Sunday, 25 November 2007

I just lurrve computers - not!

Arrgghh. Why do computers choose to chuck tantrums at the most inconvenient times? I've just been exceptionally kind to my PC, offloaded old programs I no longer used, freed up lots of space/memory - and is it grateful! No it ain't! Alls I wish to do is to print to file, so I can convert a file to use with my robo... will it let me, no it won't, only it did do a couple of days ago. Now it just chucks a hissy fit. Well pal I can also chuck a hissy fit and wander up to PC World.... you can be replaced!

Not happy, missing my crafts beautiful blog :-( I mean I like the new forums, tis a pretty colour, it all works very efficiently, but not happy with the miniscule size of file you can upload - takes far to much faffing for my liking. And no blogs!

I'm whiling away time whilst the PC downloads a new version of acrobat reader, which puter says will solve my problem - nope, not taking any bets as it most likely won't.

Had a yucky day, was far to horrible to go for a walk, was not in the mood to be windswept, or cold - the downside of living on the coast is that it is always blooming windy. Upside, won ten quid on lottery (from a week ago, just checked results), also played some instant win games on line and won £20! Only play the games with very short odds.

Made another waterfall card, did some embossing paste stuff, forgot to go gently with the low tac tape on some black card so ripped it! Hate it when that happens, dunno why black card has to be so sensitive. But did managed ten Xmas cards for mum, she is happy with them, only another 20 to go! Plus my own Xmas cards. Still faffing with a swap card I have to make, the theme is: what are you lacking.... yep, exactly, I mean how is one to make a card of that. My first idea was to send a black card, completely blank... felt like I was lacking everything. Don't want to have to buy any stuff to make the card, but equally haven't got any stuff to make such a card! Catch 22.

Am fed up with the media, and its obsession with certain stories, am bemused by the Diana inquest, excuse me but what did her love life have to do with how she died? And why the hell does it all have to be dragged out? We have now had the facts, that is all that is needed, so the inquest should be wound up, she died because her driver was going to fast, lost control of car, ploughed into column in tunnel, she may have survived had she been wearing her seat belt and had the french medicos actually got her to hospital on time.

Oh, download complete! Guess must go and finish off what I wished to start.

Mmmm, suppose this blog gives me more freedom...

SSYS - figure it out!

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