Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Oh baubles!

Evening, yes, another long gap between posts.  Just the usual stuff happening,  and having to wrap up warm! 

Anyways, since the finish of the Travellers Rest,  I had other stuff to do.  First I had to sort out and make my November swap, which...   well I stuffed up first time round, cos of a slight misunderstanding.   And then had to figure out how to make 8 baubles,  so it was off to Hobbycraft.  I got lucky, these were half price,  I thought they would be perfect for the task.  I then had to locate thinking cap,  and come up with a few ideas.  Then I had to find the Xmas stash, in a box and stored somewhere safe...  I had a good old rummage around the rest of the stash, now stored in various places.  Found embossing powders, a good start, then my versamark, great, heat gun, yep,  ideas, still looking.

Finally I had a few ideas to play with, all with the help of a few Xmas peel offs.  So,  the idea was to decorate both sides, but slightly differently.  This first one got the red treatment,  I first masked off the top bit, and dabbed it with the versamark then sprinkled it with gold embossing powder.  Once that was cooled down,  I masked off the gold, and did the same thing, only this time I used the red tinsel embossing powder.  Lovely jubbly,  I went round the edge with some silver embossing powder.

Then I flipped over the bauble, I cut out a peel off,  it was a Christmas candle, but it was an oval shape, and was a bit too big, but cut down, perfick.  I stuck that onto some double sided clarity sheets,  then with the backing paper, I placed it onto the bauble, trimmed off the edge.

Then I added some rose gold gilding flakes.  Looking good, yes?   Well I think so.  I could have used perfect pearls, or even glitter, but just fancied the gilding flakes.

So, now I have back covered in embossing powder, and the front with a nice peel off and gilding flakes.  Let's go back to the back!

I can't leave it plain, so more peel offs,  some left over stars, and the Happy Christmas,  with a sprig of holly,  that will do nicely.  Will add date as well, but on the side.  Phew... 7 more to go!   Some will have the nativity scene, others will feature the usual Christmas suspects, snowmen etc.

I still had the swap card to make.  The challenge was to interpret a sketch,  except I just read 'sketch', and thought I could use one of my own sketches.  Eventually I realised my mistake,  and luckily before any real work was done.  So, how to interpret the sketch, it had four triangles down one side, a circle and a few lines...    Come on girl, you can do this.   Yes, but have I any cardstock?   Ooer, seem to remember giving a lot away, got to be some round here somewhere. 

And breathe.   Yes, she did it!  She made an actual card.  I did find a card kit that hadn't been used, so I had some decent card stock.  I have card, but what I didn't have was anything heavy enough to turn into the card base.  So got that far, what next, matting and layering, why not.  Nice bit of light purple, or mauve,  some white card... all a bit plain.  Hang about, there is some bubble wrap over there, now where are those sprays I had..  Gotcha,  purple, blue and vivid green,  then, plonk, onto white card, then off.  Some glossy black card, cut a strip, then using long scissors, randomly cut a few triangles, punch out cirlce from lovely blue glittery stuff, and a strip.  Zat, methinks, will do it.  Phew.  Also got a few birthday cards to make,  time to use up that kit!

Actually the cold weather has meant that my Raynauds has been really bad,  wasn't too bad last year, it only affected me when I went out.  Now it is affecting me in the house, not funny.  Now must go, skype call coming through.  Have a good week.

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