication,  so pretty sure it won't be at the chemist tomorrow.  So of course she'll have another moan.  Roll on Friday... 

I did take her clothes shopping, we did manage to find two nice blouses for her.  I picked up a couple of tops,  tried them on when I got home, one is fine, just a casual top,  the other is a smart blouse, I got the bigger size and it is still too tight round the arms!   I'm getting a bit tired of having to guess what size to buy, even in M&S.  I also just want an ordinary shirt,  not pin tucked, frilly, fitted,  just normal!  So will have to take that back,  and am still undecided about which camera I want, or rather where to buy it from,  Argos are the cheapest, but they have the oldest models,  need to have word with mate who has camera I want, so may wait till weekend.     One thing that was pain free was the supermarket shop,  not too many in there,  no-one dithering,  straight to check out and out.

But can't work out the weather,  it was 18c here today,  sunny, so come the weekend what is the betting that it will be raining?  Which is why I'm holding off getting the ghost tour tickets,  don't fancy getting soaked.

Nice surprise was my craft parcel,  not that it was very exciting, just some card stock and photo glue - the latter was needed desperately!   I've decided that photo glue is my favourite adhesive,  you can keep all the rest,  this allows me to move stuff, reposition and wipe away excess with no nasty stains.

And lurgy has almost gone,  just a bit of a cough left.  Got a tonic as well, had bought one last Saturday but it tasted foul,   this new one is much better,  makes a nice fizzy drink.

All for now folks.  Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Monday, Monday....

What a way to wake up, with a coughing fit!  Nothing will stop it, tried all sorts of cough medicine.   Just one of the quirks of this blooming virus.    I'm not aching any more,  the infection has gone and the lungs are clear, so who knows why the coughing is happening. 

Transferred my winnings into my account :-))  Did some checking on prices and cameras,  have decided on the Lumix,  and Comet have some offers on at the moment.  Have to first make trip to coin converter machine, and cash converters - got some stuff to get rid of and may as well get some dosh for it.   Gonna do that tomorrow, plus call in at work for a catch up, then may toddle off to get new camera.... oooh new toy to play with! 

Have decided that once the job thing is all sorted out, when work gets round to sorting it out,  I will return to the CAB.  I spent a very happy 14 months there,  I would have loved to have continued with them, and go on to paid employment with them, but just couldn't afford to do carry on with voluntary work.  I loved it cos it was so diverse and you really did feel as tho you were making a difference.

Not one spot of crafting today,  couldn't face any more Christmas cards.  Need to get scrap book photos sorted.   Pic is of one of the cards I made yesterday, it looks much better in real life,  I did put some extra bling on to it,  and some glossy accents.  Now need to turn attention to some wedding boxes,  have to make one for niece and another for a friend.   Got the card, just need some nice bits and bobs.

Well it was a grey day, but boy is it mild!   I'm still wearing T shirts.  Ridiculous, I can remember last year it being really cold. 

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Did you remember?

That the clocks went 'back' last night?  It was something I hated if I was working nights,  cos at exactly 2 a.m. you'd have to turn the clock back to 1 a.m.!  It is fine if you are all snuggled up in bed, you can look at the clock and know you have another hour...     Of course there is also the joy of adjusting all the clocks,  on the microwave, mobile phones, ordinary phones, clocks,  thankfully the PC and VCR took care of themselves.

Did think that last night my virus had decided to return with some extra oomph,  had a massive coughing fit and felt like rubbish.  But by morning I felt much better, and now feel even betterer...   Keeping everything crossed that I've finally turned the corner. 

Even managed some crafting,   felt like finishing off the kanban kit,  well that was the idea, except like all kits it seems to be a bottomless pit.   But got six cards made in a couple of hours,  the pic is of one that was involved more of me,  using my own card stock, stamping on it, then using the kanban toppers to finish it all off.  Just needs to be stamped inside, but can I find my favourite Christmas sentiment... nope, can I heck.  Can't think what I've done with it, it is a clear stamp, so I have a suspicion that it is still attached to an acrylic block, just lurking somewhere...  although I am normally scrupulous about cleaning the stamps after use.

Well with a bit of luck I shall be able to get out and about this week, and of course it is half term, or it is where I am :-(   Not looking forward to Friday and Mischief night,  tho the council and police have organised tons of activities for the kids, it worked last year, just hope it does this year. 

Must congratulate Mother nature for giving us a glorious start to Winter,  today was sunny, warm tho windy...  why do I get the feeling there will be a sting in the tail somewhere?  

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

How much longer?

Is this blooming virus going to hang around, I am fed up with it. It is also sneaky,  you can wake up in the morning and you feel okayish,  then within about half an hour you are back to grotty.  Like today, I actually woke up feeling human,  I'd managed to get a good nights sleep, without waking up to have a coughing fit.  So went off to get food supplies, and by time I'd driven to supermarket I felt lousy.  So home for more R&R, but with a tonic I got from chemist,  hoping that will help get rid of this thing.

On upside, I went on line to play lotto,  and played an instant win game and guess what?  I won £75!  I nearly fell off my seat.  That means I can buy my new camera, was looking for a new digital camera but they were all a bit pricey, now I got enough :-)) 

Another high spot was finally tidying up my stash, well it had to be done, I pulled open the card stock drawer and stuff fell out.  So two hours later it was all neat and tidy, plus I got rid of a lot of junk,  all those bits of paper, card that you tell yourself you'll use at some point, but of course you forget all about them and so they just gather dust.   If  I had a craft room it would be different, I could have a scraps section, but space is limited, so I can't hang on to every single thing.   I'm glad I did it, it had been bugging me for weeks. 

Also had the most delicious sausages last night,  Porkinsons,  boy were they scrummy. Only got them cos they were on offer.   They were even delicious cold,  well I cooked the lot, all six,  so the remaining two got scoffed during the evening by me and mum.   And my curry the previous evening was a success, usually my first of the 'season' is rubbish, but not this time,  that must mean that the next one will be yucky.   Funny, before I'd do the fancy stuff, while mum would take care of the basic fayre, such as roasts, stews etc,  now it is all down to me.  I can cook a roast, but just never had to do it on a regular basis.   Now just need to master the stew... 

Oops, being skyped, hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Craft day :-))

Tho not even I can watch 24 hours of craft shows.  But darn it, missed Rosemary Merry, and she only had one slot!   ONE SLOT!   Will someone acknowledge just how popular scrapbooking is on the craft shows please.

TSV wasn't my thing.  Not seen much else which has tempted me.   Well a few scrapbook things, but still mulling over whether I really need another scrapbook.  I probably do as it doesn't take long to fill one.   Also thinking of the mail strike,  usually QVC say that they've made other arrangements and they haven't said anything. 

In meantime my home city was playing host to the largest liner in the world, the Queen Mary 2,   had the weather not been so foul I would have gone to see her sailing up the mersey.  But it has been a very yucky day,  typical autumn day and starting to get cold. 

Gave mum lesson in how to use new phones,  bought specifically with her in mind - as in being very easy to use, with clear buttons, and gave her the instructions to read thru.  Did she bother, nope.  So today when she wants to use phonebook she can't figure it out,  loses her rag and starts muttering under her breath.

Did crack on with scrap page this afternoon,  am about half way there with it.  But photo does need to be bigger, much bigger.    Just found card I thought I'd posted,  oops!  

Monday, 19 October 2009

What a day!!

Was feeling a bit better, so thought I'd go see if I could get the right colour card for my scrap challenge project.  So off I goes to The Range,  did pick up a bargain, some lovely papers for 1.99,  and got some card.    So off to supermarket to pick up milk....   find a group of students stood round trolley right by entrance!  They were oblivious to the fact that they were making life difficult for everyone.   It was the security guard who asked them to just move away from the entrance, he did so politely,  but of course they didn't like being told what to do. 

So had card,  and was looking forward to afternoon of scrapping.  Just after lunch I heard a beeping noise, thought it was someone reversing a lorry,  nope, not a lorry or car in sight.  Beeping is inside flat...  tried TV, nope, not that, radio is off,  smoke alarm is fine....   trace beep to phone.   The answering machine had gone haywire,  and kept on beeping,  tried switching it off, that didn't work.  If I unplugged it then the other handset wouldn't work...    nearly tried the hammer approach - well it was driving me nuts by now.   Looked at instructions,  nothing about beeping noise, so nowt else for it, had to go get new phone.   By this time I was feeling a bit yucky, and didn't want to have to go out looking for a new phone.  Toss up between going to shopping precinct and Argos or Currys in retail park,  latter is further away but is easier to park.   So schlepped up there,  they only had very expensive phones, so off next door to PC world,  found phones, they had some I felt would be easy for mum to operate.  £50!  Off to pay for them,  up comes price on till £29.99...   am I going to say anything... nooooooo.    So at least I got a bargain, well two if you count the papers.   Then of course you have to set them up,  could not be bothered to do anything more than plug them in,   I'll fiddle with the ring tones,  phone book tomorrow.  Course the darn thing rings just after dinner,  mum and I nearly jumped out of our skins,  boy was it loud! 

Photo - is of Aleksandr Orlov, compare the meerkat,  it is the new toy being launched for christmas,  priced at £19.95,  and only available at Harrods.    Think I prefer the one my friend made me.

Friday, 16 October 2009

I got a cold in the head...

And I HATE head colds!   Feels like your head is stuffed with cotton wool.    Was thinking I'd won the cold war, felt okay this morning,  nose was unblocked,  not sure,  no need to sneeze...  but boy has it made up for it since!     Last time I had a head cold like this I was in America, and got some wonderful pills from the pharmacy,  they left me happy and unbunged.  I hate to think what it was I was taking...    got that cold from the nice chap that sneezed in the seat behind us.... he obviously had never been taught how to use a tissue.  Plonker.   But this cold is here to stay for a few days...   grrrr.   Got some olbas oil,  so I can breathe.   Just need to find summat to stop nose running, oh for an American pharmacy....   They don't seem to care over there, here well if you pick up a bottle of cough medicine (like I did) you get the 3rd degree, is a productive cough or non productive,  do you want drowsy or non drowsy.... actually what I want is something to stop all these symptoms....    Oh can' t do that....    

Happy with meself cos I just found an old Barbra Streisand, One Voice, which I had on video, then foolishly let a friend borrow it.  Needless to say I never saw it again.  Last time I did a search for it,  it was an extortionate price,  this time it was a fiver to download onto my Ipod.  But I am tempted to also go back and buy the DVD.   The concert was held in her 'backyard'...   in Malibu!   She is tho one of my favourite artists.   I've reached that age where I don't care what others think of my music tastes, I just buy what I like,  and have to say that Itunes does make life easier.  Mind you I usually find the stuff on Amazon, then see if Itunes has it.    Same applies to fashion, I buy what I like and what suits me, always have,  stuff all this being a slave to fashion. I wince when I see my nieces in their pointy shoes and boots, both admit that they're not comfy.... so why wear them?   Which is why I like Clarks shoes,  dead comfy. 

Annoying.... the supermarket.  For whatever reason the local nursery decided that Friday, mid morning, would be a great time to bring along all the toddlers, in the huge pushchair thing they have...    This was purely an exercise so the nursery assistants could get their shopping.     This huge pushchair thing they have takes up an entire aisle of local supermarket... leaving the rest of us with nowhere to go.    I knew what I wanted,  baked spuds,  some chicken,  branston, cake, milk...  and with a bunged up nose, just wanted to be in and out toot sweet.  So why oh why did I manage to choose the slow checkout....   operated by a young man, pleasant enough, but obviously very bored and thinking he was meant for higher things?    And the woman who couldn't figure out how to put together 42p in change....   oh please!   And the icing on the cake, well that had to be the baffled husband, obviously instructed to return trolley, those that you have to pay a pound to use (which you get back). Well there he was,  scratching head, standing over trolley... why?  Cos there weren't any other trolleys around and he had no idea of how to get his pound back.   Big issue chap sorted him out in the end. 

Weekend weather is looking good, but will I be able to go and enjoy it?  Got to go get 3 tickets for shiverpool,  a ghostly trip around my local town on halloween!  Me and two friends, who are both up for it. Why am I thinking none of us will sleep that night?   

Have a good weekend all. 

Oh, pic, two daft owls,   well they tickled my sense of humour!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Not sure whether to be pleased or not...

The lurgy has developed into a head cold, which I'm attacking with copious quantities of Vit C, and honey/lemon drinks...  not sure who is winning yet, me or the cold. 

I had what I hoped would be my last ortho appointment.  Got there in good time, but then it took me ages to find a car parking space!   Their new multi storey car park can't be built soon enough.   Anyways, after circling hospital grounds finally got a space, but it meant a long walk to clinic.  Then, no sooner had i arrived at clinic than the nurse grabs me, says I'm the last patient, and they're way ahead of time. So in I goes.   Surge has a poke and prod,  we have a chat,  ask him about lump, he says it is a suture which will either dissolve or pop out... so something to look forward to!     I'm about to say that I'll see him in a couple of years, when, he says  he'll be seeing me in 3 months.   Huh,  why?  Cos it was so badly broken,  after 14 months he finally tells me what I did,   I'll spare you all the gory details.  Now even I'm amazed that I am walking, well okay, more of a hobble, a good hobble.  But they want to keep an eye on things, so I'm back there in 3 months, when I can look forward to having my knee x rayed from all angles.    But I was all done and dusted at 3.30, the time I should have had my actual appointment, I wasn't complaining.  I did think I'd be there for ages.   They've started having evening clinics,  so that has eased the pressure on the day time clinics.  Makes more sense, especially for anyone who is working to attend in the evening. 

And it was a no crafting day, again.   Will try to do something tomorrow,  got my photos and feel the itch to do some scrapping.  Just wondering whether to go get some 12x12 cardstock... I need some really vibrant colours. 

And Cazzy, i will pop over to QC.   Sorry I've not been on there since er, July!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Do NOT need this right now

Got some sort of lurgy,  only just got over one bug, I do not need another.   Mum gave me this bug,  she has been coughing and sneezing for last few days.  Today she stayed in bed,  best place to be if you're not well.    I felt okay till lunchtime, then began to feel yucky.  Have had some honey and lemon,  a big dose of Vit C,  and now trying a glass of red wine, purely for medicinal purposes.   So with looking after mum, shopping etc, it didn't leave much time for any crafting. 
But I managed to squeeze in a quick half hour this afternoon to play with the peg stamp set a friend sent to me.  I've got one set, but never felt very confident with it.  Today I just played on some scrap paper, using a compass I drew a circle and kept stamping around that till I was happy.   Then decided to brave it and stamp a card...   Feel rather pleased with the result, the colours haven't come out well in the scan, they are more muted than that in real life.   But that's all I had time for!

Got myself into a panic yesterday,  went to get prescription and to print some photos at Boots.  It was a lovely day,  so I walked thru to high street.    Got to Boots, went to hand in prescription and... it wasn't in my pocket!  I distinctly remembered putting it in my jeans pocket before leaving the house.   So printed photos,  that was a bit of a faff, the touch screen wasn't feeling in the mood to be touchy feely,  nor could I access the other folders, so could only print stuff from one folder.   Left Boots and retraced my steps,   I just knew that prescription had been in my pocket...   got half way back home and... yep, there was the prescription, on the pavement!    I considered whether to go back to chemist,  but knee objected,   it was sore and tired,  so I carried on home.   I still can't work out how the prescription came to fall out of my pocket.  Just glad I found it. 

Now trying the new blogger editor,   seems a bit strange to use, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Monday, 12 October 2009

The best laid plans...

Always go awry. As mine did! The plan was to go to high street, get prescription, get photos printed, pick up few essentials and head home... that got changed when it turned out we needed more in way of essentials. So had bright idea of heading to Tesco, I could get shopping, and get photos, then could go for walk in afternoon and get prescription - simples! Wrong. Shopping bit went okay, except I once again forgot the compost bags, but it was when i got to their photo lab, put in usb, click on screen and... was asked for name and phone number. Kept on going to choices and... then realised they didn't do an instant print service! No bother, could get photos later... but, yep there is a but, grandson of my old next door neighbour needed somewhere to leave his scooter and helmet, he had a job in the area. That meant I had to stay in the flat as he wasn't sure when he'd finish!

Oh well, gave mum's room an autumn clean, and bathroom. Now just need to blitz everywhere with vacuum. And it was a lovely day, sunshine all day. Best of all, horrible neighbours have moved out, yippee! None of us liked them, saw them yesterday packing their stuff into a van, so no more of their brats messing around.

Pic: is of my ATC that goes with Owl card, that was part of the swap, to make a pocket and put a small card inside it. ATC seemed to fit the job. Luckily a friend had sent me a small die cut of an owl, and some branches. And today I got a peg stamp set, gift from a friend who had no use for them, looking forward to playing with them.

I've figured that crafting isn't a hobby, it is an addiction, and that you can never have enough stash ;-))

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Busy doing nothing...

Had an odd night's sleep, spent most of it wrestling with the bedclothes! Finally managed to get back to sleep and woke up at 10 a.m.! Had to get up as we had visitors coming, late morning supposedly... probably why they arrived at 12.30.

Weather was foul, didn't seem to know what it wanted to do so we had rain, sunshine... bit of everything. I tucked myself away and did some scrapbooking. Got an idea for a LO, monochrome, knew I had a few black and white photos, just had to hope I had black card! Luckily I did, it has a nice satin finish as well, stuck to just black, grey and white, the geometric design happened by accident, I cut the mat for the photo, then began to fool around with the off cuts, just placing bits here and there till I was happy. Did wonder whether to add a splash of colour, tried a few coloured buttons, but it wasn't right, so stuck with the monochrome look. Still not sure about the flowers, felt it needed some relief... they're not stuck down yet.

Need to sort out photos for printing tomorrow, no colour cartridge, but I'm seriously wondering if it is worthwhile printing photos at home. The price of the ink is horrendous, and printing in the likes of boots is quite cheap.

Hope you've all had a nice weekend, thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 9 October 2009

A grey old day

Brrrrrr... it was too cold this morning, I was too warm and toasty to even want to get up. Skies were grey, the sun made the odd attempt to break thru the veil of grey, but it was cold and windy.

I'd like to thank the thoughtless mum who nearly slammed into my poorly knee in the supermarket, she finished talking to her friend and without even looking around, she spun the pushchair straight at me... I gave her my sternest glare. What is wrong with folk these days? I hate to inform the ignoramus, but you are not alone on this planet, it is rather crowded and you need to take care when you stop when getting off escalators, and with pushchairs/wheelchairs... there are other people around. And if I get one more 'I have all the time in the world' idiots in front of me at the supermarket checkout I will throttle them! Like the chap today... out came the roll of twenty pound notes, a few hundred at least, which he peeled off, then out came the five pound notes, he peeled off one of them, then the small change... He was buying for some food wagon, loads of bread, rolls, eggs, bacon... why don't they use the cash and carry? Surely it is cheaper! But it was the sloooowwwwww method he used, as if he was the only one there, ignoring the growing queue. You just really want to thump them. Plus they always used loads of bags... ! That gets my goat. Is it really that hard to remember to take a few bags with you to the supermarket? That is what our mothers did years ago, took their shopping baskets with them. Now it seems most are too bone idle to do so. Take a trip to Ireland, you will NOT be offered any free bag in ANY shop, in fact you will get the cold stare...

Mum asked me to get some of the old bulbs, those that they have banned.... I hate the new energy things, useless they are, and dangerous, full of mercury! So I do as ordered, but of course I can only get clear bulbs, not the pearl ones that she prefers... and she has a moan. So I have to explain, again, that they have been banned... I did get an apology. Did think she was going to cook tonight's dinner, but she stopped after putting in the roast potatoes... Mind you I am more varied with my meals, I tend to cook what I fancy, so if mum doesn't want to participate in the cooking, then she is lumbered with whatever I come up with! LOL.

Did get round to making my swap card, used the papers from the Scrapbook magazine, it came to my rescue! Used an A5 card, covered it with one of the papers, had to make a pocket, so did that, covered it with the same paper but added the sentiment. I made an ATC to tuck inside the pocket, with a little owl, following the theme of the large owl (from mag, glued onto card), with some die cut branches of trees. Cut hole in card, and perched owl on edge. Was very pleased with result, even more pleased that it is now in envelope with a stamp on it! Just have to manage to get it into post box.

Very amused at one of my friends, who has issued one of her cats with an ASBO, cos he took liberties when she left the bedroom door open. Cat's rule, that is all any cat owner has to realise, they just do their own thing... owners just follow after them. And just been helping another friend to source books for her upcoming uni course, found most of them in the British library, who thoughtfully had put a link to Amazon, so we got some second hand, saving her a fortune.

I can also cross off my 'to do list' an order for photo glue, tho not impressed by the news of how long it will take them to send it to me... they are only 40 miles away! Employ more staff would be my answer to this particular company, you know you are popular, get a lot of trade, so stop skimping on the staff! Only went to them as they are the cheapest, I was not going to spend nearly 3 quid on a tube of photo glue... nope. No way Jose. Tho at the last craft fair a lovely stall was selling it for a quid a tube... yes I did stock up!

Still highly amused by Tory conference.... sorry Dave but some of us do have long memories. Nice try tho. And by Loose Women, a show not to be missed, hilarious...daft but totally female.

Enjoy the weekend folks.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Another busy day!

Yep, was up, out and at em earlyish this morning... not thru choice tho. Mum's net curtain had fallen down, the sticky fixers had come loose and one was bent, plus the end of the curtain rod had wandered off... could I find it, could I heck. Mum suggests local DIY shop, I have my doubts, I was right, so off to retail park. Found they were stocking a new type of net curtain rod, spring loaded... good, save all that super glueing. Next task was to remove the one sticky fixer that had remained in place, clean frame and then realise that new rod wasn't going to fit.... grrrrr.... so used new rod in bathroom, and put up bathroom rod in bedroom, supergluing the sticky fixers in place, did manage to find a spare one.

And a gripe... it is now seriously annoying me! The way that shop assistants hand you your change, they put the note into your palm first and the coins on top, making it awkward to put it back into your wallet, purse. The girl did that to me in the newsagents, she could see I was incapacitated and was using a crutch, but she still plonked the fiver and the coins in my hand... ! I wish they'd learn to hand over the coins first and then the note. Oh and looking interested would also help. Still I did manage to solve my swap card dilemma, how to come up with a non halloween autumn card, luckily Scrapbook magazine had free autumnal papers - yippee! Also thinking of entering the competition, had planned to enter last year, till I broke my knee and wrist, making any scrapbooking impossible. You have to submit 3 layouts, all different and showing progression. Will take a look thru my albums, also got two LO's to make this weekend.

Put knee thru its paces again today, managed to get in another walk in the sunshine. Think the muscles are starting to come back a bit, got a bit of an ache in my thigh, which is a good sign. But knee was very sore afterwards, I like to think I am doing well, then it reminds me that it will never be normal again.

Well forecast tomorrow is for rain... so will get on with swap card.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

And after the sunshine came the rain...

Yesterday in bucket loads... But I'd already planned my day, to dejunk my bedroom. So did that, and then gave it a good clean. Then flopped down to watch QVC, but wasn't inspired by anything. Today I got rid of all the bin bags of junk. And it was all sun shiny again :-)) Sadly by time I'd got shopping, had lunch the sun chose to have a rest, but I still went out for a walk. It was nice to have some fresh air. I do still get frustrated tho, I think i am walking much better, but then I keep getting overtaken, even by pensioners!

So no crafting for two days! But felt like a break, and forecast for weekend isn't so hot. Pic is of another kanban card, but with my take on it, using an A5 card, some of the holly card, and the pyramage deer, I glittered their noses, and stuck the left over gift tag inside to finish it all off.

Must get some photos printed tomorrow, meant to get them done in supermarket, but as usual I forgot! Tho did get everything on the list :-)) Checkouts weren't too bad, got a nice chatty check out lady, she noticed a chap starting to empty his basket of four items, behind my humungus weekly shop and suggested he took it to the basket checkout, which was empty. So she was trying to do him a favour, and his response: well if you need a rest.... Hey! He was out of order, then blow me who is it I spot walking down middle of car park, so no-one could get round him, yes, Mr Awkward. There is a safe walkway, but did he want to use it, course not... why do that when he can upset everyone? I do think some folk set out to have a fight, I came across quite a few in my nearly old job... one chap in particular was always looking to pick a fight and he could bore for England. He'd always ask you to look up some obscure title, which of course we wouldn't have, but would offer to get it from another authority for the princely sum of £1.50... and that would kick off an argument, he was a poor pensioner (was he heck, he was a pensioner, but not a poor one) and why should he pay.... we'd all try to avoid him if we could.

Well best get back to answering e-mails.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Sun shiny day... :-))

Alls it takes is a splash of blue sky, and that big dollop of yellow to improve everyone's mood. After 3 days of grotty weather finally the sun remembered to shine.

So one can hardly stay indoors on such a nice day, can one? So off I went on a nice drive up the coast to The Range, no honest, I did need stuff. Was out of A5 card stock and envelopes, and needed some nice ribbon, plus needed some small tubes of silver glitter glue, did want gold but had option of silver, black and white, or gold, copper and a yucky colour, so went for the silver option. Found card stock, was hoping to find something for my latest swap card, but no joy. They did have some lovely stuff, it is either feast of famine I've found, at other times you struggle to find anything. But they do seem to have gone bonkers for the FF stuff and Dandelion and Daisy products. They did have some lovely glitter stickers, the snowflake ones were just gorgeous, but I resisted! I sometimes buy stuff that then just sits in the stash for ages, and I'm determined to stop indulging.

Managed another 3 cards this afternoon, simple when you have the right sized card stock. Also made use of the ribbon and glitter glue, funny how I can use these small tubes, but when it comes to those large bottles I get into a right mess.

And made a cottage pie for dinner, once upon a time it was me who did the foreign stuff, italian, chinese, curries... while mum did the English meals. Now I am chief cook and bottle washer, mum has all but given up cooking. In fact she has pretty much given up doing much at all, she does do some washing up, but isn't very good, and some ironing, she could do a bit more but won't.

And as for that Cameron plonker... it is all very predictable, they're after the usual suspects, but someone needs to tell him that Incapacity benefit no longer exists!

Sorry, felt the need for a mini rant.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Oh crumbs...

What is one to do... got a problem and got no idea how to solve it! Every time I think of a solution I see another problem.

And there I was, happy as a pig in muck, with my messy craft table, glue, 3d foam, tools, all buried, total nightmare, but did I care, nope, was having a lovely time! Beginning to think that QVC must have had a serendipity moment and sent me the wrong kit. I made up ten cards in the space of a couple of hours, boy was I on a roll... ! Even found some ice blue pearlescent card, perfect for some of the die cuts.

Outside the weather couldn't make up its mind what it wanted to do, one minute we had blue sky and sun, next it was dark grey, grim and wet.... Mum was dithering over going out to meet up with her friend, in the end they decided against it, and of course the weather improved. She also said she'd go for a walk, to get some much needed exercise, well she fell asleep and conveniently forgot about her promised walk. I've told her that unless she gets some exercise her health won't improve. But she just won't motivate her self to do anything, other than sit in her chair.

Must make a to do list for this week! Got so much done last week. Well hope you all had a lovely weekend and that the weather wasn't too bad.

thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Blooming heck...

It is even windier today than it was yesterday. Wondering if my winter pansies will survive?

To my surprise the QVC kit arrived this morning, so I had something to look forward to crafting. Waited till after all my chores were done and then opened the box. Mmmm, looked different to what I remembered, rummaged thru it, was it the same kit, couldn't remember. Looked on website, nope they'd sent me the wrong kit! Got an apology, but the kit I wanted was out of stock :-( So decided to keep what they had sent me, it is still a nice kit. As you can see from example, love these two owls! Added some glitter glue to the berries and hats, and cut a circle out of some green mirri board. Thought it really livened it up.

One other gripe, the kit had no envelopes! So will have to go an invest in some A5 envelopes. It will go further than the kit I ordered as there is so much in it. But do need a few extra Xmas bits and bobs, some silver glitter glue, the small tubes, find that much easier to work, plus some nice xmassy ribbon.

Definitely hankering to a trip to a craft shop...

Friday, 2 October 2009

It's grim up north...

It certainly was autumnal today! Cold, windy, rain... a very ugh day. I braved it to get in some supplies, well tomorrow's forecast is even worse!

So what to do on a rainy day, well craft of course. Had a play with the freebies from papercraft, when I opened it well, I was less than impressed. The double sided peel offs and glitter are okay, but the rest, they're having a laugh. So returned to one of my QVC kits, more of the box cards, hadn't realised I had so much left. And my new kit is on its way, so that must mean at least Tuesday before I set eyes on it. I'm keeping that kit for my own Christmas cards. I'm keeping an eye out for any craft fairs. Plus must send some the charity SOS - Support Our Soldiers. They're also looking for cards to distribute to the soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Not sure what I'll get up to tomorrow, feel like a bit of craft retail therapy... well you know what its like, you feel the need for something new. LOL

Have a good weekend all, thanks for stopping by.