Sunday, 14 July 2013

What a scorcher!

Today, thankfully, it is a bit cooler here.  Thursday I could have done with it being less hot as I had a nasty tummy bug,  luckily it seemed to be a 24 hour thing.   But with it being so hot there hasn't been a whole lot of crafting going on!   Well I guess I could count the bedside cupboard as a craft project, as I finally got round to painting it.   It should have been all done and dusted, except for some odd reason the top and one of the sides refused to dry,  no idea why as the rest of it was dry.  So that meant more sanding and repainting.  Just the door left,  but I do want to decorate that, so that is my project for the week.   I took a pic of my desk after a craft session today,  fairly tidy for me,  it shows the new stamps from Get Stamping (available at Tesco, WH Smiths or online).   Along with the usual bits and bobs.   I have been worrying about my stamps in this heat,  they seem okay so far. 

Here is a better pic of the stamp set.  There is a repeat stamp, down on the right hand corner (bottom),  which is very easy to line up.  The phrases are very useful,  all on travel but they would suit any scrapbook page as well.   Not yet used all of them!   Well aside from a practice stamp,  just to get them going. 

I consulted with the hole in the wall and it told me that I had more money than I thought,  phew, nice to know I'm still solvent!   So since I had a ten pound voucher for the craft shop, I put another ten pounds to it and got a few treats, two masks, some white detail powder, plus two wooden  hearts and a stamp.  I've been wanting the detail powder for some time as I wanted to do some relief work.  It was way too hot to linger for very long in the craft shop,  I was almost tempted to go back for the work shop, but frankly didn't fancy sweltering in there for an hour. 
With the stamps, and some stuff from the stash I created this tag. I did use that lovely repeat stamp with the white detail powder,  came up a treat.  There is also some masking, and of course stamping.  The balloon stamp is from the last issue of Get Stamping.    The scooter stamp sadly split when I was removing it from the acetate,  but it is still useable.   I've had that happen before with a clear stamp,  it is very annoying.   I soaked the rest of the sheet in soapy water and carefully prised off the rest of the stamps,  they now seem to be fine and come off the backing sheet more easily.  I guess it is the heat.  

Oh I am not complaining,  the sun is lovely,  nice to see everyone looking cheerful, so long may it continue!   My little garden is also blooming,  everything is running riot and the bees are enjoying all the flowers.   Aside from my tummy upset the week as been okayish,  got confirmation that I qualify for free prescriptions/dental treatment, that is a relief.   Had apology from DWP about the lateness of my PIP form, or rather that I had been misinformed.  And had my second counselling session,  it's too early to say that any progress is being made,  I did have a disagreement with my counsellor about shock,   well shock that doesn't involve physical trauma...  we'll leave it there as it is a bit technical, but I was right!    Next week could be much harder as she wants to try the PTSD treatment,  I have her assurance that if it all gets too much she'll stop.

Enjoy the week ahead, it will be hot and sunny!

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Cassidy, nice to see your desk, it's looking crafty. I managed to find a copy of Get Stamping this week - the first one I've bought - and I like the stamp set. I can see them being really useful in scrapping. Thanks for passing on the tip on how to release them from the packaging - I did wonder if the heat would have affected them too. Hope you make a complete recovery from that tummy bug soon. Take care. Elizabeth xx