Thursday, 30 August 2012

Blog Candy at the Craft Barn

I have to thank Julia for putting this on her blog,  so I popped over to the Craft Barn Blog and I started drooling the moment I saw all the goodies up for grabs.

 Sadly the Craft Barn  is too far away for me to visit in person,  although if I were able to visit my bank account would probably be empty!

For your chance to 'fill your boots',  visit the Craft Barn  and follow ALL the instructions.

I now have all fingers and toes crossed that I'll be a winner.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

One of those days!

I was looking forward to some peaceful crafting, had the flat to myself, so I could do what I liked!   Pity the craft fairy seemed to be in hyper mode, had me darting from project to project,  and getting nowhere fast.  The thunderstorm we had matched my mood,  in the end I put the altered art project to one side, didn't seem to be working, or rather sticking!   I decided to have a play with the new stamp,  using proper clarity card I did some brayering then stamped... spot the er, deliberate mistake?   Yep, forgot to remove the mask!   This die cut was lurking nearby so I popped him on just to see,  now I think it works in a quirky way!   All needs finishing off, and die cut needs to be trimmed to fit the circle. 

Think I was in a tizwoz because I want to change my bedroom,  would like to put the desk in a different place and make a proper craft space,  but there is an awful lot of stuff in this room!   I'm not going to be happy till its done,  it also needs decorating, so guess I could get both jobs done at same time?     Wish I could wiggle my nose like in Bewitched (which dates me!) and it would all be done. 

This could be 'guess what I am' photo.  It is actually a box,  the box that is home to my singing bowl.  Thought I'd have a bash at the stamp man challenge to alter something,  but really wasn't sure if this was going to work as the box is a bit hairy and the card didn't seem to be sticking,  it has now - phew.  So it may yet be finished!   I used one of the embossing folders, then painted it with some black acrylic paint, then versamark and perfect pearls.   Of course it all needs to be trimmed down,  and lots of other stuff put on the top. 

This is a singing bowl in case you aren't sure what one is,  it does sing but you have to 'play' it. You cup the bowl in one hand and run the stick round the outside,  and from that comes this lovely, lovely sound, so clear and pure, and so relaxing.    It came in handy this afternoon as it calmed me down.   It is very good for meditation. 

No doubt that today was challenging,  but a few things did come out of it, even the 'mistake' turned out to be usable.    And after the thunderstorm the sun reappeared - hooray!   Nearly time for the opening ceremony of the paralympics,  a good antidote to the Olympic hangover.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Summer is back... briefly

Take a blank piece of card,  two adirondiac inks,  Eggplant and Lettuce,   use a mask and...  you get this!  Boring?  Yes,  very boring.   So add to the mix a few stamps, some die cuts,  flower soft.      Mess with cuttlebug to see how many pieces of card I need to emboss,   found the cost of the no shims mat a bit on the expensive side,  and for the sake of using bits of card...  So die cut was cut,  one from a piece of copper coloured card, and one from silver mirri.  Arranged all the stamps,  itsy bitsy stamps,  really fiddly but worth it.  Then stamped the large image,  used some holographic embossing powder to add some depth.   Looking good!   Time for a cuppa and reflection, was it all going to work?   I thought so,   I then arranged the flower soft,  the pic still needed something - a few birds?    Flying birds, or birds on a wire?   Oh the decisions, another cuppa while I ummed over which birds to use...

Ended up with birds on a branch.  Stuck on the bike, my new die,  stamped in some trees,  a bit of ink blot stamp going on with them - and it was done!  I like quirky okay, hence the lamp post in a field...  well it could be a park?    Think this will be transferred to the other piece of canvas board. 

I couldn't wait any longer to get the bicycle die,  well I might have done had the price been in double figures, but it wasn't.  Sadly yet another Indigo Blu stamp fell into my basket, never sure how that happens - LOL.   And I got the shim,  had a look at a few other bits and bobs,  but really not a lot was tempting me.  The manager was there and said she had ordered some dylusional stuff...   she was trying to get me to look at the Christmas stuff, but I resisted,  not interested in the C word till nearer the time,  and then there is all the stuff in my Christmas box of stash.    I almost bought the free Kanban kit on CnC, for club members, you only pay the postage.   But instead I got some TH stamps for a Fiver on Ebay!    My friend who runs a shop took a look at the other canvas I'd done and she was all for selling it in her shop :-)    Played fetch with Poppy her Jack Russell,  while we enjoyed a cuppa in the sunshine, yes summer was back!

Tomorrow I'll be playing with the new stamp...  !   Might be more brayering methinks.    All in all a satisfying day, it started amusingly with the geese flying over,  making a right racket, then right at the back was this smaller one making an even bigger noise and flapping like mad, I'm sure he was saying 'wait for me!',  it was just so funny.   And even the district nurse turned up,  we discussed when she would come again,  we decided it would be Thursday, so you can imagine how surprised I was to get a phone call from her to say they were going back to the monthly visits!   She has at least ordered glove, more dressings etc for me.   This is because mum has refused to have any invasive treatment on the wound,   the consultant thinks mum is allergic to the implant,  so he'd have to remove it,  since mum is in end stage cardiac failure it isn't a risk worth taking as she's unlikely to survive the operation.   So obviously the view of the district nurses is that they can't 'treat' the wound,  it won't heal so they are just dressing it,  now I thought that was their job?   

And thanks Julia for the tips, will try those out,  as if I'm not already getting messy enough!    Tomorrow I have the flat to myself, bliss. 

Monday, 27 August 2012

What a washout!

First Cream Fields was cancelled then the Music Fest in Liverpool was called off, well the outdoor stuff,  I've never known such a soggy bank holiday.  I got a soaking at the supermarket,  just the short walk from car park to door!  Then just to top things off the computer chucked a wobbler,  it is only a few months old,  had it not worked it was going to be taken back to PC World!   Luckily it sorted itself out once it had gone through safe mode,  restore and who knows what else. 

I returned to the picture I'd started yesterday and wondered how to finish it off.   So as usual, while looking for something else I came across a flower soft kit...  mmm,  so i cut out a couple of the urns,  gave them a coat of crackle varnish, and some enamel, then went a bit bonkers with the flower soft.

Made a few more flowers,  just trying different shapes,   this looks rubbish in the photo, but it is much better in real life,  the colour is richer and the enamel shows up much more.   This one got popped onto a box, and I then finished off the last four boxes,  I am sure they were multiplying as I never seemed to get to the end.   My friend is pleased with them all,  and she has sold quite a few, all in a good cause for a charity she supports.

I did take a look around some craft shops online, feel itchy to get more dies.

Two weeks till pay day,  so I guess I'll just have to hang on till then.  I think some flowers will be first on the list,  along with the lovely bicycle die I saw at my local craft shop,  it will go perfectly with the lamp post.   I also discovered that two of my stamps are damaged,  all have been cleaned and properly stored, and since it is just two, and of the same make then I can only conclude that the fault must lie with them,  I won't name them, but I am disappointed as they weren't cheap.  One is still useable,  it has a split in it but it doesn't show, the other is beyond repair.   Very annoyed about it.

Well it is tippling down again!   Tomorrow is supposed to be better, hope so as I have a ton of washing that needs doing.    Wonder if the district nurse will turn up?    Mum has also booked a mobile hairdresser to come tomorrow,  what is the betting that both arrive together?  

That's all for now folks.


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Textured to taste

Hard to believe but a few weeks ago I was sitting at my craft desk and wondering what to do, or if I even wanted to craft!   Since doing some blog travel and seeing the various challenges my mojo is once again energised.

Yesterday I spent a while on Youtube looking at various craft videos, found 3 that really took my interest, first was the one on brayering with embossing folders, found here:

And the other was on paper flowers, found here:    Both proved to be very useful for todays craft session.  I even had a go at folding my own paper rose,  first attempt isn't bad, just needs work! 

This tag has both new techniques,  although the background can't be seen much.  The flowers really did please me,  spent a bit more time on them,  following the video,  but substituting the Slice Flowers,  cut in different sizes,  the large one is 3" going down to 2",  and the smaller one is 1.5 " to 1".   I cut them, then inked them with them,   then stamped using a versamark black inkpad, then some holographic embossing powder, they then got painted with crackle glaze and dunked in the jewel enamel powder.  The last bit was an experiment on my part, but it worked,   if you look at the close up of the flower above you can see the enamel - just!   A bit more dunking I think!    Then it was more inking and stamping,  and the spare bit of metal,  embossed with the musical stave.  Added the die cut butterfly, now it just needs the ribbon.

That pretty much took me a couple of hours, with drying times, cutting and gluing.

Then I looked at the Sunday Stampers to see what the next challenge was, the theme is Green.

So out came another embossing folder,  the brayer, green and yellow ink pads...  and: ta da!  I deliberately brayered into the edges, wanted it to have a grungy feel,   the folder is a bit wonky - it did come like that, really I should have returned it, but it seems to work.   Still felt like it needed a bit more ink on it,  too much white space!

That's better, more ink!  And out came the lamp post,  think I need a lamp post die!   

Stopped there, sort of, cut a few more things that may get used, or they may not.   Think I may brayer a further background,  you'll see why tomorrow  hopefully, well the forecast is for torrential rain, now isn't that a surprise - NOT.

This is the summer that forgot to arrive.  There has been far too much gloom and rain.  There is good news, since the delivery of the dressings I, yes ME, has got the wound back under control.   On Thursday, a full 24 hours before she was due to arrive a District nurse appeared,  told her I'd only just changed the dressing late the previous evening,  she dithered and then said she'd be back on Tuesday...   !    Good thing that I was blessed with common sense,  meaning that I do know when a dressing needs changing and not to bother phoning District nurses!    Further confusion earlier in the week when I did phone them, using the number we always used,  left message on answering machine,  ten minutes later they call back, well a receptionist does telling me I had used the wrong number,  she then gave me the number I should have rung,  I wrote it down carefully, then compared it to the number I had rung and guess what, it was the same bloody one!     I don't want to rubbish the district nurses,  last year they were fantastic, came when they said they would, always made sure I had plenty of dressings, gloves etc - now it is chaos and I can't help but feel that the cut in services has something to do with it.  We hand out billions in aid,   to the likes of India who has a nuclear bomb and is planning on a space programme, meanwhile we can't fund our NHS properly!  

No dramas this weekend either,  same old rubbishy weather, only last week it was the other way round, Saturday was our good day and Sunday was the rubbish day.    My new craft space is working,  sorted out my stamps,  got them in order,  and my inks.  Next for a tidy is my toolbox,  which is your bog standard toolbox,  bought for a tenner at B&Q, do I care if it isn't pink - no!   I've also realised that my desk tidy can be turned into a craft holder for my tools.  

That's all for now folks,  thanks for stopping by.   Will remind myself to take more pics and make notes of what inks I am using, well the TH ones all have odd names. 

Take care

Saturday, 25 August 2012

A Dunking good time!

Found this little box amongst my stash,  but wanted to give it a unique background colour, so...   using the lid off one of my organiser boxes,  some cold water and alcohol inks - this is what happened.   Just dunked the whole lot in,  lid and base,  then left it dry on top of TV, well it is warm there! 

I was so chuffed with this effort that I then did the same with some card, and a few flowers,  I was  having great fun,  card took a while to dry but it is now being flattened out under some books.  Will be using it tomorrow.

 I cut some shapes using the Slice,  for the top I coloured it using some ink, then dabbed it with a versamark pad and added some holographic embossing powder.

To finish off the lid I added some of the cotton lace,  with some ribbon underneath.  Discovered that the lace didn't quite fit, so added a few jewels to cover the tiny gap!    And added a bit of stamping to the sides.   The advantage to dunking the box in the inks was that the inside also got decorated.

It is an hexagonal box, so on the other three sides I cut a fleur de lil shape,  used the versamark pad and covered in silver embossing powder.  And that was that.

I'm also hoping that someone can help me. I've got some Jewel Enamel powder,  so far I've not had much success at melting it using the heat gun, well rather I can melt it but can't get it to stay on the card.  I'm using a versamark ink pad, and have tried heating from above and underneath.   Any ideas folks? 

Finally, bit of the hard sell...   For sale, one Sizzix Boutique embossing machine, with folders and the pads and one shim.  It is on ebay.  I'll take a minimum of £15,  as it is very new,  no damage,  it has its original box  and is in perfect working order.  It will take most embossing folders,  lovely machine,  not too big, fits nicely onto your craft desk.   I'm selling it as I've upgraded to the Cuttlebug.

Got more goodies to sell, amongst them a make your own stamp kit which was featured recently on Create and Craft and some stamps,  not yet got round to taking photos of them yet. 

Thanks for stopping by, and for all the lovely comments about the canvas,  I really did enjoy making that.  A few remarked that it was a good idea to lay it out first on some paper, I did it that way as I knew I'd only get one go at it when it came to using the canvas.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend - and stay dry.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Sunday Stamper 219 - Steampunk

Apart from entering the Sunday Stampers challenge I set myself another challenge: to decorate a canvas.   I got a couple of canvas boards from The Range,  opted for them as its easier to stamp on something solid.   I'd been toying with entering the Steampunk challenge,  and had a couple of practice runs.   But today was the day!   

First I laid everything out on a piece of copy paper cut to the same size as the canvas (10x8),   then I added some stuff and took away other bits.  Crafts Beautiful came to my rescue, their freebie was some metal sheets,  exactly what I wanted.   I cut some more shapes,  used the metal sheet,  chose my stamps. Then wondered how to colour the canvas,  I could use the sponge,  or paint,  I would have used dylusions if I had any,  so settled for the brayer and some Frayed Burlap from the TH distress ink range.  It worked perfectly,  got exactly the effect I wanted,  which was a splodge in the middle of the canvas. 

In this pic you can see the plain white canvas,  plus some flowers I made, and the embossed metal sheet,  plust some stamping,  which was one long stamp simply cut in half,   well sort of half!  In the end I abandoned the flowers I made and went for the roses,  which a friend kindly sent me (have to get those flower dies.)

So this is how it all came together, used the two silhouette dies of the man and woman,   stamped the lamp post,  also cut the car die.  Then it was a case of arranging everything,  I also used two metal leaves tucked under the roses,  which were versamarked and dunk in perfect pearls.   And there it is,  my first ever craft canvas. 

It was a really enjoyable afternoon,  the time just flew by.  I've got another canvas to fill with something,   and we're in for a rainy bank holiday weekend!     I also started to rearrange things in my bedroom,  I do have a large computer desk,  but never got round to using it for crafting, just need to rearrange things.   Right best get this published and entered.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

New stash

Yes new stash...  well I had cuttlebut but no dies,  a situation that I just I had rectify.   So after being stuck in the flat yesterday I headed off to Southport for a spot of sea air, and a visit to craft shop.    Sadly the craft shop didn't have much choice of dies, but I did pick up some lovely lace, and some canvas board cheap.  So it was off back to my local craft shop,  had that voucher burning a hole in my pocket - success, got these 3 lovely dies to start off my collection, and the C plate for £5.99,   CnC wanted a tenner!  But forgot to get the shim, which would have been handy as the car die also embossed...    Loved the man and woman silhouette,  just wasn't able to resist that, and the small nesting frames.

Here is the large frame and the man,  the left over bit from the frame can also be used!   The teeny tiny one in the middle makes a nice flower, but forgot to take a pic.    I had watched the spellbinders show on CnC, but prices were way out of my league,  unless they'd given you a year to pay it off!    I did look at the TH dies in the shop but they were twice the price as the ones I chose,  all of which are very good quality and cut beautifully. 

So with the dies to hand I couldn't resist using them.

The photo is a bit rubbish,  it looks much better in IRL,  I glossy accented the silhouette and it actually does look very effective.   I dabbed the lace with some a silver ink pad, black lace would have been more dramatic. 

No crafting tomorrow :-(   My sister is skyping in the afternoon,  so mum will be hogging my room.   I have prepped one of the canvas boards I bought,  got plans for that. 

And finally the dressings arrived!   They were delivered at 2pm today!    So I had needlessly stayed at home all day yesterday.   When will the public services learn to join up the dots?   If the district nurses spoke to our GP, who in turn kept in contact with the consultant,  and patients assigned a nurse then progress might be possible.   But nope,  lets just do it the most inefficient way we can cos it is cheaper that way.   We can bail out banks but not fund the NHS or look after those who need it,  there is something very wrong somewhere.    I need to say that I have worked for the NHS, so I know how inefficient it is,  yet it just needs a little tweaking here and there and it could be run far better with the patient coming first, not last. 

Well off to enter the world of fiction...    thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I finished the piece today.   I tried various die cuts but wasn't happy with any of them, so made another 2 flowers and then the nice Slice cut me a mat,  plus the bit that goes underneath,  discovered some rub ons that have been lurking for ages,  just chose 3 words from them,  added the stamp and voila!   Oh if only it had been that simples..   cos it was anything but.    I really wanted to use cogs or keys, but don't have any,  there is one key on one of my slice design cards, but it is rather plain and chunky.   I did use my last silver butterfly, sigh...   these are just so pretty,  got them last year at the Aintree craft show, but this year the stall didn't have any :-(

The slice does have quite a few flowers and a lot of flourishes.  
I made these two flowers using brown card and gold vellum,  I stamped the brown flower with a versamark pad, then used a background stamp with a random pattern on it,  then used the perfect pearls to pick out the pattern,  finished them off with a coat of crackle glaze, neither of which is showing up on the photo,   just stamped the vellum flowers with that script stamp.

Just felt that they finished off the piece nicely.   The pinflair gel is getting well used,  will have to stock up on it soon down to my last tube!  

There was another happy event that brightened up my boring morning (stuck in waiting for district nurse while mum went to the hairdressers) a lovely lady delivered something...

Yes my cuttlebug arrived!   Now I call that good service,  placed the order late Saturday afternoon, parcel was dispatched on Sunday,  which meant the couriers wouldn't pick it up till Monday - now that ain't bad going.   Think I've only waited a week for one item,  while with QVC it always took at least a week for stuff to arrive, sometimes longer.   I was tempted to get the Grand Calibur but I don't have anywhere to store it,  so I chose the 'Bug' as it is smaller.  Also picked up a handy tip from Phil on CnC this morning, he was using the cuttlebug, but instead of making the 'sandwich' and then inserting it, he put the A plate into the machine, followed by the B plate, then the folder and then the other B plate,  it saved all that faffing - I tried it and it is so much easier!    I've now got loads of embossing folders,   and found that the Sizzix boutique's thin shim also works with the Bug,  used it on a thin embossing folder, worked a treat.  One thing does bug me (no pun intended) it is this,  the manufacturers know that you are likely to use thin dies and so will need the C plate, so why isn't the C plate included with the machine?   Bit like buying a car and then paying extra for the spare wheel. 

But very chuffed that it has arrived, and now will head of to local craft shop for some dies,  they don't have silly prices,  and I have a ten pound voucher to spend. 

I've started another piece of craft art,  got lots of things drying ready to be stuck down tomorrow.

See you then!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Not a good start to the week!

This morning the district nurses were supposed to come to dress mum's wound,  to ensure that they did we rang them,  good job we did as they didn't have mum down for a visit!   Grrrrr... not sure what the hell they are playing at,  told them we have NO dressings,  and all this stupid woman could say was that they'd call on Tuesday, what bloody use is that!   So had to go to the large Boots on the retail park to see if they had any large dressings - so I was not in a very good mood. 

So out came the craft stuff,  choice of two challenges to enter,  think the piece I'm working on would do for both.  Out came the slice and I cut out some shapes,  thought that this shape would make a nice flower,  once it had been inked up,  crackled etc!

And it did!   Stuck all 3 together,  then cut some leaves (if I hear one more person on any craft show saying 'leafs' I will scream, it is leaves!)  Used the TH distress inks,  and then stamped over the flower with a background stamp, wanted it to have a grungy feel to it.

Still felt that it was lacking something, another layer?   Problem with that was the slice wouldn't cut this design below 2 inches...  rats,  so rooted through design cards for another suitable flower that could be reduced in size.

So finally found one that I liked and would match up with this,  and that could be cut smaller

Bingo!    Used some Pinflair glue to give it some depth.    Very chuffed with this,  mind you it took most of the afternoon,  that is the problem with creativity - it can take time. 

I have got a plan,  sort of!   I have all the bits and bobs I need,  and Cuttlebug is on its way to me,  hoping it will be here by Wednesday,  think for it to arrive tomorrow would be asking too much?

So time to sort out the backing card,  wanted to use the distress inks,   inking round the edges, but think I've lost my touch with that technique.  Made a right mess of first effort, then had a brain wave - the brayer!    Why hadn't I thought of it before? 

So did one half in yellow and the other in light brown,  just about got the shading right.   A bit of bubble wrap, an espresso ink pad and... nice effect.    Was liking this more and more.  Used the script stamp on the other half, but did a BG, inked,  blotted and then stamped.

My brother stuck his head round my door and asked what I was doing,  I said crafting,  I'm sure he expected to see me making some pretty cards... and not this!    By now I had very inky fingers,   even the craft mat was in need of a clean,   so a quick tidy up,  and a cup of tea, rather a large mug of tea.

Just had enough time to stamp this gorgeous street lamp, by Kaisercraft,  before I needed to turn my attention to dinner.  Yes a very gratifying afternoon's work.    Not in my wildest dreams would I ever  have imagined that I'd be doing this sort of crafting,  not even sure how I got here.  Wasn't that keen on the grunge look, or steam punk, but it is growing on me. 

So now taking a break from it, also the light has gone, I don't like crafting by lamplight,  and can't afford one of those fancy lamps.  I'll be back at it tomorrow, with more pics. 

Thanks for stopping by,   much appreciated.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

It started with a box...

Or to be precise, a wooden pencil box.  I wanted to use my alcohol inks to see what sort of effects I could get and to get all inky and messy.  So this is how it looked at the start...

 And after much inking and dabbign this is how it looked at the end!   Used copper, gold and espressor alcohol inks,   then espresso dabbed onto a piece of bubble wrap.   Finished off with some crackle glaze.  Think there was more ink on me than on the box. 

It had been a trying day,  woke up with a start,  something wasn't feeling right with the world.  Sure enough it was mum, who was not feeling well,  think she'd had another small stroke,   I honestly wasn't sure if she'd make it till lunchtime.  I asked if she wanted me to call the doctor, but she said no in a very firm voice.   My niece, her grand-daughter was due to visit,  so had to call her,  I knew it was useless trying to put her off coming,  but I filled her in on what was happening at our end,  didn't say anything that may cause alarm,   by lunchtime mum was much better,  asked if she wanted a bacon sandwich, the answer was YES.    Niece called in an hour later, so that cheered mum up,  by tea time she was back to her usual self.   Guess there'll be a lot more of these types of days.  Life is such a rich tapestry!   Sorry I do tend to take the practical view of things, which is also what my mum does,  I know what her wishes are and I've promised to honour them.   If I sound light and breezy, trust me I am not,  this is very hard, but I have to put her needs first. 

Box will be finished over the next few days,  also hope to join in the latest Sunday Stamper challenge,  and there is a nice parcel on its way to me from CnC... a cuttlebug!   Got the discount and the flexi pay... now looking forward to the CnC super sale on Tuesday!  

Hope you all had a good weekend and that you had some sunshine.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Little boxes!

I've been crafting of sorts,  decorating some boxes for a friend,  trouble is that there are dozens of them!    I invested in some acrylic paints, so all got a coat of paint to begin with,  then it was a case of deciding how to decorate them,  since I'm doing this for free the decorations are being kept simple.   This little heart shaped box was painted red,  embossed some gold mirri,  and popped on this lovely red flower.   I also stamped round the box,  which wasn't easy,   a case of placing box onto stamp and rolling it along the stamp,  seems to work.

Next up I got out the perfect pearls, and some embossing paste,  and chose some ribbons.

This was done with perfect pearls,  I then sprayed it with some spray and shine.   Oh I forgot to mention that I'd called in at the craft shop,   just got a couple of stamps,  two adirondiac ink pads,  quickie glue pen and the spray and shine, oh and an embossing folder.

The spray and shine has come in very handy for finishing off the boxes.   So next box, what to put on that?   Had paste just needed a stencil,  flowers or the lady,  or the dolphins?  

Decided on the lady and used the white paste, bit of spray and shine brought it to life,  and chose a pretty ribbon to go round the edge.

I've also got some pencil boxes to decorate,  so today I just gave them a few coats of white paint. 

Very hot and sticky here,  forecasters said it would rain all day,  which is why the sun was shining this morning!  The rain didn't appear till well into the afternoon.

My car is finally fixed and I have a boot I can open again,  nice to get that sorted out.  And best of all I've got a holiday booked!   Going on a 3 day arty weekend,   there is a twist, the place we're going to is haunted, and the art is of the psychic type,  which really means that you paint what you feel,  so something to look forward to at last,  haven't yet told my sister,  have no intention of breaking the news gently it will be a case of get yourself back her to look after mum while I have a much needed rest!   My god daughter is also coming over on Sunday to take mum off my hands for a few hours,   only one blot on the landscape the damn district nurses who were supposed to visit today and didn't, so that means an early phone call to them as we have no dressings, so they'll have to come tomorrow.   I'm particularly annoyed with them as they were making such a fuss of the wound, which was actually just the same,   so I've had to take mum to the hospital to get checked out by the consultant, meanwhile the swab the nurses took 3 weeks ago still hasn't been analysed,  that is because it got sent to the wrong place.

Oh well think I need to go find a fan,  far too muggy here.

Have a lovely weekend all,  thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Golden Glow...

Nice to bask in the glow of success re Team GB,  and if you ever bought a lotto ticket then you also did your bit.  Not sure what I'll do now,   I've been glued to it from start to finish,  the paralympics will start soon,  so guess the party will start all over again?    

But the crafting goes on!   This is my first attempt at using perfect pearl powders and a versamark stamp,  I was very surprised when it worked!  I used a Clarity stamp and copper perfect pearls.  The card is from my encaustic card pack,  which is the same quality as the Clarity Card as used by Barbara Grey.    I also did as she suggested and used some talcum powder on the card,  I have got an anti static bag,  just can't find it!

So I then turned my attention to my box frame with the cogs.   I had found the finishing pieces!  First I embossed this lovely gold vellum that I didn't know I had,  amazing what you find when you have a good old rummage!   Can't even remember where I bought it.    

Then I needed to make the other side of the background. I did consider making a larger box frame, but then decided it would look daft, so just cut a piece of card larger than the box frame.

Yes the old script stamp was used!   Did some grunging with the TH distress ink,  then rounded off the corners,  using a corner punch - best things ever invented.   So with these two pieces finished and stuck together I turned my attention back to the box frame,   I needed some acetate but didn't have any,   thought it would all have to be put back on hold again!   But I found a fine piece of mesh - perfick!   Stretched that across the front of the frame, and then added all the finishing touches. 

Which looked like this!  After I took the pic I then added some tiny butterflies, just for added eccentricity on my part.  The wording was done by my Slice machine,   on gold mirri,  which needs a double cut.   The clock die cut was sent to me by BJ,   it now sits on my shelf,   why 10.10?  Cos I once worked in a jewellers,  well known one,  and all the clocks were set to Ten past ten, that way the clocks had a 'smile' on them. 

Where has the evening gone?   Just had two longish skype conversations,  very enjoyable, one was a surprise as she had been just an email buddy,  but she got skype, so we've just had our first conversation. 

Horribly sticky and humid here,   think it will be just the sheet on the bed tonight.    Well that is all from me... 

Friday, 10 August 2012

Freaky Friday

At around 10 a.m., last Friday I found that the battery in my car was flat,  called mechanic,  he fixed car...  this Friday, guess what?  Yep, same thing, flat battery,  only it was brand new,  rather than call mechanic I decided to take it out and charge it - but could I budge the bloody release nut, could I heck.   Not even a neighbour could, so it was mechanic to the rescue,  but we did find out what had bled the battery dry, the faulty boot switch, a well known fault on Nissans, but will Nissan do owt about it, nope! 

Car is back with me,  mechanic has ensured that the boot light can't come on,  which he thinks is draining the battery,  new boot switch will be fitted next week.

With all this faffing with the car,  I've had no time to craft,  may not be able to enter Sunday Stampers challenge, but still got tomorrow, so we'll see.   In mean time thought I'd post pic of my 3rd box frame, this one isn't finished yet,  taken me a while to layer up all the cogs,  still got a bit more to do.

Made the box frame as usual,  then using some embossing paste and an acrylic stamp I applied the paste all over the box frame and then let it dry.    I used the copper embossing paste,  using the stamp has given it a very fine line effect.

BJ kindly sent me loads of die cut cogs,  I cut some in half, others into four, then just arranged them as I wished,  used Pinflair glue - lots of it!

So just the finishing touches to do now. 

I spent a while in the supermarket enjoying their AirCon, I know we shouldn't use it but when it is this hot!?    Also bought a box of ice lollies, not had one for years.  When I got home mum was chatting to a neighbour, so all 3 of us enjoyed an ice lolly,  really cooled me down.    Also got some more linen trousers,  they are the only things keeping me cool,   now got the fan going...  loving the sun,  no complaints,  just wish I wasn't having hot flushes then I'd be fine! 

Best go give the garden some water.

Enjoy this lovely weather over the weekend,  and can we win any more Gold medals? 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Blowing bubbles!

The sun is out, summer is back!   So smiles all round.   Too nice to be stuck in so spent the morning at the high street, walking there and back. Also got some acrylic paints and brushes.  

Back at home it was time for messing about, making backgrounds.   I must confess half got this idea from CnC when the demonstrator was using a bubble wrap stamp,  why buy one when you can just use bubble wrap?    I cut some off a roll,  then dabbed the distress inks on,  then just placed it on the card, a gentle rub and it twas done.

Added more ink round the edges.   And it was time to start building the frame.

Voila, one box frame, ready for decoration.  While rummaging for something I found a book of decoupage,  all flowers,  perfick for the frames!     These small frames are just right for starting off,   I'm planning a larger template of my own.

So out came the decoupage,  it is the pop out variety,  though I don't mind doing cutting out, in fact I rather enjoy it but most decoupage these days is the pop out stuff.    Pity as it was a good way to hone your cutting skills.

I then built up the decoupage using pin flair, and then some glossy accents, and left it to dry.

Ta - Da!    I did have to cut the decoupage down a little, not much though.   I was also working on a second frame which is a lot more involved,  should get that finished tomorrow,  it just has lots of layering up,  and having to wait for each layer to dry.

So a sunny day,  nice crafting,  but no medals!  I'm getting used to us winning something most days,  but we've got the hocky teams, men and women playing in the semis,  a female boxer also in a semi,  the BMX has started,  and more athletics.

Forecast is for more sun,  right till the weekend...  can we hope that it will last till October? 

Thanks to all for leaving lovely comments,  they do keep the mojo fired up :-))

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

In the frame...

Well my plans for today went pear shaped when mum's stairlift decided to throw a wobbler,  so guess who had to wait in for the engineer and forgo her reiki?  

So I wasn't happy,  so crafting or studying?  Crafting of course. Since I'd found the template for the box frame can be found at

I thought I'd give it a bash.  So printed the template on some plain white card stock,  and then on the back of some kanban cardstock,  forgotten its name but it had all the London stuff in it.

Cut out both frames with my craft knife,  I can never cut straight even if there is a line to follow! 

So here is the plain white frame,  I scored the lines,  then this one was painted with some pale blue poster paint,  on both sides and then left to dry.  So I turned my attention to the kanban cardstock,    cut out the frame, scored it, then popped out a few of the toppers,  wasn't sure what would work with it,   this frame is too small for the teapots,  and guardsmen sadly,  but now I know how to construct the frame I can now start experimenting with different sizes and shapes.

But this template fits nicely onto A4 cardstock,  I used the 'shrink to fit' option on my printer,  and used it in draft mode,  the printed side is hidden away once you start sticking it all together.

And here it is!   I used the flags to cover up the corners which looked a bit messy,  I cut the London bus in half,  and the taxi,  my little bird came from my Slice Machine, the Findings card,  cut out on coredinations and then stamped,  and for that final touch, glossy accented.

I stamped the background using the TH stamps,  the small version which was available from QVC a couple of years ago, also one of my most used set of stamps! 

I used pinflair to stick it all down,  and some rubber bands to hold it all in place while the glue dried.

And this was the other frame.  Used the script stamp,  and a cog stamp,   my Globe again came from the Findings card for the Slice Machine (which was on CnC today with lots of lovely new cards).  Coloured a few plain white flowers,  glossied them, added a few butterflies,  felt that was enough for such a small frame. 

As I said I'll now have to experiment with different sizes,  think Craft Artist pro could be used to make the template... must have a play.

Oh the engineer came, the stairlift of course behaved itself,  and so engineer went away!  
Good job I hadn't wasted my afternoon completely, and then there was another Gold rush at the Olympics!   Quite incredible how well Team GB is doing,  though think the triple jumper who was injured should not have taken part or messed everyone around like he did. 

Thanks for looking folks...  Oh must find some papers for the next sunday stamper challenge!