Thursday, 31 January 2013

Oops, how did that happen?

A more relaxing day...  mum seems to have recovered from her upset the other day,  though she is a little weaker.  But she looked a little brighter.   The sun was also shining, sadly it was tempered by a bitingly cold wind.   Well I had a couple of small wins on the lotto so decided a treat was in order and only one place to go - the craft shop!   I got some nice goodies,  card, a new die - more of that a little while, embossing folder and a background stamp, oh and a mask. Wasn't going to get the stamp but it was in the sale basket.

So back home and I put the finishing touches to my Owl,  I stamped a few of the very small flowers, coloured them and then cut them out, very fiddly stuff but worth it.   I put a dab of pinflair behind them to raise them off the card,  then managed to find some small fluttery butterflies to finish it all off. 

Trust me those flowers are SMALL!   A good job I have those squeezer type scissors,  which are ideal for cutting fiddly stuff. 

No challenges completed this week, nothing really grabbed me.  I've had more of a fiddle week,   possibly a grand tidy up of the craft space might help,  it is now a tad cluttered. Okay it is downright messy!  

I have to get a copy of the new Stamper mag, just seen the front cover and love the new stamps. 

So best get to this new die...

Ta Dah!   It is beautiful,  just couldn' t resist it.  Took a couple of goes to get it to cut, but now it works fine.  I cut a couple of butterflies out of some background card I'd been making using the dylusions,  the idea was to get a graduated colour, which I think I did.   In the background is the new card,  coredinations,  they were on CnC earlier in the week, my craft shop had them at the same price,  I went for the dark colours.  I was being tempted by some mountboard, and the X cut build a scene dies,   so much stash, so little money! 

Need to do something with these butterflies I think,  I have a friend who is in need of a cheer up, her dad has just been diagnosed with cancer, and it is a rare type.  Life can suck at times...  but I need to thank Elizabeth, the Silver Scrapper, you said some wise words in your comment,  they were much appreciated. 

I'll be back at the craft table tomorrow...  could be a case of butterflies galore!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Weary Wednesday

It's been a busy and stressful two days.   Mum wasn't well yesterday,  hard to say what was up, she doesn't want any unnecessary intervention.  She slept most of the day, but also had a couple of accidents, so I had some washing to do.  I also got on with some necessary chores, sorting out the kitchen cupboards!   Fortunately nothing was past its sell by date. 

Didn't really feel in the mood for much crafting yesterday,  was going to have a bit of a sort out but decided against it.  Also noticed that both wrists are becoming painful,  feel like I am falling apart.

I did put together this page for my craft/art journal,  just trying to put down positive words to boost my spirit. 

The first photo is my craft desk as I left it at 5pm...   a work in progress?    I decided I needed a treat today so picked up a craft mag,  chose the one with the lovely Woodware Owl stamps, and so had a play.  I stamped the Owl onto some cream linen card, then again onto two pieces of patterned card and did a spot of decoupage,  added his wings, nothing is stuck down yet, aside from the card.  There is also a frantaged tag, the blue thing,  which came out far better than I expected,  plus some ink pads, the trusty versarmark and TH stuff, acrylic blocks... and my syringe nearly empty of pinflair, craft sheet atop my nice glass cutting mat - love it, doesn't buckle when the heat gun goes near it!   And at the back the mess that is my craft space!   It is occasionally tidy  - not often. 

The Owl stamps are really nice,  very good quality, I am suspicious of some of the stamps offered by the magazines, but when I saw they were Woodware then I knew they'd be fine.   The freebie papers are nice as well.

Think my stressful 36 hours is starting to catch up with me!   Hopefully I'll finish the Owl project tomorrow. 

All for now, thanks for stopping by

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Time on my hands...

This was inspired by the Artful Times challenge,  but I can't enter it as it is a tag.   This mountboard tag has been hanging round my desk for weeks,  so had the small set of wings.

Rather than do a lot of stamping I chose to use some papers, from the Chronology PM range,   and then I used an embossing folder of a brick wall on another piece of black card.   Then I cut the cogs,  and added some brads, plus some 'watch' part die cuts.   The clock face is a TH stamp,  the wings are cut from grunge paper,  I used some very thick white embossing powder, which takes an age to melt, but it is worth the wait as you get some lovely effects depending on how long you heat it for, the heat also curls up the wings!  And that was it, so simple and it came together so quickly. I have got a piece started for the actual challenge.  But really enjoyed making this piece.

It's been a very odd week with the weather,  think we've had all four seasons this week, sometimes in one day!   Tuesday it was lovely, blue sky, sunshine,  still cold but it was nice to see the sun. Wednesday we had sleet, followed by that icy rain,  back to sleet and then snow.  Thursday was much the same,  then Friday started with rain,  then we got snow,  back to rain, then it dried up and at 9pm the heavens opened and down came an awful lot of snow in a very short space of time!   I saw the pictures on the TV of the hold ups on the M6, but couldn't help wondering how many of those people actually needed to be driving?  The forecast was accurate, we had all been warned, but still people refuse to listen.  A lot were moaning that they didn't see any emergency services,  the ES were doing a very good job given what they had to deal with, and that they also had to try to get through the traffic which was spread all over the motorway,  that also included snowmen being built in the fast lane - not so clever.   In bad weather if I don't need to travel then I don't.  

I must admit that on Friday I was glued to the tennis - Andy Murray in the Aussie semi final, brilliant match.  The final is tomorrow, so it will be another five setter and another long morning.  I wonder if the BBC now realise their mistake in NOT showing the US Open final last year when he won?  A very silly decision.   I had a lie in today,  it wasn't intentional,  as usual mum was up at around 3 a.m.,  that is when she feels peckish, but it too stiff and sore to make her own tea and toast.  So I did that for her, headed back to bed,  woke about seven and had my own breakfast, in bed...  then nodded off till nearly 10 a.m.,  very unlike me.   The snow had almost gone, it was all slush by the time I wandered over to the paper shop,  though I stuck to the road,  my new boots kept my feet nice and dry.  Mum wouldn't go out,  so she's not been out for 3 weeks,  she's got plenty of books and magazine, also her crossword books,  but what does she do - she falls asleep!   I've found the information on the day care centres, so I will discuss it with her tomorrow.

All for now folks,  thanks for stopping by and for your comments,  would just like to let the spammers know that all of their junk is unwantd and is deleted.

Stay safe and warm

A little bit sketchy...

It's taken nearly all week but finally it is finished,  my Make My Monday piece which was a sketch.   That made a nice change from a theme and it meant I could make use of my new freebie stamp from Stamper. 

I used some watered down dylusions on a piece of canvas board,  which were applied with a sponge, not done that before as I usually opt for a brush.  Then came the masks,  which I'd forgotten I had. I wanted a lacy look down the middle,  so used the biggest mask and some TH distress ink.

I cut the squares out using a die,  another item that has hardly been used, sad as it is so pretty,

but it was perfect for this job. I embossed the stamp with some black detail powder, and added a touch of distress inks, blue and purple.

The heart was made from some chipboard,  which got smeared with embossing paste then doused in the purple dylusions.  I gave it a blast with the heat gun and got the wrinkles, so put a bit of rub and buff on them.   This was all accidental,  especially the dyslusion bit as I pressed the plunger too hard!  But it was a very happy accident as I got this lushious colour.

So had two squares that seemed to need something - a flower maybe?    Why not.   Used my X cut die, just choosing to make 3 layers,  the usual dylusions and then they were embossed,  again the rub and buff was applied, and a nice big chunky pearl in the middle.  I raised up the layers using pinflair.  Oh and they got a few blasts of spray and shine.

That was going to be it,  then I spotted some butterfly wings... and was tempted.  Rather than use the grungeboard I used them as a template and cut them from card,  and embossed them with the same folder I'd used for the flowers.  Another few blasts of spray and shine,  for the body I used some very old (very old) stash of pearls.   Then I added the sentiment, which is a quote from Maya Angelo.

The quote is: 

The desire to reach for 
the stars is ambitious. 
The desire to reach hearts is wise.

She is one of my favourite authors and always seems to come up with the right thing to say.  

A really enjoyable make,  I didn't mind it being spread over the week, and if I didn't change my mind so much it would have taken a couple of afternoons!  

Thanks for stopping by.  

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

More white stuff

Spoke too soon about the snow disappearing as it came back today.  Started off with sleet, then mid morning the flakes were getting bigger.  I know they say that each flake is different, but how do they actually know? 

I was also out in the snow,  needed some fresh air and a walk so hobbled off to high street,  and with the pavements clear I thought I'd take advantage.  I thought the knee was doing well till it gave way!  Guess I'll keep going with the exercises. 

After lunch it was back to the craft table, to finish off the MMM piece. 

I did the background yesterday, used dylusions which had been watered down then applied with a sponge.   I had also made the flowers,  cut and dylusioned, then embossed and buffed,  also used some spray and shine on them. For the mats I used one of my dies which hasn't actually had much use.  I used some linen effect cream card, did think about colouring it but it looked nicer 'au naturelle).  Then the middle bit which is the stamp from the Stamper mag,  heat embossed with black detail powder,  and a smudge of the dylusions.

I also did some masking,  had some TH masks,  so used it with the distress inks to make a 'band' in the centre.

It was still needing something, the MMM challenge also had a heart, so I went with that as there was one lying around.

Got this idea from a blog,  using embossing paste which was thinly spread on, then a quick splurt of dylusions,  the darker bits are where the paint gathered,  plus the wrinkles give a nice effect, just a dab of the buff on to finish it off.   I've not used the paste in this way,  just with stencils. Sadly my white paste had gone rock hard,  my fault for not securing the top properly  Also learned the trick of stamping into it, which is to moisten the stamp so it doesn't pick up the paste.  I'll try that another time.  Now it just needs a sentiment.

This was a very satisfying make,   nice change to use a sketch as the challenge.   Still got time for another challenge entry I think.  We're due for more snow,  just as well I bought some proper boots,  was almost tempted by the psychedelic wellies but they didn't have any in my size :-( 

Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow - what snow?

It fell, it landed and then it melted away...   Yesterday wew had a blizzard,  it was freezing cold and the roads were almost empty.  24 hours later and the snow has gone, the grey clouds have blown away and we have sunshine.  Crazy!

In the snowy conditions yesterday I made my way to the craft shop to get the new heat gun. Needless to say there were very few people in the garden centre.   I got the Woodware heat gun,  it was reduced and has two speeds.

Back home I was able to finish off the project I had started on Sunday and the new gun made all the difference.  I was using a very thick powder on the wings and the slower speed helped get the powder melting.   I wanted a textured effect on the wings,  I also gave them a coat of paint,  then added some rub and buff along the edges,  the heart was cut out, coloured, stamped and then embossed with UTEE.  The background was inked, stamped and dry embossed,  same with the strip under the wings, that also got a touch of the r&b.  I spotted the project in The Stamper,  it seemed right up my street. Oh the wings were cut out of grunge paper,  I love the way the heat gun helps to curl them.  All the lettering was courtesy of the Slice machine,  the red letters are glossy card, and it took four cuts to get through it,  think the Slice may need some new blades! 

I've now started on the Make My Monday challenge, which is a sketch,  already sorted out the background and some of the decoration.   That meant I had to go for my health check up with dylusioned fingers!   My BP is fine,  had blood taken for cholesterol and diabetes, both of which the hospital checked for a couple of months ago,  was also weighed... and I have lost a few pounds.  Once I get back to my walking I should get back to my normal weight.  Even the nurse agreed that I just needed to be more active,  she knows all about my knee problems.   Now I need to broach mum about her going to a day centre,  the nurse said I needed to ease my stress, easier said than done.  But she's right,   I'm sure it would also help mum,  just a case of convincing her.

Well should have more photos tomorrow,   would also like enter Sunday Stampers but we'll see how I go for time. 

Hope you are all safe and warm were you live .  Thanks for stopping by

Sunday, 20 January 2013

And it was all going so well...

Then kaput...  heat gun decided blasted its last bit of heat and gave up the ghost!   Very inconvenient as I was in the middle of heat embossing a piece of work.   I thought that maybe it had overheated so let it cool down and tried again, but nope it was as dead as a dodo.    So it will be a trip to craft shop to get new heat gun.   Was trying to remember when I got the other heat gun and it must be over ten years ago, so it hasn't done badly.  It was included in my first ever papercrafting kit which was a Christmas present from my mum.   We were sitting outside a craft shop in Southport and mum asked me what I wanted for Christmas, so I pointed at the kit and so she went to buy it.  In fact she was a bit naughty and bought the next kit which had the heat gun.  But that is what started off my crafting journey and I still have the first card I ever made to remind me of how far I've come.

Which is why I also chose to post this apt picture as we all forget that we were all a beginner in something once.  It might amuse you to hear of my first experience with embossing powder.   I had made my card, stamped it, but wasn't sure about what to do with the powder, so I sprinkled it on the card -but the ink had dried, and then tried to heat it up, the result:  a carpet full of embossing powder!   I hadn't realised that the ink had to be wet to take the powder.

I wasn't very good at stamping, in fact it took me quite some time to get the hang of it.  I either overstamped or understamped.   But I persevered and began to get better,  I was glad when the cling on stamps came out,  they made life easier for me as I had more success with them than with the wooden backed stamps.  Nor would I have thought of inking and stamping a background, let alone use masks!   My first venture away from card making was an exploding box,  next came a few attempts at ATCs, then tags.  I've learned so much from Barbara Gray about composition,   and picked up a wealth of knowledge from friends and others along the way. 

So not a good days crafting, but I do have a very clean and tidy craft space!    Well after the heat gun packed up I set about tidying up my crafty space.  Found a box to store my 'in use' stamps,   cleaned quite a few stamps, including my TH collection so they stay stuck to their acetate. All the mats were cleaned and stored neatly,  so it is all ready for me to make a mess tomorrow. 

Sad to learn that the Stamp man are not continuing with their challenges,  so will have to root around for more.

Stay safe out there, and warm.   And please if you are driving in dull, wet or snowy weather, please put your headlights on! 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Without fear...

Well it snowed!   It was supposed to start at around 11 a.m. yesterday morning, but it started at around breakfast and just kept on coming.    I'd miscalculated how much milk we had so had to go to supermarket where I was amazed to see it quite busy,  that was in spite of the howling snowstorm outside.

By lunchtime we had icicles on the windows,  and it was still snowing.   I was very happy to stay put.  I got on with my clock, which has turned into a project and then some.  I have been dithering over ideas and colours.  This could be the finished article, or not,  the colours are decided.   It is now stuck together, the bits aren't yet stuck on,  I may still change my mind about how it is to be decorated. 

My rub 'n buff came today, that was fast, and especially given the terrible weather.  Delighted with it. 

I do want to use this Angel on something as she is so beautiful.  She was a fridge magnet but was far too pretty to stay on the fridge door.    The lettering, such as it is, was made by the Slice,  using the Findings card, which also allows you to make shadows, or mirror images. 

I did venture out again today,  just to our corner shop.  I've got some of those snow grippers,  even so I took my time.  The main roads are now clear,  luckily the buses kept running yesterday which helps to mix in the salt.   I couldn't believe how many idiots were driving without lights,  along with those who hadn't cleared the snow off their windows properly - and then they wonder how accidents happen!   Always amuses me when a news report says a car swerved into a tree... but fails to mention that it required help from the human being behind the wheel.  

Another giggle was at the supermarket,  I picked up a pack of tomatoes which were labelled:  Classic Round Tomatoes...  what other shape to tomatoes come in?   Have Sainsburys plans to grow square or oblong tomatoes?    What next, white milk?   

Not sure if I will complete the clock tomorrow, may have a break from it and then decide on the decoration.  Feel the need to do something different,  hoping there will be something among the challenges that will get the mojo going.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

A little bit rusty...

I've been working on my clock this week.  My aim was to try and make it look like rusty metal.   Having no idea how I just had a go,  I first painted the frame with some gesso.  Then gave it a coat of black poster paint, a layer of PVA glue and some umber paint.  I was sparing with the PVA,  didn't want the crackle look, but rust!    After a blast with the heat gun I began to get what I wanted as the glue began to bubble nicely.  I applied a few layers of TH distress markers, brass, copper and silver, and kept on blasting away with the heat gun.  I left it dry overnight,  then today I added a very thin coat of  light brown poster paint.  Would have been nice to have some rub and buff,  but some perfect pearls did instead.  And this is the final result!  I just kept on making the PVA glue bubble up till I got a rusty looking effect.   I have to say I am really chuffed with this.   I did eventually find a Youtube demo,  will put the link up over the weekend.

Here is the whole clock frame.  My next task is to of course add the decoration.  I've got some bits and bobs I can use,  and have worked out what will be going in each panel. I've still got the back of the clock to do,  it will also be rusty.  Oh and cut some numbers out. 

It has been freezing cold here, now we are waiting for the snow to arrive!  It is due tomorrow.   I've already got the shopping,  went to a supermarket I generally avoid, but felt like a change then remembered why I avoid it - cos of the idiots that go there.  It isn't a very spacious supermarket,  but that doesn't stop the idiots from blocking up the aisles.  I was hoping that the DIY store may have had some rub n buff,  it tends to be a bit of an Aladdin's cave, but no such luck.  It was just too darn cold to hang around too long.   I picked up a few basic supplies on Tuesday from The Range,  still needed the U mount and some cheap PVA glue.  I discovered that Papermania do their own cling on for unmounted stamps, and it was bigger and cost a lot less than the Umount,  and I like it, not just for the cost it just seems nicer.  The large bottle of PVA cost me a whole £1,  at craft shop it was 3 times as much.  

Another up and down week,  I've noticed how mum is not only becoming more dependent on me, which is what I'd expect, but also very needy.    She's only been out once this week,  so I think it is time for me to suggest a day centre as I now definitely need some real 'me' time.   Got my BP check tomorrow, think it will be sky high due to stress - that's if I can get there,  won't be going if the white stuff is coming down. 

It will be more crafting tomorrow,  get the back of the clock sorted and the decoration.  Also picked up a copy of Stamper, and there is some stuff I'd like to try in there.

Stay safe and warm

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Not one flake of snow...  but it hasn't got any warmer.  

I've been wanting to make this picture for a while now.  The inspiration is the little owl, which was a present.   I used a piece of canvas board,  and the PM chronology papers,  a bit of lace,  and a couple of grungepaper flowers.  I got the verse from the internet.   Owls are my favourite birds,  and I now seem to be acquiring a collection of them.  In fact I was at the garden centre and noticed some lovely stuffed cloth owls,  was so tempted to buy one!   This pic is for me, so it will be going on one of my easels. 

Also had a sort out of the desk... it was a tad crowded!   I heard one of the CnC demonstrators say her workspace gets gradually smaller, so does mine!    It would be nice to be organised, but that isn't ever going to happen.  I also watched the CnC shows from CHA,  I did fear for Nigel's health as he didn't seem to be coming up for breath!   But it was a little too manic.  They've got the launch of the new Indigoblu stuff so will tune in for that. 

On the homefront mum's health continues to deteriorate.   I'm trying to encourage her to move a little bit more, she says she is very sore and stiff,  which comes from doing too much sitting around.   It was too cold for her to venture out yesterday,  even in the house she is complaining of being cold which leaves me sweltering as the heating has to go up.   There is also her annoying habit of wanting a cup of tea in the middle of of the night,  which wasn't an issue till now,  she's just not able to do it - may tell her to buy a teasmade! 

Not sure what I'll be doing crafting wise this week,  got the clock to get on with, may see what some of the other challenges bring.   The craft sort out is still waiting to happen. Perhaps I just ought to just do it and see what I have,  there is an awful lot not being used. 

Wherever you are stay safe,   and have a lovely week

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Things with Wings...

Looks like Jack Frost is about - definite nip in the air.

A frustrating crafting week.  I've been trying to come up with something for the Craft Barn Dictionary challenge,  the letter was V, plenty of choice, but my idea just didn't work.   I will return to it next week as it runs throughout the year.

So instead 'Things with Wings',  for ABAC and Sunday Stampers.  It was also an accident!   I was so fed up with the CB challenge that I was rummaging and found this round background I'd made ages ago... so I set to it.  I made the heart using the fran-tage, first a lot of UTEE

Then some blue and green glass,  some bluish powder and bit of silver.   All got plonked onto craft mat,  got it nice and gooey and then in went the stamp.   Once it had cooled I dabbed on some Radiant Rain and it nicely picked up the relief pattern,   it also got a bit of silver rubbed on here and there.

The flutterby was made out of grungeboard, I cut round a template.  Gave him a good coating of TH distress silver distress stain,   once dry he was embossed using versamark and a flourish stamp, plus silver powder.

The heat gun curled his wings,  there is a fair bit of Pinflair holding them up,  just a row of pearls for his body,  and some flowers.   I decided to add some lace, which was dunked in cold tea to turn it cream.

Then I went hunting for a nice quote and found this one which is really nice.  I used some clear self adhesive labels,  sticking it onto a piece of inked and stamped card,  then on to a chunky label, which had also had a liberal coating of Radiant Rain, and a faux screw.

It was nice to achieve something after a week of frustration.    I also had two vouchers to spend at the craft shop...  so got two more TH distress stains, brass and copper,  and some Do-Crafts Chronology stuff,  a few papers, tags and the brads. 

The temperature is dropping so best go turn the heat up.  Stay safe and warm.

Sunday, 6 January 2013


I had a nice surprise today,  I checked the ABAC challenge blog to find I'd made the 'sensational seven'!    That really cheered me up as there hasn't been a lot to smile about lately,  it was my Christmas tag,  on which I worked very hard.  It is so nice to have some recognition. 

So with my mojo rejuvenated I set to work on the carriage clock which is pictured here.  It is quite large,  and will be fully functioning by the end. It was when I was mucking around yesterday with some embossing powders that gave me the idea of how to decorate the main body of the clock,  the rest I want to be a mix of pictures and cogs, maybe a few watch parts as well.

So I gave front and back a coat of radiant rain, using the copper and gold.  Not yet finished the front, but I can say I like what I've done so far, which has been a mix of embossing powders and frantage, with some UTEE chucked in.   It took a while just to complete the top bit,  lots of sponging of versamark to get the base layers down which were gold, silver, copper and black.  Then came a thin layer of UTEE,  to give the frantage something to adhere to.   I also plan other stuff,  but more of that in the coming days! 

I also planned the inside,  cut loads of cogs so I have a good selection to choose from,  some were also dunked in embossing powder and UTEE.  I cut some in silver, but think they may be a bit 'bright',  may tame them down with some alcohol inks.  Not yet selected the pictures, but I really do feel excited by this project.

This is a practice for the inside background,  more radiant rain,  then a crumpled up plastic bag and black soot dabbed on, then pressed onto card.  I then embossed it, but now I think I prefer it plain,  and there will be enough interest with the cogs and pictures.   Also spotted the new challenge on Sunday Stampers which is wings, I've got an Owl here that I've been dying to do something with. 

Not been a bad day,  CnC had Barbara Gray this morning, with lots of new stamps.  I just love watching her work,  I really have learned a lot from her.   I'm planning to save up to join her club for my birthday.  And it has been our 3rd dry day!  Okay so it was cloudy, but it was dry.  Just hope the dry weather carries on for a while longer,  think we've all had enough of the wet stuff!

Thanks for stopping by,  have a lovely week.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Long-winded crafting...

This craft lark can really become a bit involved! I started this on Wednesday,  took an age to choose the paper,  then the stamps.   I decided to make a fan,  so more fiddly folding, then glueing, waiting for it to dry.  Needed smooth cream card,  could I find any - no!

Yesterday the fan was dry and well stuck.  Found cream card, hooray...  found lace,  double hooray...   So it was then a case of what went were, and choosing a sentiment.  I was thinking of Hels challenge at Sunday Stampers, so may enter it for that.   I can't say the fan idea was original as I spotted it on CnC, that jogged my memory.

I do like this sentiment,  though I am having a few problems seeing my 'vision',  as the brain feels fogged up. 

The stamps do need a sort out,  and it is time I put away the Christmas stuff.   But first things first I need to clean the oven...   I've given it a good spray with some cleaner, so tomorrow me and it have a date!   Not my favourite job, but then does anyone like cleaning the oven?

It's also stopped raining...  even caught a brief glimpse of some blue sky this morning.  The weather lot are being all doom and gloom, but then last year they said we'd have a drought...  and look how wrong they were.

All for now folks, thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

Here we go again...  2013 is up and running.

So to start off this is a picture of a new piece of frantage,  with the Arc de Triomphe stamped into it.   I melted the UTEE onto some card very thickly, then added the frantage powders,   melted them and then stamped into it.   Now I need to make a suitable background for it.

In the meantime I am getting on with my journal. A friend on an FB group posted a 'vision' statement,  it represented all she wished to happen in 2013, quite a few of us were very impressed and have adopted the idea.

 This is the start of mine,  used the French themed tag as the base,  then stamped some tickets, and the car which was embossed then I used a black pen to highlight some areas.  There is lots of stamping on the page as well, but I was frayed burlap so it isn't showing up. This will be a two page, or 3 page spread,   just now gathering ideas for the other pages which I hope I can put together tomorrow.

It's been something of a busy day today,  mum hasn't been very well,  so I found myself helping her to get a shower and getting dressed.   She's pretty much slept all day.  My sister came over for the weekend and there has been a lot going on so think it all caught up with mum today.  Of course this is what the family never see,  pity as they may then just reign back on their inane plans.  The latest has been  to give mum one of those electric scooters - no discussion, they just arrived with it.

I do marvel at their ability to sidestep both me and mum and just attempt to foist anything on us.  I got so angry with the electric scooter farce (that it had been crammed into the bin shed, so the recycling boxes were inaccessible) yesterday that I took myself off for a drive before I lost my temper.   I was happy to see the back of them all,  then I learned from mum that they'd decided she would be better off in sheltered accommodation, which left her very upset,  and then said that we didn't need our small garden so it could be given over to storing this blessed scooter!  The garden is staying put as I enjoy pottering around in it, and mum also enjoys it,  and our neighbour always contributes a few bedding plants.

So it wasn't a very happy end to 2012.   Well it was as they all went  home. 

Last pic,  not sure what this is going to be,  it is a bit of everything at the moment,  just used all my new stuff!   Still need more U mount for the stamps, and crackle glazes...  and... it never stops!  LOL.

Here is to a better and drier 2013...  I mean it can't keep on raining can it?