Saturday, 6 August 2016

And now we have a street, or should that be a Lane?

Just had to share this pic with you!   I've had a very up and down week.  On Monday I got some bad news,  then on Tuesday I sorted out the problem which had arisen from the bad news.  Then on Wednesday I got a phone call asking if I was still interested in a place on an art course, silly question, of course I was!  So in September I'll be starting a drawing course.  Could the good news keep coming, well it did when I realised that I get free prescriptions!    It is definitely the little things that make a difference,  and all those things made a big difference to my week.   Oh, and I also got a lovely plant for the empty pot outside. 

I've also finished the last of the houses that make up Memory Lane, here it is in all its glory.   I did, sadly, spot a mistake with the roof, so had to reroof half of it.  I'm really chuffed about how it has turned out, love the brickwork, seem to have mastered this technique, and I'm getting better with the colour. 

So now I have to focus on how I intend to display them, in a row or, individually.  I'd like to put them in a row,  but I'll need a long piece of wood...  she thinks, then remembers that, she took down some shelves a couple of years ago and the shelves are in the cloakroom!  Oh joy!

 Here's the inside,  I used some different flooring.  The edges have now been tidied up.  Yep, you spotted it, there are no doors, or stairs.  They can be put in,  and I may do so.   But so far I've been more interested in the outside than the inside.  Maybe that needs to change?   Something to think about.

This is the front,  I actually used white acrylic to paint the windows, but I ended up with this silvery grey colour.   I'm experimenting with curtains,  using ribbons, of which I have a great many.    It is just a bit fiddly,  so need to order some patience... 

This is how Marshalswick House fits in with some of the other houses.    It will look good when it's all put together, and has a street sign.  Oh, there is one more lean to, it goes on to the side of Purbeck Cottage, the grey house at the end.

It's also been a lovely day here,  quite warm, and very sunny.  Long may it continue.  Of course the Olympics have begun,  I woke up at around 1.30 a.m., so I had a peek at the opening ceremony,  then fell back to sleep so missed Andy Murray carrying the flag.   Then at 4 a.m., I woke up again,  decided that a cup of tea would be a nice idea,  when I came back to bed, Harvey had taken over!  I've no idea how a small cat is able to monopolise an entire bed, but they can.  So that was me and him till about 6 a.m.,  woke up again,  needed my painkillers,  so also had some tea and toast, then back to sleep, well the painkillers knocked me out,  and woke up around 9 a.m.   Not having a great time getting a good nights sleep,  I've been in a lot of pain,  and the painkillers are barely touching the pain at times.     Oh to be a dormouse, or even a cat, they never have any problems sleeping - do they?  

Off to watch a bit more of the Olympics.  Thanks for dropping by.

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