Monday, 31 May 2010

Bank Holiday....

And as usual it is a damp squib.  I just wish they'd spread them out better,  we get two this month then nothing till August!   Mind you it no longer makes any difference to me, just another day.

The day did start very promising,  blue skies,  sunshine and then it all went rapidly downhill.  By time washing was ready to go out it had clouded over, but I took a chance.    Mum also wanted to go out, she'd been stuck in all weekend,  would like at this juncture to thank my brother for being so thoughtful.... NOT.   So I agreed to go out for lunch,   didn't want to, I'd have been happy with my tennis and crafting.   So off we went, and don't ask me what happened, but mum was in a spending mood,  she insisted on paying for lunch, and tried to get me to go for the fillet steak.... too early in the day for me.   Next we headed off for the retail park,  and she went bonkers in M&S,   confounding me by happily paying for not just one duvet set, but two, the very two she said were far too expensive two weeks ago?    Then she bought two tops,   she was on a roll, so I jokingly say that if she likes there is stuff in PC world that I'd like,  and I really was joking.  But mum said if I wanted something she'd buy it... ooer... the temptation, that new Ipad,  I couldn't,  could I... NO I most certainly couldn't.  I just indulged in the new version of Paint Shop Pro, a program I love.    I also needed a new mouse, a track ball,  which I was going to pay for myself, but mum refused to let me pay, well you can't argue with your mum can you?    And I did decorate her room a few weeks ago.   Not that the track ball mouse was much.   It is also a super duper version, they have improved it, it is the Kensington track ball mouse, but without the rubber bits which always get clogged... so this is a super duper fast version,  which keeps out foxing me.   I do need a new keyboard, but drew the line at that. 

So no crafting today,  pic is of a card I made yesterday, a kanban kit,  simply put together,  but it is for a charity so I want quick cards.   Last year they sold all I made in the space of a couple of hours, so hope they have same result next Saturday.   Got quite a few made already,  just want to finish off a couple of kits.  Just one gripe with Kanban.... please start including envelopes in your kits!  

Hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday, in spite of the inclement weather.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Hope that wasn't summer!

It has been distinctly chilly here for last few days,  the sun is back after a brief holiday,  but not what you would call warm.   Just hope the weather improves over June, especially mid June as I'm away then.

Was all ready to go out on Friday and then just checked to see who was playing at the French Open, it was Murray, so I made a cuppa and watched the tennis!    He won, tho he did drop a set,  but he came thru in the end which is the important thing.     Well I had been busy,  been shopping, tidied up flat, put up summer curtains...   so think I deserved a rest. Things will be worse in a few weeks, when Wimbledon starts, then I'll be glued to box.   But am a bit miffed over the BBC's use of the red button,  surely it is for stuff that is not able to be broadcast on the usual channels... so why did they devote an hour of the F1 practice on the red button, not allowing the French Open to be shown!   They can't show the French Open on 1 or 2,  they have a restricted contract, but F1 can be shown on any channel...  is it time for the Beeb to get a sports channel?  It used to be like this many moons ago when they only broadcast Wimbers on BBC1, then would interrupt for the bloody cricket... grrrrrrr.   To me cricket is like watching paint dry.... boring.  

Saturday - total washout.  Miserable, grey, rainy and cold.   Very unamused, it is supposed to be summer!  So began crystal therapy course, well would have done if printer hadn't played up,  it ran out of ink, replaced cartridge but then it wouldn't print properly....  had to clean it twice before it would do its job properly.   So have course printed out,   will work my way thru module one over the next couple of days and send off my essay for marking.    Also found a basic aromatherapy course,  just what I wanted, on ebay of all places.  I only want to know how to mix the oils etc,  so that course will suffice for now.    My colleagues are work are very impressed,  I thought they would think I'd lost my marbles,  amazing how many people are into alternative treatments.    To me the key word is complementary,  that is what alternative medicine/therapies are, there to complement other treatments. 

Got to make some cards this week,  been invited to a charity coffee morning,  so will take a few cards with me so they can sell them. Did the same thing last year and they sold out within an hour!  I was gobsmacked.  Got a few kits I can use up,  may even attempt a few boxes... then again!   Boxes are one offs really.  Got to get me act together, come on girl, find your get up and go...

Sunday:  well gave myself a good talking to last night, and managed to find my enthusiasm.   I managed to make six cards this afternoon,   felt very pleased with myself.   Made another kinetic card,  but botched one!  Just keeping most of them simple, not got time for any fancy work anyway.

Weather is a bit better today,  not much, but at least we had sunshine, but a cold wind.   Wasn't intending to put my nose over the door, but discovered we had no milk!  Mum had forgotten to tell me...  so had to go over to corner shop.   There wasn't a soul about,  a contrast to last weekend, when everyone had windows and doors open, kids were out playing. 

Was watching the tennis, but it has just been rained off, pity as Murray had just woken himself up.  Not sure if they'll get back on tonight. Isn't it nice to know that it isn't just Wimbledon that gets rained off! 

Well all for now,  hope you're having a good bank holiday weekend where ever you may be.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Yippee, I am now retired!

Yep it became official on Sunday,   bit strange in a way,  this is the second time I've retired from a job cos of ill health,  the first time I was just in my 30s, so eager to gain employment,  which I did eventually but it took a long time.   Now that I am a, er, tad older, can I be bovvered,  nope,  currently have a full time job as a carer,  which has lousy hours and pay.   But I have paid my dues,  been working since I was 16,  ah, those were the days,  you could walk out of one job and into the next.   No-one cared if you had a list of GCSE's as long as your arm,  they just needed to know if you could read, write and add up.   And we could!    I never relied on a till telling me how much change to give, had to work it out for myself, same with bar work, you had to add up the round as you went along.....  

So now I am free, but not footloose or fancy free,  got a lot of obligations, but still have time for training.   I know what I want to do, and how I can earn a living,  not turning my back on work, it is that now I have a choice, which is nice. 
It has been nice going to the local supermarket, the new one that opened last year,  so many of the employees had been unemployed for quite some time.  I remember the first checkout I went to, the poor assistant was a bag of nerves, we customers were all eager to put her at her ease... I met her again today,  and wow the difference,  she is now confident,  much more relaxed and you just know she'll end up being promoted.   Trust me, when you have been unemployed for a long time that first time back in a job is terrifying,  especially when you also have to face the public.   

I am looking forward to my holiday in two weeks,  it will be bliss to just be able to relax and not worry about stuff. 

Pic: my first attempt at a swing card. Watched CnC and they were demoing some kinetic templates including the swing card, I was pretty sure I could make it myself,  so I had a bash... and I did!   I did try it out on a piece of paper first,   got that one wrong, but did it again and worked out the folding, then  got out the card.   Really chuffed with the result, I did embellish it with more card, silver mirri on one side, and the blue star paper on the other,  just to give it some depth. 

A bit cooler here,   very cloudy this morning, but it warmed up nicely in the afternoon.   Just hoping that we do have 'summer' this year... think we have earned one! 

Thursday, 20 May 2010

It is bootiful

The weather that is.  Yes has been glorious, and so nice of the Met office to get our forecast completely wrong...    Been blue sky and sunshine here,  not a bit of sea mist in sight. 

Had rude awakening,  well actually had rude going to bed,  as we have a new neighbour who has forgotten that she is in a flat and has neighbours either side,  so she was yelling last night,  to who I have no idea.  Then at 8 a.m. the music started....   grrrrrr.   She is either very hard of hearing or just plain inconsiderate.  Haven't seen her yet, but methinks she and I will be having a conversation before long about the noise she is making.    We have always had considerate neighbours,  as we have been,  knowing that the walls aren't that thick so keeping noise to the minimum.   But this young lady thinks she can crash around her flat as she pleases.   Hoping that her odd ball downstair neighbour will put her off, he's actually okay,  harmless, but has many problems. 

But had a productive day,  got washing out to dry,   took stuff to recycling centre,  did try to get some more bedding plants for empty pot,  but wasn't impressed with garden centre I went to. It is now under new management, and has put prices up!    Can see I'll end up back at Homebase or B&Q.   Other plants are settling in nicely,   rest of garden is blooming,  soon the bees will be happily buzzing around. 

Then had to go for post op follow up.   As I thought it wasn't good news, tho my surgeon does do his best to disguise bad news.  The camera they shoved inside it confirmed that my knee is severely arthritic,  more so than had showed up on x-ray,   to the point where it is well past its best.    I always sensed that I'd need knee surgery at some point,  always had problems with my knees, as did my dad.    But accident has just accelerated the inevitable,   a total knee replacement is needed.   My GP has tried to warn me against it,  but as nice as he is,  he hasn't got my pain.   I know it is a more complex op than a hip replacement, but at the moment I am struggling to get around, using a crutch and am in a lot of pain, so what do I have to lose? 

At least the stitches were taken out, that was a relief,  it now feels a bit easier.  Surgeon was also surprised at how swollen it was... hey, he should have seen it last week.  

Was annoyed tho with my mum,  I'd bought some chicken yesterday,  and she said she'd put some in freezer,  I said to leave some in fridge for today's dinner.  I'd got one of those homepride sauces,  well my hospital appointment wasn't till 4.40 pm,  so figured I could make the dish and then mum could just boil the rice.  So what does she do?  Sticks all of the chicken in the freezer!    I shouldn't have been so annoyed, but she likes to feel involved, so I leave her stuff to do,  sadly she is stuffing it up most of the time. 

Just wondering how to tell family that I am off on my hols in a few weeks.   Last year I tried the nice route, asking them if they could look after mum on certain dates,  and I ended up with the short straw.  So this year i decided to just book the holiday,  I can get the carer's centre to ensure mum is okay, so there is a back up plan,  I ain't that cruel.   But just feel that the family should be living up to their obligations, and the promises they made.

Need a cuppa...   hope the sun is shining where you are.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

More sunshine!

Yay,  sunny day number 2.   Bootiful,  nice to at last put on the summer clobber.  Popped into work,  had to take final sick note... it all comes to an end on 23rd May...  yippeeeeee      After that had a quick mooch round shops,  got mum a new duvet set, as she requested last week...    craft mag, cos it had nice stamp set on it.   And avoided the new 'milka' bar,  ugh, how dare Kraft mess with cadburys!    Do not buy this abomination,  avoid it at all costs.  They've already shafted the cadbury employees.

So with lunch out of the way had no choice but to fix that planter.  Needed to replace the sides,  so had to get out tool kit, drill, hammer, nails,  screws...   but an hour later it was all done and as good as new.  Just needed a coat or two of wood protector,  then plant it up.   Was very happy with result,  even managed to avoid any accidents, like bashing thumb with hammer.

Also have a new neighbour,  who seems to like loud music,   she was playing it for an hour after she came in,  so jury is out, this has always been a friendly road,  we all get along and no-one upsets anyone.  Will see what happens at weekend, if she is noisy I'll have a friendly word and see if she takes note, if not then I'll be in touch with the housing association.  Not sure her other neighbours will be very happy as they have a young baby, so they'll not want a noisy neighbour. 

Mum came home after lunching with friends,  so showed her the new duvet set, and what does she say?  That she doesn't need a new set!  Yes she does, she only has one that now matches her newly decorated bedroom,  and she was saying all last week that she needed another duvet cover....     Mind you she also asked me last week if we should switch to Freeview.....  er we've only had Freeview for the last few years!  

Was joking with a friend that I was not a fan of the CD rom crafts,   mainly cos it costs so much to print off backing papers.   We were comparing QVC and CnC,  how CnC has a lot of crafting CD roms, whereas QVC seemed to ignore them, and so what was the QVC TSV for craft day - a CD rom!   At which point I switched off TV, put out light and went to sleep.

Well let's hope that summer has arrived, and hangs around till September - please!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunny day number 2

Can this last?    Could we possibly be in for a sunny and summery week?    Just a few degrees warmer would be nice,  just enough to tempt me to tidy up what passes for our garden.    Did think about it today, but a chill wind was blowing, so stuff that and I headed back indoors.  Knee is also a bit iffy,   have  to reconstruct a planter,  it needs two new sides,  so it has to be emptied,  then have new bits added and old bits removed.    Then it needs to be filled, along with 3 other empty planters. 

My mum attempted to make me feel guilty for not being bothered about delivering some cards to nephew,  well since he has not been bothered to visit his own grandmother to deliver her birthday card,  then why should I make any effort?  And it is an effort to get in car and drive,   since I didn't feel charitable the cards remained on table.  Tough, he'll get them when I feel like delivering them, he is only round the corner, which makes it all the more galling that he can't be bothered to come see his only surviving grandparent. 

Had a nice play with my pro markers today, stamped a few images and did some colouring in. Finally got the hang of the blending,  was now using card, not paper,  pro markers ain't good on paper.   Did a Forever Friends image,  that worked well,  as did the others.   Just love using them,  they give such a professional finish.   Was watching Joanna Sheen use hers on CnC,  she was using watercolour card,  I just used bog standard card stock  - and got good results.   Made a kinetic card,  my first,  using one from a kit as a template,   and it worked.   So chuffed that it did, well okay I did mess up the folding, but got there in the end. 

Still muchly amused by Lib Dems and their angst over the coalition,  they ain't happy,   it will all end in tears.  If I am honest then it should be a coalition of all three parties, let us take the best from each,   but that is never going to happen.  

Oh well, got fingers crossed for a warm day tomorrow so I can fix that planter and get plants in it.   Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Yippee, a sunny day!

Not just sunny but warm!  Think we got to the dizzy heights of 15c.   Was going to have shower, then remembered I'd got no dressings left... rats.   Watched a bit of CnC,  liked the Joanna Sheen stuff, but not enough to buy it, got tons of card stuff.   Nope I am probably not up there with the most avid crafters,  who will buy everything in sight.  
Did feel the need for a few summer tops,  so popped up to M&S,  bought blouse, and 2 T shirts, plus some new knickers.  T shirts are fine, blouse is just not me,  too flowery,  did see a few other T shirts so may swap it for them.   The T shirts I most liked where in the men's department,  just want some polo shirts and grandad collar type T shirts, that don't cling, or are too short!    Also don't want jeans that sit on the waist,  they are too high,  like them sitting on the natural waist,  much more comfy.    Came close to murdering toddler, who was being allowed to run riot by stupid parents,    he almost collided with my injured leg!   Then at the cash desk he grabbed a roll of wrapping paper and started swinging it around, his pathetic mother just said "Put that down", no authority in her voice, no attempt to take thing off child....  I heard her say that they were off to B&Q, so changed my mind about getting bedding plants!    Was going to head off to a garden centre, but my knee had had enough,  so after quick sortie to Boots to get dressings, and spotted a new SJP perfume, I went home and caught the last of the cup final.    New perfume is lovely, and half the price of her other, which I also like.

Yesterday I was altering a few photos for a friend,  and couldn't resist adding the caption to the above!  Well i can't see the love fest lasting,  mind you find it worrying that the Daily Malicious agrees with me!   Best news I've just read is that Ryan Air have been fined 3 million euros for refusing comply with EU regs during the volcanic ash crisis, couldn't happen to a nicer firm...  ;-)) 

Will try to get bedding plants tomorrow, and fix planter, depending on weather. 

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Can we have summer back?

Dunno who it was who pressed the pause button, but can they stop now and let summer come back?   It was 12c today,  ridiculous...    we did have a sunny day,  but it was sooo chilly.   I am also sick of that bloody volcano, my car again is covered in its dust! 

Had to change dressing on wound,  methinks the new surgeon needs more lessons in stitching....   nor did I need another 3 inch scar to join with all the others.  Not happy,  it is also still bleeding,  if it carries on I'll have to go to the walk in clinic and get more dressings.   Have to go see consultant next week, bit sooner than I expected, it has usually been 6 weeks after an op.  

And day 2 of our brave new world....   see already they are trying to stitch everybody up,  changing the goalposts for a vote of no confidence from just 50 per cent to 55 per cent.  I don't remember that being in anyone's manifesto.    I know what the Tories are doing,  they know they've got some tough decisions to make, so they are ensuring that the Lib Dems get part of the blame.    Had a good laugh reading about our local tory candidate who had decided she had won the election,  so last laugh went to the Labour man who did win!   Love it. 

Pics for last couple of days have been from a box I made, this pic has an Anna Griffin stamp,  from the last QVC craft day, I bought the set and they are great.  Loads of stamps, and as you can see they give a very crisp finish. 

All for now.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

And that was that...

Is it over,  have we got  a new government,  and if so then how long will it last?   Hope Cam enjoys his poisoned chalice,  for that is what he has been handed.   Now Labour can regroup and settle in behind a new leader.    And we can all watch the shambles that will be parliament.

I wasn't a particular fan of Mr Brown, but did think he was a decent man,  just in the wrong job.   Do feel sorry for Liz,  bet all she wants to do is put her feet up and watch some telly!  

Well managed to get out today,   drove car short distance to supermarket, wasn't too painful.  Changed dressings, well two were almost falling off after the shower,  noticed that the bruising is coming out.  Seem to have developed a clicky knee,  wasn't clicky before...  now it is! 

Noticed that on QVC they said that they had the pro markers back in stock,  I was on the wait list,  so went to see my order status... still on waitlist, and looked at item to see that they were 'waitlist only', so Simon maybe should NOT have mentioned them?   I would say if you are after a set, try to get to a craft fair, they'll be much cheaper there. 

All for now... off to watch drivel on TV

Monday, 10 May 2010

Oh no... more hot air

Just when we all thought it safe,  they go do it again,  toss it all up into the air to get the flippin media types all excited...   the current political situation that is.    Can we demand a news blackout for 48 hours? 

Day 3 of knee recuperation:  still very sore, and also now very clicky,  ugh, feels like kneecap is on the move.  Decided to try to make it to corner shop,  well needed some fresh air, but also more importantly we were out of milk!   Not sure it was a good idea,  very slow and on return knee was objecting very loudly indeed.  Guess I ain't going to the origami class tomorrow.  Blast,  missed the first one,  now this one... 

Spent afternoon faffing on computer,  was going to print off more rub ons,   but I've decided to make them smaller, so need to run off a test sheet first.  Not really in the mood for much at the moment,  in limbo mode, not sure why,  cos it is Monday?   I'm stuck indoors, the weather is crap?  All of the above I think.   The cheesed off status will disappear, eventually.    Need a shower and to wash hair,  at least I'll feel better,  hair is now beyond curling tongs....  

Right, off to faff more on rub on designs... 

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Feeling better

Oh yes, amazing what a good nights sleep will do, woke up feeling definitely more human today,  tho knee is still very sore.  Took of bandage and frankly wished I hadn't,  not a pretty sight.   3 new scars to add to collection.   Won't be able to get a shower till end of week!  Rats and double rats...   as dressings are not waterproof. 

More moaning by Sky that Brown in still in Number Ten,  he has to stay until the other two decide whether they can work together, be nice if Sky would actually say that!  It is in the constitution.   Dave ain't looking very happy...   things didn't go according to plan..  diddums.   Nope, Brown isn't happy either,  none of them are...  well they did ask us, and we've spoken, so get on with it.

Managed some crafting today, a scrap page and put finishing touches to this card, using a peel off, coloured it using bog standard permanent marker,  and gilding flakes.   Stuck dress and bag onto some glitter paper,  trimmed with mirri card, then two borders were added, and the sentiment. 

Also watched the football scores,  not a Chelsea fan but glad it was them and not Man U that won,   Ferguson is neither a good loser or decent winner.   People like him have dragged sport into the miserable abyss that it is in, especially football with all the cheating,   why is it honourable to 'win' a penalty by diving?   That's why I like Golf, because golfers still have integrity and abide by the rules.  

Nice at last to enjoy a glass of wine,  the Shiraz is going down very nicely.  

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Post op hangover

Feel yucky,  spent yesterday at hospital,  was told to report at 7.30,  didn't go down for op till 1.30!    Worse the TV in waiting room was stuck on BBC1,  wall to wall election coverage...   not a good mix, hungry and thirsty,  not to mention bored, patients listening to the eggheads droning on and on,  talking about nothing!    Managed to persuade nurse to let me go out,  another patient also took advantage of the 'fresh air' break,  we went out for a much needed cigarette.    Then just as it looked like the BBC were going to show something other than the blooming election...  get called for op!    Two hours later I am on ward,  nurse brings me a welcome cuppa and slice of toast...    I was determined that they weren't going to keep me overnight, so meditated to bring BP down,  then drank plenty of water to rehydrate myself.   Phew, it worked, BP back to normal,  didn't feel too bad,  more light headed than I ever have before after an op.   But was allowed to escape after dinner,  so was home just before 7 pm.    Didn't sleep very well,  was in a lot of pain,  and just felt yucky,   felt like that all day long.     Not done much,  can't, knee is objecting to slightest movement.   Will feel better if I get a good night's sleep tonight. 

I am sick of the interminable election coverage,  can we just let them get on with their discussions?   The stupid media aren't going to find out anything till it is all done and dusted.   Sky is the worst,   was amazed at the patience and politeness of one lib dem politician being harassed by a sky reporter.    And also disgusted that no news show had the decency to show the 3 soldiers who were killed being repatriated!   You'd think nothing else was happening in the world.   We have a hung parliament,  it will take a miracle for the Tories and Lib dems to agree,   so we'll have another election in 6 months,  so we can do same again - let them know that we are in charge, we are the ones paying their wages.

Weather is grim,  not as cold as it was,  but definitely NOT summer weather.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Tum te tum, te tum...

Election Day...    phew.   Have been to cast my vote,  just as I got there I noticed 3 ladies, two were supporting the one in the middle,  next thing one in middle collasped.... Looked to me as if she was having some sort of fit.  Anyway, I helped out as best I could,  an ambulance was called,  and I stayed with them till it arrived.  In meantime my neighbour came out from polling station,  he asked what was going on,  then launched into a story about his broken TV... er...  was I missing something? 

So having done my duty went to complete last task of the day,  get prescription filled.   Think everything is now done and dusted,  plenty of food in freezer/cupboards,  wine...  check...    medications...   so now just need to ensure that I get up at right time tomorrow for appointment in operating theatre!   Did get my hair cut...  LOL...   nooooo,  not what you're thinking, not wanting to be glam.  My hairdresser is searching for new premises,   and I knew I'd be housebound after op for a couple of weeks,  so thought it best to go get hair cut  today, save all that messing.    So will not be able to have a nice cuppa in morning... it is the one thing I do miss.   Just hope I am first on list, then I can be in and out, and get home.    I might be as mine is the least complicated, so they may well do me first.

Have had a crafting success,  made my first rub ons... yeee ha!    Wasn't sure if it would work,  and so with great trepidation I finished off the last bit in the process,  applied the sticky stuff,  and crossed everything..   but it worked!   Now trying to remember where I bought the kit from, got a feeling it was Hobbycraft,  hope so as I'll be needing more, well I hope I will if an idea takes off.   The kit is by Grafix, they do have a website but it is the the USA, but it can be found in some shops over here.    It was far simpler than I thought it would be. 

No idea who will have the keys to Number 10 tomorrow, I know which party I want to win, not necessarily because I think its leader is any good... but don't want a certain party getting within breathing distance of that famous front door. 

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Days like these...

That have drizzly rain, the sort that soak you to the skin...   yuck. When you are fed up of the sore throat that has been lingering for nearly 3 weeks!   And when you are having a sort out of photos and come across one of a card that you can't remember making! 

This i said card, and I just can't recollect making it or who I gave it to.  Was first time I'd used those fluttery peel offs,  oh well,  must have made it and must have given it to someone.

Had to do a huge supermarket shop,   and mid week is definitely the time to go as it is a bit quieter.    Funny tho,  I love the staff, they are all so friendly and chatty,  but quite a few have no idea of the different veggies,  as in courgettes and other foreign stuff.   Checkout lady asked me what I did with my 'croquette', after we'd stopped giggling I told her I used it in stir fries, risottos,  pasta dishes, just said to chop it up and bung it in.   Not sure how I managed it but the bill was nearly £90,  but that is for nearly two weeks shopping. 

This afternoon was messing with the grafix program,  had to make all the reiki symbols same size,  as well as draw one using Draw,  then forgot I had to flip them, so they'll be right way round when applied to card...  But finally got there, and very chuffed, it all seems to have worked so far, proof will be I guess when I come to see if they rub off!   Had one gripe with the instructions, it was very vague as to which side you printed on. Well hopefully they'll work and I can start making the reiki boxes...   mind you have to put reiki into each box as well! 

Well just one more day to go of this blasted election...  tho we'll have the media inquest all over the weekend I suppose.   Oh roll on Wimbledon!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Tis freezing!   Was okay if you stayed in the sun, but move into the shade and it was shiver time.  Quite pleased with myself today,   made appointment for haircut,  paid credit card bill,  posted parcel and took repeat prescription to GP. 

Have to be very organised this week, got another knee op on Friday, so got to get things done.  Also found some wood to repair planter - yippee!  Was sorting out cloakroom, or glory hole,  and found one piece,  then a bit more digging and found another.  So that has saved me both money and time, would have had to go to DIY place and buy some.   So can get that fixed tomorrow,  and give a coat of paint.  Funny that my winter pansies are blooming!   Thought they were dead, but they have sprung to life.  And the two clematis are making a comeback,   I chopped both back severely as they were just out of control, and half dead,  so it was kill or cure,   thought I had killed one, but it has just started to come back thru :-))    And my haphazard pruning of roses has done wonders,  all are looking much healthier,  mum moaned at me that I'd pruned them too soon, but I was just fed up of them, they were so overgrown,  so had a good old hack,   now it has paid off. 

No actual crafting today,  pic is of an exploding box made for a friend's mum who had an operation.   Thought I'd do a spring time box,  so inside are lots of flowers and butterflies.    And finally cracked the pictures I was making yesterday to make my own peel offs,   managed to use Draw in a Word doc and do all three pictures, they are actually reiki symbols,  but I needed to reduce them and still retain quality, the only way it seemed was to redraw the lot. 

And anyone else bored with the election,   I've had more than enough. I am also glad I don't live in a marginal seat,  at least we have been spared all that fuss.    I will be voting, personally I think it should be compulsory, but only  if they give us the option to abstain.   

All for now, thanks for stopping by...     

Sunday, 2 May 2010

The weekend

And a Bank Holiday,  so weather is umpty,  cold and rather wet, well it is here!

I popped up to the Well Barn, where I got a very warm reception from Poppy,  the Jack Russell,  who almost landed in my lap as I opened my car door?  How do they do that?   How do animals distinguish car engine noises?     But it was nice to be greeted so warmly.

I'd spent the morning catching up with a friend at my old place of work,  felt very glad NOT to be employed there anymore... well 3 weeks to go.   I saw the same old faces,  all hovering over the public computers,  and trust me, you really don't want to know what some of them are viewing.   I was quite happy to be a visitor.

And it is now Sunday,  a confused day weather wise,  part sunny, but also chilly.   Had to get out of abode to avoid two people,  so took myself off for an hour.   Took myself off to do a spot of shopping,  food stuff mostly,  at the old supermarket I used to frequent before they built one locally.   Amazing tho isn't it, how the same firm can be so different?     Did have a minor attack of supermarket road rage, woman in front of me kept on stopping every few yards,  I know not why as there were no parking spaces!    Then she turned into next row and slammed on, but had overshot space, I left her plenty of room to reverse, but she then moaned at me, so I stayed put, and then showed her how to reverse park.   Oh and she was just as dangerous with a shopping  trolley.

Spent the afternoon messing with cardmaking,  I've decided to ditch my peel off marker pens, for permanent marker pens. I had picked up a cheap pack in the week, and tried them out, the black was far better than the peel off black pen....  a true black. I wanted to make more cards with the gilding flakes, but like the black peel offs.  Also had a play with my pro markers,  now starting to get the hang of them, was using them on some shrink plastic,  the flesh tones are fab.  Card I was making is almost finished, will take a pic tomorrow.  Also need to experiment with making my own peel offs, got a kit...   will be having a bash tomorrow. 

Oops, almost forgot the pic:  made for a swap card challenge,  theme was outer space,  so chose the Pegasus constellation,  made an easel card,  the lettering came via my Slice, my new bestest friend... it does what it says it will do, it cuts without any argument or sulking, unlike my robo!  

All in all not a bad weekend,  weather was okayish,  met up with some nice people and avoided those I wish to avoid :-)) 

Hope you all had a good weekend.