Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Yesss, at last...

Aleksandr is back...  a new movie beckons,  according to him it is the best ever, but he would say that, wouldn't he?

Got notified on my twitter account,  not really got the hang of this twittering lark,  but will persevere. 

Strange old day,  couldn't remember what day it was when I woke up,  sort of a normal day..     so went and got supermarket shop. 
At least it was more civilised than last week,   not many in there, and pretty relaxed.    Off home, unloaded the bags, had a sandwich,  off out again to drop off sick note and then go find a shirt for this blasted wedding...  did I care, no I did not.   Fortunately M&;S came to the rescue with a nice shirt for half the price it was before Xmas, so that was that.   

But yesterday got more Xmas pressies,  so now craft stash fund  is up to £70...    oh the fun I can have!  I do remember ordering the a new craft mat and circle cutter from QVC,    nothing else grabbed my attention.   Was sticking to my rule of only buying scrapbooking stuff, or tools,    nothing in the scrapbooking slots grabbed me,  well the ribbons did, but the website crashed... so that order wasn't meant to be.   Did get the craft mat, cos I want the cutters, so now I have two magnetic craft mats...  

Naughty, cardcraft plus are moving to new and bigger premises, and are having an opening event in Feb.   Maby pop along, tis only a short hop away.  

Oh well the plan for it to snow didn't work...  miffed,  wanted loads and loads of snow,  cos don't want to go to wedding tomorrow,  bloody daft day to have it.   Must go find some thermals,  and thick socks,  gonna be freezing tomorrow. 

Friday, 25 December 2009

So that was Christmas...

Hope you all had a lovely day.   And there it was,  gone...    all the weeks of build up and...   you wonder what all the fuss was about.    Well maybe not if you happen to be 10 or under. 

Mine got off to a troubled start, with mum feeling a bit weepy,  so had to cheer her up.   That was very early,  hence when  I did get back to sleep I slept in till nearly 10 a.m.,  but for the first time in years I didn't have to go anywhere,  nor was anyone visiting!   So it was all nice and relaxed,   got started on the Xmas dinner around noon,   do wonder why folk make such a song and dance about cooking it,  it is all a case of timing.  If I can cope with cooking it then anyone can.    We did make pigs of ourselves,   neither of us could face the pud,  so that is for another day, or next year.    Had my first glass of wine at noon,  needed something!    But I did remain sober,  in fact I still am sober. 

So that was that,  watched Liz,  then Deal/No Deal,  and then Happy Feet - a lovely film.    Rest of it can be consigned to a bin, so much rubbishy films and repeats.  Did enjoy Victoria Wood last night. 

Well got Boxing Day tomorrow,   think it could be Saturday, this week has sort of blended into one.  Not sure whether to venture out tomorrow or not.  Will see what the weather is like first. 

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve

Well we almost had a white Christmas,  looked out the window last night and it was snowing, the world was white!    Nooo, not what I wanted,  needed to get out today.  It looked very pretty,   some of the kids came out,  and had a snowball fight.   But by morning it had started to thaw - phew. 

I had to go get mum's prescription, and did not fancy slipping and sliding in the snow, either on foot or by car.     Outside it was just slush,  I brushed a path to the car,  hoping it would dry out.  Was just sitting enjoying a coffee when I heard and car,  it was my brother, so long since I've seen him  had almost forgotton what he looked like.     His wife was with him, she who must get her own way...   then I remembered, it was nearly Christmas!    Mum was pleasant, I forced a few smiles,  they stayed for a while and then went.    Seems this year my SiL doesn't want to be disturbed on Xmas Day, by anyone.    I can imagine the fuss she'd make if others said that to her.    I suppose tho that has stopped my Xmas day being ruined. 

It was very grey and miserable outside,  did get prescription, tho the surgery had stuffed it up a bit.   Left mum to meet up with her friends, and toddled off home.   Only just occurred to me a few minutes ago that I'd not wrapped any pressies!   So have sorted that problem,  well I wrapped one,   rest can wait as I'll not see any of the recipients till next week.   Frankly, tho I feel Xmassy,  some of the spirit is lacking.   Think I'd like to press rewind, go back a few years,  and find a huge pressie under the tree for me...   Mum is giving me money, not complaining, but it would have been nice for her to have bought me something no matter how small. 


Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Oh flip, it's slippy...

Was hoping that the stuff we had yesterday would just melt away... no such luck.  When I finally stuck a toe, okay my crutch, onto pavement it was like an ice rink.    About five feet of ice separated me from my car...  was I going to be defeated, NO.   So grabbed hoe and began chipping away at it, chucked a couple of buckets of hot salty water over it, and that seemed to do the trick, just one dodgy piece of ice to negotiate right by driver's door. 

Tho I did regret being so keen to get the weekly shop once I arrived at Tescos, they'd gritted the entrance road, and the petrol station, but the car park was like an ice rink,  the worst place was the disabled parking space, it was diabolical.   Someone had lightly sprinkled some grit on the walkway,  and I mean 'lightly'  it was a joke.    I managed to get a space near to the store, so didn't have far to slip and slide,   the trolleys were almost all gone,   I grabbed one and headed into the store, and as I suspected it was mayhem.  I had to go to get cigs,  and unfortunately got stuck behind folk wanting to put on complicated lottery tickets, and buy scratchcards...  the customer service lot gazed over for a while, then realised that it would be a good idea if they came over and helped out.    The place was heaving,  no time for a good old browse, a case of get list out and go get stuff.   Was confronted by the usual dozy types, who think they are the only people in the store...  and abandoned trolleys,  idiots on mobile phones ringing home to ask if a few extra pounds of sprouts were needed!    It is at this juncture you feel like screaming, it is just one day,  the shops will be open again on Sunday, you do not need to shop as if Doomsday was beckoning.   You just know that most of the food in those trolleys will end  up in landfill,  my mum used to do it, buy far too much, till she wised up.    Now we shop for Xmas sensibly, well not that sensibly, a few daft things do end up in the trolley, but what I mean is we don't buy loads of festive food, cos we know it won't get eaten. 

I was more keen to make sure I got some decent wine,    and Tescos did deliver,  they had offers on the best stuff - oh happy day.   Funny how the aisles with the cleaning stuff was the place to take refuge from the madness.  But no choice, it was time to face the checkout, only ones without a queue where the self service, which I flatly refuse to use,  as they are not self service cos they always have at least two members of staff there to sort out the mistakes/problems...   so queued up.  And did what us Brits do,  started chatting  to fellow queuers...   and when it came to my turn, and checkout lady asked if I wanted her to pack for me, I said yes...   well why not.    I was grateful, she did a very good job, she had noted my crutch,   so didn't overpack the bags.   Was happy to wish her a Merry Christmas,  and escape the store, only to be stopped by two wallys discussing something right by door, so stopping everyone getting thru!     One cash machine was already out of cash,  dumb woman asked me if only one machine was working: er, yeah, that's why we're all queuing by it...  doh.     Annoying brat, who ran off with his mum's card,  thinking it was funny, she didn't, his dad hauled him off, but not far enough.  Observation:  a spoilt little brat, only kid, and totally indulged.  He was clambering all over a trolley, while his dumb father looked on....   felt sorry for the mother, she had two idiots to look after.   She should have left both at home.    Actually that is a bloody good idea, leave the kids at home with dad when shopping...    let us all enjoy some peace and quiet, you can also enjoy a sneaky quiet cup of coffee!    And as for the idiot who invented mini sized trolleys, it had to be a man,   stoopid idea, kids will just use them as missiles...  they should be banned. 

And now we are into festive TV,  all your favourites have now disappeared off the screen to be replaced by wall to wall films,   most of which you never wanted to see in the first place.    Come on, hands up, who'd be happy on xmas day with the usual TV fayre,  a few hours of This Morning, an hour of anarchy with Loose Women...   15 mins of the Queen...   all would be fine. But nope,  Scrooge has already decided what we will watch,   schedule was put together during his severe hangover,  so it is all bah humbug.

Oh well, 24 hours to go....   Santa is priming his SatNav as we speak,   and tweaking Rudolph's nose,  giving it an extra polish...  

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

What a day!

Woke up to blue sky,  so got up,  thought I'd get to supermarket handy. But by time I'd had breakfast, got washed and dressed it had started to chuck it down with rain,  so I waited, next came the hail,   soon followed by sleet, and a thunderstorm,  finally the white stuff came down.    And there went any hope of me venturing outside,  did have a look, but it was a bit dodgy underfoot.  Felt sorry for the kids, they were all getting so excited,  but the snow fell and then went...  was like that all day,  just a mix of rain, sleet and snow,  in no particular order.

Did manage to put up new blind,  tho it needed cutting, which was a bit of a pain, but not as much as putting it up!  Of course the fittings had to be different from last blind...  well the way they went on the wall,  as in 'other way round',   so did that, then had to do a balancing act, can't kneel at all on right knee,  and left knee is a bit dodgy...  but got there.   Then dusted and vacc'd the place,   banishing mum to her bedroom till I'd finished.

Looked to see if there was any crafting on QVC... no...  er, why?  Was a few shows on C&C,  methinks the latter is more serious,  QVC needs to start getting its act together craft wise, or it will lose us crafters.   So messed on computer,   was intending to print some photos for my scrapbooking, but got involved in a silly computer game... as one does. 

One of the photos to print was the above,  my arty one of the Big Wheel,    or I could load it onto a usb... mmmm...   and get it printed elsewhere.   Must have a thunk. 

Enjoying the grissom nights on C5, but it makes you realise how much he is missed. 

Ooh, it is getting closer.  Oh, took off countdown to Christmas as I discovered that it linked to a not so nice site...   

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snowy Sunday

We did get more snow today, along with hail, sleet and rain... the lot came down.   It was also freezing and blowing a very cold gale.   There was nowt for it but to get on with a few domestic jobs, then some crafting.

I think I am turning into my mum, she would do this before Christmas, was the windows, curtains, nets and clean the oven...  I used to think she was bonkers, but this weekend I found myself doing it all!   Mind you mum at last agreed with me that we need new curtains,  I had suggested it last week and got my head bitten off.    Now she's all for it.   Now I just have to break the news that we also need a new kettle...   

So once I'd done the domestic stuff, I tucked into a lovely bacon butty.   And then settled down to make another Xmas box,  but now I'm not sure who to give it to!   I feel I should give it to Ivy, and make mum a New Year Box.      Had fun making it, it came together quite nicely,   I found my wooden angels... they'd been hiding in a box!     Used my stamps, and the tinsel embossing powder, I'm trying this technique of heating from below the card,  it works well on normal card,  but be careful if you are using cheapish mirri card, as the heat can cause the card to 'blow', or bubble.   

Hoping to get some scrapbooking done this week,  hoping to get some nice Xmas photos of all the OTT decorated houses.   Was going to go out yesterday, but the weather was so dodgy.  So crossing fingers that I can get get out in the car tomorrow.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend,  and if you had snow, that you enjoyed it. 

Friday, 18 December 2009

Need thermals....

Brrrrrrrr....   looked out of the window this morning and my little red car had a light dusting of snow - yikes!  Luckily we are talking 'light',  phew,  my plan was to get myself into town to finish off my Xmas shopping. 

I've not been into our town centre since my accident,  well not on my own.   But was determined to overcome my fears.  I got the bus in,  the driver was nice and waited till I sat down.   While it was cold it was also a beautiful sunny day.   Amazing how much can change in a year,  saw lots of stuff that wasn't there last year.   In town I spotted some of the penguins,   somehow they're not as funny as the lambanas,  possibly they should have just painted them as proper penguins,  they were all decorated and it didn't look right.   I got to see the Big wheel for myself,  and the gorgeous Ice Palace,  which is a grotto,  but it looked amazing. 

I did get a few pressies,   just need two more,  well one really,  and a decent blouse for me.  Was also in HMV, and couldn't believe the queue, it was half way round the store!  I thought I'd be ages,   but they had all the tills manned and a bloke organising everything, so I was only 10 minutes.   One gripe, the bloke at the till, he and his mate decided to chat to the girl his mate was serving,   now that really annoys me!   Any customer service bod should take notice of the customer they're serving.  I always made sure I did.

Was frozen by time I got home,  very happy to be back in the warm.   Now we've got proper snow forecast for late tomorrow and Sunday, so I'd better make sure we've got food essentials in,  plus some wine! 

Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

And that was the Christmas party!

It wouldn't have been my choice,  we went to a chinese restaurant,  I do like chinese food, but at this time of year I think we bear the responsibility of stuffing as many Christmas dinners down us as we possibly can!   It was lovely to catch up with everyone,  but the place was nearly empty, so devoid of atmosphere,  and the service was slow....  very slow.   Food was okay, but nothing to write home about, it was an under par average,  we ordered the banquet and it frankly didn't live up to its billing.   But the company was good and we had a good laugh.  I ran out of steam at 10.30 and wimped out of the extra session in the pub, tho I really didn't fancy a hangover.  I'm sure there must have been a few sore heads today,  at least I had the luxury of being able to sleep in,  good job as I didn't get to sleep till about 4 a.m.  Just couldn't settle, dunno why,  I'd not had a lot to drink, and while the food was mediocre it was properly cooked.    Think the last few days of stress must have taken their toll.   Did get some nice pics with my new camera,  used the candlelight option, so no flash, but the pics are great!  

Not sure whether it made me feel better, to hear that a friend was also going thru a tough time,   it didn't...  you do wonder tho how some folk manage to get away with stuff...    a certain chap called Archer springs to mind!   I was watchind Deal or No Deal, and the contestant was a really upbeat bubbly lady,  one that you would think should deserve some financial happiness,   sadly it wasn't to be,  meanwhile the undeserving continue to be rewarded and those that are deserving are left to go on toiling. 

Unimpressed with QVC,  which has turned into the Kanban show,  I like Kanban, they are a good company, their stuff is first class but...    choice would be nice.   C&C were also getting on my pip,  flogging the same stuff,  okay we get the message: you bought way to much, now you need to get rid of it,  which is why folk are hanging on till prices are further reduced....   QVC is lacking choice and diversity in its crafts,   C&C are winning hands down as they have expanded and obviously done some customer research.   Craft is a big earner for QVC, time for them to rethink things... more slots, at the weekends, but with more presenters! 

Now off to enjoy a cuppa.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Seeing red

I had to attend a meeting this morning about my long absence from work.  They were telling me that I was now facing disciplinary action... er and how does that help my health?   The really idiotic part is that I am waiting for a final medical so that I can be medically retired!   Only a council could waste money on taking  unnecessary action against an employee.   It is they who have been dragging their feet over this,  the woman who is dealing with it only works 3 days a week, and is supposed to look after the HR side of things for the entire library service! 

I lost my rag,  really lost my temper and told her how stupid the whole thing was.  She rather pathetically attempted to defend it,  and realised she just couldn't.    I am not going to cooperate any more,  and she is going to start getting regular phone calls/e-mails from me badgering her to get on with my medical retirement.  If they pursue their daft course of discplinary action I will resign and then take them to a tribunal for constructive dismissal. 

This HR person didn't even have the decency to tell my boss what the meeting was all about, so it came as a big a surprise to her as it did to me.    This is adding insult to injury,  my accident was caused by the flaming council's sloppy work - block paving that is uneven and lethal. 

I did feel better for losing my temper,  I just don't care anymore,  I'm just so sick of mismanagement,  and people being allowed to keep their jobs after stuffing up big time,  in fact they cost the council thousands.  But this mug,  she stupidly did her job and did it well, owned up to any mistakes,  had a fall and now is the one facing disciplinary action,  well I never have in any other job, and I ain't going to in this one. 

Feel better now.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Things I hate about Christmas...

Yes there are some things I hate about this time of year... writing cards is one of them!   I do like getting them, but it just the thought of having to sit down and write out all those cards.  But I had put it off for far too long,  so knuckled down to it today...  30 cards later...    which I know is miniscule to some,   I had finished, till I checked address book and found I'd missed a few people.   Think I've got them all now. 

Then I could finally get crafting, I would have started earlier but mum wasn't too well,  so had to make sure she was okay, and also get a load of ironing done. 

She was feeling better by lunch time,  and had something to eat.  So I could get stuck into some crafting, well after the marathon card writing session.    I'm making two more Xmas exploding boxes, started on the blue one first,  well felt like a change from red and green,  then realised I  have no silver mirri card!    I've used it all...  it occurred to me yesterday that I would need more, but then I didn't bother to pick up a pack.  Darn it. Tho I frankly would prefer to buy a pack of QVC's mirri card,  lovely quality, but that will take too long, so will have to find a local craft shop - sure there is one close by,  must go have a look before I head off to Southport. 

But have got one layer done, and the other layers are cut and ready to be decorated,  just keeping it to snowmen, snowflakes and trees,   and it seems to be working well.    Got a huge pack of 12x12 coloured card,  every colour you can think of,   which will come in handy for the boxes. 

Hope you all had a good weekend.


Saturday, 12 December 2009

Saturday drivers....

Driving me bonkers!  I swear that there is a small army of weekend drivers and that they all come out at around 10 a.m., all crawl along, none really know where they are going,  they are likely to stop suddenly with no indication...    and as for those in car parks!  One guy I got stuck behind stopped at each darn bay, and spent a long time looking for any spaces, then moved on down to the next one!   As he crawled round to the last bit of the car park he just stopped dead...     As did the guy on the coast road, he was one car ahead of me,  we all were in the left lane and as he rounded the corner he went to stop,  the guy in front of me blasted his horn and the wally continued on. 

Was also annoyed at myself, decided to do some retail therapy,  and go to a craft shop, had this idea that on way back I could look out for decorated houses, the more OTT the better,  but guess which wally forgot her camera?  Doh....   So I missed a glorious sunset and some fab houses...  

But did get lots in craft shop,  at first I thought the Range was doing away with its craft stuff,  it wasn't were it usually is!  Luckily they'd just shifted it to a new spot, phew.  Ended up buying some Xmas stuff, for the two extra boxes I've decided to make,   there wasn't really much to choose from, they're obviously in the middle of changing the stock. So came home a happy, if cold bunny.... brrrrrr,  not that I am complaining, rather have this than all that persistent rain we kept on getting.     At least I can get out the winter clothes. 

Got lots of crafting planned for tomorrow, gonna do a snowman box and a christmas box.

And want Chris to win Strictly! 

Friday, 11 December 2009

That Friday feeling... not.

Was so looking forward to spending the day with my friend, but sadly she had to cancel,  due to a lack of money.  What bugs me is that she is married and he won't give her money to do stuff she wants..   like her car having no petrol,  does he give her some money, no,  he'd rather her be upset!  So she is having to earn some cash over the weekend, she does a part time job on and off... luckily she managed to swing some hours, so we should be able to meet up next week.    Her husband was the same over her weekend with me and another friend a while back, he refused to give her any money, I thought marriage was partnership?  He has a good job and doesn't mind treating himself.   Grrrr.

So no visit to Big Wheel :-(     And it was such a lovely day!  Cold, but we did have sunshine and blue sky, well till about 3.30, then it went very grey and misty.   So I went for a walk, and got a few more decorations...   I'm really tempted to start collecting those Christmas villages,  saw one today, it was gorgeous. 

Got my last Xmas box finished, tho think I should make one for mum, she is in need of a cheer up.    For the box I was going to attempt to make a acetate lid,  and thought it would look good decorated...   only the idea fell flat,  couldn't get the scoring right, just looked too messy.    Luckily I found some Merry Christmas mirri card,  all red and foiled with gold, so it looks sumptuous.  

Well best decide whether I am going to make mum a box,  if so I need more red and green card.   Decisions, decisions...   

Have a good weekend all....  don't go too mad on the Xmas shopping! 

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Oooer, its getting awfully close....

Tis the 10th December, that means 14 days to go!   Not that I am in a flap,  pressies have begun arriving, that is the results of my online gift buying spree the other night.  Just need one to arrive so I can get that off in the post,  sadly it still has a few hundred miles to go!

Will be getting remaining pressies tomorrow,  was in a dilemma as to what to buy mum, but realised today that she really does need a new dressing gown.  I've already got her a DVD that she'll enjoy, Joyce Grenfell,    got Jeff Dunham for BiL and bro,  still got to sort out niece... nephews are getting Itune cards,  tho am tempted to get one of them a nice jumper - hey he likes what I choose!  Well he has so far,  everything clotheswise seems to be worn,  in fact he always looks delighted when he realises it is clothing.   I think he detests going clothes shopping, well most men do.  Not his brother, who is quite a clothes horse,   he always likes to be trendy. 

Well went for the big clean today,  had to, flat was in a mess.   Managed to get it all done by 3pm,  by which time I now looked a mess.   No more plants have gone missing,   hope scum bag is nursing a hernia.   Checked the street and noticed that the wreaths which had been put on some doors had disappeared.    Sad that some people think they have a right to take what doesn't belong to them.  Do they ever think of the misery they cause?   They may think that we can easily replace things, but we can't.  No-one in my nieghbourhood is well off,  what we have we've had to save for.  Just makes my blood boil,  especially those thieves who treat Christmas as a bonus,  more to steal, not thinking about the heartache they cause. 

Off soap box, but a bit angry with work,  got a letter asking me to go to a meeting about my sickness absence... the letter was really nasty.   I am furious,  I have had my medical, occy doctor has found me unfit for my present work,  he said it should only take a couple of weeks to get everything finalised and I could get on with my life,  it is my department who are dragging their feet, now they appear to be threatening me with disciplinary action.   I was fuming, in fact I've written a letter which will get shoved up the nearest orifice of the HR rep on Monday.   And I let rip in the letter,  and I don't care any more.  I am just sick of managers thinking they can shove employees around and treat them like a blooming number or like an object.  I'm off work cos of the stupid council that employees me,  cos they allow shoddy work to be carried out and never bother to demand that it gets put right. 

Looking forward to tomorrow, meeting up with a friend and we are braving the Big Wheel,  might need a glass of wine before hand!   We should have a lovely day, forecast is for sunshine, it will be cold, but far better than getting wet and blown about. 

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

That's the decorations done!

Had a rush of blood to the head and decided to put up the Xmas decorations.   There isn't much to put up,  just the tree and other bits and bobs,  but it still took me 2 hours, by which time my knee was complaining loudly.    Was thinking about putting the wreath on the front door, but couldn't find anything to hang it on..   and no blu tack, so some stuff has yet to be arranged on the walls.

 This morning I had a flash of inspiration to solve problem of putting wreat on door, didn't want to go banging nails into it,  I had one of those fancy stick on hooks, that are supposed to just pull off easily...   Was going to do this when I realised that someone had stolen on of the plants outside,  not the tub, just the plant!  I think they may have tried to take the tub, but with the soil being so wet it weighs a ton... but even so,  pinching someone's plant?     So that put me off putting the wreath on the door, that would also probably be stolen.   I am disgusted,  the garden takes a lot of work, but we enjoy it.   They're just scum bags, and the plant will die, wrong time of year to be replanting it. 

So with the decs up, also chose to go get christmas grub,  had loads of vouchers, and £50 on the saver card,  so it was fill the trolley and to hell with the cost!   Mum came,  we got her one of those motorised scooters,  she was doing okay till she got to the nuts in the fruit and veg section, then she somehow managed to knock it all down... I disowned her!   Two young chaps went to her rescue,  and picked up all the nuts...   we managed to make it safely round after that, well she came close to knocking me down.    And after all that I managed to forget the blu tack!    But the Xmas feast is sorted,  I only had to find where to put it all...     I finally got to sit down around 3.45 pm, not for long as I had to get the roast dinner ready. 

Now all that is left to do is finish my pressie shopping,  did a bit online, and they're now on their way.    Must get some fancy gift wrap and some bows. 

Now enjoying a very decent red....   think I've earned it.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Weekend musings

So nice to have a chill out day,  a good  'do nothing' type of day  yesterday. Had a good loll in the morning,   then had brunch, a sausage butty :-))  And then did some crafting,  wanted to make a Christmas box for my friend's mum as she is so nice.

Managed to find the last of my green and red card (memo to self: get more red and green card), and found some lovely embossed mirri card with foiling on.   Used my new set of Xmas stamps, that finally turned up...   but managed to lose the lovely wooden Angels i bought the other week!   They'll probably turn up after Christmas, was going to put the rest on the tree,  guess they didn't want to go on the tree.  But did get most of the box made,  tried that new way of heat embossing, where you heat it from behind the card,  it worked on two bits of mirri, but the mirri was a bit flimsy, so two bits 'blew',  so reverted to usual way.   It does work fine on good card, I just got some cheapish mirri, which is fine for matting and layering.

Then today I got rid of old vacuum,  looked round the other garden centre, just to see their 'winter wonderland',  not bad, managed to get a window decoration, a jolly snowman!   Then finally made the effort to go get my wedding outfit,  got a suit from M&S,  did not want to spend a lot, and didn't want to buy something that would just get worn once, the suit will do for loads of things, plus the jacket is long, so I can wear it with other trousers,  and the trousers are a lovely fit.  Also picked up some gorgeous glass Angels.

Today I put finishing touches to my xmas exploding box,  and will pop one of the Angels inside.  Must take photos as i am rather chuffed with it.

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Blue sky followed by...

Grey clouds and rain.... lots of it!  Must buy shares in umbrellas and wellies.   One can have too much of a good thing, and I think we've all had enough of this wet stuff. 

At least I got a mini lie in,   hair also needed sorting out,  not sure I suit the 'just out of bed' look...  seems to stick out in all directions. 

Beginning to think that our new superstore should have drafted in a few experienced staff to help out all the newbies,  I do feel sorry for them, they are having to think on their feet all the time.   Today's hiccup was the card machine,  the checkout lady wasn't pressing the right button,  we kept on trying, in the end she did ask for help,  but I did wonder why she didn't ask the other assistant who wasn't serving anyone.  Anyway we got it sorted.   No-one is getting annoyed, think most folk are taking the mistakes in their stride, but really the managers should have done some better support from experienced staff.

The pic is of my 'almost' disaster card,  the one I almost lost to an avalanche of glitter glue,  geddit,  'avalanche'?  Oh please yourselves  :-)     But once over the shock of seeing this huge blob of glitter glue landing on card,  I quickly set to with a brush and smoothed it all out,  not what I intended at all, but it seemed to work,  was worried that card would be soaked  with the glue, but it was okay.   We had a purple theme going on our group for this years Xmas cards, so I ripped and tore some of the paper i had been given, then used some die cut Xmas trees,   the darker ones are made of purple mirri board,  doesn't show up on scan.  Then I just put on some stick on gems, and finished off  with a sentiment...   

Not had a bad day,  had lunch out,   mooched around a very glittery garden centre,  enjoyed a mince pie... I'll soon be sick of them.  Then home,  slowly the Christmas decs are appearing in houses,   nice to see all the houses decorated, do love it when folk go bonkers - tho wouldn't like their electricity bill. 

Also sorted one Christmas present,  just got another ten to find...   Amazon methinks! 

Friday, 4 December 2009


Not that POETS day has much relevance to me anymore,   if you don't know what it stands for it is (polite version) Push of Early Tomorrow's Saturday... 

Have made arrangements with a friend to tackle the Big Wheel,  82 metres in height...  what am I - nuts!    Nope,  it should be good, want to get lots of photos,  and of the penguins,  haven't told my friend that my home town has been invaded by strange looking penguins. LOL. 

It was another early start today,  at least this one had a result, in that we were at hospital on right day at right time.  Was cursing weather lot, boy did they get it wrong!   They forecast a dry morning,  oh no it wasn't...   it was grey, cold and wet,  very wet.  Will someone up there turn off the tap please, we've had enough, or at least make it the white stuff as that looks pretty.    

Of course we were at hospital early,  but did get parking spot,  and then time dragged on and on.... got fed up, seemed to be no reason as to why we were waiting so long.  So went to investigate,  at first nurse tried telling me that my mum was in with the doctor,  er she wasn't, she was still in the waiting area, next she tried telling me that the team had just come down from ward rounds...  no they hadn't, I'd seen them as we sat down in waiting room!   I hate it that hospitals think you have nowhere else to be or go.... they assume you'll just put up with waiting.    Be nice if they would just tell everyone what is going on, and if there is any delay and why. 

Mum was having a moan about me wanting to go so early,  but I was vindicated when we spotted the usual snarl up at a well known snarl up junction,   I know that it often gets jammed, so had prepared to take another route.   

At least tomorrow I can have a mini lay in,  not much of a one as I have to get to supermarket for essentials, like milk... and wine.   Must also think about some Christmas shopping,  would be nice to do it in some dry weather... big hint to those above!   Also need to buy an outfit...  ooooh I hate shopping for clothes. 

Have a good weekend all, and try to stay dry.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Oh... darn it!

I am not a morning person,   mornings are something to be endured... I sort of wake up around noon, until then I function on autopilot.   And then, after months of not having to get up for anything...  suddenly I have to get up really early to take mum for her appointment at hospital. 

Luckily I did have a good nights sleep,   and my alarm woke me up in its usual gentle fashion,  it starts off beeping very quietly and then gets louder.   So up and at 'em,  well up....    get breakfast,  stare at TV,  listen to howling gale outside,  it is freezing and chucking it down.    Parking at hospital is horrendous, so we have to get there early,  and take into account rush hour traffic.  So we are in car just after 8 a.m.,   and believing that one set of traffic lights is out...  it wasn't!   Phew,  got to hospital in good time,   even got parking space... last one in disabled section.    Into department,  and... give in details: we are 24 hours early.   Feel some murderous tendencies,  but what is the point...  ?   Mum is profuse in her apology,  so off we go to retail park, being the first to arrive, well almost,   and she is guilty enough to buy me a jumper...   mind you she did also get 25 handmade cards from me,  so think it was a fair exchange.    So I get to do it all over again tomorrow...   joy....   NOT!

Of course knee was not happy to be disturbed into action so early,  think it was also still complaining about yesterday's walk,  either way it was very sore.    In all the rush to get to hospital forget to take anything out of freezer for dinner,  so we had an M&S ready meal,  which was delicious. 

Pic:  is of second card for nephew, second lot of my cheap toppers, cheap only in price, quality is excellent.  May go back and grab some for next year.   I used some glittery blue card, plus silver mirri card, and then just arranged all the toppers.   Did find some felt snowflakes from a kit from last years stash.   I do notice how the Christmas stash tends to grow year on year...  seem to forget to look what I've got, so go out and get tempted to buy new stuff.   Still using peel offs from a couple of years ago. 

Well must hit shower,  ease some aching bones...   and hope for better weather tomorrow - please!   Anything but rain!!!!!!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My bargain of the week!

Decided that cos is was dry and not too cold or windy, to have a walk to high street.  Needed Xmas stamps,  and some other bits and bobs.  Also on my mind was how to make two cards for my great nephew, one from me and one from mum,  hadn't seen anything suitable anywhere. 

So toddled into Home and Bargain, and voila!   Two sets of toppers...   pic of one lot (or some of it) is on right,   for 75p a pack!   I grabbed both,   they're both well made, as you can see,  all  I needed to do was provide the card and some paper, a sentiment and a peel off...    Was very happy with result.     Never expected to find anything like that,  I have used gift tags as toppers,  WH Smiths did some great shaker toppers last year, which were really gift tags,  I just adapted them.    Got my stamps, almost fell over when asked for money..... over 15 quid!   I'd had to buy some large stamps,  which I think is a rip off,   they're not really large,  they'd fit thru any letterbox, but you just need to get one extra fussy postie....    So rather be feel sure that they will get to their destination without any nasty shocks for the recipient. 

Felt okay on the walk to the high street,   times like that I think I am capable of going back to my old job,  however it was a different story on way back, knee stiffened up and was very sore.  By time I got home I was in a lot of pain.   I'd got back home, had settled into a chair to ease the aches and pains when mum called me to retune her freeview box!  Normally she never watches TV in her bedroom,  even in spite of her deciding that she absolutely needed a TV in her bedroom...   so I had to haul myself up and go do that,  told her to just let it do its thing, and press okay when it had finished.   Went back to ease sore knee,   was sat down for less than five minutes and heard her shout again...   Not sure what she had done, but she'd done something wrong.  Took me a few minutes to sort it. 

Also had to retune two other TV's,  who said this digital lark was hassle free!   It ain't, it is a pain in the butt.   Last night I woke up,  couldn't get back to sleep so decided to watch a bit of BBC news 24,   but our reciever had been switched off for the upgrade...  so no TV.   We've been thru the retune 3 times now.

And an early start tomorrow... ugh.  

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Two dry days... well almost

Yay, two dry starts to the day.  Car was all frosty, was thinking I'd have to scrape all the frost and ice, but thankfully it was all gone by time I got going. 

Yep, off to new superstore, if nowt else it is a riot,  just because the staff are so new and nervous,   had to help calm down my checkout assistant.  She was doing very well, then the customer in front presented her with a money off voucher, after she'd totalled up...   not sure she knew that she could void the transaction and start again, but to her credit she did point him in direction of customer service.   Fast thinking, but it had shaken her a bit,  turned out that this was her first job in quite a few years.   Her husband had died after a long illness, but she was thrilled to be in work,    I just told her that we've all been new to the job, to take a few deep breaths,  and just watch her computer screen, oh and not to be afraid to ask for help.   I've had to train people, and so often they are afraid to ask for help, or admit they've stuffed up, I always tried to reassure them that I'd rather have them holler for help than to make a mistake,  or if they had then not to worry as it can always be rectified,  if they own up at the time. 

So was looking forward to a spot of Bibster and cardmaking.... wrong!  Wasn't on, they'd put it on later.... why can't they leave it alone, or move it to an evening slot, or even better have more crafting slots!  C&C are running rings round them right now.   So it was down to just cardmaking,  last of my group cards,  just two to come up with!   Decided to use my stencils and the paste,   was going to use the snow white paste but... it was rock hard, it had set solid!   I'd stored it carefully,  lid was screwed on tight, but nope, it was solid.  So had to use the translucent,  which was fine, as was the other dreamweaver pastes,  checked them all just in case.   So used that and some glitter, for my little winter scene,  botched the stamping of Merry Christmas,  thinking quickly found a strip of white pearlescent card,  stuck that over mistake and went for a die cut sentiment...  phew, another card rescued!      Made last one,  but will feature that tomorrow.

And sorry Cazzy,  no to the car washing....    one is quite enough for me, it took me two hours.  LOL. Yep, another gadget, and quite a nice gadget, only thing that stops me from buying it is that it doesn't cut letters.  Off the hook,   but for the gadget addicted it probably is one to get...   it is reasonably priced,  is non electric,  and the add ons are very reasonably priced.