Wednesday, 17 July 2013

And summer goes on!

Another sunny day,  it is so nice to say that after all the wash outs we've had in recent years.   It's also nice to get the washing hung out,  but I did feel like murdering the builder who was using some grinder and making a racket!    I've been having a treats day,  chocolate, cold melon (great way to keep cool) and a very nice dinner.  Not moved very far either,  just didn't feel like it.  Had a rubbish day yesterday at the craft desk, everything I touched went wrong.  So today I cleared the head and thought about what I wanted to do.   I've always fancied doing a tryptych, a 3 panel picture.  So I had 3 canvases...

And this mask,  next it was a question of what do with the mask,and were to put it, on the canvas.  I went diagonal,  on the two end pieces and straigh across on the middle canvas.  Next I have to decided on colour,  no idea yet, or what will go on them, but I have an odd feeling that it will be my new purchase...   Well it isn't my fault if Tattered Lace keep coming up with adorable dies!   I only caught the POD by chance,  then I fell in love with the flowers,  and they somehow fell into a 'basket'...  hey ho.  Well I do have my tax cheque,  and some of that was designated for a treat.    The masks were not a treat, I had a voucher for them.

I do find it funny how us crafters drift into different things.  Once I wouldn't have  used masks,  now I can't be without them.  It is the same with the stamps, powders, modelling paste. 

This is the other mask, which I love, already used it a few times, as you can see.  I've still not use my new bird stamp, so that may be incorporated into the new work.   Though I'm not sure how much crafting will go on in the next few days as the golf starts tomorrow.  I never used to like it,  but now I find it fascinating. 

These are the 3 canvases, a rather boring picture as they are still drying, but hopefully they will be a bit more colourful and interesting by the weekend.  Wondef if CnC can get my dies to me by then?  

I'm still watching the owlets at the Heligan wildlife centre.  They are really getting big, the older one is now getting its feathers so it looks a bit odd, but they are just so funny to watch.  They often catch sight of a fly,  and then they seem to be surprised to see the other owlet,  but they also cuddle up together, so cute.   You can find them here:
but be warned it is addictive viewing!

All for now, enjoy the rest of this sunny week.

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