Sunday, 23 June 2013

Brrrr... who turned down the heating?

Feels more like winter!   Not a chance of me stepping outside the front door today,  unless I wanted to get blown away.  Didn't have a good night, very restless,  woke up early and so decided to get up, 7.30 on a Sunday morning!!  Wrapped myself in my warm dressing gown and made a nice pot of tea, then read my book.  It's just a light read,  written by Fern Britten,  The Holiday Home which is set in Cornwall.

After the ironing and tidying up,  and then tidying me up, it was time for - a bacon butty.   Sunday tradition,  can't do anything till the bacon butty has been digested.  Then it was off to craft.

My brain isn't anywhere near in gear so I forgot to take the 'before' photo.  The frame was plain wood,  gave it two light coats of gesso, then used the modeling paste with a mask.  I did all that yesterday so it had plenty of time to dry.   Then I gave it a coat of black acrylic, slightly watered down.  I then replaced the mask and began the stippling, using three iridescent acrylic paints, two blues and a hot pink colour.  I carried on the stippling past the mask,  left it to dry then stamped using a versamark black archival ink pad.    Now I have to decide what will go inside the frame!

I did some experimenting with a stamp and the iridescent paints,  it works.  Two ways of doing this, lob some onto the glass craft mat and dab the stamp into it, or use a sponge brush to dab on the paint, I preferred the latter.   Had to leave it there as I need some gloss black card.  Also feel that a fantasy stamp would be best,  I've got some, but not sure if they'll do.  Guess it will be more playing.  Just noticed that the ABAC challenge is to 'get messy' so think this project fits the bill! 

I did start to make some rosettes, but I really need a fast acting glue,  thought I had cracked the problem with my glue gun, but it is a low heat gun and isn't the right sort of thing.  So two things to get, new glue gun, and black card.   I have a long list for tomorrow, laundry,  housework (hightime I did it in a coordinated fashion) and pop to craft shop,  oh and post office to pay some bills, make phone call to get some money back from HA.   And of course make sure I am in my seat for the start of Wimbledon!   Murray is playing tomorrow, so something to look forward to. 

Just hope this horrible weather goes away,  no chance of seeing the super moon tonight, unless this cloud goes.  Forecast says things will improve, and before anyone starts muttering about climate change there is plenty of historical evidence that windy, cold weather is not unusual in June.  

All for now,  more playing tomorrow, well depending on the tennis.  Enjoy the new week and thank you for stopping by.

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