Thursday, 26 February 2015

Back to basics

I've also gone right back to basics.   The other day I watched a Youtube tutorial on how to draw the head,   using the Loomis method.  So I went on the hunt for Mr Loomis, and came across a lovely site with some free downloads of his work.   See pic on the left,  it gives you a demo of how to draw a head, any head!  

So today, complete with new sketchbook  (I've got through so many!) and began practising.  That is all I did all afternoon,  the first attempts were total rubbish,   then gradually I started to get the hang of it and felt confident to draw the head in different positions.  Got a very long way to go.

I've gone past this point in the book, just.   My heads are recognisable,  haven't take a pic - yet, but I will.  I don't want to just copy picture,  but draw my own,  so I figured I needed to know how to draw head, body, hands etc.   There is a lot of stuff on Andrew Loomis all over the net, so if you are interested then just go a searching.  

In the past I was told to draw an oval shape, then divide it into quarters,  it sort of worked.  With Loomis, he says to draw a circle, that becomes the cranium,  the horizontal line denotes the brown line.  Between the brow line and top of circle comes the hairline,  same for the nose,  using the that measurement,  you draw the line for the chin, hack off the sides of the circle,  then add the jaw line...   Simples!  
This is a sketch gone wrong, it is supposed to be Marie Curie,  but her forehead is too short, the eyes aren't right...  so I did it again,  using the Loomis method for the head and it is a much better effort.    It was when I attempted another sketch, and was making a Holy mess of it that I decided to go learn the basics.   So that is what I will be doing all week,  I will do some other stuff,  applying what I am learning to the drawing. 

Here's the second sketch,  much more balanced,  got the hairline in place, eyes are better,  still need more darkening.  But much improved.

Also had a health scare.   All last week I had numbness, plus a pins and needles like sensation in my head, neck, shoulders and arms.  I've had it before but only for short periods,  half an hour at most,  so this was worrying.   I am really suffering with sciatica as well, so I think this is linked to my arthritis.  Anyway went to see GP,  have to have blood tests,  see what they say and go from there.   It has now eased off thank goodness,   though on Monday while I was out it was really bad in my hands.  

And here he is,   my boy, master of all he surveys!    He's sitting atop mum's recliner,   he got a surprise when I made the back move!   This seems to be his latest favourite place,  he has phases of where he likes to sit.    He is eating again,  he can be a right fuss pot,   but I'm learning that if I don't get stressed about it he will eventually eat his food.   A few times I've just taken all the bowls away, except for the water,  that has made him think.   I'm now sticking to a feeding schedule as well.  He's never going to be a fatty,  though if I let him he'd scoff those treats, the stick things, he loves them.  If I need to bring him out of hiding, I just rattle the wrapper, and out he comes.   He likes me to throw them for him, broken into pieces,  so he is darting all over the place,  he even catches them sometimes. 

That's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

A cat, a bird and a feather...

A yuck week,  started out okay on Sunday, lovely short walk and it has been down hill from there on.    A drawing went wrong,  think I bit off more than I could chew...  then Harvey got himself into a tizz woz, so two of us in a tizz woz didn't make for a happy atmosphere. 

Today was better,  I started a sketch on Tuesday, of a cheetah (coming in a mo),  that calmed me down.  Then today I was having a tidy up and picked up one of my art magazines, opened at the page of a pencil drawing tutorial!  So realising they were using the pencils I've got I set forth...  so I began this Kingfisher sketch.   I had most of the pencils,  but need t get a few more so I can to it full justice.  But I really enjoyed this sketching,   the colouring was very therapeutic.    I'm using the Faber & Castell, polychromos,  lovely to use and blend so well.

Well the yucky feeling has turned to feeling plain odd,  best way I can describe it.  I've had a pins and needles like sensation in my face and neck,  on and off for couple of months,  now it's going down my arms and into my hands.  When I came back from Hobbycraft my hands wouldn't work,  well not fiddly stuff, kept trying to turn the page of the paper but just couldn't do it.  Today, Saturday, popped out for a few bits, and to just get out of the flat, but when I got to the shops I felt as if I was going to flake out,  so came back home.  Now feeling worried,   doc said that it was probably nothing when I told him a month ago,  now I know he's definitely wrong!   So it was a very quiet afternoon for me,  just colouring the kingfisher,  still have lots to do to him,  but it's nice to just sit and colour.
My lovely cheetah,  still needs finishing off.  This has been a joy to draw,  he has emerged from the page slowly.   I'm taking my time with him,  still got a ways to go, but who cares! 

I started with his nose,  that way I had a point of reference for his eyes.  I've noticed, or begun to notice that all wild animals,  and domestic cats, have this black ring round their eyes,  like eyeliner,  and the big cats have very short ears.  Their markings tend to be symmetrical,   and I happen to like their noses!  

It's nice working between drawings,  keeps things fresh.  So one more drawing to show...  before I sign off.  

A peacock feather,  another tutorial from the art magazine.  This has taken a whole afternoon,  but it took my mind off not feeling great.   The centre was built up using dots and a combo of about four different blues.  It was, as I finally got the hang of it, a flicking technique,  plus patience.   The wispy bits are made up of green and two browns, plus orange.  

Harvey has also been in a relaxed mood, I gave him some reiki last night, then again this morning,  he's quite happy to lay there.   He found the sunniest spot on the window ledge,  and then moved to my bed for more sunbathing.   He's had two bowls of food, a slice of garlic sausage and some cream, plus his treats.  He gets three treats a day, after meals,  he likes me to chop them into bits and throw them,  he's very good at catching them. 

That's all for now,  think I need to rest now.  Enjoy the weekend. 

Monday, 16 February 2015

Being sketchy

I was there yesterday,  on the beach, not at sunset,  in the morning.  It was such a beautiful day that I just had to go enjoy it.   I met a lot of dogs,   the canine variety,   all happy to be out in the sunshine,  as was I.     All this came after a disturbed night,  and two anxiety attacks.   I got myself worked up thinking how to fit everything in, well there was ironing,  and I needed milk...  all niggly stuff, not worth worrying about you may think, but for someone like me it can become a big deal.  I sat myself down,   had a cuppa and calmed down, then worked out what to do.   Go out,  get some fresh air, a very short walk,  the pop to the shops - simples!   In the end it was,  but it is odd how stuff can overwhelm you.    I think I am still in care mode,  thinking that I have to be back to do stuff,  a hard habit to shake off.    The fresh air, and short work, very short, did me the world of good. 

Drawing wise it was a day of exercises.  After the walk I decided to go get that coloured pad, which turned out to be a bit of a mistake!   Anyways, I ended up looking at the books, which had been restocked,  and came across the one I meant to buy at Christmas,  which is on landscapes, so I bought it.   That became the basis of my drawing exercises for the afternoon.    A lot of things to work on,   drawing what you see for example,  something I really do need to work on.   Then I moved on to trees,   that was a very useful exercise,   which I'll revisit in the next few days.    Today I moved on to two more exercises,  a pine tree, first effort was a complete mess, had to tell myself that it was okay to get it wrong!   Next attempt was much better, think what I need is a better photo than what is in the book - you get told to follow the photo, but it is so tiny it is impossible.   I was starting to get the hang of it,  but I felt it best to leave it alone for a day.   So I switched to a landscape,   again the first effort went pear shaped.  I tried working with charcoal, as suggested by the book,  but I lacked confidence with that medium so I switched back to the pencils.  So second effort was much, much better,   and when I'd set it aside then looked at it later I realised it was rather good.     Then I found this pic,  which I want to do with the pencils. 

And this painting, this sums up the weather we've been having - freezing cold most of the time.     I remember spending ages trying to get this right, not sure how many attempts I made,  it wasn't the tree, which is awful, but the ice and snow.    I guess I am hoping that my drawing will give me more control in my painting,  not attempted any painting for a few weeks.   The pencils give me control,  a brush doesn't,  well, not yet.     I realise now how much I've progressed.   I was looking at the work of a friend,  oh boy has she come on leaps and bounds over the last few years.  I love her fearlessness,   she'll pick up the brush and paint whatever is in her head.  Oh for that freedom! 

Well I need to knuckle down and make a card or something this week, it has to involve a sentiment, of which I have tons.   And a trip to the Walker Art Gallery tomorrow,  it has a lot of interesting exhibits at the moment.  

Enjoy the week, many thanks for stopping by

Friday, 13 February 2015

All in a days work

Why did no-one tell me it was Friday 13th?   Not that anything happened,  although there is still a few hours to go.   Bit of a yucky start to the day,  as in the morning just came round far too quickly.   The shock must have caused my brain to stall as I then did some ironing...  

I got round to drawing my first still life,  well it is a first attempt.  The apples aren't too bad, but the jug is not so hot,  more practice is needed.   But it is a start,  will have another shot at it,  and maybe with more fruit,  possibly in colour.  Getting a bit tired of grey,  too much like the weather,  which today was completed by rain.   I might indulge in a coloured paper pad.  

Yes, a meerkat, it had to be done!   Mind you it very nearly didn't thanks to Harvey.   Yesterday he was in a mad mood,  and getting into all sorts of mischief,  he decided to first knock over the mini easel,  then take the awkward route to the window... using the full occasional table and sending everything flying.   He just wouldn't stay still, I let him out and he was back in within five minutes.  It wasn't until 5 pm that he finally crashed out.   Today he was the opposite,  he's been asleep most of the day.  

I tried drawing this meerkat two weeks ago and got nowhere, so I frankly didn't hold out much hope, but it all came together. No grid either,  for some drawings I need the grid, and for others I am okay.  Wierd.  

I did this on Tuesday,  just felt like a change.  It was the first time I'd tried anything like this, so I was chuffed that I'd managed it.  I uploaded it to a FB group I belong to and some smarty pants said he'd been drawing them since he was a kid, and that I'd got it wrong.   Well if I have then the youtube tutorial I watched is also wrong.  I just felt he was being really mean minded.   It is a really supportive group, many have a bash at the challenges,  and we are always encouraging to each other.    That encouragement has paid off,  many, like me, who haven't drawn for years, are grateful for those kind words and any constructive criticism.  But this guy was just so negative,  funny though he's never submitted any of his work! 

And finally, this is the new drawing challenge - oriental.  I was going to draw a geisha girl, but then changed my mind as I couldn't find a suitable picture. It was just as well cos someone else chose the geisha, and another person drew a magnificent dragon.   So I did this chap,  a Chinese peasant,  just need to realign his eyes!    I'll be tackling a pagoda tomorrow,  not drawn any buildings so far,  it could be an interesting exercise.   I had a practice at drawing, noses, eyes and ears the other day,   oh and lips.   Need to do that more often,  as it paid off today.    I've begun a drawing of a samurai warrior,   I need to take my time over it as there is so much detail,  that's why I switched to this chap. 

It's not been a bad week for drawing,   some hits,  a few misses but I am seeing some improvement.  Still got a way to go,  but it will be a very enjoyable journey. 

I also made my first card using Craft Artist,   I was going to resort to a bought card for a crafter's birthday,  a sin I know,  then I remembered I could use CA.  So my first effort, which I can't upload as she may see it, wasn't that bad.    The only snag was not having the right sized envelope,  I had everything but the right size!   Which is typical of course.  Now just have to find an afternoon to make another swap...  uh oh,  Harvey has arrived,  may need to point him in the direction of his food bowl.  Funny that he has no problem spotting birds,  or sniffing out my ham or garlic sausage, yet he can't find his food bowl...   he is in fuss pot mode,  but it isn't working.   He caved in this morning and gobbled up what I'd put down, he did the same thing this evening.  

Off to the art gallery tomorrow,  maybe I can remember to take my sketchbook with me this time.  Have a lovely weekend

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Tuesday witterings

Another day and a few more drawings.   I've been doing a couple of these over the last few days.  Like this fellah, another organgutan,  I liked his face and haircut.  But he has lots of fur,  hence why after I drew his face I took a few days to do his fur,  he's still far from finished, he needs a lot more whispy fur.  

It does mean always having something to do, which is nice, or I can break from another drawing.   Today one drawing just wouldn't work,  then the second,  which I thought would be more difficult just came together, weird how that works!  Same with crafting,  there are times when you are battling to make a card,  then the next day it all just slots together.   Not that I am making many cards these days,  in fact today I bought a birthday card rather than battle with myself to put a card together. 

This is Cader Idris,  not sure I've done it justice, but it was an interesting exercise in layout.  I know I'll end up going back to this to do more shading.    This was in my work book, the exercise was landscapes and layout,   it is things I'd never think of, as in 'keep it simple' when you block in the outline.  Shading was also key to this drawing,  and making the pencil work for you.  

And finally my Masia woman,  this was for the African challenge.   I thought this drawing would be hard, but in fact it just came together.  I love older faces, they are much more interesting than smooth skinned youngsters.    It also occurred to me that I could do a sketch of my udu,  an African drum, and yes I can play it,  just.   It is played by women, who also make them out of clay. 

It was a yucky day,  grey,  dank and yes, cold!   Guess who hogged the hottie last night,  him with the fur coat.   He's been good to day, wolfed down three sachets of food, whereas usually he manages half a sachet at a time.  Seems the warming up thing is working.    This morning he was actually waiting to be fed, went straight to his dish, no fuss just started eating.   He also had some lap time,  of course he chooses the most inconvenient time,  as when I need my second cuppa, or want to do the crossword.  

Otherwise it was just another day in paradise,  not.   Same old stuff,  finding that there was no cat food,  or podge,  porridge.   There always seems to be something that can't wait.    So for a change I went to the newly revamped Sainsbury's,   it is huge.   Wandered around their household goods,  lots of lovely stuff,    but what I needed was the cat food, podge and mushrooms,  so how the choc biccies slipped into the trolley I have no idea!    Even the self service was hassle free,   don't normally use them but they had so few checkouts open I had no choice, which was obviously the plan.   So when business has succeed in removing all workers from the workplace - how will business continue, cos there will be no money to sustain consumerism  as us minions won't be working, no work, no money.  And when will the rich learn to pay their way?    They have so much dosh they don't know what to do with it, yet they pay big bucks to avoid paying tax,  and also paying thier workers a decent wage.

Mini rant over,  blame it on this endless speculation about the election.  There should be a blanket ban on all electioneering until a month before the election.    I've also given up watching Sky news,  it is the mouthpiece of the tory party. 

Right, on that note I'm off...   thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

You've been framed!

Is it really Saturday?   That week went by quick.  I intended to have a lie in this morning,  yes, Harvey changed all that!   He wanted feeding,  then he insisted on going out...   and now he's annoying me again to go out.   He's tried once,  managed to get his nose out of the door and a tiny dog passed by,  Harvey was back up the stairs in a flash.  

So I made the most of the early start,  had a bath, washed my hair,  and went out just for a few bits and bobs,  plus I fancied getting a mount and frame for the trees picture.   I also framed the Humming bird glass painting,  it's been lying around for months,  it will soon be on a wall.     I also opened up the surprise case of wine that arrived yesterday,   it is from my naughty but wonderful friend.  

And here are the trees again, but now framed.  I'd love a really nice frame, but this plain one will have to do for the moment.    There were lots of mounts to choose from,  I'd forgotten to measure the picture,   though it is A4,  so a bit of guess work went on.   But I am pleased with it,  not sure where to hang it,  it maybe in the hall,   there is less direct light there,   it will go nicely with my mandala picture.  

While I was at Hobbycraft I also picked up a 7B pencil, they are right, it is black, very black.  I had half a mind to get some coloured paper,  but didn't really want a lot of colours, just grey,  all the pads were multicoloured.   Guess if I try the art shop I'll get what I want.    

I couldn't resist doing this drawing of an orangutan,  it was the cheeky look on his/her face.   All without a grid!    I've not used a grid for the last few drawings,   I do give myself guide lines.  As with this picture his eyes weren't level,  so wanted to make sure I got the angle right.  It needs to be much darker on the left,  and his hair needs to be more pronounced.   I love organgutans, they are so expressive with their faces.   I was spoilt for choice when I was looking for a picture to draw.   I used the 7B pencil as well,  it is so soft,   there was also an 8B, which no doubt is darker. 

I got myself in a bit of a muddle today,  ended up at the supermarket, to get the stuff I'd forgotten to get, and almost forgot to get them again!   Doh...   then I found myself looking at the ready meals wondering what to have for my dinner, then I remembered I'd taken out the chilli con carne,  next I had to go back to the medicines to pick up what I needed to get, ibuprofen - my mind was all over the place.  Even with a list I forget stuff, three times this week I've needed to buy brown sauce, and each time I've forgotten.  

Harvey has given up wanting to go out,  he was going to try again and a dog started barking!  He is such a wimp,   he's now asleep on my bed.   He's not been well today,  think it was payback for stealing the leftovers from my plate.  I knew something was amiss when he didn't want his treat,  usually nothing stops him,  but today he wasn't bothered.   He's had his food,   but it's taken him several feeding sessions to finish one sachet.   I'm not sure meat agrees with him,  he doesn't have any meat cat food,  just the fishy ones,  but if I am cutting meat or making a ham sandwich he always wants some.   I don't give him raw meat anymore,  my old cat loved raw chicken,  and it never affected her, but Harvey seems to have a sensitive tum.  

Well enough waffling,  I have a real challenge tomorrow,  could be hair pulling time!   Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Fifty shades of HB

Here is Harvey,  a busy day as usual, so much to fit in, so little time between long naps to do it!   This was taken after his hour of madness,   I was outside checking the car, oil, water,  etc, so he took advantage of the door being open.   I was quite happy for him to run himself ragged,  of course after all that running around he fell fast asleep.   Then the cheeky tyke 'stole' the leftovers from my plate!   I'd made myself a roast,  haven't been bothered about food lately, but today had a hankering for somehting nice.  So I roasted a lamb steak,  did some roasties, veg...  it was delicious,   but I couldn't manage it all,  so Harvey decided to act as a hoover and vacuum the plate after I'd put it in the kitchen.  Plate was licked clean,  little wonder he was purring. 

I've been working on this for the last two afternoons.  It is of a Goshawk,  which I'd never heard of until I read H is For Hawk, by Helen Macdonald  in which she writes about her grief after her father died.  It is a beautifully written book,   and I can highly recommend it.   She learns how to fly a Goshawk called Mabel,  her connection with nature helps her through her grief.   They are magnificent birds,  I picked up a bird book yesterday from a cheap book shop,  the sole purpose is to use it to draw birds.   I found I was fighting with myself again,  wanting to draw what I thought I was seeing,  luckily I managed to capture what I actually saw.    I'm falling in love with drawing,  and using the pencils is so relaxing. 

Yep, those trees again!   I can't seem to leave this alone,  keep going back and doing a little more shading,  doing more to the foreground,  I put in some birds. 

Yesterday I went into The Atkinson in Southport, there was an exhibition featuring LS Lowry and Theodore Major,  I'd never heard of the latter,  his work was both dramatic, dark and disturbing.  It was quite a contrast between Lowry's work and that of Major.    But I came away feeling very inspired.   I went into Waterstones,  it was freezing inside the shop!   Worse they had no lift, and the art books were upstairs.  I just about made it,   sadly they didn't have much, which surprised me,  but then I spotted one,  flicked through it and realised it had tons of information in it,  so I bought it.  It's a proper art work book, with a lot of exercises in it.  So I start it on Monday, it is spread over six weeks.    But have to mention the journey downstairs,  it was agony,  with the freezing weather, plus the cold in the shop I could barely move,   my wonky leg is giving me a lot pain,  and my left knee seems to have come out in sympathy.    I was glad that I'd parked the car on Lord Street,  and not in the park and ride.    Mind you seeing the car in the sunshine made me realise how dirty she was, so she had a bath at the car hand wash at Tesco,  she looks all sparkly now.   My car washing days are over,   there is no way I could lug buckets of water downstairs,  let alone the washing part. 

As from tomorrow it is supposed to get warmer,  I've just looked outside and my car has a nice layer of frost all over it.    All for now,  thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Hard to get going...

Sea shells...  the lower one nearly drove me nuts,  but I learned a lesson - draw what you see, not what you think you see.  I thought I was doing that, but I wasn't,  so my next challenge is to do a still life project.    I also looked around for some drawing/sketching classes,  there are a lot but some are way out of my price league. 

It was a bleary eyed start this morning, I really, really did NOT want to part company with my nice warm bed.   I woke up at about 6,  well I woke up the first time at 2.30,   but after my second wake up,  plus tea and toast,  I drifted off again thinking I'd wake up around 8 a.m.,   instead it was 9.30 a.m.,  which is very decadent for me.  Harvey has at least now realised that I am not a morning person,  and that I need two cups of tea before I can communicate with anyone, human or animal.    So now he waits,  he has a play but no longer disturbs me,  then he will come back and snuggle up with me till I wake up.    He was being a fuss pot about his food,  so I warmed it up,  no, not as in put it in a pan, or the oven,  just took the chill off it and lo and behold he tucked in straightaway.   I did it with one flavour that he isn't keen on with the same result.  

And my Birch trees,  finished.  I worked hard on the bit under the trees, it sort of took on a life of its own.   I didn't want to mess with it too much,   I'd like to add some clouds, but I probably should have done them first.   I can do another tree picture,  feel a bit more confident now.   I had some truly lovely comments on FB,  which is always nice.   So now have to decide what to do next,  aside from the still life, which I need to plan first. 

After my bleary eyed start,  I sank into a lovely bath, my back is appreciating my twice weekly soaks, as are my knees.  The only thing that is a pain is the crappy shower thing I use to wash my hair, it is worse than useless, nor was it cheap.   I then took Mo out for a run,  Mo is my car,  she was in need of a good run.  So we tootled off up the A565, stopping off at the supermarket to buy wine,   oh and a cream cake!     Why, you are thinking, does this woman go so often to the supermarket?   Cos I can't carry much,   hence I shop little and often,  besides it also gets me out.  Tomorrow I'm off to the gallery in Southport,  just fancied a little trip out,  weather is set fair,  still cold but that wind is holding off.   So Mo will have a second long run,  and I have 10p off a litre of petrol thanks to Mr Tesco,  fantastic!   I thought they'd stop the petrol saver thing when the price started coming down,  not that they've put their prices down as much as they should. 

I'm waffling now,  off to do some writing.   Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

It's TOO cold!

It's official:   I am seriously fed up of this cold weather!  Think Harvey is as well,  far too cold for him to go out for very long.    But of course some of us have to go out,  especially when Harvey has no food!    So I am blaming him that I ended up at Hobbycraft and bought a new drawing book.     I wanted something that included scenes,  and how to use other mediums,  and this is the perfect book for me.   I didn't fancy drawing faces or animals,  so chose to do this tree stump instead,   which is just shading.   Someone said that I must have lots of patience,  I haven't,  it is something I am learning through drawing.  I usually want to get the picture done, but it doesn't work like that - does it?   So these shading exercises are ideal,  I really did take my time with this, but I also told myself that there was no rush.   It made for a very gentle and peaceful afternoon.

And we have Harry,  who I think is now complete,  though I might go back and do more to his fur.   I wish I had a better photo of my old cat Ms Mufti,  she had such a pretty face.   Harvey is a handsome chap,  and a fussy eater.

This is also teaching me lots about patience,  just trying to get the look of fur takes ages,  but it is worth the effort.   I have a friend who is a brilliant artist,  seeing her work encourages me to stretch myself.    I've also found myself really looking at things,  anything, noting its shape,   where the shadows and reflections are.   It was the same with the tree stump,  bark is all knobbly and uneven,  I wasn't sure how to capture that,   but then just let the pencil do the work,  just light scribbles and then a little more shading here and there.    I always put the sketch down and leave it for a while,  then go back to look at it. 

This was today's sketch.  I love trees, but so far I've not done them justice.    I know it is has been because I've rushed it,  it was sort of scary to do a sketch with pencils,   but I really enjoyed it.   It ain't finished, this is turning out to be a labour of love,   so much more shading to do, and build up the hedgrow, and the grass in front of the trees.   Now you can see why I had to buy this book.    It is just packed with useful info,  so it will be keeping me busy for the next few weeks.  It may even help me get over my reluctance to use pastels,  love how they look but oh boy do I end up in a mess.  It will have to be pastel pencils though.   

It's not been a bad day,  flat is tidy, for a change.  I decluttered the under the sink cupboard,  found some starch dated 1997!    Plus mum's nail polish remover,  and I found my tin of wax...   was wondering what had happened to that. 

The absolute 'must' is sorting out the stash.    There is just too much of it for a start.   Then there is the airing cupboard...   I groan every time I go in there.   We, me and my sister did tidy it up after mum died,  but there is stuff in there that can now go.   My problem is that I can't bend down or kneel down,  which makes life a tad awkward. 

Tomorrow is a blank sheet,  well aside from my morning bath - yep shower is still defunct.    I've got grab rails, but really need a new bath,   the old one had handles on, and a non slip bit, so may ask my housing association if they can give me something more appropriate. 

All for now,  just like it to be a tad warmer tomorrow,  though it is nice that the horrible wind has died down.