Monday, 26 November 2007

Do not like this

Just tried a bit of editing, naturally it didn't work, just got an error message. May be looking elsewhere for a blog. Been a blah day, again grey and yucky, with that drizzily rain that is really annoying. Had to go to local high street, had to post parcel, get some largish envelopes, and a pressie, achieved the first two items, not the last bit, was out of ideas and couldn't see anything that grabbed my imagination. I'm in one of my 'moods', my 'don't want to be here' moods, but have no idea where I wish to be, just not here, and just not ME! Did tho win a tenner on the lottery.... oh that it had been the jackpot!

Had to have a sort out of craft stuff, need to get myself organised for my craft demo on Thursday. So sorted papers, card, mirri card, decoupage, re-organised craft tote, at present my Xmas craft tote, it contains all my Xmas stuff. Just need to go thru my tool box, hate to think what may be lurking at the bottom of it!

Half watching that doc on the Queen, but please will someone tell me why I should feel sorry for the Royal Family, people banging on about how hard they work! Everything is done for them, do they have to queue up in Heathrow, pack their own bags, make their own meals, do all the stuff that we ordinary folk do? No, they are pampered to within an inch of their lives and are well rewarded.

Best stop, not in the mood, couldn't log on, it didn't recognise me, nor did CB! Even tho I asked to be recognised... not what you need when your going thru PMT!

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