Monday, 24 June 2013

New balls please...

Two weeks of tennis has begun,  just hope summer comes back to join it.

After two sleepless nights of course I slept like a log out of sheer tiredness, and managed to sleep in.   So all plans changed, cos the tennis starts at 11.30,  all stuff must be completed by then!  I paid my bills,  took a very, very slow walk to high street,  and an even slower walk back home, think a snail could have overtaken me.  No faffing around like going round the shops, nope, paid bill, got glue gun and home. 

The glue gun was for these rosettes,  I did wonder about just getting a fast acting glue, but the glue gun was the better idea.  I chopped into them,  except for the teeny tiny one, that frankly would not have been possible without the glue gun.   Not sure about the completed picture,  need to think about it before it all gets glued down. 

The tennis was a tad distracting,  a few seeds in trouble,  and Nadal finally going out to a lower ranked player,  I can sympathise with Nadal in th knee department, but at least he can run about.

I had a few ideas for what to do with the photo frame I decorated yesterday.   So I made my own background using the iridescent paints and the stippling technique, this was on black card, gives the paint a different look.   I've got a couple of ideas floating around for the finished picture,  so it will be some playing with ideas tomorrow.

Tomorrow, thanks to my inadvertent lie in, will be busy.  The flat needs a good clean,  and have a large pile of ironing, plus the forms to do. 

Have a crafty week and thanks for stopping by.

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