Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year

Well here we are again, anticipation building for the midnight hour... and a 00.00 (sorry an army thing) we will hit 2008 and.... well it is up to you what changes, or stays the same. In 2001 I remember actually going to bed before midnight, I was fed up and was in a black mood, was in those 'oh what is the point?' moods. So next day I was suprised to find I woke with a smile on my face, felt happier, and it turned out to be not a bad year, well aside from 9/11. I am talking on a personal level that it was a happy year. Can't quite work out what mood I am in for this new years eve, my horoscope said I either love or loathe new years eve and I couldn't agree more. I'm not a totally happy bunny, got lots to smile about, healthwise, money wise, family wise, but also got a few grimaces, workwise mostly. But I have to make the changes and I am determined to do so.

Did a lot of housework this morning, then touched up the grey bits in the hair - well you have to!

Then took mum to supermarket, foolishly thinking (me and her) that it would be quiet as it was lunchtime - WRONG! People were shopping like the world was about to end! Nearly all the milk had gone, I mean come on people the shops are shut for one day. We needed milk, we were not stocking up on the stuff, or anything else for that matter, just getting a few essentials - like wine. Queue in wine department stretched almost to door... half felt like asking for a corkscrew, the staff kept asking each customer if they were the last of the queue! Car park was also full of cars waiting to park... fortunately the parking wardens were nowhere to be seen. Was glad to get home and leave the madness behind.

Decided to tackle making a waterslide card, I'd heard them mention it on Create andCraft, they'd shown one, and to me it looked like a waterfall card, only sideways. Have almost completed it, sadly the need for food got in the way, had to pack up and cook dinner. But will finish it off tomorrow. Just had a look for a template, but had no luck, on one message board someone had said they were like penny slider cards, so took a look at that and backtracked fast - waayyyyyy too complicated!

C&C both made me laugh and also irritated me, just hate their patronising style of presenting. What made me laugh was their attempt (successful it has to be said) to flog the CDs, maybe it is just me, but the first thing I thougth about was how much it would cost to print the papers, some were full colour pages - so the old print cartridge would take a battering. And good quality paper and white card isn't cheap. And there was Stephanie, bless her, showing a thick A4 lever arch file full of the papers they'd printed, what she forgot to add was how many print cartridges they'd gone thru to print them. Besides if you have a bit of imagination you can make your own background papers using a DTP program and clip art. I've done it, I chose my piece of clip art, recoloured it so it was a pale shade, then just copied and pasted it in one row, then chose to 'select' all and then kept on copying and pasting till I was at the end of the page. Serif also lets you make inserts and other card stuff.

Well time to wish one and all a wonderful, happy, and prosperous New Year, hope your dreams - big or little - come true. See you all in 2008!!

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Out with the old and in

With the new! Well that is the idea. Went for a lovely walk today, for once it wasn't too cold or too windy, and it was dry. Plumped for my favourite walk which is along the beach, was hoping that perhaps someone had dressed up the Iron Men, but sadly they were undecorated. But the walk blew the cobwebs away, and gave me some energy. So after a BLT, minus the L bit, I washed and waxed the car, it was looking very forlorn and dirty. I swear she was smiling after I'd finshed waxing her, and I'm sure I heard a happy sigh. Of course Sods law kicked in, two hours after I'd washed my car it... rained! Oh well.

Then I got out my stash, was determined to finish off the waterfall card and try the lantern card. Took a photo, but it's a bit of a naff photo, will try again tomorrow in daylight. Thought I would get into a mess with the self adhesive paper, thinking I'd end up with either all over me or skewed on the card, there was a big 'phew' when it went on straight. Didn't attempt the big lantern card, four cards stuck together, so just started with one card. I also finally figured out the instructions for the waterfall card, but more by luck than design - think more detailed instructions would have helped. The last kit I made it had the waterfall folding back on itself, so that you fixed the two flaps to the card, and then threaded the waterfall bit thru, this one you had to fix the last bit of the waterfall to the 'bridge' or that's what I call it. Took some photos but they are even worse than those I took of the lantern card.

But it was a satisfying afternoon, like it when the ideas work and you end on a high with some lovely cards. Really do need to replenish my card box, it is rather depleted. Been thinking about New Years resolutions (thanks BJ ;-)) ) Don't usually bother, but it was what kept me awake at 4 a.m., this morning, thoughts racing. So the things to do:

1. Sort out my craft stuff - properly!
2. Try some new techniques like altered art
3. Put unwanted craft stuff on ebay - like my Big Shot
4. Sort out bedroom, get new furniture so I can get some craft storage
5. Get more exercise - been too much of a craft couch potato

And look for a new job - I've had it with libraries, or rather our library management and my nit picking manager.

Oh and sort out a new computer! I'm now calling the present PC, Brian, after the snail in Magic Roundabout.

Last post tomorrow of 2007

Friday, 28 December 2007

Think it maybe Friday..... ?

Can't be entirely sure, but methinks it maybe Friday. Think I started the week on Monday, which was Christmas Eve, and was working, but since then, it has descended into a haze...

Made this exploding New Year box for my niece, who is also my god-daughter. She was chuffed. Then showed her the scrapbook I had intended to give her at Christmas, but time defeated me! She was thrilled with that, in fact she also wants her next holiday scrapped - bring it on! Love scrapbooking. Tho today I settled down to explore my one proper crafty gift (from mum), which was a papermania case stuffed with goodies. Had a go at rubbing on that rub on stuff, but was a bit of a disaster, will rescue it at some later date. Not happy with rub on thingies, those metallic rub ons, got it from Hobbycraft but hadn't realised how badly damaged the case was, so will have to take it back as I'm sure the stuff as dried out. But did manage two and a bit cards, the latter will be finished off tomorrow. Got this nutty idea to colour the inside bits of the peel off of a flower, so that the leaves are green, and the bit in middle of flower is dark gold, I do get these mad ideas just when it is time to vacate kitchen so that I can make dinner. But it was working.... also employed new paper cutter, can't believe I am actually managing to cut perfectly sized cards, and it has a scorer, hadn't realised, so used that, and yep it worked perfickly. How was I managing with the naff and cheap paper cutter from Tescos? So I have learned my lesson, don't buy cheap as you will only regret it. May employ old cutter in prospective craft classes.

But do need to upgrade 'puter, had this one for 6 years and it is sloooooow. Current one is just t too slow. But alls I need is the hard drive, looked on Dell last night, saw what I wanted, but boy are they crafty... after you add on the essential bits the price shoots up! Am half tempted to get a lap top, but I know that is just the gadgety gal inside of me talking, I do love gadgets and can be easily sucked in. Nope will stick with the plan, a new hard drive, got the rest of the bits, keyboard, TFT screen... will go back to Dell and order my ' hanging' order. Don't really want Vista either, am quite happy with XP.

Now need to organise myself and get rid of old craft stuff on ebay, been meaning to for a while, so have to get on with it. Don't need my Big Shot anymore, nor my embossing kit, both can help pay for new hard drive. Also need to sort out bedroom, new furniture, new mattress and some storage for my craft stuff. Everything is currently in papermania cases, or totes or in boxes. Did make a start by putting away the Xmas stash, but need to sort out my peel offs, need some letters - urgently! Would also like new back and two new knees, went down stairs today and got half way down and OUCH! Boy did it hurt, had this problem 18 months ago, had one knee operated on, but made little difference, now right knee has come out in sympathy, back is decidedly dodgy... I knows what the surgeon needs to do, give me a new ligament to hold kneecap in place, in both knees, as for back - just have to wait till rest of dodgy disc disintergrates. Ain't life grand!

Just updated slide show, am now getting hang of it... I think! Enjoy

Thursday, 27 December 2007

What day is it?

Think I've lost the plot. Tis confusing when in one week you have Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and forget which days of the week they fall on! So to find that today was Thursday came as a bit of a surprise. Had this feeling that I should be somewhere, but when it got to 10 a.m and the boss hadn't called I breathed a sigh of relief, at least I'd vaguely remembered booking today as a holiday.

So got involved in some crafting, had a right old laugh at the Bibsters promise that you could make the 'expoding box' (from QVC kit) in one hour, well okay you could 'make' the box, but not decorate, unless you have oodles of left over stash or access to a shop or whatever QVC sends you to make up as samples. It has taken me all afternoon to make two boxes, okay admittedly part of that was spent waiting for the embossing paste to dry, but even so you do have to have a mull and an hum and ah, about what and how to decorate it. But now have 3 New Year boxes, one for neighbour, one for my god-daugher and one for my mum. My new paper cutter also proved invaluable, made a bit of a hash of a bit of embossing paste, so had to cover it up, yee hah, knew the rounded corner cutting tool would come in handy, and it did, cut two perfect pieces to hide mistake, with rounded corners. Old and naff paper cutter is going in bin! It was only a fiver, but even so, you do expect it to cut straight, which it never did. You gets what you pay for I guess, and I learned never to go 'cheap' on tools - buy the best you can afford.

Some scrapbooking tomorrow, need to make two pages over the next few days. Yes it does take me THAT long, sorry but creativity takes time - lol!

Off for a well deserved glass of red, a delicious rioja from M&S.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

So that was Christmas

Just got back from Wales, okay I've been back for several hours, but only just moved away from my craft table! Xmas Day started with a kind of 'ugh' feeling, didn't really want to be travelling to Wales, but hey ho, that's what you do - keep all happy. But the morning was pleasant, a very relaxing time, opening pressies, then spot of maintenence on hair and body, topped off by a full English,then off to Wales. It was a bright sunny day, but it had been raining, so I was getting a bit of that light spray on the windscreen, so imagine my mood when on pumping the window washer nowt happened! I had to try four more times before finally I could 'see'. Got to sisters, ordered glass of wine from BiL, knees were bothering me, back was aching and I was in a grumpy mood, which I decided to banish. Got nowt against my sister, her DH or their children (all now grown up) but just wished to be sat at home eating my Xmas dinner. My sociability lasted till 11pm, by then my back was killing me, and I longed to just put on my slobby pants and top, instead I bid all a goodnight and went to bed. Woke up at 3.30 a.m trotted to loo (yep too much information) but on return noticed a large, LARGE spider on ceiling! I don't like killing spiders, but nor do I like spiders, at home I have a spider catcher, they are caught at dumped outside and told NOT to return (they get two chances before it is 'splat' time). But I had no spider catcher, so sorry but spider on ceiling which moved to wall got splatted. Then I fell back to sleep. Was looking forward to today. Reason: family had all bought me Hobby Craft vouchers, so I had £100 to spend! And yep, they were open. Left my sisters at 10.30 and headed for Hobbycraft in chester. Tis wonderful to be able to wander and pick stuff up without worrying wether you can afford it. I was sensible, had made a list, so got myself an all singing and dancing paper cutter (one from Tescos is naff), new one perforates, scores and cuts wavy lines, and also cuts round corners, sadly it does not make tea... oh well can't have everything. Got a nice cheery assistant, we exchanged Xmas day stories, she'd drunk to much, I'd not eaten or drunk much... I actually go off food this time of year, too much of it about, must be the only person who manages to 'lose' weight at Xmas.

So came home laden with goodies, cutter, perfect pearls (have no idea what to do with them!), some rub on stuff, pretty brads, some scrapbooking stuff, brads and odds and sods, all that came to £62 -did I care, nope, handed over vouchers, and still got £40 left. Plus money from making cards this year, which I saved, so got another £150 to spend.

Spent a happy afternoon investigating my QVC TSV, the last one, exploding boxes, waterfall cards. Made a box for my neighbour, every year she gives me a present but won't take one in return. But she comes to us on New Years Eve, along with her lump of coal and other New Years bits, I have to let in her new year, so thought she'd like the box. Going to make two more for my god daughter and my mum tomorrow. Got the place to myself! Yippee, me wine and box of pringles... tons of craft stuff, did I mention my xmas pressie? A papermania case stuffed with scrapbook stuff.. . what more could a craft wish for, a day to themselves to craft to their hearts content!

Christmas.... the anticipation is far better than the outcome! `Tho I did have a happy day, in fact we all did, kids played with ipods, downloading tunes, us adults messed with wine, crackers and got on kids nerves (just like that haribo advert!). But there is nowt like home.

New link is the Norad link, which every parent should book mark, the site tracks Santa as he makes his way across the world delivering pressies, some lucky souls seem to 'catch' sight of him. It is for big and little kids... so take a look next year!

Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Eve

A Happy Christmas to one and all... only a few hours to go, according to NORAD, Santa is now working his way thru Europe! The NORAD site is great, for kids big and small. Love that it was all the result of a 'happy accident' that someone wrongly addressed a letter and bingo, NORAD is suddenly and happily involved in tracking Santa round the world, and keeping kids happy. Brilliant!

I started my Xmas Eve at work, it was just us 3 staff, laying bets on who would be waiting outside our doors at 9.30, we weren't disappointed, the usual and sad, very sad, gang who are all capable of working for a living but who instead choose to leech of us tax payers - they annoy the heck out of us! But we had sweet revenge, first we were only open till 12.30 pm, second our main server was out of action... diddums, that meant they (the saddoes) had to be proactive and book their own computers. One of our regular saddoes had not bothered to read our closing time poster, which has been dotted round library since beginning of November. Oh the delight in telling him as he settled down at a computer at 12.05 pm that the PC would automatically log him out at 12.15! JOY! He'd been hanging round library for an hour, so it was double joy that he could NOT log on to his disgusting chat rooms. Rest of morining passed off peacefully enough, most folk were out acting as tho they'd just realisd it was CHRISTMAS - just where do these people live, in a vacuum? I had to sadly venture to the shopping centre, now packed with people (those who'd realised it was Christmas) and orrible kids, who had obviously been told to go get lost by parents... I had to get some stick on ribbons and primrose evening oil, the latter keeps me on an even keel, very, very necessary at this time of year.

Then home to a slobby afternoon, watched My Fair Lady, yee ha, finally got to indulge meself in an old film... wrapped last few presents, two were wrapped in two sheets of paper that cost me £4.00, the pack consisted of some fab paper, but there was literally just two sheets - I must have been having a mad moment when I bought the kit. Neighbour dropped in, as she does every year, with bottle of wine for me... I decided to make her a 2008 exploding box, she'll spend New Years eve with us, and I have to let in her New Year. Think she'll like the exploding box.

Oh well, not long now, and not long til Boxing Day, then I can finally relax and enjoy myself.

Sunday, 23 December 2007

A suprising Sunday

Hadn't been particularly looking forward to today, been invited for Sunday Lunch at my brothers - which is a smoke free (tho I would never smoke in a non smokers home) and heat free zone. Just before noon my brother called to say that 'lunch' would be at around 2.30.... mmmmm just about when the match finishes, I thought. Nice to know that your family has its priorities in the right place, that a footie match comes before family. Still it gave me a few more hours of relaxation, to tackle some of the crosswords in the weekend papers - always a challenge this time of year, but I do like my crosswords. Tho the walk to the paper shop was a bit slithery, in fact I decided to change shoes after almost falling over! So we (mum and I) bowls up at brothers at appointed time, 30 minutes later dinner was sort of served... in a drib drab fashion, it was not I have to say up to my SiL's usual standard, she is an excellent cook and her Sunday Lunches are usually very, very good... not so this time, beef was a tad tough, in fact they took the electric knife to it! I'm now tho sick of beef, had it last weekend, now this weekend, and guess what my sister is cooking on Xmas day, yep, Roast Beef! Sorry but Xmas means turkey, blimey it took me long enough to develop a taste for the stuff, hated it as a kid, but now I enjoy it. And I love my Xmas pud, which will NOT be being served at my sisters :-((

Still today wasn't as bad as I feared it may be, yep the house was freezing! Had to go outside to smoke, fair enough, happy to accept that... but not the freezing house, nor my niece blocking out all the heat from the gas fire! Luckily they'd all had a busy day yesterday, and were looking forward to an early night, suited me to get away quickly. I love my brother, can love my SiL and even get on with their offspring, but only in limited quantities, the latter two of the three that is. Tho at the moment I am in 'favour' with my SiL, dunno why, not sure how long it will last, but hey, go with the flow. She was impressed with the exploding boxes I'd made, wonder if she'll see them as a keepsake, as the lady 'who I clean for' did on Friday... we'll see.

So only Xmas day to get thru.... just have this feeling it will not be a joyous day, and will end up being memorable for all the wrong reasons. Hope to be proved wrong.

Just got 3.5 hours left in work, most of that will be spend with me doing the 'weekly' cash, that is making up the bank deposit. Always a fraught time, you cross fingers and toes in the hope that it all balances. But come 12.25pm (don't tell anyone but we're closing early!) I shall be FREE for ten days... oh joy, bliss.... best there is a craft day on QVC on Friday, and I have £100 to spend! That's my Xmas card making earnings this year... and I did well and truly EARN it. Also now got half of Boxing day, Thursday and Friday to meself... can't wait to just sit and craft to my hearts content. Want to have a get started on my last QVC TSV, exploding boxes, waterfall card, lantern cards.... also need to add to my card stash, which is now severely depleted.

Dunno, have mixed feelings about Christmas, I really do think the anticipation is far better than the result. Next year I am staying put, going to have the Xmas I want. Now just need to pick the right 6 numbers ;-))

Friday, 21 December 2007

Freezing and funny old Friday

Another cold day, spent morning cleaning 'the lady whot I clean for' house. Though she and her family treat me as a member of the family, I am warmly welcomed with a freshly brewed mug of coffee, and then I get flicking with my duster, at noon I am indulged with a cuppa and a natter. Course this being the Festive Season we continued with the tradition, cuppa coming with a mince pie, exchange of cards, and gifts - got crafting goodies! Not that I've opened the pressie, I was tho told what was inside. Was a bit miserable tho, the house, a usually they've put the tree up - a real one, and since they live in a HUGE house, the tree is ginormous and a treat to see. But the family had had a busy week, and so the decs weren't up... Roads were busier than usual, obviously everyone now is in panic mode, I wonder if some folk walk round in a bubble and then suddenly it hits them - Christmas is coming! I mean where the heck have they been for the last two months!

I got the hump with mum, there I was happily crafting, and she says in sharp voice: Who are you making cards for now? I ignored her, but felt angry, was I annoying anyone? Was I bothering anyone? No, I was just busy making a retirement card for my BiL. I've given over my wants so that my Mum has the Christmas she wants, going to my sister's on Xmas Day, going for Sunday lunch with my brother and his family (whose house is a non smoking, heat free zone), I'll endure them both to keep the peace, alls I ask is to be left to my crafting... Next year I have decided that I will be bah humbug, will be staying put and doing what I want on Xmas day.

I was happily engaged in making a clutter card for my BiL, I'll post pic when its finished. It is tho one he will appreciate, a scene of a small bar with dog.... his two favourite things! I had another clutter card all set to go to make for mum to give to him, but I'm now inclined to 'not bother'. In fact I've set up my mat and stuff on my computer desk, will craft there, then perhaps I can do so in peace. I don't think my mum realises that sometimes what she says is 'sharp', I do occasionally hit back, but couldn't be bothered today, I'm not happy about Sunday lunch with brother, don't mind him, love him, not so keen on rest, or being stuck in a freezing cold house for a couple of hours. I love the anticipation of Christmas... after that, well it all falls flat!

Just been cutting two more exploding boxes, this time to hold some gifts, I'd made one for the lady I clean for, she loved it - which of course made me feel happy. Nice when someone really shows thier appreciation, she also knew what it was, she is into antiques and had seen some 'old' exploding boxes. Then she said she'd have to keep it as part of the Xmas decs. Think I've just become a memento!

On that happier note I shall depart...

Thursday, 20 December 2007

tortuous Thursday

Well I did say I was into alliteration! It was a tortuous day, very long and verrrrrry boring. But yippee, we have heat! At last we have a warm library, how long it will last is anyone's guess. So we were warm as toast today. And we were bossless, so yep, the mice did play and had a nice relaxed day.

I trotted, wel more like slithered, boy was it cold today, frost never really disappeared, to the shopping centre across the road. Stocked up on that rioja I found the other day in M&S, delish! Got meself six bottles, got one of those wine carriers, slithered back to library. And also bought another tea light holder, soooo cute, it is a hearth, with a white cat staring at the fire. Have no idea where it will go, but couldn't resist it.

Spent boring afternoon thinking that I could be at home being productive, as in cutting the rest of my exploding cracker boxes. May need some more ribbons to decorate them. Was hoping to just use up Xmas stash, but you all know how it goes, you always need more stuff. May make a quick dash to craft shop, tis very annoying that my craft central shop is now closed.... so have to go all way in to town, and they don't have the choice I am used to - ho hum. But should just about manage my mission of 8 exploding cracker boxes.

Then at last it was time to go home, was giving a lift to Jo, our newest recruit who lives in next street to me. She and I headed down the path to car park then bang, wine carrier fell apart, my six bottles of wine when crashing to ground, fortunately all were still intact. I was tho angry, the carriers are designed to carry 6 bottles, I'd got the carrier deliberately rather than have to manage several carrier bags, and the stupid thing is not up to the job. I will tell M&S. Was nice tho to get home... and finally relax.

Only got half a day on Monday then I am free..... tho sadly not free from Xmas obligations... Alls I wish is to have MY Christmas, the one that I'd like - which is to stay put on Xmas day and not set a foot over the door.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

and a wearisome Wednesday

Can't wait for Thursday, we'll be bossless! Boss was a bother today, she decided to focus on how I was wearing my ID badge, my preference is: back to front and upside down. I am complying with the rules stated on badge, which say it must be carried when at work/on duty - but is she happy - nope! Felt like flinging the thing at her and saying: stuff your job. Cannot stand pettiness, and those who have an affinity for rigidly sticking to petty rules. What also gets my goat is that those joining the library (our libraries) can wander to desk, give us any old name, invented address, we cannot ask for ID and so have to accept whatever they tell us, nor are we allowed to challenge them! I mean why should I have to wear a flaming ID badge when our customers can lie thru their teeth, then waltz off with a few hundred quids worth of books, DVDs and CDs (the latest titles) and flog them? Meanwhile we have no heating in the library, we have no hot water either, the velux windows all leak like sieves, and what is bothering our boss: how I wear my ID badge.... yep, the phrase: get a life; did spring to mind.

Was glad to get out of there and back home to a mammoth session of exploding box making. I managed to draw half of the templates for the 'cracker' idea, but had to complete one box as it has to be handed over as a gift on Friday. have taken some pics, and will post them tomorrow. It was tho a lovely way to get rid of the stress.

Other niggle is: why oh why do the TV planners think that it is necessary to change the TV schedule at this time of year? And why do they think we need endless people telling us how to cook the Christmas dinner (it is a glorified roast) or decorate our homes (in an impossible fashion)? Can't stand fashion slaves, Christmas decs are about memories, the stuff the kids made yonks ago at primary school, old baubles, stuff you buy every year, who cares if it matches? Heard that Linda Barker saying that cards shouldn't be strung on string on walls, welll mine are blu tacked to walls! So yah boo sucks to her!

I wish they'd leave the TV schedules alone, forget all the silly specials, which are not special and usually unfunny , for two years running French and Saunders failed to get even a grin out of me. I think the Xmas TV schedules are put together by bah humbugists, who hate the festive season and so exact their revenge on us all. And aw... these poor presenters, This Morning went off for the Xmas break last Friday.... they are well paid, over paid and yet need a 3 or 4 week break over the festive season.

Grump over, will be in a better mood tomorrow, I'll not now see my boss for two weeks.... bliss!

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Tedious Tuesday

I'm in an alliterative mood. But tis last week before the big day, and time is dragging at work, no-one wants to visit libraries at this time of year, not even us who work there! So it has been a very tedious day, booooring. Tho in a couple of weeks time I shall look back longingly and wish it was as boring and tedious.

Was much happier yesterday, made two more exploding boxes for my mum's friends, they worked together and now meet up every Tuesday for lunch, mum as thrilled with the boxes, as were her friends. Now set myself the task of making 8 more, decided to have exploding boxes instead of crackers. Must be bonkers! The QVC kit arrived today, a big box full of lovely things to make.... can't wait to get started! The QVC exploding boxes are much bigger than the one's I've been making, they've used 12x12 cardstock, I've been using A4 and keeping them to 7cm, then working down, I worked down thus: 7cm (for outer box), 6.5 for middle, then 6cm for inner box, and 7.4cm for lid, well it worked for me! It's also been a good way to use up all the left over bits from the Christmas stash. For one of the boxes I made (for mum's friends) I used some chipboard letters to spell her name on the outer box, they were supposed to be Chrissmassy letters, but they did the job. I'm hoping to cut most of the other boxes tomorrow, was hoping that the robo may take some of the strain, but it wouldn't play ball... box I wanted it to cut was too big! Humph!

Also planning a double clutter card for my BiL who retires on 31st December, one part of it is a pic of a pub, the other a garden shed, decided it will be 'his vision of retirement' and'her (the wife)vision of his retirement'. Just hoping I can pull it off. They'll be more like pictures than cards, but with suitably sarcastic verses in them (which my BiL loves!). Fortunately he and I share the same dry humour, as we like our red wine - very, very dry.

Well I got one and a bit days left in work this week, then just Christmas eve, but only till 12.30 pm, or if we have our way 12.20 pm, we'll shoo out any lingerers, or those who cling to their seasts, they will be warned that if they don't leave they'll spend Xmas in the library - and see if we care!

Just don't... please DON'T, on Xmas eve try to get all your shopping done well in advance of closing time, the last thing the shop staff want is any wally walking in five minutes before the shop closes (you really would not want to know what they think of you). Just remember the long hours shopworkers work, that they too want to get home and be with their families.

Right off for a cuppa, bit more cutting, and some drooling over my new kit...

Sunday, 16 December 2007

An exploding time!

Did it, finally made my firstest exploding box. Was going to take the cowards route and wait for my kit from QVC, but then 'need' got the better of me, I just 'needed' to make one. I did download a template, but it was a bit small, sooooo I had to decide for myself the size and then wing it from there. I mean how hard can it be to make 3 boxes, all in descending sizes? Settled on 7 cm for the first box, then went down in half centimetres, the tricky part was the lid, it had to be only slightly larger... could I pull it off? Well I did, but first effort was a disaster, but second effort, which you can see, worked perfick! Tis naturally an Xmas theme, but that gave me an idea, got this whacky idea to dismantle the crackers (posh ones with nice gifts) and put the gifts, jokes and hats, inside exploding boxes! Got lots of festive stash left over... tho need to make eight, may persuade the robo to take some of the angst away.

All this was before our Christmas night out, the works do. Every year we say we'll arrange everything well in advance, so everyone can be there, and every year we are defeated. Same this year, out of a possible 30, only 10 of us showed up. We stayed local, it was a nice restaurant come cafe bar, live act, but WHY, oh WHY do they have to thump out the music? In fact everyone complained, so the owner had to turn down the festive soundtrack he had chosen to play, that was fine, then on came the live act, a nice chap, great voice, great choice of music - but the sound level would have been better suited to a large theatre, and we were in a tinyish cafe bar. By eleven my ears had had enough, so me and Brenda bailed out, converstation was impossible, so off we went home, leaving the younguns to get even more sozzled and deafened. I was happy to get home, sober - exactly as I planned it. Had no intention of getting drunk, hate hangovers, and had a busy day to look forward to, taking mum on her Xmas shopping trip.

We toddled off to Southport, deciding once we were there to have lunch and then tackle the shopping. We found a quietish restaurant, but we were both annoyed to be made to wait a good 20 minutes before we could order, I was almost at the point of walking out when I collared a waitress, who was sharp with me, that is until I turned back to mum and said: Let's go somewhere else, then the waitress changed her tune and became pleasant. There was no excuse for her abruptness the place wasn't busy. After that the service was fine, food was good, but too much of it, can we adopt what they do in America, offer -small, medium or large portions? I'm sick of being given a whacking great plate of food that I know I just can't eat.

But we got the final bits and bobs of the Xmas shopping, tho I expect there is stil something I've forgotten. Oh well, just over a week to go...

I think the anticipation is far out wieghs the actual day...

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Xmas shopping - DONE

Did it, and a week early! Did I mention our family rule is to say what you want, but did I add that this sometimes means being handed a list of possibles? This usually means I'm dithering till the 21st of December, my deadline day for getting pressies. But this year I surpassed myself, all our bought, cards are written and addressed, well save for my sister's kids who keep moving.... I now add their addresses in my diary in pencil.

So ventured to supermarket to do the food shopping, usually I realise at this point that I am weeks behind everyone else, that most of the stuff has gone (what do people do with all this stuff?). It does always amaze me, especially as you get closer to Xmas how folk begin to panic, shop as if the shops were never going to open again. I do feel very sorry for supermarket and shop staff, it does seem as tho for some of the public that Christmas comes as a surprise (where the heck have they been for the last few months?) and so they hit the shops at the very last minute, just when the shop staff have had enough and just wish to go home. I know how it feels as I used to be a shop assistant. One Christmas I was employed as a temp in a well known jewellers (its then owner later made some statement about the stuff being 'crap), and couldn't believe the amount of men (yes, men) who wandered in late on Xmas eve to buy their poor wives either a clock or watch... I know how I would have reacted had my husband presented me with a clock on Xmas day, he would have worn it for the rest of the day. They also wanted us to gift wrap the things. We did try to push them back to the jewelry section, thinking that thier poor wives would much prefer a nice necklace, ring, bracelet ect, but nope most of the idiots wanted to buy carriage clocks.

So folks spare a thought for shop staff and do NOT venture anywhere near a shop minutes before closing time on Xmas eve. Nor should you be queuing up outside Supermarket day after Boxing Day - let them have a bit of peace and quiet. And why not try wishing them a Merry Christmas?

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Xmas shopping almost done

Thought I'd put on of my Xmas 2 View cards on the blog. Not sure if I have got to the end of the Xmas card making, mum has snaffled cards I'd earmarked as 'spares' so think I may be making more cards tomorrow. Tho I've got a second demo on Saturday, but won't have much chance to just sit and craft, two colleagues are dying to have a go with the heat embossing, plus one of them wants to try her hand at decoupage.

Have tho just stopped dithering, was humming and arrhing over the QVC TSV, should I, shouldn't I... in the end I did. I want to have a go at the exploding boxes, but I'm not much good when it comes to measuring stuff, so a kit seems like a good idea. Plus as the Bibster said, you can then use the kit as a template. Seems good to me. It's what I did with the waterfall card kit, I used one to make a template. Makes life so much easier. But did laugh, and was almost tempted to text in to QVC when Dawn was selling the embossing paste - I was yelling at the telly - I've been using that for months! In fact I saw it at the Craft show in Manchester, same one that Dawn was at, I'm wondering if she went for a wander and saw the chap demonstrating it? But she did slightly stuff up, if you do use the embossing paste (and I'd encourage anyone to use it, as it is so darn easy), when applying the low tac tape don't press it down firmly, rather just seal the edges of the stencil, then when it comes to removing the tape, leave either the bottom or top strip on, then just lever up the stencil. I learned that from the chap who was demonstrating it. You also do need to clean the stencils right away, or just drop them into a bowl containing cold water. But it is so easy to use, and gives an instant result. I used it on my last card demo, and all were blown away by it.

Almost got to the end of my Xmas shopping! Sadly missed out on the 2 for 3 offer at Boots - rats! Was hoping that if I bought nephew and neice some posh perfume/aftershave I may have been able to get myself some more SJP's Lovely, which I love. Actually buying nephew and niece those gifts is a sort of revenge, as last year both asked me what I wanted, so I said to get me Hobbycraft vouchers. I knew something was amiss when I was handed two large boxes, both containing the usual assortment of bath stuff... :-( I was miffed, as nephew was delighted with new clothes I got him, in fact so delighted that he wore the shirt next day for a party, and neice was doubly delighted with the calendar I'd made for her of her favourite holiday plus the CD's she'd asked for. This year they have been warned, that if they give me anything resembling a 'bath set' I will chuck it at them! The rule in our family is that you get what people want, so everyone gets asked what they want, if someone has no idea they get given some vouchers or money. Other nephew bought me a wireless mouse, meant for a laptop, which I haven't got... funny how he was so chuffed with the moleskin jacket - yep, he got the same warning! I am NOT in my dotage yet, and even if I was I still wouldn't want a damn bath set. I craft, they all know I craft! So tis easy, just buy me some hobbycraft vouchers.

But only got two more pressies to buy, and youngest nephew is sorted, thanks to Amazon - I've now had it with traipsing round shops.

Oh darn it, they're showing scrap book stuff on QVC.... noooooo have got TSV!

Well best get back to online shopping...

Monday, 10 December 2007

Rainy days and Mondays....

Always get me down, tho it wasn't raining, but it WAS Monday! Nonetheless I put on my cheery face and went to work, all was going so well till boss (after handing over a stash of Christmas chocs/biccies etc) then did the usual sneaky thing and said that there'd been a complaint, apparently (shock horror) some members of staff had raised their voices to a group of young boys who were messing about on the computer chairs! And who were the complainants? The boys! Well I was one of the two who'd raised her voice, that is after being tried to the limit by these boys, who I and my colleague had been very pleasant to, had given help to, but when told NOT to skate around on the chairs, or worse push themselves away from the desks - nearly sending a small child flying, another nearly broke his nose after kneeling on the chair and then leaning on the desk till chair began sliding away and he almost came a cropper, they decided to play the 'innocent game' and worse our boss fell for it. I was fuming. The same boys came back tonight, and got up to their usual capers, but sorry boys you've lost me as a friend, they got one warning and were told any messing and the computer they were on would be remotely switched off and their account suspended till after Xmas.

Pettiness number two: we have been given new ID badges, I object on principal to wear these darn things when no would be library member is required to provide ID. However, the ID badge came with a new nylon and very scratchy landyard, I tried wearing it and found it was irritating my neck, so removed it and was given a metal chain by another colleague. All well and good you would think as I was wearing the badge as required, but nope, didn't suit our boss. So I explained why I wasn't wearing the landyard, that I also had arthritis in my neck and am nervous about anything irritating my neck (which is why I don't wear any polo necks anymore). She blabbed on about health and safety, the nylon lanyards being safer if the badge got caught, which I may add mine almost had. So I says: well in that case wouldn't clip on badges be safer? Course that chucked a spanner in the works, it was a case of 'computer says no'. Meanwhile back in the real world, we are working in a library with no heating, which leaks like a sieve when it rains, have no running hot water... but what are our undistinguished bosses worried about - us staff wearing our sodding badges! Give me strength. Tis for that reason that I ripped up my application form for a management position, sorry but I am only able to toe the party line when the party line actually makes sense.

What was once a really nice job, has been turned into a nightmare. I'd walk out if I could, I came darned close to it today. Oh and the big boss dropped in complaining about how cold it was, so I said yeah it is, and even colder in here! Don't think she appreciated my sarcasm! Do I care, nope. I've tackled bigger bosses than her. Tho she also knows that I speak my mind, as she has been on the receiving end of it more than once. I blame the army for my rebellious attitude, it all happened there, from being a happy go lucky wouldn't say boo to a goose, I ended up being a right militant. Just don't like being confronted with sheer stupidity.

But found a way of nerdling my badge, or rather the holder, I happily scratched away at it, so now you can't see anything, then put it back together upside down! I'll lose the darn thing soon - on purpose.... deliberately and yah boo sucks to the dumbos in charge.

Probably just as well that I am off tomorrow and Wednesday, there would probably be an uprising led me moi!

And well done to the pensioners who led the 'smoking' rebellion in their sheltered accomodation. Good for them, how dare anyone tell them to stop smoking in their own accomodation. More power to them I say!

The rebel is now off to make a cuppa... you can all breathe easy the rant is over!

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Oh Happy (if soggy) Day

Had such big plans, and a big list... but when I awoke this morning the rain was teeming down and I do mean TEEMING, as in slanted stair rods. Had hoped to venture to town to see the continental market, plus get some more Xmas pressies, but rain was unrelenting so I abandoned the plan. But I still needed to get some T lights, and new twinkly lights for tree, papers and at least one pressie. I also abandoned all 'green' thoughts and jumped into the car, do I care if the hight street is just a 15 min walk away? Nope, not in stormy weather I don't. It was me and two others in Woolies (Woolworths to the uninitiated) rattling around, each trying to find what they needed (why do shops move stuff? - Leave everything where it is, then we can find it!) I was trying to find the T lights, small candles, plus hoped to buy Spirograph for nephew -fat chance as they'd not even bothered to order any for their store! Arrgghhhh - yet in national newspaper it had said that all Woolies had Spirographs! Humph! But got candles (but how did I manage to choose the bag that had NO bar code on it?), plus batteries, plus papers, but no Xmas lights or twinkly tree lights. So off to cheapo shop down road in driving rain, yuck. Searched high and low for a 40 set of twinkly lights, clear but couldn't find any, just as I was about to abandon all hope I walked round stand and yep, there they were, so grabbed them, plus stick on Happy Christmas sign (more of that in a min). Back to Boots to grab boxed set of mini perfumes for sister and back to car and then home. Wind was by now howling and was blooming cold. Happy to get back indoors. So decked sad looking half an Xmas tree (don't ask), which had been looking so forlorn since yesterday, had the big switch on, an yeah, a sparkly tree! Have taken photo, will upload tomorrow. Then put up Xmas wreath on door, and started to add new Happy Xmas sign, stick on gel like letters... well you gets what you pay for, these were cheap and fell off immediately. So dug out old Happy Xmas sign and grabbed some blue tack.

Then it all got messy, me plus glitter glue, embossing powder, brush marker pens, gel pens.... I resembled a paint chart by 5 pm, the carpet looked very festive with its light layering of red, silver, gold and green tinsel embossing powder. Oh did I mention the glue, a bit of the old Pritt stick and some sticky dots, plus the odd 3d bit of stray foam... all stuck to elbows, fingers and wrists, and a thumb, or two... :-)) But who cares? I was a happy crafter, doing what she enjoys best, making stuff to put smiles on faces... well in the hope of putting smiles on faces!

Tomorrow I'm scrapping, more mess, more glue.... don't care about rain, snow, wind... shall venture as far as supermarket for essential supplies, wine, papers, oh maybe food....

Thursday, 6 December 2007

A happy day part two

Oh you have to laugh, our techheads (who must have got their IT qualifications from the back of a cereal packet) failed to remove the virus, so back it came in boomerang fashion. Was happy to chuck everyone off the computers as we had much more important things to do, such as get up the rest of the Xmas decks - think we tinselled everything that didn't move. Tho I had to climb up the rickety ladder, luckily some kind soul had left the drawing pins in place, so it was a case of just hooking stuff on. My friend decked the tree in the staff room, a more moth eaten tree you've never seen! It is missing bits, has a nasty list, but once decked with a motely assortment of baubles and lights it looks quite pretty. We also have the nativity to put together, each year we wonder if some PC idiot will complain about us having it on display. Mind you one of the 3 kings has a dodgy head, held on with sellotape!

Also had a note from boss telling me to wear my ID badge, mmmm, amazing ain't it how she is able to 'tell people off' via notes, but is a total coward when your face to face with her. Tho I had the last laugh as I have 3 witnesses who can swear that I was wearing my badge, I just wasn't wearing the horrible nylon landyard it was attached to, I removed that as it was too itchy and replaced it with a metal chain. So Yah Boo Sucks Boss! I also think having it on a chain is dangerous, I can see the stupid thing getting trapped in a drawer.

We were also treated to a game of 'catch the drip', our velux windows leak (in library) as they've never been properly maintained, so every time it rains we end up with several impressions of niagra falls, with water now also running down walls.

Spent rest of afternoon cutting out santa's and snowflakes. By five most people had headed home, we were left with one solitary customer, who decided to hang about till 5.45 pm, and at that point then decided to choose a book! Think the glares we gave him worked, as he quickly chose his book and beat a hasty retreat. I mean it was lashing down outside, any sensible soul would have been tucked up at home. Why do people do it? Insist on hanging around till a minute before closing time, or worse choose to come in to a shop/library etc just as they are about to close? Do they think we never go home, that we don't have a life beyond work? Well we do! Golden rule is - NEVER, EVER, go into a shop just as it is about to close, trust me you would not wish to know what the staff are thinking about you!

On that note, my glass needs refilling....

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

A happy day

When I got to work this morning found to my delight that we had a computer virus, and sadly (NOT) we had to switch off all the public computers... you should have seen the shocked looks from the chat room users (who it seems have nothing better to do than to chat in some very dubious cht rooms all day, at mine and your expense). Not that a 'Do Not Use' sign prevents all from making an attempt to switch on a computer. Which I think is plain rude, I mean would you walk into a say a TV shop and noticing that all the TVs were switched off, you wouldn't go round switching them all on, would you? I do, well actually all the staff, get really irked by these lazy good for nothings, who spend their time in chat rooms rather than go out looking for a job. Oh sorry, there are no jobs as the polish workers have taken them all. Much prefer the Poles, all are very polite, friendly and are hard working, oh and they make a great effort to learn English, more than can be said for some of our locals.

But having no computers meant a nice, quiet morning. Even the 'real' library users, those actually coming in to borrow books, commented that it was much nicer without the computers. No noise for one thing, plus no having to look at porn, or listen to music (which is not allowed unless they bring their own earphones) or the appalling language.

Still besotted with clutter cards, had to make a couple more when I got home. Well that was after the supermarket shop, wisely done during lunch time, so it was quite quiet. But once home and with the shopping stashed away, I settled into a nice hour or so of clutter card making. It did the trick of easing away all the hassles, and at the end I had two lovely cards. One will be winging its way to Canada shortly.

Oh well one more day in work - blah... tho it is a bossless day - yippee! So no hassle about wearing ID badge, I do object, why should I have to have my name on display? Think I may put the thing thru the washing machine several times! Why do I object? Cos our stupid lot in charge decided that all new customers did not have to provide any ID, that policy has resulted in a rise in loss of stock (35 grands worth per year), plus increased incidence of ID theft, that is people using other people's names and addresses to join our library service - dumb or what! Oh and kids as young as 8 can join without parental permission. So I don't see why I should have to wear ID when our customers do not have to provide any proof of ID. I'd be happy with a badge that said 'Staff'. Did win a mini victory, the new nylon lanyards brought me out in a rash... so they are scrabbling around now trying to find a clip on version! Sorry, but stupidity in the form of petty authority brings out the rebel in me!

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

1st Attempt at Christmas Shopping...

I do this every year, steel myself to start the non online Christmas shopping. So off I went into town, got there to find the world and his wife had also had the same not so bright idea, so after one hour I headed home. Just can't stand all the crowds, and that all the shops move stuff so you can't find non Xmas stuff. Did get some stuff from the Paper Mill, really mundane stuff, cards and envelopes, tho was easily talked into buying some magic foil. Am getting really fed up at NOT having my Craft Central!

So home to have lunch, a pastrami butty, and then set up to craft in the living room on my wonky table. Had to craft in living room as QVC was having a USA craft day, it was nice to have different presenters and could have happily gone bonkers buying stuff. But didn't - I do hate it when my sensible side wins the day. So half watching QVC, and also making my first clutter card, had a ver happy time - do like decoupage, and clutter cards I guess are very basic decoupage, but still very effective. But will have to take a couple of photos, as I made the Xmas door, which opens to reveal a very festive hallway. I added some festive paper that looked a little like wallpaper. Did manage to cut out a second, but was too tired to start fiddling with it, knew that if I did I'd just make mistakes.

But to my shock I actually did some scrapbooking this evening, decided that if I didn't make a start on my niece's scrapbook it would never get done. So have made the first page, am using a complete scrapbook kit, tho they never are really 'complete' - are they? You always seem to need more, think they are a bit mean with the ribbons. Lucky I have a huge stash of ribbon in my huge scrapbook kit (one of my better buys from QVC.

Had a lazyish day yesterday, was on a course - Welcome Host - to improve customer service. Well it was a day away from the coal face. It was all us library staff, and even tho the course leader knew that we all knew one another, he still insisted that we do that daft 'turn to the person next to you' thing. Wasn't much in the mood for role playing either, just wanted to sit quietly and get the day over with. When I got home I found that my parcel from Cardcraft plus had finally arrived, they have lovely stuff but it takes at least 5 days for stuff to arrive. The box had the clutter cards, plus some more embossing paste (True Snow - whatever that is) which came with two stencils, a flower and a lady wearing a hat, plus my anti static bag. Dunno what I was expecting re the anti static bag, possibly something a little larger, instead it is 3" by 2", but it did work on the mirri card, found the talcum powder didn't work when trying to stamp on the mirri.

Got flat to myself at the weekend, mum is off on her travels... so it will be up with the decs, in between crafting, also got to go see the continental market in town, got some nice things last year.

Time for a cuppa

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Was that the weekend?

Think I'll start a campaign for 4 day weekends, starting on Friday and going thru til Monday. I mean 2 days is just not enough, or in my case this weekend, 1.5 days.

But have started to personalise this blog, thank you Firefox, you did what IE7 just wouldn't - that is to allow me to start making this place more my own. I'd twiddled and fiddled with settings all weekend, could I persuade IE to play ball - NO! So knickers to IE7, onwards and upwards with Firefox.

Has been a horrible day weatherwise, tho realised that the BBC forecast is about an hour out, there I was, languishing in bed, as one does at 5.30 a.m., watching News 24 (in hope it would send me back to sleep, which is did!) and forecaster was trolling thru his forecast, which said it should be raining where I was, which is wasn't, but at 6.30 a.m., it did start chucking it down! Was still at it at nine, when I finally rose to greet the world, so out went my intended constitutional along the beach. Yes I am a wimp when it comes to braving the elements, I am a fair weather walker. Must remember to post some pics of our Iron men, shortly they will be sporting Xmas party gear....

So afternoon was spent finishing off big sister's Xmas card order, just putting in inserts, then on to Mum's Xmas card order, 15 down, 20 to go.... then there's my own to finish off! Oh for a pause button!

But my To Do list for November is at least complete, got swap card done and dusted

The theme was 'what are you lacking?' as you can see, in my case it was 'ideas'! So took the question mark that kept on popping up in my head and put it on a card! Used my compass cutter for the top bit, then cut two straight lines, then using a neutral versamark pad, stamped thru cut out, then sprinkled 'silver tinsel' on it, then added a few more peel offs, so came up with lacking: money, ideas, inspiration etc. Had been threatening to do an eclipse card, as in a black card with just the corona of the eclipse! Did try that, didn't really work.... :-(

But card is done, letter that goes with it is done, will pop it in post on Tuesday, along with Xmas card. Well it is going to Oz.

Wonder if, having now switched to firefox I will see the thumbnail images on Crafts beautiful?

Half watching CSI on Five US, fab to see again old episodes, Grissom is the best of the lot.

Well been a long evening, faffing with IE7 - sort it out Microsoft! Off to chill with a cuppa

Saturday, 1 December 2007

What - it's December!

How'd that happen? How did it manage to sneak up like that? I think Life should come with a pause button, so you can stop and just take a breather or have a long contemplation.

That means in (she whispers) 24 days time it will be 'that' day, the one that is soooo anticipated, which promises soooo much and yet, generally fails to deliver. Methinks our expectations are set far too high thanks to the media, all those articles in the papers, how to cook Christmas dinner, oh for crying out loud it is a glorified roast, alls you need to do is work out what needs to be cooked and when. Let's face it all we all want is a nicey juicy turkey, roasties, veggies (roasted parsnips... bring em on!) and lashings of gravy, and if you have room, some Christmas pud. Then we all fall asleep, wake up grumpy, survey room and think - was that it? Was that really worth all the stress, sleepless nights, worrying.... nope it wasn't.

I have at least pinned down my sister and what she and her hubby want, ordered both off Amazon, have no idea what Brother wants, his usual replay is: Don't know. I have promised that one day I shall wrap up a large box, and inside will be a card saying 'Don't know'. Did get pressie for niece and her partner, a photo box, but a nicely crafted wooden one. Mum banged on about: but where will they put it. Like, er is that my problem? Does my neice consider what I will do/put her present to me? No, in fact I am lucky if I get one. And luckier still if it is delivered around the Christmas period, one infamous year she finally arrived to hand over pressies in late January, I wasn't angry for me, but just furious on behalf of my mother who was very hurt and upset. Said niece lives just a five minute drive away. Whereas niece who lives a few hundred miles away ensures that pressies are delivered on time, and bothers to ask for suggestions.

No crafting today, was going to, but the sun was shining (oh boy had they got our weather forecast wrong!), so offs I go to garden centre, well known for its Xmas displays, all to get me in some sort of Xmas mood. Got out the advent candle, a lot less fattening than an advent calendar, try it! Crossed off 4 pressies off the list, coughed up for deposit on works night out, fiddled with Xmas decs at work, trying to persuade two light up snowmen to light up! They did, but did take a lot of persuading. Let two junior staff take the strain at work, told annoying customer who was griping about the kids, said kids were not being annoying, in fact they were being very well behaved, to go away. Have no time for that particular customer, she demands to use a computer, and for what - to play patience.... we've stopped her using her 'boyfriend's' library ticket, which she was using to get another two hours on the computers. Why don't these people go get a life, or better still, a job.

Will be crafting tomorrow, last few Xmas cards.... then just have to get going on a scrapbook for niece, my god-daughter, and more stuff for second demo (whose stupid idea was that? )

Off now to muse and curse blogspot! I would like to alter this blog, make it pretty, put slide shows on, can I - can I heck.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

I survived!

The day I'd been dreading had arrived, my craft demo... after a sleepless night, spend worrying about what I'd forgotten, what I'd probably forget, and doom laden thoughts of disaster, woke up at 6.30, well okay, was blasted awake by alarm - which for some reason seemed to be very, very loud. Think it was having sympathy panickings.

Nearly forgot the cutting mat, was only just half way out of road when I remembered it. After a lonely start, thinking that no-one would turn up, a few people drifted in, ended up with 5, which was a nice number to begin with. My boss made us all a cuppa, and produced some biccies, and then we got going. I showed them the 2 view cards, and then helped them make one each, then on to the waterfall card, which I'd only just mastered. At this point found I hadn't packed the template I'd made! So had to rely on memory, and by a miracle I managed to make the mechanism, well five of them. None had ever heat embossed, so thank you to LMC for those fab stamps, as they came in mighty useful for the waterfall cards. Used some Xmas embossing powder, which was really gorgeous, so rich in colour. All oohed and ahhed at the magic -that bit when the powder melts! Had time for one more card, so thought we'd do a quick one, so out came the embossing paste, all were very impressed at how fast you could create a very simple but lovely card.

Relieved was the word when it was all over. But they all promised to return on the 15th of Dec, for my second craft morning. One lady was already a very good crafter, she knows how to make those book cards, which she's promised to show me next time. Nice when you can exchange tips, the other ladies had all done a little crafting, but all produced really good cards. I sent them off with some 2 view card templates to make at home.

Will sleep like a log tonight!

Monday, 26 November 2007

Do not like this

Just tried a bit of editing, naturally it didn't work, just got an error message. May be looking elsewhere for a blog. Been a blah day, again grey and yucky, with that drizzily rain that is really annoying. Had to go to local high street, had to post parcel, get some largish envelopes, and a pressie, achieved the first two items, not the last bit, was out of ideas and couldn't see anything that grabbed my imagination. I'm in one of my 'moods', my 'don't want to be here' moods, but have no idea where I wish to be, just not here, and just not ME! Did tho win a tenner on the lottery.... oh that it had been the jackpot!

Had to have a sort out of craft stuff, need to get myself organised for my craft demo on Thursday. So sorted papers, card, mirri card, decoupage, re-organised craft tote, at present my Xmas craft tote, it contains all my Xmas stuff. Just need to go thru my tool box, hate to think what may be lurking at the bottom of it!

Half watching that doc on the Queen, but please will someone tell me why I should feel sorry for the Royal Family, people banging on about how hard they work! Everything is done for them, do they have to queue up in Heathrow, pack their own bags, make their own meals, do all the stuff that we ordinary folk do? No, they are pampered to within an inch of their lives and are well rewarded.

Best stop, not in the mood, couldn't log on, it didn't recognise me, nor did CB! Even tho I asked to be recognised... not what you need when your going thru PMT!

Sunday, 25 November 2007

I just lurrve computers - not!

Arrgghh. Why do computers choose to chuck tantrums at the most inconvenient times? I've just been exceptionally kind to my PC, offloaded old programs I no longer used, freed up lots of space/memory - and is it grateful! No it ain't! Alls I wish to do is to print to file, so I can convert a file to use with my robo... will it let me, no it won't, only it did do a couple of days ago. Now it just chucks a hissy fit. Well pal I can also chuck a hissy fit and wander up to PC World.... you can be replaced!

Not happy, missing my crafts beautiful blog :-( I mean I like the new forums, tis a pretty colour, it all works very efficiently, but not happy with the miniscule size of file you can upload - takes far to much faffing for my liking. And no blogs!

I'm whiling away time whilst the PC downloads a new version of acrobat reader, which puter says will solve my problem - nope, not taking any bets as it most likely won't.

Had a yucky day, was far to horrible to go for a walk, was not in the mood to be windswept, or cold - the downside of living on the coast is that it is always blooming windy. Upside, won ten quid on lottery (from a week ago, just checked results), also played some instant win games on line and won £20! Only play the games with very short odds.

Made another waterfall card, did some embossing paste stuff, forgot to go gently with the low tac tape on some black card so ripped it! Hate it when that happens, dunno why black card has to be so sensitive. But did managed ten Xmas cards for mum, she is happy with them, only another 20 to go! Plus my own Xmas cards. Still faffing with a swap card I have to make, the theme is: what are you lacking.... yep, exactly, I mean how is one to make a card of that. My first idea was to send a black card, completely blank... felt like I was lacking everything. Don't want to have to buy any stuff to make the card, but equally haven't got any stuff to make such a card! Catch 22.

Am fed up with the media, and its obsession with certain stories, am bemused by the Diana inquest, excuse me but what did her love life have to do with how she died? And why the hell does it all have to be dragged out? We have now had the facts, that is all that is needed, so the inquest should be wound up, she died because her driver was going to fast, lost control of car, ploughed into column in tunnel, she may have survived had she been wearing her seat belt and had the french medicos actually got her to hospital on time.

Oh, download complete! Guess must go and finish off what I wished to start.

Mmmm, suppose this blog gives me more freedom...

SSYS - figure it out!

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Saturated Saturday

Love this card, Rudolph is actually a tag, thank you WH Smiths! Saw him and just laughed, he makes me smile every time I look at him. Have grabbed as many as I can!
But it has been a very soggy day, had to go buy a new Xmas tree and with living in a flat, with limited space that meant getting a new half tree, go figure! They are actually called wall trees, they are literally 'a tree chopped in half', but it's great for those who simply don't have the room for a full tree. But the old half tree was a tad tatty, but since buying the old one I'd not seen anyone selling them, tho I'd seen them being used in shop displays - was considering er, 'stealing' any I saw as they are so darn useful. Luckily this year, and just in time a store advertised that they were selling them, so I hot wheeled over and got one, bonus was that they also had built in lights.
Then I decided to go check to see if my local Craft Central had sorted out its dispute with our utterly stupid council, sadly no, and worse, the shop had now been stripped bare. I doubt it will return... sad as it was a darn good craft shop. The manager knew her stuff, the staff were friendly and eager to help, and the shop was chock full of goodies. By then I'd had enough of Saturday, so went home, made myself some cheese on toast and then settled down to an afternoon of crafting. A half and half day, attempted to make my own waterfall card - yesterday I had made one from a kit, so today decided to go it alone, wasn't a total failure, just didn't like the result. Then recycled a few Xmas cards from last year, found a few that made good toppers.
Must tho get down to some scrapbooking, set myself the task of making one for my neice. I've chosen the photos, and providing my PC decides to at last behave itself (its been acting like a sulky teenager, or maybe it's going thru the menopause!) I'll print them off tomorrow, then try to get the juices flowing.
Also up to my elbows in Xmas cards, making my own, making some for friends at work, some for mum and some for charity... And December is fast approaching. Plus got a card making demo to prepare for.
But while the day started badly, in terms of weather/lack of fave craft shop, I did win 25 quid on the nat lottery site! Would prefer a few noughts to be added to the amount... but hey ho, a win is a win and I ain't complaining.