Monday, 30 April 2012

Monday moaning...

Grrrrrrrr...   bear with a sore head is how I felt this morning.  I seemed to be glued to my bed,   the sun was shining but I still didn't want to get up!   I did because I had to, but I wasn't in a good mood.    I think the caring stuff is catching up with me.  It isn't just about caring for someone, you have to think for them as well, but at the same time you are negotiating a minefield,  they still like to think that they are independent,  and able to do things...   So you have to accept blame when you are not at fault,   absorb their tirades and tantrums,  then swallow hard when they behave so sweetly with others. 
Once I was washed and dressed I headed out for a walk,  I was sure that it would be better for me to get out of the flat than do the ruddy housework.  Sure enough being outside proved to be the right thing,  with a blue sky and the sun shining everyone was in a good mood, so smiles and pleasantries were exchanged,  and so slowly I felt my mood lifting.    I wanted to return home and do some crafting but that wasn't possible it was back to building a website!   But that is now done... phew.   Tomorrow I have a lunch date in Chester with a friend,  need to get through the rubbish of the morning, shopping, changing dressings... 

Posted a pic of a tag I made on Sunday, this was using the chipboard tag,  quite a substantial beasty.  Yep, more embossing!   I'm going embossing mad.   Found the flowers after a rummage in the stash,  butterflies are Anita's,   I've since decorated the reverse side.  Well it seemed like a good idea at the time!    Think it may need taming.  I like the buckles, and like the dragon flies,   yes, bit of a rethink needed.

A case of the wrong colours.  No idea why I thought it was okay on Sunday...    hey ho.  I'll put it down to getting the juices going,  cos after this I did do some good crafting.  

Was supposed to be trying some quilling,  I love the effect and what can be made from quilling, I just lack the patience. Same with parchment work,  just not my thing.   I am not sure I have the desire to do other stuff at the moment,   just want to do what takes my fancy.   Everything else is a huge effort.

Hope to be crafting on Wednesday. 

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Oh the embossibilities!

I'm having a delicious time with my new gizmo. With the weather only fit for the bravest of ducks there was only one thing to do - craft! 

I found some of the white tags I'd cut,  so decided to emboss one of them.  I used the Sizzix folder that came with the machine,  has dots one end and swirls the other.  The other folder is a small flower in a frame, it looked so cute,  I used some of the teal card, and then couldn't resist seeing what it would look like in gold - wow!   I debossed the gold one,  it just needed a trim round the edges. The gold flower has been safely stored for future use.   So now I had the base, one decoration, what next?

I decided to experiment with a stamp,  and see what it would look like on the embossing.  I quite liked the effect.   The stamp is a TH stamp,  used a TH distress pad, and also coloured the swirly part of the tag.  Now what?  It seemed to need a bit more stuff.  I experimented with a few things,  flowers, die cuts of birds... nothing was floating my boat.   So I had a cup of tea and watched a bit of CnC, I noticed that they had Indigo Blu on whose stamps I love. So I took a look at what was on offer and only one set of stamps?  They were having a laugh? 
I had a rummage around my stash, found the pretty purple ric rac ribbon,  and some nice buttons,  plus the pearl stones,  another QVC buy.   Still lacking something!   More rummaging,   amazing what you find isn't it?  Stuff that you wanted a few weeks ago usually turns up,  I found more of my lovely silver butterflies, and some wedding stuff,  which I was looking for the other day!  Typical.  Now should I use the butterfly?   Decisions, decisions..

Nope, went with two flowers placed on top of the flower in a frame,  stuck down the ric rac on one side, found a nice round sentiment,  freebie from some magazine.  put the eyelet around the hole, bit of ribbon and a tag was born! 

I also put some more card on the reverse side, not decorated,  it just needed a bit more weight as the white card was a bit flimsy.  I also embossed that, of course - very little will escape the attention of my embossing machine! 

Yup, happy with that.  Also had a sort out of working stash,  that is the stuff that I am working with,  there is a lot of stuff that can be stored in my stash archive as I'm not using it.   Also cleared out silly bits of card, that you intend to use at some point but never do.   Living in a flat means space is at a premium,  so I do have to be careful about what I keep in the way of stash leftovers.    I also pass on stuff to a friend who runs art workshops.   

Yep a good day.   It has now finally stopped raining,  I know we haven't been as badly hit as some parts of the country.   No more crafting now till Wednesday,  back to doing web stuff tomorrow, plus that thing called housework, and my course work, Tuesday I'm out to lunch,  meeting a friend in Chester,  so hoping for a half decent day.  

Hope you have all had an enjoyable weekend and that it hasn't been too soggy.  Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

A spot of shopping

It was off to the craft fair this morning.  Arrived at 10.15 and already they were queuing to get in,  once inside it was jam packed.  I was on a mission, to find an embossing machine or a cuttlebug.  Well after my first sweep alls I saw was the grand calibur and the Big Shot, niether of which I wanted or could afford.   Then I spotted a familiar machine... I'd seen it either on CnC or QVC.  It was set up for a demo on the Crafter's companion stall,  but would it take all the folders?    The answer was yes,  even better they had an offer on the machine, for another £6 they'd put in all six A5 card packs!

 So mission accomplished, but it seemed rude not to visit the pound stall and look for some nice folders!

And as you can see I was successful.  I got lots at the pound stall,  some stamps,  small embossing folders,  two sets of chipboard tags,  5 packs of gemstones,  DST and butterfly toppers.   The machine was the real star buy.  I also found some nice embossing folders,  3 for £11,  tho the chap tried to charge me full price so I had to remind him of his own offer.  I also spotted some lovely Indigo Blu stamps but was surprised to see them far dearer than my own local craft shop.   The idea of the craft fair is to get stuff a little cheaper,  not pay more.  I did see some other cheeky prices.   It was just too packed to stay for long.   So I headed home with my new toys.

And here is what I created, well the first tag of the afternoon.   Now armed with the Texture Boutique, posh name eh?  I got cracking,  I used the barbed wire folder,  sadly I couldn't line up the folder to complete the strip, so was a bit inventive and used a small folder for the end bit!  I took one of the butterfly toppers and used some glossy accents on it,  chose two small flowers and a sentiment, which I stamp onto a separate card. I rounded off the corners on the tag using a corner punch.  I wanted to use these lovely assorted gems on the flowers, one of my pound stall bargains!     I got two packs, but now wish I'd got more.  Hindsight?   Though it was difficult to get anywhere near the stall,  and I couldn't face the thought of going back.  It seems to me that a lot of people leave their manners at home when they are at craft fairs, some are just downright rude.

This is the finished tag.   I'm very pleased with how it turned out.   The embossing makes all the difference.   And the card is so lovely to work with,  you can also sand it to give a distressed effect.     I had to trim round the butterfly as it had a white border,  the glossy accents aren't showing up on the photo.  I wanted a thin layer so used a brush.  Well no-one has ever told me that you can't brush on glossy accents,  it also ensures an even layer.

My crafting didn't end there,  made two more tags,  but I'll post pics of them tomorrow.   A very good day!    And the new gizmo works a treat,  nice clear instructions for how to make the 'sandwich',  plus a nice and very useful booklet on tips and hints. It is also so dinky.   It wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but as someone has just said to me if you already have an electronic die cutting machine then you don't need a cuttlebug,  just something that embosses.   This is half the price of the cuttle bug,  well slightly less than half,  so it is affordable.   Not all of us crafters have fat bank accounts.  

I'll be playing again tomorrow! 

Thursday, 26 April 2012

At last some crafting!

It is over a week since I did any crafting,  no wonder I was grumpy.  Though we also had an early start,  mum had to go to the dentist to see if anything needed to be done on her broken tooth.  A waste of time really,  she hasn't had any pain,  there is no infection so we were there all of ten minutes!  
I had to get the shopping out of the way before I could devote any time to crafting.   I also debated whether to pop along to the first day of the craft fair at Aintree,  but decided against it.  Thought I might pick up a few bargains on Saturday, the last day.   Then I mulled over whether to get a cuttlebug,  they were promoting it on CnC,  with the usual flexi pay,  which does help.  My local craft shop is not cheeky with their prices, in fact they are cheaper than CnC on most things.

I want the cuttlebug for the embossing option,  feels like I am missing out when it comes to the tags and cards these days as everyone is going embossing mad.   I didn't care for any of the folders they were selling on CnC,  I think the all over designs are better value for money.

I've had lovely comments about the candles.  They are easy to do,  I used some clear A4 acetate adhesive sheets,  I printed the design on to the acetate and then stuck them to the candles.  They could be removed before burning, or left in situ.   I did experiment with some waterslide decals,  which also worked but which were very fiddly,  plus you had to apply some varnish to them.  I did the printing in Desk Top Publishing, it was easier to use that than Word for resizing.  I got two big patterns per sheet, and 6 of the small patterns, so it was also economical.  You can print anything onto the acetate, so it would also be perfect for Christenings, First Communion.

So what did I craft today?   A tag - what else?   I stamped the background using a freebie stamp from a magazine,  can't remember which but it was last year.  Then used some cut and dry to edge the tag,  decided to switch to cut and dry rather than use the blenders, which frankly are a pain to use.  I got a much more even result with the cut and dry.    I also made use of a doilly,  had a pack lurking in my stash for ages, never really known what to do with them. So coloured it and chopped it in half.   Made a smaller tag using the Slice machine,  and put the sentiment on it,  then added a few flowers, some ribbon, border and 2 butterflies.  The time flew by,  and suddenly I had to get the casserole in the oven!  So that was the end of the crafting.  I'd cut 3 tags, so got two more to make.   I'll see what goodies I can find at the craft fair, I had a look at my bank account and it is healthy, so I am able to have a treat.   The tags will be donated to a charity that a friend supports, someone is already making cards,  so I like to do the unusual stuff.

And finally... another wedding pic, bride and bridesmaids.  What was so nice is that none of them felt it necessary to have a fake spray tan!   They were all so pretty,  with flawless skin,  no need to be tangoed!   Burnt mahogany in a white/cream wedding dress is not a good look!   I think I really should have taken a photo of my niece the following day, in her usual state of no make up, hair down and in casual dress.  To be fair she has to dress smartly for work.   This photo was taken at the back of the hotel on the small terrace, it overlooked Cardiff Bay,  and as you can see the sun made a welcome appearance.   Wish it would return,  today has been wet and miserable,  just like yesterday.   Can't believe that it will be May next week!   Time to start thinking about the garden and putting in some new plants.   Everything is springing back to life,  the clematis is looking wonderful, really coming on nicely, and the roses are going bonkers as usual. 

Friday is my day for being a therapist,  it will be nice to get back to my clients.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Almost back to normal

I'm finally recovered from the weekend - but still not sure how two people managed to come back with so much washing!?   Thought I'd post a few more pics from the wedding, my goddaughter will most likely kill me for doing so.  Just wish I had got a photo of the dress in all its glory - this is the back view,  she wore a bolero jacket during the ceremony,  which set off the dress perfectly. 

It seems to have been a long week.   I've volunteered to take charge of a friend's website, well she is not a techhead, and nor is she interested in becoming one, but her business does need a website, and one that is up to date.  I'm also sorting out her online shop, so not much crafting going on here at all.  I hope to get some done tomorrow.  Once I've sorted out the shop things will quieten down, it is just all the faffing of putting on products and descriptions.  I'm almost there with it. 

Here are the candles for the wedding whot I made.  The idea had been that they'd go on the tables,  but there wasn't much room for them, so we arranged them round the windows.  I'd got some rose petals from Hobbycraft,  my sister got some as well, but I got the silk ones and she got the paper ones, so I had to mix them all up.  The intention was that people could take the candles with them as they had the date and names of the happy couple.    Quite a few had been taken,  felt relieved that they had as my niece had bought all the candles.

The lady who made the cake had paid me a wonderful compliment, she had tried to follow my design on the invitations for the cake, but the rose picture I'd used was just too contemporary.  She did a fantastic job,  not that she would believe any of us.   The cake was beautiful, and she is, in her words: An Amatuer.   I told her she should take it up professionally. 

The photographer made up this arrangement round the cake,  no idea what his picture looks like, guess I'll find out soon. 

I did feel frustrated taking photos, with not being able to kneel down, or even bend down properly.   I decided to get rid of my good camera for that reason,  just sticking with the Lumix, which is fab,  but the other would have been just the job for the wedding.  But I just wasn't able to move round quick enough to get the pics I wanted to.    I just waited for the official photographer to pose the couple, then sneaked in behind him! 

I think I'd like to start this week again,  it seems to have flown by and I've not got much to show for it.   I popped up to the craft shop to get more Umount,  found they'd had a delivery of lots of lovely new stuff,  but it is also the craft fair this weekend at Aintree.    I will have to go,  no I do need to stock up on the basics, card stock, glues,  that is what I use the fair for - get the basics.  And take a look at the new stuff.   Not got much of a budget anyway.

Here's hoping I get some crafting done tomorrow!   Need to make use of the rest of my new stamps. 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

4 showers and a wedding!

Well the photo is a big clue as to where I've been this weekend.  It was my god-daughter/niece's wedding, at last the big day had arrived!   I have to thank the photographer for deciding to use my candles along with the bouquets and cake to make a very fetching display! 

Well the adventure began on Friday,  mum inquired about what time I wished to leave for Cardiff, I said between 11 and 12...  so we left AFTER 12!   I knew it would take 4 hours, but that was with no hold ups,  and the one thing you cannot take for granted is that the M6 will have no problems.   We were lucky on the M6,  the traffic at least was moving but it was heavy. I chose to take the toll road, which is quicker, but does put a few more miles on the journey.   But it just felt like the journey was going on forever,  we had sunshine and showers all the way down,  the spray was horrendous.  I'd like to thank all the stupid idiots who NEVER remember to put their lights on!  We had a couple of stops as well,  the second one I really did need as my knee, back and neck were aching like mad.   And as we reached Cardiff we managed to hit the so called and truly misnamed - Rush Hour!  We crawled along at 20 mph for ages,  finally we got into Cardiff, I swear someone kept moving it further back!   But by then my brain was mush, plus mum was map reading,  she was already convinced we were lost/on wrong road...   I came off motorway one exit too soon,  saw the stadium and so parked up there and rang my niece, she sent her dad to rescue me.  We weren't that far away thank goodness, I was relieved to see the hotel, and even more relieved that there was no booking in to be done, as it was all part of the wedding package.    So I left mum with my sister, and I went with my niece for a WELL earned glass of red in her room, were I had a sneak preview of THE dress,  it was just beautiful, classic lines,  none of my photos have done it justice.  I welled up then,   as my niece is tall and slim,  so I knew she was going to look fantastic.   In fact judge for yourselves.

I caught the look on the face of her husband to be as she walked in the room,  his jaw dropped. 

Before all that we had a family dinner,  I felt sorry for the hotel staff putting up with our assorted lot!    The meal was lovely, very relaxed, possibly due to the copious amounts of wine that was flowing very freely!   The staff were so attentive,  in fact I can't praise them highly enough.   I will be writing a letter of thanks to them because they catered to our every whim, and a stressed bride, plus stressed bride's mum and dad!    I couldn't believe that the next day most of the staff that had served us late into the night were back on duty so early for breakfast duty.  Mum and I chose to have breakfast in our room, easier for mum,  the service was first class, when I asked if I could have more milk and tea bags they were brought to me straightaway.   The actual wedding day was long,  it wasn't taking place till 2.30,  but there was much to do before that, decorating tables etc.  Again the staff did all that was asked of them,  and then some,  I am glad to say that all us guests reciprocated by treating the staff with respect. 

My god-daughter is very special to me,   I've helped take care of her since she was born.  So it was lump in the throat time, a big lump actually!   Even her two brothers were brought to tears when they saw their sister,  who has looked after them both and guided them.

I've now got lots of photos to scrap, and more to come.   This is one project that will be a true labour of love.   A tiring and exhausting weekend, but worth every minute.

The footnote - the drive back was a breeze!    I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Here we go again

I really wasn't happy with the last tag, so took on board Julia's suggestion,  basically dump the bird on a branch.   There was too much going on,  and it didn't flow as it should have. 

So here is the prep for tag 4,  using the mask,  and a make up sponge to apply the ink, a lot of gentle dabbing!   I used the other side of the mask this time,   there is more foliage.  Used a TH (Tim Holtz) distress pad,  a very light green, and just built up the colour slowly.   What isn't in view is my 'blot' card,  I dabbed the sponge on the ink pad then blotted it before dabbing onto the mask,  far easier to control things that way, and it allows for an even spread of colour.
I cut the birds out, using the Slice,  the birds went from 1 inch to 2 inches,  just the right size I felt for the tag.   Of course some embossing folders and a cuttlebug would be nice,  that is still on my wish list,  wouldn't both I don't think with too many dies for it, just the embossing side of things.

Then I used some cream card to stamp the sentiment, which is from the Wild Frame Set of stamps from Clarity.   It is an intriguing verse,  and the original poem is beautiful.   No idea who finds these sentiments for Barbara Gray,  but they deserve a reward for finding some truly beautiful poetry.

And here it is, a revamped tag 4!  Much better, less cluttered, the mask can be seen,  it would have worked well also if I'd embossed it onto the card.   Also put the birds in a different order,  biggest at front,  supposed to give perspective!  Yep, much happier with this effort.  Did also make another tag, but more of that another time.

Got all the prep done for the big trip tomorrow, made my list. Worked out route,  well the last bit which is finding the hotel in Cardiff.  My niece has said if it all goes pearshaped I should park up in Morrisons and she'll come rescue me! 

The car is full of petrol,  was wondering if people would start panic buying again,  got fed up of the media tryng to do their utmost to scaremonger.  There is no strike,  the talks are back on,  so can the media behave responsibly?    My camera is charged,  memory card has been cleared.  Phone is charged and topped up,  Ipod has soothing music on it and my meditation stuff.  I've sorted out which clothes to take,  aside from the wedding outfit,  going for the smart casual look.    Will need something smartish for tomorrow evening as we are all having a meal at the hotel.  A curry house would suit me.    Checked candles, they are good to go.   Sister rang asking about rose petals...  so we'll be scattering rose petals over the tables, round the candles,  luckily there is a Hobbycraft in Cardiff, so she was able to get some there,  we've gone for red and cream. 

I finally managed to get some dye on my hair, went for a subtle hot pink...  NOT.  The box said medium champagne blonde,  whatever that is,  anyway it has taken away the grey bits.   I would love to have nice grey hair, but I haven't been fortunate,  in fact I look bloody awful with the grey stuff.   Hairdresser advised me to stick to the medium blondes.    I even managed to eat both lunch and dinner with the new denture in place!   We had gammon with the proverbial pineapple,  last time I did poached eggs with it,  which was far nicer.   Mum tried on her dress,  still don't like it, or the colour,   it is a very dark green,  not all over,  but the colour isn't doing a lot for her.  But I said it was lovely,  and once we'd dressed it up with some pearls and a nice cardi it didn't look too bad.

I am a bit miffed, cos in 2008 I missed the spider,  the one that came to Liverpool for a few days, that was the weekend I chose to break my knee.  This weekend the same puppet company are bringing the Giant to our streets, a huge doll which will walk round Liverpool looking for her Uncle,  she has a letter to give to her father who is on the Titanic.  It is going to be fantastic,  and where am I going to be - Cardiff!   :-(((      A fantastic scrapping opportunity will be missed!   Though I will have my niece's wedding to scrap, whether she likes it or not. 

Have a lovely weekend all....  catch up with you on Sunday.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Domestic devil...

As opposed to the Goddess,  housework is a necessary evil.  I am sure Dust was invented by man!   There is no purpose to dust,  so why do we have it?   My late aunt maintained that after the first two layers you never noticed it.    She eventually applied the same criteria to her garden, which came to resemble a jungle, the local kids loved it, it was rumoured several had to be rescued from it!  

Before the dreaded housework was the final dental appointment, just to have the denture altered,  just needed on bit to be smoothed... then it was bliss.    I had intended to be healthy and walk to dentist,  but just as I left the house it bucketed it down, so took car.   So justified taking it by carrying on to high street to do some shopping, get prescription and EAR PLUGS,  have to share room with mum in hotel and she snores...   

So after all the housework it was time for some crafting,  more tags?   Should I start the AB book?   Oh decisions...   took a look at the AB instructions, and have decided while I will make one,  I'll do my own thing.   But will start that next week.  So it was the tags.  I wanted to use my Slice machine,  a mini electronic die cutter, for those not familiar with it.    So having formed a vague plan, very vague,  I set to it.  I wanted to use the TH mask,  I like this one but so far haven't managed to use it.  I kept in mind all that Barbara Gray has said about adding colour, less is more...  

So I got to this stage.  Also went back over tag with the blending tool.  I used the Slice to cut out the birds, and the frame, using the Findings Card.   It was sort of coming together.  Yes red birds...   red ink pad to.  Not sure why I wanted red birds, in fact I didn't, but had no brown card, but do have the brown ink pad!   

Was it coming together, hard to tell?   It may take a bit of persuasion but this was all going to end up on the tag!  

Could hear mother muttering loudly about the ironing.  You would think I forced her to do it,  she insists on doing it as it is one of the few tasks she can do.  I am quite happy to iron my own stuff.  Sadly mum does not approve of my 'iron when needed' policy.  Back to tag... did it work... 

Dunno, you tell me?  Here is the finished work,  now all coloured, with red/brown birds,  mask now completely hidden, oh well the thought was there.   Nope not that happy with it.   Maybe I should stick to stamping?   Oh well a new day tomorrow,  oh have packing to do, must make list of what I need to take. 

Just had call from sister,  she was checking on whether I'd finished all the candles,  had them done ooooh ten days ago!  My Goddaughter is now in panic mode and driving everyone nuts.   Mum is driving me nuts, she has now decided that she doesn't really like the dress she bought for the wedding - not surprised, she took all of five minutes choosing it.  I'm not that sure about it either,  it is the wrong colour,  I guess I should have gone with her, but trusted my sister would help her make the right choice.   Right, camera is charged and ready to go...  make list...  and wonder why life has no fast forward button!  

But must make amends for this truly awful tag!   Idea was good...  it went wrong somewhere! 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Love it - NOT!   My car had a few problems last week,  at some point the mechanics had to disconnect the battery...   which caused the radio to lock!     Now most tecchie things have a default of 0000,   NOT with Nissan, oh no, my radio had a code, did I know what it was?  Nope, car was second hand!  So after 3 attempts I got locked out of radio,  looked at manual (yes probably should have done that first) now I had to wait one hour,  with the radio ON!   What?   How are you supposed to do that without running the battery down?  How bloody dumb.   I know what you are thinking, why not just disconnect the battery, ah but there is a danger then that the electronic key may not work!  Shazzbats, as my friend likes to say.   So went for a ponder by sea,  leaving radio on for about 25 minutes, then went for a 30 minute drive round... finally I could enter the right code.    Hadn't realised how much I had missed my singalongs to Smooth radio,  all the golden oldies.  And very good for when you are trying to learn how to talk with a denture.... how do folk cope with braces?   The denture I've got has 3 teeth on it, no four, one on the other side,  and it is most peculiar.  I think partly cos it has replaced teeth I lost a while ago,  like my wisdom teeth, so my poor mouth is trying to get used to having a full set of teeth. 

So after my tootle round the district, well I made it to Southport, it was  home to a well earned cuppa.  A bit of a wasted day really, I was supposed to be setting up an online shop for a friend, but she had a few treatments do to,  so we had to cancel.  So absolutely no crafting!   In fact all I achieved was the supermarket shop and some housework, oh and the obligatory laundry!  Having to second guess mum for what she will need for this weekend,  this business of having to think for two while trying not to tread on her toes is very tiring.   

I have put a pic of the 3rd tag I made on Sunday.   This did get a bit crazy!   Cogs, flowers,  toppers,  ric rac ribbon....  all nuts.   But I liked the end result.    I also love the sentiment.   I am thinking of having a go at the AB stuff,  can't face the thought of defacing a proper book,  must be the book lover in me!   But I have got a handmade book,  and I've never been sure what to do with it,  it has handmade paper in it as well, it is such a lovely book that it needs a purpose. 

I have to say that I do visit all the blogs on my blog list,  I may not always leave a comment, but I love reading about what you've been up to and am awestruck by the fantastic pieces of work that you all produce. 

Have a lovely evening

Monday, 16 April 2012

Shopping Hell

I had to do proper shopping today,   I know most women love nothing more than to go shopping for clothes, but I am NOT one of them.  I can never find what I want or like.  But needed clothes for wedding,  and since I can't afford to go get something special, as in it will never see the light of day again,  I had to find something suitable for wedding and rest of my life!   Dress?  I don't do dresses or skirts,   nothing too floaty,  trousers must have pockets, and it all must be comfortable.   Went to M&S, tried on some stuff, liked the trousers and the cardi,  liked the top, sort of... so got trousers and cardi, then had a look round the other stores.  Feet were aching, knees were aching,  saw a lovely top in Debenhams...  price £160!  Furrrgettit.   So ended up back at M&S and bought the top I'd seen first.  Then went home, on bus,  bus fare for homeward journey was 10p more than inward journey!?    So got sore feet, sore knees, but  outfit is sorted.  Did think about new pair of shoes, saw a nice pair in Clarks,  but I was too fed up by then.

So posting pics of yesterdays Tag fest.  This was Tag number 2 with a patriotic flavour.   I cut up one of the Union Jack papers,  and a plainish blue paper,  did the stamping.  Used the Portobello Road stamps, Big Ben,  and the double decker bus, and the postage stamp with the clock face.  Wanted to stick with the red, white and blue theme.

I used one of the Indigo Blu stamps to add some background interest,  used the TH distress ink pads.   Went wrong with the first attempt, got my alternate colours mixed up!   Was a tad distracted by film.   My excuse and I'm sticking to it.  Fiddly bits came next, stamping stuff and then cutting out,  colouring as well.  Then much head scratching of what else to put on tag,   I like to think I craft organically,  that means I only have a vague idea of what I want to do,  and no idea of how to do it!   A search of stash revealed a few interested bits and bobs...  some trial and a lot of error and, finally,   drum roll please...

The TAG!   I dotted the flags around at various angles,  same with the postage stamps,  then added the bus and Big Ben, plus the sentiment.   Yep, happy with that!  No ribbon?   Well spotted,  not got any red, white or blue ribbon, so must get some.   Still deliberating whether to add some crackle paint,  just not sure.  

Too tired for any crafting today, plus by the time I got back home,  and had recovered from the shopping it was a bit late to start getting out the craft stuff.  I would have done some had I been on my own, but mum is here and so my time is not my own.   That's how it is,   I have to find a balance of finding time for me,  and for mum.  It can be tricky at times,  her view of me going off to my bedroom is me being antisocial!   My bedroom is my private space,  so it has to be more than just somewhere to sleep.   I try my best to spend the mornings, or most of them with mum, depends on whether there is shopping to be done, or housework...  but I do try to get all the chores done in the morning, so the afternoons are mine.    Mum has had the opportunity and encouragement to join varoius groups,  but she won't, so I've made it clear that I am not here solely to amuse her.

Tomorrow I'm off to do IT stuff for a friend.  So no crafting till Wednesday :-(

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Playing Tag

If it is Sunday then it must be time to craft!  So out came the stash,  but what to make?  Cards, no,  scrapbook,  no...  tag?  Yep.   So  I cut three out,  and settled down with new papers and new stamps. Oops,  best say that I had a horrible week so a visit to craft shop was necessary,  I got two sets of Indigo Blu stamps,  it would have only been one set but when I had made my first purchase I had filled up my loyalty card, so had more money to spend :-)     And got a pad of British papers, union jacks and stuff. 
So off I went. Started with the prep work,  cut some of the paper to fit, then tore down one edge,  inked tag with TH distress ink pad, green,   used stamp to add effect,  then stamped the hand with pen on to plain card and cut round it.   Found a few more bits to add, some Kanban toppers,  and some ribbon strips,  was experimenting with the cog stamps...  then I stamped the sentiment I was going to use and cut round it.   Moment  I saw these sets of stamps I knew I had to have them, if only for the fab sentiments! 

So with everything inked, stamps etc,  it was time to put it all together.  I did go with the cog stamp, but as part of the background, so I just did some random stamping using the espresso ink pad,  and stuck down some of the tissue tape.  I also recoloured the strip of faux ribbon, wanted a grungy feel to it all.  Inked the Kanban toppers too,  just to get rid of the clean look!   And here it is,  a finished tag, without its ribbon,  had a job finding some, again I had to recolour it.  The hole protector is actually part of the faux ribbon,  I just cut one bit out, seemed to work nicely.   Just finished it off with a butterfly,  Anita's peel offs, and a small metal flower,  I cut up an existing topper. 

Was very happy with the end result. I was also watching the film 'A Night To Remember' which is the original film about the Titanic disaster.  I think it still holds up today,  I wasn't keen on the James Cameron version, it was far too long.   Even now I can still feel angry about the arrogance of the White Star Line, believing that the ship couldn't sink so not having the correct amount of lifeboats.

I'm relieved my week from hell is over,   a nice week to look forward to ending with the wedding of my Goddaughter. 

All for now, hope you all had a lovely weekend, and many thanks for stopping by, your company is much appreciated.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easy like Saturday morning...

Ugh, why do mornings come round so fast?   Also had a nasty attack of vertigo,  very unpleasant,  like being stuck on a carousel.    Fortunately it managed to pass,  had this awful feeling that I may be lying flat on my back all day. 

Popped out to see a friend,  had a nice catch up with her, fussed over Poppy, or was it Poppy fussing over me?   I had intended to visit the craft shop, but time was against me had to head home,  mum would need some help with her socks and shoes. 

Once mum had gone out to meet up with friends for coffee, I got out my craft stuff to do some proper crafting.   I needed to make a new page for my AJ book as I've completed another part of my journey!   I chose some nice textured card (papermania),  and decided to use the Wild Frame stamp by Clarity, love that stamp,  and stamped it onto some lightly textured card using the espresso ink pad.  I felt it needed a border of some description and spotted the leaf stamp that had come with the owl by Indigo Blu stamps, so used that,  seemed to work, added the sentiment, a TH disc,  and then some leaves.   Next up I made a card, but can't post the pic as the person it is intended for will see it!   The card was a bit more involved, much tearing, inking of edges etc. 

I also took a pic of my workspace, such as it is.  Basically it is a small table,  very sturdy, it takes my A3 mat nicely,  but it isn't long before it is soon crowded with stuff!   As you can see here,  rest of stash is spread on the bed.  It isn't an ideal arrangment, but it is better than lugging stuff into a different room.   And the light is good in my bedroom,  everything does have to be tidied away.  That isn't a bad thing tho,  I know if  I had a craft room that it would look like a bomb had hit it.  At least this way things are kept tidy, and stored properly. 

So that was my crafty afternoon.  I've printed off some photos, so may do some scrapbooking tomorrow,  inbetween munching on my choccy egg!     If anything gets made I'll post tomorrow!

Enjoy your evening.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday

Finally I managed to make a fantasy image with the wax!    Went back to the DVD,  always a good idea to look at tutorials.   And the result was this, first attempt as well.   I am getting better at applying the wax,  you are tempted to 'iron',  which just doesn't work, so you have to find a happy medium between touching the card but not too heavily.    And I managed to do the castles with the stylus,   probably just as well that it is a fantasy picture - LOL.  

It has been an arty week.  I went to a psychic art workshop on Sunday,  at the lovely Well Barn. All newbies except for me.   I never have any idea of what I'll paint, which is actually the point of the exercise.   We did our meditation and then it was time to paint.  For some reason I felt the urge to paint a mandela, well that was the idea, didn't quite work out as I wanted it to,  I decided to say it was my warm up exercise.  I'd had this image in my mind,  in the meditation I saw a tepee,  surrounded by trees.  I know it isn't a Picasso,  although...   but the point of the workshop is to really paint what comes from within,  not to come with an idea, or know exactly what you'll paint.  I've known people try to do that and it never works, they always go on to paint something that suprises them.   Everyone produced something different.  I had also taken my encaustic kit with me,  everyone wanted to have a go,  only Yvonne got frustrated,  I told her it was because she was putting too many colours on and pressing too hard.   But it was a good day. 

On Tuesday at was at the centre, filling in for another therapist.  It was a horrible day weather wise, cold and chucking it down,  so I guess it wasn't that suprising that no-one turned up, mind you only one was expecting reiki the others were supposed to get aromatherapy,  reflexology, none of which I am qualified to do.   I made the most of my time and read a book,  meditated, and just enjoyed the peace and quiet.  When I got home mum was still waiting for her hairdresser to turn up, so she wasn't in the best mood,  well he was an hour late!   Turned out he wasn't able to use his car so he was using buses,  even so he could have let mum know.    I did get my precious afternoon to myself,  and would you believe I spent the first hour or so blitzing the kitchen and living room.    I spread the housework over two days,  so flat is now sparkling!

And so today,  Good Friday,   very quiet round here.   Popped up to shopping centre,  had a mooch round in Smiths, but didn't fancy any of the craft mags,  then looked round M&S, got a new top,   and that was that.  The precinct wasn't very busy,  surprised by that as it usually is heaving.   Managed to get home in time to see the first part of the Preston Passion play,  which was fascinating.  

Well all for now...  Happy Easter  all.