Saturday, 20 August 2016

A golden fortnight

Wow, how amazing is Team GB?   25 Gold medals!    I'm exhausted by it all.   I've watched some of the early morning stuff,  occasionally it pays to have insomnia!  It is sad to see that so many events have been poorly attended,  and now it looks like the Paralympics will be badly affected by lack of money because the organisers have dipped into the paralympian fund.

In the meantime, between Olympic stuff,  I carried on with my pansy.  It is slowly coming to life.  I'm starting to add the darker shade of purple to achieve some depth.   I'll keep at it.  I saw a lovely photo of a badger which I must draw. 

I have been missing my housebuilding, so I caved in and bought Snowdrop Cottage, isn't it adorable!   It arrived today, was so happy to see the A5 padded envelope waiting for me when I returned from the papershop.   I couldn't wait to get started.   I've done all the prep work, and got some of the wallpapering and flooring done, but now need to print off more wall paper.   I've also got to put in a little garden, looking forward to that bit.

I didn't feel guilty about being indoors,  the weather today has been terrible.  So windy, and also raining, Harvey is unamused.  

He thought he'd look at things from a different perspective, sadly it didn't alter the weather!  But he did get a treat, some fresh chicken, which he loves.  I now have to make sure that there is enough chicken for me and him.  The things us cat owners do!    He's been a bit under the weather lately,  he's not liking his new cat neighbours, one is a bit of a bully, but he got his comeuppance the other day, picked on the wrong cat, not Harvey, but the big moggy! 

Yes this is amusing, but it also has a point.  I'm an introvert.  I'll speak more on this in each blog.  But please don't confuse introvertism with being shy or anti social,  us introverts sime like peace and quiet, and we need lots of it.   When I first read about being an introvert, I realised that I was reading about myself and my life.  It was such a relief,  my family always accused me of being anti social because I didn't much like parties,  though I would go, and in my own way I'd enjoy myself.  However my way was to sit and watch,  I was completely happy, but others decided that just sitting and watching was boring, and how could I possibly be enjoying myself,  I should get up and make an idiot of myself, or go chat to folk I didn't even know (or like).   Equally I knew when I was tired and needed to go home, but you can't ever leave a party early...   grrrr.  You can, and it doesn't mean that you are a miserable sod,  it simply means that you are tired and need to recharge your batteries.    More on this....

It's been a busy week, sadly some of the time was taken up with a bit of a crisis, not of my doing, and which was finally sorted out by a lovely lady who knew what she was doing.  So I spent the first half of the week totally stressed and very, very anxious.  Then on Thursday it was off to yet another hospital for an assessment on my dodgy back.  The verdict wasn't good,  in fact I was a bit surprised when I was told that I had damage to more than one disc.  I now need to have an MRI,  that will show how bad things are, not sure I want to know.  But my back really is bad,  on Monday I just turned and suddenly my back went into spasm,  I was in agony for the next two days until the spasm eased.  And today I've had a horrible dull ache in my lower back,  with some pins and needles, plus a loss of power, that is the only way I can describe it.   

Only one more day of the Olympics to do,  can Mo Farah get his second gold, I hope so, and I loved the hockey last night, what a match.   I hated hockey at school,   I never fancied getting hit by that very hard ball!   I preferred netball, or volleyball, and I wasn't bad at athletics,  fairly good at long jump, but I was a water baby, swam for the school team!  And I wasn't bad at tennis.  Think I've just realised why I have so many aches and pains, all those sports. 

Almost time for a well earned cuppa,  then I need to get Harvey to come in.  It would be good if it started raining now, that would bring him running home.   Will be back soon with an update on Snowdrop cottage, and the pansy.

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