Sunday, 28 August 2016

A spaghetti roof...

What a week,  funny how you wait for ages for appointments, then like buses, they all seem to arrive at once.   I've also been trying to cancel an appointment without much success. Tried to cancel on the referral booking site, no joy, keeps telling me that the appointment is in the past, tried phoning but I'm not going to hang on in a queue and build up a large phone bill.  So not sure what to do. 

Like the pick,  I just felt like being arty!   I've been busy with Snowdrop Cottage,  and managing to scatter the gravel everywhere.  Thank goodness for the handheld vac, what a godsend it is.  I had to keep on giving the desk a bit of a sweep with a large paintbrush.   The exterior is now done,  so the focus in now on the roof, more of that in a mo! 

The side view,  just have to fill in those teeny tiny spaces on the blue bit...   must be mad.  Not sure how I got the lumpy bit,  though it has now been removed. 

I'm liking my blue,  it was a mix of a cobalt blue and some white.  I wanted a fresh colour for the cottage,  normally I age them, but I'm not sure I will this time. 

So what of the roof...  well:

Take some mdf, and then add spaghetti!    This will, I hope,  look like pantiles.   So far it has been very fiddly, and a bit hit and miss. 

The first stage wasn't too bad,  had to fix the spaghettie onto the roof.  I used some DST (double sided tape), then positioned them evenly.

Next, well there were two options.   I could use the air dried clay, or tin foil.    I opted to use the clay.  I rolled out a piece as thinly as I could, then cut it into strips.  Next I laid it onto the spaghetti, and continued with the next strip. 

But I wasn't happy, it didn't look right, the tiles looked too big for the size of the roof.  So stripped it off and decided to go with the tin foil version.

Which is this.  No, I don't like it either.   I'd been fiddling with it all afternoon, so I took a break and had something to eat.  Then I read my book of instructions,  oops, I'd missed a bit out!  I needed to use some PVA glue along with the DST.   Which I shall do tomorrow. 

As I said at the start, this week has been busy.  I had to make my appointment for the MRI, and got a shock when I was told that there was an appointment for Saturday (yesterday),  I grabbed it, better than waiting.  Next came my appointment for the counselling, this is for the more intensive counselling,  so that starts on 5th September.  After that it was the letter for the follow up to the MRI, at the beginning of October.  Blimey, it is all go!  

So yesterday I had an early start, had to be at the hospital for 9.15, and the hospital in question is  40 minute drive away, and that is on a good day.   I allowed a bit of time for delays and arrived at 9 a.m.,  no receptionist, so took a seat.  There was a couple waiting, they said that the staff were coming in and out of the waiting room to check.  At about 9.15 the radiographer came through,  and I went into another waiting room.  I had to take off all my jewellry and any other metal bits.   Then it was into the donut, okay, MRI machine.   I'd forgotten how noisy the darn things are, but in spite of the noise I still fell asleep!    I had to have an MRI on my neck and lower back, so had to go through twice.  But it was all done and dusted just after 10, and I could go home.  I went to the very big supermarket near the hospital for some necessary bits, then with my back protesting I drove home.  Odd thing happened, in the afternoon my wonky knee, the metal one,  became very puffy and warm,  it became hard to bend it.  I had told the radiographer about my knee replacement.  I wasn't sure what to do, to give them a call or wait and see what would happen.  I had visions of my metal knee slowly melting!    It didn't, and today it has been fine,  sadly my back isn't, it is still very painful.   I've had a few sleepless nights lately because of the pain.   So now I have to wait for the results.  And on Friday I have another scan,  this time on my liver.   Someone said to be once that if the medical profession get their hooks into you they never let go, I'm beginning to think there is some truth in that.    I'm still very tired, doesn't matter how much sleep I get I still wake up tired.  This morning me and Harvey had a lazy start to the day,  I woke up at about 7 a.m., but felt that was too early for a Sunday, so I had some tea and toast,  more painkillers and went back to sleep...  I woke up to the dulcet sounds of Harvey's yowling at 9 a.m.,  he wanted to go out for his walk!   He is a cat, but insists on having a morning walk, not with me, he just goes off on his own and checks the neighbourhood. 

I also had a humungus pile of ironing,  hate ironing.  So got the stool, put up the ironing board, switched on the telly and set to.   Wasn't as bad as I thought,  lots of T shirts to get through, and some sheets.  I did break for a cup of coffee, and gave Harvey his treat.   I've also been collecting feathers for him,  a few tied to a piece of string keeps him amused for hours. 

So tomorrow it is the pantiles part three, or that could be part four...   whichever it is, tomorrow is going to be a lazy day.  Oh of course, it is a bank holiday!   Sorry for us retired types those things now pass me by.

Will report back on the pantiles... 

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