Saturday, 31 January 2009

Ain't it surprising where the wind blows.. . ;-)

According to the BBC the wind is coming from Russia, alls I know is where it is trying to go, in places it frankly has no right to. But it made for a very chilly morning. Was expecting mum to bail out of going to supermarket, but to my surprise she didn't.

Forecast is awful for next few days, so she decided we needed to stock up! This is in spite of us having loads of stuff in freezer, fridge... and of course access to internet, so we ain't going to starve. I do tho hate shopping on a Saturday morning, the shop is full of ignoramuses! One woman kept on plonking her trolley in front of stuff and then wandering off, I got so fed up I shifted it, wonder if she found it? Who cares... others just barged in front of me, or mum (she is using her 3 wheelie stroller), while some decided to stop and catch up with friends in the most inconvenient places! Some of the staff are just as bad, they barge thru with their trolleys... I'd seriously had enough by end of trip and refused to budge one inch to let this prat of a father squeeze past me with his three brats, all he needed to do was walk round me - I'd parked up with trolley by wall, waiting for mum... he tried to give me a filthly look, but he got more than he bargained for... The straw broke in the car park, as I was trying negotiate my way out of a tight space onto the road out, I needed to back up a little, but this prat had parked behind me, so I kept on reversing.... never seen anyone reverse so fast as he did! I can see me doing a Basil Fawlty at some stage, getting out of my car and going to bash someone's car with my stick... they are just PIG ignorant in Crosby!

Frankly after the morning I was in no mood to go tackle the roads or shops in Southport. Not on a Saturday. Half of me wanted to go to the Range, just to see if they had any bargains craftwise, the other half of me was very reluctant. I knew what it would be like, worse than Crosby... so I stayed put and got on with my exploding box. Which hasn't gone quite to plan, I don't have enough of the 1920s ladies kit left to use on the box! So time to improvise, found some brass stencils, then unearthed my chalks, found some nice art deco peel offs, tho they were gold, but I used my peel off pens to transform them.

But if snow holds off on Monday I'll head to The Range. Mind you found loads of stuff in my stash, again cos I was looking for other things... must really tidy it all up and put it in some sort of order.

Also need to thank the Angels for providing me with an ace parking spot in car park, and for ealier this week by getting me a free spot at the hospital. Now about that new car I need... not brand new, but newer... any chance?

Knee is complaining, been very sore last few days, makes me laugh at my surgeon and his optimism... bless him he means well. Realised this morning that it takes 3 painkillers beforeknee is painfree, for a few hours... I get up and for about two minutes it is normal (tho not to look at, it is swollen and misshapen) , but as soon as I start moving the pain comes back. I wonder if I am now being overly optimistic in thinking I can go back to my old job, I saw the look on my bosses face when I told her I'd be back... I could tell she didn't believe it would happen.

Think I need a cuppa and some choc... mind you I did indulge in a tirimasu before! Deeelicious!

Friday, 30 January 2009


Tho have no idea why I am excited, Friday is only of significance if you work... but ain't it cold? It was really gloomy this morning, with a biting wind. But I was determined that today would be a lazy day, been busy all week.

So got up and switched to the tennis, oh ya know for a while there I did think Verdasco would do it, beat Nadal that is. Sadly he didn't, but he did show that Nadal is mortal. So I'll be cheering on Federer on Sunday. Then it is a long wait till the French Open, and then Wimbers.

Have been enjoying the wonders of the internet this week, chatting away to a friend using messenger. Did wonder how clear the line would be, but it was better than using the phone. So now I'm encouraging all my friends to either get on messenger or use Skype, so then we can natter away for free. Was a laugh the first time, as neither i or my friend knew what the heck we were doing, so I first cancelled her phone call to me, then she cancelled me! Next attempt and she opted for a video call... which messenger cancelled as I've not got a web cam... but on 3rd go we got there!

Did have a crafting session, but it was spent mainly cutting out bits for an exploding box, hopefully I'll finish it by the weekend. Card is one I did last weekend, took me ages to mitre the corners of the mirri board, but think it was worth the effort. The pyramage is inside the frame.

Try to stay warm this weekend!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Wot a morning!

Did enjoy my mini sleep in today, my new bed is sooo comfy! My knee woke me up at 4 a.m., still complaining about my long walk yesterday... but a painkiller sorted it out, and a nice cuppa sorted me out, then went back to sleep.

So all that had to happen this morning was for supermarket to deliver shopping and mechanic to bring car back... simples... yes? No! Shopping arrived, but when we came to unpack it seemed like some of it was missing, as in ten items, a box of maltesers amongst the missing items - I mean a girl needs choc! As I was ringing Tescos to get delivery man to come back I noticed my car was parked up outside, but no sign of mechanic, so car keys and MOT would have been pushed thru letterbox? Wrong! Then just as I'd finished talking to tesco mum found the missing items, chap had put them somewhere obscure, as on a chair! So have to ring back Tesco... at same time I am staring down the stairs and NOT seeing any sign of keys or MOT... he couldn't have, na, he wouldn't would he... he DOES know what flat I live in... groan... So after apologising to Tesco, ring mechanic and ask which flat he put the keys thru... Arrgghhhhhh yep, he had, he'd put them thru my old neighbour's door, and only on Monday had I handed the spare key to her daughter. So I now had to hope they hadn't handed the keys back to the council... two more frantic phone calls, phew... they still had the keys and my MOT and keys were rescued.

And all I'd wanted was a relaxing morning!

I was also very brave, took out my stitches, I should add that my surgeon said I could and had given me instructions. So there you have it, the DIY NHS! But it was simple, just snipped one end, and pulled loop at other and out they came, he'd done a running stitch, very neat. Nice to get them out as they were starting to annoy me.

Just hope tomorrow is quiet... and QVC seems to be on the ball, my parcel is on its way to me! Wonder if, like the sticky dots, it will take just two days to arrive?

All for now, need to go lie down

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Oooooh it's MOT time!

Took my little car to garage for its MOT - I knew it would need a new part for the exhaust, but was hoping that would be all. So had a nervous morning wondering how she was doing. Luckily it was just the exhaust that needed seeing to, everything else was spot on, pheeeew.

But I was dumb... decided to walk back home, and it is quite a walk, well it is for me in my present condition. I'd forgotten how little I have been doing for the last few months, I soon realised that I had made the wrong decision. Oh well, back to plan A, which is to walk a bit further every day, weather permitting. Saw on weather forecast that we are in for a cold snap... just be my luck that we'll either get snow or ice, or both!

So knee was very sore, couldn't do much all day, so nowt for it but to settle into some crafting. At least my sticky dots arrived in quick time, only ordered them the other day. Now just have to decide where to buy the photo glue from...

Made a card for my nephew, its his birthday in a couple of weeks, and my niece's next week. Just have to get organised with the inserts, I'm very good at making the cards, but not at doing inserts. I really must sort myself out on that score.

Must also choose my ten bloggers who deserve a hug...

Monday, 26 January 2009

I've been hugged!

Thankyou Maggie for sending me the hug - it was VERY much appreciated. Now I have to pass it on to ten more people - still trying to choose them, but will do so soon.

So watch this space...

Sunday, 25 January 2009

And that was the week that was

I can't quite believe it, we are almost at the end of January! I seem to have spent most of at the hospital... hope I get a break from hospital appointments soon. It is a nightmare to park, funny it wasn't last summer... tho I have found a few spaces that few seem to know about.

Bit of a nothing weekend, I blame the BBC for showing the Australian Open early in the morning, yesterday I watched Andrew Murray play his match, so that meant a late start to the day. Tho I did go for a walk to corner shop, but blow me, forgot again to post a birthday card! I'll try again tomorrow. Have made a list of what I need to do tomorrow, pay phone bill, get prescription, some shopping... and book car in for MOT. Mind you, Murray is playing again tomorrow!

So got into some card making, I love this 1920s kit, it is so versatile. For this card, I cut out a section to mount the decoupage, and took a silver glitter frame, cut it up and put that round decoupage, then I took 3 glitter squares and spaced them down spine, and finished it off with putting paper on the inside, just to give it a list.

Tho was delayed in starting my craft session, I managed to knock over the top of my tool box, the tray in which all my tools are kept, they all spilled out onto the floor. It was a bit serendipity, as I'd been meaning to clean it out for a while. So I got rid of some rubbish, found some blades I didn't know I had, and tidied the whole thing up. Also found some 3d Foam squares - really must sort out my stash, Lord knows what else I've got hidden away.

Also made a lantern card yesterday, tho it all nearly went pear shaped when I stuck the DST on the wrong side of the inner card! Luckily brain was in gear and I got the glitter and sprinkled that on, so it was a happy accident! Must take a photo of it.

But really must replenish the glue stocks... got no sticky dots and no photo glue :-( Did take a peek at bank account, it is very healthy, so think I can afford to stock up on a few essentials.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Friday, 23 January 2009

I'm in stitches...

Well on Wednesday I arrived as requested at 7.30 a.m., with no idea where the hospital day unit was... luckily a friendly security chap pointed me in right direction. Had high hopes of being all done and dusted by lunchtime and out mid afternoon. Hopes were soon dashed by anaethetist, he said I was last on the list... I wouldn't go down to theatre till at least 3 pm! I was a tad miffed, I could have stayed at home, had a cuppa and some toast and then come in for 10 a.m. So there I was starving, thirsty and fed up, and a little cold. Waiting area was just full of chairs, some were recliners, but no blankets and it wasn't very warm. Staff were okay, friendly but once they'd dumped us in the waiting area they didn't bother to check on us. So got chatting to other inmates, as you do, another lady was also not due to go down for her op till mid afternoon, so we had a moan together.

Fortunately at 12.45 pm they came for me, they'd decided to slot me in between hip operations. Didn't actually get into theatre until 1.30 pm, but I did get the comedy act, two theatre nurses and a nutty anaethetist, they were chucking one liners around and keeping me amused. I said I wanted to be awake, they didn't seem too pleased by that... surgeon wasn't either, there was a risk my knee could refracture so it was best I was asleep in case they had to do a full operation. So what the heck, off I went to sleep... and woke up 45 minutes later in recovery... mmmm what happened to the: it will only take five to ten minutes? I also had a tube in, which meant I was in theatre and fully knocked out, which they said they wouldn't do. So not sure things went as smoothly as they'd all hoped. I really just wanted to snooze, but if you do that they keep you longer, so made myself wake up. Then they took me down to the private wing, I thought they'd got me mixed up with someone, but nope, seemed they were using that as the overspill. So I had my own room, TV, nice cuppa in a real cup, and a lovely veg soup with sandwiches, oh and a slice of delicious carrot cake. Even so, I just wanted to get home! But they refused to allow me to go anywhere till at least 8pm!

Knee was really sore, it was all bandaged up, which I had to remove yesterday, and change the dressing, well so much for the incy bitty cut he said he'd make! Humph, it is 4 bloody inches, another scar... mind you it is a lot neater than the last. Tho HE didn't do the op, his junior did, must compliment her on her stitching. Worryingly the wound was still bleeding this morning, only a little, and it is still very sore and swollen. But mum made a fuss of me, she was really worried, thinking I suppose about her own experience, I'm laid back about operations, let them get on with it. Mind you it does her good to worry about me, rather than just fretting about herself.

So today we went out for some shopping, she had a moan, which I as usual ignored. But today she actually managed to get her own prescription, which meant a longer walk than just to supermarket, I left her to get to sainsburies on her own while I went to ATM, she did get stuck, wind was a bit strong, but luckily a nice lady came along and helped her out. So we trundled to supermarket and got our stuff, including a hot cross bun loaf! But she did feel better for getting out, and admitted it when we got home. Same last week when I suggested she walk round to corner shop, she huffed and puffed about it, but then was rather chuffed with herself. Think I'll keep on pushing.

Next week is even more chaotic than this one, got to go see surgeon on Tuesday, and car needs its MOT! Supposed to also go for another hospital appointment, but they can go get lost, had enough of hospitals.

Did manage to make two cards today, the one in pic, which is one of my 1920s ladies, but with my twist on it. Have been wanting to use the b/w paper for ages, suddenly the idea came to me, used two thin strips of mirri card, just to lift it a bit, and some black jet gems as accents. Also made a card using LMC stuff. But sorry, was not inspired by magazine at all.

Have a good weekend all.

Monday, 19 January 2009

followed by snow...

It was lovely and sunny this morning, no sign of what was to come. But as the morning wore on it got darker and darker, the sky was slate grey... But of course it had to wait till I was driving to my phsyio appointment, and yes down came the snow. It was rain at first, then I realised that what was hitting my windscreen weren't raindrops... then it became a blizzard.

So a 20 minute drive, ten minute wait for... ten minutes with physio, and all I did was try a straight leg lift, told her about op, she felt knee said it was still hot, is not happy that my muscles are not very evident... And I am, really I am, doing all my exercises! I should have a pair of footballers legs by now, left one is in good shape, as for right leg, well it is rather pathetic. But why do I get the feeling I'm not being told something? I've had enough of being jollied along, I want the brutal truth, then maybe I can get on with my life. Stuff just ain't happening, I can't walk properly, can't go up or down stairs in normal fashion, in fact going down stairs normally is out of the question, tried it on Saturday, heard a loud crack, felt kneecap shift and pain... so stopped and headed for pain relief - a large glass of red wine.

Well got pre op stuff tomorrow, funny how they do all this stuff for elective surgery, but it all goes out of the window when it is an emergency! But it will be another day spent at hospital, well hopefully not very long, I am not in the mood to spend hours there. Also going to buy a skype phone, time to start saving the old dosh. Got my LMC mag today, dare I say I wasn't impressed? I really wasn't. Not with the kits, but with the mag, didn't like any of the examples. Good thing I'm not paying for it. But also got two books from Amazon, my EFT books... will reveal more over the next few weeks.

So no crafting today :-( Pic is what I made yesterday. A friend sent me some pics of frosty webs, which I used for a scrapchallenge page. Used plain blue card, black satin paper for the mat, then lots of snowflakes from my stash, two snowflake eyelets from my cropadile kit, but set them using the BB (find it easier), and some silver ric rac. Photos aren't showing up well on pic, but the frosty webs are amazing, I didn't take pics, my friend did and kindly donated them to me.

Well best go get sorted for tomorrow's appointment... and watch last bit of Bibster.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

It was a wild and stormy night...

Ooooh thought the roof was going to go yesterday evening! Boy did it get wild outside. Was happy to be tucked up inside all cosy.

I'm on my lonesome and it is lovely. Can't hear any moaning and groaning in the background, or anyone huffing and puffing... bliss.

But it has been a sad day, my neighbours children came to clear out her flat. I didn't want to watch. They popped in for some bin bags, brushes etc. All of us were finding it unbearable. It still seems so wrong that she is no longer here.

Her daughter gave me a poem she'd found, it is about friendship, I'll post it here tomorrow. It brought a huge lump to my throat and a few tears fell.

I'd been busying myself with some scrapbooking, finishing off a page and putting one together. One I finished off I've uploaded. I was stuck for a title, do like my pages to have a title. I managed to find enough chipboard letters to make up 'moments' tho from two different sets, I recoloured one lot. I used the boys papers I got from QVC, cut some star points, plus half a circle (to act as mat for photo), once arranged I added some gromlets, big and small using BB. I set them with page facing up, I used D1 setting, it is really supposed to be D4, but it worked for me, and was easier working with the pages right way up. Photo is of my youngest nephew when he was a cute baby, now he is just a skinny twentysomething! But it is a very tender photo between father and son.

Also working on an exploding box template... will upload it as soon as I've finished it. They do look intimidating, but are actually very easy to make.

hope you've all survived the stormy weather.

Friday, 16 January 2009

My 'trying to be happy' day

That was my aim, to try to be happy, or happyish. Well got off to good start, postie brought goodie parcel, mum was chipper and to my surprise declared that she must make more of an effort... which leaves me wondering what consultant said to her yesterday.

Had a smallish walk while the sun was shining, chatted to chap in corner shop, he is nice, always pleasant to everyone. Then mum said she'd go for a walk after lunch, I suggested she went before as it was starting to cloud over, she surprised me again by agreeing, and off she went. And rather than just walk up and down our small bit of the road, she went for a much longer walk... why couldn't she do this ages ago? So I made lunch... and then opened parcel.... it was my 1920s kit from QVC. Gorgeous stuff inside, and more scope for the imagination!

It is kanban, but they are a byword for quality. Was a tad disappointed that the decoupage hadn't been laser cut, everything else was pre cut, so was a bit of a mystery why the decoupage wasn't. And it was card, so cutting it was a bit awkward as it was quite thick. But I managed it and made up 3 cards. I'm also pleased that I am using up quite a bit of my stash as well, and a lot of art deco peel offs, which go beautifully with this kit.

So had a really nice day, even managed to do some step ups, but think I may have overdone it, knee was sore afterwards. Still I've got my pre op appointment, a full 24 hours before operation. Good thing it is only a minor op, or so surgeon says. Think he is still feeling debted to our family, I do seem to be getting special treatment. And got appointment with GP about my osteporosis, to sort out supplements. Must say the NHS are quicker these days.

Now looking forward to a chilly, windy and wintry weekend... can feel the cold coming on now!

Have a lovely weekend all, thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Well it ain't boring...

Had a busy two days, yesterday was mainly spent in fracture clinic, as usual my surgeon was running late... so had to wait two hours to see him!

Finally got to see him at 12.50 as opposed to 11.10... he had a look at loose screw, tho he told me it wasn't a screw at all, but the wire, which appears to be reversing out of my knee. Or at least having a darn good try. I figured he'd never seen this phenomenan before, the look of incredulity on his face kind of gave it away. It seems all the wiring in my knee wants to escape as it is rising to the surface. No, I don't do simple... So we discussed things, he said best thing to do was remove wire, and then hope that kneecap doesn't collapse... er, hang on, where'd that piece of info appear from? He seemed to slip that in so I wouldn't notice! So it is a case of putting up with pain and stiff knee, and hoping that wire doesn't shift anymore... or having the op and hoping that kneecap stays intact when he takes out the wire. I'm opting for the op, but will be awake, tho he'd prefer me to be asleep, kept on asking me if I was sure I wouldn't enjoy a mini sleep... no way Jose. I wish to know if my kneecap stays intact or not.

Today was 'getting car fixed again!' day. Had another puncture, tyre chap said there was a nail right in middle of tyre. And the MOT is due soon... :-( So toddled off to get petrol, had to go to supermarket to get it, our local garage was being refurbed. Thought I may as well also have a totter round supermarket, disappointed that they had no new craft mags to tempt me. It was also very quiet, in fact strangely quiet! Got my bits and headed on home, by which time knee was complaining.

Managed a bit of crafting, tho wasn't really in the mood. Dunno why, just wasn't, thus there wasn't much inspiration to be had. Funny some days it is all flowing, next day it just ain't. But forced myself to make up a few cards. Got three done, then gave up, wanted to make something really nice, but it wasn't going to happen. Really do need to go visit a craft shop - soon! Want to get up to cardcraft plus, maybe I'll be able to once the wire is out, driving might be more comfy.

Now have a comfy bed! I know it sounds odd, but i have now got my neighbour's bed, well there was nothing wrong with it, she'd only just bought the mattress. I wouldn't buy a mattress second hand from stranger, but my neighbour and friend was spotlessly clean. Nephew and soon to be nephew took my old bed out and brought in new one. Gave them some beer each. Feels really odd to have a high bed, old bed was quite low. Just as well my old cat isn't around, she'd have a job jumping up on this one. She also used to dive under my old one, if she tried same with the new one she'd knock herself out as it is a solid base.

My Pic: one of the concept cards. Really had no choice but to follow the picture for this one, tho I made it into a thank you card and used a few different things on it. Decided I need a round corner punch.... getting quite addicted to rounding corners for some odd reason.

And CSI is back! But it was a sad episode last night, i found it really moving. It's nice when Grissom is disturbed from his bubble, and made to face the real world, and to realise what he means to his team. Can't imagine the show without him... just won't be the same. He makes it, he doesn't hog the limelight, Petersen has no ego unlike H, so he lets his team shine. I think CSI is the more rounded of all the CSI shows, love the banter between Grissom and Catherine, they bounce off each other so well. May indulge in a double dose and watch it all again tonight.

Another busy day tomorrow... will have to try to get back to work for some peace and quiet!

Monday, 12 January 2009


Yip tang.... whatever. Just spent a week trying to help friend sell her mum's 3 piece suite, first we had 3 people interested, but only one would pay the going price, they backed out, on to number two, who suddenly became unreachable, so back to number 3 who then decided it wasn't suitable! Argghhhhh... then charity turn up to help clear out rest of furniture, but then they get picky, won't take 'old' stuff... what!

All that and a soft back tyre, which a nice lady pointed out to me in the car park... mmmm, well it wasn't like that yesterday. Methinks the kids have been at it, one or two think deflating tyres is funny - they won't if I catch them! So off to ASDA, nearest place I could think of with free air, well it wasn't free, 20p for 2 minutes! Had to wait as there was a chap in front of me doing his tyres, suddenly realised that the garage had no shop, it was all self service... pay at pump 24/7. Which is why I didn't get any petrol, thank you but I do like to talk to a human being, and be served by one. I wouldn't fancy filling up my car late at night there, not without any staff around. I'm also suspicious of any unattended cash machines, especially in petrol stations. I will only pay in cash for petrol.

Then back to hospital to pick up mum from her phsyio, again car park was full... it is quite small and is all disabled parking, and of course there wasn't a spot to be had. Most were not in the physio department, I saw them wandering back from all over the hospital, given that the physio is at the very rear of the grounds they all seemed fit enough to walk long distances! I ain't and I need a space, as does my mum! It really bugs me how some people wangle the blue badges... Our council has clamped down on it and are quite strict, but that just penalises those who really do need them, making them jump thru hoops.

But hospital appointments are a drag, it takes 20 odd minutes to get there, they insist that you are there at least 10 mins before appointment, so a whole bloody afternoon gets wasted. I'll also be wasting a morning tomorow with my own appointment... and someone expects me to waste another afternoon taking them for a further appointment! Well I won't. Intend to do a lot of crafting from tomorrow.

Got tempted yesterday with the craft slot on QVC, succumbed to the 1920s ladies, I love art deco. Need to finish a scrap page as well. May not be in the mood tomorrow, depends on what surgeon says. Looked at knee this morning, ever seen a lumpy knee? It is most peculiar, all lumpy, with wires showing, and my loose screw.... the screw has to go it is making driving almost impossible.

Now off to arrange for two men to deliver bed... why can't life be simple?

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Enough with cold...

Think my thermals need thermals. Dunno what is up with me, but my new waking up time is 8.30... which for me is a lie in. Am now completely out of work mode... did pop in yesterday for a visit. Nice to catch up, two of my friends had bought me some flowers :-)) And I caught up on gossip... and boy was it juicy!

Mum was very down today, she had a little cry this morning. She'd got it into her head that it was icy and so slippy underfoot, and that meant she wouldn't be able to get out. Well it was very frosty, but pavements were dry. Think also she feels a tad forgotten by the rest of the family... I do give up on them. Well I have no expectation, so therefore my disappointment is nil. I do not expect them to think: oh look, its still cold and its icy, best check on mum, see if she needs any shopping. I mean it ain't like I am fit, unless hobbling round on crutch, with very sore knee is counted as being fit and able. Anyway I got her going, made her promise to go see doctor, she needs some antidepressants, think it would also do her good to go talk to someone neutral. And then we went out to do battle with the pig ignorant folk of the neighbouring parish... nearly clonked guy in jag with my crutch, he stopped right on the bloody crossing to supermarket! Just so his wife didn't have to get cold walking across car park... diddums.. she was very fast on her feet. And thanks also to the ignoramus who didn't move her flaming trolley, but blocked up the checkout, meant chap in front of me couldn't unload his stuff, and meaning nor could I. She also took her own sweet time.... grrrrrrrrr... I'm sure these people walk around with blinkers on, and ear plugs, as they are oblivious to all around them. Oh and thankyou also to stupid woman who blocked door to off licence part of supermarket! In the end I snapped at her: When you're ready... she attempted a dirty look, but mine was far better, so checkout lady had to try very hard not to laugh. In very bad mood I stuck head down and marched out, didn't care who I hit, or whether drivers had to slam on as I crossed road.

Didn't fancy going anywhere today, it was just far too cold with a bitter wind, which seemed to be biting in places it had no right to go. So settled down with new kit from QVC, my scrapkit, boys papers. Had a lovely play, came up with nice layout, but as usual got stymied at end, just needs to be finished off, but not sure how... it will come. Think may use Robo to do the lettering. Actually dragged out old kit as well, and found lots of stuff I had forgotten I had, like 3D foam! And gems... Great stuff. And found black letters that I thought had got lost. Must really have a sort out.

Now got to find two strongish men, to get bed for me, well new bed and take out old one. Was hoping my nephew would remember he'd promised to do this for me... yeah, when hell freezes over - NOT.

Thursday, 8 January 2009


Has my luck changed? Went for my bone scan results, had convinced myself to expect the worst. Wasn't in a very good mood when I got there either. In the morning the hospital phoned me to say that I had two appointments, yeah well I knew that... both were well apart so I figured I could make both. Receptionist asked if I wanted to cancel one, I said no, to leave them as they were. So off I goes for first appointment, get my eyes checked. I get there and... it has been cancelled... not by me, by hospital as my records had to be with the other department! Er, what have bones and eyes got in common? I was furious. I mean I could have taken my records with me, they are, after all - my records. So that meant I was going to be a hole hour early for next appointment, same hospital, but different site.

Went anyway, as ususal it was chaos trying to get parking space. So after watching one wally block the road while waiting for a woman (slowest in the world) to move, I asked the angels for a parking space. Lo and behold, yep, I found one round corner! But I was still too early, so went to fracture clinic to see if surgeon's secretary had booked my new appointment. Well she hadn't. Had a sneaky suspicion she hadn't bothered. But nice chap made me an appointment for next week, and he apologised. So off for a coffee, to kill more time. Braved killer looks by having sneaky ciggie (outside of course)... then turned up 25 minutes early for bone appointment. Was told I wouldn't wait long... one hour later... I was fuming, knee was sore, and I had decided that at 1600 hours I would be on my way out of the department! Luckily the nurse called me in at 15.50. I assumed, because they'd recalled me that I did have osteoporosis, but nurse said that I shouldn't jump the gun. She showed me my results, I am borderline, literally. So it is up to me to do summat, nurse has put thru prescription for extra vitamins to my GP and took bloods. So hopefully I will never see her again. Well I like cheese, love ice cream... hey they are both laden in calcium! I already take zinc. My only vice is my smoking, and I am trying to cut down. Tho I do take extra Vit C to compensate.

So not a bad day after all. I also won a tenner on the lottery! Would be nice to win a bit more... but I am not complaining, a win is a win. Got a shock tho when I left the hospital department, stepped outside to be greeted by - thick fog! But by time I got to gate, it had cleared. Weird weather.

Haven't crafted all week, won't be tomorrow either, have to go catch up with a few workmates, nice to know they miss me.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Grey day

Well it had to wait until I was going out didn't it - for it to start raining? Felt a few splashes as I was opening car, and sure enough it began drizzling. So we had that horrible mizzly stuff all day.

Managed to mount an assault on supermarket, well we only wanted a few things, so hardly seemed worth it doing an online order. At least supermarket was civilised, no more idiots buying like the store was never going to open again. Got a nice cardi for a tenner! Bargain. Even better they had loads of decent wines at half price... spoilt for choice.

Once home tossed up whether to get on with some housework tasks, or craft... was tempted just to ignore what needs to be done round flat, but was very disciplined and so got stuck in cleaning windows and bathroom. Took all the nets down as well, washed them, sadly one needed to be ironed as it got a bit creased. Rats. Gave bathroom a good clean, spruced up shower door, shelves... but forgot to wash curtains in bathroom. Oh well. So after a spot of driving, walking round supermarket and housework, my knee was complaining big time. So grabbed some choc and sat down with a cuppa and flicked thru channels to find something nice to watch and found All Creatures Great and Small, blast from the past, but it passed a nice hour. Then watched Come Dine with me, I think it is the bitchy comments from voice over chap that makes it for me, and the odd mix of contestants.

So no crafting. Pic is from card I made at weekend, from the kanban kit. I split the engagement card kit up, and put these bits onto some black card, put some red glitter down one side, and tho you can't see them, put 3 mini red hearts on the card.

More hospital stuff tomorrow.

Keep warm.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

where's me thermals!

Can it get any colder? Managed to keep warm by watching QVC, 3 craft shows in one day! Mind you first one was presented by most irritating of their presenters, I am sure she is a nice person but she puts me on edge as she is so nervous!

Could have bought loads during the Scrapbooking outlet, in fact could have bought every item had I had the cash. In the end I settled for the boys kit, I intend to do a scrapbook for my nephew. That's if my SiL gets round to sorting out the photos.

No crafting today, partly as I was in slob mood, and also watching QVC and switching over to C&C. But also had to go pick up mum from her hydrotherapy session, she came back feeling very positive about it, so fingers crossed!

Want to get back down to some scrapbooking tomorrow. Did like what R Merry said when asked if she made pages quickly, she said no, that they just came together. And also that there is no right or wrong way. One of my plans last year was to go visit her shop, which isn't that far away. I hope I will be able to make it this year.

Thought CSI NY was starting tonight, must be next week! Oooh flip, still there is a double bill of CSI. Been watching the trailers for the new show, won't spoil things for you!

Bye for now, thanks for stopping by. I'm happy to exchange links by the way, just leave your link in a comment form and I'll add it to my blog list.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Spot of housekeeping

Well blog was looking a tad sparse, when i put up the Xmas paper my blog ditched all my stuff! So lost slide show... and didn't feel in the mood to put one together. May do my own if the mood takes me with windows media player, and some muzak...

In meantime it is even colder! Was awake, for no good reason, at 4.30 a.m., so after a bit of tossing and turning got up and made a cuppa, peeped outside and car seemed free of frost. How looks can be deceiving! Got up at 8 a.m and car was covered in ice, pavement was also very twinkly. In fact a little later I watched postie almost sail past our gate as he attempted a foolish emergency stop. He just about saved himself. That was at 11 a.m. and I was beginning to wonder whether I should cancel my phsyio appointment, as it the ice on road and car didn't look like it was making any effort to disappear. I hung on, and by 2pm pavement was less twinkly, but still a bit perilous for folk like me on crutches. Managed a hobble and totter to car. Had to wait till car had de-iced, well does seem sensible not to start driving till one can see out of ones windscreen. Cut down a side road and was confronted by sheet of ice, luckily I was going slow so eased my way thru it, chap behind me was going too fast and went sideways...

After physio had to get some motion lotion for car, well it works better with petrol in it. How nice not to have to pay over a quid for a litre of petrol! Then off to GP to get new sick note and discuss repeat prescription. I do have a nice GP these days, last one was a miserable so and so, you were lucky if he managed to grunt at you. GP was very understanding, we negotiated on sick note, he wanted to sign me off for 3 months, I said i'd meet him half way, hey I have to have something to aim for. 3 months sounded far too long. Then we compared dodgy knees, he could bend his more than I could, but I could straighten mine more than him, so we called it quits.

So looking forward to another icy day, and if it is, then I doubt mum will be leaving flat for her phsyio. Just as well as I'll have to forgo last hour of QVC to go pick her up.

Keep warm and stay safe on those icy roads

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Yellow thing has been reported as going AWOL

Well the sun didn't hang around for long, just one day! Decidedly gloomy, grey and a tad damp here. Now it's turning icy, great and I have to go out tomorrow...

Well I de-decked the place, I rose from bed about 9.30, had a cuppa and at 10 a.m. could be found removing all traces of Xmas. Not that there was a lot to remove. Will recycle the cards, not much I can snaffle from them, a few bits, tho did this last year and forgot I'd done so... Plenty of other stuf is also in need of going to new homes... cloakroom needs a good sort out! May snaffle a box from work tomorrow, then dump the junk. You take your life in your hands entering our cloakroom, you are never sure what may land on you as so much is precariously balanced! Time for it all to go, plus what is lurking under my bed, a new bed is on its way...

Brother organised for his son to come round and put decs back up in loft, at same time nephew also acquired a table and four chairs, from neighbours flat. All the stuff is almost brand new, she'd got a pay out from an accident and had treated herself to some new furniture. She'd just got her flat looking really cosy. So decs are decked, cards are sorted for recycling. Will go thru cloakroom this week, and just be ruthless, no more thinking - this will come in handy! It never does.

So a bit more card making. Pic is of the slider card I made yesterday, and of which I am extremely chuffed. Well not having any instructions and having to wing it! Usually I expect it all to go pear shaped, but it didn't this time, it worked out. Still got tons more to make, loads left in kit, I am being very frugal with what goes on the kit cards, want to get as much as I can from it. But will have to venture to a craft shop, am getting short of 3d foam and glue. Just not sure whether to chance a trip in to town, and use public transport, or drive and be in agony! Choices.

In a much happier mood, been burning geranium oil, which I didn't know, but is good for lifting depression and effects of the menopause. And only two weeks to go and CSI is back!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a good week.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Strange yellow thing spotted in sky...

Good Gordon, the sun was shining today! Tho it was a bit bizarre, it was really grey and threatening North of the city, and blue sunny skies in the south. But still cold.

Once again I had great ideas of getting to a craft shop, and once again I never managed to get there. Well had to go to supermarket, needed some supplies, as in milk and stuff. And driving has now become really painful. Gonna have to give in and go shop on line, which isn't what I really want to do.

Still amazed at pig ignorance of some people, one chap blocked the aisle, he could see I was using a crutch and was hobbling, but did it occur to him to move to one side... nope, he just stood there like a useless entity. And same also applied to one or two members of supermarket staff, one who tried to insist on pushing past mum, but mum refused to budge and marched on with her walker, and another young lad who barged past me and then another lady who was in a wheelchair. Season of Goodwill must be over... well it is in some parts of this borough, not that it was ever really there during Christmas.

It also occurred to me today that disabled parking spaces should be reserved for those who need the space to get out of their car - like me! I need to push my seat back and have door open wide so i can get out, I can't bend my knee properly. But the spaces are for anyone with disabled badge, which is dumb! Why not make all spaces near to shops disabled only, but those which give you extra room be limited to those who need the extra room?

So nowt else for it this afternoon, than to do a bit more card making. Made a slider card! I was chuffed at that, I had no instructions, so was guessing as to what you had to do. Also picked up a neat trick from one of the C&C demonstrators, she never tied a whole piece of ribbon round a card, she said she saved ribbon by sticking some along card and then making a bow... sounds sensible to me. But back to slider card, I also used my old cutter to round off the edges of the slider, which made it look a bit more professional. It is a kiddie card, from the TSV stuff, but I'll get 3 slider cards out of just one kit. I'm all for making it go a long way. Will also have to make up some baby exploding boxes, thought they might do well at a craft fair, thought I could take orders... So I'm going to be a busy bunny over the next few weeks. Will also have to go chat to a friend who does fairs, think she can help me out with the nitty gritty.

Still got to find out about a reiki and tapping course... noooooo, not tapping as in tap dancing, EFT, a relaxation technique. Think this time round it would be better if I got some new skills before I have to wander down a new path.

Fingers crossed for more sun tomorrow.

Friday, 2 January 2009

When does it stop being New Year?

I mean it is only 'newish' now, not 'new'. The sun again managed to break thru the clouds, amazing the difference a bit of sun can make. I went for a short walk, did think about making it a long walk, but then came to my senses. I probably would have chanced it had I'd taken my mobile and some money, well if it had all got too much I could have got a taxi home.

But even my mini walk was long, 20 minutes to get to post box and back, a trip that normally takes 5 minutes. So have set myself a goal, to walk a bit further, weather permitting, every day.

And wine is sinking down far too easily! Stop you fool. Just made myself a cup of tea. Don't like hangovers.

So spent the afternoon making more cards. Got out the kanban stuff, but this time I used some of my black card. And went bonkers with the glitter. To apply the glitter I'm using DST, gives a clean edge and finish. Far better than messing with glue. Really like the effect I got. Mind you I was up and down like a jack in the box, kept on remembering things, like my old paper cutter, useless for paper cutting, but it does do rounded corners, so had to go dig that out. Then I needed some dark pink card... more rooting for stuff. Will have to have a sort out.

But made up 6 cards! So was very pleased. That was only from 2 till 4 pm, had to vacate kitchen so mum could cook roast dinner. Wondering if it is was worth listening to all her huffing and puffing as she only ate half of it. Nowt more depressing than cooking a meal for someone when they then leave most of it. She did last night as well. Will drag her up to the supermarket tomorrow, get her out of the flat. Did ask her to go with me to choose DVD player on NYD, but she said it was too cold... well it was cold, but wasn't like she was being asked to go on a five mile hike.

Will have to get up to The Range, definitely need some supplies.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

January 1st 2009

A New Year, new start and... the sun came out, well it made a brief appearance. My car was untouched... mind you it was blooming cold last night. There was no-one around at midnight, a few fireworks and that was it. I had a good nights sleep, didn't wake up till 7 a.m., so it was tea and toast in bed.

Didn't venture out, knee was still sore from yesterdays exertions. Had to go look for a DVD player for mum, Curry's had nowt, well they had the expensive players, so off to Comet, and it looked like all they had was the expensive stuff. I'd wandered away to see if I could find a Freeview Plus thingie, then a voice said, go back, so went back to DVD player aisle and yep, there they were, the cheapo players! Retail park was heaving, and there were lots of silly people ignoring the one way system! This happened to me last year, I was exiting the park, going the right way when this plonker appeared in front of me going the wrong way, so I stopped, he began swearing and giving the usual signs so I just stayed put and he couldn't get round me - LOL! Plonker.

Anyway, driving does not agree with knee, it is really sore, in fact it is getting worse when I drive. I definitely need summat done to it, there is no way I am putting up with this for much longer. So with very sore knee I did some crafting. Made a start on new baby exploding box, for a boy this time, so box is made, need a few bits and bobs, plus of course the photos. Also made a mini box for inside it. Will put one of those little angels inside it. Then made a couple of cards, of elegant ladees, as shown above. Was going to start the second one when I realised it would look more dramatic on black card, so will dig out my black card. Also do need to go get some supplies from somewhere, methinks a visit to the Range is on the cards, even if it is a bit naff, it is easy to park as it is on a retail park. Hobbycraft it too far to drive, but I'm hoping that they will take the gift vouchers on line... tho the online stuff is a bit paltry. I'd got to QVC, but I want several items and I don't see why I should pay postage on all of them! Do need the cellophane bags, so will use QVC for them. But I ain't shelling out separate postage for sticky dots and 3D foam tape.

Had nice phone call from my friend, she seems to know when I need a boost. Also had a cheery chat with a friend last night. And looked up my Chinese horoscope, it says 2009 will be a good year for me. Let's hope so. Just one wish, for my mum to shake off her bad mood... it is getting very tiresome.

Hope you all had a good night, and aren't hungover!