Thursday, 3 November 2016

Whizz, bang and numpties

Evening,  it is a bit on the chilly side tonight.  Even Harvey has opted to stay in,  although he has had a short evening stroll tonight.  It's okay,  he never ventures far, he's not shut out,  he never is,  and as soon as the numpties start letting off their fireworks he comes back home.  I've never understood the appeal in wandering around on a cold night letting off fireworks,  it is a very expensive way to have fun.  

The Travellers rest has really come on this week.

The front facade was a bit tricky,  it wouldn't set straight.  Couldn't think of how to prop it up, then,  boing, the elastic bands!  So I put them round the whole thing, then made sure the front facade was sitting snug agaist the rest of the house,  then used a couple of books to act as a weight - success!   I'd already 'laid' the pavement, some air dried clay,  and then I pressed the pavement mold into it.  Next bit was to 'age' it, different bits of paint, sand, grass is next..   then some added wear and tear.

This front view lets you see that archway,  all timbered, and paved.  I think I spent the most time on that bit.  The stone steps came with the kit,  all I needed to do was paint them.  I didn't use white paint on the house, but a very light cream,  white is too stark and I wanted the pub to look old, which is why the timbers are pale brown.   The next step is to tile the roof, and fix the chimney into place.  I'll then need to turn my attention to some Xmas cards! 

I've also got a parcel coming tomorrow... a guitar!   I said that I was  hankering after one,  well I'd looked on ebay, there were quite a few bargains to be had, but I wasn't sure if I wanted second hand or new.  Then I had to consider how much I wanted to spend,  I had thought of one which was £70, a good guitar and boy was I tempted, but I resisted.  On Tuesday I had a look in a couple of second hand shops, they only had either the really cheap stuff, or electric.  Then I had a long think, did I really want to spend a lot of money,  what if I got bored...  so went back on line,  now I was looking for something in the £40-£50 bracket, a beginners kit preferably.  And finally I found one,  checked up on the sellers,  found some very good reviews for the guitars,  they'd also uploaded some videos to YouTube, so I could hear the guitar, it had a nice sound.  So after a cuppa and a little more deliberation,  I checked to see how much I had saved, almost £30, the guitar package was £44,  so I bought it.   That was yesterday, and it will arrive tomorrow!  Just the treat I'll need as I am also off to see the specialist about my back,  which has been giving me hell all week.  Tuesday was the worst, didn't think a very short wander between two second hand shops would be too much, but it was.  So I've had to rest up a little,  which gave me time to check and double check the location of the hospital. The appointment is at 5pm,  so going to hit rush hour - groan.   It is a straightforward route, just have to hope that it isn't too manic. 

Well I have a diary entry to do, then a bit more ukulele practice. 

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