Thursday, 29 November 2007

I survived!

The day I'd been dreading had arrived, my craft demo... after a sleepless night, spend worrying about what I'd forgotten, what I'd probably forget, and doom laden thoughts of disaster, woke up at 6.30, well okay, was blasted awake by alarm - which for some reason seemed to be very, very loud. Think it was having sympathy panickings.

Nearly forgot the cutting mat, was only just half way out of road when I remembered it. After a lonely start, thinking that no-one would turn up, a few people drifted in, ended up with 5, which was a nice number to begin with. My boss made us all a cuppa, and produced some biccies, and then we got going. I showed them the 2 view cards, and then helped them make one each, then on to the waterfall card, which I'd only just mastered. At this point found I hadn't packed the template I'd made! So had to rely on memory, and by a miracle I managed to make the mechanism, well five of them. None had ever heat embossed, so thank you to LMC for those fab stamps, as they came in mighty useful for the waterfall cards. Used some Xmas embossing powder, which was really gorgeous, so rich in colour. All oohed and ahhed at the magic -that bit when the powder melts! Had time for one more card, so thought we'd do a quick one, so out came the embossing paste, all were very impressed at how fast you could create a very simple but lovely card.

Relieved was the word when it was all over. But they all promised to return on the 15th of Dec, for my second craft morning. One lady was already a very good crafter, she knows how to make those book cards, which she's promised to show me next time. Nice when you can exchange tips, the other ladies had all done a little crafting, but all produced really good cards. I sent them off with some 2 view card templates to make at home.

Will sleep like a log tonight!

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Cazzy said...

Hi Cass, sneaking right back at you!

Well done on the craft demo, getting paid to do what you like can't be bad and it sounds like you have the makings of a club there!