Monday, 17 October 2016

Paving the way

Back after another break.  More appointments,  I'm a bit sick of hospitals and doctors at the moment.   Just trying to get my pain medication right,  think I've found the right dose, so back to GP on Thursday to report a success.   Then in two weeks off to another hospital to see a consultant about my back, and to arrange more tests... oh the joys!  I'm not alone, a neighbour is also having a few health problems,  so we shared our moans, then exchanged funny stories about our cats, that cheered us both up.

I have new pics of The Railway Inn, with its fresh pavement.   It is just a piece of card from the back of a sketch pad,  it has been scored, then I used the paper creaser on my cutter.   Then it had a few coats of paint, oh before that I sealed it with some PVA.  The final touches with some leaves and pieces of grass. 

And here is a full size pic, the new pavement looks much better than the old one.   But I have had compliments about the 'stained' glass,  which is simply some glass paint. 

And the Farm Worker's cottages have a roof! Finally,  just gave up on the thatch,  well at least for now.  I used some spare wood I had, cut it to size,  then made some tiles with thick card.   The two cottages look so much better now.  Haven't completely given up on the thatch idea,  will have a practice, still got a few pieces of wood that are no use for anything.   I know now what I was doing wrong,  the clay was too thick,  and there is a new way of achieving the 'thatch' bit. 

The pavement also had a revamp.   I sanded it down,  and took a few tiny chunk out here and there, just to make it look worn.  Then, same as the pavement for the pub, I added some moss and a few dead leaves.  The walls have also been toned down, but my camera has unhelpfully brightened it all up! 

I picked up a couple of match pots,  just to add a few more colours to my palette. 

 Not felt like doing much lately,  I seemed to have lost interest in most things.  The art class has now finished, it was just a taster course,  but I did learn a few things.   I'm having a bash at a pen and ink drawing,  not sure it is my thing but I shall complete it.   Not much else in the way of art to show,  we didn't actually do much drawing,  just learning about techniques, textures and tones. 

I did order a new little building today,  hopefully it will be winging its way too me shortly.   It is another pub, but a timber framed tudor building, looking forward to getting stuck in.  Just doing these bits and bobs on the other houses has whetted my appetite to do more. 

Still practising the ukulele.  My fingers are now beginning to harden,  and I can make a few chord changes easily,  once I've got my fingers warmed up that is.   I'm trying to learn a few songs,  just with a few chords in them, nothing complicated.  I'm even doing some fingerpicking.  Not sure Harvey is appreciating my musical efforts.   Some sad news the other day, a friend had to have her dog put down, so sad,  he wasn't very well,  but he'd had a long and happy life.  She is now missing him terribly,  I know that feeling,  it is horrible.   I gave Harvey a cuddle,  he does like cuddles,  but he still tries to be a fusspot about his food.   I've got tough with him, so we have less fussy moments these days. 

Now off to do my diary entry.   Have a good week.

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