Saturday, 29 October 2016

Shiver me timbers... !!

I'm looking forward to my extra hour in bed, it will make up for the hour I lost due to Harvey demanding to go out this morning! 

So,  timbers made from grungeboard, all cut out, and with a few coats of paint.  Started with a light brown, then used a Mocha.  I don't think I did too bad a job.  Tried to just keep it simple,  it is for the back of the pub, which has no windows, so I could ignore those bits.   Next task was to glue it into place.

Ta dah!  Luckily I spotted that it had shifted slightly when I put on the elastic bands, so I was able to ease it over.  The little archway is now looking the business.  It was the fiddliest bit, well so far,  it has needed a lot of 'dressing', by that I mean adding sand, grass bits, and will be adding a few leaves. 

Next job, to glue the side bits into place.  Cue pegs...   and elastic bands.   Then scramble around looking for the small paintbrush that you have just put down, somewhere! 

While that was drying I decided to...

...have a cuppa, phew, thirsty work this housebuilding.   Then I measured the roof to work out were the rafters went.   Used the tacky glue so they wouldn't then just ping loose when I let go. 

Then, quick slurp of tea, bite head of reindeer...  the Xmas malteaser reindeer, not the real thing.   Very tasty.

Remove pegs, and repeat process on the other side.  All tasks on list completed,  time for dinner.   I also needed to put away some meat I'd bought from the sell by counter,  got four chicken breasts and two nice pieces of casserole steak for £4.10,  bargain or what?   Three chicken breasts would have cost me £4,  so I congratulated myself for the savings.  Love that counter,  found loads of bargains there in the last few weeks.   All the meat went straight into the freezer, except for one chicken breast that I used for my stir fry,  and Harvey had some chicken too.  Can't leave him out,  he loves chicken,  and he had a fair old few morsels tonight.  Then off he went, into the night,  don't worry he can get back in easily if he wishes.  He doesn't go far either,  we've had a few fireworks going off, but he's come back once the bangs start.  He will be kept inside on bonfire night.

Bonfire night also means I can get rid of a few things from the garden, got some old wooden planters that have rotted,  plus an oversized rose bush/tree, it is far too big, so it is coming out.  Think there are some other bits in the shed that can also go on the bonfire.   Would it be possible to also place the entire Tory government on top of a bonfire?    Talk about the blind leading the blind...  not sure any of them know what they are doing, other than avoid answering any questions, or admitting that they have bribed Nissan to stay in the UK. 

I'm also confused, (not that it takes much), but you see they keep telling us that we are a rich country.  So if we are, how come we have so many homeless people,  and why are there families holed forced to live in the most disgusting examples of temporary accommodation.   Also why are people forced to pay sky high rents for rat holes.  Why can't we fund the NHS properly, why have waiting lists increased under this government;  why have they slashed disability benefits?  Oh and why do we need foodbanks?   Just wondering, cos I would have thought that a rich country could afford to build decent homes for all,  fund the NHS,  and and that there would be no need for foodbanks...   Funny how we can afford nuclear weapons, money to bribe companies to stay here,  to pay the extortionate MP expenses bill, and hand over millions to a very rich family for cutting the odd ribbon.  Mmm...  see anything wrong with this picture? 

Well the guitar fund is growing,  I've narrowed down my choice of guitar.  I was looking at some buying guides and reviews on Youtube, plus listening to how the various guitars sound.  They all warned against going cheap, which I'd worked out for myself,  so need to be spending around the £100 plus mark, for new, or less than that for second hand.  Don't mind the preloved stuff, after all, Harvey was a preloved cat!   Last night he fell off the bed during a mammoth washing session...   this morning as I was reading my paper he decided he wanted to sit on my lap, so plonked himself down in the middle of the paper,  and he spent part of the morning outside howling at another cat - at that point I disowned him. 

Now I must go feed him, again... he is like a bottomless pit.  Back soon with more pub updates.  Enjoy Halloween, and be careful when parking your broomstick!

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