Tuesday, 6 December 2016

And yet more baubles

Two posts for the price of one,  that is because I forgot to publish the other on the night I wrote it.

Much has happened since the other post, like 6 more baubles, and 7 cards,  plus two birthday cards.  Today I tidied up my craft table,  all the Christmas stuff is back in the box,   craft mat cleaned,  all tools cleaned and put away.  Wonder how long it will stay tidy...  !   In the meantime, hows about this for a weird looking polar bear?  He has now been modified, smaller nose and eye.

Snowflake was a lot better.  Both are from a Hobbycraft kit,  half price!  I added a few other bits,  like silver strips and glittery faux brads.  The only glue I had at this point was the collal 3D glue,  so had to make do. 

The second snowflake card,   a bit different from the above.  Sadly the kit only came with two glitter snowflakes, so had to improvise.  I had the disc, and after a dig round the Christmas box of stash,  I found a snowflake.   I covered both in embossing powder,  and glued into place.  A good save,  well I thought so.

Another bauble.  I wanted to use up a lot of the Christmas stash,  and avoid having to buy anything.  The only new thing on here was the all gold gilding flakes.  A good bargain from ebay, nice big pot too!    I used some clarity doubled sided sticky clear sheets.   Managed not to lose any flakes along the way. 

On the other side is: embossing powder, a double layer.  I masked off the middle bit, then did it in stages, gold first then the red.  Rest are just peel offs. 

Another bauble,  but with different gilding flakes, had these for ages, but then they do last for ages.    I put ribbon and glittery bits round the side.   I did think of putting the date, well they are for a mass Xmas swap, but,  it all seemed like too much work.   No, don't think that I couldn't be bothered, my anxiety was rising, so felt it best to just stick to the simple stuff.  Putting dates and names would have meant finding numbers, letters,   I knew I had them, but wasn't sure if I had enough of the right size. 

Anxiety is a funny, but horrible thing.  I have to remember not to put any pressure on myself.   So these days life has to be more relaxed,  I have to tell myself that a job can wait for another couple of days.    I know why it happens, but if I explained this would be a very, very long blog post.  

The same was happening on Sunday night,  me getting wound up for no reason.   My cousin messaged me to say she'd come over for a catch up.  And so what do I do, start worrying if I have enough time to get the place tidy, and do a few other things.  Well the other stuff could wait, but I found myself thinking I had to get it all done.  Daft,  once I'd calmed down,  stepped back a little I felt better,  and of course everything, pretty much, that needed to be done has been done. 

This year I have put up some decorations, not much, just a tree and a few other bits.  Last year I just couldn't be bothered, although I did get a teeny, tiny real tree from Tesco.   This year it is the half tree, but in a different place from where it used to go.    Got some presents to wrap and get in the post, plus all the cards and baubles,  just printed off the labels.  Hands are so sore at the moment,  really stiff,  my middle finger has been swollen for a while, I wear a signet ring on that finger, and usually it is loose, but right now it is a bit snug.  Plus the cold weather hasn't been helping matters,  the forecast is for some mild weather,   let's hope it lasts.   

Now off for to do a diary entry.   Take it easy.

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