Monday, 8 July 2013

What a match!

I've not been anywhere near my craft desk these last couple of days.   I had the nice distraction of having a friend to stay,  the tennis and glorious weather!  Needless today I was glued to the box cheering on Andy Murray.   It was  hard to watch at times,  and the nerves were jangling at times.  But what a match,  and the best man won.

I spent yesterday at Chester Zoo, which was packed needless to say.  But we had a lovely day, saw lots of animals, including the meerkats, who are right little posers!   I managed to catch a few shots with my Lumix,  while my friend was snapping away with her super douper camera.  We just ambled our way round,  well I had no choice as I am stuck at 'amble' speed, and with plenty of sit downs along the way.   It has been a few years since I went to the Zoo, so was a bit shocked at the entry price, £18,  and I can remember the mono rail being free to use, now they charge £2.

I have to share this adorable picture of a baby meerpup,  he/she was keeping us all amused with its antics.   A lot of animals had decided to stay out of the sun,  or were sticking to the shady bits so it did sometimes take a while to spot them.  No sign of the lions, or tigers, but we did see the Cheetahs,  and lots of varieties of deer,  and the otters who were very funny.  One otter kept on screeching at the others who were taking not a blind bit of notice.

We also managed to spot the red panda who was hiding up in a tree.   We both caught the sun,  and were feeling pretty weary by the time we got back to the entrance.  We enjoyed a nice cuppa before leaving for home, and then picked up a lovely takeaway curry - a great way to end a beautiful day.

Just me, myself and I again,  my friend headed off home around lunchtime.  I then got myself ready for 'the' match, had the cushion ready in case it got too scary.  I really did think it would go the distance, but Murray played so well and the end was nerve jangling.   But I was so thrilled for him. 

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely summery weather,  there is a nice breeze here coming in from the sea, it just takes the edge off the heat.   Have a lovely week all and thank you for stopping by. 

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