Tuesday, 29 April 2008

A not so typical Tuesday

A tossy and turny night, woke to find sun shining, BBC weather had great big grey clouds over where I live - eh, what grey clouds! Had a half boring, half interesting morning, spent on reference course, to learn what is available online, that is online on our home page. There were three of us on the course, so we did much 'Ooh I never knew that' or 'Mmm, that's interesting'. So a lazy morning. Also a chance to have a quick catch up with old colleagues, one of whom is bonkers, but in the nicest possible way. Then ambled home, enjoying the sunshine and hoping that mum had taken big brother's advice to have a 'normal' day before going into hospital for her operation tomorrow. I just wanted a couple of hours to myself in a stress free zone. Luckily she had, got home to an emply flat, bliss... settled down to lunch and then watched the Bibster. Mum came back after her lunch with friends about half way thru the QVC craft hours, stress levels rose as she openly wondered what to pack for hospital! Er, slippers, books, crossword puzzles, bed attire and a couple of towels Mum! Then she got all maudlin and told me where all the documents were, bank books etc, just in case something should happen... you can see she is full of confidence - NOT. Took her to hospital, my nightmare was getting here there to find that she didn't have a bed! Luckily everything went smoothly, got her a TV/phone card, showed her how to use TV, settled her in and then we had a tearful hug.

So home to: stripping and cleaning her room thoroughly. Will storm thru rest of flat tomorrow, new shifts I've been doing have meant me not being around enough to get housework done properly. So will give the flat a thorough going over. Also got to shift furniture, need to make sure nothing will be in her way when she gets back. Then rang brother to say mum is settled, he was going in to see her, suddenly he comes over all big brother like (awwwww) and says if I am worried that he's just a phone call away! Bless... but I'm the one who was the paramedic for nine years!

Need also to get mum's birthday card/box -whatever sorted, plus a get well card of some sorts! Wonder if it is too late to ring boss and ask for Friday off? I'm not really 'with it' regards work, got way too much going on personally. Plus just had a double dose of cramp in both feet - symptom of back problem.... do not need hassle with back right now, so it better behave itself!

Oh also got a parcel, sadly not craft stuff... my new T shirts from cotton traders, or rather the second set, first set were way too big, new lot fit perfick.

Well no phone call from brother, so mum must have settled in. No doubt she is plugged into radio...

Oh, almost forgot... photo is second masquerade card, looks like last one, but honest it is different!

Monday, 28 April 2008

all bright eyed and bushy tailed...

Think I must have my days mixed up, I was far too 'with it' today. Managed to be efficient at work for once, set myself a routine and I'm going to stick to it! No more cock ups. Tho update on the Friday farce, I told boss I'd take responsibility for the mistake, but she still wouldn't hear of it... Lord what do you have to do to take the blame! Told laid back type about mistake, he did his usual thing... remained horizontal! But Mr Bone Idle (as I shall know call him) lied.... in front of me he denied all knowledge of the faux pas of someone deleting a group booking on the computers... I told boss that he was there. I think Bone Idle is trying to stictch up Laid Back... and as usual Bone Idle lived up to his title, avoiding any real work that needed to be done. Laid Back tho had last laugh, he got a compliment from boss! I reached end of my tether with bone idle after he again deliberately ignored someone waiting to be served. I stormed off the counter and went to staff room, and stayed there till it was end of my shift.

Mum is all grumpy, she is nervous about her upcoming hip operation, day after tomorrow. She said she could still change her mind, and then added she was only having the op cos we'd all nagged her! I told her if she didn't have the operation she wouldn't be coming home. Then I asked her if she liked being cooped up in the flat, being in pain 24/7, and if she'd prefer life in a wheel chair. Then she got all humpty about 'having' to go out to the bank, to get money, bread... grrr... pointed out that I do have money and I can get the bread tomorrow. I know she is anxious, but there is only so much more I can take of this... - last she said to our neighbour (within earshot of me) that she'd enjoy being waited on for a change! It is a wonder she didn't see the steam coming out of my ears...

Anyway to scrapbook page. At last I found the pretty photo of my neice, in her lovely yellow hat! She was about 4, but looked adorable in the hat. Tho she does look rather unsure in the photo. Used another of my new templates, the flower design. Chose to cut the petals in two different papers, I placed them close to the photo, but the edges were a bit wonky so cut a circle from some pearlescent card, then added some strips down edges of petals. I off-centred the template, so it was nearer to the corner of the page, in remaining bit I added some flowers I punched from green and yellow card, and added a few dragon flies. Coloured some white chipboard letters yellow and green to spell out her name.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Oh happy day!

There is nothing better than it being the day after a visit to a craft fair.... and not knowing where to start! But the masquerade card was just too tempting to ignore. Was a bit worried as I had to use glitter, and me and glitter don't usually get on. But followed instructions religiously, and remembered a few rules about applying glitter with pva, I watered down the glue a little, and used a soft brush to make sure the glue went were it was meant to go. Waited till it was just tacky, sprinkled on, crossed fingers, asked for divine help and then shook off excess - Yeeha! It worked! Next tricky bit was the pull bow ribbon, not used it before, got hold of bits I was meant to hold and pulled, yeahhh a bow! Feathers were the tricky bit, first making sure they were in the right place, and also trying to brush aside feather from sticky pads.... needed an extra pair of hands! Stuck rest of bits down, used silicon glue, made it easier to position things... but was chuffed with result. Sadly my mum wasn't, she admired the work, but didn't like the cards... too fussy. Felt a bit deflated. Now it is a case of whether I can bear to part with them... one is intended for my niece, think she will like it, she can be a bit of a drama queen. Other is for a friend.

Had a bash at the punched circle, not sure I have the right sort of punch, a bit too plain, a fancier one would probably do a better job. Just used a piece of paper as a practice piece, cut out circle, then began punching, wasn't sure with the punch I used where exactly to line it up, so did a bit of guess work, was just fractionally out. But not bad for a first effort. Not sure why you would need the other bits and pieces he was trying to sell, he certainly didn't use any of them in the two demos I saw.

Just one gripe about yesterday, saw lots of card making demos, but not ONE scrapbooking demo! Would love to see some more scrapbooking stuff at a show, and some demonstrations.

Also started a scrapbook layout using the templates again, but not quite finished, my rumbling tummy got better of me, then mum needed help filling in the mountain of forms for her hospital stay.

Ahhhhhhh - sound of a contented crafter!

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Aching feet and an empty purse....

I'm not long back from the craft fair at Aintree. Have aching feet and a sore back, had back not been protesting so much I would have stayed a bit longer.

On left is what I got! Loads of lovely, lovely stuff. I had a walk round first, seeing what was what and noting stands to come back for closer inspection. Headed first for stand that was selling everything for a pound, couldn't believe my luck. Got two packs of mirri card, gold and silver, plus some jewelled brads, some patterned brads, two rolls of easy lift DST and some dome cards (whatever they are) which intrigued me. Mooched round looking for scrapbook stuff, found stand that had some lovely papers and 12x12 pearlescent card (perfick for exploding boxes), got that and some scalloped mats. Almost got some plain chipboard stuff but thought the better of it, afterall that is what a robo is for - cutting shapes. Moved on to another stand, got some lovely ribbon, baby ribbon - so gorgeous! And spotted some card kits, a bit unusual, plumped for the masquerade kit - will make a nice card for my niece. Did note that the embossing paste is now taking off big time, funny a year ago no-one had heard of it, now there is a growing industry of templates for it. Most of the stands had good offers, some were, I noted, selling stuff at usual price... and a few (my pet hate) hadn't bothered to price stuff! I hate that. Sadly no decent scrapbook kits to be had anywhere, lots of nice papers. Also picked up some decoupage stuff. Spotted a lot of layered decoupage, or what I call pyramid decoupage, sadly most of what was on offer was in large kits, too expensive, the rest were on CDs... then spotted some clutter cards, joy.... shortlived, again they were kits, and they wanted £25 for them. Probably good value, but I would have preferred if they had also sold some individual sheets.

Had to duck outside by this point, was getting far too hot, it was my only gripe, they really needed to open a few more doors and get some ventilation going. Did chat to people, some were delighted to find themselves inside the racecourse, many had already had a stroll round the course (tho it was almost dismantled, just a few of the fences were still intact). One lady told me that she'd been talking with the organiser who had been thrilled with the large crowds, as was Aintree, looks like we may get ourselves a regular craft show. Hope so, beats travelling to Manchester.

I am tho continually surprised by crafters, all are lovely people, but some appear to have bottomless bank accounts. Lady I spoke to was planning to go to the second show in Manchester, then the one in Bolton, she had been to the NEC... think her credit card was quivering in her purse. Same with QVC, I can only assume that a lot comes back to QVC, got a sneaky feeling that some people are taking full advantage of the 30 money back thing.... in fact I've been told not to bother going to the QVC outlets for craft stuff, as the kits have been decimated. Think that is a bit of a cheek really, I couldn't use a kit then send it back. One thing to buy it and get it home, have a good look at it and send it back, quite another to start using it and then return it.

Happy, happy day.... and will be happy tomorrow, when I am playing with it all!

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

What planet is he on?

I know this is a craft blog, but I am furious... hopping mad.... eager to thump someone... namely Gordon Brown! What planet does that man inhabit? Cloud Cuckoo land by any chance? I was angry when they announced the abolition of the 10p tax band, it will cost me £10 a month! Today he annouces his 'bribe' help for pensioners under the age of 65 and those under 25 with families, and as for the rest of us it was a big 'get stuffed'.

I'm single, not of pensionable age, do not work enough hours to qualify for tax credits, and although I have a chronic back problem I chose not to register as disabled, nor did I choose to claim benefits, instead I was stupid to decide that I preferred to earn a living.

Each day in my library I watch as the bone idle wander in, oh after having signed on, as job centre is next door. None have any intention of seeking work, their only intention is to see how many hours they can sit at our computers, in chat rooms, or playing games. My blood boils when I see them, I have no time for any of them, they have been bludging off me and you for years. Then I see the young Poles, they come in to e-mail home, they are often working two jobs, and work damn hard. While our whingeing lot just moan about the job they've been sent to be interviewed for doesn't pay much, or the hours are long... grrrrr. They should get off their backsides and do some work, we should stop allowing them to claim benefits year after year.

It is not only the bone idle that I am paying for, now I am paying to shore up the banking system, I don't recollect any bank in this country reporting a loss last year! They, Brown, pumped in 50 bn of your and my money yesterday into the banking system, that is on top of the 75 bn it has cost us (so far) to bail out the stupid Northern Rock. It would cost a paltry 7bn to reinstate the 10p tax band... tho how they derive that figure is beyond me. No doubt it also comprises of the number crunchers needed to reinstate it.

As for our pampered MP's, how much more do they want? They have subsidised bars and restaurants in Westminster, claim back all admin costs, claim horrific amounts for their second London homes (stick them in a hostel, they only need somewhere to sleep and a study area), and some even have the gall to claim for their TV licence! They CHOOSE to be an MP, no-one twists their arm - if successful the idea is that they SERVE the interests of the people they represent. Remember that, they are our SERVANTS - we are their employers. Bear that in mind next time you meet an MP - you are paying his/her wages and over inflated expenses.

I've e-mailed two local MP's, one who I thought was on my side, but who now appears to have been assuaged by Brown's bribe - how dim can you be? And how insulting it is to us, they must think we are thick... well I ain't. I will not vote Labour next week... I hope the Labour party gets hammered next week in the local elections. And I won't vote Labour again till it gets a decent leader.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

What's going on?

I often think I've landed in the twilight zone at work. Today was no exception. I knew summat was up when boss wanted a 'talk', immediately I racked brain for any misdeeds on my part, nope, couldn't think of any! All was in order on Saturday, cash was correct, everyone had read and signed new lot of important emails.... soooo off we went to office. And, turns out to be a storm in a book jacket. Some twerp had complained that staff were changing his record details, namely his 'title', he was a Laird, not a Mister... you just couldn't make it up! Actually there is more to this, but sadly can't go into detail, let's just say it involves someone buying a square foot of Scottish land and falling for the scam that says you can now call yourself 'Laird', which simply means Landowner. Chap was upset, thinks there is a vendetta.... and I just rolled my eyes, we've all got too much to do than to start unnecessarily altering record details.

After that dizzying encounter I busied myself with designing a new leaflet... was determined that one lazyish junior oik would do his share of work for a change, rather than parking his bottom on chair behind desk - his favourite position. I had to laugh tho, as our newbie has now wised up to lazy so and so...

But it was another lovely day, I'm half in summer gear, may even dare to get rest of summer stuff out and shove it in washing machine for a freshen up. No doubt after I've washed and ironed it all winter will return!

Got home to find Postie had left parcel for me! A very BIG parcel - my scrapbook templates, see pic. Got five templates, plus a small travel scrapbook kit. The templates look interesting, think they may help me get out of my rut. And just a few days to go to the craft fair! Been chucking money in a pot, well one does need to go with a decent amount of money.

Dropped into to the QVC craft hours, liked some stuff, but with the craft fair approaching I resisted buying anything. They also had the winners from the CB competition, lucky ladies got to play with all those kits all afternoon! Wonder if they get anything to take home with them?

Monday, 21 April 2008

Ugh it's Monday....

Had a horrible time getting to sleep last night, one of those where you keep waking up and the clock has only moved on an hour! Finallly dropped in time for the alarm clock to go off... do tho like how it starts off softly, then gets louder! It was also a bad hair day, looked like I'd plugged myself into the electric socket, nowt else for it but to wash it.

But it was a lovely spring day, pity I had to spend the morning cleaning. The new kitchen is enormous... twice the size that it was, and that means longer needed to clean it :-( It still hasn't got any units in it yet, but they'll be coming soon. Cos the family had been away, and half of them were still in London, didn't have much to do, so got on with stuff I've been having to leave cos of cleaning up after the builders. Had to also unclog the vacuum, and clean it, it was full of dust... so much so that it wasn't picking up anything. So spent half an hour cleaning the vacuum! Also managed to get other stuff done, my stuff that is, take parcel to post office, pay phone bill, post letters, get some shopping, and after all that ended up doing some gardening. Mum gave me a pruning lesson, so I hacked away at the clematis and rose bushes, hopefully they will survive!

Pic - is of my mum and her grand-daughter/my neice, taken about 3 years ago. Niece wasn't too keen on having her photo taken, but I persuaded her. We'd just enjoyed a lovely pub lunch at a nice country pub - situated right next to a busy dual carriage way. Used the grandparent kit, paper is pink, so it all had to be pink! Tore a strip of the wordy paper, then put some dark pink card underneath, added two stripes of dotty ribbon, used DST to fix it down - never used that method before, usually I attach ribbon with brads or eyelets. Did use one of the stamps from my LMC prize. Must get some stayz on! Added a few flowers, tho not that happy where I put them, think I should have stopped and left them till later, was a bit tired at the time.

Still on a search for funny verses for cards, those I found last night were far too mushy. Did tho find some insert templates - hurrah!

Now do I dare to get out the summer wardrobe... ? Fed up of the winter stuff.

Thanks for stopping by

Sunday, 20 April 2008

lazeeee day

In fact far too lazy! Couldn't even be bothered to go for a walk. The weather is dull and grey, and very uninspiring.

As usual I am on a 'dash' to get cards for birthdays finished, well the cards are finished, they just need the verses put inside. Well they are all male cards... and men are difficult to make cards for! That's my excuse. Will go fishing for verses soon.

In meantime I was determined to get something made. Did have a bash at making a card for my niece... I did buy some dufex decoupage, big mistake as it is far too fiddly! So gave up. Moved on to scrapbooking. Found a nice photo of my two nephews with their paternal grandfather, or gramps as they call him. A friend on another group had mentioned she'd been sketching layouts... hmmm I thought, should I? Nope. Bad idea, I'd only ditch the sketch and go with the flow. Each time I scrap a photo I never know what it will look like till the end. I start with the photo, don't want it to be overshadowed by the scrapping element, my aim is to enhance it and hopefully capture something about it. I know the boys both love their gramps, he is a very important figure in their lives. I used the grandparents scrap kit I got from QVC. Took a piece of the stripey paper, then had the idea of cutting out a square in the middle, used some dark blue card underneath, with the left over bits I cut out a frame to go round the photo, wanted it to be rustic. Still didn't look quite right, so got some of the wordy paper, cut a square of that to go in middle of cut out, put photo on top, yep getting there... took the rest of the left over bits and made some corners - then added a few words! Done, well maybe not, needs a bit of journalling.

I'll have to go raid my sister and brother's houses for more photos... need to scrap! Can't believe that I now have two complete albums, and one almost full, and another just started. Was going to do one for my neice, but her photos are frankly uninspiring, going to have to get her to hand over her NY photos - they should get the juices going!

Wondering also whether it is worth investing in a negative processor, got lots of photos, but they've not faired well over the years, but the negatives are fine. Mmmm, summat to ponder.

Just a word on CSI NY - am feeling a bit frustrated by the series.... twice they've had really good story threads, first the 3.33 with Mac, which came to a very lame end... next Suspect X, a cracking storyline and one they should have kept picking up thru the series, so what do they do? Bring it to an end... why, it was soooo good, almost as good as the miniature killer, once again the end was lame. Mac is in danger of turning into Horatio... nooooooooo. Grissom still rules!

Saturday, 19 April 2008

brrrr its so cold!

Let's start with the scrap page. Found out that his name is Johnny, he belongs to a member of the CB forum. He was caught in a typical cat repose - in the land of nod! Stuff, save for the fish, all came from the cat scrap book kit. Used the fishy page as background, then some plain paper as the mat, lifted it by using some green mirri card along edge, added some wavy lines by using my tearing ruler and cutting out the shape, then added the foam fish from a QVC kit. Lettering all came from kit - tho I'm fast running out of essential letters :-(

Was in work till 1pm. Got a bit of a shock this morning, got to library, and unusually found I was the first one in, usually my colleague is in situ but not today. Thought perhaps she was doing some shopping, minutes later junior colleague arrived and told me that other senior assistant was sick! So all down to me and him to get library ready. Luckily he is the type that likes to be busy and gets things done, he's also a very decent man. Had a laugh when it finally came to open up the doors... the bit that lifts up the bolt fell off! We laughed, should have seen the panicked looks on the faces of those outside! All desperate to get in and on the computers, then to log in to their inane chat rooms... frankly I can think of better places to be at 9.30 on a Saturday morning, thatn standing outside a library waiting for it to open. Sad or what? We finally prised up the offending bolt, and managed to get the doors open. In they all rushed.... not one heading to shelves to choose a book (heaven forfend!), nope, they went right to computers and all logged on. One chap in particular annoys us all, he is fit, healthy and relatively young, well certainly of working age, yet he spends his day in the library on a PC listening to music... he can somehow afford to spend a lot of money on some expensive headphones, and designer track suits... yet doesn't seem bothered about finding work. Course we also got the usual assortment of kids, some are okay... others are not! We had 3 who had trouble written all over them, 10 going on 25... all think they are the bees knees, spend their days in truly awful chatrooms, chatting to... well I don't want to even guess. One of them is especially nasty, she invariably causes trouble, and swears like a docker. She managed not to cause any trouble today, but then she stymied herself by logging onto one computer, then decided she wanted to be closer to her friend (who didn't want her anywhere near her), but by logging off she used up her last session :-0 Laugh, I nearly cried.... Of course come closing time we had to get one, and yep, at 12.50, with ten minutes to closing he walked in... tried to protest when I told him he'd racked up £3 on fines, he said that his CD's were back on time, I had great delight in showing him that the due date had been yesterday, he coughed up. Then lingered.... until I gave him a fierce stare. If he wanted to mooch then he should have darn well got up earlier!

Had to nip over to shopping centre for baccy supplies, on way thru girl tried to stop me, she was flogging Talk Talk... said no, was happy with Freeview, present broadband supplier and as for mobile phone, I am a PAYG officiando, in fact mobile had is dead, battery ran out days ago... only have a mobile in case of emergencies. I actually loathe them, and in particular hate all the daft ring tones. I told girl I was a lost cause... and she gave up. Did spot LGC in Smiths, wondered about buying it, got lots of lettering in it... but queue was too long. Just wanted to get baccy and get home, too cold to do much else, and grey.... it was sunny and cold earlier in week.

Did some scrapping, while mum ventured to Southport... junk food dinner, then phone call from friend who is in Birmingham, and who had just met her hero, or heroine. She was chuffed, and I was chuffed for her. Now she is having dinner with her heroine... guess she will be on cloud nine for the next few months!

Friday, 18 April 2008

A lazeeeee day

Was far too snuggly in bed this morning, kept on thinking: just another five minutes... finally dragged myself out of bed at 9.30, very decadent! Well for me anyway. Had no intention of doing anything like shopping or cleaning... wanted it to be an indulgent day, and so it was.

First I tackled the old barnet, grey bits were showing thru so time to chuck some more dye on it. My hairdresser told me to use a lighter dye, so I get medium ash blonde, which in turn gives me streaks as it turns the grey bits a nice blonde!

A spot of lunch and then, something I've been promising myself I'd do for a few weeks, scrap the cats! Two members of the CB forum posted lovely pics of their cats, so I kind of er, 'obtained' the photos... well they were soooo adorable, especially the kitten (Maggie D), I just couldn't resist, they just had to go into my cat scrapbook.

So here he is, not sure what he is called (?). I took a plain piece of green card (from cat scrap kit), then a patterned piece, it looked very boring in a square shape, so I used the compass cutter to cut away the ends of the photo, then cut a circle from the patterned paper. Now needed something to lift the page, so went for the orange brazzil card, was going to use it as a rectangle, again it looked boring, so cut a semi circle. Then added the sentiments, and some rub on cat faces around the semi circle. The journalling says:

Kittens are born with their eyes shut.
They open them in about six days,
take a look around, then close them
again for the better part of their lives.

How true! Had a lovely, lovely time making the page. The kit is just so easy to use, it all just goes together, so it is a question of getting the creative juices going to make an interesting page.

Feel all al dente...

Thanks for dropping by and listening to my musings.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

More stuff!

Got two parcels today, one from Cottontraders and one from QVC. Sadly the stuff from cottontraders has to go back, thought it might as I can never judge sizes from catalogues. Ordered 3 T shirts, medium and they are more like XL! So I'll have to send them back and get the smaller size. QVC parcel was one I'd forgotten about, it was scrapbook stuff, some papers and stickers, all grandparent orientated, the stickers are fab, as are the papers.

It was sort of a work free day, but did go to my cleaning job, I was all on my own, the family is away, so I could get on with stuff. Mind you it is a bit like painting the Forth bridge at the moment as they're having a new kitchen fitted, the place has never been so dusty. Think all the dusty work has now been done, hope so! Was hoping to get some crafting done today, instead I waded thru a pile of ironing. I hate ironing, my method is to just iron stuff as I need it, but that annoys mum, who then insists on doing it, which she shouldn't do as she can't stand for long. Roll on her hip operation!

Pic is of my card I entered for the LMC challenge. I took the yellow and orangy cards, used one for the card, then the others to do the weaving. Then took most of the egg die cuts and arranged them in the basket, used the lacy ribbon to go round the handle and bottom of card. Then finished it off with a butterfly and Happy Easter. The kits made life easier, they are all well coordinated. I used a compass cutter to get the shape of the basket, and cut the handle. That bit was fiddly as I didn't want to cut a circle, but half circles to get the shape, so had to keep moving the cutter.

Did think at one time that the compass cutter had been one of my worst buys as it had been gathering dust in my craft box for far too long. Now it is much used, found it great when scrapbooking, very useful for cropping photos.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

And the wheel has turned

Well feel much more upbeat, think the anti stress tabs have well and truly kicked in, the St Johns Wort is also working as I don't feel as down in my moods.

Work is a bit better, boss is in upbeat mood, so that always helps. Tho had to laugh today as we did what she hates us doing: we thought for ourselves and were ahead of her when she came back from her meeting. But it was check mate to us, as we'd done what she said she wanted us to be doing (but doesn't really - if you get my drift, as she is a bit of a control freak). And this morning it was really nice, no boss, three of us senior types and one junior and one work experience lad (who is really nice but is also very, very shy and hard work to get him to talk). So I trotted away at 1pm in a very happy mood, only one more week left of this stupid rota and back to my old one, tho I'll miss not being able to watch the Bibster on Tuesdays... but will be a relief to get back to my old routine.

Got home to find my prize for the LMC challenge had arrived. Felt like it was Christmas finding a large parcel, okay a large jiffy bag! Not sure if it was intentional, but there was a definite scrapbooking theme to it... which was perfick as I am a scrapaholic. I did think - ooer, oriental, not my thing really, but the papers are gorgeous and will be used up. The paper stash was getting a bit on the thin side. The surprise, tho guess it wasn't meant to be, was the journalling stamps - how did they know I wanted to start journalling on my scrap pages? And some gorgeous buttons, which I frankly don't want to use, they are so nice. Think they will just have to grace a very special scrap page.

Also fell to temptation yesterday, was watching Bibster, looking at all the stuff and thinking, nope don't want that, or that, nor that, and then: I WANT THAT! She was showing something I'd not seen, a scrapbooking template, you basically lay it on your page and design your layout. I had the 'puter on, so I put item in my basket, to have dwell, then thought: sod it, and clicked on express check out. I'd like to say it was now winging its way to me, but it will be slowly, very slowly flapping its way to me, that is in spite of being in spitting distance of the QVC warehouse! Can't figure this out, I live less than 20 mins away from their warehouse, so how long does it take QVC to get my stuff to me.... ten days! Honest they must strap it to a slow snail. And may have to give postie lessons in how to use door intercom... the thing seems to have baffled him, twice now he's not bothered to use it, so he has stuck those nasty cards thru door (meaning I have to now schlep up to the new sorting office 3 miles away). Luckily yesterday and today my neighbour was around, so he stopped postie and said he'd take my parcels.

Now I'd like to thank Gordon Brown, for making me poorer by ten quid every month. What a good idea it was to stop the 10p tax band, thus ensuring that those earning a low wage get even less, while the rich get more. Brilliant. As a single person, with no children, and working less that 30 hours a week (my chronic back condition prevents me working full time) I do not qualify for those tax credits.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Marvellous Monday!

When the alarm went off this morning (it is such a sweet alarm clock, it starts with a gentle beeping and then gets louder!) I just wanted to turn over and go back to sleep, just did not want to go to work. But I forced myself, and got a nice surprise from boss, she was in understanding mode, so was nice to me. Alas work mates were in their usual selfish mode. I like my colleagues as people, have a good laugh with them, but I just feel I am being taken for granted. Again I was left on my own at the counter, which meant dealing with 3 phones, serving customers, booking computers, dealing with idiots on computers, phone enquiries etc, while the others buried themselves elsewhere in peaceful parts of the library. The counter work is the most stressful part of the job, as you are constantly multi tasking, plus our newest assistant is not exactly speedy, I'm allowing for the fact that she is 'new' on the other hand she has now been with us for 8 weeks, so plenty of time to speed up on certain tasks... instead she just takes her own sweet time. Last week she took 30 minutes just to check the papers and magazines, I discovered that she hadn't changed the date stamps, or switched on any of the computers! Got no idea where she goes when she is shelving returned books, other than it takes her 3 times as long as everyone else. She really has to speed up and learn how to multi task, we're a busy library, everyone has to be pulling their weight.

I escaped home at 2pm... by then it had warmed up and it was a lovely spring day, lovely sunshine, just a slight breeze. So went for a walk to high street, had bizarre experience in post office. Chap in front of me looked 'odd', he went to counter and asked assistant to give him 'all the money', he joked about having a 'gun' in his bag... neither I or the assistant found him funny at all. I ended up being served by same assistant so I sympathised with her, she told me he'd been lucky, she had felt like hitting the alarm button. I wouldn't have blamed her if she had. Had he tried the same thing at an airport he would have been arrested. Lord knows why he thought it 'funny' about joking that he had a gun.

Got home, logged on to the CB site to find - I had won the LMC challenge. I was gobsmacked. I'd picked my winner (max if you wish to know), there had been so many stunning entries I didn't think my card stood a chance. I just sat there, staring at the screen, thinking: I'm dreaming! I've only ever entered one competition before (one where you had to submit your work) and I won that, that was a playwrighting competition, many years ago! I was all shaky, and I mean - shaky. It was a shock, but a very nice shock! Just been having a horrid time of things, then suddenly it seems the wheel has turned a little and good things are happening.

Pic: it isn't quite finished, it 'needs' something, tho go no idea what! Sort of followed a layout in the back of the sarapapers book I got, but added my own thing to it. Made me realise how much I like sarapapers! Must get some more books, they're so easy to use.

Well had much needed glass of wine, so now need to go make a cuppa.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

feeling drained....

Got horrible shock last night, had filled sink in bathroom to have a quick freshen up, when I emptied it the water came back up the bath plug hole! Oooer... no time to do anything, was on my way to my niece's house, she was having her 3rd engagement party! Sounds OTT, but rather sensible, first party was for fiance's family, second was for her friends, and 3rd was for us lot. Best of all she had catered for us smokers by putting up the biggest tent in the garden I've ever seen!

I had a bit of a lump in my throat, in prime spot on mantlepiece my niece had placed the waterfall card I'd made her, plus the exploding box, which I made for mum to give to niece/grand-daughter. Then niece said she was wondering if I'd consider making her wedding stationary. I also promised to make her a scrapbook of her engagement parties, plus one for her wedding. She was chuffed. May buy a new usb stick, be easier to go get the photos from her than wait for her to start e-mailing them to me, might also get them printed off at Boots.

So my Sunday morning was spent unbunging the pipes in bathroom, which meant taking off bath panel, other bits, taking off bits of pipes, pouring down stuff... several bottles of it and then hoping! In between I watched the London marathon, I do marvel at these people, but never feel any compunction to have a go, not that my knees or back would let me. But it has become a ritual, spend morning watching other people run round for 26 miles, while I munch on bacon butty, drink tea and read papers.

Right in middle of doing the pipe unbunging got a nice surprise, a call from a friend I've not heard from in a year or so. We sort of mutually broke off the friendship for a while, she hadn't been well and had been suffering with severe depression, I just felt I wasn't helping her as I was kind of attached to what had caused her depression. Not directly, but linked to it in an innocent way. Seemed my judgement was spot on, she agreed that it was the best thing to do, well with hindsight, but we had a nice, friendly chat, it was nice to hear her voice again, and to hear her so cheerful again. We've both left all the rubbish behind, and neither of us wish to return to certain subjects. We've agreed to just take it slow this time round, just drop in on each other's lives every now and then, just to see where we go.

So pipe unbunging, marathon watching, friendship mending (oddly enough my horoscope said I'd get a call from someone from my past!) and finally some crafting. I did do some yesterday, spent an entire afternoon making a baby shoe, seen one on the CB forum and thought it would be perfect for the baby exploding box, I found a pattern for it, and then tried my hand at making it. Got it right on second attempt!

Today tho it was back to scrapbooking. This was a nice photo to scrap, my brother and his grandson Joe. Tho I had to do some cloning with the background, it was far too messy. Wanted it to be bright, and cheery. Took a piece of 12x12 blue card, then used a sheet of dotty paper from sarapapers, using the tearing ruler I tore a wavy line, felt it need to be 'brought' out, so took a darker blue piece of card stock, mirroring the wavy line, then with the left over bits I cut some more wavy lines. Used some chunky lettering, a sticky ribbon across bottom, with some faux buttons and 'buddies'.

Now half watching the golf...

Friday, 11 April 2008

And.... flop....

Another week over. It has seemed like a very long week.

Now excuse me while I have a giggle :-) I've just been trawling the net to try to find a gingham pattern to print out, so I can make a baby shoe.... just realised, having looked at pic that I have some in my scrap stash! Doh!

Baby shoe will be finishing touch to exploding box, took it into work today to show soon to be grandma, she was thrilled with it. Now just got to wait for the final photos - of new baby, and mum, dad and baby.

Did try to do some crafting, it was all going so well then my hand slipped and I made a mess of it, a mess that for once can't be undone, or hidden - rats! Had this idea to make a baby card, but to make the card into a crib, using the tiny die cut in the latest issue of LMC as a sort of template. Will have to start over tomorrow, almost had it, but just botched the outline. Would have carried on, but had to stop to make dinner, mum was too tired and too sore to cook, tho she wouldn't admit it! Obviously she's overdone it again today. Just wish she learn to be patient, she's only got two more weeks and she'll have her new hip.

Did talk to boss about me going back to old rota, actually discovered that she can't stop me, all this is coming from occupational health and personnel, apparently if I chuck a hissy fit I get what I want! Not that I would, nor did I, just had a chat with her and she agreed, tho I also agreed to compromise, that is not to switch to old rota till 5th of May, since she has made up rotas till then. Thought that fair enough. This is what is frustrating about my boss, she can be the most infuriating person, then she can be a very kind and thoughtful soul... she even let my colleague nip out to sort out some bank stuff during working hours. Possibly this is all because this week we have all worked darned hard.

Pic - from what I call my 'odds and sods' scrapbook, which is full of odd photos, well not 'odd' in that way :-P The photo was taken in Little Crosby, just by its spooky church! It is of my 3 friends, it was a nice one to scrap. Used the paper from Sarapapers, seasons, cropped the photo, then arranged some strips of vellum around it to make a frame, then decorated one side with some buttons and jewels, added a few die cuts.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have cracked my crib card! Hope so, really want to make it. Just nice to think out side the box a bit.

Thanks for visiting and listening to my ramblings...

Thursday, 10 April 2008

April showers

Funny old day, woke up to sunshine, felt much warmer... by time I got to work the storm clouds were hovering, mid morning it teemed down, then it went back to being spring - one can never say that our weather is boring!

Work wasn't too bad, boss was busy with coffee morning, so was confined mostly to ref area - pheeew... which left us in relative peace. Wanted to talk to her about going back to my old shifts, can't cope with current rota and being in for four days on run... but coffee morning bit ran on, so didn't get chance. But being in company of two cheery souls cheered me up, plus a few daft conversations with people, one was very odd indeed! Was doing my bit of trying to persuade people to go have a cup of coffee and asked a lady dressed from head to toe in red! She was really nice, but nope, she couldn't drink coffee made her go all hot and go to the loo, so I said we could make her a nice cup of tea, but she didn't like tea.... so I made a joke that it was a pity we couldn't serve any wine... and yep, you've guess that was also off limits, and she'd run 3 pubs!

Decided ordering anything more from QVC, we've got a new garden centre and it is supposed to have craft stuff, so may pay it a visit on Saturday. A colleague at work had paid it a visit, tho she soon realised that she and her friend were a bit, er premature, they saw that the car park was full of cars so thought that the place must be open, so went in, sure enough place was full of people, so they began to look around, finally an assistant told them that the garden centre was actually closed to the public, and that they were having a dry run with all their friends and families! Exit one red faced colleague!

Came close to buying the CB mag, but having just got LMC didn't really want another card mag... what I'd really like is for someone to make a Let's Scrapbook mag... complete with lots of freebies and lots of ideas. So went charging round supermarket, then got mildy annoyed at checkout, checkout assistant obviously knew the lady she was dealing with as there was a permanent stream of chatter, but not a lot of action. I forgave her when she was very pleasant to me and also apologised for keeping me waiting.

Card - is my springy card, apparently made to my own design, tho I thought I was following a pattern! I'd seen it on QVC, but didn't manage to get on the phone in time to get the kit (what do these people do, sit there armed with phone, with QVC on speed dial?!) So I was still intrigued, then found a pattern on some site, had a look and felt I could manage it. But it seems I managed to make up my own design! Which I guess is what these designers must do, they must start playing with stuff and see what happens. Doggy is from jollynation. I'm a big fan of Jolly Nation and Beth Hughes, her stuff is fab.

I do remember something from my screenwriting course: There is no right way to write, but there is a wrong way! Same I think applies to card making and scrapbooking, there is no one right way to do it, but there is a wrong way - just don't ask what the wrong way is, tho my guess is that you know when you see it.

Only one day of St Johns Wort and I'm feeling much more upbeat, think also the anti stress tabs are kicking in! Or is it the red wine... hey ho, who cares

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

A crafty evening

Decided to make a card last night, using the LMC stuff. Have to fulfil a swap, the theme is 'wedding' so having donned the thinking cap, decided to make a lantern card. There were so many pretty things in the kits it was hard to choose what to put on the card!

I used two cards, the silver and the pink. I folded the pink card (folding the two sides so that they outside edge went to the middle), then measure and cut a square aperture. I used some of the paper and stuck that to the inside of the silver card, next I used stuck some lace down sides of pink card, and stuck some glittery ribbon down inside edge of silver card. I used the die cut glasses and made two holes above the aperture, then stuck some silver thread on back of die cut, then threaded it thru the holes, using sticky tape to hold it in place. Next took the flower and hearts die cuts, put them on either side of aperture, used some peel offs to add 'Good Luck', made a slit in the silver card back and front and threaded thru the thin pink ribbon, then secured pink card to silver card with DST! Photo isn't brilliant, may try again tomorrow in better light.

Also made time to read the new paperjunkies mag, great stuff, really interesting and full of stuff to do. Told a few friends about it, so they downloaded it and thought it was brilliant - long may it continue!

Managed to catch the 5pm slot of crafting on QVC, still wondering whether to treat myself to the sticky vellums... they looked declicious! I love vellum, it always adds something to a card. Still got some birthday money to spend... so its a toss up between the retro scrapbook album with papers or the vellum! Ooooh decisions!

Feel better today, made a decision re work, going to go back to my old rota, just can't cope with not knowing which day will be my day off, or waiting for boss to get around to doing the rotas. Think she thinks we're like her: she lives to work. It was also nicer at work as boss was off, so we were all much more relaxed.

Mind you got so caught up with making the card last night that I didn't watch CSI! Will catch up with it tonight.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Bleh, bleh... and bleh!

Ugh, had to go to work today! I was metaphorically blocked from going into work by our 'van' - what takes books to and from other libraries, blocking the car park. Then I spotted two ducks, one male, one female waddling around what is laughably called a 'garden', it was funny, the male was obviously trying his best to win over the lady ducks affections, but she was playing very hard to get and leading him a very merry dance! At one point they started to waddle up the path to the library, I got there to see lady duck waddling off in another direction, then up popped male duck who seemed miffed that she'd left him behind, he had a very good quacking session with me, told him to keep persevering! Sadly smile on my face vanished on entering library, went to make myself a much needed cuppa and found - no milk, not a drop, tea caddy empty! Charming... there were 4 staff in library yet not one of them had thought to go get more milk, or bother to fill up caddy, and leave some water in kettle - nice to feel 'wanted' NOT. In fact naff all had been done as boss was labouriously explaining cash procedure to newbie - whose eyes had crossed by time I got to counter. I was then next in line to be bored witless by boss... not sure at which point I went into glaze mode. Noticed that she had altered not only my poster but also my display.... why allocate a job to someone when you always think you can do better? That's our boss, no matter what she gives us to do, we all know she will do it all over again behind our backs. She lumbered me with work experience lad, a nice lad, but he obviously did not wish to be doing work experience in a library! She wanted him to make a poster, so I explained a little how to use publisher, then told him to just have a play for a while and to give me a shout if he got stuck, he seemed happy to be left to mess with PC. Boss comes back and tells me that work experience lad cannot use any of the computers on counter.... er why.... noooooo don't ask - so I bit my lip, and set him up on a public PC. He made what I thought was a darn good poster, he is obviously artistic, but boss didn't like it and interfered... and kept on knocking back all his efforts. How to crush someone in one easy lesson.

Next had to break bad news to pensioner that yes, she did have to pay for DVD that she had broken. I sympathised with her, she was being penalised for being honest. Wanted to tell her to go away, take broken DVD with her, come back next day and get new ticket - as most others do, and keep on doing, thus avoiding fines and having to pay for lost books/dvds etc. Didn't have the heart to tell her that she also had to pay an admin fee, so knocked it off price of DVD.

Final straw... came just as I was leaving (you have to understand one thing, my boss lives to work), alls I wanted was to escape as quickly as I could and get home to watch crafting on QVC. But boss stops me and asks what happened to last weeks cash sheet.... er... dunno, last I saw of it the boy wonder (he who can do no wrong in her eyes) had hold of it, I'd just signed it and he whipped it off me and put it in envelope. I could tell she didn't believe me... did I care, nope. Wanted to just get out of there and get home. Wanted to say to boss why don't you go do what you should be doing, putting the ruddy timetable together so we can all then plan our bloody lives!

Didn't seen ducks on way out, hopefully they had got together! Made it home in double quick time, only missed 15 mins of crafting... then just chilled watching Bibby do her stuff. Wonder if she wants any staff?

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Snowy sunday

Dunno why but I always seem to wake up at 2 a.m., tossed and turned for a while then gave in, went and made a cup of tea and... it was snowing! There was a big, thick layer of snow on my car :-)) Then this morning... it had all gone :-( We had brilliant sunshine but with a biting, very biting, north wind - as I can testify as I went for a walk. I was one of just a few brave (foolish, depending on you POV) to head out along the beach. Mind you there were two very stupid people who had ignored the soft sand warnings and walked onto a part of the beach that is not safe, plus the tide was incoming - they were a pair of idiots, the warning signs are very clear. We also get some really nasty riptides as well.

It was, cos of the biting wind, a shortish walk, just an hour. Think I'll have to invest in some decent walking gear. Was happy to get home and enjoy a nice hot cuppa.

I'm back in scrapbooking mode, so following the boys, it seemed only fair to choose a pic of my two nieces, with friend. The original had some stains on it, so had to do a bit of magic photoshopping... luckily printer had enough ink to print the photo. Tho think there is still a lot more ink in cartridges. Just chose a flowery paper, sort of cut a scalloped blob to mat the photo, but then photo didn't 'stand' out, sooooo, bit of rummaging, yeah - ribbon! So made a frame for photo with ribbon, used the cropadile to punch thru some butterfly eyelets. Then used some of the sticky bubble gems from LGC to add centres to the flowers on the paper... was going to do the lettering using the robo, but thought it looked better with smaller lettering.

Started a second page, but only got as far as half making the layout and cropping the photo - still needs lots of work.

Watched the olympic torch being hurried thru London... I'm on the side of the protesters, tho any protest should be peaceful. China should never have been awarded the games. I just think it is time the games was allocated a permanent base, that way they can never be hijacked again by any country. Give it back to Greece, let all countries pay for the upkeep of the venues - then it goes back to being non political. That's my two pennies worth!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Me, myself and I - part 4

Ah the weekend... a snooze in, peek out of window, sun is shining. Some silly newsreporter on News 24 is being all wimpish and moaning about how cold it is at Aintree - what a jessie! Wasn't cold, just fresh....

Felt it time to do something about my stress... wanted some St John's wort, couldn't find any so got some 'stressless' tablets from Boots. They seem to be working as I felt in a much cheerier mood by lunchtime. I've been feeling so fed up that I've not even felt like crafting.

Got call from QVC, they were having trouble processing my order, seems my new card wasn't been accepted by their site, even tho I'd altered the details. Funny cos I'd just been to Boots and used card, then to ATM... they all accepted it. But at least they called me and so I could sort out problem. That's two nice customer care events in one week!

Decided to do some scrapbooking. Had a good rummage thru the photo tin and found some lovely photos, including the above - my sister's two boys. Decided to pick up on the colours of the climbing frame, and kept it simple, used a plain blue 12x12 piece of card, then used my tearing ruler to cut some wavy strips, then used the colourful chipboard letters to make A Boy Thing... added the star and apple. That was enough, felt any more would just be OTT. That was another cheer up!

Friday, 4 April 2008

Me, myself and I - part 3

Another day, but this time I went prepared - to work that is. I've decided to walk to the beat of my own drum, and stuff the lot of them, including the boss! I've had it with banging my head against a brick wall as regards getting junior staff to do what they are supposed to do, and getting other senior staff to agree to how we do it, fat chance as they all nod in agreement then do their own thing, then moan when the junior staff stuff up. So why should I care? Especially when our boss comes back from a meeting, fails big time to spot the things we have done and zones in on what is awry, mostly due to her inept planning. Not our fault that the paperback section is bereft of stock, that is what she wanted done, so we did it, and now she is moaning! So she can moan. Do I care, nope.

So today I buried myself in the reference section, one senior colleague tried to get me to get junior to do it, but I ignored that and did my own thing. At least I now know that the ref is all in order, and in good order. I then tidied up the large book section, which has been in a mess for weeks, yet my fellow senior colleagues tell me that it has been tidied constantly.... yeah, funny how the same pile of books has been laying on the same chair all week. Sorry, but just have to share.

To more pleasureable things; my pic! Or pics. All taken in LA in 1991, one was taken in Santa Monica, the other outside CC Browns on Hollywood Blvd, tho I couldn't find CC Browns in 2003/4 - it was a brilliant ice cream parlour, near to Mann's Chinese Theatre. We'd stuffed our faces then struck a daft pose outside, the staff thought we were bonkers. As for the bikes, well that was the first time I'd been on a bike in 20 odd years, tho it is true, you never forget! But we did confuse the Americans, we kept to the left side of the track, so they had to keep avoiding us. Got kinda tricky at one point, when suddenly it dawned on us the bikes had no brakes, well they did, you had to back pedal, as one of my friends did inadvertently and went headlong into the sand. The dollar bill has all the signatures of my friends from the trip. Dead simple layout, who says scrapbooking is hard? Orange card, frame, few embellishments... and a page. Means much to me, and that is all that counts.

Have a good weekend and keep warm

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Me, myself and I - part two

Got to work today and felt like a non-person, boss ignored me when instructing other senior assistant in what needed to be done! Charmed I'm sure... but this is what my boss does, if she gets the hump with someone (or in this case two of us, who were actually following her instructions) she ignores you. Me, I'd rather get it all out in open, exchange words and then kiss and make up, but not our boss.... oh no, she likes to sulk. So I just ignored her, and ignored everyone else, and just did my own thing. Well frankly I am sick of being walked all over, of having to do their job as well as mine, and try to fit in other stuff.... so instead, I just did my stuff, and buried my head in a display and the poster for it.... so I yelled at junior types to do their job as in - serving people. One in particular loves to avoid serving anyone, he'd much rather appear too busy to lower himself.... tough, cos today I refused to be distracted. Also he and senior colleague really got my goat.... and this may sound dumb, but it is 'share' time. A customer had bought nearly 30 books from our booksale, sadly for him we'd been instructed not to offer any free bags (old supermarket bags that we and customers supply), so I said I'd go get him a box... senior colleague tried to remind me that we weren't supposed to offer any bags etc.... as did annoying junior.... I ignored both. I mean what was this chap supposed to do, how was he going to carry 30 books out of the library! I was doubly annoyed as this chap actually buys the books from us then hands them to his wife who runs a charity shop... grrrrr, so he was trying to help his wife and my colleagues were being very, very unhelpful. I did what I rarely do, I outranked her... and went off for a box... then oddly enough having told boss I was looking for bags/boxes for this customer, she just handed me a few bags and said: quite right, he should be given the right help. Mmmm, one minute I am persona non grata, next I am back in the fold. Oh I just plug away, and ignore our boss's silly mood swings.

Pic: from way back in 1991. My first ever trip to the US, and to Los Angeles. The photos were taken during a dinner at El Cholos, not far from Santa Monica.... they feature some old friends, all indulging in margueritas... and a certain actress who paid for dinner and the drinks bill - which came to more than the food bill - something that chuffed her! Hang on, it wasn't just me and two friends, it was 25 others, 8 Americans, all on orange juice, and the rest were Brits, doing their duty and were following the host's orders... to enjoy themselves, so they did. Please note the 'they' did bit, I was in fact in agony, having hurt my back earlier in the day, and on strong painkillers... so I wasn't indulging. Good thing really considering the state of some when they got back to the hotel!

Essential details: well it was an early scrapbook attempt, I'd bought a book of Sarapapers (great for first time scrapbookers as they are themed, and come with ideas). I used a sheet of purple diamond patterned paper, used a mat of black glittery card top and bottom, put the lettering on that using peel offs, cut one photo into a circle (do consider cropping photos, scan them first and work with copies).

To anyone considering venturing into scrapbooking, but who feel daunted by the thought - just do it. I had bought an 8x8 album, a complete album, and it gathered dust for about a year. Then someone on a group started scrapbooking and I thought - oh go on, have a go. So I bought a 12x12 album, and two books of Sarapapers, plus other bits and... had a go... I then realised that scrapbooking is personal. It is about capturing memories, those moments in your life that were amusing, important, sad... and just expressing what they meant to you. Yep you can go to the extreme and begin to create some really arty layouts, but it is really about capturing memories...

I've now filled two scrapbooks, half filled an8x8 album... and have many more photos to scrap, and many more albums to fill. I like nothing better than to sit and create a scrapbook page. In fact I enjoy it more than making cards.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Me, myself and I

A day off work, a spot of cleaning someone else's house and then supermarket shopping... not what I ordered - hey ho. But better than being in work and enduring the boss on a rant... hopefully by tomorrow she'll be running out of steam. For my money she (the boss) is making far too much out of things, she is in need of a sharp reality check.

Cleaning job at moment is a bit like painting the Forth Bridge.... they're having a new kitchen fitted so there is dust everywhere. As fast as I clean up it all gets dirty again. Fortunately today the builders had stopped knocking stuff down and drilling things... so I got a chance to do a proper clean. Home for a quick buttie and then off for a slow walk round supermarket, as mum decided to come along... she is also trying to give up smoking, frankly if I were 79 and had smoked for this long, and was only smoking 9 ciggies a day then... I keep on puffing. She is also due to go in for a hip operation, so is already stressed with prospect of op, so does she need any extra stress, more importantly do I NEED any more stress? Noooooooo.... mind you had a laugh the weekend, mum rang the no smoking hotline on Saturday to discover that it is only available between Mondays and Fridays... so if you want help giving up at the weekend, forget it.

Pic - it was taken in 2003, at the Universal Sheraton Hotel in LA, on a Sunday night, and I have no recollection of it being taken, and I was sober... sadly! Oh if only you all knew what had been going on before that photo was taken! I used paper from a Sarapapers book, sort of fell in love with Sarapapers, they just seem to fit every occasion. Just kept it simple with a bluish/purple paper for the background, and a patterned paper down one side, mounted photo with some photo mounts, then just used some simple white chipboard letters.

I do remember what we had done that day in LA, got up early, think we were still on GMT time, we headed for the beach, a twenty odd mile trip, cab driver thought we were bonkers. But we had a fab time on Venice Beach, I got cab driver to drop us off at were Venice Beach starts, then we just ambled our way along, dropping into shops along the way, my two companions were a bit wary at first, thinking I was leading them down a blind alley... but they to fell in love with Venice Beach. By time we got to the extremely zany Ozzie bar, we were zoned out, far too many of the open shops had been burning exotic substances... but boy were we happy! We found a nice place to eat, just near the well know outdoor gym... muscle city - full of posers. Then headed back to Universal, on journey back we got a great cabbie, he took us the short route back and saved us a fortune. I may tell you the rest of the story.... of what happened later that evening, between when we got back and when the photo was taken!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

What a day!

The day got off to a blazing start - literally, got to work to find the euro bin on fire and two colleagues trying to put it out. I joined in by grabbing the fire extinguisher, but couldn't get the stupid pin out, it took two of us, then we got a fit of the giggles.... as you do. Took us about fifteen minutes before the fire was out, by which time we all ponged of smoke.

Our newbie assistant made us all a cuppa - she is an excellent tea maker, and a lovely person who has fitted in really well. Always awkward when someone new starts, for them and for old staff. But it's like she's been with us for years and not just a few weeks.

Boss managed to put damper on things by banging on about the stats we got yesterday... so I turned to thoughts of escaping at 1pm and getting home to watch QVC. Wasn't taken by what was on offer, did like the celtic kit and the paper mania embellishments, they were really pretty, I recognised some of it as I'd bought the pretty butterflies and flowers from Papermill a while ago. But didn't buy anything, phone was out of reach and I couldn't be bothered to go get it. Glad I didn't as at the end of the show they said there was a craft day on Thursday with Rosemary Merry, and that means scrapbooking stuff! Must tho get to a craft shop, need some basics, namely glossy accents, my last bottle had split and it was leaking everywhere when I tried to use it.

Pic - a card I made quite some time ago, just used a plain pink card (possibly from LMC), I'd just got a QVC TSV, the peel off one.... and it had the pretty die cut flowers in it... so stuck a few on randomly, added a few sticky gems, then added some glossy accents, stuck a butterfly peel off to some pink vellum and cut round it and stuck it on using silicon glue. A simple card, but then I like simple!