Saturday, 28 February 2009

I did it!

Made my own pyramage! I had tried using Photoshop, but the stupid program kept resizing the shape... so I used Publisher. Here's how:

1. Choose your image
2. using publisher, open a blank page
3. Now insert your image
4. Next, copy and past the image four times (more if you want a bigger pyramage)
5. Using the rectangle, mark where you want to cut on three of the pictures (leave one as the base).
6 Print it out and start putting it together.

If you have an oval/circle cutter you could also use those, and simply print out the images.

I chose to make a garfield card for a friend, strictly personal use! I used my garfield cartoon maker to get the image. To give it a professional look I used my corner rounder cutter - best thing I ever bought! Background paper is from DCWV kit.

That was the nice part of the day, the horrible part was discovering that some low life had nicked the mirror glass from my wing mirror! I mean would you be bothered, it cost about 6 quid from halfords for replacement glass. Part of the problem with my car having bits removed, I've had to replace 2 arials and one wing mirror, is that the clown from across the road parks his campervan next to my car, so providing a shield for the vandals. I'm sick of him and them! Nex nasty bit came from mum, I took her to a larger supermarket, easier to park, more choice and it has a coffee bar, so if she got tired she could go have a sit down. Well the shopping bit went fine, she did get tired so I told her to go sit in coffee bar. Then we went home, and she saw I'd bought a loaf of bread... yep, a loaf of bread. She began moaning that we had plenty, yes we sort of did but I am not planning to go shopping till late next week, so best to get an extra loaf - right? Wrong! I bit back, to her shock, told her to stop being so damn miserable and narky. Then she moaned about only having one usable leg, so replied, so have I. That shut her up. She took herself out, I had been going to offer to take her, but decided not to, not if she was going to keep snapping at me for no reason.

So I amused myself making the pyramage and the card, made a few more as well - my friend can use them for her friends.

Can't believe it, it is 1st of March tomorrow!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

I may just...

Blow my top... with my mother! I just feel as tho I can't do right for doing wrong. Today I went off to supermarket to do the shopping, came back with a few bargains and some fresh flowers. Mum likes fresh flowers, so do I. Those in vases were almost past their best, so I thought: get some fresh flowers. And do I get thanked... no, get told that current flowers are fine, mmmm, so why do they have brown bits on them?

Then just as we are finishing lunch my brother turns up, to take mum for her appointment, she says he is too early, we both say he isn't, that he has turned up at right time... me and brother end up in the wrong! And just for good measure she once again moans about the surgeon replacing the wrong hip - he didn't, both needed replacing, he just thought he was doing the best thing by replacing the less damaged one. But she won't have it, and I'm sick of hearing her go on about it. In fact I am sick of all her moaning. I felt like telling her to go do the shopping, I'm happy to connec to internet, get her on the site and then leave her to it... but she'd come over all helpess. Twice this week she has cut people off the phone, the same phone she can use perfectly well the rest of the time. I wonder if it is the start of dementia or that she just won't make the bloody effort.

She was in for a shock when she came back, I'd done a load of the ironing, well it was either that or put up with her moaning again about ironing a huge pile of clothes! And then I began making dinner, a shepherds pie, sounds daft but I'd never actually made one. I knew the principles, but not the how bit... well how long it goes in the oven really. So I'd had a very busy afternoon. Both knees were sore as well, left knee has come out in sympathy with right knee. Getting round supermarket was agony. And I've HAD IT with those who think they have all the time in the world... you damn well haven't! Just vacate the checkout asap, do NOT hang around, faffing about... as the couple in front of me did. Could have strangled them both, he took forever to put back his debit card in his wallet, and she took even longer to put their points card back in her purse, and then put purse back in handbag! Grrrrrrrrr. I'd encountered them a few times on way round, they weren't easy to miss, she insisted on abandoning trolley in middle of aisle, then they got into discussion about every blooming item! Tip to them: make a list and stick to it.
And also a rant at motorists, if there is a one way system in place then use it! I am sick of idiots just ignoring the one way system in our supermarket, and who then try to glare at me - wrong move, I am good at glaring!

I'm shattered now, been on the go all day. Knee is very odd, got very odd lack of feeling at top of knee, can't explain it, but part of it feels numb, but there is one spot that is really painful, I can't even stand a newspaper resting on it.

Well craft day tomorrow, have already seen a few things I would like, and I've got a birthday coming up! Sorry family, but you're all buying me stuff from QVC :-) Xmas will not be repeated.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Whot a nerve!

I got my car renewal insurance quote today and they wanted another £100 from me! No way Jose.... I went off and got a few quotes from different firms, and then one from my present insurer, all were over a £100 cheaper. So phone insurance company, nice chap checked all my details, they were identical, but he couldn't explain why one quote was so much more expensive than the other. Then he offered to knock off £20. Nope, not good enough so says I'm off to RAC, instantly he says I should talk to another advisor... five minutes later they matched the cheaper quote. Result!

They have done this before, and I've responded in same way, and always with same result. They either think we're lazy or dumb.

Also did spot of gardening, well what passes for a garden, a collection of pots. They were all looking very tatty and neglected, so I went to work with my secatuers, don't know what I'm doing, but all the plants survived last year. In fact one came back really healthy and bushy. Just got the roses to do now. Managed to brush up all the mess, brush doubled as crutch! After all that I felt I'd earned my pancakes. Wasn't going to bother, but popped over to corner shop and got a packet mix. I had mine with maple syrup - deeeelicious.

Pic - LMC card. Sort of inspired by one of the die cuts from the kit, cut a blue card in half, and a pink card, then cut out some strips, I used my corner punch to round off the tops of the strips. Then arranged them to make a basket, filled it with the eggs and a flower or two, then twisted another strip of blue card to make the handle, and finished off with one of the tags, a ribbon and a dragon fly.

Now got to think what to give up for Lent... maybe give up giving up?

Sunday, 22 February 2009

An LMC day

The new issue of LMC landed on my mat yesterday, I am even tempted to renew the sub having seen the free gift!

So today I thought I'd have a play with the kit. Decided for no particular reason, to make some ATC's. Just made these four, using the card stock and the die cuts, plus those very pretty flowers. Since I chose to stick with using only the LMC kit I wasn't able to add more stuff, think I may well have added a few peel offs, or coloured the edges. But it was a nice way to spend the afternoon. Will be making some more, would like to get into the ATC thing. I've said that before, but I am much happier with these, think I've improved since my first few attempts.

I also made a couple of cards, which I hope to enter into the new competition. One was inspired by one of the die cuts, it really did stretch my creative skills!

Last night I went surfing for walking sticks, fancy ones! I found loads, including one that has butterflies on it, and a gorgeous black metallic one. Now I'm spoilt for choice. Even found a site called 'sticksRUs' ! Who said being incapacitated had to be all doom and gloom? To be honest I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and feel a bit more positive about the future. I mean my life isn't over, it is a new page, which is rather exciting.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Friday, 20 February 2009

cheer up time!

Nothing else for it, was in need of a cheer up. So went out for lunch, after dumping all the clutter at tip... then on to new M&S on retail park. Not sure about the credit crunch in these here parts, car park was full to bursting. I treated myself to two new tops and a nice pair of jeans. I could have spent loads, they had some really nice things in there... Mum was also happy, well once we'd persuaded her to go, the last few weeks she's been moaning about not being able to get to the shops, but when finally she can get to one she doesn't want to! Sis and I chose a new outfit for her, got some bright colours, orange stripey blouse, pale coloured green trousers and a nice neutral cardi (which I can also wear!), she got all bothered about the price... but a bit more arm twisting and we got her to the pay desk.

Best bit was that BiL went off to amuse himself at PC world and the other electronic gadget shops. So he was happy, and we were happy. A win win situation. Store wasn't too big either, one in town is massive, over 3 floors, you get fed up looking for stuff. It's also more geared to the young, this new one is catering for all.

So feel happier with my mini retail therapy bout. It would be really nice if a craft shop opened up on the retail park, even a Hobbycraft, even tho they're not my favourite place. I've only got local shops to choose from, and although they're very friendly they just don't have the range of porducts.

Now enjoying a glass of wine... best way to kick start the weekend.

Thursday, 19 February 2009


Well at last someone has had the guts to tell me I'm crocked. Physio admitted that knee would never go back to normal, it may improve a little - if I am lucky. They all seem very keen on stressing that it is a miracle I am walking. Well I accept that, but I'm limping, in pain and not able to walk far, or without a stick/crutch.

So next to be pinned down will be my surgeon, he can drop the happy act and tell me the plain truth. I'm not happy that he manipulated the knee during my last op, he didn't have my permission to do that, I'd agreed only to him removing the wire.

Been a mish mash day, popped up to retail park after visiting work, found out that the new M&S is open, so went home to tell mum, thinking she'd want to go. Well the access is easy. But no... I give up! But did have loads of stuff to sort out for chucking out and charity shop. So got stuck into that, amazing what we accumulate! As usual found myself dithering over clothes, but decided to be ruthless. So it was out with anything that hadn't seen the light of day in at least 2 years. Of course found a few things I thought I had chucked out! Cleared out cloakroom of useless bits and bobs, like useless lamps, ariel cable... and other assorted rubbish. Now need to sort out bedroom, and get rid of the rubbish in there and so make more room for craft stuff. Wondering whether to get rid of bookcase and get a cupboard? Hoping at some point to get some new bedroom furniture.

Need to really sit down and sort out cards, and make more. My giving up thing for Lent is to give up buying Craft mags just cos I'm bored. Sick of being stuck with stuff that I'll never use.

And the weather is funny, was warm today! So had to search for something other than a jumper to wear. Why can't we have a winter, a spring, summer and autum? Not mix of all four in a month/day/week? It would make dressing a lot easier.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The mood I'm in!

Yeah well it was a bad hair day, in fact it was a bad hair day yesterday... I washed the mop yesterday and tamed it. But this morning it was all over the place, took me 45 minutes to get it in some sort of order.

Then off to high street, to post office to pay some bills. Our high street is now depressing since Woolies closed. Hardly a hive of activity, and far too many blooming restaurants, bistros and wine bars. Us residents did complain, but did the council listen, nope, so now we have wall to wall eateries. No doubt most will go during the credit crunch.

Post office was as dead as a dodo, trade must be slow as assistant ran thru a list of what the post office does these days... afraid I'd done all I wanted to do, paid the bills, got my stamps. And had the Post office left our little sub office alone I wouldn't have had to schlep to high street! Progess... I think NOT! And why did they employ that plonker from the FA, what does he know about the Post Office? Honest it is soft jobs for the unsuitable... but well connected. It does seem to me that if you screw up, aren't quailified, ruffle a few feathers, or cause trouble then you get looked after, get what you want and retain your job. If you are dumb enough to turn up every day, do your job well, be honest, go that extra mile and show ingenuity then you can expect to be dumped on.

I was brought up with a work ethic, but when I look around me I just see the skivers, those who have leeched off society for the last 20 plus years. None are doing badly, some are working on the sly... while muggins here has been trying to earn an honest crust. When the 10p tax band was abolished I protested, actually e-mailed a couple of MP's. One said that help would be available. So i tried to access it, tried to see if I was eligible for tax credits, am I heck. For health reasons I cannot work full time, so I work part time, the tax credits would have made a big difference, but it was a catch 22 situation... or in other words, jump thru all these hoops and we'll still stop you.... Who is the dumb one here, me or the neighbours across the way, who have all mod cons and have not worked for the last 30 years?

As for those bankers, well put a 'w' where the 'b' is and that sums up what we all think of them. Greed was what they were, and they don't deserve one penny... any money for bonuses should go back to us shareholders, the public.

Ooh I feel sooo much better now.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

New day, better mood... and remembered to take tablet! Well it is a pesky tablet, has to be taken on empty stomach and you can't lie down for at least 30 minutes. Have to take it so the old bod can absorb the calcium tabs.

Did watch the T&D special last night, but why oh why couldn't we see them dance Bolero all the way thru without any interruptions? Just wish I was half as nimble as them...

So watching that meant I missed CSI NY, will have to catch up with that tonight. Typical, most nights there isn't anything too watch, and on one night you get spoilt for choice!

Had a nice afternoon mucking around crafting, tried some of the stuff from YCG, and as I thought the hand cut stuff looked naff... will have to get Robo to do the work for me. Did tho begin a new box, was searching thru the stash and came across some engagement type stuff, plus some gorgeous rose card. So box is made, now need to decorate it.

And need to figure out how to persuade photoshop to do some pyramage for me, tried on Friday but it didn't work... pictures kept resizing. Will plough on.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Not a happy bunny

Not had a good few days, done no crafting. Did spend today messing with the robo, decided to scan in some of the templates from You Can Craft, but they all needed to be cleaned up first. Got a couple sorted out, and found some nice iris templates as well.

Unhappy with mum, heard her yesterday telling my sister that I'd be back at work next week! Have no idea where she got that idea from. But from way she was talking anyone would think I was fully fit! I wish. Think she is so wrapped up in her own self pity that she's not bothering to notice anything else. And also fed up of her crashing around the flat with that bloody trolley. She's knocked chunks out of just about everything... she just crashes into stuff. She nearly crashed into me, I was in the kitchen, by the sink and she came in and just kept coming, had no idea where she expected me to go. She pushed the trolley up close to me, all very unnecessary! I was scared she'd hit my knee. I wish she'd never got that trolley, I'm sure she'd be walking by now if it hadn't been around.

Hoping to get some crafting done tomorrow, not sure what I want to make. Or should I do some scrapbooking? Looking forward to the T&D special tonight, I do remember them winning that gold medal. I went to see them not long after they turned professional and saw them perform Bolero, it was magical. Tho i also liked their matador dance.

Pic is of a card I made a while ago, a springy card, fairly easy to make, well once you've figured it out. I saw a kit on QVC, but didn't fancy the actual kit, so did some guess work as to how they were made. Used a papernation pet decoupage. Should really start sending these things into magazines, maybe like Cazzy I can get some freebies!

All for now

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Sleepless and unsettled....

Had an awful nights sleep last night, or rather a night with very little sleep. I felt decidedly yucky, as if coming down with a cold, and then kept on tossing and turning. A cup of hot choc seemed to do the trick at 3 a.m.

Woke up again at 6 a.m., meant to take silly tablet, which involves not eating for 30 minutes after taking it. But was in bad need of a cuppa, so stuff tablet. Then fell into a lovely sleep!

Am in a better mood, well it could only get better. Had plenty of exercise taking down the rubbish, 4 trips in all, so 4 trips up and down stairs...

Then off to hospital for eye appointment. The place was packed and there was a long queue, had visions of being there all afternoon. It was 30 minutes before I even got to see receptionist, they must be the worlds slowest! There seemed to be no compunction on their part to get us patients booked in on time. I had arrived early, as I always do. I was fed up by time it was my turn. Luckily waiting to book in was the longest bit, after that it all took just twenty minutes. Saw same doctor I saw 6 years ago, she reckons I have an over cautious optician, I am inclined to agree. She didn't find anything, and declared my eyes to be in good health. Well at least one part of me isn't falling apart! Optician thought I had the beginning of glaucoma, odd since there is no history in family.

Then went to supermarket to see if I could get the magazines I 'didn't buy yesterday... still wondering where they are! Still on end of checkout? Bit miffed as there was another customer behind me, so wondered why she didn't say anything. Oh well... the mystery will never be solved. But this supermarket didn't have any of the mags, and only Let's Get Crafting, and i wanted the other one, sorry LGC, not interested in beading. So off to shopping precinct near work, would have called in at work but my two friends weren't working. Smiths did have the mags, phew. Had a look in M&S, but it is now an outlet store... so not a lot of choice. Could do with some new clobber. Wonder if knee is up to a spot of shopping?

Pic - my swap card, so hope my swap partner doesn't drop by! The group has decided on a different type of challenge this year, we all have to send stuff out to the others, then we have to all try and make a card with the various bits. I was challenged! Had some lovely stuff, but really wanted to use the skeleton leaf in some way, tho the card supplied was a bit too small. Then had the idea of making the leaf into a kite... with a few snips of the scissors, used one bit not in supplied kit, and that was the glittery wavy line, to represent the string. Felt rather pleased with my inventiveness!

And looking forward to playing with stuff from mag tomorrow, going to get robo to do some cutting for me. There are some lovely cards in the mag... and some nice bits in it to. And rediscovered a local craft shop! Will a wander down there at some point soon.

So a happy day, tho not weather wise, it was cold, gloomy and very grey, been trying to snow as well!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Fed up and in need of a kvetch

Think we'd all agree it is nice to be appreciated and that it is not nice being someone's punch bag. Today I hobbled off to supermarket, to do a biggish shop, left mum getting her hair done. So an hour of hobbling round supermarket, knee becoming more painful by the minute. As a cheer up I got a craft mag, Get Crafting, or whatever it is called, and a crossword book. Loaded up car with four bags, not that much shopping, just split it up so bags would be lighter. And headed off home.

And when I got home? There was no offer of help with bags, mum and hairdresser remained rooted to seats. So I struggled to get four bags from car to front door, then up stairs, using stairlift. Did anyone offer to make me a coffee - No.

Then unpacking the bags I couldn't find my magazines... had I left them at the shop? I checked the bill and nope, I'd not been charged for them, so the checkout assistant mustn't have put them thru... Damn and double damn... had been looking forward to having a play with the stuff in the magazine. Will try again tomorrow, got another hospital appointment, eye clinic this time the one I've been trying to attend since last September! But after that I'm not bothering with any more hospital stuff, I've had enough. Well except for knee appointments, all else can get lost, including the physio. Don't see the point of me schleping to physio for a ten minute session with physio, five of which are spent with her asking me how I'm doing, three others are spent with me showing her what I can and can't do, and the last couple spent advising on more excercises. A very expensive waste of petrol and my time. Just sick of being poked and prodden, and patted on the head being told how well I'm doing, and being lied to, and having hopes built only to be then dashed.

So I was feeling fed up, and to compound matters mum had a pop at me for not eating a now black banana, well I don't like them when they are that ripe, but she does - so what was the problem? I really felt like snapping back. I was glad I had missed the majority of her usual bitching about her post op recovery... wish she would change the record. It is now really boring. So I went off to craft, didn't feel much like talking to her. She was supposed to be going out to lunch, but decided not to... this is the woman who moans about being stuck in! Can't win.

Think she didn't help things last night when I heard her say to someone : Oh, she's (me) fine... er... hey? So hobbling around, being in pain, still using a crutch, and eating painkillers, not being able to bend knee or walk properly is 'doing fine'! Think she needs her glasses changed. Her sympathy it seems only extends to herself. Not sure what has happened to the mum I used to know, but I wish she'd come back.

So I made a couple of cards, and half started a 3rd. Found use at last for the lovely papers in let's get crafting, the flocked ones. Used the purple one for the above card, and then used some corner peel offs in an arrangement. Didn't intend to do that, just felt the card needed something extra.

Sorry, needed that... feel much better now.

Monday, 9 February 2009

I nearly...

Slipped on ice! Had to go for appointment with OH at work, so parked in car park and made my way thru mini garden, it has a steep incline, halfway up I realised that there was a sheet of ice... pavement had been gritted but the dozy workmen hadn't thought to grit the incline. I just about made it.

OH appointment was waste of space. Either me or the nurse hasn't got the hang of it, I'm sure she should be advising me instead of just asking me what is going on. Nor have they accessed my medical records, surely that would be useful? Felt rather angry at just having wasted a hole hour, plus my mood wasn't good to begin with, on way there I encountered roadworks everywhere! No matter which road I chose to use there were men digging bloody holes, or rather no workmen in sight, just the roads coned off.

Did tell my boss, who then told her boss, about OH, they want me to make an official complaint. I feel it would be better to hold off till the next one and then confront her with what she should be doing, and then see if she actually does something useful. If not, then yup it will be a complaint. Talking of complaints I also must start to look into making a claim against the council.

Have uploaded a new pic, a saw of take on the scraplift from yesterday. Just added a few different bits, the papers are all Sarapapers. Well except for the green card, that was from a QVC kit, K&Co I think. Do need to add to my papers tho, realised haven't got much in the way of basics, greens and browns...

All for now, need to go put up knee, it is very sore today... no idea why. Oh did give the exploding baby boy box to its recipient, she was chuffed with it. Got a nice feeling from her reaction, well that is what it is all about!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Snowy sunday

I am going to have to do something about my bed, it is just too darn cosy to leave!

We did have a snow storm this afternoon, but it didn't stick. More is promised for tonight, it will be my luck to wake up to a winterwonderland when I have an appointment tomorrow morning!

Did busy myself this afternoon with a scrapbooking session. This page is for a scraplift challenge, the scraplift was from pencil lines - great place to go if you're stuck for ideas.

For the page I used the boys paper kit I got from QVC, really good quality. And you do need good quality papers and card for scrapbooking. The theme was circles and lines, so I cut a large circle from some stripey paper, layered the photo on to some pearlescent cream card, just to lift it, cut the strips, added some ribbon, and then two end bits of circles, and finally the lettering.

Made another page, with a take on the scraplift theme, but I'l post that tomorrow. Must go watch Dancing on Ice!

Saturday, 7 February 2009


It was cold this morning, inside that is. Found out why, for some reason my mother had turned DOWN the heating!

Well there was nowt for it, but to duck back into bed till flat was warm. Then it was up, out and at em.

First task, go get parcel from sorting office. Now I think Amazon and post office deserve praise for getting the mail thru in this awful weather. I'd only placed my order on Wednesday! Now I can update Norton, and save myself nearly 15 quid. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw how much they wanted for me to renew my antivirus program - 40 quid! And that was for the basic package. Blooming cheek, so off I goes to Amazon and picks up a brand new copy of Norton 2009 for 26.99, so yah boo sucks to Norton.

Called in to work, it was very quiet. But managed to have a good natter with a few colleagues, and choose some books. Caught up on the gossip, sadly tho it is juicy I can't share as I'd get into trouble! Was going to toddle to shopping precinct, but wind was biting so I headed home.

Decided to finish off the box I'd started for my mum's 80th birthday. It has an art deco theme to it, as she likes art deco. Had a good rummage in stash and again came up with stuff I'd forgotten I had. Memo to self: tidy up stash! Clipped all the corners with my new tool, feel it gives a really professional finish. So another box is done. Now have to make one for a friend who will graduate this year.

We could have snow tomorrow, we did get a bit during the night, but it had gone by morning.

Hope you're all safe and warm.

Friday, 6 February 2009

My ears are cold

Went to get my hair cut today, they were training a new junior, I was his first 'hair wash', had to encourage him to do the massaging bit, but we got there in the end. He was a nice lad. One hour later and my ears had re-emerged, okay in salon where it was warm, but oooh, once outside! There was a brisk wind coming from the north.

Actually the junior did me a favour, my hairdresser is a superb cutter of hair, but if he is busy then things can get left, especially in the drying department. But cos he was showing junior stuff I got the works.... did like what he'd done, came out feeling much better.

Paid garage bill... off home, pick up mum and off to supermarket to face the ignoramuses again. A different lot, well it being a Friday. One elderly type thought she had first rights on preferential treatment, until that is I pointed out my crutch... she was not even using a walking stick, nor was her DH. In fact they looked to be in fine fettle. Another woman plonked her trolley right in front of mine, that was it, last straw, so I barged thru! Stuff em. Same went for the impatient driver who could see i was incapacitated yet tried to show me how angry he was... tough, cos I do 'the glare' better... think I won that one. I go into that supermarket feeling okay, and come out feeling ready to kill someone. I also appeared to be cruel to mum, leaving her to fend for herself. But I figured it was the only way to go, I'm not in fighting fit form, so she has to make more of an effort. So I abandoned her at the car, to go off to bank, leaving her to get herself to supermarket, which she did.

And no crafting again today, tho got lots planned for tomorrow. Hoping to catch up on some scrapbooking, plus putting photos in exploding box. First off got to go rescue parcel from sorting office... last week postie put parcel into shed... but got different postie this week, so found the card! At least when we had a morning delivery we knew when to expect the post, now it can arrive at any blooming time. I'm not blaming the posties, amazed frankly that they are still delivering the post. But their stupid bosses. I know what parcel is, Norton 2009, which I got at a ridicuously cheap price from Amazon. Well I was damned if I was going to cough up 40 odd quid to renew my antivirus licence with Norton. A friend told me to go look for a new version at a cheaper price, so I did, and saved myself nearly 20 quid. So raspberries to Norton.

Need a cuppa... need to stretch knee. It has been very wonky today, nearly gave way on me several times.

Stay safe and warm...

Thursday, 5 February 2009

What day is it?

Woke up early this morning, did the usual of taking tea and toast back to bed, and of course I went back to sleep! Woke up to find that it had been snowing... we had a light dusting. But it didn't last, it turned to sleet and the white stuff was soon gone.

Found myself making a curry at 9.30 a.m., well it is tastier if left to infuse for a few hours. But as I was chopping stuff I had this vague feeling I should be somewhere... if it was Friday I should be at the hairdressers, it couldn't be Friday, could it? Had to go look at calendar, phew. Thursday. Mmm, could have hospital appointment, or is that next week, and for that matter when is nephew's birthday!

All the days are blurring into one. Funny how you lose track of things when you're not at work. Did remember my niece's birthday, tho not sure how well it went, as it was the derby match, and her partner is a big Evertonian. I was mightily pleased with the result. Anything to upset Rafa. Ooooh but it was cold. Tottered over to surgery to pick up prescription, I'd had big plans of a bit of a walk for today, but it was just far too blooming cold to go walking anywhere. Forecast says we'll have a bit of sunshine tomorrow, hope so, at least the sun makes you feel brighter.

My moods are swinging from being down to being upbeat. Think tho I am kidding myself if I think I can go back to work. I can barely walk without a stick. Can't see things improving much either. I've done and am doing all my exercises, and then some. Some of the muscle has returned but the knee just feels very unstable. It's also blooming painful. I may hit my surgeon next time I see him, well if he is in his upbeat mood, think I would prefer the truth about my knee, and sod this: it will be fine lark. He was not surprised that I was still using a stick to get around, nor did he discourage me from using it, then to a junior junior he said that it was a miracle that I was walking at all... so what is going on pal? Methinks I'm going to be emotive, mention a few things... and get an appointment with him, rather than the clinic stuff where he is overloaded.

Have been crafting, but what I've been crafting is a secret, so I can't put up any pics or say anything about it! Have been busy all afternoon and having a lovely time.

thanks for stopping by... mmmm memo to self, you are at hairdressers tomorrow!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

An odd day...

Bit of a mish mash of stuff really. Also having difficulty in getting up these days, my new bed is just far too comfy. Was so warm and toasty this morning, sort of woke up at about 6.30, and wondered whether to make the effort to get up and make a cuppa, and fell back to sleep. Woke up again at 7.30 and this time I did make breakfast, a lovely bowl of porridge, and a cuppa. All enjoyed in bed.

I did eventually drag myself out of bed, reluctantly. I was seriously tempted to just stay there. Had a wierd shower, one minute it was hot and next it was cold... then put in a load of washing, left mum to do her ablutions, it takes her about an hour. Oh that isn't anything to do with her sore hip, no, she goes into her bedroom, starts doing a crossword and generally puts off getting washed and dressed. After that I gave the bathroom a good clean. And did my exercises, would love to report that they are getting easier, but I seem to have got stuck on one level. Doing straight leg lifts is still agony, tried another exercise, as suggested by physio, but kneecap began clicking and moving so stopped, it was ugh. Can't explain the feeling, but I really didn't want to carry on the exercises.

Mum toddled off to GP surgery, I was almost tempted to say I'd go with her, but felt she should do it on her own. She had her mobile. I thought it would do her good to be a bit more independent. It isn't far, about a five minute walk for a healthy person, last time mum tried it (to go to shop, which is on same block) it took her 45 minutes. Most of that was taken up with her huffing and puffing, very unnecessarily in my opinion. This time she got there in 15 minutes. See she can when she wants to! I am still tho very frustrated with her, she will NOT stand up on her own, she has to lean heavily on something, even tho she doesn't need to. It drives me nuts, cos when she worked with her physio mum made a point of standing up unaided, even taking a few steps, but moment physio disappears, mum stops standing on her own. She would find life a lot easier if she stopped hauling herself around the kitchen. She has two working legs, but just won't use them. I'm resisting saying anything as i hope the penny will drop at some point. I also would like to take away all the aids, the trolley, zimmer etc, and say to her: get on with it. I think she has become too reliant on them.

So while mum was out, I got on with making a card for my card swap, and adding a few more bits to my exploding box. Also trimmed the rounded corners with my new punch, by X cut, a rounded corner punch, brilliant and so easy to use. Not your usual boot shaped punch.

Can't put up pic of card, recipient may tune into blog. But I was surprised by what I came up with, I had no idea where I'd go with the bits and bobs. Even now I'm wondering how I came up with my eventual idea, more of a happy accident, I intended something totally different.

Also had a weird experience last night, was asleep and was then woken up by someone groaning.. . not a living person, at least I don't think so. Will have to wait and see what that means, last time I had that experience someone died.

Have to get back to match.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Yeah I made it to a craft shop!

Tho quite why I am excited I'm not sure... but still at least I got out of the house for a few hours. Luckily the snow we had last night didn't hang around, and by morning it had all gone. Could hear all the kids groaning at the bus stop!

So I managed to walk to post box, and to surgery to put in prescription. And then I decided to go get some food supplies, in case snow comes back, and instead of turning left to go home, I turned right and headed for the Range.

Also wanted to test knee, driving before they took out the wire had been painful, especially over a distance. I've noticed I am okay driving just a couple of miles, but today I drove 12 miles and yep, it began hurting. The pain makes me really crabby, it is when I start swearing at other drivers for being idiots, not moving fast enough, or not getting away from a green light... mind you that last bit annoyed me before I hurt my knee. And as for the wally that cut me up at the roundabout... well the air went dark blue! I had stuck to my line, it was the wally in the van who was at fault, he'd drifted over to my lane.

Anway, I did get to the range, and did get a few things. Tho they didn't have any photo glue! Each time I go the craft department seems to have been reduced... I did manage to get some nice 12x12 card stock, one pack was pearlescent card. And got a corner punch, by X cut, never seen it before, not your usual shoe type shaped punch, but more corner shaped, and a lot cheaper than the others. Well I am sick of carting out my old paper cutter, which has the rounded corner cutter on it, if it cut paper properly I'd still be using it, but it is useless as a paper cutter. Also decided that I want a purple cow paper cutter for my birthday... I digressed, as usual. Tried out the corner punch when I got home, it is easy to use and punches very neatly. Sadly didn't find any spare blades for my craft knife, what is it with X cut, why can't I find any spare blades? My old Craft Central had them! Also got a copy of the Do Crafts mag, some nice freebies on front, and some nice templates inside. But that was it, nowt else tempted me at all. They were trying to get rid of the excess Xmas stuff, and had the usual dump bins full of unwanted stamps... so came home and watched QVC, and not tempted by anything on that either. But did learn that next craft day is 26th Feb. Plus Tim Holtz is on the show on 17th Feb.

Posted another pic of box, this shows the lovely papermania baby boy stuff I got from QVC. Still got tons left.

Well CSI is starting, time to close down.... ttyl

Monday, 2 February 2009

Exploding boxes

I will admit when I first heard about exploding boxes they did sound complicated. I made my first one in 2007, in fact I went on to make 5. I made 3 small boxes and two larger boxes.

Once I'd realised it was no more involved than measuring 3 x3 squares, and a bit of scoring it was easy.

To make one you'll need four sheets of cardstock, for bigger boxes it is best to use 12x12 sheets. I like to use colours from the same palette, for the baby box I chose 3 different blues, one, the inner layer is pearlescent card, as is the lid. But colours are up to you.

You just need to decide what size your box is going to be, the baby box is 10x10 cm, that is the first layer, you then go down half a cm each time, and for the lid you go up half a cm, and have flaps of 2cm, tho this is up to you.

Once you've cut all your layers you can decorate them, remember you are working 'upside' down on the insides of the box. Do decorate it before you stick it together, makes life easier. Some people choose to use photos, I will be adding photos in the baby box. But you don't have to.

A quick search on google will bring up templates for exploding boxes, but don't slog thru all the sites, type in your search string and then click on images, then go thru them!

And yep, we have lots and lots of snow...

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Hey up what was that floating from the sky?

Er a snowflake, in fact a lot of snowflakes... ooer... My car is slowly disappearing under a blanket of snow.

But had a nice surprise as I put the stuff in the recycling box, I found a parcel, postie must have put it there yesterday or Friday. It was my other QVC goodie! It was the papermania baby boy kit, and boy was it packed with lovely stuff, and you can see from photo.

I was able to get on with the baby boy exploding box, had a great time putting all the finishing touches to it. Just need the photos now and it will be done! The stuff was gorgeous, a tiny crocheted nappy, and pair of dungarees, some baby pins... I'll post some other photos of the inside over the next few days.

Was not so happy with tennis result, how dare they say that Nadal is on a par with Federer? One thing is for sure, he won't last as long. I stopped watching when it got to the last few games, sorry but I wasn't going to watch nadal jump up and down. I hate his snarling face.

So we're in for some snow, well a lot of snow. Looks like I'll be stuck inside for a few days. Nearly came a cropper in the shower, I slipped as I got in, luckily I grabbed hold of the rail... but it was a dodgy moment.

Stay safe all, have fun in the snow... thanks for stopping by.