Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Got it covered!

Evening,  it's a bit chilly here, even Harvey has been snuggling on my knee.  Glad that I got the duvet out of storage.    And I'm using some lavender smelling washing liquid,  it is such a beautiful aroma. 

So pub update,  it is nearly open for business!  I have now stuck the whole thing together.  This was on Monday,  lots of elastic bands were needed to hold things together.  Nice of the postie to drop them around the road.  No idea why they need to drop them.. 

So after it was all dry,  it was then time to cover it with the air dry clay, or filler, the choice was mine.  Went with the clay, just find it easier.  So this is the front, now looking a lot neater after some trimming and sanding.   I went round into the door frames, just to give a neater finish.  Now it needs to be painted,  which I would have done today, but needed to just add a bit more clay here and there.  So while that was drying, I had something to cut out...

The timber frame for the rear of the pub.  It didn't come with one, so I have had to make my own.  I thought about using card, but didn't have anything thick enough, so I went for grungeboard.  I used the front piece of timber frame as a template, but of course for the back I didn't need the window or door frames, so I could make it up as I went along.   It was also easy to cut thank goodness, and best of all - it fits!   I've now started to paint it,  it will need a few coats, so I'm starting with a light brown, then go darker. 

There is still lots to do, windows to put in, doors, all have to be painted, then the roof, oh and the chimney... so not a lot!   And in between trying to learn Blowin In The Wind...  almost there with the chord changes.  I'm okay once my hands get warmed up, but when I start they are just so stiff.   Still looking at guitars, and of course still saving up.  Just trying to get an idea of what is best to buy,  want something with a good sound, but not too big as I'm not sure I could cope with the full size dreadnought guitar,   going to go have a peek in the music shop and see which I can manage. But got weeks before any buying can be done. 

I also can't believe that I've now completed one year as a non smoker.  Who would have thought it?  Not me,  though without the e cigarette I would have cracked long before now.  I've just had to replace the battery on one, yes I have two.  I use one and the other goes on charge.  I also like to give the top bit a wash with warm water every now and then.  I've saved a fortune, but sadly since quitting the health has actually gone downhill, now I thought it would be the other way around.  No,  I won't be ever puffing on a cigarette again, happy with my vape machine.

So now off to watch that spooky thing on ITV, if Harvey will leave me alone...   sees you all soon with more pub updates.  

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