Saturday, 29 June 2013

All distressed

From paint to inks,  all thanks to my friend BJ who happily shared a new technique she'd learned at a club on her blog, which can be found here: ccraftcorner.   She's done a terrific job of explaining what to do.  All you need are some distress inks, a spray bottle full of water, and an acrylic block, oh and some kitchen towel.  Dab the distress inks onto the block, then spray with water, then dab block onto card and move it around.  I experimented and found that you could add a bit more water and keep dabbing,  you could even spritz the card after if you want.

I tried it on this piece of card, using blue and green,  it is important to keep going, don't think it has gone wrong,  just keep playing till you get the result you want, or accidentally achieve!   I then did some stamping, and masking.  This is one for my art journal.

After the photo frame project I really just wanted to do simple and quick stuff.    I used one of the tags for this little project,  all very simple. Some inking,  some stamping,  and die cutting.   Again this is for my art journal.

The tennis has been taking most of my attention,  and so nice to see not one, but TWO Brits doing well!   It was always a question of when Laura Robson would start to show her incredible talent,  she is a winner,  and I'm sure that one day she will lift the women's trophy at Wimbledon.  She's shown true grit this week,  and what I like most is that she never quits.   Andy Murray has been imperious this week,  he is very different to last year,  he looks confident,  of course his last memory of Centre Court is a good one - winning the gold medal!     And with the roof on Centre the tennis never stops. Gone are the days when they would show the old matches.

The weather has been terrible these last couple of days,  yesterday was a complete washout and very cold,  I never stuck my nose out of the door.    Felt a bit down,  and very tired as I've had a few restless nights and waking up early.  Today I at least managed to lie in till 9 a.m.,  so I did feel better.  And it was sort of sunny, a very watery sun,  but it was warm which was a relief.  It was 'that' time of year - time to tax the car!   When I got to the Post Office the queue was out the door,  then I noticed that the opening times had altered and that it was open all day on Saturdays.  I'll have to remember that.  I did hear on the news that more Crown Post Offices are being closed, is nothing sacred in this country?    This damn government don't care about anything.  

There is still tennis on tonight,  thanks to roof, though Serena doesn't look happy to be playing so late!   No tennis tomorrow :-(   Best catch up with all my jobs.

All for now, thanks for stopping by.

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Elizabeth said...

Love your inky experiments, Cass. I like the blues and greens of the first but, despite not being a great fan of yellow, the colour mix on the second is gorgeous. Enjoying the tennis ... well, if you can call sitting on the edge of the sofa urging either Andy or Laura to win, and having a near heart attack every time, and I mean every time, their opponent wins a point, if you can call that enjoyment then that's what I'm enduring this year at Wimbledon. And don't get me started on post office closures!?!? Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight :) Elizabeth xx