Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year

Let's us all hope that 2011 is far better than predicted!  

I find this to be a strange time of year,  the end of one and the beginning of another, but what really changes, other than the date?   Just like Christmas it is the anticipation,   that thing that you cannot see or touch, but you keep being told is there...  And then midnight arrives and....  nothing has really changed.   But it is up to us what will change,   we can decide and we can effect change,  don't ever stop believing that.   Whenever I see an MP I just think: I am your employer, you are working for me.  We just need to remind them of that, as often as possible. 

All I want for 2011 is less bad news, both personally and globally.  There has to be some bad stuff, that I expect, just not so much of it. 

So where ever you are, realise that it is up to you what sort of 2011 you have,  make sure that you manage to smile each day,  and make others smile.   

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Now we have a heatwave....

Phew, back to thin clothing,  I'm no longer feeling the cold but my mother is... so one of us is enjoying a sauna, guess who?   Not sure where the photo was taken, but it was somewhere in the UK, came courtesy of an FB friend, but it does look nice.

Busy day today,  housework day, was determined to get it all done in one day.  Needed a few sit downs to give the knee a rest, but got it done.  So flat is back in some sort of order, just need to sort out fridge freezer.   Feel much better, an issue which had been bugging me got resolved, my fears were unfounded but just glad I followed my instincts.   Been reading about Buddhism today, makes sense to me,  stay in the here and now,  stop worrying about what you can not change,  stuff that is done including mistakes.   Moment I began doing that I felt the stress just lift from my neck and shoulders.   It will take work to maintain it, but hey it is a start.  Now the housework and shopping are out of the way I can now go on a guilt free shopping trip.   I did indulge yesterday during the QVC sale day,  just one thing caught my fancy so thought what the heck, it is on easy pay...  a couple of clicks and it was mine.  Be interesting to see how long it takes to arrive.   Very unamused with Royal Mail,   they can deliver a letter with a vague address but can't manage to deliver a parcel sent BEFORE the snow arrived, on time!   Still waiting for my vouchers as well.   What was equally UNamusing was our chaotic bus service, one lot of drivers from one company decided to brave it and made it to our neck of the woods, another company refused point blank, but that didn't stop them taking on passengers who were destined to travel just one stop! I'm not blaming the workers, but rather the management, if workers feel appreciated then they go that extra mile,   so figure it out...

I'm also a great aunty for the second time,  yes my niece gave birth to her first son yesterday,  so some happy news. Mum and baby are doing well, still in hospital,  but should be home by Friday.   My mum also managed to get beyond the front door today!   Relief,  at least I got two hours guaranteed 'me' time.   Makes such a difference to have the place to myself for a few hours,  just to be able to chill.   Played my udu drum,  it makes such a beautiful sound.

Was going to do some scrapbooking today, but never got round to it.   Printed the photos, so that is a start,  didn't think printer was going to cooperate,  got a shut down message on the software, but luckily it all came back on.   Just not in the mood I guess.  Feel the need to go to a craft shop,  need a fix.

Well only a few days left of 2010...  

Monday, 27 December 2010

At last....

A thaw has set in!   The temperature crept up to the dizzy heights of 3C - a heatwave.  The snow is also beginning to melt,  might all be gone by weekend.  Which will be a relief, then perhaps things can go back to normal.  Still waiting for some Xmas stuff to come thru, which my niece sent two weeks ago, well before we got any snow. 
Think I also need a thaw to set in elsewhere,  can't seem to do right for doing wrong with one person.  I've tried just to ignore it but it is now getting to me.  I just seem to say, suggest or do the wrong thing,  get the cold shoulder, then a few days later all is okay again, sort of.    Got enough to contend with on the home front, I want craft to be about fun and having a laugh with my craft friends, not worrying if I should or shouldn't say something.    Need to mull things over, perhaps it is time to move on?

Managed to finish off the baby box, turned out better than I thought,  recoloured a few things,  and managed to find other bits,  now it just needs a date and a name inside, left some spaces so they can put a few photos in it.  Also made up the Woodlands card,  but do not like it!  There were no instructions with it, it is supposed to be a concertina card, but not so much as a clue as to what bit went with what.  It will be okay in a frame.

Now just need my hobbycraft vouchers!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

And that was Christmas...

Yep, all that build up,  weeks and weeks of it... endless TV programs about how to create the perfect Christmas (if you have a beautiful chocolate box style house and pots of money it may be possible... ), the type that no-one wants cos it isn't cosy or user friendly, it just looks nice!   I got sick of that Kirsty from RRR,  telling us all how to decorated our homes... shows how out of touch she is with reality.  I notice she wasn't on a council estate! Lets face it the Christmas we all usually end up with is more akin to the Royle family,  chaotic, a few rows,  a lot of laughs and far too much food! 
I don't much care if the bookies insist on  snowflake falling on the Met office roof before it is an official white Christmas, it was very white here!   The snow that arrived a week ago is still with us, pretty much intact,  everything is still frozen solid.
My mum liked her necklace and earrings,  necklace is in pic opposite, wonder if you can spot the mistake?  I did and undid it, at same time I made it a bit longer, but she was chuffed with it.  Also got her some books and a CD,  so she at last has something to read,  or so she said,  just a week ago I took a full carrier bag of books back to library,  they'd been here for over 2 months and she'd not read any of them cos she didn't feel like reading.  Of course  the moment I returned them she wanted something to read. Typical. 
I was in charge of cooking yesterday,  I still can't figure out why so many people panic over Christmas dinner, it is simply a roast dinner, all about timing,  and every blooming thing these days has on it cooking instructions! So what is the problem?   Our turkey was delicious, very moist, and it was a frozen turkey,  just the crown which is plenty for the two of us,  veg was spot on, only the roasties let me down,  the King Eddies are a bit naff this year,  and made some lovely gravy!   We even managed to eat the Christmas pud,  well these days I make sure the plates are not overflowing,   so we both had room for the pud,  Tesco's finest,  which looked on the small side, but then you forget how filling Christmas pud is.   And that was it,  time for mum to snooze, and time for me to go sit in watch over PC,  waiting for sister to skype us from Spain, I did ask her to text me to tell me when she'd be on skype, but she forgot.   No worries, caught up with a few bits on FB and e-mails.  Can't say sis looked very cheerful,  it seems Spain doesn't really 'do' Christmas, it hangs on for what we see as 12th night.   They did have the family with them, two of the offspring had flown over, after an horrendous time at Bristol airport, a certain airline beginning with R... It seems some plonker let all the passengers on then remembered that the plane hadn't been de-iced!   They got away some 3 hours later, very unamused as they'd been at the airport from 4.30 a.m.   I hope they do change the law and make all public transport companies liable for passenger comfort etc, high time that airports and airlines got a kick up the backside. 
Hope you had a good Christmas, and that Santa brought you lots of goodies... 

Monday, 20 December 2010

Anyone got a spare sled?

Finally managed to clear the snow off the car,  and it also started first time, which was a relief.   Wasn't going to go out, but forecast was diabolical for tomorrow, so decided to head off to supermarket.  The place was packed,  they'd cleared the main road into the car park but not the actual car park, worse they'd not really done anything to the disabled parking spaces.   Got all that we needed,  so we are now all stocked up,  will just need some more milk.
The pic is of the ivy on the wall,  full of icicles, I took the picture on Sunday, and they are still there today, in fact think they've grown. Main roads were terrible,  a friend said it had taken him an hour to drive a mile!  And that was on a main road, in fact the main road thru to Liverpool,  we've only got a few buses running and a limited train service, so everyone has taken to their car.  I was followed by a gritter, not that it was gritting even tho it was full.   We've had some extremely low temperatures and the grit doesn't work at anything below minus 10, but they could get out in the day time we've had sun,  get some grit on the roads then and they'd soon clear. 
My niece and nephew got away from Bristol airport this morning,  they thought last night that the weather may close the airport,  luckily the snow wasn't that heavy.
Managed to get on with my drum, added three designs,  this is one,  will upload pics of the others later in week.
Looks like it will be a white Christmas afterall,   it does look very pretty, 

Saturday, 18 December 2010

White world

Yesterday they said we'd get some snow, but by mid afternoon the sky was still blue so I thought we'd got away with it.  At 5pm I looked out of window and it was snowing heavily,  and so it carried on till the next day.  Took photo at 9.30 this morning, we'd had about 9 inches of snow!    At that point we'd had no newspaper,  didn't blame our paper boy (fully grown man actually),  but guess what?  15 minutes later he turned up with the paper!   Then a neighbour rang to ask if we needed anything,  only thing we were short of was milk, and she kindly went and got us some, then offered to clear the path.  She also checked on our downstairs neighbour. 

We haven't had any more snow today, but more is forecast... hope it eases off later in the week to give me a chance of getting some shopping.  We had no buses, no trains and some taxi firms only ran a limited service.  With no buses there wasn't anything heavy enough to churn up the snowy roads. 

Only one thing to do, get crafting, so I did.  Made two pairs of earrings,  and then did a bit more work on decorating my udu drum,  coming along nicely.  Haven't had chance to do anything with it these last few weeks, it has just been card making 24/7, or that is what it felt like. 

Off to catch up on Strictly....

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Oh no the white stuff is coming again!

Just seen our forecast, looks like it is our turn for the snow!   It at least had a good effect on me in that got all cards written and posted, plus parcel I needed to send.   Will do shopping tomorrow, got hair appointment on Thursday morning, taking mum to hospital in the afternoon...  so a busy few days but if the snow does arrive at least we'll have plenty of food. 
Finally managed to get all the xmas stash cleared away and stored for next year.  At least now it is all in one box rather than being spread all over the place.  Just need to sort out tool box,  which has got really messy.
I've done a lot of crafting over last few days, needed a box for a gift but local craft shop didn't have any, so had to make my own.  Which wasn't ideal as the gift is heavy, hence need for chipboard box, but temporary box will do for now, it looked very good when I'd finished,  used some violet paint,  put it on thick so you could see the brush strokes, then added some cosmic shimmer, and a few corner peel offs.   Next up was a 70th birthday card,   I used the QVC kit that I had been intending to send back, but once I'd looked at it properly I decided to keep it,  good job as it was just the thing i needed to make the card.   So white card blank,  butterfly acetate (glittered),  matted and layered piece of white card with silver frame,  used peels offs in centre, all finished off with a lovely bow.  All very blingy. 
Now I'm trying my hand at jewellry making,  got a kit at the weekend, said it had all you needed,  except it didn't as you also needed the tools, so had to go back to get a tool kit.   So far I've managed to make a pair of earrings, now making a necklace,   I'm going to give them to my mum for Xmas,  but not say I've made them just to see what she thinks. 
My life sounds all in order and calm, I can assure you it is neither,  got more bad news last week,  and then there is mum's appointment on Thursday.   Can't say I am much of a festive mood.

Hope you're all safe and keeping warm.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Oh it is getting closer...

Yep the day is looming large on the horizon.   All my pressies are sorted and sourced,  and everyone is online!  Well High Street shopping is beyond me at the moment, so internet is fantastic.   There are a few folk who have been knocked off the list,  well there is only so long you can keep giving without receiving.  So Christmas this year has been a relatively cheap affair,  lots of bargains on Amazon, but each present was chosen with care to ensure it suited the recipient.    Ebay also came to the rescue for a few things!

This morning was spent at an outpatient's clinic, full to the brim of nature's casualties,  courtesy of our wintry weather,  broken arms and legs everywhere.   So that meant an elongated stay,   we didn't get seen till 1pm, then it was decided by junior doc that perhaps the Consultant needed to be consulted...    trouble was he was also needed in theatre.  So we ended up going home without a result,  at least they got all the tests out of the way.   And so we get to do it all again next week!   Joy.  More annoying was the ruddy car park, the multi storey,  had to park up on the second floor, but the sodding lift wasn't working!   I was fuming.  Only bright side was that they have a flat rate charge of 2 quid, regardless of length of stay.   So after arriving at 10.15 we finally left at 2.45!    Was waiting in a pick up point for mum,  in which was a very officious/jobsworth looking security guard invested with booking anyone parked illegally,   think it took him 20 minutes to write out ticket for car parked next to me, which had been there for well over an hour.  I'd only just got there, but I thought if that chap comes anywhere near me... 
So that was my day over,  managed the last bit of QVC,  but not a spot of crafting,  same as yesterday,  had to put up Xmas decs,   had got neice's boyfriend to get them from loft, so nowt else for it but to put them up or live with large box and tree in bin bag for rest of week.    Had to get new set of lights,   last lot had too many out of order bulbs,   so got a set at half price at supermarket.   Not sure how I fitted 100 bulbs on a 2 and a half foot tree, but I did,  whats more it is only half a tree... ! 

As for weather,  well it has been freezing!  We got a brief respite on Sunday,   it did warm up a tad,  but Monday morning the world was a ghostly white, the frost didn't lift till well after lunch time.   It took me an age to defrost the car,  thick ice on windscreen, couldn't open the driver's door,  glad to say the passenger door did open so could push open the other door.   Car started first time and soon warmed up.

Hoping tomorrow I may get to finish off what needs to be finished off,  who knows, have to put prescription in chemist first thing - last time they had to ring round to get my painkillers!  Fingers crossed for an uneventful day, please! 

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Whoa... December!

And am I panicking... nope,  Christmas arrived today in a box, well the pressies did.   Decs will be rescued from loft by god-daughter's boyfriend this Sunday.  
We did have a sprinkling of snow on Tuesday,  enough to put mum off going to her appointment.   Sort of suited me as I didn't really want to go de-ice the car that early in the morning.   But did venture out, had to, we were out of the essentials, bread, milk.   Wore my super grippy shoes,  to see if they were any good and they were.  As was new winter jacket,  kept me very warm and snug. 

Got in a bit of a tizz yesterday making a card,   planned to make my group cards,  So got all the bits,  but what I was trying I hadn't tried before, so ended up with a mess, getting frustrated and wanting to hurl the lot out of the window.  So gave up and started again today,  this time with more idea of what I wanted to do and it worked.   Had slight hitch with printable acetate, the printer wouldn't recognise it, but solved that problem by using some paper behind it.   So one down, eleven to go!   
Also found one of my local craft shops is online,  it is in Southport, so by time I use petrol, pay for parking I may as well get stuff online from them. 

Thursday, 25 November 2010

When the North Wind doth blow we shall have...

That fluffy white stuff that manages to bring this country to a grinding halt.   Just hoping we don't get any tomorrow cos I have to go get supplies, food, wine and the like.   I did venture outdoors today and got hit by a very raw wind, the sort that travels right to the bone.    That was after I tackled the ironing, yuck, not my favourite job. 

After lunch it was down to more painting of udu, final coat,  and my cosmic shimmers are on their way!  Yippee.  Sadly Amazon had to cancel part of my Xmas order, rats,  tho it wasn't an important bit, just an extra thing for mum.  Did more Xmas shopping on ebay, saved fortune on singing bowl for friend, saw some priced at over £100, what were they gold?   There were also some very cheap from China, but since China is in the business of oppressing Tibet then it would be wrong to buy from them.  And finally settled on pressie for bro and his wife,  sort of revenge as they gave me and mum a hamper last Christmas, came close to telling them were to stick it,  plus to add insult my brother had slipped in some unwanted wine of his own,  it was obvious as the bottles were sticky and dusty, it was also crap.   So they are getting a hamper, tho not as crappy as they one they gave me.  As for their kids, they'll get zilch,  fed up with the pair of them, never see them, never get so much as a birthday card from them.   Have devised/made a gift for soon to be born baby,  that will do.   Yes rather bah humbug,   but other side of family have got nice gifts, tho my two nephews have been threatened with horrible underpants should I recieve another bubble bath set from Boots.   For one thing I take showers!   Well it ain't difficult, I have told them they just have to get me an Itunes voucher, I mean how hard is that?   Thought on line shopping would be right up the boys street. 
Even got how to get decs down from loft sorted,  niece is coming up next weekend with her boyfriend, I'm sure he'll be happy to go scramble in the loft! 
Might find my Xmas mojo tomorrow, still have a few cards to make, and one to finish off, but also want to get udu finished!   Decisions, decisions....  ho hum,  hum ho

Stay safe and stay warm.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Brrrrrrrr - time to get the thermals out

Definite chill in the air,  car covered in ice this morning.  Did poke nose out of door, briefly and that was enough for me.   So decided to tidy up bedroom,  I don't mind chaos, but only up to a point, and I'd reached it!   So now it is all nice and tidy.

Yesterday popped up to the Range to get some paint for my udu,  tried to look for stuff on line, but what I wanted wasn't available in the UK.   So made do with some artist paint,  wanted a dark purple,  and ended up with violet, which I mixed with some black.   It took two coats, and think I may have to seal it, but it is now the most gorgeous colour.   I did order some cosmic shimmer sprays, so fingers crossed they arrive soon and I can finish it all off this weekend.    Someone suggested that I do some scrap pages on it,  well why not!   I'm all Christmas carded out...  even if I did pick up some toppers and another set of stamps.   I am in the process of making a special card for a friend's mum who is 70 in a couple of weeks.
Also need to sort out stash,  got stuff in too many places.   Definitely need something to store my clear stamps as well.  Was watching a certain craft channel, and they were promoting a CD of cards for men,  I wonder when someone will realise that we also need some humorous cards!

Well tomorrow the plan is get thru a pile of ironing,  make up last batch of Xmas cards,  figure out what to cook for dinner...   oh and blitz bathroom, if my knee will allow me.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Do you Udu?

On left is a udu, a clay drum as used by the igbo tribe in Nigeria.   I was sort of playing something similar today and having a fab time of it.   It has a very gentle sound to it,  and is a female instrument, made by women of the Igbo tribe.   I had such fun and came out thoroughly chilled. 

Such workshops tho bring you in contact with some fantastic and interesting people.   I met one such today, a Tai Chi instructor, she told the tale of being invited by a group of pensioners to hold a Tai Chi class at the local church in their village,  except the vicar was not happy, he saw it as voodoo..   Oh please.   He took some convincing, and a petition and boycott of the church before he came round.   What is with these people?  Such thinking belongs to the dark ages, this is the 21st Century!   Can we not move on?  I always thought and believe that religion is about tolerance,  diversity and understanding.  Instead I just see and come up against bigotry and hatred,  a protectionism from within.  So stupid, what have they to fear?  Change?  Blimey if the human race had feared change we'd still be in caves.    Same with all the idiots who do not want women bishops,  I think you'll find that a woman played a crucial part in the birth of Jesus.. so if she figured large in his life why not in the church?   I'm just so sick of it all,  a book that has been rewritten, skewed to suit whatever age has been used to keep control, or maintain male domination.   Once upon a time the religious lot did not want the bible translated into English, they were fearful the masses may ask questions! 

Back to my drum,  yes I have one,  well I couldn't not come away without having my own drum!   It was safely strapped into the passenger seat.  It is such a tactile thing, it makes you want to touch it, stroke it, play it.  I do intend to decorate mine,  need to get the required materials first, well some ink... got the rest in my stash.   I know what I want to put on it, and when it is all done I'll take a photo.

All for now folks,  thanks for stopping by

Friday, 19 November 2010

POETS day has arrived...

Alls I can say is that this week scooted past me!    Also had an odd experience,  was driving along,  blue sky, sunshine and then.. where'd the fog come from?   It was as if someone had drawn a line in the sky,  really weird.    Was on my way to supermarket, felt like a change so headed for the one I used to shop in.   On way back called in at the barn to confirm my place on tomorrow's sound workshop,  going to be playing an Udu!   Can't think of a better way to relieve the stress. 

A good thing as well, as mum was in foul mood today.  Until the nurse came, then she was all sweetness and light,  after nurse departed it was back to bad mood.   She was going on about not being able to go for a walk along the sea front,  not sure why she does this,  go on about stuff she can't do.   The nurses aren't helping matters,  all deciding on what is causing the infection... and they are all wrong!   They just have to access her hospital notes and they will know what the cause is, then maybe they can start doing something about it.   In mean time I have to try to act as sponge for mum's bad moods and I am not sure I can do it for much longer. 

No crafting, just boring housework,  changing beds, dusting - all before cleaner comes!  Well she is only here for an hour and just does the basics in the kitchen/living room, rest is up to me.   I'm happy to pay her to do two hours.   She is only here till end of this month,  so back to muggins!    Knee is a bit stronger, but is just well a pain, literally.  Was mildly relieved to hear that another knee patient has also gone thru what I am going thru,  not so happy to find out he's still having problems 18 months on! 

Off to answer e-mails, write a few and think about my drumming tomorrow.  LOL.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Oh flip, now Thursday has come and gone....

Yesterday was too foul weather wise to do anything but stay indoors.  Got more Xmas stuff made, think I need just another ten.   Then suddenly it is Thursday,  and it is breakfast and mum is moaning about missing tablets... only they aren't missing, she's just forgotten to pick up her repeat prescription!   We have the same thing every month,   and guess who ends up heading to chemist!  Yep and so I did again,  out in the rain,  but tucked up in new jacket.   The usual chaos on the road,  road works - do they ever stop digging up the bloody roads?     Then limped round to chemist,  would like to know what my new artificial knee has against walking!   Cos it certainly doesn't like it.  For once there was no queue at chemist, so straight in and out,  over to papershop to see if they have any craft mags that may just take my fancy.  Oddly it was the crafts beautiful magazine, mostly cos I liked the stamp set.  Yep, Xmas stamps,  but with a lovely reindeer, see pic.  By time I'd waited in queue to pay the knee had had enough, so it was off home.

So after lunch it was back to the card making, can't believe I went about two months without hardly any crafting.   Made use of the new stamp set,  nice crisp images,  and used up the spare bits from some cards, even got a bit crafty, using a versa mark stamp round the edge and some embossing powder.   Also turned a near disaster into a triumph.  Yesterday I was using some thin mirri, which is great for matting and layering, but I used for embossing... mistake!   The heat gun started to make a pattern on the mirri,   thought all was lost, but it actually made it look unusual.   Haven't yet taken a picture of it,  will try to remember tomorrow.

Hoping the weather will be better, got a few things to do tomorrow.  

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Excuse me but how did we get to Tuesday?

I'd not quite finished with Monday.   Oh how the days creep up and then sneak past us.    Weather was nice,  blue sky, sun and yep, cold, but the sun made all the difference.  Had to laugh at the various weather forecasts, all of which were telling me that there was fog outside my door... oh no there wasn't.   

Well it was off to do the supermarket shop,  armed with list.  Very important that list,   and at last I found where they'd been hiding the kidney beans!   Had a man creep up on me, but it was only one of my neighbours,  he and his wife are angels,  they offer to do all sorts for me.  And every week they put out the recycling and bin for me.   For once  I managed to get everything on the list!  Hooray.   Now just had to get stuff home and into flat.. which is a bit of a Heath-Robinson affair,  I use mum's walker to bring bags from car to flat, and from there I use her stair lift to get them upstairs.   All a bit of a faff.   But it works.  Mum was in moan mode cos District Nurse hadn't come,  so she said she'd be going out anyway... yeah right.  This was only 11.30,  and she had no where important to be...  she just meets up with friends, who would fully understand if she was a little bit late for lunch.   Then I realised that if nurse didn't turn up I wouldn't have my afternoon off...  asked Angels to intervene and drum up nurse toot sweet,  two minutes later... nurse arrives.  Phew.

Carried on with knee rehab exercises...  felt a clunking feeling/sound in knee, it certainly didn't feel right.   Then got on with card making, and incurred an injury!  A paper cut!  Ouch, boy do they hurt!    But was more concerned about getting blood on new creation.   Was using some die cut freebies from some magazine,  see pic,  worked well with some Xmas papers and peel off borders.   Not bought much in the way of  Xmas stuff this year, aside from the ornaments,  been using up old stash, and looking out for freebies on magazines. 

Forecast for tomorrow is rain... oh joy.   So lots of card making.  Also planning a roast for dinner.   Well this caring lark has certainly expanded my cooking skills, tho I did know how to cook a roast dinner.  Last week made a lovely cauliflower cheese,  but did forget the leeks,  they make all the difference.  Now just have to persuade mum to like mash with gravy...  ! 

Monday, 15 November 2010

Monday, Monday

Started with a mini crisis,  chemist couldn't get my painkillers!  Manufacturer are making excuses, for that read they're being sold abroad for more money.  Luckily pharmacist rang round and got hold of a different brand... phew.   Only downside was I had to go back after 4pm to collect them.  Rats.   So off home, back to a glum mum,   met nurse on way in to flat,  but nurse had to take call, mum then got annoyed with nurse for not attending to her immediately!  So I got annoyed with mum,  I've had it with her permanently grumpy mood and told her so.  She did try to have last word, but I refused to let her telling her to snap out of it.

So thought a spot of card making would do the trick, but my sister skypes... and of course my computer is in my room so I lose it for the next two hours!  Great,  tho it could have been worse as sis wanted to skype last night, I had said that I spoke to my friends in the evening and could she make the call during the day.... but hey,  one must dance to the tune of others!   Sadly for sis she couldn't get a good connection - karma methinks. 

So no card making, instead I found myself tidying up the airing cupboard,  ours is big, walk in size,  and it had got a bit out of hand.    Was watching CnC,   not sure I want that many stamps tho,  but picked up a few tips,  which is always nice.   Still getting use to my rockablocks,,  I find you have to be careful when applying ink to stamp as the rockablocks have a raised edge and you can catch it with the ink pad.   Was on a roll yesterday with my cardmaking, got loads done.   And just completed a card for a friend,  photo card, took me ages to put together,  was nearly cross eyed by end of it.  

At least the weather was nice,  cold but sunny.   Hope you all had a good weekend. 

Oh pic:  my M&S xmas card,  used one of the M&S decs,  used an enamel powder on it to give it a shine, some mirri card,  couple of border peel offs (coloured with marker pens) and voila, a card.  Simples.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sunday... 14th November

Remembrance Day,   it started out sunny, but by 10/30 the clouds had rolled in and the rain came down.  I do feel so sorry for those who go on Remembrance Day parades, I remember my own, and there is nothing worse than a steady drizzle.   I watched proceedings on TV,  just as moving as it always is,  possibly more poignancy today because of so many deaths.  God rest their souls, and bring comfort to those they left behind.

Yesterday was a terrible day,  popped to high street,  knee felt okay, so thought it would be okay to get to chemist,  and cake shop, with possibly a visit to el cheapo shop that stocks wonderful tat for Xmas.   How wrong could I have been!   Got no more than a few yards from car and knee began complaining, by time I got to chemist, 300 yards, knee was screaming at me.   I must have looked like i was in pain as assistant in chemist asked if I was okay, then said they didn't have my painkilller!   Arrrgggggghhhhh....  luckily she found enough to see me thru the weekend.   Went to cake shop,  but they hadn't had their full order, so back to chemist, stopping off at el cheapo shop on way,  knee continued to complain very loudly,  only got some storage boxes,  then headed back to chemist for prescription.  Back to car, to move car closer to cake shop, couldn't get as close as I wanted tho...   hobbled up to cake shop, knee kept threatening to give way on me.  Must have looked a sorry sight as cake shop assistant took pity on me...  then off home,  in agony.  I had promised a friend to look in on a craft fair and offer support, well I headed round to the church where it was being held, but no parking anywhere,  I just couldn't face a walk back,  so I abandoned the idea and headed home.  Ate painkiller when I got in...   took the entire afternoon for knee to stop complaining.   Not sure it should be like this.    Did make a few cards, abandoned the idea of exploding boxes,  tho now I do have to make one for a birthday!  

Went thru e-mails, found one from sis,  and of course I was expected to dance to her tune regarding a skype communication!  Unamused, not sure what part of my e-mail she failed to understand,  the bit where I said skypeing during afternoon would be better as I do chat with friends in evening?     Really got my goat, but i had last laugh, as sis did try to skype me tonight but their signal was weak.. and skype cut the call!   So I went and had a natter and a laugh with a friend, we looked thru daft youtube videos, that is the bliss of skype, you can instantly share stuff on line and have a natter.  And all for free! 

Made a few more Xmas cards today, from a magazine,  mostly decoupage, but they had given permission for the templates to be copied.  Might make up a few more tomorrow - at least knee can't object to me sitting down. 

Weather had turned chilly,  warmed myself up with a lovely scouse pie from local cake shop, it was delicious.  Of course mum managed to find fault with it, but she would,  she has to find fault in everything these days.  Let her complaint wash over me.    Her life maybe half empty,  mine is half full and I intend to enjoy every last dreg. 

All for now.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Cor, what a wild and windy night!

I lay in bed wondering if our TV ariel would survive the winds!  I could hear it rattling, luckily it was still attached in this morning.   Car was covered in a thick layer of dust,  couldn't see out of side windows.  Tho it chucked it down tonight so I am hoping that the windows will now be clear. 
Got myself in a right two and eight making an exploding  box,  think  it was cos I didn't really want to make it.  But I'd promised someone I'd made them a couple...   so now got one and a half boxes,  one is lacking a lid,  will make that tomorrow.  Think I'm on a roll with the Xmas cards,  keeping them all simples,  well I've found that the simple cards are what sell,  plain white card with a design and bingo you have a winner.  Like this one, which is also a tree decoration,   stuck him on,  couple of peel offs down sides,  and a sentiment,  voila, one card.   Got a few fancy ones for the family, sort of....   since I hardly see any of them I am wondering whether to bother,  feel like telling them that I won't be buying any pressies, and what money we all save we can go spend on ourselves.  Well at least that way you get stuff you want.   Last year I got a ruddy hamper, very nearly told the giver where to stuff it.  The giver was a family member, and they all know I am a crafter... so what is so hard about giving hobbycraft tokens?   I make the effort to buy stuff that they like,  too much to expect to be reciprocated? 

Not a good week for family stuff,  my mum decided all on her own that I was not fit enough to tackle the cleaning.... we've currently got a cleaner and have shared the cost.   Well I ain't, so cleaner has her job for another few weeks.  Took me all my time to get round supermarket yesterday,   was also there for the 2 minute silence, it still angers me how some people can continue to shop when everyone else is stood still, especially older people!  When I got back home the first thing I did was chuck a painkiller down my throat and then had sit down.  I'm not sure my body likes having this foreign bit of metal inside it.  

Just heard from my sister, who is swanning around in Spain,  nice for some.  A one line e-mail,  nice.  It said they'd had no internet for 10 days, but now they were back on line.  And...   !    So just told them that they can skype on Sunday afternoon, when I am not engaged in nattering to my friends. 

Went up to hobbycraft on Wednesday,  was unamused to find that their lift didn't appear to be working on the ground floor, so had to hike up the stairs.  Not sure why I bothered, the warrington store isn't as good as the one in Chester,  only got a few peel offs.  So little Xmas stuff,  was looking for some nice Xmas sentiments,  stamps that is,  but not a sausage. It felt like January in there cos they appeared to be selling off the Xmas stuff at sale prices.   Must have a drive over to the chester branch,  bigger store and more choice.   I'd like to support my local craft store, but she doesn't have much in the way of papercrafting,  think that is where she has gone wrong really.  No staples, paper, card, mirri card etc,  too much of a mish mash of stuff.  But she is so nice,  I do buy stuff from her,  and she is also so talented. 

Need a cuppa,  have a lovely weekend, and thanks for stopping by

Thursday, 4 November 2010

The weather is bonkers!

I'm sitting here in a T shirt cos it is so mild.  Typical, I go buy a proper winter coat and the weather warms up.  
All Xmas cards this week,  thanks to a certain supermarket selling some terrific toppers!   Picked up some more today, sadly the Angels and reindeer  had all gone, but got parcels, trees and stars.   Also worked out a design so am speeding up the crafting process.    Tho realised today I've got stuff to make cards for sale, but actually not to much to make my own cards!    But as usual I can't find some stuff I want,  stuff that is here somewhere...  like the ribbons I bought last year and didn't use! 
Bit of a fed up mood,  mum is moaning,  her negativity knows no bounds.   Got the tax thing to sort out...  been researching it all on the internet,  seems best option is the CAB.   But I definitely am not paying for the mistake of the stupid HMRC, 

Of course the shops now have turned their attention to Christmas,   guess I'll have to start thinking about presents at some point.  Think it will be all on line this year, a few family members made zero effort last year,  if I get presented with a hamper it will be shoved up the appropriate orifice of the giver. 

Will be taking cards made so far to small craft shop tomorrow,  all on a sale or return basis.   I don't mind at all,  I at least have the chance of selling some cards.  Rather do that than sell to friends, who all say how lovely the stuff is then baulk at the price.   One year at work I did a deal on the cards,  and still a few folk said they couldn't afford them!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Great weekend and barmy weather

Was away at the weekend,  decided to go spend Halloween in Glastonbury - well where else!    It was as bonkers as I expected it to be, tho sadly we didn't get to experience it all,  we had to move on to a Travelodge  for Saturday night and it was a bit further than we'd anticipated from Glastonbury.   But we had a very enjoyable 3 days,  there are lots of lovely places to eat there, so we chose the George and Pilgrim for the first night,  then a lovely Curry house just outside Glasto,  and then for lunch on the Saturday before we decamped we had veggie burgers at the Blue note Cafe.   Also went on a spending spree, well been so long since I went shopping, I also had two bag carriers!   So got a proper winter jacket from Hawkshead,  and a good pair of stout walking shoes,  adidas.  Would have liked a couple of tops but can't have everything.

The journey down was horrendous.  I left home at just before 10, hoping to be at my friend's for about 11ish - but there had been an accident on the M6, so had to crawl along,  finally got to Debs at 12.30.   Then we set off again, with her driving at 1pm, only to find more jams on the M6,  Debs knew the local roads so we avoided the worst of it.  Even so we didn't get to Glastonbury till nearly 5pm,  far later that we had planned.   Coming back was fine, a few slow bits but the traffic kept moving,  tho when I got near home there was of course the usual congestion!  And at Birmingham it was chock full of road works... do they ever stop working on the motorways?    We also had to call into a service station to get Deb's debit card,  she'd left it behind, not her fault really, she had to sign and the pen wouldn't work so she put the card down and forgot to pick it back up.    There were two bonuses from our stay at the Travelodge was: it had a Little Chef so we got a good breakfast,  and it was near the M5!   There was also a very large Tesco nearby, so we made use of that to get in some supplies for a junk food evening and telly.   Not complaining,  the room was only £56, so we expected cheap and cheerful, but two pillows each would have been nice! 
Came home to find that the taxman says I owe him money - I think not!  They've got my details wrong, have told them over and over but they still keep getting it wrong.  Besides why should I owe them a penny?  I was on the PAYE scheme,  on that you are hardly likely to check you are on the right tax code.  I was fuming,  and it was just another piece of crap to deal with and do I need it?  No I do not. 

Knee update - doing all the rehab but nowt seems to be happening.  At the weekend  met so many people who knew someone who'd had a knee replacement. All said the same thing : that it takes a long time.   Did a bit too much at the weekend,   overdid the walking so on Friday night i was in agony.   Today it nearly gave way on me twice,  second time I only just managed to avoid hitting the deck.  Also had horrendous pain in shin bone area.  

As for the weather - it is nuts!   So mild,  yet last week it was freezing.   But glad I got the jacket, came in useful at the weekend,  kept me dry,  and shoes were sooooo comfy.  They only cost me £26, I do love Outlet stores! 

All for now.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Jack Frost is about!

Brrrrr,  so glad I changed the bedding and got out my duvet, it was freezing this morning,  car was all iced up.  Glad I didn't have to go out.

Aside from the cold it was a lovely day, blue sky, sunshine - gorgeous.   Not so good inside,  mum was moaning,  she was doing the ironing, which I should add she insists on doing as her contribution.  I've said I'll do my own stuff, and in future I will. There was quite a pile, but that was her own fault, she could have done some earlier in week but chose not to.  Then she started moaning cos one T shirt was inside out!   Dunno what it was but I just felt hurt,  I'd gone out yesterday to get her some buttons for a baby jacket she'd made,  came back in a lot of pain but had got some lovely buttons.   Been shopping twice this week, taken her to GP...  and all she can do is moan, she sees the glass as being permanently 'half empty'.   What upset me even more was when my sister skyped, she's currently in Spain enjoying herself on a 6 month holiday, okay for some.  But mum lit up,  all happy...  you can imagine how that made me feel.   Not very charitable towards my sister and mum.   Feel like putting mum on a plane and sending her out to sister... ! 

I got a weekend away planned,  so that is something to look forward to.   Need this break, in fact I need a proper break, so does mum. 

Been making cards all weekend, well was right up to when mum upset me.   Was happily enjoying myself then she put the kybosh on it.   Managed to make my first stepper card,   all thanks to Karen who had sent me one, used that as a template.  Was a bit fiddly till I had worked out the folds.   Will have another go tomorrow, providing someone doesn't upset me, tho I think tomorrow I'll bite back.  Had enough of all her self pity it is sickening.

Oh, saw consultant,  all is normal, whatever that is. Also met up with two ladies who were in the ward with me, one had also had a knee replacement, she was now using a walking stick!    Found that depressing.  I've been doing all my rehab,  even tried on Thursday to walk around B&Q on one crutch, bad idea....  did the same yesterday, even worse idea.   Came back from craft shop in agony,   had to go up to another department to get the buttons for mum.   Did she care....   no.  Sorry in whingeing mode...   just feel hard done by.

Oh well roll on Thursday - I will be escaping to Glastonbury.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Goodness it is October!

Crumbs, time is flying by.  First proper cold day today,  last few weeks haven't quite managed to make use of any really warm clothing,  still using a bit of summer stuff. 
I have tho been crafting,  after I'd located my missing mojo.   Got a nice kit from QVC, black and white Xmas peel offs,  so have been using them in various ways.   The one pictured was done with gilding flakes, then added a verse from a carol - using computer/printer.  Made a few, but not got round to photographing them all yet.

Also half watching QVC craft day, only been tempted by one thing - the enamels.  Not taken by the new sizzix,  got my slice and very happy with it.  Just wish tho that there had been this much choice a few years ago, I may not have bought the craft robo. Not one of my better buys.  Tho did sell it on Ebay and didn't lose too much. 

Then there is the Knee...  I'm alternating between not so bad days and tearing hair out days.   I could have hacked off my leg several times these last few weeks.   Had to fill out of a form yesterday for the physio, a post op form, we all had one to fill in pre op... think I ended up being worse off after the operation.   Haven't been using the stairs,  just mum's stair lift, till yesterday, and oh boy was it a mistake!   Funny a few weeks ago I was using the stairs,  not in normal fashion,  but could get up and down.   I am plugging away at the rehab,  did it all today, which means tomorrow the knee will be screaming with pain.  I've varied the exercises, number I do etc,  nothing seems to make much difference.    I see doc on Thursday, so will see what he says - if he says this is normal I may be tempted to hit him. 

Also need a few autumnal clothes, but can I find owt I like - can I heck.  Went to M&S,  didn't see anything I liked in the women's department, ended up in menswear, found what I wanted,  just jumper with faux shirt, not clingy, not short,  not too baggy...

Well a bit of a catch up...   now off to see Rosemary Merry.

Friday, 1 October 2010

That was quick...

With my last QVC order I waited 8 days for it to be delivered,  with this order it came after 2 days!   In fact haven't even had the e-mail telling me that my order is on its way.   Very happy to get it tho, got the large decoupage kit,  all Xmas cards,  so got stuck in today, didn't much like the backing papers so used some paper from a pm stack I bought ages ago and have hardly used.  Funny how stuff you buy and don't use eventually becomes a must use.

I do enjoy decoupage, but have to say I am missing the cutting out,  it all seems to be laser cut these days.  This is a bit like dufex,  all foiled but very nice,  cards are a lovely size.  I also found a star brad which I used, think it works very well.    I made up two cards,  will get out the Christmas stuff and see what else I've got that may go with it. 

The knee continues to be a problem,  very painful, last night yet again I had to take morphine to get to sleep.  Went back to the trammadol today,  it sort of works,  keeps it all at a dull ache, but did top it up with some solpadol,  had to just to get thru the exercises.    I did far too much yesterday, a really big shop at the supermarket, won't be doing that again,  think I'll turn it into two trips,   did get annoyed with neighbour's DiL who watched me struggle to get bags from car to flat!    I was already in half a bad mood cos someone had parked in my spot, luckily they were just about to leave.   I am fed up of the people in the other road parking outside our houses,  one chap has a large van and car! 

Weather was also depressing,   just a very soggy grey day.   Hope it improves tomorrow. 

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Yep, Autumn is here to stay

One of those horrible grey days,  relentless rain and dark.  Ugh.   It stayed like that all day.   I shouldn't mind as I can't get out, but even just seeing the sun shine via a window is uplifting.  
Saw neighbour today, he's also crocked,  just out of hospital after a major op, he's also suffered a minor stroke.  But he'd ploughing on, making progress,  feel angry that someone else I know was far too eager to just give up and wait for the miracle to happen....  it hasn't and it never will.  But me and the neighbour are putting in the rehab hours,  even if I think it isn't doing much good.  Doesn't feel like I am making much progress,  but I keep going in the hope that a corner will be turned at some point.   I'd be happier if it didn't take me about 2 hours to get to sleep at night.  For some reason once I am in bed the knee really plays up,  and I just can't get comfy,  last night exhaustion set in and I just flaked out after 2 hours. 
Made an effort this morning by putting a colour on my hair, ash blonde,  to take away the grey stuff,  I just don't suit it. Some people look fab with grey hair, sadly I am not one of them.  Felt better after washing and drying hair, at least I looked half human.   Then on with the rehab,  endless exercises,  it does get you down,  cos you are in pain, don't want to move, but know if you don't then you won't make any progress.  

After lunch I felt I'd done enough rehab, did two more sessions during afternoon,  but got on with some crafting, a second scrap page.   Have posted second photo of Highlands page,  but with some changes.  Have now got new card for Slice, it arrived yesterday, and it has just about everything I need,  well aside from more alphabets. But tons of die cuts to choose from, and can do shadow cutting, mirror cutting... and use card in computer... so I am thinking of using to make a few stamps! 

New scrap page is of a bird, but not a pigeon, took me a while to get the colour scheme,  and a layout,  as usual it was all down to serendipity.   Worked out basic layout, but rest needs to be sorted tomorrow.

What will tonight bring... sleep?   I do hope so.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Autumn days...

Brrr, it has turned colder over last few days,  needed to fire up central heating over the weekend. 

Still having sleepless nights cos of the knee,  last night I needed a dose of morphine to knock me out.   I'd like to think that it is improving, but it just doesn't feel like it.   Had physio appointment,  since I've been thru knee rehab 3 times I think I know what to do,  and I did tell hospital I didn't want any physio,  so of course I end up with appointment!   Same stuff,  20 minutes of paperwork, ten minutes of physio...   she was trying to bend my knee, now at the moment it will only go so far, I know that in time it will free up, but she tries to bend it... think my stony glare made her stop...  or else I'd have thumped her.   Do physio's understand pain?  I don't think they do at all.   I also had restricted movement before the operation,  and had she read my notes she would have known my medical history, as it was I kept on having to tell her stuff!   I was going to just slip out and not make another appointment, but she collared me on way out... rats.  Well next week will be last appointment, waste of time in my view.   The physio also took a dim view of me driving the car,   well I did as advised,  made sure I could operate all the pedals and perform an emergency stop.  Physio I saw pre op said we could get back behind the wheel as soon as we felt able, and providing we could do the emergency stop.   I'm not driving far,  just to high street, half a mile, and supermarket, half a mile in other direction from home. 

Still waiting for delivery of my new Slice card,  ordered it last Tuesday, got e-mail on Thursday saying it was on its way and...  still waiting for it to flop thru the letter box.   Need it to complete a few projects,  so it is frustrating, as is the post these days!   We did go have a lovely period of about 6 months when we had the same postie,  not any more,  some even seem to be casual workers.   The prat who ruined the Royal Mail should never have been allowed to move on, but have been sacked and penalised financially.   I am sick of these so called big bosses getting away with such ineptitude, and being rewarded for making a bloody mess of things. 

Craft day tomorrow on QVC, will see what the TSV is... hope something can tempt me!   All for now.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Bumpy road to recovery

Think my road to recovery is bumpy and full of u-turns.  Every time I think I am improving I end up taking a dozen steps backwards.   Still got a lot of swelling,  and that means it is hard to both straighten and bend knee,  especially in the morning.   I dread the night time as it takes me ages to get to sleep,  last night it was 3 a.m and that was after taking 5mg of morphine to knock me out.   Now got some stronger painkillers from GP, so hope they work.

Also got something sticking out of wound, not sure it it is a stitch or....   Good to get all the staples out, all 34 of them!   Think whoever did the stapling got carried away.   The stapling is no worse than stitches, I've had both so I can now make a judgement, and the staples are easier to take out. Still got a bit of leakage at top of wound,  GP was a bit concerned, but I assured him that there was no infection,  well there wasn't on Sunday.   But all this discomfort is doing wonders for the diet,  don't feel like eating,  even the wine intake has take a severe hit.   Managed to complete all the exercises today,   still got the physio appointment hanging over my head...  did cancel the Monday appointment.  Frankly it is a waste of space,   the session will last about 10 mins, maybe 15, will include showing me what to do and a short walk... what is the bloody point?!   I sometimes wonder what the physiotherapists do to earn their money!    When I injured my back I got a great physio, she sorted me out,  showed me how to release my back,   and a number of useful exercises, but for the knee... forget it.  It has been pathetic.  My consultant keeps saying that I'd get to use the gym to build up muscle, methinks the gym is just a figment of someone's imagination.   They didn't even do much for mum when she was in,  just got her to walk up and down the ward, what bloody use is that?   The ortho ward needs its own gym,  on site,  then patients would make progress. 

On to crafting,  indulged in a bit of retail therapy,  QVC were selling stuff for the Slice, so I got a new design card, only cos it was on easy pay,  I dithered far too long over another card and it was no longer on easy pay - rats.   But am on waiting list for embossing kit for the slice.  Wasn't a bad show today,  some new stuff to look at and not just an endless list of kanban stuff. 

I have been crafting,  made this page using two photos of the highlands.  Used papermania 12x12 card,  the tartan is also papermania, from their Christmas collection,  used my X cut shape cutter system for the ovals, and the slice for the lettering... tho don't like it and will be changing it!  Also got a bit fancy by using an ink pad to recolour the letters and scalloped oval card, oh and the ribbon.    Printed off a few more photos,  can't get used to having this cheap printer, well cheap ink wise,  nowt cheap about it with the printing which is excellent.  Kodak I love you....  I'd have been putting in new cartridges on the old printer, best of all I can load up to 20 photo papers, whereas with my old printer it would only take one at a time and would then make a mess of it.

Well knee wants a rest...  must oblige it.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Not feeling the bees knees...

Nine days after operation to replace knee... wondering if I did the right thing.  Still hobbling around,  pain is up to 10+,  feel rubbish, only good thing is that I've lost my appetite so clothes are starting to feel loose.

Stay in hospital wasn't too bad, there was a good crowd in the ward, we were all on the same wave length humour wise and determined to keep each other cheered up. Staff were fantastic,  nothing seemed to be too much trouble for them,  cannot fault the care we all received.   Food left something to be desired,  it was edible but not very appetizing.   There is also an inherent fault,  on your first day in hospital you get whatever the previous occupant of your bed ordered!   Which meant last Monday I got chicken and chips, no veg,  no gravy... it was also a leg of chicken,  not what I'd serve to patients, not with all those fiddly bones,  and looked just awful.   Think they need to employ someone with ideas for nutritious but appetizing food.    Physio's were very gentle, we'd all got the pep talk before our op, being told what to expect,  which is exactly what we didn't get!   Perhaps some coordination needs to  happen?   It was also daft that the phyios came to our ward,  saw one patient then disappeared off to another ward, and so that went on all morning, surely it made more sense to work thru each ward?    They also seemed to be wasting a lot of time stuck in their office,  we were all given an exercise guide, but no actual guidance on how to do the exercises,  no-one checked to see if we were doing them properly.   The physio consisted of:  being helped to use a zimmer for first day out of bed, next day a very short lesson on how to use crutches,  then practice up the stairs, just once, and that was it!  Diabolical,  no real therapy at all,  while the nursing staff were the ones who were run off their feet.  Seems to me that the physio lot had it very easy. 

Should have staples removed tomorrow, that will be a relief,  think wound has also stopped bleeding. It bled rather alarmingly for first few days,  registrar told me that there was no possibility of heavy bleeding!  Oh yeah, must have been why I ended up with about 3 large dressings round my leg, leaving me barely able to move it.   All were soaked thru when they changed it,  the nurse said he would tell the registrar! 

Well time for exercises... 

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Had me fooled there for a moment...

The sun came out yesterday,  there was blue sky and fluffy white clouds, yet the forecaster insisted that it was going to rain - well she got that wrong.  It stayed fine all day,  then came morning and... yep grey clouds, windy, cold...  so back to normal. 

The weather put me off doing anything, or going anywhere.  Was half contemplating paying a visit to Cardcraftplus in Preston,  but I knew that if I went there I'd end up spending far too much money.   So stayed put and did some crafting.  I have been trying to get into the Xmas card mood, but it isn't really happening.   I managed about 4 cards, none of which I'm that happy with,  think I need something to inspire me.   Think I'll do some scrapbooking tomorrow,  see how that shapes up.  Also have an odd urge to make jewelry,  which is odd since I am not a jewelry type person,  well aside from my rings and chain, but I don't go for dangly stuff or anything OTT.  We'll see.  

Think I am in one of my half here and half somewhere else moods,  not sure where I want to be or what I want to do.  Itchy feet syndrome. 

I did enjoy making the card above,  my kinda card,  totally daft and irreverent.   I love using my promarkers,  can't see me going back to my brush markers at all.   Now there's a thought, got a few Xmas stamps that would really benefit from the promarker treatment. 

Have a lovely bank holiday.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

More grey stuff, will it ever go away?

Just one grey day after another,  yesterday and today have at least been dry.  Should have had my pre op on Tuesday, but the letter never arrived, then the secretary failed to ring me back to say she'd rebooked it for 1.30, she got back to me at 3pm,  poor love really had had a bad day.  She apologised profusely for all the cock ups.   So it is now organised for next Tuesday,  dunno why they need to all the stuff again,  just need the mrsa swabs taking.   Oh well, just over a week to go!  

For some reason my craft juices have returned,  had a very crafty few days.  Tho yesterday I decided to sort out the garden,  plants were looking very tatty and just about at the end.    So picked up some winter pansies,  just need something else to go in the other planter.  It was also craft day on QVC,  but nothing took my fancy,  either too twee or too fancy.  Did like the toppers in the TSV, but not the card stock,  I like my white or cream cards.   But did stick it out till the end.   CnC continue to bug me with endless CDs...  and the nice person but very annoying presenter is back!  Drives me nuts,  she just has a very irritating voice. 

Need to be really organised next week,  got to get as much done as I can in flat,  and sort out shopping,  after that it will be online shopping for a few weeks.  Which is fine, except that mum's bloody walker is half blocking the front door,  I curse the day my sister convinced mum to buy it, the other one she had was fine,  and it tucked neatly away.   Can't expect poor delivery chap to move that first before bringing in shopping. 

The pic:  FF topper,  used one of the concertina cards,  used a backing paper that came with a magazine,   took all of 15 minutes!   10 minutes of that spent choosing the topper.   Do like these concertina cards, and hadn't realised how many you got,  50!  Really good cardstock as well,  along with the scalloped die cuts.  One of my better buys,  still wondering whether to drive up to Cardcraft plus, need some collal glue,  and with the Xmas cards coming up I'll be needing a few tubes of it.   But if I go then there is the temptation to buy other stuff....   decisions, decisions. 

All for now, thanks for dropping by

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Gone shopping

Decided I needed a treat so headed for a craft shop.  My main purpose was to buy a versamark or impress ink pad,   so ended up with: scoreboard, new set of stamps 'Shop til you drop',  two packs of shaped cards, plus stuff for mum.   Loved the stamps,  I do like funny cards,  and it is only recently that there have been some funny toppers/stamps etc.   I must remember to go check to see if there is an Xmas set of the Ethel and Murray stamps, I think they are hilarious. 

So having indulged myself I then had a crafty afternoon,   knocked off 3 cards in quick succession.... my kinda crafting!    I don't mind the complicated stuff if I am in the mood,   but don't like terribly fancy cards either.   A lot of the stuff on CnC is lost on me,  I find it overly ornate,  or as if they felt challenged to use as much stash as they possibly could.     You are hardly going to sit there and churn out the sort of cards you see on CnC,  not if you're trying to sell them, not very cost effective.   The presenter I also find most annoying is back to annoy me,  I'm sure that they are a very nice person,  it is just I can't stand their patronising presenting manner...    You'd think they were addressing an audience of toddlers.  

Also popped into my old workplace,   just in time to see former Saturday kid, as we knew them, before she headed home, she'd just got back from the USA.   I'm glad she managed her trip, there had been some doubt that she could go, she was looking for a work placement.   So caught up on the gossip,   had a nice cuppa,  and passed away an hour or so.   Also foiled the traffic warden by parking in the car park! 

Will be crafting again tomorrow,  not sure what, cardmaking or scrapbooking?   Or possibly both.   Thinking more and more of doing a craft fair...   but not just cards, other stuff as well.   There is one coming up at end of November, so that will me Xmas cards...  joy... NOT!    So I suppose I best get stuck in.   May take my stamp sets and promarkers to hospital, well it will pass a few hours making up toppers. 

A dry day as well,  very muggy this morning,  but it has cooled down  a lot.  It was very warm last night, tough getting to sleep. 

Friday, 20 August 2010

Another week bites the dust

The alarm call this morning was huge rumbles of thunder. It was also horribly clammy,  the dark clouds kept on coming over, but we only had a few small showers after the heavy downpour.   Did think I was going to get a soaking at the supermarket, but the clouds kept on rolling by.   I had my list but still managed to come home minus two items,  nearly left my magazine on the checkout, well I did leave it there, luckily the assistant came after me.  Which I thought was nice of her.   Got petrol and it came to £20.01, the damned PENNY!   I hate that. 

Decided since weather was so iffy to do some crafting, so made a card and a scrapbook page.  Used the Fairy stamp I got a while ago,  coloured it using the promarkers,   just missing a few basic colours like yellows and a few more pinks.  I used a trick I saw on CnC and embossed two lines down the edge of the card,  vertically and horizontally,  just added something to it.   Was also looking for my 'sympathy' set of stamps but they seemed to have done a vanishing act.  A friend's mum has just died, so my intention was to be very good and make my own sympathy card.     I'll post pic of scrap book page tomorrow,  that didn't take me any time at all.  Just one of those pages that seemed to just come together. 

Doing well with my exercise regime,   just want things to ping back to where they are supposed to be, and still trying to build up muscle in my knee.  I'm hoping once I get the new knee I'll be able to go for my beach walks again, it has been 3 years since I set foot on the beach.   I'm really missing it,  even in the winter I enjoyed it.   Early Sunday mornings are my favourite time, there are no yobs about,  very few children,  just dog walkers and joggers.   

It is still horribly clammy, but the clouds have gone and we've got a nice summers evening. 

Enjoy the weekend.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Oh rats...

My printer bit the dust today,  in spite of all my TLC yesterday when I tried it today it just was gobbling up the paper again.    So off to PC World,   they had the entry Kodak printer on offer,  as did Comet, both showed they had them in stock.   There were plenty of other printers on offer, but it is the over priced ink cartridges that put you off.  I spotted a nice Epson, but a colour and B/W cartridge would cost me over £30,  same combo for Kodak came to £17!  Big difference.   The chap was trying to sell me a Lexmark, cos he thought the Kodak model I wanted was out of stock,  sorry but would not have a Lexmark if you gave it to me.  I told salesman that I'd checked on the web and it had said they had the printer in stock, so he checked on his computer, yep, they had plenty!  Think he figured it was better to get that sale than to try and get me to spend any more money.   He said to me: You know what you want don't you?  I nodded.    Had the shelf had the printers I'd have just picked up the box and headed for checkout.    I always go armed with facts, and with roughly what I want from gadget shops,  that way you don't get talked into what you can't afford.    Tho I did drool over the new Lumix....  oooh was tempted.  

Another sunny day!  So got in another walk,  also tried a walking meditation,  it was interesting, but really I needed to be somewhere quieter.    My meditation skills are improving,    it is an odd thing to do, to be at one with yourself but also aware...      I do feel reinvigorated,  a bit more upbeat,  it is definitely the weather, sunshine makes all the difference.  Well that and hearing Andy Murray had won in Toronto,  way to go Andy, high time he won a tournament. 

Tomorrow the forecast is for rain...  but rest of week doesn't look too bad. 

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Hooray, summer has come back for the weekend!

Should have know it would after the Met office lot predicted it would be wet till November.   I've actually had to water the plants they were so dry.  Not only have we had sun but the temperature has also gone up a few degrees.   No doubt it will chuck it down tomorrow. 

Had to laugh today, my parking rant at the interlopers who park in our road seems to have worked, several cars have mysteriously been removed, leaving us to actually park in our own road.    I am thinking of asking council to mark out a disabled bay, don't want to as they do take up a lot of space, but if it is the only way I get to park outside my own home then so be it. 

Also having printer trouble, not sure if this printer is on its way out, or is just chucking a tantrum.  I've now reinstalled it,  tho had  huge problems trying to uninstall it.   It now seems to be okay, but print quality is a bit ropey. Just looked to see how much the new kodak printers are,  there is one for 69 quid,  which isn't bad, and the cartridges are much cheaper.  I will give this one a chance, but if things haven't improved in a couple of days then it is off to the recycling centre with it. 

I did get it to print a few things,  two photos and a letter.   So decided to put together my scrap challenge page, not happy with it, think I rushed it a bit, needs a bit more tidying up methinks. 

I did manage to go for a walk yesterday, and was planning one today but mum cut her hand, so she wanted to go to the walk in centre, and it was chock a block.   I had said to her yesterday that if she wanted to go there we'd need to be up early,  of course she didn't get up till gone 9.30, then only told me she wanted to go after 10!   She was still faffing about till I told her to go get dressed.    We were stuck there for over an hour, there were just two nurses on duty, which was ridiculous.   These places are supposed to take the load off the A&E rooms,  but how can they do that when they aren't staffed properly?  

Ooh, just seen forecast for tomorrow  - another sunny day!  

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Soggy day, again...

I am SICK of the wet stuff, enough...   send it where it is needed like Russia.   Popped over to corner shop for local rag and got soaked,  well not helped that I am walking at a snail's pace.    Rest of morning remained wet and grey... hardly the stuff to motivate you to do stuff.

Managed to make two cards.  A miracle these days, my mojo has gone MIA,  can't seem to find it.   Saw that the carer's centre is running some crafting classes,   need to do something, they are also doing an art class,  I did enjoy drawing and painting at school,  so might have a go. 

Mum continues to be a worry, last week she was convinced that the TV she had in her bedroom was the one she had bought for dad when he was sick, way back in 1985.  That TV bit the dust many years ago, it took me a while to convince her.  Now her spelling is all over the place.   With other stuff she is right on the ball,  I'm trying to remain patient, but it is hard.    Don't ask about family,  have no idea what any of them are up to, and neither do I care.   It seems to be a common thing, that one member of the family will assume the caring role while the rest absolve themselves of all responsibility.     Someone should do research into it and find out why it happens.  

Watched the match last night,  a miracle, Gerrard actually remembered that he can play football,  we won.  But am baffled at all the fuss about Becks, who cares?   He was an average player,   he is now past it,  we never won anything with him as captain, he used his position to enhance his marketability,   and posed constantly on the pitch before taking free kicks, Ronaldo did the same this year,  only Portugal have dumped him as captain to teach him a lesson.   He is 35, is of no use, was a passenger at the World Cup and was there in hope to be pictured with the world cup, in the vain hope that we'd win it.

Oh I need a cuppa,   thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

More sogginess

Yes nothing like what is happening else where in the world, but this relentless gloom is depressing.   Mother Nature does screw up somewhat, parts of the world begging for rain and cool weather,  some of us needing blue skies and sunshine.  Will there ever be a happy balance?

My new imagpac stamp is now very happy to take on ink, only took about 5 attempts.   I am getting a very crisp finish from it as well, so most impressed.    Needed to make a card today, but couldn't get my mojo going,  so headed off to a craft shop,  hoping the visit would whet the old craft appetite.    Got a few bits,  sadly not the ink pad I wanted,  had to make do with an inferior make,  will not name it!   And it proved useless, luckily found an Anna Griffin ink pad, that worked fine with home made stamp.   Hoping to make this one, see pic,   okay I like cats!    Got other ideas, but won't be making more till I have an A4 page full of stamps.    Don't want to waste the negative paper that you have to use. 

Did pick up a Do Crafts goody bag, a Christmas edition,  someone had already opened one, so took a peek inside to see what was in it.   Very impressed, lovely papers, some great peel offs,  set of stamps, 4 glitter pots, and a box card set.    I haven't indulged in a Goody bag for a few years,  when I started crafting I'd buy them every month.    Also finally got my silver fimo,  so will have a play with that,  just thinking over the idea of doing a Christmas craft stall in November. 

Just looked outside, got no chance of seeing the meteor shower, very cloudy outside.   Time for a cuppa, and England have just equalised...

Sunday, 8 August 2010


Three cheers for me,  managed to successfully produce a stamp using my new kit.   It was pretty straightforward,  or would have been had my printer played along, but it decided it didn't want to print!   Or at least it seemed unhappy with the imagepac software, once I'd loaded the jpegs into word and used that to print everything was fine.      Then I found the stamps needed quite a few inkings before they'd stamp properly,  tho I couldn't find my versa mark stamp,  only the stayzon.  Just need to get a proper timer,  not sure why but it tells you not to use the inbuilt timer on the machine - odd. 

So next task is to make this pic into a stamp!   And got loads of sentiments I want to turn into stamps.  Nope, it won't be going back, it will prove mighty useful.   I do also like how it all packs neatly away into its box, very handy.

We've even had two days of decent weather!   Can't call it wall to wall sunshine, but it has been dry and the sun has appeared from time to time.  It is of course nothing to what is happening in Pakistan,  the aid workers are facing an impossible task with all the roads and bridges damaged, but then you wonder how the journalists always get thru?  

Now off to enjoy a lovely glass of rose wine. 

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Blah, blah, blah

Humph, a week with my sister and suddenly mum wants fancy cooking!  She has no chance...   I hate cooking as much as she does.    So tonight managed a nice steak in pepper and mushroom sauce, steamed veg and chips.    She looked at plate and said there was too much on it,  but she somehow managed to polish off the lot. 

Went on a hunt yesterday for a new craft table, old one was beyond all hope, had bought a cheap replacement but it was useless.   Saw what I liked in Argos,  knew I could check and reserve item, but didn't bother, so two fruitless journeys.  So today I did what I should have done, looked at their online site and found one in stock in a local store, so reserved it.   Much better than old one,  far more sturdy for a start.    It easily takes my giant craft mat,  and fits nicely next to computer desk.   So I am fit to go crafting...  think the mojo has returned,  ordered a kit from QVC, you can make your own stamps with it,  only got it cos it was on easy pay.   Still not sure about it, but I have 30 days to play with it, so I will and see what happens. 

Feel more up now,  I am definitely still suffering from PMT,  have been keeping an eye on the calendar, and sure enough the PMT is happening at same time.   I even had what felt like a period pain the other night.   Might go back to primrose evening oil,  well it can't hurt. 

The other thing that is driving me nuts is the freeview... it is badly affected by atmosphere, plus our aerial seems to have slipped a bit, got man coming tomorrow to sort it out.  I can only get BBC at the moment on my TV,  primary TV is okay, tho it pixelates all the time.    Beginning to wonder if digital TV is all it is cracked up to be!    Will see what happens tomorrow, up until last few weeks it has been okay, it was ropey when they started the final bit of the switch over.   But we now have no choice,  it is digital or nothing. 

As for new coalition lot,  I am renaming Cameron, Mr Gaffe, if a man can stick his foot in it, he will.   He is a prat,  fails to put brain in gear before opening mouth.   I didn't want this idiot in charge of my country,  roll on an election, get shot of both of the idiots.